Top Shot (2010) s02e10 Episode Script

The Shakedown

Previously on "Top Shot" The individual competition begins.
I'm pretty excited about that.
No more team stuff.
It's all up to me.
Joe fails to complete the first individual challenge.
Today was absolutely a disaster for me.
I mean, it's embarrassing.
I'm definitely expecting to go up for nomination.
Dude, I have to go.
Me, personally, I don't want you to go.
But his friends refused to put him in the elimination challenge.
Don't be mad, Joe.
Jamie goes head-to-head with Jay And sends him home.
Jay, unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
At this point in the game, it's me against everybody else in the house.
You can get sent to elimination 'cause people don't like you, but if you've got the skills, then you're gonna keep coming back.
There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges until only one remains, earning the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" Jay's a good shooter and good guy.
You know, he lasted all this time.
He proved himself through three eliminations.
You know, I mean, like, he stood up and took it like a man, you know? Now we have Jamie back again, and we'll go from there.
Cool win today, Jamie.
Well, a win.
It was a win.
It was a win, dude.
With a "w.
" The final six are all military now, so I think we have three marines left, two air force, and one Navy.
So, that's that's kind of the way we like it.
Dear Lord, thank you for this day.
Thank you for this food.
Bless it for our bodies.
I've been sent to every elimination challenge that the Red Team has ever had.
If there is another elimination, I'm sure I'll be back there again.
Bring it on in, guys.
Good morning, everyone.
Well, with the field narrowed to six competitors, it's gonna come down to which one of you guys wants it the most.
Neat part about this competition No one can send you home.
The fact is, you're still here.
And although all of you are highly skilled, some of you show favor to pistols.
Some of you prefer the rifles.
Ultimately, the winner is gonna have to possess one common skill Versatility.
And there is nobody that understands that better than our next expert, season-one winner Iain Harrison.
What's up? What's up? Good morning.
Hey, guys.
He's the first Top Shot.
So meeting Iain, having Iain come out, was pretty cool.
All right, guys.
Iain has personally selected all four of the firearms you're gonna be using today in order to test your versatility.
All right, Iain.
Let's hear it.
Why these four? The Sig 228 is the compact version of the Sig 226, which was the runner-up in the trials that brought us the beretta m9 or m92, which we shot extensively in season one.
I chose the Browning hi-power because we've obviously been shooting 1911s in this competition so far.
The 1911 was one of John Moses Browning's first commercially successful designs.
The Browning hi-power was his last.
The AR-15 is the iconic 556 platform of the late 20th century.
It's very modular.
You can configure it in a bunch of different scenarios.
It's the Barbie doll of assault rifles.
Who doesn't love themselves some AR-15 action? The FN F.
was selected by 93 countries as their battle rifle in 7.
62 NATO.
It's a hard-hitting rifle.
It's very reliable.
The ergonomics are good.
And I chose it because there's a good chance that these guys here will not have shot it before.
And because we're so close to determining our final four marksmen, we're gonna shake things up a bit, literally.
You're gonna be firing all four of these weapons from an unstable platform.
And because y'all are practicing together, you're gonna get a real good look at your competition.
Have fun.
Enjoy it.
I will see you at the challenge.
See you, Iain.
Thanks, Colby.
The key to doing this The gun stays still, the bottom half of your body moves.
For the shooters to shoot from an unstable platform, they need to isolate the gun from the movement of that platform.
And the way you're gonna be able to do that is by moving your joints from ankle, through knee, through hip, all the way out to the wrist joint to soak up that movement so it's not transmitted to the gun.
It's unusual to shoot from a wobbly platform.
You know, you're not gonna be able to hold rock-steady and take your best shots.
Getting that first shot off is gonna be key to this.
Try and isolate as much as possible.
It's gonna feel weird.
Should you try to wait on it or try to get used to shooting? Get used to shooting when it's moving.
You will not have time to have it settle.
The basis of all my fundamental marksmanship is trigger control.
On a moving platform like this, you really got to be able to have a real strong grip with the non-shooting hand.
So, that's gonna affect my fundamentals a little bit.
Basically, what I did was try to move my rocking platform as much as I possibly could, whereas a lot of the other guys were just trying to keep it as steady as they could because in my head, I want to train for the worst-case scenario.
I just try to swing that thing as much as I can and still maintain a good grouping.
Okay, gentlemen.
I'll give you a quick introduction to the F.
The F.
I've seen pictures of it before.
I've seen it in movies.
I've seen other nationalities with it, but I've never held one, certainly never fired one.
This isn't gonna snap my thumb off, is it? Oh, no, no, no, no.
The F.
Is like the AR-15 to the European world.
You pick it up, and the first thing you notice is it sucks.
People may like this weapon.
I don't care, dude.
I don't care for it at all.
You got good hits.
I'm trying.
Left target.
When Brian shot in practice, he was hunched up on the gun.
He really was not too loose on it, which means that that muzzle's gonna be swinging quite a bit.
I think he's gonna find the rifle component of this pretty difficult.
All righty.
The AR-15 you're gonna discover it's a lot easier to manipulate and shoot than that F.
Everybody should be comfortable with the AR-15.
You know, we've all got experience with it, a lot of practice with it, a lot of rounds downrange.
Bull's-eye! That's battle sight.
I kind of like this.
If you have any difficulties with the AR-15, you shouldn't be here.
Same shot.
You're about a half an inch top, middle, back.
The real dark horse in the practice was Jamie.
He used very few shots on the rifle targets, and he pretty much cleaned the pistol targets, too.
All right, guys.
Thanks for coming out.
Pleasure shooting with you today.
One of you is gonna be joining me as one of the top shots.
See you tomorrow.
All the Red Team guys in the house still want Jamie gone.
Game-plan talk.
Joe felt he should have gone up for a nomination after the Barrett challenge, 'cause he was the only shooter that never hit his target.
You still want to go to elimination? Yeah.
I do.
Dead serious, man.
And the plan is to put Jamie and Joe up, and since Joe's a way stronger shooter, hope Joe comes back.
If you're gonna go and you're cool with it, man Yeah.
Absolutely, dude.
Then you're going against Jamie.
That's fine, man.
The remaining four of us Myself, George, Brian, and Chris Just have to make sure that going into the challenge, that one of us wins it.
You realize, like, you're volunteering to potentially lose out on 100 g's.
Having a good showing is not gonna matter at all.
You know, my back's kind of against the wall.
You know, I need to win that competition if I'm gonna stay out of elimination.
Going into the individual challenge, it's very important for me to win immunity.
Every person in this house has their breaking point, especially when you have $100,000 sitting on the dinner table.
This is probably the most nervous I've been going into a challenge, but it's gonna come down to who can stay calm, who can stay slow and smooth.
The rifles are gonna separate the men from the boys, I think.
Morning, fellas.
Welcome to today's individual challenge.
The shooter with the fastest time here avoids elimination.
Then everyone will vote for who will compete in the elimination challenge.
I'm guessing none of you have ever done anything like this next challenge Two pistols, two rifles, and you have to shoot them from a variety of unstable platforms.
On the firing range are four platform stations.
Each platform is designed to move while you're standing on it.
At station 1 is a platform suspended by chains.
You'll use the Sig 228 pistol and fire at 3 targets Once you hit all those, you'll move on to station 2 and a platform balanced on inner tubes.
There you'll be using the Browning hi-power pistol to shoot at 3 more targets At station 3, the platform is suspended by ropes.
You will use the AR-15 to take out two targets One at 50 yards, one at 100 yards.
Finally, station 4 is the most difficult.
You will have to balance on a narrow, suspended beam.
You will use the F.
Rifle on the last two targets at 50 and 100 yards.
You're gonna have three minutes to complete this course.
Whoever has the fastest time wins and is safe from elimination.
This is the only way you guys can guarantee a 20% shot at $100,000 is to win this challenge today.
Everyone else is vulnerable.
You guys ready? Yeah.
All right.
We've drawn from the ammo box to determine the shooting order.
Joe, you are first.
Step up to the firing line, buddy.
I'm definitely the first person here that wants to go to the elimination round even before a challenge, you know? I'm just kind of facing the fact I'm gonna go.
So I'm still gonna shoot the best I can.
Let's go, Joe.
Go! Coming up on "Top Shot" The F.
The gun that I hate.
It's the smallest platform you're standing on, and that weapon's got the most recoil.
All right, the next challenge will be the ultimate test of your versatility.
You'll be shooting from four unstable platforms with four different weapons two pistols and two rifles.
Whoever wins this challenge is safe from elimination.
Everyone will go to the nomination range to vote for the two shooters who will have to compete in the elimination challenge.
Iain, any last-minute advice for these guys? Yeah.
Shoot fast.
Don't miss.
Well spoken.
Joe, you're already on the line.
You ready? Yeah.
Let's do this.
Marksman, ready Set, go! Joe, on the first unstable platform, picking up the Sig 228.
Joe missing the first target.
Now he's hit.
Hits it with one shot.
Third target, he hit from one shot.
Joe is now moving over to the Browning hi-power.
Whoa! That platform's not stable.
Hits the first target.
Hits the second.
Now Joe's on a roll.
He clears the third target.
Moving on.
AR-15 on the third platform.
Loaded up, ready to go.
One target at 50 yards.
Hits it with the first shot! On to the 100-yard target.
Misses with his first shot on the 100 yards.
Still trying to hit the Now he's got that! Joe already on to the fourth platform and the F.
He's got to clear a target at 50 yards and then move on to the final target at 100.
He's got to get a shot off.
He misses.
Joe hits on the 50-yard target.
One target left.
Second shot misses.
Joe trying to find out where his bullets are going.
I was pretty frustrated with the first couple shots.
I was shooting all over the place.
I was shooting a little high, actually.
It's the smallest platform you're standing on, and that weapon's got the most recoil.
Joe struggling to hit the 100-yard target.
There it is! Joe completes the course.
Good shooting.
First run, the first guy's always got a little more nerves.
Plus, he's the one that's setting the pace.
All right.
George, you're next.
Marksman, ready Set, go! George making his way onto the first platform.
Hits his first target.
Second target.
Misses on the third.
Now he hits it.
Four shots to clear those three targets.
Moving on to the second platform, the Browning hi-power.
Hits the first shot.
Second shot's a hit.
Third shot's a hit.
George 3 for 3 with the Browning.
Now he's on to the AR-15.
George taking his time on the 50-yard target.
George hits on his second shot at 50 yards.
Now he's got to clear the Misses on his first two shots.
Trying to re-stabilize.
George needs to pick up the pace with the a.
That's it! Now he's moving on to the fourth platform and the F.
The F.
The gun that I hate.
Hit with the first shot and the F.
At 50 yards.
Now he's moving on to the final target at 100 yards.
Oh, right by it.
George re-stabilizing.
He gets on the F.
, and he kind of flubbed it a little bit.
This 100-yard target with the F.
, proving to be the equalizer on this challenge.
That's a hit! George clears the course.
George, you're an idiot.
You had it.
You smoked the pistols, and you fail-boated on the F.
Ashley, take your position on the firing line.
Let's do this.
Marksman, ready Set, go! Ashley up on the first station.
Not very stable at all, but he's sending rounds downrange already.
Ashley missed a lot with the Sig, you know, the first handgun.
He shot 7 or 8 shots a load.
Missing on the first target.
Now he hits it.
Moving onto the second target with the Sig.
Low, brother.
You're low.
There it is.
Now Ashley hits the second target and the third.
Lands on the second.
Now he's already up and running with the Browning hi-power.
Hits first, hits second, hits third.
Now Ashley's picking up the pace, getting the AR-15.
Very unstable.
Nails the 50-yard target on the first shot.
Now he's on the 100-yard with the a.
There it is.
Now he can go over to the fourth platform.
Without question, the most difficult.
You've got 12 inches of beam that you have to stand on.
Ashley clears the first target.
Now he's got one target left.
Ashley missing on the 100-yard target.
Nails it on his second shot! Nice work! Everybody's looking at me, saying, "you know, hey.
"You just did that really well.
You know, that was a really fast time.
" But at the same time, I'm only the third guy to go, and there's still three more people left.
All right.
Let's keep this train rolling.
Jamie, you're up.
Jamie has got to be feeling the pressure to perform.
He's kind of fighting for his life.
Marksman, ready Set, go! Jamie attacks the course, jumping up with the Sig 228 on the first platform.
First shot is a miss.
Second shot hits.
Third shot's a miss.
Fourth shot hits.
Fifth shot hits.
Now he's moving on, casually taking his time, over to the second platform.
Grabbing the Browning hi-power.
First shot hits.
Second target hit.
Third target hit.
Moving on to the AR-15.
I was just in the moment, in the zone.
My instincts just were completely taking over.
Jamie, steadying himself with the a.
Hits on his second shot! Now hits on his first shot at the 100-yard target! Already on to the fourth station and the F.
Strikes with his first shot at the 50-yard target.
That's it! Jamie clearing the course pretty quick.
Hats off to you, man.
I mean, he made it rain.
Can't deny it, dude.
When Jamie got done shooting, everybody knew that he shot real fast, and all of us kind of were in shock.
Two shooters left.
Brian, it is your turn.
Gunny, through this whole competition, has been a force to be reckoned with, so I know he's gonna do well.
Set, go! Brian on the course.
First shot is a miss.
Second shot hits.
Third shot hits.
Fourth shot connects.
Brian already on to the second station, the Browning hi-power.
First shot, hit.
Second shot, hit.
Third shot, hit.
There are six pistol targets.
He knocks all six of them out in seven shots, and pretty quick.
Brian 6 of 7 with the pistols.
Now he's got the AR-15.
Hits the 50-yard target.
Brian re-stabilizing.
That's a hit.
Brian moving on to the last station.
I mean, he makes a spectacular run, you know, the first three weapons.
He goes through his handguns, goes to the AR-15.
Then he gets to the F.
Picking up the F.
When he tries to flip the safety, he flips the take down lever, and the weapon breaks open.
Had a little problem with the gun there.
Now he's got it.
Zins struggling to get the F.
Now he hits with his first shot at the 50-yard target.
Misses on the 100-yard target.
Trying to hit that final target at 100 yards.
Brian's got to pick up the pace now.
From there, he just kind of kept stumbling on the F.
, and it was shot after shot after shot after shot.
And I'm not sure how many shots it took, but it was kind of painful to watch.
Brian all around the target, but unable to hit the red bull's-eye.
Brian's getting close.
There it is! Brian finishes the course.
George and I looked at each other, and we were like, "oh, man.
" He was one of our last hopes, you know, to help keep the voting scheme in order to get rid of Jamie.
Chris Reed, you're the last man to shoot.
Everybody on my way up is saying, "all right, man.
You're the last one that can win the immunity.
" Go! The Sig 228.
Chris misses.
Hits on his second shot.
Misses his third, hits his fourth.
- Hits his fifth.
- Go! On to the second platform and the Browning hi-power pistol.
Chris hits on his first shot.
Second shot's a miss.
Fourth hits.
Fifth hits.
Go! Go! Five shots with the Browning.
Now he's on to the AR-15.
With the time that Jamie put up there, he had to make something happen with those rifles.
First shot just low.
Hits with his fourth shot.
Chris already on to the 100-yard target.
The 100-yard target just would not explode.
Hit it again.
Chris is right there.
Can't get that thing to explode.
You got to hit the red bull's-eye.
I mean, there was just wood chips, as if they were coming out of a wood chipper, flying off that thing, but it wouldn't pop.
Chris is all around it.
Checking his sights.
You know, after being up there for what seemed like eternity, you know, eventually, I started kind of just spraying them as they'd go by.
Am I shooting high or low? Chris, calling out for some assistance from the other shooters.
He's hitting all around that target.
There it goes! Chris finally making it to the fourth station, the F.
Chris wobbling as he hits with his first shot at the 50-yard target.
Chris has one target left! There it is! Only a couple of shots, and he nails the 100-yard target! Today just wasn't Chris' or Brian's day.
I mean, everybody has their bad days and good days, and Jamie got lucky today.
Well, guys, great challenge.
Now you have a very difficult decision to make.
Which two shooters will you be sending to the elimination challenge? I can tell you one guy you're not gonna be sending Jamie.
You had the quickest time.
You smoked this course today.
All right, guys.
I will see you at the nomination range.
You can head back to the house.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Our plan is foiled.
Jamie's got immunity, and he's out of the equation.
I think gunny and Chris took the longest.
The other day, they were all so forthright and straightforward.
Now everybody's trying to save themselves.
When I just went out there and beat everybody, that completely deflated everybody and any plans that anybody had.
That's as enjoyable to me as winning Is seeing, like, how sad all these guys are that they just got beat by me.
"Oh, Jamie won.
" Frowny face.
I got to congratulate Jamie.
He shot awesome today.
He's definitely top shooter in the house today.
This sucks.
Jamie winning the challenge kind of threw the game plan off a little bit.
Nobody was really expecting that to happen.
It is what it is, brother.
We're beasted, dude.
Our plan is foiled.
We all went down, and now Jamie's in the rescue raft sitting, going, "ha ha ha!" He's got immunity, and he's out of the equation.
Good shooting.
Good shooting, bud.
Thanks, man.
It's very awkward at this point, you know.
We've all kind of grown together, and now it's time to start culling from the herd.
If we're staying with our original plan, integrity and all this You know, past performance and all that included - Joe.
- Volunteer.
Joe wants to go up.
After "operation save Joe.
" Yeah.
I said "I'll go," you know? Already said it.
Want to go performance-based? I think gunny and Chris took the longest.
Performance-based-wise, Ashley was the powerhouse for the Blue Team.
That's why he's the last one here.
And he [Bleep] Threw up a [Bleep] Fast run today.
Ashley's the last Blue Team member, and my loyalty is with y'all.
Originally and still is.
My gang's gone.
It's five on one.
That's pretty much the equivalent of a three-legged zebra surrounded by five hyenas.
You want Red Team on Ashley.
That's like some deep-seated team colors, dude.
That's, like, way back in the day.
Y'all are Trying to put me up.
No, we're not.
We're basing off today's performance only.
I was thinking same as Chris.
Well, of course you are.
I mean, why wouldn't you? I'll go up against you, Joe.
I just don't want to go up against [Bleep] Fake-ass Jamie.
That's all.
That's all I give a [Bleep] About.
That's why you guys have been trying to get rid of him since day one.
What do you think about that? "Fake-ass"? S.
Team, E.
, radio comm guy, rescue swimmer.
Which one is it? Not S.
Or E.
or what was the other one? Comm guy/rescue swimmer.
I don't know.
What do you do in the Navy? I'm a rescue swimmer.
I'm attached to an E.
Unit, and I do [Bleep] support for E.
I don't particularly like the way Ashley's talking to Jamie.
You know, he's continuously calling him out and belittling him, and, you know, just basically picking on him.
Jamie never said he was a S.
We referred to him everybody had nicknames in the house.
You know, and they called him "S.
" Jamie never claimed to being a S.
I didn't come back at him, and I kind of killed him with kindness, so to speak.
That's what I thought.
And he just got that much more pissed off, and I thought it was funny.
I can't stand a fake [Bleep] Like you.
To me, it's just I don't like the way it's going down, and I just don't agree with it, bro.
I'm trying to keep the performance-based thing going.
I know what you're saying.
I think that there is definitely a rhyme and a reason of why two guys shoot together.
That's because they perform the worst.
I gave the option out there to see who would take it, and there was none.
Gunny and Chris shot like crap today, and they get a free pass again.
You can tell, it's self-preservation, but no one wants to call it that, you know? Let's be honest.
People are here trying to win 100 grand out of this competition for themselves.
Fellas, welcome back to the nomination range.
It is time to decide which two of you will be headed to the elimination challenge.
Jamie, you're the first to vote.
The other day, they were all so, you know, forthright and straightforward.
Now everybody's, you know, trying to save themselves.
Some people would say I'm the weakest shooter here, but in a lot of these challenges, I think I've shot a little bit better than Ashley.
Ashley, it's your turn.
Joe felt horrible because he didn't perform well on the Barrett.
You know, him being the stand-up guy that he is, he said, "hey, you know, you guys nominate me to go to elimination.
" Hey, thanks a lot.
Yeah, you're welcome, bro.
One vote Ashley.
One vote Joe.
George, you're up.
I'm still a firm believer in performance, man.
So I think Chris and gunny need to man up and go.
Ashley, Brian, and Joe, you each have one vote.
Chris Reed, your turn.
I promised my kids that I was gonna come up here and do the best possible job I could.
All my family members and everybody is gonna be watching to see how I carry myself through this competition, and I'm trying to offer everybody just as much respect as I would like them to give me.
Oh! It was Jay first.
He started with Jay.
And now it's Jamie.
You know, every chance he gets, he's telling him, "I hate you, and you suck," and all this Why does that hurt me? You know, I just didn't particularly like it.
So Ashley's my vote.
I had you nervous, didn't I? No.
All right.
It's two votes Ashley.
One for Joe.
One for you, Brian.
And you are up next.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Good shot.
Joe still wants to go.
I can't vote for myself.
I got to vote for somebody, and I can't vote for Jamie.
Could you feel the suspense? All right.
Two votes Ashley.
Two votes Joe.
One for Brian.
At this point, none of you are officially in.
Joe, you can send Ashley to the elimination challenge with you, or you can make it a three-way tie by voting for Brian.
Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I came here to shoot against the best and see how I could do.
For this challenge for this elimination, Ashley's gonna be, in my opinion, the top contender.
That's three votes for you, Ashley.
Two votes for you, Joe.
You're gonna get your wish, Joe.
And, Ashley, regardless to the reason, you're gonna be going up against him.
I'll see you two guys tomorrow at practice.
The rest of you I'll catch up with at the challenge.
Head back to the house.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Having an expert in your corner is extremely important.
Before you go any further, go back to dry fire.
The way he teaches you things That's coming straight from the champion's mouth.
Come on in, fellas.
Ashley and Joe, welcome to practice for the elimination challenge.
Joe, I know you wanted to be here.
Ashley, what's going on with you? As the last blue-team guy standing, that's just how it works out.
I wanted to win immunity, and I didn't.
Pretty simple.
Well, let's go ahead and get to it.
Once again, you'll be using the Browning hi-powered pistol, one of the guns you competed with yesterday.
Iain Harrison is back to help you prepare for this challenge.
The skill you guys are gonna be focusing on today is hitting targets that are partially obscured.
All right? You can practice separately.
Ashley, you'll go first.
Good luck.
All right, buddy.
Hey, Ashley.
Come on down.
What's going on? Good to see you, man.
Both Joe and Ashley are pretty good with a Browning.
So, given that level of competence, what I want to work on with them is how to shoot targets which are partially obscured by a no-shoot target which is moving in front of them.
Do you shoot with one eye Both eyes open or one eye closed? Just left eye.
Just left eye? With this, you're gonna need a lot of peripheral vision.
So, if you can shoot with both eyes open, it's really gonna help you.
Having an expert in your corner in a practice session is extremely important.
The way he speaks to people and teaches you things You know, he's not overbearing.
That's coming straight from the champion's mouth.
So, you got some targets behind.
You have no-shoot targets in front.
My grip was a little loose.
Yeah, I think you started to steer it with the trigger.
You're still steering the gun with the trigger.
Before you go any further, let's go back to dry fire.
All right.
Let's try this again.
Center punched it.
I'll take that.
All right, Ashley.
You're making good hits on those targets there.
One thing I would say, just to take away from this, is just concentrate on the fundamentals.
You know, just because you've got those irritating targets out in front of you, your fundamentals don't change, and you cannot miss fast enough to win.
Slow it down.
Control it.
All right.
Thanks, brother.
Good luck this afternoon.
All right.
See you later.
Ashley he's a smart guy, and I think he'll do well if he can apply what he learned.
What's going on? Hey, Joe.
How you doing? The Browning hi-power is a great gun, great pistol Very accurate.
With that trigger, the Browning hi-power, a little bit more slack in it.
Not really something I'm used to.
But I'm trying to shoot fast so that I know they go low right.
What you're doing is, you're concentrating on breaking that shot as quickly as you can.
You're mashing the trigger as soon as you get the target exposed.
You're not gonna be able to do that in competition.
All right.
I probably should have taken more dry firing with the pistol.
At the time, you know, I was pretty comfortable with the way I was shooting.
Nice work.
Thank you.
See you this afternoon.
All right.
It seems like Joe is starting from a competency level that's a little bit higher than Ashley's with a Browning.
Tough to decide which one's gonna be the better in competition.
Rematch, dude.
This is gonna be for the winner of the elimination right here.
I'm definitely an amateur when it comes to shooting.
What I do for a living I do construction.
As everybody knows, right now it's a little bit slow.
So this is really huge to me, you know? Ooh, nice.
You always want to push yourself, and I'm just that kind of person.
I've always been like that.
Going up against Joe in an individual shoot-out is, to me, my first real challenge.
As far as, like, a ranking system in my head, Joe's a beast.
He single-handedly beat me on the pipe-trick shots.
You know, he hit all three.
I didn't hit any of them.
It's gonna be real, real close.
I know that.
Ashley and Joe, they're two powerhouses going up against each other.
This is what we all came here for.
We saved the best shooters till the end, and now it's time for the best shooters to start shooting off against each other.
I was gonna say, don't forget to pack your hopes and dreams, bitch.
One thing that I do have that's momentum.
Joe struggled with the platform shooting and with the Barrett.
And so, if he's in a downward slump, you know, I'll take every advantage I can get.
If I get taken out by Ashley, I'll walk away with my head up.
He's been a good friend, a good shooter.
But, you know, I'm ready to walk in there and shoot the damn thing and win.
Fellas, welcome to the elimination challenge.
are 10 blue targets with green disks that will swing back and forth directly in front of the targets at varying speeds.
You get one point for each blue target hit.
If you hit the moving green disk or you hit both disks, you get no point.
That target is out of play, and you'll move on to the next one.
You'll each have 40 seconds and 20 rounds to rack up as many points as you can.
The shooter with the most points wins and stays in the competition.
The loser is going home.
Ashley, you're first.
You can go ahead and take a spot on the deck.
Joe, so that you don't have an unfair advantage, I'm gonna ask you to step away from the course until Ashley's done.
All right? Let's get to it.
I have 40 seconds to engage as many plates as I can, only having 20 rounds to do it with.
So I'm trying to see which ones I can shoot first, second, third, fourth, based on the speed of the faux target in front.
There's a lot of different variables that you have to take into account in this one.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Joe is en fuego! Ashley, working his way around.
That's another point.
In my head, I'm going, "wow.
That was 40 seconds.
It seemed like about All right.
It's time for the elimination challenge.
Using the Browning hi-power pistol, you will try to take out all 10 stationary targets while leaving all 10 moving disks untouched.
Each target is worth a point, but hit a moving green disk, and you're gonna lose the chance for that point.
Whoever totals more points wins and is safe from elimination.
The loser is history.
Ashley, you ready? Yep.
Let's do this.
Marksman, ready Go! Ashley on the course, going for the target right in front of him.
He hits it.
That's a point.
Ashley misses on his second shot.
Hits another point on his third.
Ashley's got two points with another miss.
Oh, just above that target.
Now he got it.
Ashley with three points.
Shooting a little high with the Browning.
Working his way around.
That's another point.
So far, he has hit no green disks.
Trying to figure out which one to go for next.
He's hit all over that target.
Just high.
There, that's a hit! Cease fire! In my head, I'm going, "wow.
That was 40 seconds.
It seemed like about But I know I didn't hit any of the friendlies, either, and if I had that difficult of a time with it, hopefully Joe does, too.
If not, then I'll get eliminated.
Hey, Iain, no low and right.
Yeah, you're key with that.
Ashley, nice job.
You can head back over here to your flag.
We'll reset the course.
Bring Joe in.
With Ashley going first and me not knowing how he shot, I instantly said to myself, "Ashley probably cleaned the course, "and I'm gonna have to shoot faster than him.
"I'm gonna have to clean the course but shoot faster than he did.
" When I walk up the line to take my turn, I get in this mental game that I have.
You know, I just completely block everything out before I shoot.
I say a quick little prayer.
Next 40 seconds are gonna determine your future in this competition.
Marksman, ready Ready.
Go! Joe is up.
Firing right in front of him.
He gets that one.
He gets another one.
Two points for Joe.
Third target struck.
Fourth target is hit.
Joe is en fuego! Five targets down.
Joe hits another target.
Joe misses.
Joe, man, as he transitions from target to target, he doesn't think about time.
He doesn't think about anything.
He's just in the zone.
Joe's got to reload.
Joe's back up, and he hits that one.
Joe misses.
Hits both.
And another hit.
Time! Cease fire! Nice shooting, brother.
Thanks, man.
Joe, you hit all 10 blue targets, cleared the course, but you did hit one green disk.
Subtract that, you get a point total of 9.
Ashley, you had 5 blue targets, no green disks, but your point total is only 5.
Joe, nice work.
You can rejoin your team.
Good job, brother.
You're still in this thing.
Good shooting.
It doesn't feel good to take out a good friend like that.
Good shooting.
That's the way the tournament goes, though.
I'm a pretty quiet guy, you know, pretty laid-back.
I'm not cocky whatsoever, but I think a lot of the guys know now, with me volunteering myself for elimination rounds, you know, against anybody in the house, that, you know, I mean, I definitely came here to shoot.
Ashley, unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
You have been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" Take a moment.
Say goodbye to these guys.
I'll see you later.
Chris, remember, it's performance-based.
Have a good one.
Ashley walks right past me.
I was ready to extend my hand and tell him "good shooting" and, you know, it was nice to meet him.
He kind of gave me the cold shoulder as he walked away.
That's fine with me.
Later, brother.
Surprisingly, I'm not upset or bummed.
I knew going in against Joe was gonna be really, really tough.
He brought it strong, and I didn't.
I'll accept my defeat.
Making it this far as the last blue-team person, I'm satisfied with that.
I'm actually looking forward to getting back overseas and contributing to the mission that's going on over there.
I kind of miss it.
I'll move on to the next challenge, whatever it may be.
On the next episode of "Top Shot," in the last episode before the finale, five former teammates now face off against each other in two spectacular challenges.
I'm like, "This is high, dude.
What the 'f'?" Who will make it to the final four? This challenge is one of the biggest and the baddest that we've seen yet.