Top Shot (2010) s04e07 Episode Script

Trick Shot Shoot Off

Donaldson: Previously on "Top Shot" Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! After a solid start Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! the red team has lost two challenges in a row.
That's what I'm talking about! Donaldson: And they're starting to fall apart.
Tim flintlock, he missed.
Chris, that pisses me off.
Back home, that's ass-kicking words.
I want you in elimination with me.
Donaldson: In the elimination challenge, the tech geek Oh! Oh! Oh! takes down the big-game hunter.
Tim, you have fired your last shot.
And tonight, a "Top Shot" tradition continues trick shots.
The teams will battle it out, attempting some of the most challenging exhibition shots seen so far.
There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges until only one remains to claim the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" Look at you coming in the lane! Congrats.
Augie: The red team gets back, and Chris comes back into the house, and that surprised me.
It really did.
Kyle: I was concerned about the red team.
We have lost two challenges in a row.
You look at what this team was We couldn't beat them at basketball or a bar fight, but we can beat them at shooting.
Kyle: We have strong shooters here.
We can't afford to lose any one of them, so we have to win this challenge, and that is the bottom line.
Welcome to the practice range, shooters.
After the blue team's victory in the last team challenge, we are all tied up at five apiece.
Let's get to it, shall we? It is time for some good old exhibition shooting, a.
trick shots.
Gabriela: Wow, I'm thinking, "this is awesome.
" I mean, I like precision.
That's what I really like.
Here are the firearms you're gonna be using.
First up, one I know you're all familiar with model 1911.
Back in 1911, legendary firearm designer John Browning used the force of recoil to reload the M1911 without any action required from the shooter, hence making semiautomatic history.
The Volquartsen .
22 is a state-of-the-art, semiautomatic, precision rifle ideally suited for target shooting, hunting small game.
It's capable of tack-driving groups as small as 3/8 of an inch from 50 yards away.
Chee: I'm thinking, yes, that's awesome, because I have a lot of experience with both these types of weapons.
Here to help you train with these firearms is 11-time national champion marksman Robert Vogel.
[ Applause ] Robert.
How are you doing? Pretty good.
Thanks for joining us.
For this practice, you're gonna train in a very specific type of precision shooting.
Red team, you guys are up first.
Blue team, you guys will practice later.
Have some fun.
I'll see you at the challenge.
Ready for this? Yeah.
What we have here is you see a bowling pin down there.
The object is to hit that pretty much dead center and drive it right back through that opening.
The center one here, the object is to, actually, on this one, it's the opposite of that one.
There's actually two holes in the bottom there.
It's to drive it one way or another and actually drive that pin down into the hole.
The other challenge we're gonna have with this pistol is actually going to be shooting these cans out of the air.
Chris: Red team we already know that we're all pistol shooters, and so any of us can do the pistol stages.
[ Gunshot ] Good job, buddy.
[ Gunshot ] Whoo! [ Gunshot ] Yeah! [ Laughs ] Aerial targets have been one of the things that I've spent a lot of time doing.
[ Gunshot ] Hit.
Good job, Gary.
You got the can job.
So, when I saw those cans sitting there, I knew I'd be able to knock them right out.
What you're gonna be shooting next here is the volquartsen rifle.
Downrange, we have a series of dots.
The object is to hit those dots.
[ Gunshot ] Perfect.
[ Gunshot ] [ Gunshot ] Perfect.
[ Gunshot ] Nice.
A 10/22 rifle is a very precise gun.
[ Gunshot ] Vogel: That's awesome there.
Kyle: Gary is better on the can tossing, so he's locked up that position.
The rifle positions are going to be taken by Gaby and Chee, and so that really leaves Chris and I to fill in what's left on the bowling pins.
Those should be not difficult shots to make.
Good job, Augie.
[ Gunshot ] Perfect.
Terry: Where we place each shooter is gonna be the most important aspect of being successful at this challenge.
[ Gunshots ] Man: Got that one.
[ Gunshot ] Oh, yeah.
There you go.
Augie: Dylan was shooting the cans out of the air.
That's not easy to do, so at the competition, we'll be looking to Dylan to make that shot for us.
Dylan: All right.
Go on, Willie.
Show us how it's done.
One of the favorites for the pistol stuff was William.
William does a lot of pistol shooting.
That's his thing.
[ Gunshot ] Dylan: Oh! Look at him go.
Very good.
William: Hits at center.
Try one or two more.
Again, a total surprise.
No, I'm a good shot.
That's where it's hitting.
Trust me.
[ Chuckles ] What did he say? He just told the expert he's a good shot.
Augie: You got an 11-time world champion out there, and will looks at him and says, "yeah, I'm a really good shot.
" You gonna shoot the rifle? You don't even want to try it? I'm not gonna be in the rifle, so why should I shoot it? Terry: It's so hard to start saying, "I'm only gonna do this.
I'm not gonna do that.
" That's not good for the team.
It really isn't.
[ Gunshot ] Man: Tell you what offhand, it sucks.
Yeah, it's not good.
[ Gunshot ] Terry: You doing this or you abstaining? I don't really care if I do it.
Greg: William was stubborn about shooting that pistol at first.
William: You want me on that pistol.
Trust me.
I mean, he wanted to shoot the pistol bad.
[ Gunshot ] William: When the guys noticed that they were having a very difficult time mastering the rifle, then they said, "hey, Will, "I think you ought to shoot the rifle because we're having a pretty tough time at it.
" So I ponied up.
I went over, and I shot the rifle, and I did very well with it.
[ Gunshot ] Augie: Good shot.
[ Gunshot ] Will's shooting better with that thing offhand than any of us.
Greg: Four out of five, and he center-punched them.
[ Gunshot ] And he's still saying that he would rather shoot a pistol.
[ Gunshot ] William is the best shot on the blue team, but he's not acting like a team player.
Terry: We're gonna talk as a team.
At the practice, William, at first, wouldn't shoot the rifle.
I got to admit, it rubbed me up the wrong way.
I don't have a problem shooting that rifle.
I told you guys right up.
You can count on my trigger.
I can put the needle on the record.
Hey, diddle, diddle, right down the middle.
Everybody sitting in here knows that.
That's just it.
We've heard from day one what you're capable of doing.
Greg: We're all confident.
He takes it above that he's cocky.
William likes to talk and boast about how good he is.
Why are you gonna try to rub your team's fur the wrong way and get underneath everybody's skin? Most of these guns that we shoot out here, I have mastered them.
When they started shooting the rifle during practice and found out that the challenge was gonna be much more difficult than it appeared, they eagerly wanted to go ahead and start shooting the pistol.
None of them wanted to shoot the rifle.
They are so uncomfortable with their own skills and talents that they only want to do something that's very comfortable with them.
To me, you guys ran away from a challenge today.
And it kind of got me teed off.
I don't want to see you guys backpedaling like roaches when the lights cut on.
Take the challenge! Terry: I'm not hard to get along with, but when you start calling the rest of the team a bunch of roaches, this gets under your skin.
Do you really think it's constructive to say the rest of us were running like roaches? No! Because we're not competing with you in a résumé pissing match.
That's not what I'm talking about.
But that's what you said.
Dylan: Everybody just started kind of coming apart, and I really got a bad feeling about the whole thing.
We need to come together and stop [Bleep] arguing right now.
What we're doing right now is unraveling like we would love the red team to tomorrow after they lose.
I want us to have a team meeting and decide who's gonna shoot what tomorrow, but we have to pull it together.
You know, we're gonna try to work everything out with the line-up and get everything as best as we can, but I just think that there's too much bad mojo going around.
Terry: I will admit I'm scared.
Things are set so far back, I'm, like, squinting to see, is that a target? I'm afraid.
I'm very afraid.
Morning, gang.
Together: Good morning.
It is time to show off your exhibition shooting skills.
Each of you will be responsible for one trick shot.
Trick shot number one using the model 1911 you're gonna hit a bowling pin 30 feet downrange, knocking it cleanly back in between two other pins.
Trick shot number two also with the 1911, hit a bowling pin so that it travels diagonally, knocking over one of two pins behind it.
Trick shot number three using the Volquartsen .
22, you're gonna shoot a bottle opener to release the cap on a nice, cool, refreshing bottle of soda.
Trick shot number four is a paint bucket stacked on top of another paint bucket filled with water.
Using the 1911, shoot the bottom bucket, send the top bucket flying, and then shoot the top bucket in midair.
Trick shot number five are four gum balls a half-inch in diameter, perched on golf tees.
Use the Volquartsen .
22 to shoot the gum ball cleanly off the tee.
Gabriela: I'm like, "wow, this is gonna be very, very difficult challenge.
" Donaldson: At each of the first four stations, you will get three opportunities.
Each successful shot is worth one point.
For the fifth and final station, you're gonna get four shots, and each hit is worth three points.
The team with the most points wins.
This is gonna be fun.
Greg: It's not gonna be easy, but the blue team's ready.
We're prepared, and we'll be fine.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" Terry: At each stage of the challenge The pressure mounts.
Greg: He said, "if I can shoot it, I'll hit the middle.
" This is his moment to shine and prove that he can.
Donaldson: Today's team challenge will test your skills performing some of the most difficult trick shots possible.
Blue team, you'll be starting things off.
Let's go bowling.
Who's up? Augie gonna kick things off.
Augie: My station is to hit a bowling pin straight through two other bowling pins without knocking each of the bowling pins down.
Augie, making that look easy.
Augie! It does not go back through the other two pins.
That will not count.
Augie goes 2 for 3.
Greg: It was all right.
He did good.
Two out of three in any one of these challenges is gonna be good.
Donaldson: Red team, who's gonna try to answer? Chris Cheng.
Chris: After Augie goes 2 for 3, I clearly see an opportunity to make this a 3-2 game.
Chris connects on his first shot, scores a point for the red team.
[ Gunshot ] Kyle: Nice work.
Donaldson: Chris tying the score up.
Two apiece.
Chris goes 3 for 3 with the 1911.
Red team takes the lead, 3-2.
Greg: Chris came up and knocked all three straight through without even flinching.
It's like, "ohh.
" I think a lot of people might have underestimated Chris Cheng up to this point.
Donaldson: As we move through the stages, we're gonna alternate which team goes first, so that means, red team, it's your turn to send up.
Who's next? Kyle gonna handle the 1911 for the red team.
Still bowling, but this time, you want that head pin to come in contact with the two behind it.
Kyle: The bowling pins may look like easy targets, but it's not enough just to hit them.
The difference between hitting the pin and driving it straight back and hitting the pin and driving it at just the right angle to clip the other pin we're talking 1/4 of an inch.
Donaldson: All you need to knock over is one of those in the back.
Ohh! Hits it But does not take out one of the two pins in the rear.
My first shot was a quarter-inch off and drove the pin straight back.
That's gonna count as a point.
Yes! That's gonna count.
Kyle: I get two out of three.
I'm a little bit disappointed, but we'll see what happens.
Donaldson: Big Greg Littlejohn.
Greg: I can do this.
I feel I have a very good shot at evening up the score between red and blue.
Donaldson: That'll count.
Greg: I'm like, "I got it.
" Ohh, can't get it to fall.
Greg: I put the sights in the same exact spot, and the pin went straight back.
[ Exhales sharply ] Ohh! Donaldson: Takes a weird bounce, but does not knock over one of the pins.
What am I gonna do? I did everything I could do.
Donaldson: Going into the third stage.
Red team leads, 5-3.
Blue team, it's your turn to send up.
Who's it gonna be? Terry! All right, Terry.
Dylan: Terry.
Greg: That's such a hard shot.
If he hits one, I'm gonna be ecstatic.
Terry: At each stage of the challenge, the pressure mounts, so by the time I pick up the rifle, all I'm thinking in my head is, "you've got to make these shots.
" Donaldson: For this next shot, Terry needs to open a bottle of soda by shooting a bottle opener.
Terry: A 3/4 of an inch bull's-eye at types of shots you can make, especially with the wind blowing the way it is.
If that thing moves a half-millimeter at the muzzle, you're gonna miss 3, 4 inches at the point of impact.
Terry misses on his first attempt.
Two more opportunities.
Terry hits the bottle opener! That scores a point for the blue team.
Greg: He drilled that cap.
This is gonna put some pressure on the red team.
Donaldson: Terry misses the bottle opener on that one.
Augie: I'm satisfied with his performance on it.
It's not an easy shot.
Red team, who's your shooter? Gaby gonna take on the .
22 rifle.
Terry: Gaby follows me up, and she's the ice queen of the universe.
Apparently doesn't get rattled about anything.
And I'm thinking, "if she nails all these targets, "I'm gonna have to commit hari-kari tonight in the bathroom by myself.
" [ Exhales sharply ] Gaby misses on her first attempt.
Gabriela: It was so close.
Like, so close.
I said, "okay, I'm close.
" [ Gunshot ] Gaby's second attempt is a miss.
Gabriela: I have to shoot that bottle opener! I don't know how.
I have to do it.
[ Gunshot ] [ Applause ] Nice shot, Gaby! Yes! That was excellent feeling.
Donaldson: Two stages remaining.
Red team leads, 6-4.
We're switching back to the 1911.
Red team, you're sending up first.
Who's it gonna be? Gary! All right, Gary.
Take on the paint cans.
Gary: I'm up first on the fourth stage, and I'm a little bit nervous.
It's a little bit different to throw a paint can in the air by hand.
It's another thing to have to hit a target using hydraulic pressure to throw that can in the air and then hit it on the move.
You don't know how it's gonna fly, so going up first in this particular thing is a huge disadvantage for the red team.
I have no idea.
Oh! That's a point! Nice job, buddy! Greg: Gary steps up, shoots the bottom can, blasts the top.
I was just like, "holy crap.
" Gary looking like an old pro! Gary 2 for 2! Let's see if he can hit that top can one more time.
Gary goes 3 for 3 with the 1911! Owning that stage.
Chris: I am impressed.
That is some of the best exhibition shooting that I've seen in a while.
Donaldson: Gary just put a little pressure on, blue team.
Who's up? Dylan gonna shoot at the paint cans.
William: All right, Dylan.
Dylan: The red team's getting, you know, a pretty good lead.
That sucks.
I'm still not really nervous.
I am supremely confident that I'll be able to shoot my cans in the air.
I'm being facetious.
Dylan misses on his first attempt.
Dylan goes 0 for 2 on his first two attempts.
He has one more chance.
Come on.
Just get us one point.
Let's get us within four.
Dylan: Ah.
Donaldson: Three attempts.
Dylan fails to put any points on the board for the blue team.
Come on back, Dylan.
Dylan: I know that there's going to be a lot of people in the world that say, "that didn't look very hard.
" Try it at home.
Donaldson: Going into the fifth and final stage.
Red team leads, 9-4.
William, you're the last shooter for the blue team.
You have a possible total of 12.
Greg: Those last targets are worth three apiece, and he has four shots at it.
He's said time and time again, "I don't miss.
If I can shoot it, I'll hit the middle.
" This is his moment to shine and prove that he can.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" William drills the gum ball! Kyle: I'm thinking, "uh-oh.
He's going to rack up 12 points.
Get ready, Chee.
You've got your work cut out for you.
" Donaldson: Red team leads, 9-4.
William, you're the last shooter for the blue team, and you've got the hardest shot hitting a half-inch-diameter gum ball at 35 feet.
You have a possible total of 12, so you need to take out at least two of them to give the blue team a shot.
Good luck.
Step on up.
[ Applause ] Greg: They now have a five-point lead.
Now will's gonna start to feel the pressure, but, according to will, he likes these pressure moments.
He does not falter.
"Hey, diddle, diddle, right down the middle," so he says.
William: You know, I'm ready to do this challenge.
I'm very capable and very confident in my abilities, but I also notice the wind is really gusting.
I'm struggling to hold this thing on there, and I don't have a lot of room for error.
Yes! William drills the gum ball! Dylan: We're all seriously excited.
He could clean house right here.
Kyle: I'm thinking, "Uh-oh.
Here we go.
He is going to rack up 12 points.
Get ready, Chee.
You've got your work cut out for you, buddy.
" [ Gunshot ] William missing on his second attempt.
Just missed.
Greg: I was hoping for a clean run out of him.
He's capable.
William: The wind's blowing so hard, I can barely hold the weapon on the gum ball.
The wind is just actually getting the better of me.
[ Gunshot ] Donaldson: William misses on his third attempt.
One last shot.
Terry: It's a difficult shot to make a gum ball but it's the kind of shot that he's been telling us at every opportunity that he would never miss.
[ Exhales sharply ] Yeah.
"Hey, diddle, diddle, right down the middle," just left the building.
Donaldson: Well, all around, guys, a pretty impressive display of marksmanship.
Chee, at this point, there's really no need for you to even go up and attempt the shot on the gum balls.
Congratulations, red team.
You take the win.
Gabriela: Thank you.
[ Applause ] Good shooting.
Blue team, you now have a very difficult decision to make.
I'll see you guys in a couple hours at the nomination range, where you will cast your vote.
Two of you will be facing off in the elimination challenge.
You guys can head back to the house.
Chris: Red team is feeling great knocking out this win after two consecutive losses.
We're back in the saddle, and we're ready to continue knocking off the blue team one member at a time.
Great job.
Dylan: I think that our performance today in the challenge is definitely a direct result of how everyone acted during our last team meeting and how everything came unraveled.
It's pretty much like a fart in a car.
There's just no getting away from it.
It's all very offensive, and no one's happy.
I'll be going to elimination! And I'm raising my hand.
Before we make future decisions on who will be joining me, I would like to voice my opinion on who I would like to shoot against.
For two reasons one, 'cause I think he's the best shooter on the team, and I'd either want to beat him to stay or be beaten by him to go I'd like to shoot against will.
Two "hey diddle diddle" left the damn building today.
William though he did score three points, he still only hit one target.
And I think that his target was maybe, you know, in the same realm as anyone else's.
It wasn't necessarily any harder.
But it's not 'cause I don't like you.
But I want you guys to know, you couldn't hold that scope on that gum ball today when I was shooting.
Know that.
William: None of the other guys spoke up and says, "I think William had the tougher shot.
He's one of our best shooters.
He's leader of the team.
" None of them stepped up and said anything like that.
So that just kind of told me the game is changing, and everybody's just starting to get into that self-preservation mode, and that's fine with me 'cause the gloves will be off pretty soon when the green shirts come out.
We all could have done better.
There's no doubt about it.
Terry: Given how badly everybody did in their specific shooting challenges, everybody could be at risk.
So I don't know who's gonna go to elimination.
Blue team, welcome to the nomination range.
All right.
Let's get to the vote.
Greg, you're gonna be voting first.
I am voting for Dylan because he asked me to.
Dylan, you'll vote next.
[ Sighs ] One vote William, one vote Dylan.
Terry, you're up.
Terry: Will is a great shooter, and he is a terrible teammate.
The tension of the entire team is twice as much as it should be because of how he is when we're all together.
It's just detrimental to the team's performance.
Donaldson: That's one vote for Dylan, two for William, and, William, it is your turn.
Dylan: It's William's turn to shoot, and he goes up, and he takes his one-handed competition stance.
Terry: We wait for, you know, 10 seconds, and nothing happens, and he's a precision shooter anyway, so that's normal.
Then he realizes he hasn't even taken the safety catch off.
[ Chuckling ] Nice shot! I can't stand cocky.
It drives me up the wall.
That was a good shot.
Augie: If you're a good shot, just go up there and shoot the target.
You don't have to be stupid about it, and you don't have to be arrogant.
That's just further gonna rub people the wrong way.
That's what I wanted somebody to center-punch.
Dylan: I knew instantly he was trying to prove something, like he's trying to put a little bit of fear in me.
But it's not anything that makes me poop my pants.
Well, that makes it official.
Augie, there's no need for you to come up and vote.
Dylan, you and William will be facing off in the elimination challenge.
You guys can head back to the house.
I'll see you tomorrow morning at practice.
Thanks, Colby.
William: They can only send me to elimination.
They can't send me home, but I can send one of them home.
And I'm gonna send each and every one of them home by myself if I have to.
So I step right up to the challenge.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" Sig Sauer P229 and the Browning Buckmark .
It felt like this weapon was part of my hand.
I'm cool.
There's nothing to be nervous about.
Dylan and William, welcome to practice for the elimination challenge.
Thank you, Colby.
Only one of you is gonna earn the right to continue in this competition.
You'll be using two pistols known for their accuracy the Sig Sauer P229 and the Browning Buckmark .
The Sig 229 was originally developed to replace the 1911 as a sidearm for the U.
Armed Forces.
Its outstanding performance and reliability quickly made it one of the more popular pistols for both military and civilian use.
It's carried by immigration and customs, the coast guard, and federal air marshals.
We count on the secret service to protect our president.
They count on the Sig Sauer 229.
The Browning Buckmark, the Big Mac of pistols, is an affordable handgun even inexperienced shooters can fire well.
That's because it's simple and accurate.
These are two very precise weapons.
William: I carried a sig as a state trooper in Virginia.
I've got a little bit of experience shooting a lot of different .
They pretty much work the same way, so I'm feeling pretty good about the challenge right off the bat.
To help you train and learn their intricacies, we've invited back Robert Vogel.
Good morning, Robert.
For practice, you'll shoot at 3-inch targets William, you're gonna work with Robert first.
Dylan, you can come with me.
You'll practice later.
Good luck, gentlemen.
Thank you, sir.
We're gonna make speed a little bit more of an emphasis here, versus before, it was just precision.
This is gonna be a little bit of a balance of both.
William: The first gun that I decided to shoot was the .
22 caliber.
It felt like this weapon was part of my hand.
The Sig 229 [ Gunshot ] it's very accurate.
Next, we take the .
Basically, you got six targets across the top.
And what I want you to do is hit each target and then put the gun down, and this is gonna be loaded, too.
I want you to pick this up and do the same thing on the bottom targets.
Your score to me, right here, is gonna be your time how long it takes you to do that.
Shooter ready.
Stand by.
[ Beep ] [ Gunshot ] Good.
[ Gunshot ] Good.
[ Gunshot ] Good.
[ Gunshot ] Good.
[ Gunshot ] Good.
[ Gunshot ] [ Gunshot ] Good.
[ Gunshot ] Good.
[ Gunshot ] Good.
[ Gunshot ] Good.
[ Gunshot ] Good.
Very good.
So, that's just exactly what you want to do.
Balance the speed and accuracy.
Vogel: I believe William he's a shooter, and he's got his technique down, and I really think he'll do well.
Vogel: Ready for this? Yeah.
All right.
[ Beep ] [ Gunshot ] Little low there.
[ Gunshot ] It's little high.
Dylan actually probably shot a little faster than will, but it's just a lot of errant shots.
It's tough when you're shooting at speed.
You get amped up.
Really different for me.
[ Gunshot ] I think the practice is going fairly well for William, so, you know, I'm not doing too great.
[ Laughs ] [ Gunshot ] Vogel: Unfortunate what happens sometimes when you pick up the speed.
I'm sure William didn't have any trouble with it, 'cause this is his gig.
Vogel: To win, bottom line is you have to believe in your heart and mind legitimately believe that you can win.
With Dylan, I think he's questioning that, him knowing how William performs, and that might have a negative effect on him.
[ Gunshots ] But, you know, he finished out all right.
You're going plenty fast.
You know, you got the speed.
You need to back off just a little bit in order to get those hits.
Other than that, you know, you did good.
All right.
I appreciate the help.
William: Oh, thanks.
Dylan: I think that I'm different from the other shooters in the way that most of them are, you know, military, law-enforcement guys.
It's not like I'm a competition shooter.
I don't come into this really with any kind of accolades.
I'm just some knife-making dummy from Atlanta.
So I'm cool.
There's nothing to be nervous about.
[ Sighs ] William: I'm married to my lovely wife, Tina.
I have one daughter with two grandsons, who I'm really hoping to make proud.
I was a deacon at my church, but I've been promoted to an elder.
I'm on the marine corps big shooting team.
I became double distinguished with both rifle and pistol.
I became the marine corps Top Shot, became service national champion.
So if I get beat at this particular challenge, I deserve to go home.
Come on in, fellas.
Blue team, welcome to the elimination challenge.
Dylan and William, you're about to get one more chance to nail a trick shot.
have a rack of 10 bowling pins.
The tops of all the pins have been cleanly sawed off, then put back into place.
On my go, using the Browning, you'll shoot the top of the pin off.
You'll get a point for each top knocked off.
Once you've done that, pick up the sig.
Shoot the bottom of the pins off the rack.
You do that, you're gonna get a second point.
If you hit the bottom part of the pin first, no point.
You'll be able to reload as often as you need.
At the end of two minutes, the shooter who has the most points wins.
Winner stays to shoot another day.
Loser is head home.
Make sense? You guys ready? Yeah.
All right.
Let's do this.
Step up to the firing line.
Dylan: Going into this elimination challenge, I'm just the same as I always am.
Not keyed up, not nervous, anything like that.
For me, it's just another day, shooting at the range.
Donaldson: Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! That point won't count.
I'm thinking, "take your time and make the shot.
" Donaldson: It is time for the elimination challenge.
You'll be using the Browning to shoot the tops off the bowling pins, then use the sig to knock the bottoms off the rack.
You get a point for each top and a point for each bottom hit.
If you hit the bottom part first, you get no points for that pin.
Whoever has the most points at the end of two minutes wins.
The winner is also gonna receive a $2,000 gift card to use at Bass Pro Shops.
Good luck, gentlemen.
Marksmen, ready Set Go! Both men grabbing the Browning.
William already has two points.
Dylan knocks the entire pin off.
That point won't count.
Dylan has two points.
Now William has three points.
William knocks the entire pin off with the Browning.
Now they've both eliminated one, so they both have a total possibility of getting 18 points apiece, so now we have an even playing field again, but Dylan's got to pick up the pace.
Donaldson: Dylan has four points.
William now has four points.
William has five.
Dylan catching back up.
William: I'm thinking, "you can't allow yourself to be beaten by yourself.
Take your time and make the shot.
" Donaldson: William has six.
Dylan going through a lot of ammo.
William, 8.
William has 9 points.
Now he switches over to the sig.
Dylan's stuck trying to clear out the tops of the pins.
Terry: At this point, William's hitting everything.
It was unbelievable.
William, 12 points.
William, 13.
William's very accurate with the sig 229.
I can see William's bowling pin going nuts, flying all over the place, and mine just aren't doing the same dance.
Donaldson: Picks that one up.
One pin left.
William cleans the rack.
Dylan must still engage because William did not make a clean run.
Cease fire! Cease fire! That's it.
Dylan: As soon as I popped my second pin off, William has cleaned his, other than one pin.
So that's it.
Time's up.
Everything's done.
Greg: Turns out, will had a really good day.
It really was painful to watch Dylan take that whooping.
Dylan, you scored seven points.
William, you scored 18.
Nice job.
You are still in this thing.
Come get your gift card, and you can rejoin your team.
Good shooting.
Thank you, Colby.
William: I feel that I was said to be the best shooter on the team, but yet I was sent to elimination, so it made the win just that much sweeter.
Dylan, unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
You've now been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" Take a moment to say goodbye to your teammates before you head out.
Dylan: I really would have liked to have gone farther, but I'm totally satisfied just knowing that I competed against some of the best shooters in the world and I held my own.
Good job.
Well done.
Thank you.
So, you know, I'm happy with what I've done.
Hopefully, I've changed a couple of minds about dummy-knife makers with earrings and tattoos and really foul mouths.
Hey, guys.
Just another day at the range.
Well, blue team, you may not always get along with William, but I'd say he's certainly proved himself to be an accomplished hand gunner.
And from where I'm standing, that is an asset to any team.
Terry: At this point, with William coming back onto the blue team, I've kind of got mixed emotions.
Obviously, the last couple of days, we've had some words, differences of opinion.
You guys can head back to the house.
I'll see you tomorrow at practice.
Now it's either come together as a team or completely disintegrate as a team.
We got to pull it together.
And I think we will.
Greg: Good shooting.
Donaldson: On the next episode of "Top Shot" What's done is done.
The blue team tries to put the past behind them.
Where do we go from here? Iain Harrison.
A champion returns to help out with two iconic british firearms.
Go! And a "Top Shot" classic gets a new twist.