Top Shot (2010) s03e12 Episode Script


On tonight's season finally of Top Shot.
We're all tided up.
It begin with 16 competitors.
Go! They will put through a *** of the most extreme challenges.
That's it! Only four remain.
Chris Collins Getting ready to walk into the challenge, I don't think I could be any more relaxed.
A former marine and firearms instructor.
He has shown a quiet determination and a passion for shooting unmatched by his opponents.
I have the second amendment tattooed on my forearm, and I absolutely believe in everything that it represents.
Mike Hughes I'm really looking forward to this.
The only competition shooter still in the running.
He has won three elimination challenges to earn his spot in the finale.
I don't care who I'm going against, what's going on, what the equipment is.
It's just time to do it Perform.
Dustin Ellermann.
Dustin, four for four! Five, six, seven, eight! A Christian camp director and self-taught shooter.
This is a little intimidating.
He has displayed a natural-born skill that has won the respect of all.
I'm honored to be among the group of these final four.
And Gary Quesenberry I'm here to win this thing.
The homeland security agent and team leader.
That's it! His versatility and resilience have earned him victory time and time again.
All I've got to do is make sure I remain focused here at the finish line.
I think everything that I've done in my life has kind of led me up to this point.
Now four of the best marksmen in the country It is anyone's guess who's gonna win this competition.
Face up to three epic challenges to claim the $100,000 prize and the title of Top Shot.
Oh! Oh, yeah! Wow.
We get back to the house, and we look over to the dining-room table, and there's this huge spread.
That looks so good.
Food laid out from one end of the table to the other.
Very nice.
Look at that.
Look at this.
Oh, my goodness.
It's pretty cool to be in the last phase of this whole journey.
And, you know, honestly, I thought I'd be doing really good if I could make it, you know, to the fifth competition.
Mike, you had some great shooting out there today.
That was impressive.
I think he's trying to intimidate us now.
I feel great being part of the final four with this group.
I mean, this is solid competition.
Whoever takes this I think represents Top Shot very well.
All right, gentlemen, toast.
All right.
To the final four and those we've left behind.
We realized, hey, this is it.
We have made it to the final four.
There's a one in four chance of walking away with $100,000.
Come on in, shooters.
Morning, marksmen.
Welcome to the season 3 finale of history's "Top Shot.
" You are the four who have survived every single challenge and every single weapon we have thrown at you.
The most intense stage of the competition awaits you.
There will be no more practices and no more experts.
You will compete in three successive head-to-head challenges, using weapons from throughout the competition.
One of you will be eliminated in the first challenge, then another in the second.
The last two remaining will face off in one final epic elimination challenge.
The winner of that will be declared Top Shot and walk out of here with a $100,000 prize.
All right.
You guys ready? Ready to go.
Firearm you'll be using is the Glock 34.
a set of four horizontalails.
Each rail holds three metal disk targets for a total of 12 disks.
The disks are red on one side and blue on the other.
But there's a twist.
The targets will be moving.
When they get to the opposite side, they'll go back to where they started.
Hit, those disks are gonna flip around and expose the other color.
Two marksmen will compete side by side, and each will be assigned a color.
Using the Glock 34, you'll have 45 seconds to flip as many targets around to your color as possible.
Whoever has more targets turned to their color when the time runs out wins.
This will be run in three heats.
The winners of the first two are safe from elimination.
The two shooters who come up short will have to go head to head, and the loser of that will be out of the competition for good.
Make sense? All right, guys.
I'm gonna draw names out of an ammo box to determine the shooting order.
You know, I feel like I've proven myself in the elimination challenge against big Mike, and, you know, I've done well, I believe, up to this point.
So, you know, I'm just excited to go up against these three guys in the final and see exactly what it is I'm made of.
First matchup Dustin Will be taking on Gary.
All right, buddy.
All right.
Dustin and Gary, you two will be facing off first, and just like your old team colors.
Dustin, you'll be blue.
Gary, you'll be red.
All right, fellas.
Take your positions.
We will go.
Good luck, boys.
Dustin he's very competitive, and he's a natural with almost everything he's picked up so far in this competition.
I'm a pistol guy, and if I'm gonna go up against Dustin, I think that this is my best shot.
I'm looking forward to shooting against Gary.
I think it'll be a fair shoot.
Have fun, man.
You, too, buddy.
You know, I don't go up and duel with people too often ever And so, yeah, I'm a little out of my comfort zone again.
Here we go, fellas.
Marksmen ready Set, go! Coming up with the Glock 34.
Gary's getting some shots on there.
Gary's doing very well.
Dustin's now picking it up.
Gary is in the lead.
Both men still working on their first mag.
Dustin already up and reloaded with his second mag.
Gary getting some good hits on target.
Now Dustin's flipping them over to expose the blue targets.
As I'm shooting, I start kind of opening my vision up, because these dueling trees are, you know, across this course of fire.
So they're hard to track.
Both men working on the same level.
Now Gary once again takes the lead.
Dustin has to play catch-up.
Gary quick on the reload.
Both men shooting well.
I got ahead of Dustin pretty quickly in the challenge, and at one point, it got to where I could just watch and see what Dustin was shooting, and as soon as he would flip the target, then I would just flip it right back around onto the other side.
Cease fire! Cease fire! Gary, you have nine targets exposed.
Dustin, you have two.
Gary, with an impressive performance, you are safe from elimination and will move on.
Dustin, you'll need to shoot against the loser of the next heat to stay alive.
Come on down, guys.
Yeah, Gary's feeling pretty good.
You can see it on his face.
And I'm just like, "well, it's not over yet.
" Mike and Chris, it is your turn.
Head up to the platform.
Dustin has performed phenomenally, and today, with the challenge that we had, I was the first person to beat Dustin in a head-to-head competition, so I'm feeling pretty good about that.
Good job.
Getting ready to walk into the challenge, I don't think I could be any more relaxed.
I'm ready to go.
I'm gonna get up there.
I'm gonna breathe.
I'm gonna do my thing.
And the last thing I think is gonna come visit me is anxiety.
I'd say through this whole "Top Shot" experience, the person I became closest friends with is Chris.
So, I haven't gone head to head with Chris yet, so I'm really looking forward to this.
All right.
Heat number two.
Chris, you're shooting to expose the red targets.
Mike, you want to expose the blue.
Here we go, gentlemen.
Marksmen ready Set, go! Chris starting at the top.
Mike starting at the bottom.
Mike jumped out to an early lead.
Now Chris is playing catchup.
Both men reloading.
Mike way ahead at this point.
Chris has got to catch up.
Mike just waiting on Chris.
Coming from behind.
Has to make up a lot of ground.
Mike is reloaded in no time flat.
Mike is already up, back on the course, has completely dominated this round.
Cease fire! Cease fire! Whoo! Mike, you have Chris, you have one.
You owned me, man.
All right, guys.
Come on down.
You know, when I didn't get the mag seated properly after the reload, that was kind of like the pebble that started to roll down the hill.
And after that, it kind of became all over very quickly.
It just wasn't happening for me.
The magic wasn't there.
And I screwed up.
Mike and Gary, you guys can relax.
You have earned a spot in the next round.
Chris and Dustin, one last heat.
You two guys are gonna face off.
Winner stays in the competition.
Loser's going home.
You guys, head up to the deck.
All right.
Good luck, fellas.
We get to play twice.
It'll be fun to shoot against Chris.
And, you know, I got to perform a little better than I did last time.
I'm just focused on just shooting my best and making those things fly.
Have fun, man.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! Dustin first up.
Dustin and Chris go at it.
It's a good match.
The plates going back and forth.
We're all tied up halfway through this heat! Dustin and Chris, you are about to face an all-out back-and-forth shoot-out.
Whoever has more of his color showing when 45 seconds expires wins.
Winner joins Mike and Gary and continues in the competition.
The loser will be eliminated.
All right.
Dustin, you're wanting to expose the blue targets.
Chris, you want those red ones showing.
Let's do this, fellas.
Marksmen ready Set, go! Dustin first up.
Chris getting some hits on target.
Now Dustin's flipping them back to blue.
Dustin and Chris go at it.
It's a good match.
The plates going back and forth, cranking along.
Chris very accurate.
Both men reloading at the same time.
We're all tied up halfway through this heat! Dustin's a little quicker on the reload.
Now Dustin takes the lead, moving down to the bottom.
Chris needs to pick up the pace here.
Dustin closing out the targets.
Both men again reloading.
I finally knocked down all his red ones, and I'm just waiting.
As soon as he picks one and shoots it, I shoot it back his way.
Both men getting some hits.
Dustin with a distinct lead.
Both men again reloading.
Chris is picking it up.
Cease fire! Cease fire! Wow.
Dustin, you have all 12 targets exposed with your color.
Chris, you have none.
Good shooting, buddy.
Thanks, man.
That was fun.
It was.
You know, when it's all over, I know I've lost.
I've lost twice in the same day.
That doesn't exactly feel pleasant.
Congratulations, Dustin.
Your shooting has brought you back from the brink of elimination.
Come on down here.
You can rejoin Mike and Gary.
You're moving on to the next round.
Good shooting, Dustin.
Chris, you've had a great run, brother, but unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
You've now been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" Come on down here.
Say goodbye to these guys before you head out.
I do know that I gave this thing my best shot.
It's a lifelong process for me.
It's been a pleasure, man.
It has bn, Gary.
Appreciate it.
I hate seeing you go, man.
Oh, hey.
Way to beat me, man.
Good shooting you're awesome, buddy.
You, too.
See you on the flip side.
Yeah, bro.
We'll see you afterwards.
And I look back on it all the time and think what a great journey it's been.
Well, it's just the three of you guys now.
There's one challenge left before you get to the big one, okay? I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Head back to the house.
All right.
So, yeah, now there's only three of us left.
It's me, Gary, and Mike.
And the cool thing is, you know, these are the guys I respected and knew were great and strong shooters, and so I'm glad to be in the end with them.
Good shooting, fellas.
Good stuff.
It was good.
It was fun.
Look at that wall, huh? Hey, congratulations, man.
Good shooting today.
Good shooting, Dustin.
You too.
Securing my spot in the final three feels terrific.
You know, we're down to three people left in this competition, and, you know, I know that I have already beaten two of them in head-to-head competition, so that goes a long ways to boost your confidence, you know? I'm feeling pretty good about the way things may turn out for me in the future, and, you know, it's all coming together.
In modern society, I don't literally go out and hunt the deer and bring it home and our survival is contingent on that.
But there are sacrifices to getting away from the family, away from the groove, not supporting, not being there.
And I think there's some natural instincts in me that want to just come back with a win, come back with that game, come back with the victory.
You know, I am feeling a little more pressure just knowing that I'm so close to something.
You know, I could put $100,000 to some good use between, you know, taking care of our foster kids and whatnot and the camp.
We're booked to capacity, and so expansion's definitely in order.
And I know God provides for us, but sure, an extra $100,000 Hey, maybe God could provide that way.
That'd be sweet.
Walking over the hill today, you see the old bar setup, and, you know, it's becoming kind of a tradition on "Top Shot.
" There's six different guns, there's a big variety of targets, and different yardage markers, you know, out through the field.
So it's gonna be pick your weapon, pick your target, pick your distance, call your shot.
So I'm comfortable with this.
It looks like it's gonna be a whole lot of fun.
All right.
Well, as you guys have probably guessed, it is time for a challenge that is quickly becoming a "Top Shot" tradition.
You're gonna call your weapon, call the shot, and pick the target.
Your opponents have to match that shot.
Here are the six firearms that you will chose from.
Three pistols Smith & Wesson 686 The infinity sight tracker And heckler and koch sp89.
And three rifles The volquartsen 22 The ak-47 And Winchester '73.
This is the challenge that has derailed two top contenders that were previously in the battle for the title J.
Racaza and George reinas.
Their runs ended because of the decisions they made in this challenge.
Here's how it's gonna work.
You'll pick a weapon, select a target, call a distance.
Then you'll take your shot.
You make it, you get a point.
Whether you make that shot or not, your opponents are gonna get the opportunity to make the same shot and score a point for themselves.
You'll take turns.
You will do two full rounds, which means all the guns are gonna be used.
You can't avoid a gun that you may perceive as your weakness.
The two with the most points will move on to the final challenge, but for the shooter with the fewest points, this is the end of the road.
All right, let's do it.
The first shooter will be Dustin.
There we go.
You are gonna be the first man up.
The second shooter will be Mike.
Which means, Gary, you'll go last.
All right, Dustin, you're up first.
Choose your weapon.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Hope the other guys can mess it up.
Set, go.
Let's see if I can pull an advantage here.
All right Dustin, you're first.
Choose your weapon.
I'm thinking the 22.
All right.
The volquartsen 22.
You know what target you want to shoot at? Those yellow things over there golf balls on the tee.
Golf balls on a tee.
The golf ball is one of my favorite targets.
It's fun, and it's cheap.
It's reactive.
It's small enough to be challenging.
What's your distance? You're gonna shoot at a golf ball from 100 yards away.
With that rifle, I think it's possible.
I like it.
What's the shooting stance? Prone.
I was really surprised this is what he picked.
It didn't totally make sense to me.
I know he's in tune with this gun from the competition before and knows it, but that's a very aggressive shot.
All right, guys.
Mike, Gary, come find a spot at the bar.
Dustin, you can come get your weapon.
Golf balls and.
22s and long range is something I know.
Dustin starting things off very aggressively, calling a 100-yard shot.
Put a golf ball out there.
Wants to hit it with a volquartsen 22.
Here we go.
Marksman ready Set, go! Wow.
Broke that shot, and that golf ball danced right away.
That was a clean hit.
Gentlemen, the bar has been set incredibly high.
Mike, you're up.
I would give the other guys probably a 5% to 7% chance of hitting that.
Mike does not hit the golf ball.
Okay, Gary.
Let's see what you got.
All right.
Once I lay down behind the weapon, you know, I'm not trying to figure out the trajectory or the terminal ballistics of the bullet or any of that.
You know, I'm just pointing it at a golf ball and pulling the trigger.
Gary misses.
Being that I have a one-point lead, I'm glad I pulled my little golf-ball stunt.
So, Dustin's strategy to go very aggressive right out of the gate pays off.
He leads 1-0.
All right, Mike.
Choose your weapon.
Let's roll with the little Smith & Wesson 686.
Let's roll with the olives at 35 feet.
Weak hand only, single action.
My game plan basically Go weak hand.
You know, I don't know how much Gary or Dustin trained weak hand, but let's see if I can pull an advantage here.
Marksman ready Set, go.
That's a hit.
All right, Gary.
Your turn to answer.
Gary gets it done, as well.
Now the pressure's on Dustin.
- Okay, Dustin.
- Let's see what we got.
I don't shoot one-handed, and I definitely don't shoot weak-handed, like, at all.
Wasting no time.
Dustin drills it.
Nice shot, guys.
Good work.
My strategy didn't really work here.
I should have pushed the envelope a lot more, but I was a little bit soft on this one.
Dustin, you've got 2 points.
Mike and Gary, you each have 1.
Gary, it is your turn to pick.
I'm gonna take the sp89 at the bubble-gum jars, standing, no sport, at 100 feet.
Part of my strategy, you know I'm debating back and forth in my head.
Should I go with the 100-foot marker, or should I stretch it out to the 75-yard marker? Based on the target size and just my level of confidence with that weapon, I decided to play it safe.
Gary connects.
Nice shot.
Hope the other guys can mess it up.
Dustin, let's see what you got.
Dustin hits it.
Dustin has not missed a shot yet today.
It's all on you, big Mike.
Mike hits, as well.
We have made it through one complete cycle.
Dustin leads 3-2.
And it is your turn, Dustin.
All right.
The Winchester '73.
All right.
It'll be the blue pint glasses.
Say 100 feet, standing unsupported.
I go ahead and go with the Winchester lever action 'cause, you know, it's got a good, long barrel, but it shoots more of a pistol cartridge.
It's slow, so I go ahead and go with 100 feet again.
Whoo! Wind.
A little bit of wind here today.
Standing, no support, and he drills it.
Nice shot.
Nice shot, Dustin.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Dustin's a great guy.
I love the way he plays the game, and I love the lightheartedness that he has about the whole thing.
But it kind of puts a little more pressure on everybody else because as fun as it may look, it's also very difficult, and he's making it look easy.
Mike connects with the Winchester.
Ooh! Oh! Just to the right top corner.
Good shooting, buddy.
All right.
Now I'm at the bottom, and, you know, that's a bad place to be.
I've got to work real hard to play some catch-up at this point.
Well, Gary, you're down, but you are not out of this challenge yet, all right? You've got 2 points.
Dustin has 4.
Mike, you're right in the middle with 3, and it is your turn to choose.
Ak-47, whiskey bottles, strong hand only, unsupported.
You're gonna fire the ak-47 one-handed, without a rest or support? This is my support.
All right, brother.
You're calling the shot.
I hope you miss and we make it, just to do it.
He throws in this crazy one-handed-like-a-pistol twist.
I'm like, "you are nuts, dude.
" My strategy in this little part of the challenge is to utilize strength and trigger control, really tax those skill sets to the nth degree.
I feel I'll be stronger at it and they'll be weaker at it.
That was a shot.
That was good, man.
That was good.
The reality of me making the hit is that Gary has to make this hit, otherwise he's going home.
So, Gary, here's where we're at.
Dustin and Mike both have 4 points.
You have 2 points.
So you have to make this shot to stay alive in this competition.
All right? A lot of pressure.
Step right up.
Let's do it.
Come on, man.
Make it happen.
There is absolutely no way to hold that heavy of a weapon with such a long sight radius out in front of you and maintain a stable sight picture.
It's just not gonna happen.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Go.
If Gary misses this, it's over for him.
Geez, Mike.
When you've got it up there with one hand, almost an impossible shot.
Marksman ready Set, go.
If Gary misses this, it's over for him and he's out, and that's a tough position to be in and a lot of pressure on you.
Geez, Mike.
It's extended, you know? You have to be out there.
It has to be free-floating, like a pistol.
I think that ak-47 weighs somewhere around But, you know, when you've got it up there with one hand, it feels like it weighs about 14.
It's almost an impossible shot.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Gary nails it and stays alive! Nice shot.
I pulled the trigger And the bottle broke, so, I'm still in this thing.
Now things are getting interesting.
Dustin, it is your turn.
You got to make this shot if you want to keep the lead.
Agh! Dustin, you have 4.
Mike, you also have 4.
Gary, you're trailing, but you're still in this.
You got 3 points.
Now, there's only one weapon remaining The infinity sight tracker So that's what you're gonna be shooting, Gary.
You just need to determine the distance and the target and the shooting position.
I'm kind of in a tight spot here, because if I take a shot, a distance, or a target that's too easy, and then they're gonna bust it, I lose.
But if I try to stretch it out too far and I make it too hard on myself and I miss, then I lose again.
You know what? I'm gonna go 50 feet, jam jars, standing Standing, strong hand only.
Let's do it.
Gary needs this shot to stay in the competition.
Here we go.
There's a lot riding on this.
I mean, you know, there's only one challenge left between this and whoever's gonna walk away from here with that grand prize and the title of Top Shot.
Gary takes aim, but he throws it just 12:00.
Just high.
With that, Dustin, Mike, you two are moving on.
Gary, unfortunately, that was your last shot, buddy.
You have been eliminated.
Come over here and say goodbye to these guys.
You know, it's kind of devastating.
I've come so far.
I really wanted to see this thing through to the end.
But I came here to find my limits as a marksman, and with that one shot, I found my limit.
Being on "Top Shot" and being part of this has been an incredible experience for me.
It's just an honor and a privilege for me to have been associated with this.
I'm glad we're done with the crazy shots, but, you know, I'm gonna miss Gary.
Now we are down to the two finalists.
There's still one incredible challenge remaining, and we have saved the best for last The ultimate marathon of marksmanship.
It's a head-to-head race to test your skills with weapons from throughout the competition and throughout history to settle, once and for all, who is the best.
Get a good night's sleep.
Tomorrow we will find out which one of you truly is Top Shot.
Nice work.
Good job, buddy.
Good job, man.
Feels great I'm gonna be in the final gauntlet elimination.
You know, Mike's so good at all this stuff, I'm not sure where I'm gonna stand.
All right, Gary.
There's a lot of different profiles for good shooters, whether they're in military, they're competitive shooters and such.
And Dustin doesn't fit any mold.
As I recall, you said you don't think I can shoot.
Here I am coming from nowhere.
Mike's super competitive, grand master dude.
He's a great shooter, and so I'm just gonna try to be fast as I can and just see where I measure up.
Final two, bro.
That's it.
That's us.
To win would be amazing.
This would be like my one lifetime competition.
It's kind of a make-or-break deal.
I'm either one of the best or I'm not.
I would definitely love to bring home that $100,000 to my wife and kids and say, "hey, this is why daddy was gone this long.
" My wife's pregnant, and we have two of our own already.
We also do foster care You know, kids that need a home.
And we also have an adopted child of our own.
And we've got, you know, a little space and some love to give, and so that's what we do.
What would I do with the money if I won? First priority would be pay off debt.
My family we've really sacrificed the last two years.
You guys are doing good! Oh, what's wrong, jas? Milk! Milk.
I would like to just take care of them.
I always get keyed up internally for any competition, and it's actually the time that I really feel alive.
I think that's why I really like competition 'Cause it brings all that out.
Having better raw physical skills absolutely carries over to better pistol performance and rifle performance.
Something like this, there's gonna be highs, there's gonna be lows, and it's just really important to be flatlined through all that and really just be pure stimulus and response.
That's where I'm at right now.
Last time, Dustin.
Last time.
Goodbye, "Top Shot" house.
Mike and Dustin, welcome to the final challenge of "Top Shot.
" For your final challenge, it is only fitting that you face an extreme version of the entire competition.
Stretching nearly 400 feet across the range behind me are seven side-by-side shooting stations.
This will be a head-to-head challenge, gentlemen.
You can't advance to a station until you take our your targets at the previous station.
On my signal, you will take off from the start line.
Before you fire your first shot, you got to crawl under that barbed wire through a 25-foot sand pit to get to station one.
There, you will have two loaded 1875 remingtons to knock out 6 targets on the face of a die 35 feet downrange.
When you do that, a door will come down, and you can move on.
At station two, your favorite rocks.
You got to throw rocks at a grid of glass windowpanes set 15 feet downrange until you've broken three panels in a row.
At station three, you'll use the benelli m4 shotgun to take out an array of hanging jars At station four, you must use the recurve bow to ricochet an arrow off a metal ramp and stick a target Then it's on to station 5.
There you will have to go up a pole to the 8-foot-high shooting deck.
From the prone position, you'll use the larue tactical obr to hit exploding targets set 100 and 200 yards downrange.
You then must scramble across a single horizontal rope to reach the station-six shooting deck.
Once there, you'll use the VLTOR ts3 from a standing position to knock out a pair of targets set at 75 and 100 yards downrange.
When those targets are taken out, you'll need to climb down the ladder and run to the seventh and final station.
At station seven, the competition comes full circle.
You'll use the first weapon you ever picked up on "Top Shot" Smith & Wesson.
500 Magnum.
The very gun that was used to determine teams now will decide the winner and loser.
You will use this powerful revolver to take out three targets, set at 30, 50, and 70 feet.
First person to successfully make it through the entire course and hit the final target wins "Top Shot" and the $100,000 prize.
All right, gentlemen, you are about to compete in the most demanding challenge of your shooting lives.
And you're gonna get to do that in front of your very own personal cheering sections.
Oh, yeah.
We've drawn an audience of some familiar people here today.
I'm so proud of you.
I love you.
Dustin, who do you got with you? My beautiful wife, Brittany.
I forgot how pretty she was.
It's been a while.
And little baby.
Oh, right on.
Seeing Dustin for the first time in so long and just knowing that he has made it this far is just incredible.
I'm so proud of him.
She kept telling me she's proud of me, and that's cool, you know, 'cause I've been gone a long time.
And then this is my hunting buddy and shooting pal, Chester Moore.
Mike, who's standing there with you? My buddy, brit lentz.
He's my number-one guy.
And this is my wife, Angie.
I love her to death.
and this is awesome.
This is really great.
To have her walk around the corner She was kind of getting emotional and such.
It was awesome to see my wife, Angie.
Logistically, it's never worked out for us to come and watch him, and so I'm very, very excited to see him compete and to see how he does.
It is time for you guys to head to the starting line.
Let's do this.
Coming up on "Top Shot.
" Mike first under the barbed wire.
Dustin is just behind him.
So, this is looking like a good battle.
Both men grabbing their second gun.
Well, Mike and Dustin, it all comes down to this.
This is the final challenge.
Whoever completes the course first wins the title of history's Top Shot and the $100,000 prize that goes along with it.
Good luck to both of you.
Marksmen ready, set, go! Mike first under the barbed wire.
Dustin is just behind him.
Mike and Dustin at the first station.
The dice you know, Mike's a pistol guy, so I got to try to make every shot count.
- Dustin hits a target.
- Mike hits one.
Dustin hits another.
Mike hits his second.
We are neck and neck.
Dustin hits a third and a fourth target.
Both men grabbing their second gun.
So, this is looking, at this point, like a good battle.
Mike has three targets left.
Mike is the first one through the first station.
Mike hits his first, his dice starts dropping.
I finish up mine, and then I follow over.
Mike hits a first and a second.
Two in a row.
Now Dustin hits.
Talk about old school.
You got to knock out three paneof glass in a row.
Rolling rocks.
Dustin now takes the lead.
He makes it over to the benelli m4.
Mike close behind.
Dustin misses.
Dustin hit two targets.
Mike hits a target.
Dustin already reloading on the benelli.
Mike now having to reload.
Dustin has three targets down.
Four targets! Dustin, three for three! Now four! Dustin is on a roll! Got to reload.
Dustin has three targets left.
Mike's got to make up /esome ground.
Mike misses.
Mike struggling to hit his third target.
I have four misses.
I'm not jiving well with this weapon.
Dustin now Dustin, one target left on the benelli.
That's it.
Dustin closes out the benelli.
Now moving on to the recurve bow.
As I run off to the archery challenge, I notice that Mike still has about half his jars left.
So I'm feeling pretty good.
Dustin, in one shot, hits with the recurve bow.
He is already moving over to the larue obr.
I was gonna have to really sink in and just get lower and just more aggressive to make something happen.
Mike struggling to finish out the benelli.
Dustin hits at 100.
Two shots, two hits with the larue.
He's already scaling the rope, making his way over to the VLTOR.
Mike still trying to close out the benelli.
Dustin already to the platform, picking up the VLTOR TS3.
Dustin hits two targets in two shots with the VLTOR.
Dustin now making his way down the ladder, running to the seventh and final station.
Dustin hits his first target! Hits his second target! One target left! That's it! Dustin wins! Dustin wins! You just made history! You are the winner of "Top Shot!" I actually won this thing! My wife's always been very supportive of me and everything that I've done, so being able to bring home $100,000 to her That's a great reward.
Well done.
Dude! Dude! You know, I came, I shot, and I won.
It's pretty crazy.
Being this underdog from nowhere, small town, I'm so proud of Dustin and just his accomplishments.
I missed you.
Were you surprised? Yeah.
I had no shooting résumé.
It's just something I like to do and something I wanted to do.
Dude! Good performance, man.
You did good, too, man.
I thought you would have smoked me.
Even if I shot nails and I was dead on, I don't think I would have beat him today.
Dustin, that was a textbook run, my friend.
Probably one of the most impressive all-around feats of marksmanship I've seen in three seasons.
You won $100,000, and you earned the title of history's Top Shot.
Right on.
My victory proves that, hey, your normal, everyday people can be good shooters, and they can have a lot of fun doing it.
You could have smoked me.
No, no.