Top Shot (2010) s04e01 Episode Script

Sweating Bullets

An FBI specialist.
An I.
A knife maker.
A sales associate.
A police commander.
That was all yesterday.
Starting right now, you have a chance to prove to everyone you are the best, that you truly have what it takes to be top shot.
How you compete from this moment on is how you will be remembered.
From the challenges to the weapons to the competitors, we have stacked the deck on season four of "Top Shot.
" You'll be firing advanced sniper rifles and flintlock pistols, grenade launchers, cannons primitive weapons we've never featured before.
As you'll see, we have a big surprise in store for you.
In past seasons, we've been inspired by history.
This season, we're gonna make history.
Which one of you will rise above the others to claim the $100,000 prize and the title of history's top shot? Welcome, everyone, to a whole new season of "Top Shot.
" I'm Colby Donaldson.
We have searched the country for the best marksmen and narrowed the field down to this exceptional group.
One of you will walk out of here with the $100,000 prize and claim the title of history's top shot.
But this season, there is more at stake than just the title.
In addition to the $100,000 prize, the winner is gonna get the chance to turn pro.
This is it, baby.
The winner of "Top Shot" is gonna get a contract to become a professional marksman sponsored by Bass Pro Shops.
A what? A pro-shooting contract.
That's what he said.
That is extremely awesome.
We're raising the stakes all around this season.
your way onto the show.
Two of you are about to leave.
Everybody ready? Oh, yeah.
There's two eliminations, right now, today.
I cannot be one of them.
I cannot go home.
Not today.
Our first challenge will determine which two of you are eliminated right out of the gate.
We are going back to basics.
To earn your way into the competition, you'll shoot one of the oldest serving standard issue U.
infantry rifles, the good, old M14.
It is known for its accuracy, so it is an ideal firearm to put your skills to the test.
Here's how it's gonna work.
You will each fire a single shot at a target 200 yards downrange.
The first two shooters automatically sit in the hot seats until someone with a worse shot takes your place.
And you'll take a spot according to how you perform and where you rank compared to everyone else's shot as the challenge proceeds.
Pay attention to where you're ranked because this will also determine your teams.
Odd numbers are gonna be the blue team.
Even will be the red.
After everyone has gone, the two with the shots farthest from the bull's-eye are headed home.
To ultimately win the title of top shot, you've got to be able to shoot under pressure, and that pressure starts right now.
Let's get to it.
Up first, Frank Melloni, a custodian from long island and a self-taught shooter.
Head on up to the firing line, Frank.
All right, Frank! I'm not a professional shooter, so to be here is huge for me.
This is my first step into the professional shooting circuit.
Frank, you hit the target of the bull's-eye.
Take a seat on the hot seat, but only because you're the first shooter to go.
Now it's time for Gregory Littlejohn, a federal police officer from Waterloo, Illinois.
All right, big Greg.
Get it, man.
Get it done.
Going to Iraq and getting shot at, if you're not scared when bullets are coming past you, there's something wrong.
Without fear, life would be boring 'cause that is what causes adrenaline.
Getting on the firing line, there's gonna be nerves, but you get through them.
You take a deep breath, focus, and squeeze the trigger.
Gregory Littlejohn, you hit the target the center of the bull's-eye.
You're on the hot seat, but you're in the one closest to making it into the big game.
Forrest McCord, world-champion pistol shooter.
I'm 21 years old.
I figure it's put me at a disadvantage as far as earning respect.
To the older guys of this competition, you know, I just really hope their pacemakers don't go out on them.
Forrest, you struck the target of the bull's-eye.
That puts you on the hot seat.
Greg, that means you are the top shooter so far.
Move over here.
More importantly, that guarantees you a spot on season four.
Kyle Sumpter, police commander from Kent, Washington.
I would like to be known as the harmless old guy but I am the silent assassin who sends them home one at a time.
Kyle, 5.
5 inches from the center of the bull's-eye.
Up next is Michelle Viscusi, an M.
with the border patrol who learned how to shoot in the U.
- Come on, Michelle! - Come on, Michelle.
I feel that I'm not just a pretty face, and I can actually shoot.
I think the people in the competition already underestimate me just by looking at me.
Michelle, your shot was 5 inches from the center of the bull's-eye.
That puts you in second position.
Good shot.
Terry Vaughan, a former british royal marine commando.
Let's go, Terry.
Yeah, Terry.
I think the worst aspect was seeing those two hot seats.
It's like being the dunce in the class.
If you end up on that thing, you could be in trouble.
Terry, you hit 4.
5 inches from the center of the bull's-eye.
It puts you in second position.
Eric "Iggy" Keyes, a former S.
officer and homicide detective.
Eric, you hit the target of the bull's-eye.
That means you are now on the bubble.
Frank, congratulations.
You're in.
Man, I'm on the hot seat.
This "Top Shot" competition is something I've been training and training and training for, so, you know, it's kind of like the pressure's starting to build up.
Hi, Frank.
Dylan Fletcher, a knife maker who specializes in historical firearms.
Dylan, you hit two inches from the center of the bull's-eye.
That puts you in first position.
Chee Kwan, a range master and former marine.
Chee, your shot was only an inch and a half to the left.
You move in to the first position.
Gary shank, a firearms instructor and civil re-enactor.
Gary, you hit the target of the bull's-eye.
That puts you in fifth position.
Augie Malekovich, a former homeland security agent.
Augie, ½ of an inch away from the center of the bull's-eye.
Damn right, baby.
Number-one position.
Keith Gibson, cattle farmer and former army combat medic.
Keith, you hit 3.
1 inches from the center of the bull's-eye.
That puts you in fifth position.
Chris Cheng, a tech worker and self-taught shooter.
All right, Chris.
Chris! I think the other competitors are going to underestimate me because I'm an "I.
Guy," and maybe they'll think I'm just kind of a computer geek, which, you know, I kind of am.
Chris, 4 inches from the center of the bull's-eye.
That puts you in sixth position.
Law-enforcement officer Colin Gallagher, your turn.
Go get 'em, Colin.
Sitting on the hot seat is nerve-racking.
Just talk about having a cinder block in your stomach.
I mean, that was it.
Colin, 3.
7 inches from the center of the bull's-eye puts you in sixth position.
Next up, the first female to make the venezuelan olympic shooting team, Gabby Franco.
Gabby, 5.
8 inches.
You're in the 13th position.
Nice shot.
Whoo! Craig Buckland, world champion with a revolver.
I've participated in quite a few handgun competitions, so being in competitions is probably an advantage over someone who hasn't done those things.
Craig, 9.
6 inches.
Someone who's supposed to be at my skill level should have easily made that shot, and I did not.
Iggy, that means you are in.
When Colby told me to get off the hot seat, it felt really good, and I was just ecstatic.
And the nervousness is gone.
I am ready to go.
So, Craig, your shot was 9.
6 inches from center mass.
So even though there are two shooters remaining, if the next shot is inside that, you've been eliminated.
Tim Trefren, a big-game-hunting guide from Wyoming.
- Come on, Tim! - Let's go, Tim! Tim, your shot landed Craig, that means you won't make it into the competition.
Tim, that puts you in fourth position.
Nice shot.
Thank you.
Good job, Tim.
I'm clearly disappointed in my performance.
I'm sure it'll be a lot more positive six months from now than it is right now, but, you know, overall, I would do it all again.
There is one spot remaining on the roster, and our final shooter, William Bethards, a church deacon and ex-member of the marine corps shooting team, step right up.
Being in the hot seat, no one knows what it feels like unless you've been there.
Pressure is what you make it, and, I mean, when it's just hitting you in the face, it's just hard.
I have wanted this for the longest time.
It absolutely is gonna complete me, and I will win "Top Shot" because it is my destiny.
Forrest, do you remember what your shot was? William Your shot landed 6.
Just inside of Iggy.
You will take the 15th position.
Feeling the pressure.
Forrest and Craig, unfortunately, neither of you are gonna make it into the competition.
Say goodbye to the rest of these shooters on your way out.
To miss it by 1/10 of an inch, it might as well be a mile.
I don't want to go home, just because there were so many people, you know, that helped me get where I am.
Dude, nice shot.
Let's do it.
And I felt that, you know, winning this competition you know, would have made them proud.
Let's go get some beer.
So, that's the worst feeling.
Well, congratulations to the rest of you.
You are all moving on.
Let me point out we just eliminated two world champions.
That just goes to show, anything can happen on "Top Shot.
" I know you've been waiting for this moment.
Here are your jerseys.
- Hell, yeah! - Yeah! Take one and pass it down.
Just to know I was in was a huge relief.
You look great in that shirt.
Thank you.
So do you.
Thank you.
I came out okay.
It was like I made it in by the skin of my chinny-chin-chin.
To get the $100,000 and the professional-shooting contract, you're gonna have to triumph over every single person here.
Tomorrow's your first team challenge.
Get a good night's sleep.
I'll see you then.
You can head to the house.
Whoo! Coming up on "Top Shot" The ruger vaquero.
Yes! This is one of the most frustrating competitions I have ever experienced.
I wanted to eat my hat.
Come on! Bottom bunk I got dibs.
Guys, get these steaks while they're hot.
All right.
They separated us onto separate teams.
None of that matters tonight.
We all made it here today.
So, for right now, we're pretty much all on the same team because we are all on "Top Shot.
" Yes! Cheers! Good morning, shooters.
Good morning, Colby.
All right, guys, here's how the competition works.
First, the teams will compete in a team challenge.
The losing team must then nominate two of its members to go head-to-head in an elimination challenge.
If you come up short in that one, you're going home.
- Got it? - Got it.
All right.
Let's get started.
We've tested your skills with a rifle.
Now we're gonna do the same with a pistol.
And we have just the gun to do that the ruger vaquero.
The ruger vaquero draws its inspiration from the single-action revolvers of the old west.
It is also a six-shooter, which is gonna be important for this challenge because to succeed, you're gonna have to hit all your targets in exactly six shots.
are 2 identical grids with eight rows of six targets.
You'll notice that the targets get smaller as you move down the grid, starting at 10" and going all the way down to 4½".
Each shooter will be responsible for one row.
On my go, the two competitors assigned to the top row will come up and start firing.
In order to retire that row, you will have to hit all six targets in order, with six shots.
If you miss a target, your turn is over, and the ones you already hit are gonna pop back up.
Then it's the next shooter's turn.
They will fire at their assigned row, and so on, until all eight rows have been cleared.
The first team to knock down all the targets wins.
Let me be clear about this.
To win the challenge, each shooter will have to have a perfect run on their row.
- Okay.
- Wow.
I've shot plates before, but hitting all six of them one after the other, without a miss, and if you miss, they pop back up that's tough.
It's gonna be hell if I miss.
All right, shooters.
Go ahead and and move into your starting positions.
We're choosing William to go for the smallest plates because he's a very strong pistol shooter, and based on Frank having limited pistol experience, we're choosing him to do the biggest plate.
We put our weakest pistol shooter, Tim, on the biggest targets.
And Gabby's actually our olympic-competitive pistol shooter, so we gave her the smallest plates.
You are about to begin your first team challenge on Top Shot.
The first team to knock down all their targets wins.
The losing team you will nominate two of your members into the elimination challenge.
Marksmen ready Set Go! Come on, Frank! Tim up first for the red team.
Frank hitting the deck for the blue team.
Center mass.
Center mass.
Nice shot! Tim hits the first shot.
Tim goes 2 for 2.
Frank misses on the first row.
I missed a big target at a short range.
Whoo-hoo! Tim clears out the first row.
Tim comes up, and he just dusts it and gets us off to a really great start.
Let's go, Michelle! Michelle up on deck for the blue team.
After Frank missed, we hit a big rhythm.
Michelle 6 for 6.
Good job, Michelle! Then we went right into Colin 6 for 6.
Then we went to Terry.
Terry clears out his row! And then I came up.
Greg hits his first shot! And I missed.
I was a nervous wreck.
Go, Iggy! Ugh! Iggy misses for the red team! All right, Chris.
Other row! Chris goes for the wrong row.
This had the appearance of a speed event.
However, to win this event, it was a marksmanship test.
Let's go, Gary! And anybody who's tried to emphasize speed Gary misses! was going to miss eventually, and it was going to cost their team a huge amount of time.
Nice! Nice.
Take your time.
Kyle clears out his row for the red team! We're all tied up.
Gabby, for the red team, taking on the smallest targets.
Nice! Gabby goes 2 for 2.
Ohh! Gabby misses! Augie for the blue team.
Ohh, Augie misses! Okay, come on! Take your time and hit! Get the out of here.
William for the blue team.
Chris Cheng for the red team.
Go three! Three! Nice, Chris! Chris hits his first target and his second! Chris is 3 for 3.
Chris hits his fourth target! William goes 2 for 2.
Ohh! Chris goes just low on the fifth target.
Come on, Will! William! One target remaining on the 4½" diameter.
William closes out the most difficult row for the blue team, giving them the lead.
Chee back on the course.
Take your time, Frank.
Frank hits his first target.
Chee goes 4 for 4! Take your time! You're almost there! Chee fails to close it out.
Come on, one left! You got it! Frank has one target left! He is done! Come on, Gary.
Gary closes out that row.
Pressure? Compared with the olympic games, it's the same pressure.
You want to win, and that makes your heart pump very hard.
Gabby on the course for the red team.
Nice shooting, Gabby! Come on, Gabby, baby! Perfect.
Nice! Gabby, 4 for 4.
Greg missing for the blue team.
Nice! Gabby, one target left.
Nice shot! Gabby clears it out! Now we're tied up! The red team has three rows left.
The blue team has three rows left.
Dylan's on the course for the blue team.
Yeah! Iggy up for the red team.
Nice, Iggy.
Three in a row.
Take your time.
Six, Iggy.
That's it! Yeah! Yeah! Augie closes out the row for the blue team.
Chee has one target left! Ooh! Tied up once again! Both teams have one row left.
Go! It is coming down to the last shooters Chris for the red team and Greg for the blue team.
Greg now has the opportunity to win this thing.
Ohh! Greg misses on his third shot.
Chris Cheng can win this for the red team.
He hits his first target.
Ohh! Shoots just low.
I was jerking it, and it was throwing my shots off.
- Yeah! - Greg now 3 for 3.
- Ohh! - Son of a On one side, you've got a combat veteran who is very well trained and experienced with firearms.
On the other platform, you've got a computer geek an I.
He misses on his second shot.
Low! You're hitting low, buddy! He missed, Greg! This is it, Greg! Take your time, buddy.
Greg hits the first target.
Greg, just low.
Every single time, you know, we're, "yeah, yeah, he's gonna do it!" You have time! I gotcha.
I had to have been flinching, doing something wrong, apparently.
You got it, Chris.
Stand center, baby.
This was one of the most frustrating pistol competitions I have ever experienced.
I wanted to eat my hat.
He's nervous.
He must be so nervous, the poor thing way to go, Chris.
Chris hits the first target.
Chris hits his second.
Greg hits his first.
Chris, 3 for 3.
Chris hits his fourth.
Now he regains his composure.
He has two targets left to close this thing up.
That's it! Red team wins! When that last plate went down, we went from frustration to elation.
We had won the day.
I still have adrenaline going through me thinking about that final shot.
What am I doing to my team? What type of example am I showing? This is just ridiculous.
Who's this kid? Well, congratulations, red team.
You've won your first team challenge, and for now, you are safe from elimination.
Whoo! Yes.
Yeah! Blue team, you now have to decide which two members you're gonna send to the elimination challenge, all right? You can all head back to the house.
Blue team, I'll see you at the nomination range.
This is hard.
I ate a big piece of humble pie today, but I don't plan on serving up that dish very often to myself anymore.
I'm gonna be dishing it out.
Coming up on "Top Shot.
" I can't defend what I did today.
I felt I let my team down.
You're gonna get the chance to be a sidecar gunner.
I want to be in this challenge so bad, I was ready to pee my pants.
Congratulations, brother.
Good job, guys.
Frank, Frank.
I'm really impressed and pleased with the red team.
I couldn't have done it without you guys, man.
Without teamwork and communication, you've got nothing.
Yeah, man.
We're gonna be a strong team.
Our team unity is definitely going to be a strategic advantage, and as long as we are in teams, the red team is going to dominate.
I shot like I'm not gonna defend I can't defend what I did today.
He said "day one, performance-based," and all we've got to go on is his performance.
You don't have much room to talk over there, Frank.
I know I don't.
I mean, the truth is the truth.
I missed.
In the end, it's a competition.
I know I can shoot.
I haven't proved that to you guys yet.
I will, and no matter what happens, I'm coming back.
I felt I let my team down.
If I don't go to elimination, it's just not fair.
I'll win the elimination challenge.
It's just, I need to step up.
Blue team, welcome to the nomination range.
Well, you lost the first team challenge, so now you have to choose who will face off in the elimination challenge.
Out on the range are targets with each of your names on them.
When I call you up, come up and shoot the target of the person you want to nominate.
You cannot vote for yourself.
Let's get started.
William, you're gonna start things off.
Come on up.
I think Greg's performance was very poor.
Performance on demand, under pressure.
That's what I want to see.
If you go out there and you don't perform, Double-D Willie-G Bethards is gonna put a shot right in the center of your target.
And you can take that to the bank.
Colin, you're next.
That's two votes for Greg.
Dylan, your turn.
Frank, you're up.
Everyone earns their spot in the elimination based on performance.
During the team challenge, Littlejohn cracked under pressure.
That's not gonna help you win this competition.
You know, you have to be okay under pressure.
All right, Greg.
That puts you in the elimination challenge, and it is also your turn to vote come on up.
I'm nominating Frank because he's the worst shooter on the team.
Frank, I'm sorry, brother.
I'm sorry.
Four votes Greg.
One vote Frank.
Michelle, you're up.
Four votes for Greg.
Two for Frank.
Augie, it is your turn to vote.
I think it's appropriate that Frank gets sent to elimination I just don't think his skill set is where it needs to be to help this team progress and not put us in the situation that we're in right now.
So, that makes it official.
Greg, you and Frank will be facing off in the elimination challenge.
Terry, there's really no need for you to come up and vote at this point.
Greg and Frank, you've been elected to be the first two to go to the elimination challenge.
Only one of you will come back.
You can all head to the house.
Greg and Frank, I'll see you at the elimination practice.
Good luck, guys.
I still haven't figured out 100% what's going on with the blue team.
I missed one shot, so that kind of lost me some points, but at the same time, my miss isn't the miss that put us into elimination.
But I don't mind if I have to go into elimination 'cause I'm gonna come out with 2,000 bucks from bass pro shops, hopefully.
Coming up on "Top Shot" The M1 carbine.
That's my girl.
When I saw the M1 carbine, my confidence went through the roof.
You're gonna get the chance to be a sidecar gunner.
You've got to be kidding me.
That is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life.
Frank and Greg, welcome to practice for the elimination challenge.
Let's get right to it.
In the elimination challenge, you'll be using a true american military classic.
This firearm played a pivotal role in World War II.
The M1 carbine.
That's my girl.
The M1 carbine is a lightweight, compact, simple to use, semiautomatic rifle.
It was a standard-issue firearm for the U.
military during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.
It has a low recoil and large-capacity 15-round detachable magazine with a relatively high rate of fire.
To acquaint you with this firearm, we've brought in former U.
army ordnance ammunition officer garry James.
Hey, me.
Good to see you again.
Good to see you, garry.
Garry's gonna train with you guys separately.
Frank, you'll go first.
Greg, you can come with me.
How you doing? Frank.
Hey, Frank.
Nice to meet you.
When I saw the M1 carbine, my confidence went through the roof for a lot of reasons.
Well, you're gonna be sitting in that chair.
It's not a real orthodox shooting position.
Sounds good.
I love that weapon.
I can't tell you how many thousand rounds I've put through that weapon.
Here you go.
Oh, money.
Oh, yeah.
I could field strip it.
I could build one from parts.
It's one of my favorites.
Go for it.
You're on.
Yeah, you're right in the center.
So, now we're gonna start calling.
Four! Target four.
One! Two! Man, she shoots straight.
Frank's doing really well.
He's hitting the target every time.
Groups are good.
He seems to be very comfortable with it.
His actions are fluid.
I don't think he's gonna have any problem.
Clip is empty.
You're done.
All right.
Looks like pretty good shooting.
I'm feeling really good going into this challenge, but I'm gonna check my ego at the door.
You know, Littlejohn got here for a reason.
I have to respect him as a competent shooter.
But I still feel I'm gonna do really well.
You're right about 1:00, there.
I don't have any experience with this one.
I'm not worried with it.
I like that style of weapon.
I'm comfortable shooting while sitting down.
I have extensive training shooting in multiple positions.
You never know where you're gonna have to shoot from.
Four! Greg struck me as just being a little tense.
Three! That's two.
It's okay.
Two! He's a little more erratic in his movements.
A couple times, he fired on the wrong target, and I had to kind of correct him.
One! Frank's a self-taught shooter.
I've been doing it my whole life.
I can adapt to a whole lot of weapons.
I didn't show that very well yesterday, but I'm ready for today.
I was always drawn to guns, even at a young age.
You know, I came from anti-gun parents.
They weren't too thrilled with having guns in the house, so I had to hide my first .
22 for a couple of years.
Nobody actually taught me how to shoot.
I taught myself, just looking things up and trial and error.
Good luck.
Knock it out.
Thanks, man.
Being self-taught is hard because you don't have a coach.
You don't have a drill instructor.
I got where I'm at all on my own.
There is some irony about my name.
" I'm 6'5", 240 pounds.
In the military, I have won a few awards for shooting.
I was a world champion grenadier.
My drive is competition.
I'm here to win.
When it's all said and done and I'm America's next top shot, that's what I want.
Welcome, blue team, to the first elimination challenge.
Frank and Greg, one of you is about to be the next person eliminated from "Top Shot.
" For today's challenge, you'll be shooting the M1 carbine.
Now, here's what I love about this competition.
Anyone can go out and shoot a classic gun, but only here do you get the opportunity to shoot them under the conditions that made them a classic to begin with.
During World War II, american troops had to fight in urban settings and navigate narrow streets better suited for a motorcycle than a jeep.
Many of those motorcycles were equipped with sidecars.
Today, you're gonna get the chance to be a sidecar gunner.
Why did you guys not nominate me for elimination? As soon as I see this motorcycle, I want to be in this challenge.
I don't care that there's a chance you're going home.
I wanted to do that so bad, I was ready to pee my pants.
You got to be kidding me.
I mean, that is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life.
Motorcycle sidecars have a long and noble military history.
During World War I, troops in motorcycle sidecars dispatched armaments, ammunition, and first-aid supplies.
In World War II, they were employed in Europe and North Africa by the allied troops to defeat the Nazis.
For this challenge, you'll be riding in a motorcycle sidecar moving along at a pretty good clip.
have been positioned along the course at ranges between 15 and 25 yards.
You'll receive the standard M1 magazine, which holds 15 rounds, so you're only gonna get five extra rounds.
Whoever hits the most targets wins and stays alive to compete another day.
The loser hits the road.
In the event of a tie, the marksman who uses the fewest rounds will win.
Frank, you're up first.
I shot out of moving vehicles while I was in the military, training for convoys.
I thought this was awesome, gave me an upper hand.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! I made a mistake, and that threw me off.
I take my shots.
I have it in my sights, and then, boom! All right, fellas.
It is time for the elimination challenge.
Whoever hits more targets with the M1 carbine while riding in a motorcycle sidecar stays in the running for the $100,000 prize.
The winner is also gonna get a $2,000 gift card to use at Bass Pro Shops.
The loser leaves immediately.
Greg, so you do not have an unfair advantage, we're gonna have you step away from the course until it is your turn to go.
All right, Frank.
Head over to the sidecar.
You are up.
Good luck, Frank.
Good luck, Frank.
Good luck.
Blue team, right? I'm going into this challenge clear and focused with a straight head.
There we go.
Oh, yeah.
I'm getting to shoot a weapon I love, and I'm very comfortable with my shooting ability.
I've just got to show people that 'cause they don't know me.
Here we go, now.
Marksman ready? Ready! Set Go! Frank first up with the M1 carbine.
Misses on his first shot.
I get going, and I take my first two shots.
I could have sworn I hit the first one, but I missed it.
You know, I have it in my sights and then, boom! And it'd be right out, you know? Now he hits the target! Frank hits two targets! Missing on the fourth.
I know how difficult it is.
When you're moving, trying to hit a target, it's tough.
It wasn't even as if it was a smooth road.
Missing on the fifth target.
If you now have this vertical bouncing at the same time, it's gonna get challenging.
Now he hits the sixth target! That's three targets hit for Frank.
Now four targets! Five targets! Six targets hit! The last target's coming up! That's it.
I wound up hitting 6 out of 10.
A little better than half, you know.
Something completely out of the box.
I feel really confident about it, actually.
When I was sitting in the sidecar, my heart started pumping.
I was ready for this challenge.
I was just chomping at the bit.
It was a great feeling.
Marksman ready? Set Go! Greg gonna take his turn in the sidecar.
Engages the first target Hits the first target! Two hits for Greg! I realized I made a mistake because of the smoke plume from the second target.
I couldn't acquire the one that was in the back, and that threw me off.
Greg misses on the third target.
I really did think Greg was gonna come out ahead, and then I hear some shots and no explosions.
Greg, shooting at the fourth target, can't pick it up.
Oh, boy.
Hits the sixth target! Hits the seventh target! Doesn't get a shot off on the eighth.
Greg hits the ninth target! Greg hits the 10th target.
That's it.
That challenge was very hard, but it was very realistic.
I'm very happy with my performance today.
Frank and Greg, we have a tie.
And as I said before, the tiebreaker is, whoever uses the fewest rounds wins the challenge.
Frank You used all 15 rounds to hit those 6 targets.
Greg You used 10 rounds.
That's what I'm talking about.
You are safe.
Come get your bass pro shops gift card, rejoin your team.
Deuces, Frank.
That was a very difficult challenge, and Frank did better than I thought he did and I give him props for that.
Well, Frank, I'm sorry to say this, but you have fired your last shot.
You've been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" I'll give you a moment to say goodbye to these guys before you head out.
This is the experience of a lifetime, this competition.
Quite honestly, I feel great about the outcome.
You know, that man is formally trained, and formally trained to shoot from a moving vehicle.
I've never really done anything like that before, other than just messing around.
I feel real good that I stacked up that good to him and I gave him that kind of run for his money.
On the next episode of "Top Shot" The browning automatic rifle.
One of the most bad-ass rifles in history.
How much cooler can it get? The team challenge puts the shooters in the trenches.
I'm coming! There was things exploding around me, fire grazing my butt.
And get ready for a "Top Shot" first A grenade launcher.