Top Shot (2010) s02e03 Episode Script

Uphill Battle

Donaldson: Previously on "Top Shot" Go! The competition begins with a grueling team challenge I'm injured right now.
I don't want to hurt our red team.
Donaldson: Leaving some with serious injuries.
Who's sitting out? Guida.
Honorable thing to do.
Both teams run the gauntlet [ Gunshots ] But it's the blue team that claims victory.
Whoo! Maggie: It's great.
We had such a disastrous performance in the first round.
We needed that win.
Donaldson: Two are singled out for their poor performance.
George: Athena and Jamie didn't put anything up.
They haven't hit one target this show yet.
I know I'm a better shooter than this, and so far I haven't proved it.
Neither of us wants to go home.
Donaldson: She's just letting loose with hers! And Athena gets eliminated in a burst of automatic fire.
[ Gunfire ] There it goes! Jamie wins! There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges until only one remains, earning the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" sync and correct by dr.
jackson we're home! Hey! There he is.
Thank you.
Oh, my goodness.
It was fun, dude.
I shot more rounds today than everybody in this competition put together up to this point.
[ Laughter ] All right, let's go to the dining room.
We got a name to put on the wall.
Now that I've survived my first elimination challenge, I'm jacked up.
I'm ready to go into the next challenge, whatever it is.
Now the teams are even again, so now everybody's gonna have to compete again.
[ Applause ] I don't know what that's gonna mean for the red team.
We still have a couple of guys that are nursing injuries.
We'll just have to wait and see.
John: This morning Feeling pretty much the same as a couple days ago.
Trying to bend over and stretch.
I knew my legs weren't getting any better.
I just know that there's damage done to both legs, and I can't run.
Nothing's improving, you know what I mean? Sucks the life out of you.
Physically, I'm already out of it.
Now it's starting to, you know Starting to wear on your psyche.
Oh, hell yeah.
Brian: John's problem went from his hamstrings and it got into his head.
I feel for John.
I see him hobbling.
He's in a lot of pain.
I give him that.
I've got the same thing going on with mine, but I've only got one.
No good.
No good, man.
It's worn on him.
Morning, marksmen.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Travis and Athena have been eliminated, but 14 of you are still in it and one step closer to the $100,000 and the title of "Top Shot.
" You want to shoot something? Yeah! Yeah! Well, up to this point, you have competed with some signature weapons from very specific periods in history.
Well, this morning, you'll practice for the next team challenge with a more contemporary firearm The MLA semiautomatic rifle.
I saw what it was, and it gave me a really good feeling.
I'm really confident with that rifle.
Donaldson: The MLA is the civilian version of the m14 military rifle U.
forces used throughout the early years of the Vietnam war.
In the hands of the right shooter, the MLA's accuracy and shooting capabilities are exceptional.
We've got some military guys in this group.
Jermaine Hoo-rah! Got any experience with the ml and the m14? Yes, I do, actually.
Jermaine: I feel pretty good with this weapon.
I have had some experience with it.
Right now, I feel like I'm going into the practice range at work, and I'm getting ready to go hot.
Let's get to it.
Your expert for this rifle will be Craig "saw man" Sawyer.
Craig is an ex-Navy S.
Sniper and instructor.
He's gonna use his experience with this rifle to help prepare you for the challenge.
At the end of each practice, Craig will name which one of you performed best on each team.
For your practice, we've set up targets at 75 and 100 yards for you need to acclimate yourself with the MLA.
Blue team you're up first.
Good luck.
See all of you at the challenge.
[ Gunshots ] Sawyer: What's special about the MLA is that it's a Hardy weapon.
It fires well under adverse conditions More so than a lot of the weapons that are in use nowadays.
Man: Center! Bull's-eye, 11:00.
On the bull, 3:00.
Ashley: Our strategy for sighting this weapon was the fact that our whole team will be using this one rifle.
Seven people are always gonna have different points of aim and different points of impact.
All sorts of variables come into effect at that point.
Our team strategy was to have each individual shoot a few rounds just to get a feel for the weapon.
Sawyer: Bull's-eye! All right, next.
The MLA is a rifle I'm very comfortable with.
Sawyer: Bull's-eye.
Chris t.
: First time I've shot it was probably when I was 10, and still, to this day, I shoot at least once a week.
Sawyer: Bull's-eye.
I think that it'll be a good challenge for the blue team.
Sawyer: 2:00 Into the second circle.
Ashley: Kyle was one of the people that was a little bit more concerned with his individual rifle skills.
Kyle: Even though I have a background in shotgun shooting, it's really nothing like shooting a shotgun.
I didn't even set it back at all.
Sorry, man.
There was a lot of anxiety and sort of nervousness going on.
[ Gunshots ] Sawyer: There you go.
Pull that snug into your shoulder so you're not getting so much recoil.
Ashley: I noticed that Daryl, Jermaine, and I were shooting to the 9:00 position and Jay was the first one to shoot more towards the 5:00 position.
[ Gunshot ] He started kind of to freak out a little bit.
They're all low right.
You think it's shooting right? It's shooting right now.
Daryl how many clips did we do, total? Three total.
Ashley: And I haven't touched it.
You didn't touch it? Nope.
I'm the only one that touched it.
And I had three clips.
Is he doing anything? He shouldn't be.
Jay wanted to sight the rifle in for himself, and doesn't seem to recognize the fact that all of his team members are gonna have to utilize the same rifle.
Jay seemed like teamwork was a foreign concept to him.
Ashley: Luckily, there was enough of us there to say, "hey, whoa, don't touch anything.
"Just shoot what you're shooting.
We'll come back around and fix it.
" Sawyer: It is about 5:30.
Ashley: If he had done that himself, then he would have made all those adjustments for every other individual shooter on the team nil.
It's definitely something to keep in mind moving forward.
All right.
Good work, guys.
Some of you guys looking pretty good out there.
Ashley, looking pretty solid.
Jermaine, he's on it.
He's doing everything I've been telling him without me saying anything.
But, above all, Chris.
[ Indistinct talking, light applause ] Go prepare for tomorrow.
So, good luck, you guys.
Thank you.
You're very welcome.
Blue team's got three guys that are particularly comfortable behind the rifle.
They've got a couple that are struggling a little bit, but as a team, overall, I think they're looking pretty good.
I'm gonna lock it stable, gonna go for the far 100-yard target and get a good three-group on the red.
We decided George should go first 'cause he's the sniper out of the bunch.
Sawyer: Bull's-eye.
Dead center.
M1a well, I know it as my metallic death stick, and I use it to destroy targets.
Shooting that thing's like crushing 225 in the gym on a bench.
It's easy, it's stable, and you can show off, man.
Key holed your first shot.
[ Gunshots ] Watch that you're not sliding off too far off that sandbag.
You want to rest it on the stock if at all possible.
Eric: I'm the oldest shooter in the house.
And I've been shooting since I was 7 years old.
Anytime I have an opportunity to learn something from a professional, I'm gonna give it a try and try to learn from him.
With this one, I'd go ahead and turn it all the way over.
Sawyer: One of the things I was sharing with red team was to get further behind the rifle so that most of their body mass was directly in line with the rifle, so as it recoiled, it would settle back down in the same place, allowing them to catch those follow-on shots much more quickly.
George: Overall, as a group, our groups are really good.
I know the shortfalls, 'cause I was on the spotting scope.
Eric worried me a little bit.
You're all over the second ring.
Jamie shot like crap.
His fundamentals were good, but he was off the target completely at 100 and 75.
Hey, John, ready to tear some [Bleep] up? Yeah.
You got that butt seated in your shoulder.
Everything's fine and happy Unicorns and rainbows, all that bull[Bleep] I'm ready.
Send it.
Sawyer: Watching John practice, he didn't look familiar with the weapon, but he was actually shooting with it quite well.
He hit bull.
That's money.
You're money all day, every day.
Good shot, man.
Good shooting.
John shot really well.
But today, he said his heart wasn't in it, but he stung the bull's-eye a lot easier than the majority of the guys out there.
Okay, guys.
That's all the time we have for practice.
I hope that's been helpful.
Just by my observations, the most assertive and aggressive guy today was George.
On the other hand, I was watching John, and he actually had pretty good groups going on.
That's been my observation today.
So, good luck, guys.
Go on back to the house.
Thank you.
Going into this after observing both teams, I would have to give blue team the edge, but it's still very much an open ball game.
John: I got back to the house, and what's going through my head is just that I don't have the desire to continue like this.
Chris r.
: John, at this point, do you feel like you want to compete? The want is not there.
It's sucked out of my body.
We all saw you shoot today.
You freakin' shot outstanding.
We may need you tomorrow, is what we're getting at.
If you got an opportunity to make a well-placed shot, I mean would you be willing to make the shot? I have no problem.
I would do my best.
I want to try and get you guys where y need to be.
If you sucked, it would be an easy decision, but you're a hell of a shooter.
If you left tonight and then we lost tomorrow, then we'd be down two people.
Eric: I do not want to lose him and then send somebody to elimination.
We can win this challenge with you.
He was on.
That's what we're feeling right now.
I don't think he's dead weight, because even though his injuries suck, he can still shoot, and most of these competitions come down to hitting targets, no matter what the time is.
Good meeting.
Good meeting, guys.
Brian: So, we start walking up the hill, and we see what the challenge is gonna be.
First thing, I'm in awe.
I mean, this looks good.
And the second thing that hits me is Oh, my God, my hamstring.
I hope John and I don't have to run all the way to the top of that hill, 'cause that might hurt.
Not saying John's not a tough guy, but John looked defeated.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" Ashley: It's a foot race, brother.
Go! What the [Bleep] By the time we got to the top, it was neck-and-neck.
Holy [Bleep] Oh, my God! Welcome to your next team challenge.
By the way, the wind today on the range is gusting up to 50 Miles an hour.
Full-value crosswind.
Ought to make the challenge quite fun.
Everyone feeling comfortable with the MLA? Yeah.
Well, I hope so, 'cause for this challenge, we're gonna add a real-world element that'll push your skills to the limit.
Much like in the military today, you have a mission Destroy the ammo dump.
This challenge is basically a relay race with four stations All of it uphill.
At each of the four stations, there are two exploding targets One at 75 yards and one out at 100 yards.
You will have to split up into three 2-man teams.
First pair runs to the first station carrying the MLA and a box of ammo.
Each team member is responsible for one target.
After both targets are hit, the next pair will head up to the first station, pick up the rifle and ammo from their teammates, and hustle to station number two.
Once the third set of targets is taken out, the last leg will be run by the pair that started the challenge.
They will make their way from station one up to station three, pick up the MLA and ammo, carry it to the final station.
At the top of the hill is the ammo dump.
You hit those two targets, and that thing will blow sky-high.
To be clear, the first pair on this course will have to run two stages.
Feeling good? If I may say something, sir Guida.
Everybody knows here that I kind of injured myself, and I can't really compete the way that I feel I need to compete here.
So I'm basically gonna remove myself from this competition.
You're withdrawing from the competition? Yeah, because of my injures.
This is a huge decision.
There are a lot of people that would love to be here in your spot.
Being here injured, I don't help anybody here Not myself or my team.
And I'll tell you what Just honored to know these guys.
George: John drops the bomb that he's not gonna be competing today, because of the hill.
With his type of injury, he wouldn't have been competitive.
Losing John, we lose a good shooter, but losing the challenge would put us down two members instead of one.
It made the competition more serious, and it drove the point home We need to win more than ever.
Well, John, it sounds like you've made up your mind.
So, though you haven't been eliminated, you have fired your last shot.
I will give you a moment to say goodbye to your team, and then you can head out.
Guys John: There's no shame in walking away from something when you physically and mentally you can't compete.
I don't think anybody wants to go out like this.
I certainly didn't plan on it, but I feel to compete at this level with these guys here, you're gonna have to run at some point.
I know people sit there and say, "I could go for a couple more weeks," but I have too much respect for these guys to potentially knock any one of them out where they could actually win it and I still have no way of winning it myself.
Well, everyone, that was incredibly unfortunate, both for John and certainly for the red team.
But it is time for all of you to re-focus, get your head in this competition.
Now that the red team is down one member, blue team you guys got to sit somebody out.
But because John quit, you get to decide who that'll be.
Remember, you cannot sit out two challenges in a row.
I'll give you guys a second to decide who you want to sit.
Is that you? I'm gonna sit out.
All right.
Kyle's sitting this one out.
Now that we've got that decided, I'm gonna give both teams a couple of minutes to strategize.
After that time's up, meet me on the starting line.
I want to volunteer to run to the second stage, 'cause I think that's gonna be the biggest handicap, is my speed.
Maggie: Going into competition, we decided to put Ashley and Jermaine in the first position.
These are two of our strongest guys, they're in great shape, d we knew they'd just be able to tear up that hill, and it wouldn't be a challenge for them.
I don't give a [Bleep] Wherever you guys want me to shoot.
Eric: Our strategy is that Joe and George are gonna shoot the first station and the last station.
I got to go station two.
"Gunny" has a hurt leg.
He's not gonna be able to run all the way up the hill, so, we put him and Chris in the second station, myself and the S.
Team were gonna be in the third station.
All right, teams.
Head on over.
Let's get started.
It's almost time to rock 'n' roll.
Donaldson: For this team challenge, we've given you a mission.
Blow the ammo dump.
First team to accomplish it is safe.
Losing team must nominate two of its members to compete in the elimination challenge.
Marksmen, ready SetGo! Go! Go! Go! Go! Blue team First around the corner.
Ashley flying up the hill, already in position Jermaine's right behind him.
Jermaine: Putting in six.
Up on those bags.
Up on those bags.
Red team's got the magazine in the gun.
First target at 75 yards, second target at 100.
Red team with a hit! First target! Ashley misses with his first shot.
Blue team misses its second shot.
There it is! Blue team's hit its first target! Red team now firing at the 100-yard target.
Ashley: Searching, searching, searching.
Joe hits on the 100-yard target! Red team has hit it! Just start shooting.
No target.
[Bleep] Brian and Chris are grabbing the ml and heading to the second station.
Go, go, go, go, go! Blue team's still trying to hit the 100-yard target on the first station.
That's it! Jermaine hits on the target! Blue team has cleared the first station.
Jermaine, come back! Jermaine! Ashley: Jermaine was a little bit confused.
Come back! We were supposed to stay together in our bunker and wait for the next team to come to us.
And I tried to yell to him, but the winds were so bad, and with ear protection in, it's kind of hard to hear people.
Oh [Bleep] What am I doing?! Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay.
Hand it! Go! Blue team confused.
Don't worry about it.
Maggie's got the gun.
Chris Tilley heading to the station.
I was in battle mode, dude.
I know, right? Red team seems to be a little bit ahead Loaded and firing on station number two.
Watch your breathing.
Nice shot! Hit! That's a hit! Chris Reed First shot connects! Maggie hits with her first shot! Good job, Maggie! Chris, 6:00! Maggie, find the target! Talk to him! Brian hits for the red team! Red team, let's go, let's go! Chris Tilley hits for the blue team! Go, go, go, go, go! No! Stay! Stay! Jermaine! What?! Ashley: Jermaine took off again.
He just had kind of a mentalBreakdown.
Jermaine! Donaldson: Daryl and Jay making it up the hill, but Jermaine's running off with the gun.
Jay: Hey, Jermaine! I see Daryl grab the can and go.
I'm looking at Chris going, "where's the gun?!" I look up the hill Jermaine has it.
I said, "this is impossible!" [Bleep] What am I doing?! Lock and load, bro.
Donaldson: Blue team's got to go back! I totally [Bleep] Up, dude.
Jermaine's back! Ashley: Jermaine! Back here, back here! Now blue team can go! What the [Bleep] Don't worry about it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Get the [Bleep] Up.
Got to focus.
Shake it off, brother.
Jermaine: It's a total embarrassment.
I got into the moment.
I was full of adrenaline, and I wanted to get to the top of that hill.
What the [Bleep] I made a huge error.
Donaldson: Red team, already at the third station.
Blue team now makes it to the third station.
We're still pretty close in this race.
[Bleep] Get ready, right now.
[ Gunshot ] Got it.
Hit! Red team hits at the third station! [ Gunshot ] Both teams neck and neck! See? We're back in this [Bleep] Get ready.
Both teams need to hit the 100-yard target at the third station.
Eric hits for the red team! Stand by.
[ Gunshot ] Got it! Ashley: It's a foot race, brother.
Got it.
Go! [Bleep] Yeah, dude.
Let's go, George! Ashley: I feel that even despite Jermaine's mess-up during the challenge, by the time we got to the top, we had closed so much distance, it was neck-and-neck.
Let's go, George! Any day! Let's go, Joe! Donaldson: Both teams, final station going for the ammo dump! Yeah! [Bleep] Yeah! Red team first to strike on the last target.
We're downrange.
One more shot on the ammo dump, and the red team wins.
Come on, Jermaine! Send that [Bleep] Ashley hits the target! This is gonna be close! You got one round left.
Yeah! Whoo! Yeah! [ Cheers ] Red team wins! Red team wins! Holy [Bleep] George: It was awesome.
I mean, we just executed it perfectly to a "t.
" Couldn't have worked out better for us.
Jermaine: What the [Bleep] Dude? I should have [Bleep] What the Twice.
He did it twice! I feel so low right now.
I let my entire team down based off of my performance.
What the [Bleep] Happened?! Oh, my God! Everything was going great.
The red team got their shot off first.
We got a shot off, they started moving, we started moving, and Jermaine started moving.
Ashley: Jermaine, come back! Come back! Daryl and I look at each other and go, "what's he doing?" Fortunately, he doesn't go too far.
He makes it back into his first station.
I was like, "okay.
He knows now.
We've gotten past the worse part.
" Second station goes up, one shot each.
Daryl and I book it.
When I got to Chris No gun And I look up and, you know, Jermaine was past the hill.
[Bleep] What am I doing?! I understand doing it once.
Doing it twice? That just boggled my mind.
[ Gunshot ] Red team, you guys are safe.
You can head back to the house.
Nice work.
Brian: I think the red team's really strong right now.
We've been exposed to so many different weapon systems, and we're able to adapt to just about anything, and that's a strong advantage, I think.
Jermaine, what happened, brother? I got selfish.
I was in it by myself.
I got into the zone, and I just didn't shut it off.
All right, guys.
You've got a couple hours.
Then you'll see me at the nomination range.
Two of you will be competing head-to-head in the elimination challenge, and one of you will be going home.
You can head back to the house.
Overall, the blue team has some fantastic shooters on it, but the problem is, we're making mental errors.
It's not the equipment, it's not the weather conditions It's the mental game.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" Ashley: If that didn't happen, we would have crushed them.
I deserve to go to the nomination challenge.
I've decided that I'm gonna switch my vote.
We all wimped out and took the easy road as a team.
I apologize to each and every one of you guys and gals.
I mean, it almost could have been a tie.
That is why I am kicking myself so hard.
'Cause if that didn't happen, we would have crushed them.
Because he was kind of a key factor in our loss, Jermaine immediately manned up and said, "hey, I'm one of the guys that should go to elimination.
" I blame myself, so I deserve to go to the nomination challenge and see if I'm worthy of staying here.
Kyle: I mean, do you guys want to talk about the second person going up, or is it not necessary? The second what? Two people need to be eliminated, go up for it.
[ Sighs ] Awk-ward.
Chris t.
: Awkward.
[ Chuckles ] How do we do that? How about if we do this We all shoot Jermaine's target.
Let them decide? And Jermaine decides.
Maggie: Well, this is putting a lot on your shoulders.
It is, but somebody has to go with you.
We have to pick somebody.
The decision has been made that the blue team will all vote for me, and it'll be up to me to decide who goes with me to the challenge, then.
It's really hard to make a decision like that.
As of right now, I don't know who I'm going to pick.
I mean, I can't think of anybody being in this position right now, except me.
Jay: There's two decisions Jermaine has to make.
Is he gonna pick someone that he knows he can definitely beat, or is he gonna pick for the team? Blue team, welcome to the nomination range.
In a few minutes, we'll find out which two of you will be competing in the elimination challenge.
You will shoot the target of the person you want to nominate.
You cannot nominate yourself.
Maggie will start things off.
Come on up.
Maggie: The reality of the situation, now, is that Jermaine's gonna have to be the one that goes into the elimination round.
He's so disappointed in himself right now for making that mistake, and I think he wants to go and redeem himself.
Donaldson: Jermaine, you now have three votes.
Jay, it's your turn.
Kyle: We kind of all wimped out, took the easy route as a team, and gave it to Jermaine to decide who to go to the challenge with.
Jermaine, you have five votes.
You will definitely be in the elimination challenge.
It is now your turn to come up and vote.
All right, that's one vote for you, Kyle.
You didn't even get to compete in the challenge yesterday.
Jermaine: Based off the first challenge, where he totally missed every target, and then the second challenge, he didn't hit any targets, I chose Kyle Because in my mind, I thought he was still the weakest link.
Daryl, you're the last man.
Come on up.
Daryl: You know, after I thought about it, I decided that I'm gonna switch my vote from Jermaine to Jay because I think that Jermaine shouldn't have to make that choice.
And if I have to pick someone who is not very cohesive with the team right now, I would have to say that's Jay.
Donaldson: All right, blue team.
We've got a tie.
Here's how the tie-break's gonna work.
I'm gonna pull one name out.
That person will come up and be the deciding vote.
Maggie: I picked Jay because, in terms of the team dynamic, I think Kyle was a little bit more of a team player.
I'm sorry.
Jay: Man, I was really pissed.
I have no idea what the reasoning is.
I'm not playing any games.
I can't trust everyone on my team anymore.
Okay, those of you who are safe can head back to the house.
Jermaine, Jay, I'll see you guys at the elimination practice.
And I don't think that's gonna be good for the team at all.
Good luck, man.
Jermaine: Let's do this.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" The firearm will be the glock 17.
Jay: I think I have a slight advantage over Jermaine.
He's got a lot riding on this.
Jermaine looked dominant with the pistol.
Jermaine, Jay Welcome to practice for the elimination challenge.
For the team challenge, we introduced a real-world military element.
We're gonna do the same thing for the elimination challenge.
The firearm will be the glock 17.
Sleek, lightweight, and compact, the glock 17 was first adopted by the Austrian military and police in the early 1980s.
Its design and reliability quickly caught on with law-enforcement agencies around the globe.
And, today, glock pistols make up the lion's share of all handguns used by police agencies.
Craig Sawyer is here once again to help you learn the weapon and prepare for the challenge.
The real-world element you'll be focusing on today is often faced by hostage-negotiation teams Hitting a target when you don't have a clean shot.
there are multiple targets obscured by a wall.
For this drill, you will be shooting around the wall, alternating from side to side.
Craig will train with each one of you individually.
Jermaine, you'll go first.
Jay, you can come with me.
[ Gunshots ] Sawyer: Watching Jermaine shoot and practice, I quickly observed he was very comfortable with the pistol.
Sawyer: As you load up, the only thing I see so far is that left thumb's coming up off the frame onto the slide somewhat.
May or may not mess you up as that slide begins cycling on you.
Very true.
He was very receptive to any information I gave him.
He looked dominant with the pistol.
Jermaine: I started shooting firearms around the age of 17 when I joined the military.
They introduced me to a lot of weapons, and I became pretty proficient with them.
My experience goes from military to local law enforcement, state law enforcement, and federal So about 20 years of training.
[ Gunshots ] Now, as an Agent with homeland security I'm a part-time Agent and a part-time instructor.
This challenge right now is right up my alley.
It's my career.
It's what I do.
We shoot, we move, we communicate.
To have this as my redemption If I lose at this, send my ass home.
I bought my first gun less than a year ago.
[ Chuckling ] And I just think it's funny, you know? I have a year's worth of, you know, handgun experience, and now I'm up against one of the supposed elite in the military.
Sawyer: Jay was using an old, '70s, "Barney Miller"-style cup-and-saucer grip that you don't see utilized anymore.
All the better shooters do it nowadays is up higher on the frame, which just allows you a little bit more contact with the weapon, a little bit more control.
Not trying to change how you shoot It's just an observation.
I advised him as to what the current techniques are and why, and he didn't choose to utilize that.
This is not the time to learn a brand-new skill.
Shooting a gun is shooting a gun.
Don't show me how to shoot a gun Show me how to shoot a gun faster.
Those are the tips that I want.
Give me the weapon.
Jay, what I want you to do, when you move with this weapon, I want that trigger finger right here.
Jay's practice looked quite shaky, to be honest.
Jay: I feel okay.
I think I'm familiar enough with the gun, and I'm gonna do my best, and we'll see what happens.
Jermaine: I did a lot of reloads.
I did about maybe five or six reload drills.
I want to win the title of "Top Shot" because I want to see if everything I've learned over the past 20-plus years is actually worth showing that I'm the Top Shot.
Reason why I like shooting is, it takes a mental aspect of you.
You have to really focus and train yourself to be proficient at taking a piece of equipment and putting a projectile from that in the same spot over and over and over.
So you really have to focus, and to do the focus part, you have to train yourself to learn to focus.
Jay: I think I have a slight advantage over Jermaine, because he's got a lot riding on this.
You know, he's got a lot of stress and negative stress.
He got here because he didn't perform well.
I can only go up from here.
Who am I? I'm a golf instructor.
Who is he? This is his element.
If I win, great.
If I lose, I'm supposed to lose.
So, I'm going into this No pressure, no stress.
To me, it's just like another practice day at the range.
Come on in, blue team.
Ashley: Jermaine and Jay came back from practice and informed me that they were shooting the glock 17.
It's one of the most popular duty pistols probably in the world.
So I feel Jermaine definitely has an advantage with it.
Jermaine, Jay, you guys can make your way over to your flags.
The rest of you, head over to the bench.
You are safe.
Kyle: Jay's a competitor.
He's not a military guy, but he is a competition-minded guy, and he's a great shooter in and of himself.
Maggie: For me, personally, Jay's been a huge asset for m.
He's had good advice for me, he's been able to spot for me and help me out, and he's a great teammate.
I just don't know if the rest of the team is really into him as well right now.
Welcome, everyone, to the next elimination challenge.
In a matter of minutes, one of you two will be headed home.
Here's how it's gonna work.
Out on the range, 15 feet in front of the firing line, is a large wall.
Behind the wall are 20 friend and 20 foe targets placed at 25, 35, 50, and 65 feet.
The wall will open and close repeatedly, leaving you a very narrow view and short window of time to sight your targets and deliver your shots downrange.
Using a glock 17, you will have 30 seconds to hit as many foe targets as possible.
If you hit a friend target, you're gonna lose a point.
You get two full mags of ammo.
The person who has the highest score wins.
Loser is headed home.
In the case of a tie, the marksman who hits the fewest number of friendly targets wins.
Okay, Jermaine, you're up first.
Jermaine: I'm feeling pretty good right now.
Really pumped.
My goal is to go out there and do my best and walk back through those doors tonight.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! [ Gunshots ] Jermaine nicks one of his friend targets.
Jay hits another foe target and another foe target! I had no idea what Jermaine shot.
Jermaine: I knew it was gonna come down to the wire on this one.
Donaldson: Jermaine and Jay, it is time for the "Top Shot" elimination challenge.
When the doors open, you will get 30 seconds to hit as many foe targets as you can.
Every friend target will cost you a point.
When the dust settles, we'll know which one of you is staying and who's going home.
This season, the winners of the elimination challenges are also gonna get a $2,000 gift card to use at bass pro shops.
All right, Jay, so that you don't have an unfair advantage, we're gonna ask you to step away from the course while Jermaine goes, then we'll bring you back.
Marksman, ready SetGo! Doors are opening up.
Jermaine already hits a foe target.
Jermaine hits another foe target.
Misses on his third shot.
Jermaine clears another foe target.
Jermaine hits another foe target.
Jermaine nicks one of his friend targets.
There it is.
Hits another foe target.
Another foe target.
Time! [ Light applause ] Nice work, Jermaine.
Marksman, ready Ready.
SetGo! Jay already got the glock 17 loaded.
Missed his first opportunity when the doors opened up.
Now getting some shots downrange.
Has not hit a target.
There it is! There's one of the foe targets! Hits another foe target.
And another foe target.
Jay hits a fourth foe target.
Misses on his next shot.
Jay hits another foe target.
Jay is reloading the glock 17.
Time! Nice work.
Jermaine: At the end of it, I'm just standing there, wondering what's going on, but I know it's gonna come down to the wire on this one.
As I turn around and load the weapon up and engage on the first target, the doors open up.
First shot I connected and the second.
And the third shot Actually, I was trying to be really careful with the next target, and I think I actually went a little high in the air.
So I connected with the fourth shot.
But then I hit that friendly plate, and I kind of, like, paused for a fraction of a second.
I knew that plate was a bad plate to hit and it was gonna come back to haunt me, but then I had to get back into the game of shooting.
And I continued shooting, and I got the seventh plate, no problem.
Jay: I did okay.
I knew that my gun shot a little bit left and low for me.
So I knew that all my targets had to be the ones that were at the bottom, 'cause I can aim in the middle and it would all hit the bottom.
I had no idea what Jermaine shot.
It didn't even matter to me, because I'm just gonna depend on my ability for my own success.
Jermaine, you hit seven foe targets.
Jay, you hit six foe targets.
Jermaine, you hit one friendly target.
Jay, you hit zero friendly targets.
That means both shooters have a total of six points.
As I told you before the challenge, in the case of a tie, the shooter who hits the fewest number of friendly targets wins the challenge.
Jay, that means you' victorious.
Nice work.
Here's your gift card to bass pro shops.
Go join your team.
Good work.
Good job.
Jermaine, that was a tough loss.
You have fired your last shot, and, unfortunately, you've been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" I'll give you a moment to say goodbye to these guys, and head on out.
Jermaine: Losing to Jay, it was kind of disheartening A person with not as much skill and training.
But, in hindsight, when you think about it, I beat myself Jay didn't beat me.
My mistake is what caused me to lose.
Daryl: If you asked every single person on the blue team right now which one they would prefer to come back, the preference is Jermaine.
But I screwed up.
I'm the one who decided I was voting for Jay, and it screwed us in the elimination.
Jermaine: Have fun, guys.
The whole thing I've learned from coming through this experience That I'm not a robot.
I am human.
I can make mistakes.
And I got to get past that by learning from those mistakes and using them in the future, not to make them again.
Donaldson: On the next episode of "Top Shot" Jay confronts his teammates.
Why wasn't I involved in the decision-making? Jay, you're annoying the [Bleep] Out of me.
Back off! The competition moves from bullets to arrows.
The compound bow.
Some were right at home.
I've been shooting one for 20 years.
Donaldson: Others struggle.
I mean, I didn't even know which way was up, which way was down.
Donaldson: And the team challenge throws everyone for a loop.
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