Top Shot (2010) s03e03 Episode Script

Slug It Out

Previously on "Top Shot," the competitors are divided into winners and losers.
All eight of you won your matchups.
You're the Blue Team.
All eight of you guys lost your matchups.
You'll be the Red Team.
Red Team has taken the lead! The Blue Team comes from behind to win the first team challenge And looks to get an edge any way it can.
We do walk-throughs.
We have visualization sessions.
We work on air guns.
What are they really learning? You ain't learning nothing.
We are watching them make a fool of themselves.
In the second team challenge, the Red Team bounces back for its first victory.
Yeah! And Dustin, a self-taught shooter, surprises his team with a blazing performance in the elimination challenge.
Time! Cease fire! It was really evident just how strong a shooter Dustin was.
Sara, unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a gauntlet of challenges until only one remains, earning the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" We got a little nailing to do.
Since the Blue Team's coming through the door, we're all really hoping that it's Sara that's coming back.
And they're playing little jokes, and Dustin's got his back turned to us.
Sara won.
Sara has way more experience than probably most people here, you know, all the stuff she's done.
But, you know, Dustin turned out to be the better shooter, came back.
Hmm? Red on top.
We didn't know just how strong a shooter Dustin was.
You know, he's got a bunch of kids and runs a church camp.
But, I mean, the kid can shoot.
You were shooting like three shots to one.
Your reloads were really good, too.
You were on the money with reloads.
The only thing I can tell you guys is, I had fun with it, you know? The pressure doesn't get to me, and that's what I want you to understand.
Maybe I don't have a shooting résumé, but, guys, I love this stuff.
You know, you blazed today.
You stepped to the plate and went to work.
You know, it feels good, and I feel like I have their respect.
Even Jake was commenting.
You know, he was like, "forget this church-leader stuff.
"We need to get you in the government" and start making you a killing machine.
So, that's a compliment from Jake.
Three, two, one, fire.
Later on, we had a walk-through after the meeting and shooting drills.
Reload! Reload! We have to be prepared.
We have to practice every night.
I'm ready to really attack this next challenge and give it everything we got.
Morning, marksmen.
Welcome back to the practice range.
The first two team challenges, you competed with historical and tactical rifles.
Now we're gonna put you to the test with a truly remarkable weapon, one of the most powerful shotguns in the world The Benelli M4 super 90.
This happens to be a tactical shotgun.
It's one of the most popular shotguns used for law enforcement today.
This is the civilian version of a combat shotgun used by the marines.
It is so dependable and powerful, it is referred to as a "one-shot-stop weapon" Which is exactly why law-enforcement agencies around the world, as well as the U.
Navy S.
S keep some of these in their arsenals.
We're gonna ask you to shoot this weapon fast Extremely fast, which is gonna require some specific equipment.
You're each gonna have a caddy attached to your waist to hold your rounds, and the rounds you're gonna be using I think the most difficult thing about firing slugs out of this gun for most shooters is, if they're used to shooting buckshot out of a shotgun, now they've got one single projectile.
Taran Butler, one of the best speed shooters in the world, is here to help you master the techniques you'll need in order to succeed in this challenge.
After each practice, Taran will name which one of you performed the best.
Blue Team, you guys can head back to the house while Taran works with the Red Team.
Then you guys will switch.
This is a semiautomatic It shoots 1-ounce slugs today.
We're not shooting bird shots.
We're shooting slugs.
They're 1 ounce, like a big old thumb hitting you.
It's the fastest-shooting shotgun on the planet.
So, we're gonna put on these shotgun caddies, because you can run with them, do all kind of things with them, but it keeps your rounds nice and handy where you can grab them.
Run up, put a round in your hand, drop it in the chamber, hit the bolt.
And if you can't do four at a time, do one at a time, and really aim.
Get your caddies on.
Why don't you start on the lower-right target? Shotgun shooting is my forte in this competition.
I've spent my entire youth competing with a shotgun, winning several state titles and three world titles.
That was pretty dang good.
Mike we found out that he was a junior olympian with shotguns.
Very good.
All right, now take your time and see where the gun hits right now.
That was good.
Squeeze through it.
In the marine corps, I carried that shotgun, trained with that shotgun, qualified with that shotgun.
Very good.
Gary, without surprise, did great.
Mark, on the other hand, steps up, and he's kind of all over the place Low, high, left, right, lifting his head.
But he doesn't want to hear my advice to him.
But it's in there? No, no.
You missed.
- Right? - Two were both to the right.
Michael was probably feeling a little excited about it, because the shotgun is his realm.
Another person that's kind of struggling with it is Drew.
There's really nothing challenging about shooting this shotgun.
I'm just not the biggest fan of it.
This gun screams "tactical," and Drew picks it up like it's a watermelon.
He doesn't know what to do with it.
You guys are all excellent at this.
I was really surprised.
Michael, you took great direction.
Your shooting was fantastic.
- Thank you.
- That's my pick.
If I didn't come out as the expert pick, I was getting an-whooping when I get home by my grandfather, because this gun is supposed to be what I'm good at.
It's supposed to be what I'm here for.
- All right.
- All right.
All right, guys.
Ready to start trying this out? - We already have a plan.
- Oh, okay.
All right.
Part of our practice is to try to induce some sort of high stress.
Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up, Mike! You're going slow! Hurry up! You're fumbling four shotgun shells, five shotgun shells.
You're trying to load it and be on target as fast as you can.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Go, go, go, go, go! Hurry, hurry! Get it, get it! Go, go, go, go, go! The screaming and yelling and all that stuff, it probably does work, but you got to get the fundamentals down first, otherwise what's the point of spazzing out during getting screamed at and dropping rounds? Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! I would say the Blue Team stands on pretty firm ground right now going into this challenge.
We're prepared for it.
I don't see any real weak links in our lineup.
Hurry up! Hurry up! Good shot.
Hurry up! I shoot that gun at least, you know, once or twice a week.
Great gun.
Come on, come on, come on! Let's go, let's go, let's go! Come on! Go, go, go! They're ahead! They're ahead! They're ahead! Get this shot off! Between everybody, I might give a little bit of an edge to Billy because of his loading and his shooting was pretty spot-on.
The Blue Team comes home from practice, and we start training.
Nice and smooth, Dustin.
They're acting like fools.
They look like a bunch of jumping monkeys in the backyard every night.
We don't know what to think.
I'm getting ready to reload.
Red Team scoffs at our practice methods, but it's kind of funny, because I think they realize now, after this last competition, that they're in the hole pretty bad.
- Take these off.
- Take these off.
At the end of the day, I see the Red Team losing to blue on a consistent basis.
- One, two, three - Blue! We walk onto the challenge range, and we see Taran, Colby, and a whole array of Mason jars.
It looks pretty fun.
Two huge racks full of blue and red bottles.
I mean, this is awesome.
Welcome to the next team challenge.
You guys feeling comfortable with the Benelli? Absolutely.
Well, you better be, because for this challenge, you'll barely have time toatch your breath.
We told you you're gonna have to be fast, but you're also gonna have to be accurate, and that's why you're using slugs.
A large single projectile, instead of a group of smaller ones, will give you the rifle-like performance and accuracy you'll need to win this challenge.
This will be a side-by-side race.
are two matching sets of 50 Mason jars.
On my signal, a shooter from each team will run to the firing line, load five slugs into the Benelli, and start breaking those jars.
Ce they've taken five shots, they'll put the gun down on the table, go to the back of their team's line, and their next teammate will run up.
This will continue until one team has wiped out all of their targets.
The first team that does that wins.
You'll carry four slugs to the firing line in caddies attached to your belt and a fifth in your hand.
Shooters will cycle through the line as many times as it takes.
This challenge is not over until all the targets have been hit.
Now that the teams are evened up again, this ought to be one intense challenge.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Dustin doing lots of damage with the Benelli! He blazes through them.
We got a tight race at this point.
And it's head-to-head.
They're shooting.
We're shooting.
It's mayhem.
Today's team challenge is all about speed, but instead of using a race gun, you'll be using a shotgun.
The team that shatters their targets first wins and saves itself from elimination.
Losing team will have to nominate two of its members to compete in the elimination challenge.
Red and Blue Team, get ready to slug it out.
Marksmen, ready, setGo! Billy first on the course for the Blue Team.
Chris loading up the Benelli for the Red Team.
- There you go, Chris.
- Nice and smooth, buddy.
Chris shoots 3 out of 5.
Billy gets to the table aggressively, gets the gun loaded smooth, gets a good sight picture, and takes out four bottles.
Now Michael's on the range for the Red Team.
Mike comes up next, and I have high expectations of Mike.
You know, he's our shotgun guy.
Mike goes 1 for 5.
Dustin's up for the Blue Team.
Dustin connects for the Blue Team.
Dustin doing lots of damage with the Benelli.
Dustin's up.
He blazes through them, 5 for 5.
Boom, boom, boom, boom.
Blue Team taking a slight lead.
Gary connects on his first shot.
Jarrett connects for the Blue Team.
Good shooting, baby! Let's go! Gary takes out four 1 of 5 targets! Gary gets up, rises the spirits of the team, and we're feeling confident now.
Mark loading up the Benelli for the Red Team.
Mike's already on the course for the Blue Team.
Mike misses on his first shot.
Mike connects on his second shot.
Mark connects.
Mike hits another one for the Blue Team.
Mike goes 3 for 5.
Drew's coming up.
I shoot up there.
My load went really, really smooth, and I started shooting.
Alex connects on his first shot.
Drew hits with his shot.
Drew knocks out three targets.
Alex goes 3 of 5 with the Benelli.
Jake on the course for the Blue Team.
I'm a little concerned about shooting the Benelli shotgun with slugs.
Didn't necessarily feel super comfortable.
Jake connects for the Blue Team.
Jake gets another one.
Jake goes 4 of 5! Jake goes all five.
- Come on, let's go.
- Let's get in this thing now.
Let's get this thing going! We're in a race, and it's head-to-head.
They're shooting.
Wee shooting.
You know, so there's pressure.
Come on, Cliff.
Cliff fails to hit a target.
I'm a revolver shooter.
You know, I'm not a shotgun guy.
Phil misses on his first shot.
Paul connects.
Phil goes 1 for 5.
Billy is back on the course.
We've gone through one full rotation with both teams.
Chris loading up the Benelli for the Red Team.
This challenge is definitely crazy.
It's mayhem.
Billy connects.
Roll it! Billy shoots 3 out of 5.
Mike I know that he was not pleased with his performance at that point.
I mean, you could see it in his face.
Red Team needs to get some accurate shots downrange.
They're definitely still in this, but they got to pick up the pace.
Michael's back up for the Red Team.
Mike, you know, he's supposed to be our shotgun guy, and that's not what I see.
Michael goes 1 for 5 again.
Dustin's back on the course for the Blue Team.
He's doing some damage.
Dustin! Dustin hits 4 out of 5.
Nice job, brother.
Gary's back up for his second round on the course.
Jarrett loading up for the Blue Team.
Gary connects for the Red Team.
Jarrett hits for the Blue Team.
Jarrett goes 4 for 5.
Drew's coming up.
Drew gets up to fire his shots, and we're noticing he is rushing through it like a banshee.
Drew misses on his first two shots.
Connects on his third.
Alex, very methodical but very effective.
Cliff connects.
Jake connects for the Blue Team.
Jake gets another one.
Billy back on the course for the Blue Team, trying to close this thing out.
Billy hits with his first shot.
Two targets left.
That's it! Blue Team wins! Cease fire.
Nice job! Blue Team won by a great margin.
You know, out of 50 bottles, the reds still had - One, two, three - Blue! We are justcrushed.
Congratulations, Blue Team.
You guys won the team challenge.
You are all safe for now.
Red Team, you guys must now decide which two of you are gonna go head-to-head in the elimination challenge.
You can all head back to the house.
Red Team, I'll see you guys at the nomination range.
Coming up on "Top Shot" We all did poorly, but some people did really poor.
I did see you go over today.
I didn't go over today.
The fact that they didn't admit doing poorly kind of made me feel a little angry.
- Big one.
Big one, y'all.
- Big one, big one, big one.
Rock the house.
On three.
One, two, three Blue! After coming off that loss and then making this win, it feels really good.
We feel amazing.
You know, we're on cloud nine.
Before we get started with throwing names out there, is there anybody that feels like their performance held us back and they want to go ahead and man up and say, "I had a big part to do with this loss"? Anybody? Nobody? Everybody performed? Nobody raised their hand.
That was curious to me, because I personally saw at least one or two people that really did not do well.
And the fact that they didn't raise their hand and admit doing poorly kind of made me feel a little angry.
I hit 5 out of 10.
Phil hit how many? Four or five.
I'm not sure.
I don't feel like anybody performed particularly badly or particularly incredibly.
I think we all hit roughly the same number.
I don't believe that's true.
I don't think that's true, either.
That is not true at all.
I disagree.
All right, look We're all men here, and we're dancing around the subject again.
I think, based on performance And I'm not talking about just today.
I'm talking about from day one to right now, what we just saw.
I want to cast my vote for Cliff.
All right? I'm sorry, Cliff.
That's just Hey, no.
You got to do what you got to do.
All right.
You had a hard time today, Cliff.
Oh, absolutely.
Absolutely, I did.
It's always tough going into these things.
For me, I think that Cliff seems to be the one that's kind of holding us back at this point.
I'm gonna throw my vote out there.
Again, it's nothing personal.
I'm not gonna vote for Cliff.
I'm gonna vote for Drew.
And it's nothing personal.
But just based on some performance things that I saw, I think that's the only vote that I can cast right now.
I think I got five or six today.
Don't vote for me based on today.
I'm basing my vote on Drew because you were rushing almost every shot.
Mike, don't take this the wrong way.
I thought that you should have done better today, just based on, it was a shotgun.
The first person on my list is gonna be Mike.
Mike is a shotgun guy.
He's an olympic-winning shotgun shooter.
I expected him to hit every target, and I don't think that he did that any better than anybody else on the team.
I gave it my best today.
I think I shot just as good as the rest.
I mean, feelings are heavy.
We don't know what's gonna happen.
We all did poorly, but some people did really poor, and the Red Team decided that we were going to base our eliminations on performance.
And no matter what, we're coming up a loss.
We're losing a good shooter.
This is like a Funeral.
Red Team, welcome back to the nomination range.
Two of you are about to be voted into the elimination round.
Out on the range are targets with your names on them.
When it's your turn, you will shoot at the target of the person you want to nominate.
Two players with the most hits will compete head-to-head in an elimination challenge.
Loser of that is headed home.
Gary, you're up first.
Fire when ready.
- Cliff was a pistol guy.
- I know he's good at that.
And as far as standing on the line in static pistol shooting, I'm sure there's absolutely nothing he can't accomplish.
You know, unfortunately, there is a physical element to this game, and, under pressure, I'm still not so sure that he can hit what he's aiming at.
Drew, your turn.
I'm basing my decision not on hearsay, but on what I do see.
Cliff was my vote.
I think that Cliff's been the weakest performer in pretty much all of our challenges.
He's not the fastest, and I think, going forward, the challenges are gonna get more physical, not less.
Chris, you're up.
The criteria I personally use for who I want to nominate is based on overall performance.
Who do I think is going to help the team not lose again? Two votes for Cliff.
One vote for Drew.
Mark, your turn.
It just looked like some of the other guys were shooting really, really quickly, and Drew was one of them.
He could have done a better job.
Drew and Cliff, you each have two votes.
Cliff, you're up.
Drew, you have three votes.
Cliff, you have two votes.
So, Drew, at this point, you are definitely in the elimination challenge.
Phil, it is your turn.
It comes to the realization that I'm gonna go shoot.
And it sucked.
It's not a good feeling, but at the same time, I came here to shoot, and I think that I have a really, really good chance of beating Cliff.
Drew, you have four votes.
Cliff, you have two votes.
Michael, 'cause your vote won't affect the outcome, there's really no need for you to come up and shoot.
Drew and Cliff did horrible.
This is not "Top Buddy.
" This is "Top Shot.
" Drew and Cliff, I'll see you two guys tomorrow morning at practice.
You two will face off in the elimination challenge, and one of you is going home.
The rest of you, I'll catch up with you at the challenge.
Head back to the house.
I was surprised that Cliff only got two votes.
Personally, I think you're more well-rounded.
Way better for the team.
I appreciate that.
Your performance was on par with several other guys that just didn't want to step up and say that they shot like crap.
Is there anybody that you feel like should be raising their hand that ain't? I think Mike should have raised his hand in there.
He's a shotgun guy.
'Cause I want to see you come back in here, dude.
I appreciate it.
You're a more well-rounded shot, and you bring a whole lot more to the team.
I'm gonna shoot my game.
I'm gonna hopefully knock Cliff out and come back and win a couple challenges against the Blue Team.
Coming up on "Top Shot" The Glock 34.
You're about to compete in a challenge unlike any we've ever created.
It's some kind of rig with wooden boards on slants and balls and metal grates, and I'm really honestly not sure what's gonna happen.
- Morning.
- Morning.
You know, I feel Drew and I are pretty even, as far as shooting.
We got kind of similar experience, other than he shoots a Glock and I shoot a revolver.
Drew and Cliff, welcome to the practice session for the elimination challenge.
The firearm you'll be competing with The Glock 34.
Then I see a Glock, and I'm like, "damn," you know.
That was the one handgun that I would not want to see on that table.
The Glock 34 is a target pistol.
It's a tactical firearm.
It's a duty weapon and a defense handgun all in one.
The Glock's ability to engage targets quickly makes it a favorite among competitive shooters.
We are fortunate to have Taran Butler back to help you prepare for the elimination challenge.
He's a world-class shooter, and he'll give you some specific tricks to improve your speed and accuracy.
He's also gonna help you with a very special skill Hitting targets in sequential order.
Drew, you're up first.
Cliff, you can head back to the house.
You'll practice later.
Good luck.
How are you doing? How are you? I shoot Glocks a lot.
In terms of weapon manipulation, I know how to load a Glock.
I know how the slide operates.
If it jams, I know how to clear a jam.
And that's a big step.
Take your time, and squeeze.
A little bit low-right for you.
Shooting low-right.
I'm cross-eye dominant.
So I'm left-handed, but I'm right-eye dominant.
So when I'm shooting any kind of handgun, I kind of have to slant the gun a little bit.
And it can kind of throw it off, depending on the gun and depending on the sights on that gun.
Where did you aim for that? - 9:00ish, 10:00ish.
- Okay, just do that.
You're gonna have to do that.
You have no other choice.
Drew discovered that this gun is gonna hit low-right for him because he's left-handed and right-eye dominant.
So we knew immediately, you got to aim left if you're gonna be able to make these shots.
With the Glock 34, we're gonna work on target transitions and accuracy.
Shooting from target to target, your eye has got to go to the next target.
The gun will follow.
That was perfect.
What was that sight picture? Aiming at 9:00.
Just taking my time.
Perfect bull's-eye.
You couldn't do that with a sniper rifle.
- Thank you very much.
- All right.
- Appreciate your help.
- You're welcome.
Drew's practice session went really well, ended with a perfect bull's-eye.
I think he's got a very good chance in this challenge to do well.
Pretty light trigger.
Real smooth.
Take your time.
Immediately, Cliff took to this gun.
When he started to sight it in, it was a perfect sighted-in bull's-eye.
He shot a nice, tight group right on the "X.
" One.
If you're coming from a revolver background, I don't think it's really a problem, you know, 'cause the basics are the same.
The mechanics of the reload are different.
The trigger pull's different, but other than that, I mean, you've got to grip the gun.
You've got to line the sights.
You have to squeeze the trigger properly, you know.
So, the basics of shooting are universal.
You are doing really good.
I thought practice was great, you know.
Going in, I saw the Glock.
You know, I wasn't, you know, super-excited about this, but after this, you know, I had not one problem with it.
I shot the gun great.
I am ready to go to this.
Thanks for the help.
I appreciate it.
You're welcome.
I started shooting around the age of 19, when I first moved to Florida.
From there, it just kind of grew to me becoming a full instructor, and I just love it.
There's nothing I'd rather do every day.
I'm gonna show people that you don't need to be a grand master to be able to knock a grand master out.
But a Glock is Drew's gun.
That's what he shoots.
So, I mean, you got to give him the advantage on this.
I think th will be a very good competition, you know.
I shoot competitions, you know.
This is what I do.
This kind of pressure is not gonna bother me.
In the revolver division, I've beaten everybody in the world.
I've got friends now in many countries and all over the United States that I never would have met had I not started shooting.
Well, dude, you know how I want this thing to turn out.
I mean, God forbid Cliff beats you.
It is what it is.
I'm gonna go out there, and I'm gonna shoot my best.
I'm gonna send him home, come back here, and nail him to the wall.
I'm walking down to the competition, and there's some kind of rig with wooden boards on slants and balls and metal grates, and I'm really honestly not sure what's gonna happen.
Drew and Cliff, you can stand by your flags.
The rest of you can head over to the bench.
You guys are safe.
Walking up to the elimination challenge, I thought, "this thing looks like a childhood toy, "something I want in my backyard at a birthday party.
This is great.
" Welcome to today's elimination challenge.
You guys are about to compete in a challenge unlike any we've ever created.
I don't know anyone who has ever shot at anything remotely like this before.
It ought to be fun.
This challenge is all about accuracy, speed, and especially timing.
Out on the range, is a set of descending metal tracks.
On my signal, a cannonball will be released from the top and rolled down the tracks.
There are five gaps in the tracks.
Each of those gaps has a target directly next to it.
Before the cannonball gets to the gap, you need to hit the target to lower the missing segment of track, enabling the cannonball to pass.
If you don't hit that target, the cannonball will fall through the gap and out of play.
For a cannonball to successfully run the entire track all the way to the end, you need to hit five targets.
As soon as a cannonball passes through a section, the track will rise, once again creating a gap.
Throughout the challenge, more cannonballs will continue to be released automatically, one at a time.
So you'll need to continually hit the right targets again and again to ensure other cannonballs get through.
The marksman who gets the most cannonballs through wins.
Make sense? Yeah.
All right.
Let's do this.
We flipped a coin.
Drew, you'll be up first.
You can head up to the shooting platform.
Then we'll go.
You know, for me, at this point, I'm feeling like, "let's just go do it.
" We practiced.
We know what the gun is.
Let's go shoot, and then, you know, let's watch Cliff go home.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Drew's got one point.
Nice work.
At this point, it's anybody's game.
You never know how anybody's gonna shoot on any given day.
Cliff is 5 for 5 right out of the gate! Cliff and Drew, it is time for the "Top Shot" elimination challenge.
Using the Glock 34, you must hit targets in order to fill gaps in the tracks so that rolling cannonballs can pass through instead of falling out of play.
The shooter who manages to guide the most cannonballs all the way through the course wins.
When the dust settles, we'll know which one of you is staying and who is headed home.
The winner will also get a $2,000 gift card to use at Bass Pro Shops.
Cliff, so that you do not have an unfair advantage, we're gonna have you step away from the range while Drew goes until it is your turn.
The challenge looks difficult.
I think the trick is gonna lie in timing the shots and not letting the cannonballs get stacked up too far ahead of you so that you lose track of where you should be, as far as closing the gates are concerned.
Marksman, ready, setGo! Drew.
Hits the first target.
Cannonball continues on the course.
He clears that one out.
Drew shooting very well with the Glock 34.
Now another ball releases.
They're starting to catch up.
Drew's got one point.
Nice work.
Second ball's going down.
We got two balls on the course.
Drew reloading the Glock 34.
He's got two balls in.
He loses that one.
One ball falls out.
Another cannonball on the course.
Drew doing pretty well hitting the targets.
Three points for Drew.
Loses one more ball.
Now they're catching up on him.
Things are going pretty good.
Get a couple balls in there.
And then going to reload and, you know, lose a ball.
Oh! While he's reloading, loses a cannonball off the edge.
There it is.
Drew's got the course cleared out and knows he's gonna get another point.
There it is.
Drew getting it done with the Glock 34.
Nice! Scores another point.
Good shooting, Drew.
Pick it up, Drew.
Drew maintaining composure.
He's out and reloads, and he's already back on the course but loses one of the cannonballs.
W Drew's struggling a little bit.
Need to hit that top target.
- Come on, Drew.
- Slow down, Drew.
Drew hitting all around the targets.
That's it.
Closes it just in time.
The ball continues on, but Drew's able to close the gaps.
Nice work on this round.
He's got one target left.
Can he hit it before the ball drops? No! Oh! He hits 4 out of 5 targets.
The ball makes its way all the way to the end of the course and falls out.
Drew reloading.
Drew on the course.
Three cannonballs left.
Cannot close the gate on that one.
You got two balls left.
He's reloading the Glock 34.
Needs to close that first gate.
Cannot do it.
There's one ball remaining.
Now he's got the gate closed.
Three more gates to close so he can score a final point.
There it is again.
Drew has two targets left that he's got to hit.
He closes that one.
One target left that he's got to close.
One more point for Drew.
Nice work.
All right, Drew.
All right, dude.
Drew, you can come on down.
Take your position over by your flag.
Cliff, it is your turn.
Come on up, and take your position on the shooting platform.
I see Cliff walking off.
At this point, it's anybody's game.
You never know how anybody's gonna shoot on any given day, and I really haven't seen Cliff ever shoot a pistol before, or any kind of handgun, for that matter.
Good luck, Cliff.
Thank you, buddy.
Good luck, buddy.
Walking up in the competition, I don't want to know what Drew did, how many he got.
I have to go up there and get every one, and that's the only acceptable outcome.
Anything else4 and I'll feel like I've let myself down.
Marksman, ready, setGo! Cliff, up with the Glock 34, closes the first target in one shot.
Second target, third shot.
Cliff is 5 for 5 right out of the gate! Starting out, I didn't feel nervous, you know.
And as far as strategy goes, there's not much for that.
Basically, you have to hit five targets every eight seconds to keep moving, you know.
If you miss or get behind, balls are gonna fall down.
Nice work, Cliff.
Already off to a fantastic start with the Glock.
Cliff is just smoking the targets.
That's two points for Cliff.
Reloading the Glock.
He's got that done in time.
Got to close that final target, and he gets it.
That point will count.
One of the balls falls out.
Cliff is back on the course, closing them out.
Two cannonballs at one point fall down.
Cliff moves up to the top of the course, closes the first target out immediately four points for Cliff.
Cliff trying to close out the final gate And he does it once again! Cliff, in the Nick of time, is closing the gates, allowing the cannonball to continue down the course.
Cliff, incredibly accurate, hardly missing any of them on this race, scores another point.
Cliff was incredibly consistent during the challenge.
He was hitting what he was aiming at.
His reloads were smooth.
He stayed focused through the entire competition, and it was a side of Cliff that I had yet to see.
Cliff scores another point.
Cliff reloading.
Another point for Cliff.
Cliff shot awesome.
It was incredible.
He was like a machine.
Cliff, very methodical, realizing exactly which gates he needs to close.
Cliff scores another point.
We just discovered one of the best pistol shooters in the competition.
That is true, and I hope that we have some future pistol competitions that we can use Cliff in.
Cliff scores another point.
There's one cannonball left.
He's got to close three gates.
Manages to close one of them.
Closes another one, and closes the final gate.
That cannonball will count.
All right, Cliff.
Come on down, and take your spot over by your flag.
Good shooting, Cliff.
- Thank you.
You destroyed me, brother.
Drew, you guided eight cannonballs safely through the course.
Cliff, you guided 18 cannonballs safely through the course.
Congratulations, Cliff.
You win, and you've avoided elimination.
Come on over and get your Bass Pro Shops gift card.
Nice work.
Thanks, Colby.
Rejoin your team.
Drew, I'm sorry I got to say this, but you have fired your last shot.
You have been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" I'll give you a moment to say goodbye to these guys before you head out.
Good luck, guys.
Take it to 'em.
Looking back on it now, it's the more I rushed, I just started pulling those shots a little bit low-right.
- All right, man.
- I'm sorry.
See you back in Florida, brother.
Back in the state of Florida, man.
Good luck, guys.
Take it to 'em.
Thanks, Drew.
"Top Shot" is the most unique and outrageous marksmanship competition in history.
Learned some interesting things from a lot of different people in the house.
Probably made some lifelong friends.
And it was a great experience.
Nice work, Cliff.
You get to go back to the house with your teammates.
And there are 13 of you still in the running for the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" The good news is, I think you just discovered one of the strongest pistol shooters in this competition.
You can head back to the house, and I'll see you at practice tomorrow.
Honestly, I feel great, you know.
I mean, I won.
I'm going back to the house.
And then I've just shown my team, you know, what I'm good at, that I'm a pistol guy and that, you know, in a pistol competition, you know, I'm gonna be able to deliver.
So hopefully we'll have some pistol ones coming up and I'll be able to lead instead of follow.
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