Top Shot (2010) s04e03 Episode Script

Shotgun Showdown

Donaldson: Previously on "Top Shot" Go! In the first team challenge, two shooters struggled with the revolver.
Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Yay, he's gonna do it.
Ohh! Donaldson: Red team wins! Wow.
What am I doing? This is just ridiculous.
Donaldson: And the blue team suffers its first loss.
Frank, I'm sorry, bro.
Ugh! Donaldson: In the second team challenge, the blue team bounced back from defeat.
Blue team wins! It is a confidence-builder, no doubt about it.
Donaldson: And two of the red team's best shooters were chosen to face off with the grenade launcher.
Keith, you have fired your last shot.
It's unfortunate, but a good man is going home.
Donaldson: There are shots that changed history feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges until only one remains, to claim the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" Congratulations, Kyle.
Thank you.
Gary: We miss Keith a lot, but Kyle is our team leader, and we're happy to have him back.
He's just got great confidence in all of us, he knows what to say to keep us motivated, and, you know, he's just part of our team unity.
Keith Gibson, whom we will miss terribly.
[ Applause ] Kyle: My strategy now is to ensure that the red team members make it into the green-shirt phase.
The best protection is through an organized, cohesive, strong team, and it's that perspective that carries over right now on the red team.
The blue team doesn't have that.
Thanks for waking me up so we can go run.
Greg: The blue team, there's a lot of us that really get along, and there's little cliques.
The old guys, Colin and William, sort of stay to themselves, but I've grown some very good friendships in the household so far with Dylan and Michelle.
You can also add Terry and Augie into that group.
We just get along.
Colin: There is no team unity.
We are fractioned off into egos.
We have no strategy, no focus, and different goals.
And individual goals will not make a team.
Come on in, shooters.
Morning, marksmen.
All: Good morning.
Well, the title of History's "Top Shot" and the $100,000 are still up for grabs, and for the first time, you're also gonna be gunning for a contract to become a professional marksman sponsored by Bass Pro Shops.
Gabby, you guys have a couple of team challenges under your belt.
Has the red team come up with a team leader yet? Oh, yeah.
We have, uh, Kyle.
You agree with that, Kyle? The leadership on this team comes from each one of its very squared away individuals.
All right, blue team.
William, is there a team leader yet over on the blue team? No, we haven't established a team leader.
We have a lot of strong-willed, strong-minded people here, so that team leader hasn't revealed himself yet.
Knowing the dynamics of the blue team, you have people on the team that are very mature, and then you have people on the blue team that are very immature.
Those two types of styles just don't mix.
It's like water and oil.
To be honest with you, I don't think the blue team will ever have a fully established leader.
Let's get down to business.
Next you'll be shooting one of the most popular and versatile firearms in history.
From combat to competition to hunting, the shotgun can do just about everything.
In the team challenge, you'll shoot two different shotguns, and these are two of the best out there.
The Benelli M4 is a battle-proven shotgun deployed by the U.
Marines under the most punishing conditions.
Military-grade hardware make this a favorite among hunters who demand power, reliability, and accuracy.
The Benelli Vinci uses state-of-the-art technology to make it one of the fastest-shooting, lightest-recoil This firearm features autoloading, superior balance, light weight, and minimal muzzle climb.
Dylan: That Benelli M4 sitting there that is one of the sweetest damn guns ever built on the face of the planet.
Here to help you train with the Benelli Vinci and the M4 shotguns, welcome back "Top Shot" season 2 winner Chris Reed.
Ooh! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Yeah.
Greg: Chris Reed was one of my favorites running through that entire show.
I'm half-bit starstruck right now.
Come on in, big shot.
[ Laughter ] "Top Shot," man.
Get it right.
[ Laughter ] Well, certainly the biggest, warmest welcome we've ever had on the show, so no pressure.
You better deliver.
[ Laughter ] Chris is also the 2009 national For this practice, you'll be using two types of ammo popular with hunters.
You'll be firing slugs in the M4, and in the Vinci, you're gonna be using bird shot.
To be successful in the challenge, you got to master both shotguns.
Red team, you guys are up first.
Blue team, you all can head back to the house.
You'll practice later.
Have some fun, will you? See you at the challenge.
Have fun, guys.
[ Gunshot ] Reed: Perfect.
Man: Nice! [ Gunshot ] Good.
There you go.
Reed: The red team came out, and they were very organized.
They were, you know, on point within just a matter of minutes.
So you know everything about the Vinci? You good to go? Yeah.
Tim jumps up there, and, man, he's got it.
[ Thrower rattles ] [ Gunshot ] Nice.
[ Gunshot ] There you go.
Nice work, Timmy! He's been a professional guy for a good number of years, and, you know, he really had no problem with it.
[ Gunshot ] Nice! Smoking.
[ Gunshot ] Gabby comes up, and she's pretty small compared to all the guys, you know, and I'm thinking, "man, this 12-gauge is just gonna push her around," you know? Pull.
[ Thrower rattles ] [ Gunshot ] Shot over it.
[ Gunshot ] Shot left.
You're to the left of that bird.
Gabriela: One of the main things I see that makes me struggle in the shotgun is I'm focused on my front sight.
Make sure that you cannot see any of this when you got the gun pointed.
That's gonna make you shoot high.
A couple things that are important about shotguns is your sight acquisition.
You know, you really don't want to focus on your sights on a shotgun.
[ Gunshot ] There you go, Gabby.
Thank you.
Good shooting.
All right.
We got some shotgunners.
[ Gunshot ] Boom! There you go.
Chee: At this point in the competition, the red team is still very unified.
If anything, we've come together even more.
We don't intend to lose to blue team ever again.
[ Gunshot ] Good shot.
Center minus.
[ Gunshot ] I'm good.
Four for four.
[ Gunshot ] Good job.
Augie: At practice today, Greg, will, and Dylan, as far as trap's concerned, they were the best shooters.
Don't flinch.
There you go.
Don't flinch.
Just keep a steady squeeze on that trigger.
Michelle: I feel like my confidence is growing the more competitions we go to.
Shoot it.
[ Gunshot ] There you go.
Whoo-hoo-hoo! I'm pretty happy.
On the load, it's better just to leave the gun on the table.
Don't even pick it up.
Grab around, throw it in.
There was a little tension I don't know if will knows it between me and him at practice today.
I've shot more trap than most people look at.
Yeah, but I'm saying Shooting clays, that's something I've been doing for a long time, and then you get this guy trying to tell me how to make my damn sandwich.
I can't see over that.
William: There's a fine line between being confident and being cocky.
Dylan needs to take the advice and put it to use.
I like the way I do it.
When it comes to me doing my thing with shooting, shut up.
You can tell me whether or not I hit it.
Other than that, be quiet.
Morning, marksmen.
All: Good morning.
Welcome to the team challenge.
All right, let's get to it.
We designed this team challenge to test your shotgun skills under the conditions a hunter would face.
Here's how it's gonna work.
On the firing line are two stations.
At the first station is the Benelli M4 and slug rounds.
At the second station, you've got the Benelli Vinci and bird shot.
On my "go," first two shooters run to their stations and load their respective shotguns.
You can load up to six rounds in the M4, four shells in the Vinci.
The M4 shooter must hit an 8-inch moving target to trigger the launch of two clay targets.
The shooter with the Vinci then takes aim, scoring a point for each clay bird hit.
When your turn is over, run to the back of the line of the gun you didn't shoot.
Then the next pair goes.
You'll continue this for four minutes.
Whichever team scores the most points during that time wins.
Red team, you guys are up first.
Greg: Colby told us that we had four minutes to complete this challenge.
I was like, "simple enough.
" I turn to Dylan and said, "we got this.
" Kyle: I feel like this is gonna be a lot of fun.
I will enjoy shooting both of these guns, and I am going to enjoy what our team does today, one way or the other.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! Kyle: We're not gonna hit all the birds, but we're gonna hit a bunch of them.
I feel really confident in kicking red team's ass.
We devised today's team challenge to test your hunting ability.
When one team member hits the moving target with a slug, two clay targets will launch.
Each clay target hit is worth a point.
Blue team, you guys step away from the course until it's your turn to go.
Red team, make your way to the firing line.
Kyle: The key to this upcoming challenge, which has been one of our strengths, is communication.
We have to coordinate every single shot together, so I don't see something that's gonna give us a big hiccup.
We're not gonna hit all the birds, for sure.
But we're gonna hit a bunch of them.
Here we go, red team.
Marksmen, ready Set Go! Tim over on the Vinci.
Iggy picking up the M4.
Hits it on the first shot! There goes your bird! Tim gets one hit.
That's a point for the red team.
Iggy gonna reload the M4.
Tim reloading the Vinci.
Man: Rear safety, Gabby! Rear safety! Front safety, Kyle.
Kyle: I'm ready.
Gabby grabbed the M4.
She hits it on the first shot! Kyle takes out both targets.
They're reloading.
Back across the line.
Gary and Chee up for the red team.
All right.
Chee hits it! Nice hit, Gary.
Take more shots, guys.
Red team gets one more point.
Safety's on! Good work.
Chris Cheng.
Tim's already switched places.
He's now on the M4.
Misses on his first shot.
Misses on his second shot! Gabriela: He was like, "oh, man! Oh, man!" With the target, I was like, "oh, my God.
"How many rounds is it gonna take him to take that moving target down?" Donaldson: Tim struggling with the M4.
There you go.
[ Gunshots ] Chris hits both of his targets for the red team! Red team now has 6.
Good job! Good job! Iggy now on the Vinci.
Red team communicating very well.
Kyle hits it on the first shot.
Iggy misses on his first shot.
Iggy misses all three shots on the clay birds.
Go four! Four, Iggy! Four! Kyle waiting for Iggy to get the Vinci loaded up.
Now Iggy's got it loaded.
Red team crosses the line.
Front safety.
Gabby grabbing the Vinci.
Gary up with the M4.
Gary hits! Gabby's ready.
Gabby hits her bird! One shot, one hit for Gabby.
Back across the line.
Red team has 7 points.
Chris Cheng up with the M4.
He hits.
Chee kwan takes out both targets! Red team has 9 points.
Chee: This challenge is an awesome challenge.
It was just amazing to watch each one of us, you know, just do our thing without hesitating, without going slow.
That was amazing.
That definitely helped us out a lot.
Red team doing an excellent job of communicating.
Iggy hits it! Tim hits his first target.
Tim hits his second.
Front safety, Kyle! Rear safety, Gabby! Rear safety! Tell me.
Kyle's ready, Gabby hits it.
Kyle takes out the first bird, and he picks up the second bird with his third shell.
Red team doing very well.
Safety, Chee! Rear safety! Rear safety, Chee! Front safety! Front safety! Okay.
Chee hits it.
[ Gunshots ] Gary missing all three shots.
Those birds are down.
Rear safety! Tim back up with the M4.
Pull! Tim strikes the target.
Come on! Shoot it! Yes! Got it! Yeah! Chris hits both targets.
Chris now four for four.
Kyle: Chris is coming through for us.
That guys is shooting great.
Safety! Safety! Pull! Front safety! Pull! Kyle strikes! There you go! Oh! Iggy gets one of two birds.
Safety on! Red team is hustling.
Ready! One more shot! Time! Cease-fire! Cease-fire! All right, guys.
Bring it in.
Good job, everybody.
Good job.
Good job.
Gary: As we're counting up those clays, we knew we were actually gonna have a decent score, but we were far from confident that we were gonna win that challenge.
Good luck, guys.
Michelle: I feel really confident.
We know they have good shotgun shooters, but at the same time, I feel like we were all confident in kicking red team's ass.
Marksmen, ready Set Go! Safety's off.
Safety off.
Tell me when.
I'm ready.
Greg: This challenge is based on speed.
When we say "pull" or "I'm ready," that means shoot the steel target.
Are you sure you're ready? Well, yes, I just said I'm ready.
Donaldson: Blue team taking its time from the start.
Colin hits on his first shot.
Greg hits the first target and clips a second target.
Safety's on.
Colin's got the M4 reloaded.
Greg's reloading the Vinci.
Vinci's ready to rock.
Both men cro safety's off.
Safety's off.
Here we go.
Picking up the M4.
Dylan waiting with the Vinci.
All right, hit it.
[ Gunshot ] Michelle hits the first shot! [ Gunshots ] [Bleep] Dylan picks up one point for the blue team.
Gary: As the red team and I are sitting there watching the blue team go, the first thing that came to mind is, did we move that slow? Safety's on.
Those guys just seemed very lackadaisical in their entire pace.
Donaldson: Augie's on the M4.
William's waiting with the Vinci.
Ready? Ready.
[ Gunshots ] Donaldson: William picks up both birds with two shots, giving the blue team 2 more points.
Safety on.
Ready? Ready.
Donaldson: Greg Littlejohn hits on his first shot.
Terry misses on both of his shots.
Terry: Those clays were moving a lot faster than I expected, or maybe I was moving a whole lot slower.
Who knows? Donaldson: Now they're crossing the line.
Colin has now swapped over to the Vinci.
As I'm watching the blue team, I'm going, "holy crap.
What's going on?" Donaldson: Dylan hits on his first shot.
Colin strikes.
Colin gets one of two birds for the blue team.
Michelle: I just realized, like, we were going really slow.
We weren't communicating.
We weren't in a rush.
We kind of were just going through the motion.
Michelle is ready to go with the Vinci.
That's a hit! [ Gunshot ] Michelle misses the first shot.
And her second.
Blue team is struggling.
I'm like, "oh, crap.
Miss, miss.
" Donaldson: Augie hits his first target.
Tried to pick up the second, cannot get it.
It kind of went all downhill from there.
Donaldson: Colin misses on his first shot.
That's a miss.
Colin strikes it on his third shot.
Greg clips one bird.
That's a point for the blue team.
Terry: There didn't seem to be much enthusiasm.
There wasn't much clapping, cheering.
Dylan can't pick up any of the clay pigeons.
It seemed as it started to unravel, it just got worse and worse and worse.
Ready? Ready.
God! Time! Cease-fire! Cease-fire! Terry: I could not get on target.
It was just a horrible day shooting for me.
Blue team, in four minutes, you took out nine clay targets.
Red team, same 4 minutes, you took out 17 clay targets.
Whoo! Oh! Whoo! Chee: Wow! We are definitely pumped for that victory.
It was incredible.
Pretty good shooting, you all.
Good job.
Greg: Ouch.
Brutal, brutal, brutal.
Donaldson: Congratulations, red team.
Blue team, you're now faced with the decision of which two shooter you're gonna send to the elimination challenge.
You'll cast your vote at the nomination range.
I'll see you there in a bit.
You can all head back to the house.
Terry: We came into this expecting to do well, and then for some reason, it got away from us, and you could just see it.
Morale went straight through the floor.
Man: Red team! Whoo-hoo! Whoo! [ Applause ] Knock, knock.
Big red, huh? What's going on, red team? How you doing, Chris? Chee: Seeing Chris Reed come by the house was a special treat.
It was good training yesterday.
It's all good.
Shotgun specialists.
Thank you.
It was great to thank him for his advice, which I think, you know, helped us win that challenge.
What y'all had that they didn't have was the attitude, the teamwork.
I mean, I saw the teamwork, the yelling "Go, go.
It's on safe.
Front safe, back safe, front.
" And I watched the opposite on the blue team.
They were just lackadaisical in their performance.
They went up there just taking their time.
They were not unified.
Tim: The communication that was happening and the cohesion that was going on between my team was flawless today.
So I don't think that we could have asked for a better win.
Red team! All: Pull! [ Imitates gunshot ] [ Laughter ] Hey, whatever works, man.
As long as you're winning, dude.
That's good as long as y'all winning.
Good deal.
All right.
Thank y'all.
Good to see you.
See you, Chris.
See you, Chris.
Have a good day.
Y'all too.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" I can't shoot my friend's target.
All I want to say to him half the time is just shut the hell up.
Got to be the hardest choice in my life.
My friends mean the world to me.
Performance based I can't do it.
Man: This sucks.
There's no way around it.
They kicked our butts.
I mean, it wasn't even it wasn't even close.
Augie: We're trying to decide who's gonna be going up for nomination, and it really wasn't clear-cut.
I [Bleep] up today.
I can tell you this much when those birds went up, I hit the side of that mountain really hard.
[ Laughs ] Dylan: I shot like [Bleep] I'm extremely disappointed in myself.
I'm extremely upset.
This is this is a tough decision.
Will? [ Scoffs ] What about you? What do you think? It's all about performance.
That's what you got to look at.
I love you guys, but you don't perform on a challenge, I'm gonna put a shot in your target.
Augie: I'm still of the opinion that it's based on performance.
That wasn't the case with everybody, though.
I refuse to shoot Dylan's target.
I refuse to shoot Michelle's target.
I refuse to shoot Augie's target.
And I refuse to shoot Terry's target.
Not happening.
I'm not shooting any of those targets.
And it sucks.
I didn't want to be in this position.
But, to me, I want to be surrounded by my friends.
Colin: Anybody voting based on friendship is not only foolish and childish, it's absolutely insane.
So you can't shoot somebody's target that didn't perform? I'm saying I can't shoot my friends' targets.
[ Chuckles ] I'd much rather be here with my friends than everybody else.
But it may come down to everybody else, 'cause it seems everybody wants to stick with performance-based.
It is what it is, and that's how I think.
Well We've all aired our feelings.
We should be feeling a little better now.
I'm just gonna let everybody off the hook.
If you shoot my plate, I understand.
That's the way it goes.
All right? Everyone's heard? It's all good? All right.
Do I accept responsibility for having not performed at this challenge? Abso-bloody-lutely.
Performance is the only fair thing to do.
That'll be the hardest choice in my life.
All I want to say to him half the time is just shut the hell up.
We're here to compete.
Let's work together.
Good luck, everybody.
Greg: Who are we sending to elimination? Performance-based I can't do it.
My friends mean the world to me.
Donaldson: Blue team, welcome back to the nomination range.
All right, let's get to the vote.
I'll call you up one at a time.
You'll put a bullet in the target of the person you want to nominate.
William, you're gonna be starting things off.
William: Only reason why I'm gonna nominate Terry is because Terry actually stepped up to the plate.
That's one vote for Terry.
Colin, you're next.
Colin: I made my nomination based solely on Terry's overwhelming poor performance.
He took the most shots and missed the most targets than anybody there.
That's two votes for Terry.
Augie, you're up.
Nice shot, Augie.
I voted for Michelle at the nomination range simply because she didn't hit any clay targets.
Donaldson: Two votes for Terry, one vote for Michelle.
And, Michelle, it is your turn.
Come on up.
Michelle: Terry shot poorly today, so, I mean, my vote went towards him for the right reasons.
One vote for Michelle, three votes for Terry.
Terry, that means you will be in the elimination challenge.
Dylan, you're up.
Dylan: Terry and Michelle definitely shot the least well out of the group today, but I just didn't want to hammer that last nail in the coffin home for either of them, so I shot Colin's target.
Donaldson: One vote Colin, one vote Michelle, three votes for Terry.
Greg, you're up.
Greg: I approached Terry and really asked him.
I said, "what should I do?" He just said, "do what's right.
" You son of a bitch.
So I put one in his target.
Well, Terry, you're the last one to vote, and your shot is gonna determine who you compete against in the elimination challenge.
Come on up.
Terry: Nominating Michelle had very little to do with strategy and more to do with who else fell really short in this challenge.
Terry and Michelle, tomorrow you two will go toe-to-toe in the elimination challenge.
I'll see you both in the morning at practice.
I'll catch up with the rest of you at the challenge.
You can all head back to the house.
Thanks, Colby.
Michelle: Being nominated and going into the elimination challenge, it honestly sucks so bad, and I definitely don't want to go up against Terry.
I mean, he's a friend, and, oh, it's hard.
It's gonna be hard tomorrow.
Michelle: Terry's a great shooter.
Well, you're a good shooter, too.
You have been proving yourself so far.
Yeah, I know.
But I'm nervous.
I know.
And he's confident.
He's so confident.
My biggest worry going into the elimination would just be my confidence.
So I just need to get my head in the game.
You have to put 150% of you in it.
I know.
Michelle came in telling me that she was worried, she was kind of scared, and I tried to calm her down.
You don't have to be the biggest.
It doesn't matter if you're gonna go against Greg or even Augie.
You know? Yeah.
Michelle and I, we click so good, and the possibility to lose her, it's gonna be tough.
Well, I just hope I come back.
[ Chuckles ] Listen.
[ Chuckles ] Oh, thank you.
Don't worry.
I'm with you, okay? I was like, "where's Gabby? I have to tell her.
" Don't worry.
We'll get through it.
We'll get through it.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" The Benelli Nova.
Terry: You've got to be bloody joking.
Another shotgun? I didn't embarrass myself enough with the other one? Did I miss it? It missed everything.
Morning, Terry.
Morning, mate.
Morning, Michelle.
Welcome to practice for the elimination challenge.
Well, your team struggled a bit with the shotgun yesterday in the challenge.
That's why you're here.
This is your chance for redemption.
Okay? The firearm for the elimination challenge will once again be a shotgun.
The Benelli Nova.
The Nova is a pump-action that is highly versatile.
The modular design allows you to transform the supernova into a Turkey gun, or if you prefer, put a fully-rifled barrel on it so you can go deer hunting.
Basically, this several high-performance shotguns in one.
Terry: I'm like, "you got to be bloody joking.
Another shotgun? I didn't embarrass myself enough with the other one?" Donaldson: To help you practice with the shotgun, we've invited back an expert marksman who holds seven national shooting titles and three world titles Taran Butler.
What's up, Taran? How you doing, man? Good to see you again.
Good to see you.
All right, for practice, you'll be working on speed, accuracy, and reloading.
Michelle, you're gonna go first.
Terry, you can come with me.
You'll practice later.
Good luck.
Hey, Michelle.
Nice to meet you.
Good to meet you.
Do you have much experience with the Benelli Nova? [ Chuckling ] No.
Nothing? [ Chuckling ] No.
Play with the gun a little bit.
Now aim it and shoot and pump.
Michelle: We just got done shooting the M4 and the Vinci, so my shoulder is killing me.
Now, let's practice loading now.
Get behind it and shove it in really hard.
Get behind it.
I was hoping it was gonna be something different and not a shotgun.
Now let's practice trying to get this thing to roll over.
Go ahead and pump it and shoot.
Aim good.
Wait till it's going back from you.
See, that stopped it.
See that? With this practice, it's not just firing tons of rounds like crazy.
You have to hit it as it's going away from you.
If you don't time it right, the rounds you're shooting are actually stopping the target and hurting you.
Get it as it just starts going backward.
There we go.
You did it.
It didn't take Michelle long to figure out how to get that target to spin, and she got the timing down well.
Right as it starts to go back.
One more like that.
That was awesome.
[Bleep] My arm is getting so tired.
Calm down.
We got some time.
As her practice progressed, I kind of noticed she did get kind of tired.
I need some muscles.
You got muscles.
[ Chuckles ] Oh.
Being her size and how petite she is, this is gonna be a challenge that could fatigue her.
Do exactly what you did here.
The timing it's all about that timing.
Thank you.
Good job.
Michelle: Once I actually got started shooting, got to know the weapon, it was fun.
I'm excited.
I'm feeling good about this one.
Terry: Hello, mate.
Nice to meet you.
Terry, do you have much experience with pump-action shotguns? Not a whole lot, no.
So I'll be all ears this morning.
Butler: Terry comes up second, and he didn't know hardly anything about the gun When you pump it, pump it smooth and aggressive.
Hitting high.
Aim lower.
and started out pretty slow Did it hit the arm again or did I miss? It missed everything.
Much better.
Now you watch the timing of rocking it.
You want to get it to go over.
You got to shoot going away.
I think I missed that one.
Towards the end, he really started figuring it out When it's going away.
You did it.
getting the feel for the gun and Awesome He was doing pretty damn good at the end there.
Terry: What makes this challenge unique is it's not just blasting away.
You got to time it.
You got to be thinking about where those rounds are going.
Am I confident? Yeah, I'm pretty confident.
I think you'll do awesome.
All right.
Thanks very much.
You're welcome.
Appreciate it.
Any time.
Butler: My pick is Michelle.
If she does the timing she did in practice, which was perfect, she's probably gonna win.
But if she gets fatigued and just starts firing, there's a good chance Terry will bring it in the end because of his strength and durability.
Michelle: I live in Gilbert, Arizona, and I'm a military police officer in the army national guard, and I currently work with border patrol.
I started shooting when I was 16 Went to the range the first time with my dad, but I got all my training from the military.
I think that it'll be definitely an exciting challenge between Terry and I.
Wish you well.
And I want to show women that we can compete against men in competitions, whether it be shooting or anything you do.
Terry: I'm from Charlotte, North Carolina, by way of England.
By having served in the Royal Marines, I think I developed a focus and a concentration for shooting.
You've got to be able to shoot and move and do it under a lot of pressure.
Good luck, buddy.
Cheers, mate.
At the end of the day, it comes down to how you handle the stress right before you pull the trigger, and I'd love to think that my ability to handle the stress will eventually lead me to winning this competition.
Come on in, blue team.
Everybody but Michelle and Terry find a spot on the bench.
You guys are safe for now.
For you two, though, you're at a crossroads.
Winner stays to shoot another day, loser goes home.
This is gonna be a head-to-head challenge.
you see two 35-foot-long tracks.
On each track is a tumbling wheel with three targets attached.
Here's how it's gonna work.
You'll start out with buckshot.
Hit the target to get the block spinning down the track.
Once your horse moves past the marker, you have the opportunity to switch over to slugs.
But only if you want to.
Remember, slugs are gonna pack more punch.
But they're also gonna require more accuracy.
The shooter who moves their target to the end of the track first wins.
Makes sense, right? Let's do this.
Step up to the firing line.
Good luck, guys.
Good luck.
Michelle: Terry did the worst on the last competition.
And I think I can kick his ass.
I mean, and I would love to, let me tell you.
[ Chuckles ] Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! [ Shot pinging ] You got to find a rhythm with these guns.
Terry gets his target moving.
Michelle gets hers moving.
Donaldson: All right.
First shooter to tumble their wheel all the way down the track using the Benelli Nova wins and is safe from elimination.
Loser's headed home.
The winner is also gonna receive a $2,000 gift card to use at Bass Pro Shops.
Good luck, Terry.
Good luck, Michelle.
Here we go.
Marksmen, ready Set Go! Terry's at the Benelli.
He strikes.
Michelle misses on her first shot.
Terry gets his target moving.
[ Shot pinging ] You got to find a rhythm with these guns.
Michelle's back up on the range.
There you go.
Now you got it moving down the track.
[ Shot pinging ] Terry's got his moving good now, extends his lead.
Terry: Because of the way this thing rocked, I tried to time it as it went back as far as possible so it was kind of shoving it when the resistance was lightest.
Terry is nailing his targets, but he runs out of shells.
Michelle's got to pick up the pace here, has some ground to make up.
Michelle hitting her target, can't get it to tumble.
[Bleep] Michelle hits her target as it rolls forward, stopping it in its tracks.
Michelle: I wasn't waiting for it to rock back enough, and I was just out of rhythm.
Donaldson: Now Terry's got it moving again.
[ Shotgun cocks ] Michelle trying to find a rhythm with her tumbling target.
Now she's got it moving.
Plenty of time to catch up, just needs to get the wheel moving.
Now she figures out a little rhythm.
But just when she does, she runs out of ammo.
Terry's trying to find his rhythm again.
Terry makes it past his marker, and he's moving on to slugs.
You got to use the momentum of the target to carry it over.
Oh, and it gets stuck right in the middle.
Terry struggling to connect with his target now.
William: Michelle could not get the mechanics of how the target was moving to be able to keep the momentum of the target turning.
[ Sighs ] Donaldson: Terry gets his moving again.
William: Terry seemed to pick that up really quick.
Terry's right at the end.
Will it go off? That's it! Terry wins! Michelle: Man, would I have loved to have beat him.
But, you know, at the same time, he totally kicked my ass.
Nice work, Terry.
Come get your Bass Pro Shops gift card.
You can rejoin your team.
Good shooting.
Appreciate it, mate.
Thanks a lot.
You got it.
Terry: I mean, I had a moment, just a moment, of being happy that, yes, I'm not going home today.
And then immediately I'm gutted 'cause I had to send someone home to do it.
You know I hate to say it, but I have to.
You have fired your last shot.
You've been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" I know you want to say goodbye to these guys before you take off.
I wasn't expecting to leave so soon, which totally sucks.
I think I walk away from this competition with more confidence.
It just makes me feel great about myself.
We got one last thing we got to do before you go.
Ready? [ Laughs ] [ Chuckling ] See you.
I'm leaving here with my head held high.
I'm happy.
Greg: Michelle got sent home.
That's sad.
But, uh, some things happened that needed to happen amongst the blue team, and now I think you're gonna get ready to see some blue team domination.
Well, blue team, I think you guys learned a very hard lesson in team unity.
The question is, can you refocus and put a "w" back on the board? We'll find out at the next team challenge.
You guys can head back to the house.
Thank you, Colby.
On the next episode of "Top Shot" Terry straightens out the blue team.
This team, we support each other from this point on.
Otherwise there won't be a blue team.
Terry sort of got on our asses.
Donaldson: The shooters have to adapt to a new weapon.
And timing's the key to surviving the elimination challenge.