Top Shot (2010) s02e04 Episode Script

Compound Fracture

Previously on "Top Shot" Pistol skills are put to the test You see how all your shots are on the right side of the target? Jay tries to take over the Blue Team practice.
Off of the paper.
No way.
He thinks he's the team Captain.
"Get out of my zone.
" In an intense military challenge Jermaine, come back! Jermaine's huge mistake Jermaine! What am I doing?! Leads to the Blue Team's defeat and a trip to the nomination range.
But it is Jay who is blindsided.
I can't trust my team anymore.
After pulling off a huge upset Time! Jermaine, you have fired your last shot.
Jay is left to confront his team.
There are shots that changed history feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges until only one remains, earning the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" - What's up, gang? - Hey.
Whoo! Look at you! Blue Team came back from elimination.
Everybody was I don't know disappointed, surprised.
You know, it was a lot of mixed emotions.
Nobody was certainly expecting Jay to walk back through the door.
Yeah, you got the head of the table, bro.
Do you want to pray? - I don't.
- Okay.
Traditionally, at our suppers, whoever sends an opponent home sits at the head of the table.
At ease.
Bow your heads.
Gracious heavenly father I think Jay felt uncomfortable at the head of the table and maybe wasn't quite sure what his place in the group was anymore.
Things seemed to be kind of awkward.
He's gonna be missed, and he's gonna be missed by everybody here, not just the Blue Team guys Straight scoop.
I think everybody in the house thinks that the Blue Team is weaker now that Jermaine is gone.
I'm still not convinced that Jay is necessarily weaker than Jermaine.
We called a team meeting.
We just kind of wanted to get some of that awkward tension out of the air.
I guess I'll start by saying that First thing, Jay, is we sort of owe you an apology because we knew what was gonna happen this morning.
We wanted to tell you before we went out there, but we didn't get a chance to.
The first thing that came out was an apology.
Well, if it was an apology and you realize it, that means you possibly could've known that it was wrong to begin with, and you did it anyway.
Every one of us had your name in mind.
There's a reason for that.
You have held yourself outside of us.
- What? What? - You have.
How? She knows what she's doing.
I know what I'm doing.
We're all here because we know what we're doing.
I resent it when you come up and start coaching me when I don't ask you for help.
"Jay, you're annoying the out of me.
Back off!" It's hard for me to say that.
You know what I'm saying? - Can I interject for one second? - Yes.
I think what we need to talk about right now is how we're gonna go into tomorrow's practice day and how we're gonna approach that and how we're gonna do it as a group and as a team.
I didn't want it to turn into some negative, finger-pointing, bashing kind of situation.
Right now, like, I think we need to kind of, like, just leave all the negative behind and kind of come back and regroup.
Welcome to practice, everyone.
Now that John Guida dropped out and Jermaine has been eliminated, there are 12 of you still in the running for the title of Top Shot and the grand prize of $100,000.
Well, so far, you've competed with a wide range of firearms, from historic rifles to modern pistols, with varying degrees of success.
But to prove you have what it takes to win this competition, you're gonna have to do more than shoot bullets.
For the next team challenge, you'll be using The compound bow.
The first compound bow was designed back in the 1960's by Holless Wilbur Allen.
Holless was a bow hunter determined to create something that was more accurate than his conventional longbow.
By introducing a levering system both cables and pulleys he vastly improved the accuracy, velocity, and distance of the bow.
In fact, an arrow fired from a compound bow travels three times faster than that shot from a regular longbow.
How many of you guys have used compound bows before? Big part of the group.
Chris Reed, comfortable with this weapon? Yes, sir.
Quite a bit.
The compound bow is primarily what I practice with and what I shoot with.
I have more experience with them than probably any other weapon throughout this competition.
You're happy about this challenge, huh? Pretty stoked about it.
All right, well, let's get to it.
The expert for this practice is Chris Brackett World-class Archer.
Chris' accuracy with the compound bow is unrivaled.
This man can hit an aspirin thrown in the air from 13 yards away.
He's here to train with you with the compound bow and prepare you for the challenge.
The key to mastering this weapon is recognizing that the compound bow's sighting system has similarities to a lot of rifles.
Just like a gun, there is a front and rear sight that needs to be aligned.
For this practice, we've set up a shooting bag and several targets downrange.
You'll practice separately.
Red Team, you guys will go first.
Blue Team, you can head back to the house.
You'll practice later.
Good luck, everyone.
This right here is the bow-tech assassin.
This is the best of the best right here in compound bows.
Each of you will have your own bow.
This particular weapon can take years to master.
I've been shooting one for 20, 30 years now and still haven't mastered it.
Your names are on the bottom limb.
Please find your bow and go ahead and put your releases on.
Chris came up with a really good plan get the experienced guys on the bow first, get them sighted in, 'cause it would take less time.
All right, game on.
So, you've done this before? - A couple times.
- Top pin should be 15 yards.
Let me know if anything doesn't line up the way it's supposed to.
Chris was one of the people who had shot before.
The man shot two arrows you could put both of them in a dime adjusted his dope, got them in the center of the bull's-eye, and was driving nails from there on in.
- All right.
I'm good.
- That a boy.
Joe was next.
Took him only a few shots to get his sighted in.
My specialty is definitely archery.
That is the one weapon of choice that I really took when I was a young kid and kind of exceeded in.
That was just right there.
My experience with the compound bow I bring it into the woods and destroy deer with it.
Relax your left hand.
Just like shooting a damn rubber band, dude.
That's the best way to imagine it.
Whenever you're squeezing the trigger, just come back a little bit, put a little pressure on it.
I didn't want to come on as being too intimidating or too bossy with my teammates, but I think once they realized that I knew what I was talking about, they all trusted me.
I want you to bump my hand with your elbow when you shoot.
There you go.
Just squeeze.
And then hit my hand with your elbow.
You felt it? Felt my hand? - All right.
- Yeah.
It took us probably six minutes to get me, Joe, and Chris shooting on bull's-eye.
And once that happened, we just funneled through Eric, gunny, and Jamie.
Ooh, there you go, boys.
There you go.
You feel it? Third finger out.
There you go.
We got in, got our sights dialed in, got our bows shooting like we wanted them to, and I think we're gonna be hard to beat in the next competition.
You own a bow.
You definitely shot the best.
'Cause you hit the little green thing.
That was fantastic.
The sight picture that you are gonna look at is going to be looking through this peep sight.
See this black peep sight? That is comparable to a ghost ring on the m1 garand.
So, who wants to go first? Jay's gonna go first.
We know that Jay has an archery background, and we let him go first.
Have you ever shot a bow before? Yes.
My archery knowledge is olympic recurve, not compound archery.
But I am comfortable with any kind of arrow sport.
He figured out the bow quickly.
He was hitting the bull's-eye almost immediately.
There you go.
Jay, that one looked pretty good.
At practice, Jay was spot-on from the very beginning.
From the very beginning, he had great form, he took his time, steady as a rock, and he was hitting all of his targets.
Everything being equal, we actually lucked out, because this is Jay's weapon.
And it showed in practice, too.
He knows his stuff with the bow.
I would call to Jay.
I'd say, "Jay, come check me out.
How's my alignment?" You know, he'd grab me and say, "No, put your should here.
Do this with your elbow.
" As soon as I saw that weapon, I mean, I didn't even know which way was up, which way was down, which way it pointed forward.
So, it starts up here? Jay was able to talk us through quite a bit and really give us some pointers and be a huge asset to the team.
So, put your arm out.
See? The success of our team is based on individual performance put together collectively.
I'm gonna contribute to the team as much as I can to keep us out of elimination.
Try to open up these fingers.
Obviously, they want to win, too.
So, you seeing how they click that in? Odd one on top.
Kyle has a certain skill set, which is trap-shooting shotguns.
And we're all anxious for him to get up and prove himself.
So we're hoping, at this bow challenge, he'll be able to step up and perform.
Okay, got it.
Bingo! Nice! Right dead center.
Good job.
So, bend your finger.
That's where it should be.
Jay's gotten over what happened at the elimination challenge.
He then used his knowledge to help us out with archery.
And I know that he's confident, I'm confident, Daryl's confident.
- Yeah! Whoo! - Nice! Lime.
You got the lime.
Go home, dude.
Get out of here.
Shot really, really well.
I got to pick, like, the best, right? I give it to you.
You shot consistent the whole time, right? I would give you "most improved.
" Remember those things that I taught you all.
Everybody on the team can do what they need to do when it needs to happen.
Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
Then the Blue Team will come out with a victory.
We walk up to the challenge.
We see we've got targets with bull's-eyes.
The bull's-eyes are tubes that lead to other targets.
Bull's-eyes with pipes in them, so automatically, we already knew we were shooting an arrow through a pipe.
I saw the center bull's-eyes were in descending size, from largest to smallest.
We destroyed the practice, so, you know, I was excited to do the challenge.
This is a whole new event to me.
I'm not familiar with these targets.
I mean, the challenge itself is just really different-looking.
Morning, shooters.
So, let's get to today's challenge.
Out on the range, at a distance of 35 feet, are six curved tubes.
Those tubes decrease in size from 3 inches all the way down to an inch and a half.
At the exit point of each tube is a variety of targets.
Each Archer will be responsible for one tube.
You will have to rank yourselves as a team in the order you think you can hit these targets.
On my go, the Archer assigned to the largest tube will shoot first.
You get one shot per turn.
If you hit your target, you're done.
If an Archer misses, the rest of the team must engage their targets before you get a second shot.
Make sense? Okay, you will take turns competing.
Whoever hits all six targets in the fastest time wins.
I'll give you guys a couple minutes to determine your shooting order, then we'll go.
Okay, one, two Put the arrow in the string first, then the rest.
Oh, yeah, okay.
Take our time and get these shots.
Getting from the start line to the shooting line is We were all pretty confident that even our weakest shooters were stronger than the weak shooters on the Blue Team.
Don't run.
It's three paces.
Don't run like we did on the very first challenge.
Keep your heart rate down.
Part of our team strategy is really just being calm and focused and thinking through it.
You can be the most non-shooting dude in this competition, and you just need to get that one good shot off.
Coming up on "Top Shot" I made that first shot.
I was expecting the Red Team to just go one, two, three, four, five, six, and we'd be done.
If you start panicking and get in that mind-set, positive things aren't gonna happen.
All right, for today's team challenge, you will be putting your archery skills on display.
As a team, you must fire through six tubes of decreasing size.
The team that accomplishes that in the fastest time wins.
Red Team, you guys are up first.
You can take your positions.
Red Team.
Archers, ready Set, go! Jamie first on the course for the Red Team, taking his time to the line.
Jamie for the Red Team! Eric now on the course.
I made that first shot, recognized immediately that I had hit.
I was expecting the Red Team to just go one, two, three, four, five, six, and we'd be done.
Ooh! Go, go, go.
Eric just to the left of his target.
Brian next up for the Red Team.
Red Team very composed.
Ohh! Brian's just to the left of his target.
Red Team one of three so far.
George on the course.
Go, George.
Nice and easy, buddy.
- Good shot.
- Nice shot, George.
- That's it! - George hits for the Red Team.
- Next up, Joe.
- Take your time.
Red Team Two of four tubes hit.
Joe strikes for the Red Team! Stepping across the line.
Chris Reed going for the smallest tube Inch-and-a-half diameter.
You got to thread the needle on this one.
Ohh, Chris Reed just to the right! It was a really good shot.
He missed it by less than 1/4 of an inch.
The Red Team's ringer missing his first shot.
It was a little concerning to see him miss his first shot.
Eric back on the course.
Eric misses his second shot Same spot on the target.
Brian Zins back up.
Red Team has three targets left.
Good job, gunny.
Brian hits it on his second shot.
Red Team now has two targets left.
Chris Reed back on the course.
Chris Reed getting it done with his second shot.
So now we're down to Eric.
Eric his third arrow.
Ohh! Eric misses again! He gets to stay on the line.
He's the last shooter remaining for the Red Team.
Fourth arrow.
If you start panicking and get in that mind-set, you're not thinking positive, so positive things aren't gonna happen.
Relax your hands.
Give it a squeeze.
Eric misses again.
Relax your hand.
Relax your hand, Eric.
Aim for the center.
Feeling the pressure.
It only takes one person to make a mental mistake for you to capitalize on that.
When Eric starts missing his target, we think, "That's our opportunity.
" There you go! All right! Eric finishes this thing out for the Red Team.
Nice work, gentlemen.
Blue Team, now it's your chance.
The Red Team hit all six of their targets in 4 minutes and 10 seconds.
You got to beat that time, or you will be headed to the nomination range.
Let's do this.
Archers, ready Set, go! Ashley first up for the Blue Team, going for the largest tube.
Ashley misses on his first shot.
Maggie now on the course for the Blue Team.
She pulls back, I notice all her fundamentals look awesome.
And she let her arrow go.
And it completely missed the target.
Maggie shoots low.
She wasn't looking through the rear peep, which is your sighting system, which is your rear sight.
How can you forget that? Kyle now on the course for the Blue Team.
So far, Blue Team is 0 for 2.
Kyle shoots low.
Kyle's first shot was low, in the black, and I was thinking, "Oh, no, here we go.
" Blue Team 0 for 3.
Off to a very slow start.
Chris Tilley trying to turn that around.
Chris Tilley gets the Blue Team on the board with a hit! Blue Team one of four.
Daryl trying to keep the rhythm going.
Daryl misses to the right Just off.
Jay Lim.
Considered Blue Team's best Archer.
Let's see if he can hit it.
So, I step up to take my shot, draw the bow back, the wind starts to blow.
He was gonna make sure that he took a good shot, so he took his time and waited and waited And waited.
Jay Lim delivering on the smallest tube.
Now you can go, Ashley.
Ashley back on the course with his second shot.
Thud into the target.
Ashley misses again on his second shot.
This thing's so [Bleep] off, dude.
And then he started getting all discombobulated.
I was surprised to see that from Ashley.
Maggie back on the course.
If you don't have that rear sight, you're aiming at nothing which is why she hit the ground twice.
Maggie once again shooting very low not even close.
The Red Team knew she wasn't looking through her peep sight.
The Blue Team should've known that, as well, but no one told her to make that correction, so her team let her fail.
Kyle back on the course for the Blue Team.
Blue Team absolutely has to pick up the pace and start hitting some of these tubes.
Kyle makes it on his second shot! That's his first target, right, guys? Yeah, that was Kyle's first target.
Daryl back on the course.
Has three tubes still remaining halfway there.
Daryl just misses the tube.
Ashley back up for his third arrow.
Ashley connects! There you go, ash.
Maggie trying to close this thing out.
You've got two tubes left.
Blue Team back in this.
Ohh! Maggie just misses! Go.
Time! Daryl, stop.
That's it.
At this point, you guys have gone over the 4 minutes, 10 sends.
Red Team wins.
No point in you shooting.
All right, Blue Team, come back over.
Well, congratulations, Red Team.
You guys came into this challenge very confident.
Turns out it was all justified.
You guys can head back to the house.
You're safe.
The Red Team If we miss, we don't panic.
Eric came up.
He shot.
He missed.
Go again.
I'm a true believer in positive thoughts make positive things happen.
Relax your hand, Eric.
Aim for the center.
We as a team had to keep Eric's mind into it, keep him focused so he could make his shot.
He didn't panic.
He didn't lose his composure.
He sat there, fired arrow after arrow until he finally hit and we won.
It feels really good to win this competition.
We're not gonna show off and jump up and down and give high fives just 'cause we like to show respect whether we win or lose, so that's the way we're staying.
Blue Team, you guys have some tough decisions to make.
You've got a couple of hours, then I'll see you at the nomination range.
You can head back to the house.
Coming up on "Top Shot" There's no reason why we should not have beat them.
It's just total chaos right now on the Blue Team.
Jay, do you think your teammates respect you? That's what I'm saying to you.
We shoot good.
Red Team's feeling awesome, as always.
Bottom line is, we're performance-based, and we got to put up or shut up, and we have.
Here's the thing Eric misses his target, we don't faze.
We're like, "All right, next shooter up, next shooter up.
" They missed the target completely, everyone's like, "What? Huh? We're done, dude," you know? The Blue Team is They're pretty much defeated.
It's all about who's going next, I think.
If you don't have a will, there's no way.
We shouldn't have lost that challenge.
And, you know, it's just the same old story that we had the last challenge.
We're just shooting ourselves in the foot.
There's no reason why we should not have beat them.
The team is really crushed by the loss because I think this is something that was completely within our range of doing.
With something you've never used before.
Right, right.
But prior to this, you've helped us immensely.
Being on the Blue Team right now I would say at this point, it's somewhat of a dysfunctional family.
It's just total chaos right now on the Blue Team.
This is the point in the contest where I think it starts to get more difficult.
Except for the pool-ball challenge, every challenge Chris has hit.
Jay has hit in every challenge, including the pool-ball challenge.
I'm not voting for either one of those two.
This [Bleep] blows ass, dude.
I hate this [Bleep] Hi, guys.
Come on in.
Blue Team Because you came up short today in the team challenge, you're now gonna have to send two of your members to compete in the elimination challenge.
Jay, I want to start with you.
Let's go back to the first day of competition.
You were the only marksman to hit the bull's-eye, and yet everyone said it was luck.
Then you defeat Jermaine in an elimination challenge, and I could tell, from looking at some of your teammates, they were surprised.
Now we get out there with the compound bow.
You take on the most difficult shot and hit it, first time.
Do you think you have anything left to prove to your team at this point? No.
Do you think your teammates respect you as a shooter? I think they respect me as a shooter.
All right.
Let's get to it.
You know how it works.
Daryl, you're first.
Maggie has a great record thus far, except, you know, out of four challenges, in two of those challenges, she hasn't hit anything.
That's the truth.
Ashley, you're next.
Even though Kyle was successful today, up to this point, he's yet to hit a single thing and contribute for the Blue Team.
And I think at this point in time, he's the weakest link on our team.
Okay, Jay.
Maggie didn't hit anything on the first challenge, and she didn't hit anything on this challenge.
Chris Tilley, you're up.
I voted for Kyle because Kyle has performed the worst in the Blue Team.
So that's two votes Kyle, two votes Maggie.
Maggie, it's your turn.
Kyle, I think, is a great shooter who's contributed a lot of things to our team, but as a whole, other people have had stronger performances.
Maggie didn't do very well with the bow today.
It's not her forte, it's not her expertise, but, then again, this is "Top Shot.
" It's not "Top Pistol.
" You know, you have to be well-versed in a wide array of weapons.
All right, you guys can head back to the house.
Maggie, Kyle, I'll see you two in the morning at practice.
Yes, sir.
Coming up on "Top Shot" In a few moments, everything is going to be on the line.
We're literally shooting off of the edge of a very steep hill.
It's really cool.
Maggie and Kyle, welcome to practice for the elimination challenge.
Once again, you will be using the compound bow.
But now you're gonna have to master a real-world skill used by the best hunters in the world if you want to stay in this game.
Hunters will often use elevated positions, waiting patiently for the perfect shot.
The key skill here is shooting accurately from above, and that is exactly what you're gonna practice today.
Compound-bow expert Chris Brackett is back to help you guys prepare for the challenge.
You're each gonna get some one-on-one time with Chris.
I suggest you take full advantage of it.
Maggie, you'll go first.
Kyle, you can come with me.
Good luck.
Thank you.
So, walking in and finding out that we're gonna be shooting the compound bow again, you know, I'm actually I'm okay with that.
So, we're gonna get you zeroed in.
I have some experience with it.
So, we'll go up here to the platform, shoot these targets here.
At least I have that foundation to build on.
All right, so, what we have here is, we have an elevated platform, and this represents us hunting.
Now, we have five targets up there.
The first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna get you zeroed in.
- Grab your first arrow.
- Okay.
There you go.
All right, look through the peep and squeeze it.
Dead center.
Same thing.
Watch your left hand.
It's a little tight.
Bend your arm a little bit.
That was me.
I kind of pulled it.
I felt it going down.
This is tough.
These winds are coming around this canyon, blowing from left to right.
Nice! Money.
The expert he's just really teaching me how to hold it properly, how to follow through, reloading with the arrows at speed so I can kind of get into a little bit of a rhythm Perfect.
Figure out what works best for me.
Go ahead and get into your stance, get drawn and what not, and then what I'll do is I'll call out a number.
Bang, bang, and we're just gonna I'm gonna start yelling numbers, and you're just gonna shoot.
Okay, ready? Mm-Hmm.
That was not good.
Don't worry about it.
It's a big gust of wind.
Right in the center.
And that's good timing, too.
Does it feel good? It does feel good.
Not as freaked out as yesterday? Right.
You could tell Maggie probably went back to the house last night and thought about what she did wrong.
At 20 yards, she's drilling paper targets that are no bigger than a basketball.
And that's better than a lot of archers do after they've been shooting a bow for six months.
And she's doing it in less than 24 hours.
Getting tired? Yeah, just on my arm.
You literally did everything you were supposed to.
Oh, my God! And it worked! She's dead-on.
This is gonna be cool.
It's like when I do what you tell me to do, I hit.
- Oh, it hits the bull's-eye.
- That's crazy.
Kyle, baby, let's get you up here and ready to rock.
Let's do it.
The compound bow is a pretty welcome sight for me, to be honest with you, 'cause I shot it really well yesterday.
Finger by the trigger.
Nice, Loose left arm.
I like to walk the pin up, let it settle.
There you go.
- All right.
- Bang, bang.
Just let them rip.
Man, you almost Robin Hood-ed that one.
I love it.
Call it.
One of the most important things while shooting a compound bow is the forward pushing motion with the one hand and the pulling with the other and continuing that just like the follow-through on a free throw.
Let's bring it up an inch, if you don't mind.
What it really comes down to is not torquing your wrist with the extended hand.
I also need to work on my reloads and making those as quick as possible.
All of these things really play into the perfect shot.
Top of the yellow.
On fire.
That was me.
I'm getting tired.
That's all right.
There was torque in that, wasn't there? Yep.
You're just getting mad at it.
Don't get mad at it.
Kyle brought his "a" game to practice.
The only thing that's gonna throw Kyle off his game is if he just grips and rips that bow.
He can't have any torque in that left hand.
Oh Yeah, I wouldn't shoot again.
We're done.
We're done.
Towards the end, I was shooting much tighter groups, and my overall reaction and performance was definitely increased.
You're the man.
You shot awesome.
So going into the elimination, I feel great.
Hopefully, I'll come back and unpack.
When I was 5, my mom literally caught me chewing my sandwiches into the shape of guns, and so she decided to give me shooting lessons every time I got good grades.
She bought my first gun when I was in 6th grade, and we just started shooting from then on.
I think Kyle's been lucky this whole time.
He hasn't been chosen for elimination.
But he stepped up to the plate this time.
You know, when it really counted, he put it all together.
Hopefully, this is his turning point.
I compete in various competitions, either with a pistol, shotgun, rifle, or all of them.
My dad he really supported me and encouraged me, and he was that initial person in my life that said, "Why don't you go out and do this and see what's gonna happen?" And then he always came back and said, "Now go to the next step," and so having his support and encouragement along the way has made all the difference.
Three years ago, I decide to start shooting in some bigger competitions and see what else was out there.
I'm here now, so I'd like to prove something to myself, and I'd like to show what I've got.
Thank you, thank you.
I think it may have been a mistake to put Maggie against Kyle.
They probably should've put a shooter like Jay Lim there, somebody who is experienced in the bow and they absolutely knew that he would win.
This is a crap-shoot.
Maggie should come out on top.
She wants to redeem herself.
In the prior competitions, she's done excellent.
She's one of our best shooters so far, and I really need her back on my team.
I want her back on my team.
Maggie and Kyle, take a position on the shooting platform.
The rest of you guys, you're safe.
Walking into the elimination challenge, we can see that we're gonna be shooting from a platform.
There's three large tree trunks set out ahead of us.
Maggie and Kyle, in a few moments, everything is going to be on the line.
Today's elimination challenge is inspired by the sport of bow hunting.
During practice, hopefully you learned how to shoot accurately from an elevated position because the challenge today requires you to show you've mastered this skill.
But just like with hunting, the targets will appear unpredictably.
are three redwood tree trunks.
Behind those trunks are 16 8-inch targets Maggie, you'll be shooting at the orange targets, Kyle, the yellow.
On my go, one orange and one yellow target will pop out for five seconds.
Then they will retract.
Targets will appear and disappear in random order.
This will continue for three minutes or until one of you completes the course by hitting all eight of your targets.
This is a side-by-side challenge, so if the three minutes expires without either of you completing the course, the Archer who hits the most targets wins and avoids elimination.
The other is going home.
All right, take your positions.
We only have five seconds for that target to display, so the real challenge in today's elimination is just to maximize our time.
We're literally shooting off of the edge of a very steep hill.
It's really cool.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! Right when I pick up the bow, I start really just pushing every last bit of strength I have into this weapon.
There you go.
Yeah! Ooh! Time! Maggie and Kyle, Are you ready for the elimination challenge? Yes, sir.
Out on the range, targets will pop in and out of view.
In three minutes, we're gonna know exactly who's sticking around and who's going home.
And, also, for the winner, the $2,000 gift card to bass pro shops.
Loser is eliminated from the competition.
Marksmen, ready Set Go! Kyle already on the course.
Kyle hits his first target! Maggie misses her first target.
Kyle hits his second target.
Maggie misses her second target.
While I was watching both of them shoot, I notice Maggie is struggling, and Kyle is doing very well to begin with.
Kyle misses his third target.
I have my first miss, and I know what I did wrong.
I make an adjustment.
Maggie misses.
Both archers on the range.
Kyle hits.
Maggie misses.
I felt really confident at that point.
I know Maggie's struggling through these first couple targets.
Both archers miss.
Kyle's up, 3-0.
Maggie can catch up.
Ohh! Maggie misses just low.
Right when I make my first shot, I can see that it's going low left.
I know from earlier in the day in my practice session that that's fatigue, that's not getting into the proper position.
So I start just holding high right and really just pushing every last bit of strength I have into this weapon.
Oh! It hits the board but misses the balloon.
That will not count.
Maggie hits her first target.
Kyle hits his fourth.
Kyle leads, 4-1.
Ohh! Maggie barely misses.
Doesn't get it loaded in time.
His target disappears.
Maggie hits her second target.
There you go.
Yeah! Kyle leads4-2.
Oh, Kyle goes for his target, as it disappears.
There's one.
Maggie misses left.
Maggie hits her third target.
Maggie's catching up.
I at a certain point find my rhythm, and I'm able to hit a few in a row, and it boosts my confidence.
There it is! We're tied up Kyle hits his fifth target.
Leads, 5-4.
Ohh! Kyle hits his sixth target.
Maggie unable to connect.
Seven hits for Kyle.
Time! Time! Nice work, archers.
Maggie, you finished up with four targets hit.
Kyle, you doubled that.
You hit eight.
You finished the course.
Thank you.
You are still in this competition.
You can come up here, rejoin your team.
Hey, I'm really gonna miss you.
I know, coming out of this elimination challenge, who I just beat.
I know that I did really well, and I beat her, and I'm in the competition still.
I also know that I sent a really good person home.
- Here you go, man.
- Thank you so much.
At the end of the day, that's what I'm here to do, though.
Maggie, I think everyone up here will agree you've been a huge asset to this team.
Unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
You've officially been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" Fellas, why don't you all head down, say goodbye to Maggie? It's just this mix of different feelings, you know? I'm disappointed in my performance in so many ways, but I'm also, you know, just proud of myself for having put myself out there and done something, you know, so weird and wild and completely out of my comfort zone.
I'm disappointed to be going so soon in the competition, but I'm also just so grateful to have been here while I could.
You're gonna call me in a year and find out that I'm a compound-bow champion.
On the next episode of "Top Shot" It all comes down to speed.
Season one alumni J.
J Racaza and Blake Miguez.
Two former competitors return to kick the competition into high gear.
You're gonna work with a gun that is basically the 1911 on steroids The razorcat race gun.
If this thing doesn't make you feel like a bad-ass, it ain't happening.
Go! And the team challenge turns into a rapid-fire showdown.