Top Shot (2010) s03e01 Episode Script

The Gauntlet

The challenges are ready.
The weapons are selected.
have been chosen.
You've been chosen to compete on season 3 of 'Top Shot.
'" Holy Aah! I made it! Yeah! They will have to prove themselves like never before.
Every single marksman that shows up on season 3 has something to prove.
"Top Shot," to me, feels like the culminating event in my life.
In the revolver division, I have beaten everybody in the world.
My main advantage is that I've been through a whole lot as a Navy S.
I am an independent, bad-ass woman.
I'm from a small town of 647 people, and hopefully I don't let them down.
Go! This season, the gauntlet awaits.
Season 3, the challenges are not only gonna be rigorous, they're gonna be downright torturous.
The range of weapons they will have to master is unprecedented From the ancient To the futuristic.
The corner shot.
There are weapons never before seen in the competition.
The hotchkiss Mountain gun.
The bulldog gatling gun.
Only one will survive to claim the $100,000 prize and the title of history's Top Shot.
Coming up to the corral, we open up the gates.
The week before, I was watching "Top Shot" on television with my wife, and now I'm here.
I'm actually on the competition itself, and I'm part of it.
When I see Colby, I know that it's go time.
It doesn't really hit you till you see him and you hear his voice.
Welcome, everyone, to season 3 of "Top Shot.
" I'm Colby Donaldson.
Out of thousands of applicants, you were chosen as 16 of the top marksmen in the country.
But only one of you will earn the $100,000 prize and the title of history's Top Shot.
And I guarantee you it is not going to be easy.
You guys ready to compete? Oh, yeah.
I hope so, 'cause we're not gonna waste any time.
This competition starts right now.
And we're gonna begin with what might be the biggest, heaviest, most powerful double-action production revolver in the world The Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum.
The 500 Magnum is essentially a mini Cannon.
It fires a cartridge that is considered the most powerful factory load ever developed for a handgun.
The S&W model 500 has the potential to bring down any living target roaming the earth.
And as you might expect, it has a little bit of a kick.
I have seen people handling big firearms like this, and they either wind up getting hit in the face with them or it goes flying.
Let me tell you something This gun is not for the faint of heart.
Right now, we're about to see how quickly you can adapt to such an incredibly powerful firearm.
For the challenge today, you'll be competing in pairs.
And as you'll see, these pairs will determine your fate.
Out on the range are matching sets of targets set at 30, 50, and 70 feet.
On my signal, the first pair of shooters will pick up a preloaded 500 and begin firing at the targets.
You will have to manage that recoil.
The first person to hit their three targets wins.
Winners, you're gonna take a seat on the bench over on the left.
Losers, you'll be sitting on the bench on the right.
First up, two of our most accomplished competitive shooters.
Cliff, Mike, you guys are going first.
I happen to own a Smith & Wesson 500.
It's a revolver.
It's what I shoot.
I cannot wait to get started.
This is my house.
Ironically, I think the key to winning "Top Shot" is not being concerned about winning "Top Shot.
" When you're focused too much on that end goal, it takes you away from your peak performance.
Shooters, ready.
Stand by.
Go! Mike first to hit.
Cliff hits.
Mike with the second hit.
That's it! Wow.
Mike! Unbelievably fast! Nice work.
All right, Mike, you're gonna head over to the bench on the left.
Cliff, you'll be going to the bench on the right.
All right, moving right along, next, we've got two homeland security agents Gary and Jarrett.
Make your way to the line, fellas.
Gary Quesenberry is a friend and co-worker of mine.
We've worked hand-in-hand on a daily basis.
We have a pretty good rivalry of our own.
In the ongoing rivalry between Gary and I, I'm always ahead.
He's one of my best friends in the world.
I know he's got my back.
But we're also arch rivals, to a point.
There have been several arguments that never really got settled, so we both figured, "let's see if we can get on 'top shot, ' and we'll settle it there.
" You guys grinning at each other like you know each other.
Little bit.
Little bit.
Stand by! Go! Both men hit the first target.
Jarrett hits the second target and the third! That's it! Jarrett wasting no time.
I beat Gary, convincingly, on national tv, and I'm going to the winners bench.
Up now, two former members of the armed forces, Jake and Chris.
It is your turn.
I got in the naval academy in my freshmen year of high school.
I was the eighth black officer ever to graduate from S.
- Shooters, ready.
- Stand by.
Go! Jake oh, you have both men hit the first target! Jake hits the second! That's it! Jake clears out all three targets! Chris still working on his second.
Two skilled female shooters Amanda and Sara.
Step up to the firing line.
I did 11 years in the army, active and reserve.
I was the first female S.
team member for the Rockford Police Department.
Shooters, ready.
Stand by.
Go! Amanda hits! Sara misses.
Sara misses again! Both struggling with that recoil.
Sara hits her first target! Both women working on the second jug! Sara hits her second target! Now moving on to the final target! Time to reload! Amanda realizes she's out of ammo.
Sara's back on the course, loaded up.
One target left.
Sara hits it! That's it! All right.
Two law-enforcement officers, Michael and Paul You're up next.
I saw season 1 of "Top Shot.
" As I'm watching, I'm thinking, "I'm better than these people.
" I've got some titles under my belt.
I hold over 15 state titles in skeet and trap shooting.
Go! Michael hits on his first shot.
Paul hitting both of them.
Michael still struggling to hit his first jug.
Paul working on his third and final.
That's it! Michael hitting no targets.
Two amateur outdoors men Alex and Mark, you'll face off next.
Head on up.
I would describe myself as being full-throttle.
I'll do what it takes to make the shot.
I kind of have everything working for me.
Go! Mark hits! Alex hits! Both men hit the second target! Alex wins by a hair! Nice! Now, a couple self-taught shooters Bill and drew, it is your turn.
I don't do anything unless I plan on being the best at it.
I'll be honest I enjoy knocking somebody that's really arrogant down a peg or two.
Go! Drew first to hit.
Now Billy hits! Billy hits his second target.
Drew still trying to hit the second target! Billy going for the third! Billy hits the third target! And finally, two of our youngest marksmen, Dustin and Phil.
Step on up, fellas.
I think being young can play into my ability to win this thing.
I have that energy and that spunk that you need to go out and really compete.
I'm not gonna go down lightly, and I want to make sure that I make my mark in this competition.
Go! Both men striking the first target! Phil hits the second! Now Dustin hits the second! Both of them going for the third target! Dustin's having to reload! Now Phil's having to reload! That's it! Dustin hits it! The gifts and talents that God has given me, he's gonna help me out and see this through more than I can do.
Well, as we always do on "Top Shot," we're gonna mix things up a bit.
All eight of you won your match ups.
You're the Blue Team.
All eight of you guys lost your match ups.
You'll be the Red Team.
I'll give you a second to go ahead and put on your uniforms.
The winners are here, the losers are here, and in the back of my mind, I'm thinking, "all right, I'm labeled a loser.
Now I've got something to prove.
" I'm not surprised about the outcome.
I expect to win everything I do.
Now you look like you're ready to compete on "Top Shot.
" Looking sharp.
You guys remember, this is a long competition.
We'll see if the Blue Team can back up the skills they've shown in this challenge or if the Red Team can prove they are, in fact, the better marksmen.
You can head back to the house where you'll be staying for the duration of the competition.
For your next challenge, at least, it'll be winners versus losers.
I'll see you tomorrow at the team practice.
You can head to the house.
Red Team decided that we were gonna make it a point to be the first in the house.
We got first dibs on the beds.
We're not going to bed losers, I'll tell you that.
We got bottom bunks, every single one of them.
Hang on.
Hang on.
You saw it.
You saw my man with the red hair.
I was like, "holy Jesus.
" We had a conversation about psychological warfare against the Red Team because they do have some cats that can be rattled.
That was the first time I ever shot a gun.
I wouldn't know that by the number of targets you hit.
I'm just saying.
The Blue Team has been talking nothing but smack to us, teasing us every which way they could.
Tell me about it! You think I got here on my looks? I mean, they're really, really ranking on us, and we can't wait to whip their butts this next competition.
Walking into the range, you see the platform, and you immediately see the targets out in the distance, so you know it's gonna be a long gunshot.
I'm just excited to see what comes down the pike.
Good morning, marksmen.
Good morning.
Good morning.
All right, let's go over how the competition is gonna work.
First, you will compete in a team challenge.
The losing team must then nominate two of its members to participate in a one-on-one elimination challenge.
You lose that, you're knocked out of the game and sent home.
The gauntlet you have to run as a team begins right now.
We'll be using the LaRue tactical optimized battle rifle.
The LaRue tactical O.
Is one of the most advanced sniper rifles in the world.
Since it's semi-automatic, it allows for quicker follow-up shots A crucial advantage on the battlefield, which is why it's popular with special ops.
I was very excited to see that rifle.
That is a platform that I am extremely familiar with.
That's the gun I shoot.
You've all probably been wondering exactly what this challenge is gonna be.
You've seen the platforms and the ladders, so you might surmise that you'll be climbing those ladders up to the platform and shooting downrange.
Well, you'd be partly right.
Those ladders are strictly there for safety.
You'll be climbing onto the platforms Using these 16-foot poles that weigh 220 pounds.
In S.
training, we make a living with a pole for the first eight weeks of training.
This challenge is not only about precision shooting.
It is about extreme teamwork.
Out on the range behind me are four pairs of elevated shooting platforms, one for each team.
Beyond each platform are matching pairs of exploding targets at 75 and 100 yards Two targets for the Red Team and two for the blue.
On my go, each team must work together to carry their pole to the first platform.
Two shooters will use the pole to climb onto the platform, and, from a standing position, one will take out the 75-yard target And the other the 100-yard target.
Once both targets are hit, the shooters climb down the pole and rejoin their teammates in carrying that pole to the next platform.
Then two new shooters take their turn, and so on.
The first team to successfully complete the four-station course wins.
Between the hauling the lumber and squeezing the trigger, if this challenge doesn't elevate your heart rate, you might want to check your ticker.
All right, I'll give you a couple of minutes to pair up and determine who will engage which target.
Then we'll go.
Get to it.
These pole things are a huge surprise for us.
This challenge is gonna be tremendous.
Set Aah! Come on, Cliff, let's go! You're not loaded! You're not loaded! At this point, the Blue Team's screwing up.
I'm thinking, "they're imploding.
" Who's shooting first? I thought me and Phil were gonna shoot first.
Okay, y'all are first.
Who's second? - It was drew and I.
- Which target? - I'll do 75.
- Okay.
We're third.
- I got 75.
- I got 100.
Billy and Dustin, you guys are shooting first.
Jake and I are gonna shoot second.
Sara and Jarrett are gonna be third.
And Mike and Alex are gonna be fourth.
Okay, so, you're gonna lean over, you're gonna pick it up Up log And bring it up onto your left shoulder.
Jake immediately takes over and makes suggestions for how we should carry the log, which made total sense.
I think it would be good for heart rates if we just The guys that are shooting the next station just have their hand on the log.
All right, time's up! Teams, come on back in, grab your gear, and head to the starting line.
I mit have slightly disagreed with Jake, but after, I was like, "wait a minute.
He's done this before.
We'll do it his way.
No questions asked.
" Shooters, ready! Stand by! Up! Up, up! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Both teams loaded up with the log.
Blue Team takes an early lead! Already up to their platform! Got the log in place! Now two shooters going up the pole for the Blue Team.
First up for the Blue Team Billy and Dustin.
Dustin's gonna take the 75-yard target.
Billy will be shooting for the 100-yard target.
Now the Red Team made it up to the first platform.
Phil and Michael are up for the Red Team.
Dustin hits on the 75-yard target! Now Billy's got the LaRue.
He's got to take out the 100-yard target.
Rack it! Let's go! You're good.
Shoot that thing.
Come on, come on, come on! Michael hits! Now it's up to Phil.
Blue Team already completed the first stage, moving on to the second platform! Come on, Phil! Phil hits the 100-yard target for the Red Team! Up! Up! Blue Team already has their pole, transitioning to station number two.
They've got a lead.
Red Team's got to catch up.
Blue Team wasting no time getting their pole into position.
Now Red Team getting their pole into position.
Paul and Jake on the second station for the Blue Team.
Come on! Go, go, go! Jake, first up.
Paul spotting.
Drew's already up.
Cliff struggling for the Red Team.
Jake hits the first target for the Blue Team at the second station! Cliff goes off the pole! Red Team's got to start over! Cliff he's visibly getting frustrated at this point.
They're already cracking shots off.
We hadn't even gotten our second guy up.
Come on, cliff! Let's go! You want help? I do now.
Now Paul hits the 100-yard target! Blue Team's already closed out the second stage! They're grabbing their pole and moving over! Cliff is struggling for the red team to make it up the pole.
Red Team finally makes it up on top of the second shooting platform.
Blue Team takes the lead, already transitioning to the third platform.
Drew getting sights on target.
Drew takes out the 75-yard target for the Red Team.
Blue has a sizable lead.
Cliff hits the 100-yard target for the Red Team.
Now they got to get back down the pole.
You got to get both men off the pole before you can move on to the next platform.
Blue Team already up to the third platform.
- Load the - Wait! Load the magazine! Sara and Jarrett! Get the magazine! Red Team making up ground now.
Third station.
Jarrett spotting for Sara.
Sara's first shot is a miss.
Red Team struggling to get up the pole! Keep it steady, keep it steady.
This challenge not only about shooting.
Mark struggling just to make it up the pole.
Now Gary's following along behind him! Come on, gar.
Sara finally hits it! Now it's Jarrett's turn.
Red Team has made up a lot of ground on the third station! Jarrett trying to take out the 100-yard target! Mark grabs the LaRue for the Red Team.
Come on, Mark! Jarrett squeezing off the rounds but can't hit the bull's-eye.
Now I hear Red Team up and shooting next to us.
I'm like, "son of a sea biscuit.
" Mark struggling, as well.
Come on, Mark! Mark hit the 75-yard target! Gary trying to close out the 100-yard target for the Red Team.
Blue Team got to switch out magazines now.
They're out of rounds! We are neck and neck at this point! Red Team has taken the lead! Now they fly down the pole.
We're looking over blue team's still up on their tower.
We take the pole.
We're running to station four.
We've got the lead.
Blue Team closes out the third station! Sara and Jarrett both shot five rounds apiece.
While they were doing that, the Red Team took off and passed us.
Take your time! We've got a lead change! Red Team getting the pole into position! At this point, the Blue Team's screwing up.
I'm thinking, "man, this is it.
They're imploding.
" Blue Team coming down the pole.
They got to catch up! Blue Team bringing it around to the fourth and final station! Chris making his way up the pole for the Red Team.
Now Amanda's heading up the pole for the Red Team.
The first team to hit both targets wins.
Now Mike's up there for the Blue Team! Alex last man for the Blue Team! We are neck and neck! Amanda taking aim.
Magazine, magazine.
You're not loaded! You're n loaded! Magazine! Mike forgetting to put a magazine in! Amanda already getting rounds downrange! Now Mike's shooting.
Mike hits the first target! One shot left for the Blue Team! Alex has the 100-yard target.
Amanda struggling to hit her target.
Alex cannot hit the 100-yard target.
Amanda struggling to close out the 75-yard target.
One shot is all it's gonna take, and the Blue Team wins this.
Amanda closes it out! We are completely tied up! Now Chris is taking aim! One target left! Alex hits the 100-yard target! Blue Team wins! Thank you, Alex! We were ecstatic 'cause we had problems in the challenge.
We got the winners.
They got the losers.
That's how it is.
It took so long for me to break my target Allowed them to get their log down from the third station, run down to the fourth, and they caught up.
Good luck in elimination.
That wasn't me.
Good luck in elimination.
When Colby screams, "Blue Team wins," I was ecstatic.
We won.
Done deal.
Blue Team, congratulations.
You've on the first team challenge.
You guys are safe from elimination.
Red Team, you now have a couple of hours to decide who you will send to the elimination challenge.
You can all head back to the house.
Red Team, I will see you at the nomination range.
This challenge was the Red Team's challenge.
We had this from beginning to end.
It was ours to lose.
We shot well.
The teamwork was good.
Just some things don't work out.
Coming up on "Top Shot," the Red Team faces its first vote I don't know what's goin' through everybody else's mind.
I don't know how well they're gonna take a defeat.
And an elimination challenge unlike any before.
We have to have a little group meeting.
Red Team's got to vote on who's going to the challenge.
There were a lot of mistakes made.
Two people are gonna have to be nominated.
I don't know what's going through everybody else's mind.
I don't know how well they're gonna take a defeat.
I've been beat before, and I'm okay with it.
I didn't do very well the first challenge.
That got me on this Red Team to begin with.
I went 0-for with the S&W 500.
Is my team ready to forgive me for that? I hope so.
I obviously took the most amount of rounds to break my plate.
It's It's that simple.
Our nominations should be performance-based, and my performance was the poorest.
There has to be two people, and, I mean, I Well, I think we've decided I'm one of them.
I mean, that's pretty clear.
I was not the only person who screwed up.
We had people that fell off the logs.
There were people that had a hard time getting up the logs.
We had team members that took more than one round to break their target.
Amanda is definitely a shoo-in.
She just missed too much.
She's too much of a liability.
As for who else, this is gonna be a tough one.
Oh, check this out.
I was reading this morning.
- They let you keep a Bible? - Oh, yeah, they do.
We want to keep this momentum.
We want to be the first "Top Shot" season that doesn't lose a single player and have to go to elimination.
Hey, "I don't trust in my bow.
"My sword does not bring me victory, "but you give us victory over our enemies and put our adversaries to shame.
" I was like, "sucks to be red.
" I hear you, dog.
Red Team, welcome to the nomination range.
As a result of losing today's team challenge, you must now decide which two members you're gonna send to the elimination challenge.
All right, this is how it's gonna work.
I will call you up one at a time.
When I do, you will cast your vote by putting a bullet in the target for the person you want to nominate.
You cannot vote for yourself.
Gary, you're up first.
Amanda's got some skills.
She's not without talent.
Unfortunately, she just doesn't have the ability to apply it under pressure, and at this level, there's a lot of pressure.
Michael, you're up next.
Mark took five shots.
If he'd have hit it in one shot or two shots, like all of us did, we would have had three extra seconds to maybe get our shot down and win this competition.
- One vote Amanda.
- One vote Mark.
Cliff, you're up.
Phil, you're next.
Okay, three votes for Amanda.
Two votes for Mark.
Mark, it is your turn.
If Amanda could have just completed her shots Gary and I set that last team up in the lead.
We gave them some spare time.
We set them up to succeed, but it just didn't happen, so that's why I'm voting for her.
Four votes Amanda, two votes for Mark.
Amanda, you will definitely be in the elimination challenge, and it is your turn to vote.
Come on up.
Mark just seems to have a panicky quality to his personality.
It doesn't seem to take a lot to really get him flustered and panicking.
Amanda, you have four hits.
Mark, you have three hits.
You two will be facing off in the elimination challenge.
Chris, there's really no need for you to vote at this point, all right? Amanda, Mark, I'll see you two tomorrow morning at practice.
Everyone else, I'll catch up with you at the challenge.
You can head back.
Here he is.
What's up, bro? My first nomination.
There was a statement that I become panicky, and so that's why some people were gonna vote for me.
- Michael got us way behind the 8-ball.
- I know.
And that's why I started ripping shots off.
I'm the only one on the team that hit all three targets for the first challenge.
I obviously didn't fall off the log.
I didn't, you know, run the mag empty.
We went from being behind to in the lead, so, I mean, I don't know where the panic is.
Coming up on "Top Shot" We're gonna see how you do with a true American classic.
There have been more than a few instances on "Top Shot" where I've envied you guys.
This is one of those times.
Amanda and Mark, welcome to the practice session for the elimination challenge.
For the team challenge, we tested your skills with a state-of-the-art Now we're gonna go back to the 19th century and see how you do with a true American classic A Winchester '73 repeating rifle.
The Winchester '73 was one of the most popular civilian rifles of the 19th century.
The revolutionary lever-action technology allowed you to shoot a lot of bullets quickly without having to reload.
This was often the difference between life and death for thousands of people settling the American west.
For today's practice, you'll be shooting the Winchester from a sitting position on a bench.
Targets are set out to the right and left at 50 and 60 feet.
The elimination challenge is gonna have a major twist, so it is crucial that you master the skill of rapidly hitting a range of targets from a sitting position.
To help acquaint you with the Winchester and this symbol of the old west is cowboy shooting specialist Jim "long hunter" Finch.
Jim will train with each of you separately.
Amanda, you'll be going first.
Mark, come with me.
Hello, Amanda.
Hey, Jim.
How you doing? The Winchester '73 is a lever-action repeating rifle.
The important thing about a repeating rifle is you have multiple shots.
Every time you lever, a round goes in and then the hell comes out.
Everything will be from a seated position.
Make sure your body's lined up to the center.
In this challenge practice, what I'm looking for is effective snap-shooting Put four fingers in it.
To break accurate, fast shots cleanly but quickly.
What you have to do when you're snap-shooting is control that muzzle where you can start and stop.
Just hold it below ready.
Holding this Winchester in my hands and working that lever, and that cartridge goes flying out, you're ready to take another shot, hit that lever again.
How can you not feel like a bad-ass when you're using a lever-action gun like that? As soon as you see black behind your sights, break the shot.
And we'll see where your natural Oh, you want me to go for center mass.
Yes, yes.
Then we'll see where you're hitting.
When Mark came into practice, he appeared to me to be a little bit more high-strung and a little bit more nervous.
It wasslow.
There it is.
When you're snap-shooting, you're having to turn at the waist.
You're gonna have to whip that gun, stop that gun, and then get it moving the other direction.
And when you're seated, that's much more difficult than when you're standing.
So, how'd that feel? Is that better? Yeah, I mean, I'm probably shooting the same speed.
It feels slower, but it's not.
It's not.
Ready? One.
That's okay.
That's good.
You hit the black.
That's good.
Mark's biggest problem He's a strong guy.
He wants to muscle the gun, especially when he's levering.
All this motion translates to the muzzle.
So the big thing with Mark was trying to get him to calm down, slow down, and just work the lever I, and he'll come out all right.
I think I'm more adaptable than some of the competition because I am raising two children, holding down two jobs, working out, and going to the range regularly, and that takes the ability to quickly compensate when something does not go right.
You feeling good? You know, I've walked out of three practices now.
Feeling good.
I feel good.
We'll see what I do under pressure, you know? I think that's what it's gonna come down to.
I don't feel like I have a specialty.
I'm just not the best at any one thing.
I'm just pretty darn good at everything.
I really don't know what to expect.
Amanda seems to be extremely confident, but, you know, we'll see.
Red Team, welcome to the first elimination challenge.
Amanda, Mark, you guys can stand over by your flags.
The rest of you, find a spot on the bench.
You are safe.
In a matter of minutes, one of you two will be the first one eliminated from the competition.
Well, there have been more than a few instances on "Top Shot" where I've envied you guys.
This is one of those times.
When you think of the Winchester '73, you think of the wild west.
And what is more synonymous with the wild west than a stagecoach? Let's go.
Out of nowhere, a huge stagecoach comes riding up behind him with white horses, like we were dreaming.
I didn't foresee a stagecoach with four horses running down a dirt road.
Oh, my God.
- You definitely don't see that every day.
- No.
What a cool thing.
This is great.
I've never ridden in a stagecoach, and I surely have never fired a firearm from a stagecoach.
During their glory days, stagecoaches traversed the American west through lawless and often hostile territory.
It's also how money was transferred from bank to bank and how the mail was often delivered.
Because of this, stagecoaches became prime targets for armed robbers.
Skilled sharpshooters armed with shotguns and rifles were recruited to ride atop the coaches, protect their cargo Hence the term "riding shotgun.
" Today, you two will be riding shotgun.
As the coach races down that trail, from concealed positions along the course at distances ranging from 15 to 25 yards away.
It will be your job to defend the coach by using the Winchester '73 To hit as many targets as possible.
You will have only 10 rounds.
We flipped a coin to see who goes first.
Mark, you're up.
It's one rifle, bouncing up and down on a bumpy road, with targets that you don't know where they're coming from, and you have to make that shot really rapidly.
This is definitely a tough elimination.
Coming up on "Top Shot" I really can't see what's coming up.
Something's gonna pop out at any minute.
I'm looking all over the place.
I wouldn't want to be at risk for going home over a challenge like that.
All right, it is time for the elimination challenge.
Whoever hits more targets while riding shotgun on a stagecoach wins and stays in the running for the $100,000 prize.
The winner will also receive a $2,000 gift card to use at Bass Pro shops.
The loser going home.
Mark, you're up.
Go ahead and get ready.
Thank you.
Amanda, so that you don't have an unfair advantage, we're gonna have you step away from the course until it's your turn.
I've never been up on a stagecoach before, so I really didn't even know where to put my feet.
You're sitting right here.
- Oh, I'm sitting here? - Yeah.
I'm getting ready, and I'm going through my mind what I'm gonna do, how I'm gonna swing the rifle, how I'm gonna get my sight picture.
Marksman, ready! Set! Go! Here we go! I'm just kind of anticipating the first target.
I really can't see what's coming up, so I'm thinking something's gonna pop out at any minute.
I'm looking all over the place 'cause I don't know if I passed one yet.
You got 10 targets to hit.
There's the first one.
First shot is a miss! Second shot hits the first target.
Waiting on that second target to reveal itself.
The target is all the way to my left.
Mark's got sights on it.
He hits it with the second shot.
Probably because I was swinging left to get the one that was behind me, third one pops up.
I don't even see it.
Mark misses the third, doesn't even get a shot off! Knowing that he has a limited number of rounds, I think that doubling back on your target after you miss is a little bit risky.
Mark misses the fourth target! Fifth target's already up! He misses that one! Got to pick up the pace here.
Sixth target up.
Mark shooting at it, can't hit it.
Seventh target revealed.
He hits the seventh target.
I didn't feel like three hits were enough.
I wanted to make sure I had four.
Mark does not get a shot off on the eighth.
Misses the ninth target.
One target left! But I kind of got ahead of myself, and before you knew it, the run was over with, and I was out of bullets.
It was fun, but I tell you, that's a heck of a way to be shooting a firearm.
- It's all yours.
- Thank you.
Here we go! Marksman, ready! Set! Go! Go, go! As soon as I saw the flag that indicated the beginning of the course, it was all serious.
All I'm doing is looking for those targets.
Amanda On the course.
And she has her first target.
And she's firing.
First target hit! Amanda, 1 for 1.
Hit my first target, and I think, "great.
I'm gonna do this.
" Waiting on that second target to come up.
Second target's up.
Just misses on the second target.
Third target's up.
Misses her third target! As soon as I get my sight picture, I'm pulling that trigger.
But I am bouncing way too much.
Fourth target's up.
Amanda misses her fourth target! Going for the fifth! Fifth target is a miss! All we're seeing is dirt fly up behind the targets.
Round after round, dirt's flying, dirt's flying.
Sixth target is a miss.
Seventh target's already up! That's a miss! Three targets left! I was just pulling the trigger, saying a little prayer, hoping I'd hit something.
Eighth target is a miss.
Amanda misses on the ninth target! One target left! I don't know how hard that challenge was, but I can imagine it was a difficult thing, and hat's off to her for giving it a good try.
This looked really hard.
It looked really cool and really fun, but I wouldn't want to be at risk for going home over a challenge like that.
Amanda, you hit one target.
Mark, you hit three targets.
Come get your gift card to Bass Pro shops.
You passed your first test.
Thank you, sir.
Rejoin your team.
Thank you.
Amanda, unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
You've officially been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" I'll give you a moment to say goodbye to these guys, and you can head on out.
All right.
I'm the first contestant off of "Top Shot," but I feel like a bad-ass that I made it here in the first place.
Although it sucks to send a member of our team home, that's the nature of the beast.
We know that there are 16 competitors that start this thing, and there's only gonna be one going home with the money.
There you go.
All right, thank you.
Thanks, man.
With Amanda leaving, we have no flaws.
We feel super confident.
We are a stronger team.
There's no two ways about it.
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