Top Shot (2010) s03e02 Episode Script

Down and Dirty

Previously on "Top Shot," the competition begins with 16 marksmen competing head to head.
That's it.
The winners become the Blue Team, the losers the Red Team.
In the back of my mind, I'm labeled a loser.
Now I've got something to prove.
I was like, "holy" The Blue Team has been talking nothing but smack to us.
We can't wait to whip their butts this next competition.
They face off in a test of extreme teamwork Blue Team takes the lead.
And a leader emerges.
In S.
Training, we make a living with a pull.
The team of winners remained victorious Blue Team wins! While two on the Red Team are singled out.
A first marksman is eliminated, and the losing Red Team is still left with something to prove.
There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a gauntlet of challenges until only one remains, earning the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" Where's my freaking luggage at, man? - Hey! It feels really good to have the monkey off my back, getting through the challenge okay and surviving and being back with my team in the house.
I'm pretty excited to see what the next challenge is gonna be, and I'm looking forward to it.
What we're gonna do is we're gonna have a little, quick, 10-minute deal with yesterday's stuff.
So we're gonna walk through it one time.
Blue Team, in preparation for the competition that we're gonna face, we do walkthroughs.
We have visualization sessions, we work on air guns.
I'm not really sure what the Red Team's doing, and it works to our benefit.
I hope that they don't do anything.
They sit on the couch and eat ho hos and bonbons and just sit there and get fat and not happy.
Everybody needs to get a little bit of seriousness in them and start doing what we need to do, okay? The Blue Team decides that they're gonna bow down to Jake when Jake decided to come up with some weird re-enactment.
Just walk, just walk.
We're just walking.
The Red Team is sitting there, getting entertained.
We have nothing else to entertain us.
We are watching them make a fool of themselves.
Up, up, up, up! Get it up early, get it up early! I feel like we're watching a play.
We ain't got tv, brother.
This is the best we can get.
Go, go, go.
Let's go, guys.
We're running up there and just practicing sight alignment, going through the visualizations of mag insert, mag release, safety off.
I tell you, every little bit helps.
The Red Team was kind of watching and poking fun, but, shoot, that was their loss.
Like, if you don't want to look stupid, that's okay.
We'll beat you tomorrow.
This is the craziest stuff I've ever seen in my life.
I'm all about learning from your mistakes, but the real thing is, what are they really learning here? You ain't learning nothing.
Look at this, look at this.
She's a firearms instructor.
You know what? I'm sorry.
Don't ever do any Like this to me right now, because I'll tell you no.
Running up to a picnic table and pretending isn't going to do a whole lot for you without a gun in your hands.
Bang! I like their sound effects.
When it comes down to it, Red Team is going into this challenge with a mind set that we're going to win, and there's nothing that the Blue Team can do to stop us from winning.
Morning, marksmen.
Well, with Amanda's elimination, there are now 15 of you still in the hunt for the $100,000 prize and the title of history's Top Shot.
Today, a legendary firearm makes its debut on "Top Shot" The AK-47.
The AK-47 is my rifle of choice.
I've literally shot my ak and have sand fly out of it, so they're unbelievable.
You'll be using a modern variant of the AK-47 from arsenal firearms.
The AK-47 changed history.
Designed by the Soviets in the 1940s, this is one of the very first assault rifles ever produced.
It was made to endure extreme battlefield conditions, harsh weather, and rugged handling, which is exactly why this firearm proliferated around the world.
In fact, it is estimated that 100 million out of 500 million total firearms in existence worldwide are a variation of the AK-47.
Former Navy S.
Craig "sawman" Sawyer is here to help train you with the AK-47 and to get you ready for the upcoming team challenge.
This practice is gonna require you to shoot prone at targets 50 and 75 yards downrange.
After each team's practice, Craig will name which one of you performed the best.
Red Team, you'll be practicing first.
Blue Team, you guys can head back to the house and practice later.
Good luck, everyone.
I'll see you at the challenge.
I go first.
As far as what's on the line for Red Team is, we can't afford to go down two people to the Blue Team, as well as boost their ego.
I mean, they're on an ego trip right now.
They think that they won two in a row.
They won as individuals.
Now they've won as a team.
Our main goal right now is to shut them down and shut them up.
Bull's-eye, top right.
I haven't shot an AK-47 since I had a familiarization class when I was in the army, and that was back in like 1990.
I found out today it's a lot like riding a bike.
I was in the marine corps.
I have familiarized with the AK-47 almost from the very beginning.
Nice shooting! I was in Iraq, training Iraqi military, so, yeah, I'm very familiar with the AK-47.
Bull's-eye, top right.
outside the bull.
Dead on.
Every one of us was hitting paper.
- Good group, man.
Bull's-eye, bull's-eye, a little off, bull's-eye, bull's-eye.
We're feeling great by now.
Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.
What we ended up doing was running competitions between each other.
Dead on the bull, right at 12:00.
We had two rifles.
We would run up and race each other to get it loaded and take our two shots.
Nice job.
Hit! I think that that helped prep us, because it's gonna be a competition, and we duplicated that in our practice.
Smart, you guys, training this way.
Watching Red Team practice, I was impressed at how quickly they began challenging themselves by adding their own stress to the equation.
- Go, hustle! - Come on, hustle, guys! Let's go! Center mass.
Make sure that whenever you're running up there that the weapon's sitting the way it's supposed to be sitting.
We don't want to have to make anybody work harder than they need to.
Gary appears to be giving the most direction to Red Team and starting off as their early leader.
We are looking good, man.
I would describe myself as very competitive.
I've been a firearms instructor for a number of years.
Dead on.
These guys are looking to me for leadership, and if that's where the cards lie, then I guess I'm gonna have to take responsibility for that.
Very nice.
Gary is an awesome leader.
He's very neutral.
He's very fair.
He really, really respects the team and has faith in us, and I respect him for that, and I'm happy to have him lead us into this.
All right, guys.
I think that was pretty intelligently approached.
The way you guys went about training, I think, was spot-on.
Overall, from my observation, I'd have to give the nod to Gary, because it looked like he was giving the most input on how you guys train.
So, Red Team, you're looking good, and I hope my contributions were some help to you guys.
All right.
You bet.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks, sir, very much.
Appreciate it.
The Red Team's really coming together.
Blue Team is definitely going down this challenge.
I am very familiar with an AK-47.
I own a variant of that weapon.
- I own an ak.
- I'm pleased.
Dead center.
I told the guys, "trust me.
I'm solid on this weapon system.
" Inch off of bull's-eye.
Alex shot really well with the AK.
He was one of the guys that didn't own an AK, but his fundamentals of shooting are really good, and, you know, he's a great shooter.
We're shooting dead on.
Yeah, they're all right there.
Definitely good effort on pushing.
Pretty much the whole team's strong on AKs.
We're really in good shape.
You need some more rounds on that gun? Okay, go get them.
I basically see myself as team leader at this point.
I spent 11 years in the United States Navy, I was an officer in the Navy.
I was in charge of Navy S.
So all of that stuff groomed me for leadership.
The other thing is I've been a football coach for the last seven years, and all I do is leadership every day.
Hang on.
Hey, let's get together, guys.
Jake's pretty much taken control, and that's okay.
We need somebody to do it.
The only problem is, sometimes he doesn't listen to others' instruction.
Guys, you got to hold that front post right at the top.
Cover the bull? No.
It's got to be high in the front-sight picture.
We know how to aim.
Jake is asserting himself as their leader, but to be honest, he appears to be yelling at his teammates more and organizing them less.
Put the safety down.
Hey, snatch that round out.
Snatch that round.
This is off.
Jake can be in your face when stuff's not going right.
Jake's an intense guy, and he's wanting to make it go smooth.
All right.
Good practice.
I saw something good in each of you.
For this practice session, I'd have to give my overall nod to Alex for being the most aggressive at challenging himself and getting that weapon up online and barking.
When Craig picked me as the expert, it definitely felt good to have him say that.
I went into this practice having never shot an AK-47.
I think we're well-prepared.
There were definitely a lot of good guys out there.
Good work, and we'll see you at the challenge.
Good luck.
All right? Going into competition, I think the Blue Team is very strong, and as long as we don't beat ourselves, we'll be fine.
As we're walking over the hill, I see this obstacle course, and I light up.
This is my kind of challenge.
We see pipes.
We see water.
They're gonna make us drag this thing into mud and water.
We're jacked up.
We're looking really forward to doing this challenge.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! Gary goes down! All I think is "I want to beat this guy bad.
" This is gross! - Morning marksmen! - Morning! Morning! Welcome to the team challenge.
It is all about the AK-47.
The history of this firearm is that it was built to handle extreme battlefield conditions, which is exactly what we have in store for you today.
We've designed a brutal obstacle course inspired by those conditions, with a few surprises along the way.
We're about to find out if all of you are as durable as this legendary weapon.
This will be a punishing head-to-head race.
Two shooters from each team will carry a modern variant of the AK-47 through the first obstacle A narrow pipe 20 feet long.
You'll then fire at targets set at 50 and 75 yards downrange from the prone position.
Once the first shooter hits the 50-yard target, the second shooter can fire at the 75-yard target.
Once those targets are hit, the second pair scrambles through the pipe, picks up the ak from the first pair, and heads into a waist-deep pit of water.
Complete that obstacle and hit two more targets.
Then the third pair begins.
Through the pipe, through the water, and into the third obstacle a 25-foot-long slog through mud.
For the final leg, one single team member will have to go through the pipe, through the water, through the mud, and into the final obstacle A 25-foot-long crawl through sand under barbed wire.
Hit the final two targets, and you're done.
The team that successfully completes the course first wins.
Hope you have a washing machine and a big bar of soap back at the house, 'cause it is time to get dirty.
I'm excited, because this is exactly what I trained for as a Navy S.
, and it'll be easy to get through and do well on.
Before we begin, a decision needs to be made.
Blue Team, you guys have an extra member, so somebody's got to sit this one out, and that will be determined by the Red Team.
One other rule you cannot sit out two challenges in a row.
And that's the way it'll be throughout the competition.
Red Team, who are you guys gonna bench? Gary, who's the Red Team gonna sit out? We're gonna sit out Jarrett.
Jarrett on the bench today.
I know Jarrett grimes personally.
I know he's super fast.
I know he's agile.
I thought it'd be a good idea to maybe set him down for this one.
I'll give you a couple minutes to determine your shooting order and who your one marksman will be that will have to run this gauntlet alone.
Go ahead.
Break off.
As soon as we broke for meeting, Jake took charge.
Okay, here's the order.
It's gonna go Billy, Dustin, Sara, Alex, Mike, Paul, and then me.
Jake decided to take the hardest part of the challenge, which was the last leg.
Just hold still, hold still.
Face that way.
- Where's Dustin at? - Right here.
Let's go! Get in line! Stand right here, okay? Hey, listen up! You guys clear? Who has obstacle-course experience? Yeah, who wants to run the last leg? You do.
Chris and Gary would probably be the best choices for the last leg.
I'm cool wherever you guys want me.
You want to do the full one? Okay, yeah.
That's fine.
We ultimately picked Chris because Chris is younger and has more athleticism.
Let's send one of them home.
I think we're all feeling very confident in our abilities, and we're confident in each other as a team.
In my head, we're gonna win this thing.
Okay, teams.
Time's up! Bring it in! It is bitter cold outside, and one of the obstacles is waist-deep water, so I'm really not excited to jump into that, but I'm excited for the challenge.
Here we go.
Shooters ready.
Stand by.
Go! Blue Team sending Dustin and Billy through the pipe first.
For Red Team, it's Michael and Cliff.
Get a mag, get a mag, get a mag.
Go prone, go prone! Got to load up the AK-47 and start sending rounds downrange! Blue Team hits both of their targets on the first shot.
Go, go, go! Now Red Team gets both of their targets.
Yeah! Blue Team already moving through the water pit.
Red Team right behind.
Go, go, go! Both teams arriving at the second station.
Go, go, go, go, go! Drew misses on his first shot.
Yes! Drew hits the 50-yard target.
It's all you, it's all you.
Shoot it! Take your time.
Blue Team hits the 50-yard target the same time Red Team hits the 75.
Red Team's moving on.
Alex hits.
Now Blue Team can move on.
Go, Gary! Come on, Gary! Go, go, go! Red Team into the water pit.
Gary goes down! - There you go.
- That's how you do, blue! That's how you do, blue! Oh, we almost had them! Everybody's in the mud! Red Team comes down first.
Phil's up, Phil's up.
Now Mike's in position for the Blue Team.
Come on, blue! Go! You're on the right.
I'm on the left.
Take your shot.
Mike loaded up with the AK-47.
Paul's now loading up for the Blue Team.
Red Team strikes on the 50-yard target! Phil finishes the third station.
Go, Chris! Chris is the last shooter for the Red Team.
Red Team's in the lead with a big head start.
Blue Team hits the 50-yard target.
Head start, baby, head start.
Blue Team hits the 75-yard target.
Now Jake has to try and catch up.
Go, Jake, go! Oh, that's not smart.
Jake dives face first into the water.
I was like, "oh, man, he's gonna hurt himself on a log.
" Jake is gonna have to pick it up if the Blue Team has a shot at this.
I know we're really behind, and I've got to fly through this course.
Jake making up some ground here! I know that Jake's right next to me, and all I think is "I want to beat this guy.
I want to beat him bad.
" Go, Jake, go, Jake, go, Jake! Go! This is close! Jake absolutely exhausted.
Come on, Jake! Chris hits the first target! That's it! Red Team wins! Yes! I think I've won.
I look over.
I did it.
Yeah! I beat the S.
I feel incredible.
It was just the best feeling in the world right here, wet and muddy and shivering and celebrating with my team.
Red Team, congratulations.
You guys won the challenge.
You're safe, for now.
Blue Team, you've got a few hours to decide who you're gonna send to the elimination challenge.
You can all head back to the house.
I'll see you guys at the nomination range.
Red Team is extremely happy to get this win.
By the same token, we're gonna be graceful winners.
We're not gonna let our heads swell up, because we've learned from all of our mistakes, and we're gonna keep moving forward.
Blue Team's pretty aggravated.
The hardest thing about losing this challenge is that we can't blame anyone.
Everyone performed, you know, flawlessly in this challenge.
We want to keep team unity, and it's hard to point fingers.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Blue Team feels miserable.
I prefer to keep my vote secret.
You think that's fair? I don't give a if you think it's fair.
Jake doesn't have character.
The quicker he gets eliminated, the better for the team.
Blue Team feels miserable.
We are cold, we're wet, which is perfectly fine during the competition, but you want to win when you're cold and wet.
And now we're cold, wet, and we're losers.
It's a terrible feeling, and we know that somebody's gonna have to go home now.
We just want to say good job, guys.
Absolutely, Chris.
Good shooting, guys.
Thanks, guys.
Blue Team is having a very hard time dealing with the defeat, as we did as the Red Team dealing with the defeat.
So, I mean, that's a tough position to be in.
Good shooting, Jake.
Nothing like running your mouth.
Run your Mouth, Mike.
'Cause I'll make sure you cry every day, you little - Run your Mouth.
- Run your mouth! - Run your mouth.
- Keep running your mouth.
I'll give you the last word.
Red Team, meeting! Right now, the house is wearing very thin on Jake and his type "a" personality.
He thinks he's the boss of the house, and I'm the only one that sticks up to him.
Everyone else just crawls away into a corner.
I'm not taking his Keep running your mouth, Mike.
Don't be a sore loser, Jake.
It has nothing to do with a sore loser.
Right now, Jake is intent on giving the Red Team a tongue lashing, and I'm not up for that.
He's way out there with his comments and his demeanor and his behavior, and I felt embarrassed, and I don't think it's cool.
Anybody voting for anybody? Speak up.
Bottom line is someone's going the home.
Someone got to go to elimination.
Someone's got to shoot.
Someone's got to go home.
We lost.
We took an "l.
" So we had to nominate two people to go to the elimination challenge, and it was really tough.
It was a lot tougher than I thought it would be, sitting in that room, having to tell somebody that you wanted to nominate them.
Everybody's performance was awesome today.
I don't know.
I don't know how you do it.
I don't know how you fairly do this one.
My vote is we vote for each other all the way around and let Colby make the decision.
I think that's foolish, man, personally.
So who are you gonna vote for, then? All right.
I'll vote for Sara, man.
I'm sorry.
So you're voting for Sara? I vote for Sara, man.
All right.
Jake is already saying he's gonna vote for Sara no matter what.
I think it's, you know, a bad idea to put a bullet in everybody's target.
You got to offer two people, right? That's what I'm saying.
Just let Sara pick.
Jake's voting for Sara, then we all vote for Sara, and let Sara pick who she wants to shoot with Shoot against.
What do you think about that? It is what it is.
I mean, I know everybody's gonna be leaving except for one person, but If you think I want to go out on some.
When's your birthday? Tomorrow.
That's a bad day.
I feel like they want me to make it easy for them by agreeing to go to the elimination challenge, but I didn't feel like my performance was worthy of going today.
Are you gonna go, Sara? No, I prefer to keep my vote secret.
Do you think that's fair? I don't give a if you think it's fair.
Blue Team, welcome to the nomination range for your first time.
Let's get to it.
Here's how it's gonna work.
I'm gonna call you up one at a time.
You each have a target with your name just below it.
When you get up here, you're gonna cast your vote by shooting the target of the person you want to send to the elimination challenge.
You cannot vote for yourself.
Mike, you're up first.
Fire when ready.
Choosing Dustin seemed to be the most logical decision, because he's the youngest and doesn't have quite as much experience collectively as people around the table.
Jake, you're up next.
I went with a gut feeling more so than anything else.
Paul, your turn.
I voted for Sara because I think the other teammates physically have a lot more to offer going to the future for the team.
That's one vote for Dustin, two votes for Sara.
Billy, you're up.
Sara had two people picking her, and someone picked Dustin, and it just made it easy to kind of even it out.
Dustin, you're up.
I shot Billy just to call it even.
No hard feelings there.
Sara has two votes.
Dustin has two votes.
Billy, you have one vote.
Jarrett, you're up.
I vote for Sara, as well.
Just looking at her physical makeup, we may need, you know, some guys that are a little more stronger than her.
Dustin, you have two votes.
Billy, you have one.
Sara, you have three.
Based on the number of votes left, you will be in tomorrow's elimination challenge, and it is your turn to vote.
Come on up.
Jake doesn't have character, in my assessment, and the quicker he gets eliminated, the better for the team.
Alex, come on up.
It's your turn.
That was incredibly tough, and for me, it really came down to Dustin's physical ability.
Dustin, you have three votes.
Sara, you have three votes.
Both of you have been elected to go into the elimination round.
I don't want to go home this early, so it is a little bit of a downer, but I knew coming in to this I don't have a shooting résumé to show and I'd have to prove it.
So here we are, proving it.
You can all head back to the house.
I'll see you two tomorrow morning at practice.
It's not an unfamiliar situation to me to be underestimated, and they're gonna find out the same thing that everybody else who has doubted me has found out in the past.
And I started with my nomination of Jake on the range when I put it in the bull's-eye.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Smith & Wesson M&P.
I'm pretty nervous.
I didn't know how much pressure was gonna mount on me.
I like it.
Sara and Dustin, welcome to practice for the elimination challenge.
Doing well on "Top Shot" requires versatility and adaptability.
So after shooting with an assault rifle yesterday, we'll be switching to a modern tactical pistol The Smith & Wesson M&P.
The M&P has quickly become a weapon of choice for a number of law-enforcement agencies and military forces worldwide.
Although it's designed for people who serve and protect, the pistol has also developed a popular following among civilian shooters.
To show you how to get the most out of the M&P.
45, we've invited back expert Craig Sawyer.
Today you'll be working on a skill needed by military and police Quickly identifying friend or foe targets.
Craig's gonna reveal some real-world elements used by the Navy S.
Sara, you'll go first.
Dustin, you can come with me.
You'll practice later.
- How are you? - Hi.
How are you? Nice to meet you.
What's your basic background? I have 11 years army service and 15 years as a police officer, on our S.
The Smith & Wesson M&P is a firearm that I'm familiar with.
I have one issued to me through my department.
If you don't know where the targets are gonna be or if they're moving or if something is not absolutely still, like a paper target, drop that magazine with the magazine well right in front of your line of vision so that as you come up with that other magazine, you're never losing sight of the target visually.
Okay? You don't even need to change to the high technique that I'm showing you, but I'm just sharing it with you.
Once Craig was pretty comfortable where my point of aim was, he had me move into some speed drills using plates.
It also incorporated target discrimination.
Shooter ready.
Stand by.
White target.
Okay, slow down.
Give me one well-aimed shot.
When we moved from a drill of accuracy to speed, I panicked and I choked.
None of your rounds on the paper were that far from center.
So, just because the target's a little bit bigger, don't rush so much that you lose that discipline that you had over here on the paper.
Black target.
Craig told me to slow down, and I did, and then I was fine.
All right, Dustin, come on in.
I'm hitting to my left.
All right.
So if you know you're a little left, you're just gonna have to make use of that and go from there.
I've only had one firearms-training class before, and, you know, I'm real open to any type of training I can get.
Stand by.
White! Black target.
All right, you're on it, and that's what matters.
- That's what we're after.
- Okay.
I took all of my extra time at practice today just practicing speed loading on reloads.
Now, if you would, try one time leaving the magazine higher, right in your line of vision with the target, so that you do not have to reacquire the target visually.
It's still in your periphery even as you come and you grab that magazine.
- Stay in the box.
- Okay.
Make your workspace just a little bit higher.
Craig gave me a good tip on just making sure that I work inside the sight box.
And, you know, I've done that and heard that before, but I've never had a professional instructor completely explain it for me.
Get that magazine in there and punch it back out.
And as you're presenting back out, you're getting back on that front sight.
I like it.
Your awareness increases, because you never lose sight of what's going on in front of you.
All righty.
That'll work, then.
Nice work.
I'm not sure what's gonna happen, but I hope I can be ready for it.
Me and my wife live and work at a summer Christian kids camp in Zavala, Texas.
As for hobbies, you know, shooting is number one, and I'm like 100% self-taught.
And so I don't have anything to show for myself, but I am good, and I'm a good shot.
I'm the only one off of both teams that hadn't missed a target.
- Absolutely.
- That many shots.
The whole Red Team as a whole is in shock that they picked you out of everyone, you know? You've had zero mistakes.
I guess when you're different you're marked.
I've been bummed all day.
I'm pretty nervous.
I didn't know how much pressure was gonna mount on me.
Keep my bed warm.
I will.
I thought it'd be okay.
"Hey, we go shooting.
" But, man, it's like, second episode, and I'm going home already.
It's not cool.
I'm from Roscoe, Illinois.
I'm a police sergeant with the Rockford, Illinois, police department.
My husband is also a police officer, and I have a 14- and a 9-year-old at home that I would like to, you know, make proud.
See you later, Mike.
Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday, sweetie.
This is either gonna be the best birthday ever or it's gonna be the worst birthday ever, so either I'll get a $2,000 gift card for my birthday or I get to go home.
And I'm not ready to go home yet.
Blue Team, welcome to the elimination challenge.
All of you except for Sara and Dustin, find a spot on the bench.
You are safe.
For you two, the pressure is on.
Winner stays, loser goes home.
Me and Sara and the team were walking up to the elimination challenge, and I see all the red and blue targets.
And I was like, "okay, gonna be kind of like a carnival game or something.
" At your training session with the Smith & Wesson m&p.
45, you learned to reload quickly, pick out friend or foe targets.
How well you picked up on that is gonna pay off huge in this challenge.
This is a head-to-head, friend-or-foe challenge.
Out on the range, are two large, rotating cylinders partially obscured behind a wall.
Six rows of eight targets are attached along the outer edge of the cylinder.
The red are foe, and the blue are friend.
You start with your backs to the range.
On my signal, you'll turn and start firing at the first row of targets.
After 10 seconds, the cylinders will rotate until the next row comes into view, and so on.
This will continue for one full revolution of the cylinder.
Using the M&P.
45 pistol, you'll hit as many foe targets as possible while avoiding the friend targets.
You will earn one point for each foe target hit and lose one point for each friend target hit.
Remember, you are shooting red and avoiding blue.
You guys ready? All right.
Step up to the firing line.
Let's do this.
You know, Sara, she's a veteran police officer.
She's been in the army.
She's an instructor.
She's a master armorer.
She's everything I'm not in the gun world, and I'm afraid she may have the upper hand in this challenge.
Apparently, there's something about me that makes it easy for my teammates to feel comfortable in voting me to the elimination challenge, and I would like to change that perception.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! The adrenaline pumps, and it's fight or flight.
Stuff just shuts down and goes tunnel vision, and you just pull off what you can.
Sara hits another one.
Right now, those targets on the rotating cylinders are all that stand in between your continuing in the game or going home.
Whoever earns the most points, wins.
The winner will also receive a $2,000 gift card to use at Bass Pro shops.
Marksmen, ready Ready.
Set Go! Dustin first.
Sara hits her first.
Sara hits two, and three.
Sara gets some good shots.
Dustin's hitting some foe target.
Sara hits two more foe targets.
When someone else is popping off rounds next to you, the pressure builds.
Dustin hits foe.
And, you know, adrenaline pumps, and it's fight or flight, and stuff just shuts down and goes tunnel vision, and you just pull off what you can.
Sara reloading with the Smith & Wesson.
Both shooters doing very well with the M&P.
Dustin gets some good shots on there.
Third row of targets going up.
Sara hits another foe target.
Dustin very quick on the reload.
Dustin hits a friend target.
Sara hits another one.
I have practice in friend or foe targets.
It's just a matter of I've not ever done that next to another person.
I'm kind of being overcome a little bit by the intensity of the situation.
Sara's shots were very errant and slow.
Dustin seemed to have a machine pistol in his hand and was shooting extremely fast.
Dustin reloaded.
Sara hits another one.
Sara hits another foe target.
Now Dustin hits two more foe targets.
Time! Cease fire, cease fire! Put the weapons down.
Nice work, shooters.
Sara You hit zero friendly targets and 11 foe targets for a point total of 11.
Dustin, you hit And 24 foe targets for a point total of 23.
You are still in the competition.
Come get your bass pro shops gift card, and rejoin your team.
I hit 24 foes.
I was like, "oh, wow!" Nice work.
And, you know, I was relieved.
You know, all that pressure just dropped.
Dustin's shooting really well.
I mean, he lit it up.
It was really evident just how strong a shooter Dustin was, and we all realized that we probably shouldn't have sent him to elimination.
Dusty has proven himself just exceedingly well.
Despite any initial concerns of lack of experience, I can say for myself and speak for everyone else, we're not concerned about moving forward with Dustin.
Sara, unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
You've officially been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" Come on over here.
Say goodbye to these guys.
Good luck.
Through my experience on "Top Shot," I learned that it's not as easy as just setting up the challenges in your backyard, because there's not the same pressures that you have as being in this competition.
But, you know, I had a great opportunity to meet some really great people.
Fellas, there are still for the title of history's Top Shot and the $100,000 prize that goes along with it.
You can head back to the house and prepare for the next challenge.
I'll see you at practice.
I felt real sorry for Sara, but I said before, either way, the team gets a stronger shooter.
I just didn't know I was that much stronger.
It amazed me.
Holy mackerel, I smoked her.
On the next episode of "Top Shot" Good job, Dustin.
Dustin's performance impresses.
We didn't know how strong a shooter Dustin was.
The kid can shoot.
Training intensifies.
Hurry up! A rapid-fire shotgun on steroids swaps buckshot for slugs Go! In a shotgun showdown.
This challenge is definitely crazy.