Top Shot (2010) s03e05 Episode Script

Throwdown Showdown

Previously on "Top Shot" as the teams go head-to-head, rivalries emerge.
I know Jarett Grimes personally.
I beat Gary, convincingly, on National Tv.
That's it! This is close! Yeah! I beat the S.
- Run your mouth.
- Run your mouth! The house is wearing thin on Jake.
I'm not taking any of his Down 2 to 1, the Red Team tries to rebound Alex has three of four hit! - That's it! - Yeah! But comes up just short.
The Red Team we've lost three out of four team challenges.
We're getting whipped pretty bad.
And Michael masters the gatling gun to stay in the game.
There it is! There's no describing what this feels like.
Best feeling in the world.
There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a gauntlet of challenges until only one remains, earning the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" Hey! Red people.
Look who made it.
I come home after defeating mark in the elimination challenge, and I feel great.
And we go in to nail up mark's target.
We got to get some more blue up here.
This is ridiculous.
- Little lower.
- Right there.
Bang it in.
Hit your thumb! Three hits.
1! I'll talk to mark.
We're five men strong right now.
Good job, Mike.
Every single member of the Red Team that has gone home so far were the weaker members.
If they were the stronger members, they would still be here.
So, we are stronger than ever as a team.
Morning, shooters.
Well, with mark sent home, there are now 12 of you still in the hunt for the $100,000 and the title of history's Top Shot.
Let's get straight to the practice for the next team challenge.
So far, you've competed with some of the most powerful, advanced, and iconic firearms in history.
But they've all been guns, haven't they? And a true marksman is not determined by guns alone.
We are about to go primitive.
You're not gonna be using one weapon but three of them, and we'll see just how gifted you guys are as marksmen.
Now, the first two weapons are familiar to "Top Shot.
" The first weapon you'll be using The tomahawk.
All right.
The second weapon The knife.
Any guesses on the final weapon? A hammer? Bill says a hammer.
Gary? I have no clue.
Well, we are going old school here, gentlemen.
For the first time on "Top Shot," we're featuring mankind's first measure of marksmanship.
A rock.
It doesn't get any more primitive than this.
I guess that's probably where marksmanship started, was throwing a rock.
Rocks were used by primitive man in battle and to hunt.
Success with this weapon was critical to early man's survival.
To master the art of throwing these weapons, we brought in primitive-weapons expert Jack Dagger.
One final tip I highly suggest you get some pointers with all three of these weapons.
Trust me.
You will need them.
All right, let's get to it.
Red Team, you guys will be up first.
Blue Team, you can head back to the house.
You'll practice later.
Good luck.
Have fun.
We'll see you at the challenge.
Drive that knife into the ground at your feet.
This is all about hand-eye coordination and how good you are as a overall marksman.
This is gonna be, hands down, the purest competition thus far.
That's it.
It's what makes "Top Shot" what it is.
It's for the well-rounded marksman, not just the shooter.
Okay, Gary.
Very well done.
Gary was the first person up with the knives, and let me say he set the bar high.
He hit 8 for 10, so kudos to Gary.
Remember to follow through.
Snap forward and through.
That's it.
That was the wind.
And go.
If every challenge was a pistol, I would win the competition.
Unfortunately, every challenge is not a pistol, and that's where I had my problems.
Use the wrist to flip it forward.
That's it.
Little tense.
Chris was throwing the tomahawk like he was throwing a rubber chicken.
I'm trying to make my body do exactly what it's supposed to do.
I find out that's not working so hot.
Two ways you can throw for the rocks Just finesse versus this way.
You can do the whole rocking motion, and it gives you that confident power, all right? This next challenge may come down to the rock.
So, I'm not taking anything for granted.
Our ringer for the rocks was Phil.
Good job, Phil.
Phil could knock the balls off of a mosquito with a piece of cobblestone from 15 yards away.
He's that good.
One person that wasn't doing that well was cliff.
He's a grandmaster pistol shooter.
Now take two steps over to your left.
I don't think he's thrown anything.
I don't even think he's thrown a ball.
Change your point of aim.
Aim for the bottom left-hand corner of that.
I'm probably definitely the low man, as far as the level of skill goes on the Red Team.
The whole team, in general, is feeling pretty confident walking away from the practice range.
Comfortable with the rocks, yes? And our confidence is high, and it's about time we sent somebody from the Blue Team down.
Looking good.
I'm not a knife thrower, but everything's feeling good I mean, my steps, my fluidity, and what have you So I'm feeling very confident.
Looking good, my friend.
All right.
First time out of the gate, That's very, very good.
Mike was throwing the knife pretty well.
He went 10 for 10 on the first run, and then he pretty much dialed it in, so Mike is our strongest knife thrower.
Looking good.
All right, southpaw.
I like to think I'm good at just about anything involving marksmanship, but, admittedly, this is not one of my best skill sets.
Well, I'm pretty good with anything with a trigger.
When it comes to throwing, that's a little bit out of my element, if you will.
Now flick your wrist, wind up, forward.
And then we moved over to the tomahawks, and tomahawk was really easy Had no problems with that.
That's a 45-degree-angle stick, and that's ideal.
/cthink you got thi.
Mike Hughes was really good on the knives, and Jake was really good on the tomahawk.
I thought both of them were really consistent with both of those weapons.
You want accuracy.
That's my only advice.
I didn't actually expect we'd be throwing rocks in the competition.
I think Dustin can throw a rock.
His form's kind of gangly, like a little girl would throw a rock, but he's got precision, so he knows where it's going.
Good luck in the challenge.
Good job, guys.
It was nice meeting you.
Going into the competition, the Blue Team is just as prepared and well trained as the Red Team.
I think it's a toss-up.
Walking up, I'm superexcited, and I love what I see.
I can't wait to get involved.
I am getting very tired of losing.
I think the rest of the guys are tired of losing.
We're tired of putting guys in the elimination challenges, tired of hearing it from the Blue Team right now.
I'd like to win just to send some of them home.
Coming up on "Top Shot" For this challenge, you're gonna be able to call each other out.
I'm gonna call out Jarrett Grimes.
No pressure.
I love Jarrett to death, but I'm not afraid of Jarrett Grimes.
Morning, fellas.
Welcome to the team challenge.
Well, I hope you all feel comfortable with the rock, knife, and tomahawk, 'cause we've got another twist for you.
For this challenge, we're gonna introduce a little playground bravado.
You're gonna be able to call each other out.
Colby tells us it's more like a playground game and you get to just call out your opponent.
If we can keep the advantage here, you know, we can probably make this work.
I'm gonna flip a coin, and the winning team will send up a competitor to the first station.
He will then call out who he wants to go up against.
You'll then compete head-to-head.
Whichever team wins the round gets to decide the matchup for the next station.
Doesn't get any more old school than that, gentlemen.
For the first station, each competitor will get three throws with the tomahawk.
Hit a target mounted on a pendulum 13 feet downrange.
Whoever sticks the most wins.
Next, competitors will get three throws to stick their tomahawks into a spinning log round Most tomahawks stuck wins.
For the knife, behind two swinging beams.
You'll get three throws.
Most knives stuck in the target wins.
Simple as that.
For the second knife station, also 11 feet downrange, are 52 playing cards on a sheet of wood.
Each competitor will get three throws with the knife.
Whoever gets the highest total face value of the cards wins the round.
For the rocks, are two matching window frames containing nine First person to break three of their window panes in a row wins.
First five stations, each team is gonna get a point for winning the round.
Brings us to the final station, and this one could be for all the marbles.
we've set tin cans atop a railing Five for each team.
Going side by side, using rocks You'll try to knock the cans off the railing.
Each can knocked over is worth a point for a total possible 5 points.
If you're behind, this is the stage where you catch up.
Blue Team, since you have two more members than the Red Team, two of you guys have to sit this one out, and that decision will be made by the Red Team.
Yes! Who's sitting this one out? We're gonna sit out Paul and Alex, Colby.
Paul and Alex will not compete today.
Here's how we'll get started.
First weapon is the tomahawk, and the first shot is the pendulum.
I'm gonna flip this coin to see who gets to call out their opponent first.
Blue Team, you guys will be calling someone out first.
Jake, who are you calling out on the Red Team? Little Chris.
All right, Jake and Chris.
I'm pretty confident with the tomahawk, so it was a group decision.
They just felt like Chris would be the best option to throw tomahawks against.
Bring it home, Jake.
Let's go, baby.
We need to have control, and they pick our worst tomahawk thrower for the first tomahawk station.
This is not good.
Come on, Chris.
Last time, Jake beat me at the remington 1875 by a margin of an inch.
This is my opportunity to shut Jake up, and I can't wait for it.
Chris warming up on his first throw with the tomahawk.
Misses on his first attempt.
Come on, Chris.
Aim with the hand, Chris.
Drive that nail.
Chris' second attempt with the tomahawk.
There you go, Chris! Red Team on the board with a point.
No pressure, Jake! Don't choke.
I'm not Mike.
It's your third and final attempt.
Chris goes 2 for 3 with the tomahawk, putting the pressure on Jake.
Two hits, and he'll tie Chris.
Three, and Blue Team gets a point.
Jake misses on his first attempt.
- Come on, Chris.
- Need one more.
You're our best player, Jake.
He needs both of these, or the Red Team will score a point on this first station.
Jake hits it, but it falls out.
That will not count.
Red Team wins and gets a point at the first station.
That's it, Chris! Good job! I'm sorry.
I was choking.
I'm feeling pretty happy about that.
Red Team gets to set up the momentum for the rest of the challenge.
Great job! Jake needs to go home and work on not having such a girly throwing arm.
Red Team, you now get to decide who you're gonna send up and throw the tomahawk again.
Who's it gonna be? Gonna be Gary.
Gary gonna be next up for the Red Team.
Who are you calling out, Gary? I'm gonna call out Jarrett d.
Jarrett! All right, fellas, time to go toe-to-toe with the tomahawk.
That's a mistake, quesenberry.
Jarrett and I have always been a little bit competitive.
We worked together for years.
We had the opportunity to face each other during the Smith & Wesson 500, and that obviously, you know, turned out bad for me.
I ended up on the losing team.
That's not gonna be the case this time.
So, this is a rematch, right? Yeah.
I've been waiting for this.
Only reason why he picked me.
He needs redemption.
He wanted a rematch.
All right.
Well, let's do it.
Because I smoked Gary in the 500 challenge, I knew at some point in time, whenever he'd get a chance to get me head-on again, he would, so this is the time.
Three throws with the tomahawk to stick it in a spinning block of wood.
Jarrett is up first.
Oh! Hits it, but it does not stick.
Jarrett's gonna have two more tosses with the tomahawk.
That one goes just over.
Come on, Jarrett! One more hawk for Jarrett.
All I need is one.
It's got to hit the front.
You stuck that tomahawk, but the rules state it has to stick in the face of the target, so that will not count as a point.
Gary, your turn.
All Gary has to do is stick one tomahawk in order to give the Red Team a point and a 2-point total lead.
No pressure, quesenberry.
I wasn't feeling it when we walked up here.
Just remember, though, I still beat you with a trigger.
Just saying.
If I hit that first one, I'm throwing the second one at you.
Let's go, Gary.
Come on now, big Gare.
- Stick one.
- End it quick.
It was that easy.
First tomahawk sticks.
Gary wins the rematch.
The handle was touching the front.
I don't think so, buddy.
That's the blade.
Jarrett's a great guy.
I love Jarrett to death, but'm not afraid of Jarrett Grimes.
I love to compete against him, and he seems to bring out the best in me sometimes.
Country Good job for Gary good throw.
He's a hillbilly, so I mean, I love him to death, but he's a hillbilly.
Red Team, you're still in control.
Next weapon, the throwing knife.
Who's going? Gary.
Gary, you're gonna step back up again.
Who do you want to take on, Gary? This time, I want to call out Billy.
You're gonna have three throws with the knife to stick it in the target while you're avoiding two swinging beams.
Billy's up first.
[ Cheers and applause that will count.
Billy has two more throws with the knife.
It hits but falls.
Billy's got one more knife.
That's it.
That does not hit.
Gary has three knives.
He needs to stick two of them to give the Red Team a point here.
Misses on his first attempt.
Don't worry about it.
There we go.
Gary cannot stick the second knife.
This is it pressure's on.
Gary needs to stick this one in order to send it into a tie-break.
That hits the beam.
We got one more station with the throwing knife.
Who's up? I'm up.
Big Mike, who are you gonna take on, Mike? Mike.
Calling out Marelli.
Come on, Mike! Marelli, you have three knives to rack up as many points as you can.
Out of all those cards, I hit wood.
It's all right, Mike.
Second throw.
Wood again.
What the heck is going on? You got another shot.
Hey, hey.
Just like yesterday.
Aim small, miss small, Mike.
Final throw.
Come on, baby.
Choke for me again.
Give me a choke.
Marelli sticks it.
Didn't penetrate a card No point.
So close.
little spots of wood, and I'm hitting every one of them unbelievable.
Mike has three knives.
All he has to do is stick one of them in any card to give the Blue Team a point for this round.
Come on, Mike! He does not stick it on his first attempt.
Two more knives.
Does not stick that knife.
He has one knife left.
Mike sticks a knife in the 10 of spades Gives Blue Team a point.
Fellas, we are all tied up 2-2.
Blue Team still in control.
We're moving on to rocks.
Who's it gonna be? Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! These two are throwing rocks like a bunch of naughty little 5th graders.
That ought to wake up the neighbors! Fellas, we are all tied up, 2-2.
Blue Team still in control.
We're moving on to rocks.
Who's it gonna be? Billy.
Billy back up for the Blue Team.
Who are you gonna call out? - I'm calling out Phil.
- Phil is up for the Red Team.
Come on, gentlemen.
Phil is our all-star rock thrower, so we're happy that Phil's made it to the rock challenge, but we're really hoping to save him for the cans.
All right, gentlemen, this will be a head-to-head showdown.
First man to connect three broken panes of glass wins a point for his team.
Marksmen, ready SetGo! Phil against Billy.
Both men miss it.
Phil hits the first pane of glass and breaks it.
Phil gets two in a row! Billy's got to catch up here! Colby yells, "go," and these two are throwing rocks like a bunch of naughty little 5th graders.
Go, Billy! Drill it, Billy.
Now Billy's on the board! He hits! Billy's got two! Both men need one pane to win this thing! All it's gonna take is one pane! Phil going low for the bottom left! Both men hitting all around it! Billy's got two ways to win! Red Team wins! Whoo! Wow! Knock them dead, red! Whoo! Crucial, crucial, crucial, crucial! Sorry, guys.
I'm sorry that took so long.
I was pissing in my pants up there.
Heading into the final round, the only competitors left are cliff and Dustin.
Come on up.
Red Team is one up on the Blue Team going into the sixth station, and all we're left with is cliff, our worst thrower.
'Cause you can get 5 points in this competition alone, this challenge is still up for the taking.
Let's do this, fellas.
Marksmen, ready SetGo! Come on, dust.
Come on, cliff.
Cliff and Dustin loading up the rocks.
Dustin goes low.
Cliff hits the post.
Now Dustin hits.
That's it, cliff! Cliff first one on the board! Dustin gets a point! We're tied up, one point apiece! There we go.
Dustin, all around.
Oh, that one just goes over.
Cliff gets 2 points.
Come on! Come on, dusty.
Bang it out, cliff.
That's it.
Cliff needs one more.
Oh, that was it.
Come on, Dustin.
Oh! Dustin hits just below it.
Cliff still working on his final can.
Oh, that's it! Yes! Yes! How about that? Cliff absolutely stepped up to the line and smoked those cans, so hats off to cliff for bringing it home for the Red Team.
Blue Team, you guys racked up 3 points.
Red Team, you guys ended up with 8.
You guys win.
You are safe.
Blue Team, you guys now just have a few hours to decide the fates of two of your marksmen.
I'll see you later at the nomination range.
You can all head back to the house.
The Red Team is feeling good, we're feeling confident.
We just got to stay on top of it, do what we do in practice, and keep the spirit up that we have going right now.
It's really working out well for us at this point.
Hard day at the office.
I went 0-for.
I'm throwing myself on the chopping block, so send me.
Y'all can pick whoever else y'all think should go with me.
I messed up pretty bad.
No, absolutely not.
I will not vote for you, Dustin.
Nobody wants to nominate Dustin.
Dustin's shown exemplary performance in the past competitions, so I don't think he's going to elimination.
Thanks, guys.
What are y'all thinking? Jake didn't say anything about his performance, and we weren't really expecting him to.
Whether it's the honorable thing or not, he's not gonna throw himself out there for elimination.
Anybody want to come with me? I'll throw myself in, I mean, just because Not 'cause of today so much.
That doesn't even make sense, Mike.
I kind of thought about it a little bit.
I'm here to compete and here to shoot guns, and I don't want it to go down any lanes of a bunch of whining, finger pointing.
I think Red Team went down that path, and it's bad dynamics all around.
Am I the only one that's gonna say that's a terrible idea? Do you have another suggestion? Why don't you stay and I'll nominate myself? I'm just having a problem voting for you two guys.
You know, I don't think it's the right decision.
I'm very upset about it.
I think I deserve to go much more than either of those two guys.
Blue Team, welcome to the nomination range.
Let's get to the vote, gentlemen.
Mike, you're gonna start things off.
Jarrett threw himself out, said, "look, I'm gonna go.
" I think that was big of Jarrett.
I thought, "let's have he and I go up and just battle it out.
" Jake, you're up next.
That's one vote for Mike and one vote for Jarrett.
Billy, you're up next.
Two Jarrett, one Mike.
Fourth up is gonna be Paul.
Mike voted for himself, and once Mike made the decision, it was in his head.
He was ready to go, and he was very adamant about it.
Dustin, head on up.
I feel that, you know, we nominated two of our best shooters.
The Red Team's gonna be thrilled about this, but, really, there was no other way.
Two votes for Mike, three votes for Jarrett.
So, Jarrett, there's no point in you voting.
You and Mike will be going to the elimination challenge.
I'll see you both in practice.
The rest of you, I'll see you all atthe elim.
You can head back to the house.
Gary beat me, so I let the team down in my eyes.
I think it's a good matchup for me, and it's gonna be a really good challenge.
What am I supposed to do if you don't come back? I'll give you my pillow on the way out.
You can just cuddle up with No, man.
I just hope it's something that I got a fighting chance with.
He does one thing really, really well.
You do a lot of things really, really well.
Jarrett and I are a little bit more than colleagues and acquaintances.
I've been over to his house for Thanksgiving.
Our sons you know, they're the same age, and they kind of have a little bit of a rivalry going themselves.
Jarrett and I are friends, and that's something that'll continue regardless of how this competition turns out.
I can't help but feel somewhat responsible, Jarrett.
I'm gonna blame you.
What do you think my children are gonna say? Ah, come on.
All you had to do was miss, quesenberry, but no.
I didn't want to see him get nominated in the first place.
Hopefully, when it's all said and done, Jarrett comes walking back through the door and we can play this game the way we both intended.
Coming up on "Top Shot" The hotchkiss mountain gun.
Firing the cannon's pretty exhilarating.
You just feel that wave just pummel you.
I'm gonna win this challenge.
But either way, I'll go out with a bang.
Jarrett and Mike, welcome to the practice session for the elimination challenge.
In the team challenge, one of the weapons you used was not only the most primitive but the smallest and least powerful so far in the competition.
Now you're gonna use what is easily the largest and most powerful weapon ever used on "Top Shot.
" In terms of sheer force, nothing even comes close.
In fact, we're entering new territory here.
It's more accurate to classify this weapon not as a firearm but as an engine of war.
The hotchkiss mountain gun.
The hotchkiss can fire a projectile at 1,300 feet per second to a distance of over 2 miles.
It was used to devastating effect at the battles of San Juan hill and wounded knee.
Many consider the hotchkiss to be the first modern Cannon.
These particular guns are 2 of the 57 originals purchased by the U.
They are not replicas but genuine pieces of American history.
And here's what you'll be firing A 2-pound projectile made of solid zinc.
We brought in cannon expert Rick pohlers to help familiarize you with the hotchkiss and to give you a few key pointers on how to shoot it accurately.
You'll practice separately.
Jarrett, you're up first.
Mike, you can head back to the house.
You'll practice later.
See you at the challenge.
How you doing, sir? Jarrett Grimes.
Rick pohlers.
Nice to meet you, sir.
I don't have any experience with any cannons or artillery, so this should be pretty fun.
Okay, this is what you're going to be shooting The hotchkiss mountain gun.
The hotchkiss Cannon was the first breech-loading modern Cannon in U.
This is the breech block, okay? The handle's to the rear.
You close it in like so.
This is what cocks it.
The hotchkiss was designed for a four-man team, but today we're just going to have one competitor doing all the operations that would normally be done by a team.
So, I'm gonna line my bore up with the target, then make my adjustments on my sight? You got windage.
You got elevation here.
It's pretty straightforward.
Breech-load the shell, lock t cylinder, which cocks it, sight it in Attach your lanyard, step off to the side, pull the trigger.
Fire in the hole! Whoa.
So, that first round going off was pretty exciting Big boom, a lot of smoke.
Looking in, I hit the target.
It was not in the bull's-eye, so I got some fine-tuning to do.
Because it's black powder, it creates a tremendous amount of soot.
If we didn't clean it, your shots would drop lower and lower and lower.
Black powder by its very nature creates a lot of schmutz in the bore that will build up over time.
This will not enhance accuracy at all.
So, we need to clean it out with water and then dry the bore out with a rag.
All right.
Send another one.
Good hit.
That was a pretty good round Just left of the bull's-eye.
I'm happy with that.
Very good.
Hey, that's a good group.
Jarrett's doing very well today, and I think he's gonna do fantastic in the competition.
He's gonna be tough to beat.
Thank you for your help, sir.
You bet.
I'm really confident with my ability to operate the Cannon, so I think I'm gonna win this challenge.
But either way, I'll go out with a bang.
Hi, sir.
Sort of an inner child, and you're just excited to fire a Cannon.
It's a rare opportunity, so I think Jarrett and I are both pretty jacked up to send some rounds and try to hit something with it.
This is what makes it go "bang.
" There's 5 ounces of black powder in here.
It's all right to dry-fire it, I assume? Yeah, here.
Mike was very methodical.
He wanted to get the most he possibly could out of this practice.
He's really paying attention, and he's picking up all the tips I can possibly give him.
You're clear.
Fire in the hole! Firing the Cannon's pretty exhilarating.
You just feel that wave just pummel you, so it's an exhilarating experience.
Oh, shoot, I got it, like, way 9:00.
You're shooting way high.
Oh, man, I'm still high.
Windage is good.
Elevation needs to be worked on.
Mike was having difficulty getting shots on his target.
The bugger's down again.
They weren't grouping like they were for Jarrett.
Oh didn't I lock that? Evidently not.
I load the shell, pull it, expect to hear a boom, and I hear a thud.
You got to push it all the way in, and you can feel it engage.
Good learning point there is fully slam it and fully engage it.
Very good.
Got it.
Okay, that works.
I think by the end, I got it dialed in enough to have acceptable accuracy.
All right, Rick.
Thank you.
You bet, Mike.
Good luck.
I'd say my overall confidence level is is not really high.
Honestly, I think I should be okay.
I was 17 when I joined the air force.
I went into security forces, which is kind of a military police unit with the air force.
I entered the department of homeland security right after September 11th.
I went into their instructor cadre, where I instructed firearms, defensive tactics, and tactics.
Now I supervise other instructors teaching the same disciplines.
What really drew me to shooting was actually competitive shooting.
I played football at the university of Idaho.
There was a competitive void in my life between finishing playing college sports, and when I really got serious about competitive shooting where I kind of wandered.
I mean, you "grow up," and you work.
You trade hours for dollars, and it just is very unfulfilling.
So, really, about three or four years ago is when I decided to really devote my life to competitive shooting, really make it my center focus.
I can't explain it.
It just feels right.
Blue Team, welcome to the elimination challenge.
Jarrett and Mike, you are about to get an exceedingly unique opportunity to fire two of the original hotchkiss cannons purchased by the U.
They are by far the most powerful weapons ever used on "Top Shot" and arguably the most authentic and rare.
I hope you fellas are ready.
Out on the range are six water towers.
The tanks on top are your targets Three for Mike, three for Jarrett.
They are set at distances ranging from 180 all the way out to 220 yards.
This will be a head-to-head shootout.
Using the hotchkiss mountain guns, you will get 15 rounds of ammo to take out your targets.
You must hit the tank for it to count as a hit.
Hit the legs and the tower falls over, it's out of play.
Whoever hits their three targets first wins and gets to return to the house.
The loser is immediately sent packing.
All right, gentlemen.
Step up to the firing line.
Let's do this.
I respect Jarrett tremendously as a marksman, and going up against him and battling it out with a cat like that is great.
I mean, that's what I want it to be.
That's what I came here to do.
Simple enough challenge, given the practice, so I'm visualizing in my mind how I'm gonna set it up and want to attack left or right.
I'm looking forward to the competition.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! That ought to wake up the neighbors! Boom! Nails it! It startled us all 'cause, man, that thing's loud.
Mike and Jarrett, it is time for the elimination challenge.
Whoever hits their three targets first wins.
Winner of the challenge also gonna get a $2,000 gift card to use at Bass Pro shops.
All right, here we go.
Marksmen, ready SetGo! Mike already getting loaded up.
Adjusting the elevation on his hotchkiss.
Now Jarrett's adjusting the elevation.
Jarrett getting it just where he wants it.
Mike fires first! It goes just high! Holy I wasn't ready for that.
That ought to wake up the neighbors! It startled us all 'cause, man, that thing's loud.
Yeah! Jarrett hits on his first shot! Dead-center hit.
I'm like, "okay, this is gonna be simpler than I thought.
" Like, a calm came across.
"Well, this is no big deal.
" I'm on, so I can take my time.
I wasn't rushing.
I didn't want to miss a step.
Mike adjusting the elevation.
He likes it.
Here we go.
Bam! That's a hit! Mike's moving on to the second water tank! Both men have hit the first water tank.
Two targets left.
Hey! I go to send that round, and the round comes out of the back.
It wasn't seated properly.
I didn't lock the breech.
So, I had to go back, reseat the round, make sure I lock the breech.
Mike loading his second round.
Both men just about the same position.
Jarrett's ready.
Jarrett misses his second water tank.
I sent that round, and it appeared as though it went high.
Mike misses the second water tank on his round! Both men trying to take out the second water tank.
Two tanks left.
Mike's ready to fire.
Boom! Nails it! Oh, Jarrett's just misses! Jarrett rolls it back up there.
Mike's on a roll.
He's got one water tank left, and this thing is over! I'm feeling more comfortable with the gun and how she's working.
At this point, I really have no awareness of what Jarrett's doing.
It was just really on the mechanics and methodical steps.
Mike getting another round loaded up.
Sights the target.
He's got one water tank left.
Jarrett very methodical.
Mike's ready to fire.
That's it! That's a hit! Cease fire! Water exploded downrange.
Mike won, and Jarrett goes home.
Mike, congratulations.
You hit all three of your targets first.
Come over here.
Rejoin your team.
Pick up your gift card to Bass Pro shops.
Nice work.
Ah, come on.
Come on.
So, I realized it's over, and it feels good.
It's like, "all right, that's great.
Still in it.
" It just feels good.
I feel really good right now.
Jarrett, unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
You've been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" Give you a minute to come over here, say goodbye to these guys.
It was awesome meeting you.
All right, Billy.
Didn't throw the tomahawk as well as I wanted to throw the tomahawk.
Put myself in for elimination Got eliminated.
See you guys later.
See you soon, bro.
Gary and I said from the beginning when we started this whole venture that we're gonna be first and second in this thing.
Gary's by far the best shooter on the Red Team, so if it can't be me, it can only be Gary no one else.
On the next episode of "Top Shot" Welcome back Iain Harrison and Chris Reed.
Two past winners return Get it steady.
Squeeze on the trigger.
To be honorary team captains.
Hit! Go! The team challenge leaves the shooters hanging.
You got it! Got it! The corner shot.
And the ellimination chalenge features the most advanced weapons yet.