Top Shot (2010) s03e04 Episode Script

The Bulldog Gatling

Previously on "Top Shot" The first three team challenges are a grueling test of extreme marksmanship with sniper rifles assault rifles Go, go, go, go! And shotguns.
Blue Team wins! The Blue Team leads the Red - One, two, three - Blue! In the elimination challenges, Mark survives, but it's Cliff and Dustin that impress.
I hit 24 bulbs.
I was like, "oh, wow.
" Cliff shot awesome.
He was like a machine.
There are shots that changed history feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now, 16 of today's best marksman have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a gauntlet of challenges until only one remains, earning the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" Based on the elimination challenge, the better shooter absolutely came home.
It wasn't like it was a neck-and-neck race, you know? It was obviously Cliff who was the better man with that pistol, and is now back in the house.
I'm glad we got a good pistol shooter on our team.
I significantly beat Drew.
You know, he had 8 balls.
I had 18.
That's a big difference, so, you know, I think now my team understands what my talent really is.
- All right.
- There we go.
It's obvious that Cliff is a competent pistol guy, right? Cliff is a great shooter.
We just haven't really got in his zone yet.
He's able to adapt to a lot of things that I can see, but we haven't had any pistol challenges yet.
Morning, marksmen.
Well, with Drew's elimination, we are down to the lucky 13, still in the hunt for the $100,000 prize and the title of Top Shot.
But I got to tell you, to win this competition, you're gonna have to master any weapon from any time period.
And I'm telling you right now we have some incredible weapons in store for you guys.
For the next two challenges, we're gonna be going back to the 19th century.
First up, the Remington 1875.
It's a cowboy gun.
You know, who doesn't want to be a cowboy? It's gonna be a whole lot of fun today.
I'm looking forward to it.
By the 1870s, few people in the West would leave home without their trusty revolver.
Six-shooters became big business, and this gun was Remington's attempt to cash in on that boom.
Remington's most noticeable feature is its long barrel, longer than most other pistols from that time.
The longer the barrel, the more precise the gun.
The upcoming challenge is gonna demand a lot more than accuracy.
Lucky for you guys, the expert for this practice is a world-record-holding marksman known on the Western shooting circuit as Spencer "the lead dispencer" Hoglund.
Welcome back, Spence.
After each team's practice, Spencer will name which one of you performed the best.
You'll be training separately.
Blue Team, you guys can head back to the house.
Red Team's up first, then you guys will switch.
Good luck.
So, you're probably familiar with the colt single-action army or the colt peacemaker.
This one is something I'm brand-new to.
It's like me as a brand-new shooter walking up to the line and picking this gun up.
What I like to do is I like to grip the gun with my right hand first and put my pinky under the grips.
Shooters accustomed to shooting semiautomatics will want to grip the gun a little bit higher.
So I imagine the first thing we'll see is they're gonna have a little bit of trouble cocking it.
And also, when they put that gun on paper, they're gonna be shooting high.
A little bit high.
Cock with the other hand.
This pistol isn't the most accurate in the world.
I've shot these types of revolvers, you know, just single-action revolvers, but never one like this.
You might want to get your left index finger in front of the trigger guard to help hold the muzzle down.
The most difficult thing about this particular firearm is the mechanics.
To reload it, you're gonna put the gun on half-cock.
Reloading is going to be the big issues for this guys.
You unloaded first by pumping up the empty rounds.
Once they load the round, they're gonna have to index the cylinder, which means rotate the cylinder into a firing position.
Throw one in there.
Count your clicks.
They need to count their clicks as they index this gun.
If they over-index it, it's gonna cost them a lot of time.
Close the loading gate.
- Now just cock the hammer.
- Okay.
- And now it's ready to go.
- All right.
You're high.
It's closed for you.
The Red Team really seems to understand that reloading may be the difference in this challenge.
They're also understanding that it's not something easy and it's something they need to focus on.
It's still a little bit awkward loading and unloading, but, yeah, I don't expect to have any problem in the challenge.
When you approach the gun, it'll more than likely be hammered down, on an empty chamber.
Blue Team's practice was chaos, total chaos.
Now, I want you to do what's comfortable.
Shoot the thing.
I got you.
If I shoot These are live rounds, so they're gonna come out a lot easier.
Takes two minutes to shoot the first shot.
No, I You have to half-cock it to empty it, though? I noticed a few people not getting what I was saying, and they couldn't pick up my lesson because there was too much banter going on in the background.
Keep the muzzle up.
Try to rely on gravity to take them out.
On the other hand, I'm really impressed with the individual shooting skills that I see on the Blue Team.
I love shooting pistols.
That's my lane.
I'm not really an antique pistol guy, but I do love single-action pistols.
I have a lot of respect for the weapon system.
It's fun for me to shoot any type of gun, but, personally, if I'm gonna go out and shoot and have fun, I'm usually gonna leave the single-action stuff at home.
Well, picking up this gun today, it's you know, you can tell there's a good hunk of metal in your hand, you know.
It's nice and weighted.
You started getting a little bit high.
The gun shoots a little high, so you just got to remember that you got to aim a little low with it.
Jake is manipulating the gun fairly well, but he's missing his targets by a bit, by quite a bit.
Once we get back to the house, we're gonna go through some more dry runs without the gun by repeating all the steps and going through the motions.
Even without a gun, you can still kind of engrain that, you know, into your muscle memory.
Cock it.
I'm sure if the Blue Team saw us out there practicing, all hell would break loose within the house because we've made fun of them for it for so long.
Half cock, open the gate one, two Running up to a picnic table and pretending isn't necessarily going to do a whole lot for you without a gun in your hand.
That was a miss right there.
I saw you jerk it.
That's the recoil.
But I'm trying to be a team player, and I'm not trying to depress anybody's spirits, Load one quick.
Load one fast.
Come on, Chris.
Come on, Chris.
Bust the last plate! You only need one! We're getting down to the people that can go out, manipulate, and shoot.
The Blue Team's gonna start knocking off guys on our team that we really need, so we got to be focused.
Walking over the hill, the first thing I notice about this team challenge is there's big freaking dice.
Seeing all the different tables, all the different targets, this one took a little bit more to figure out at first.
Come on in, shooters.
Well, I hope everybody's up for an old-fashioned showdown, 'cause you're each about to go head-to-head with a member from the other team, and it's gonna be pretty obvious to everyone here, who comes up on top.
You could say this is "Top Shot's" version of shooting Dax.
are six stations, two targets per station, one for each team.
The targets to pick The six sides of a die, starting at one and going on up to six.
Each of the dices dots, is a target.
The first panel offers one target to each shooter, second panel, two targets, and so on up to the sixth panel with six targets apiece.
One shooter from each team will step up to the first station.
On my go, using the 1875 Remington, you'll try to take out your target.
And here's where the showdown comes in.
Whoever hits all their targets first will trigger a door that covers both targets, blocking your opponent and bringing the heat to a sudden halt.
This holds true for every station.
Each target hit counts for a point.
And you must hit all of your targets in order to block your opponent.
And just to make things interesting, at each station, the Remington will be loaded with just enough rounds, to make a clean run.
If you miss a target, you got to reload in order to complete the stage.
The team with the most points wins, losing team headed to the nomination range.
Blue Team, you outnumber the Red Team, so, who will sit out for now? Red Team, it is your call.
Who's it gonna be? We're gonna sit out big Mike.
Mike perceived as a threat, and he'll be on the bench for this challenge.
All right, I'll give both teams a few minutes to determine who will engage which targets, then we'll begin.
And because the stations are increasingly difficult, you need to take a close look at the individual talent on your team.
Figure your shooting order based on that.
All right.
You guys can break off.
Given the time to strategize, we knew that we were gonna start with the easier targets and work to the harder ones.
Cliff will be at the last station with six.
I'll be at five.
We want Cliff go last, because he's a revolver guy.
Because having to shoot 6 for 6 without reloading would save us a ton of time.
That was huge.
And you get it done on six.
I know you can do it.
Last week, I was in the elimination challenge.
You know, I'd been the weakest shooter.
This challenge now, though, is a pistol, so, you know, they put me on the anchor leg.
Find that balance between speed and accuracy.
Accuracy's gonna be very important.
If you're not accurate, you miss one of your rounds, you're gonna have to go into a reload.
Go on one.
Jake's on one.
Jake was having a lot of trouble, so we know if he had just one target to hit or one point to lose, we'd be okay.
You got one shot, though.
I understand that, but I got one hole, too.
Don't waste it.
I'm not gonna send it.
I'm with you.
You'll be good, Dustin.
We have a ton of confidence in Dustin, you know, almost more than Dustin has in Dustin.
I can't promise I'll break all six.
You'll be good, bro.
You'll be totally good.
Putting me on the most important target was a little bit more than I expected.
You're gonna have the least pressure.
We're gonna know when we get to your target what the score is.
But, hey, they were rooting me on, All right, teams.
Time's up.
Bring it on back in.
I can tell both teams think they have the winning lineup figured out.
First shooter from each team, head to the first station.
We'll do this.
Let's get started.
Chris up for the Red Team.
Who's going first for the Blue Team? Jake.
Oh! When I see that it's Jake, brought a little bit of a smile to my face.
We wanted Chris in that first position knowing that he could get us on the board fast.
Our goal was to strike first.
Coming up on "Top Shot" I've got four little targets to hit.
How quickly can you reload the Remington? Let's go! Let's go! These guys are trading back and forth! All right.
Here we go.
Let's shoot some dice.
I was a little nervous going into this head-to-head battle.
I just had to put one round downrange and try to hit the target.
Shooters, ready.
Stand by.
Jake up first.
Chris taking aim.
Both men miss on their first round.
Reloading the Remington 1875.
Come on, Jake.
Get in there.
Come on, Chris.
Starting this thing off, you got to have one clean shot.
Chris is back up first.
- Yes! - Oh! So, who hit? I think it was Jake.
No, Chris hit first.
Chris pulled first, didn't he? I was really hoping but Jake got his round off first.
So the Red Team loses by, you know, half a second.
Good job, fellas.
All right.
Blue Team takes an early lead, 1-0.
Paul up for the Blue Team, Mark coming for the Red Team.
Mark, you know, he has these moments of brilliance, you know, where he just gets everything right.
And as he stepped up, I'm hoping that, against Paul, this is one of those times.
Shooters, ready.
Stand by.
Go! Both men up with the Remington.
Paul gets a hit for the Blue Team.
Mark gets it done.
I got one.
Way to go! After I fired my second shot, I ran out of bullets, and I didn't even realize it.
And before I could even bring it down to load, Mark had hit both glass targets.
We only had two.
I didn't have any time to come back from it, and he didn't miss.
Paul scores a point for the Blue Team, send up the next two shooters.
Phil up for the Red Team gonna take on Jarrett for the Blue Team.
- All right, Jarrett.
- Let's go, man.
Shooters, ready.
Stand by.
Go! Both men missing.
Gonna have to reload the Remington 1875.
Reload, reload.
Jarrett has two targets down, one target left.
Phil needs to pick it up.
He's got two targets left.
How quickly can you reload the Remington? Get up there, Jarrett.
Come on, Jarrett.
Phil's already back on the range.
Misses on his first shot.
Oh! Just below it.
That's it! Jarrett got it.
Jarrett's the one who shut the door.
Phil loses, but he did keep it close, which is something that I was hoping.
I chunked the wood.
I was a millimeter off, dude.
Right below.
Phil hits two targets for the Red Team.
Jarrett takes out all three.
Nice job, brother.
Send up the next two shooters.
Alex for the Blue Team going head-to-head with Michael Marelli for the Red Team.
I've never really seen much of Alex shoot.
He's kept quiet.
He's kept to himself.
But I'm going into this confident.
We're one behind, and I've got four little targets to hit.
Shouldn't be a problem.
- Shooters, ready.
- Stand by.
Go! Let's go, Mike.
Come on, Alex.
Let's go, buddy.
Alex strikes first.
Marelli hits for the Red Team.
Yep! Alex hits another one for the Blue Team.
Alex has 3 of 4 hit.
That's it! Yeah! That's right, baby! That's right! Mike picks up the gun, he breaks the first one, and then just keeps shooting, doesn't hit anything else.
It's really tough to watch 'cause you know every point matters.
And he was confident in his shots.
Mike he panicked and started just firing rounds, and he didn't hit anything else.
That's it! So, we lost a big A big number there.
Marelli puts a point on the board for the Red Team.
Alex goes 4 for 4, You know, we've only got, you know, Gary and I left to make up, you know, 4 points, which is it's tough, you know, 'cause obviously, we're shooting against their better shooters, too, at the end of the line.
- Shooters, ready.
- Stand by.
Go! Gary hits first.
Billy strikes his target.
Gary's got two targets down.
Gary takes down his fourth.
Now he's reloading.
I kind of glanced out of the corner of my eye to see where Billy was at, and I see that I'm way ahead.
He's missing like crazy, so it's mine to win.
Ejecting the spent cartridges out of the Remington.
Gary's getting it loaded back up.
That's it, Gary.
That's enough! Let's go! Let's go! Gary ahead, 4 to 1.
He's back on the range.
Gary misses on his first shot.
Ooh, just above.
Maybe I rushed.
Maybe I just lost focus.
I don't know, but I missed that last target, and that forced me into a reload.
Gary shooting a little high.
He can't get it done.
Now he's reloading.
Billy hits a second target for the Blue Team.
Billy hits a third target.
We're tied up! One more shot remains! That's it! Good job, Billy! Good job, Billy! I know Gary's a good shot, but Billy racked up points, and that's all that mattered at that point.
He didn't have to win this challenge.
He just had to get some points.
Gary, you won the heat.
You hit all five.
Billy, you hit four targets.
Blue Team leads 13-10.
That's right.
So that means the only two shooters left Dustin for the Blue Team, gonna take on Cliff for the Red Team.
Head on up, fellas.
Let's go, Dustin.
With any firearm they've put in his hands.
I am up against a champion competition shooter.
Beating Cliff, it's gonna take everything in me to outshoot him on this thing.
You give me a pistol, and I can beat anybody.
But I got to make up a three-shot deficit, you know, out of six.
- Let's go, Cliff.
- Come on, baby.
- Six targets.
- It's all up to Cliff.
He's got to pull off a miracle.
It all comes down to this.
Here we go, guys.
Shooters, ready.
Stand by.
Go! Come on, Dustin! Come on, Dustin! Whoa! Cliff gets a misfire.
Dustin hits one.
Cliff hits one.
These guys are trading back and forth! Dustin clears out four.
Cliff has three more to hit.
Both guys reloading.
Dustin trying to close out the stage.
Cliff takes out his fourth target.
And his fifth.
They're all tied with one to go.
Just one point, it felt like my heart was gonna beat out of my chest.
Cliff hits the final.
All right.
Game over.
Cease fire.
Cease fire.
In a rush to grab the gun, I cocked the hammer with my right hand instead of my left to save a little bit of time, and I touched the trigger when I was bringing the gun up and set it off early.
I did a reload, and then I went 3 for 3, so, you know, I missed two shots, including the one I sent into the mountain.
Red Team, you totaled 16 points.
Blue Team, you guys totaled 18 points.
You win.
Blue Team only needed to break 4.
Dustin gets it done again.
Red Team, you got some tough decisions to make.
Go back to the house and figure out who you think deserves to be placed on the brink of elimination.
Go on, head out.
Coming up on "Top Shot" The Red Team, we've lost three out of four team challenges.
We're getting whipped pretty bad.
This truly is a weapon that changed history The 1877 Bulldog Gatling gun.
The Red Team, we've lost three out of four team challenges.
We've only won one.
You know, we're getting whipped pretty bad.
All right, guys.
I'd like to start by saying Today I the bed, and I want to be the first to stand up and say I did it.
There's no two ways about it.
If I didn't miss those three out of my four targets, the Red Team would have won this no problem.
The only three people that should even be considered at this point, in my mind, is me, you, and Phil.
I feel the only fair way to vote would be for me and Mike.
This is gonna be really simple.
I'm gonna throw my name in the hat.
It'll be me and Mike in the elimination challenge.
I like the scenario of the Chris-and-Mike setup.
Of course you do.
If I can't vote for myself, I need somebody else to vote for me.
We've always decided it was the worst performer of the day, to it's gonna have to become a cumulative thing.
And overall attitude towards the team.
It's that easy.
You're cumulatively a good shooter, putting yourself at risk.
You know, I may beat you.
We're looking at the team and the future of the team.
Do I think you're a little better than Mark? Yes.
Do I think I'm better than Mark? I hope so.
Mike starts to lobby on what it would be a good idea for me to go.
I would pick Mark.
I mean, Mark, you understand where he's coming from, right? No, I don't, 'cause it's by performance.
I just don't know how it's gonna play out.
It's anybody's guess.
Red Team, because you guys came up short in today's team challenge, you must now nominate two of your fellow members to compete in the elimination challenge.
All right.
Cliff, you're shooting first.
As far as I'm concerned, if someone wants to go He said he really wanted to go, so, you know, I told him I'd vote for him.
It is your turn, Chris.
Come on up.
Good shot.
Chris and Michael each have a vote.
Michael, it is your turn.
I don't want to go home.
I just have to choose who I think I can beat.
Mark is a inexperienced all-around shooter.
One vote Michael, one vote Mark, one vote Chris.
Phil, you're up.
The only way that I can keep Chris it's not personal.
It's about keeping one of our better shooters, being Chris, on the team.
Mark, you have two votes.
Chris, you have one.
Michael, you have one.
Gary, you're next.
Today, Mike was the weak link in the challenge.
He's the one who put us at a considerable deficit, and it was just hard to come back from.
Chris, you have one.
At this point, no one is in the elimination round for sure.
Mark, you're the only man left to vote.
Come on up.
Chris really did not perform.
He didn't do well today.
He hasn't been on the chopping block yet, and it's probably time for him.
So, we have a three-way tie between Michael, Chris, and Mark, which means Cliff, Gary, and Phil all three of your names are in this ammo box.
I'm gonna pull two of them out.
Gary, you're up first.
I chose Mark just because I think that Chris is a much stronger overall shooter.
Cliff, you're up.
I'm gonna have to be the one to send Mark home.
It's nothing personal.
This is a competition.
I'm here to win it.
So, Michael and Mark, you two will face off in the elimination challenge.
I'll see you tomorrow morning at practice.
The rest of you, I'll see you at the challenge.
You can all head back to the house.
I'm already two grand up from one elimination challenge, and I'm looking forward to collecting another $2,000 on this one.
If they want to keep sending me, I'll keep collecting the check.
It's fine with me.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Who are you working for, Mark? This is like the steampunk of machine guns.
This is the opposite of every other gun you've ever seen before.
Michael and Mark, welcome to practice for the elimination challenge.
Now, granted, nobody likes being voted into the elimination challenge, but I think this is one instance where the weapon you'll be using might just make everybody else wish they were here instead of you.
This truly is a weapon that changed history, and I can almost guarantee neither one of you have ever shot one of these.
They are very few and far between, and we have one here today for you.
In the team challenge, you competed with the Remington model 1875.
And now you'll be competing with another weapon from the 19th century, though this one's just a bit bigger than the pistol.
The 1877 Bulldog Gatling gun.
My jaw literally dropped as I saw this gun.
I don't know how I'm gonna master this thing.
When the original Gatling gun came on the scene during the American civil war, it was a wonder to behold.
The 1877 bulldog gatling is a revolutionary version of the original, more compact and more easily operated than its predecessors.
With an experienced two-man team, one loading and one firing, it was capable of firing an incredible That's better than 15 rounds per second.
Although not a true automatic firearm, it's considered by many to be the world's first practical machine gun, and it's also been called the first weapon of mass destruction.
Today, for our "Top Shot" twist, you'll be shooting this baby all by your lonesome.
We've brought in gatling expert Garry James to help prepare you for the challenge.
Contrary to what you might think, in the right hands, the gatling can shoot with precision, and Garry is here to teach you how.
Michael, you'll be going first.
Mark, you can come with me.
You'll practice later.
Got a fun gun for you to shoot today.
All right.
Very good.
The Gatling gun is considered a machine gun, but unlike modern machine guns, which are fully automatic, this one is hand-cranked.
What you're gonna be doing here You've got a little board up here.
Now, you have a coarse adjustment here.
By loosening this, this will allow you to make major adjustments.
Then you've got a traversing and elevating mechanism.
This will allow it to go right and left.
Back, it goes to the left.
Forward, it goes to the right.
The ammunition is fed down into a carrier you just take the rounds, strip them off.
Then you're gonna kind of want to wiggle this thing down to get all that ammunition down in there.
This is like the steampunk of machine guns.
This is the opposite of every other gun you've ever seen before.
The gatling fires from the bottom barrel.
And then as it goes around, it drops the spent case, and then it picks up another one from the top and just continues that cycle over and over and over again all right.
Obviously, it's gonna have to come up.
So Keep moving up.
- That's so, this is empty.
- That's empty.
Gonna come over.
The thing that's gonna slow them down is the loading time.
That Bruce feed can get a little tricky.
Strip it down.
Now tick that thing so that they start dropping on you.
There you go.
I think you better start playing with your Left and right.
Forward is right.
Backwards is left.
There you go.
Just a little bit.
So many movements just to aim a weapon.
It's like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time.
It's the same exact thing.
You just can't do it right.
The Gatling gun was one of the most devastating weapons of its day.
It's an absolutely formidable piece of hardware.
Well, load again.
Mike's very methodical.
He was a little overly concerned with the loading.
And he got the hang of it very, very quickly.
You're right on.
Right on.
I can't believe that was all those shells, but this is feeling good.
This gun, as big and clumsy as it looks, is a fine-tuned instrument.
If I had to face it on the battlefield I'd run.
Hey, Garry.
Hey, Mark.
Nice to meet you.
Good to see you.
Has ever shot a Gatling gun.
They're antiques.
That's pretty low.
Mark takes his time.
Then he was a little more comfortable turning the crank.
To shoot this firearm well, you're gonna have to manipulate a couple of different dials, using different hands.
There's a lot going on in this thing.
Gonna try to be a little more gentle with it.
Maybe I just need to be loose.
There you go.
Finesse it a little more.
You hit it.
Not too shabby.
Yes, sir.
You'd make a good 19th-century gunner.
All right.
I think that both contestants were reasonably comfortable with the weapon.
Like Wyatt earp says, take your time in a hurry, there's a notch that goes between the two of them.
I am super, super jealous of the fact that they get to shoot the Gatling gun, 'cause that sounds like a lot of fun.
Both Mark and Mike are head cases.
Mike is a head case in that it affects his performance.
Mark, in a way, it doesn't really affect his performance, put it on.
Try it on.
Try it on.
Try it on.
Get in the sleeves.
Get in the sleeves.
Tighten up.
Tighten up.
Cover that red up.
There you go.
There you go.
There you go.
You rock that shirt the rest of the day so they understand.
Who you working for, Mark? He's making his lunch wearing a blue Jersey, and that does absolutely nothing for team spirit at this point.
I'm like, "oh, what the heck, you know?" I figured I'd have a little fun with it.
That just sent Gary into a tailspin.
Mark's our man.
If he can't do it, no one can.
Go, Mark! I just tried to walk away from it, just him throw his little fit, and that's fine.
Mike, on the other hand, is very focused.
He's drawing pictures of the Gatling gun that he's gonna be working with, and he's going over in his head which knobs adjust windage, which knobs adjust elevation, and he's just really thinking this thing through.
When I walk through that door, I'm the last person the Blue Team wants to see come back from elimination.
They want Mark to come back so the Red Team is weaker.
Now I'm gonna put a little pressure on them.
I don't care if you're shooting Spitballs.
You just get out there and win.
It's gonna be good.
We see Colby standing next to two beautiful, shiny gatling guns.
We were excited.
A Gatling gun's something that very few people have ever handled.
It'd be really neat to get to shoot one.
Red Team, welcome to the elimination challenge.
Mark and Michael, the pressure is on.
One of you is not heading back to the house.
This is a side-by-side challenge.
Out on the range are six telegraph posts, three for each shooter.
The posts are all four inches wide.
The outer posts are set at 15 yards, and the two in the center are at 25 yards.
To cut down your posts Starting at the outer posts and working towards the center.
The shooter who cuts down his posts in the quickest time staves off elimination.
The loser is knocked out of the competition.
All right, let's do this.
Gentlemen, get your eyes and ears on.
Take your positions.
This is unbelievable.
I'm gonna be sawing down telephone poles with a Gatling gun.
How many people can say they've done that? Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! Mark and Michael, the time has come for the elimination challenge.
A whole lot of lead and sawdust are about to fly.
Using the Bulldog Gatling gun, shooters must cut completely through three wooden pose.
The marksman who does that first wins and avoids elimination.
Also for the winner, a $2,000 gift card to use at Bass Pro Shops.
The loser is eliminated from the competition.
Set, go! I raise the height up a little bit, and I dial in my sights.
Mark first to get his loaded.
Mark's already on the course, letting the lead fly.
Mark's getting some shots on that first pole.
Mike's having some feed issues.
Now he's got it on there.
Michael's slinging them down.
Both men having to reload the bulldog.
I was having a hard time with the magazine, keeping it loaded.
Michael cuts his first post down.
Michael already moving on to the second post.
Mark still working on the first post.
My telephone pole falls, and now I'm fired up.
Now I'm in the zone.
Mark's starting to find his groove with the bulldog.
Now Mark gets the first post down.
We're tied up once again.
Michael now sending some rounds downrange.
He's doing some damage to that second post.
I can't see my bullet holes in the wood.
I'm having a hard time seeing the hits.
Both shooters blasting away at the second telegraph post.
Smoke flying everywhere.
He's halfway through his second telegraph pole.
Oh! Both men knocking down the second post at the same time! We are completely tied up going into the third and final telegraph post! I had caught back up again.
It's game on now.
It's a horse race.
Mark's closer behind me than I had even thought.
My Gatling gun, as I'm firing it, is swiveling a little bit to the left and right freely, so I actually had to hold the gun still in the one spot I knew it was hitting.
Michael is mowing down the edge Mark is finding the range on his third post.
Both men pounding away at the final target.
There it is! Michael wins! I hear Colby yelling "Michael.
" The best feeling in the world.
Now, that is a hell of a challenge.
It was just too much.
Mike was the better marksman with the Gatling gun today.
You guys wreaked havoc with those gatling guns.
That was impressive.
Marelli, congratulations.
You mowed through all three of your telegraph posts first.
You can come over here and get your Bass Pro Shops gift card and rejoin your team.
Nice work.
Thanks, man.
There's no describing what this feels like.
Mark, unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
You have been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" Not sure if you want to, but you're welcome to come say goodbye to these guys before you take off.
Mark being out of the picture right now brings a little bit of relief to everybody on the Red Team.
There's thousands of people that try out for this competition today, we got to see a historic weapon come to life.
That's what "Top Shot" is all about.
Done in by a Gatling gun.
On the next episode of "Top Shot" The competition turns primitive.
A face-off between teams goes down to the wire.
- Wow! - Red Team has a chance.
At this point, I'm almost dancing.
And then The largest weapon ever on "Top Shot"