Top Shot (2010) s04e08 Episode Script

The Mad Minute

Previously on "Top Shot" Most of these guns, I have mastered them.
William holds himself in high regard I don't want to see you guys backpedaling like roaches when the lights cut on.
but a nasty remark sets his teammates off.
When you start calling the rest of the team a bunch of roaches, this gets under your skin.
When it comes time to perform, William fails to deliver in the team challenge.
"Hey, diddle, diddle, right down the middle," just left the building.
I'd like to shoot against Will.
After the loss, Dylan calls William out.
In a precision-pistol elimination challenge William's very accurate with the Sig.
William shows his skills I'm gonna send each and every one of them home by myself if I have to.
And knocks Dylan out of the competition.
There are shots that changed history feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges until only one remains, to claim the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" Mr.
Will! Hello! Welcome home.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Will came back to the house, and it was good to see him come back.
It was a head-to-head battle, but it was a good challenge.
And, you know, Dylan was he said that, you know, he had the utmost respect for me.
William got a raw deal for this elimination for a lot of politics going on on the blue team.
All right.
Thank you, guys.
At the end of the day, he didn't do anything to deserve to be there, and that's how the red team sees it.
I didn't think you should have went to elimination.
I think it should have been another person that went instead of you, but what's done is done.
Dylan was the one who wanted to shoot against you, so, that's how it was.
So, what my concern is, is "where do we go from here?" Because tomorrow this stuff starts all over again.
And we either got to go in as a team, or we're gonna end up back at the nomination range.
I just want to move forward and just go from here.
I mean, that's how I feel I really feel.
I do think that we can work together as a team and prevail in these next challenges that are coming up.
All the crap that came yesterday and the days before, I don't care about.
I care about not going to nomination again.
So, if we dump all the baggage, we're gonna be fine.
If you're gonna keep reflecting on what went wrong the previous time and all the things you screwed up, you're not gonna do any better going into the next challenge.
You just put it behind you.
"Okay, that was a loss.
"Now what are we going to do to correct it and remedy it going forward?" Co on in here, shooters.
Morning, marksmen.
Good morning.
Welcome to practice for the team challenge.
Today, you'll be training with the Rolls-Royce of revolvers the Webley Mark VI.
Today we're shooting the Webley Mark VI revolver.
I've only seen this in TV shows and movies.
This is one of the reasons why I wanted to be on "Top Shot" to shoot a variety of different guns that I probably will never touch again.
The Webley line of pistols served the British Royal Army officially since 1887 and unofficially since the 1870s.
British officers were expected to bring their own pistols.
They brought a Webley.
The Mark VI served the British Royal Army through two world wars and up until 1947.
Who is better suited to familiarize you with this iconic british army revolver than a former british army infantry officer, who just happens to be the first winner of "Top Shot" Iain Harrison? All right.
What's up, Iain? Top of the morning to you, Colby.
You, as well, my friend.
I'm feeling warm and fuzzy, mate.
I really am.
We get Iain, you know, a winner of a past season.
This is fantastic.
But this is great! You know, it's a brother from england.
Why, this is all good.
In this practice, you'll train on that crucial combination of speed and accuracy.
Red team, you guys are up first.
Blue team, head back to the house.
You'll practice later.
Good luck.
See you at the challenge.
I've got something great to show you here.
It's probably the finest fighting revolver ever made.
It's a double-action/ single-action revolver.
The other thing you'll notice automatically is that it's a top-break.
And The gun opens up.
The Webley Mark VI is a fantastic firearm.
My dad has one.
I've shot it numerous times.
It's been featured in a lot of different films, so I recognized it immediately as a gun that I've seen a lot.
And it's just a neat gun to shoot.
So, Gary, one full load, then we'll switch shooters.
The revolver's a double-action/ single-action design, which means you can either cock the hammer with your thumb and then fire it with a fairly light trigger pull, or you can use the trigger to cycle the revolver all the way through the cylinder rotation cock the hammer and then drop the hammer.
That double-action is rough! Pull it through.
Suck it up, buttercup.
One of the biggest challenges the competitors are going to face is mastering that double-action trigger pull.
Can't argue with that, man.
I thought Chee did particularly well.
He shot the bun both double-action and single-action, which means that he has both of those options open to him.
It's a heavy trigger.
My finger didn't move.
It was, like, the first time ever I felt like that.
Yeah, I can't.
Can't pull it past that point? Mnh-mnh.
Go ahead and cock the weapon with your thumb.
Gaby, on the other hand, because of her small stature and because it's a fairly big revolver, was not able to get her finger on the trigger and shoot the gun double-action.
If she goes into the challenge, then that's gonna hurt her.
We practiced speed loading the Webley just to get used to the motion of breaking the revolver in half, which is different than a typical revolver where the cylinder just pops out to the side.
We have no idea what the team challenge will look like, and so we want to practice everything we can to get familiar with the gun and be ready for whatever problems or whatever team challenge may be presented to us.
Red team! Good to see you again.
All right.
So, what we have for you today naturally, it's british.
This particular pistol apparently originates from the U.
I didn't know that.
I'd seen it in "Indiana Jones.
" That's as good as it got for me.
So, they said I had this advantage.
And then I walk up, and I'm like, "I have no idea.
" I've never fired it.
I hadn't seen it before.
I mean, it's a revolver.
How different can it be? I mean, it's actually a neat weapon.
Where it shows its age is the sights.
If you can cock the hammer with your left hand, it saves you breaking your grip with your right.
Hopefully we're shooting at static targets when it comes to competition, because it's gonna be hard to gauge on where you're gonna have to aim.
One thing that was immediately noticeable about blue team when they came up to handle the firearm was that they were more confident.
They had a lot more confidence handling the weapon, and this is gonna be great for them going into the challenge.
One thing that blue team didn't have, however, was a lot of team cohesiveness.
They didn't practice loading and unloading under this time pressure, which I think is gonna be a critical skill in the challenge up ahead.
All right, guys.
Good luck in the competition tomorrow.
Nice to meet you.
So, we're walking up to the challenge.
It looks to be 30 jars.
They look static.
And I'm excited.
I was shooting the revolver quite well yesterday.
Morning, shooters.
For this team challenge, we're bringing back a "Top Shot" classic.
Only this time we're gonna add a bit of a twist.
Every season, we feature a challenge that has to do with speed.
But this time, the targets will be moving.
This thing starts rolling.
I'm thinking, "okay.
" You realize it's moving a little bit faster than you expected.
And it quickly becomes a nightmare.
two sets of 30 6-inch targets one for each team.
On my go, a member from each team will run to the firing line, load up the Mark VI, and begin shooting at your targets taking out as many as you can.
You'll have six shots.
Then you run back, and the next person in line goes.
The first team to take out all 30 targets wins.
Blue team, you guys are down a member, so you have a decision to make.
Somebody on the red team's gonna be sitting in the bleachers for this one.
Do you know who it's gonna be? That's gonna be Gaby.
They're gonna send me.
Well, this was gonna be a fun match for me.
But not anymore.
Gaby, I know you want to compete in this one, but you can take pride in one thing this is the first time a female has ever been sat out of a challenge because she was perceived as a threat.
You guys head on over to your starting positions.
Let's do this.
I definitely feel confident about going first, and overall I think that it's gonna be a fun challenge.
I volunteered to get up first, figuring that that's the it's one of the harder rolls.
You've got to get up, and you've got to make it count, you know, from the word "go.
" And I think at this point we've got as good a chance as the red team of performing well.
Coming up on "Top Shot" The red team we find our rhythm quickly.
It was really frustrating.
We've designed today's team challenge to test your speed and accuracy with a revolver that's about as british as Shepherd's pie, the Webley Mark VI.
This is a head-to-head competition.
First team to smoke all 30 targets on a moving grid wins.
Good luck.
Marksmen, ready Set Go! All right, Chee! Let's go get him, buddy! Terry first up for the blue team.
Chee first up for the red team.
Terry missing on his first shot.
Terry misses on his second attempt.
Terry scores a point for the blue team! Terry 1 of 4.
Chee scores a point for the red team! It was really frustrating to not be consistent with that point of aim.
It was awful.
Chee scores two points for the red team.
It's moving quicker than you think.
Chee 3 for 3 with the Webley! Team strategy is very simple although it is a race, the focus must be on accuracy.
The team that misses a lot is the team that will lose.
Augie now up for the blue team.
Reload! We talked about calling out "reload" to enhance the speed.
Chee is 3 for 6 with the Webley.
Augie misses on his first attempt.
Kyle now up for the red team.
Augie scores a point for the blue team.
Augie scores two points.
We're tied up.
Three targets apiece.
You're high and left! Kyle misses on his first shot.
I run up there, fired one, missed.
Tried it again, missed.
Well, this obviously is not the right way to go.
Augie goes 2 for 6 for the blue team.
Kyle takes out a target.
Kyle takes out two targets.
Unload! Unload! As soon as I put it on the edge of the target, that is the hole.
Jars started to explode, and they just kept exploding.
Kyle goes 50% Read team leads 6-3.
William now up for the blue team.
Shooting high! Fired my first shot, second shot, third shot, and they were all misses.
Gary takes out a target! Gary takes out a second target.
William takes out a fourth target for the blue team.
Reload! Reload! Gary hits 3 out of 6 with the Webley.
Well done.
Looking over at the blue team, they're more focused on speed than accuracy.
And it's showing right now.
We're already ahead of them.
It's high.
It's very high.
It's Chris Cheng on deck for the red team.
Greg is up there for the blue team.
Red team leads 9-4.
Red team, we find our rhythm quickly, and we continue knocking out red jars.
Chris hits another target for the red team.
Chris 1 of 3.
Chris 1 of 4.
Let's go, Greg.
Chris hits a second target.
Red team communicating with the shooter on the deck.
Greg hits the target for the blue team.
Blue team trailing, needs to pick it up here.
Chee already back up for the red team.
Red team has 11 targets.
Blue team has 5.
I was rushing.
I was trying to get those jars busted as fast as I could to catch us up.
Terry's now back up for the blue team.
Nochee connects.
There we go.
Terry connects with the Webley.
Terry goes 2 for 2.
Misses on his third attempt.
Terry takes out three targets.
How he's getting dialed in.
I realized I was probably aiming off too far.
It's a slow round.
I'm like, "okay, well, let's bring it back.
" And then I had a run.
Chee hits another jar.
Blue team picking up the pace here, closing the gap.
Red team still ahead to the blue team's 9.
Augie back up for his second round.
Kyle takes out a target for the red team.
Kyle hits two targets for the red team.
When it's Kyle's turn, I'm like, "come on, Kyle! Go! Let's go!" Kyle doing pretty good with the Webley.
Unload! Bam, bam, bam! I'm like, "wow, that's the way to go.
" Red team has 11 targets remaining.
William now back up with the Webley.
Gary jumping back on the shooting platform for the red team.
You're kind of glancing over, and you see them just shattering those red jars.
You can't help but think, "oh, my God, they're cleaning our clock.
" Blue team has 20 targets remaining.
Red team has nine.
Gary very effective with the Webley Mark VI.
Gary misses his last two shots, but he takes out four targets.
We definitely don't want to start feeling the pressure and causing ourselves to miss even more.
We just have to really kind of focus, stay in the now, and really try to pick the pace up by being a little bit more accurate.
William taking his time, very precise.
I thought it was six.
William, he runs completely out of ammunition, and he still tries to shoot the weapon.
And I think that's bad teamwork right there because his team didn't tell him to reload.
Chris takes out a target.
Red team only has six targets remaining.
On his final shot, Chris connects.
Can Chee Kwan close it out for the red team? His has four targets left, and this challenge is over.
Greg trying to get the blue team back in this! Greg getting a few shots on-target.
I hit four targets.
I look over to the right, and I think they only have three or four jars left.
Chee taking his time.
Chee misses on his first shot.
Chee connects! Three targets left for the red team.
Terry misses on his first attempt.
Terry 0 for 2.
Chee takes out another target! Two targets left! Can Chee close it out? One target remaining! Chee hits it! That's it! Red team wins! Master Chee! Well done! Red team, we all did exceptionally well.
There's no ifs, ands, or but about that.
Red team! The blue team just performed so poor.
I mean, we just really got whomped.
Red team, in dominating fashion, you took out all 30 targets first.
You won the team challenge.
Great job, you guys.
Blue team, the last thing you guys can afford is to lose another member going to the next team challenge two marksmen down.
But that is exactly what's gonna happen.
I'll meet you guys at the nomination range later where you'll cast your vote on the two guys that will go head-to-head in the elimination challenge.
You guys can all head back to the house.
We beat the crap out of them.
Freaking impressive.
Coming up on "Top Shot" I don't know how many hit what.
I looked to my left expecting Will to man up.
He doesn't.
I don't think I had a bad day today.
We get back to the house, and we meet as a team, and we're trying to decide who's gonna be going up for nomination.
First man that shoots, he's got to hit his [Bleep] That's just a simple fact because every shooter that comes up behind him is gonna feel the extra pressure for every miss.
And I hit one glass jar on my opener that's awful.
So, I'm up for nomination, all right? And then, whoever and however it goes from here is fine with me.
Right away, Terry steps up, mans up that he had a bad day.
I looked to my left expecting Will to man up.
He doesn't.
The two people that I was thinking in my head was you and Greg.
Today he shot seven bottles.
Seven jars.
He was our best performer today, and he has been our best performer in other comps.
I don't know how many hit what.
Augie hit seven.
I hit five.
I believe he hit four.
And I think that left you with two in the end.
And I'm not saying I know I hit more than two because I hit three in a row right when he said, "hey, William's on a run.
" And I cracked three right in a row because I hit the same amount that he hit the first time he went up there, which was one.
Well, I hit one, and then my first run and the second run I hit four.
One thing that did concern me with you, Will, was the amount of time you took on the platform shooting.
Will taking up so much time aiming in and not hitting his jars was very frustrating.
You know, all the challenges thus far and who's done well, even up to this one you know, it's gonna end up being you and me, Greg.
And I'm fine with that.
I'm fine with that.
The only other thing is up to this point, besides yours and Dylan's, we went off performance.
But today, when you had a bad day, we don't want to go on a performance base.
I don't think I had a bad day today.
He knows he didn't perform today.
He knows he didn't.
There's no doubt.
He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.
He couldn't hit water if he was in a boat.
I mean, the dude was awful today.
I thought it was so great to have a cheering section.
It's like all I heard was, "go, Chris!" Yeah! What I suspect is they're, right now, over there saying, "I got four.
" "I got five.
" "I got six.
You can't send me home.
" Which is all individualism.
We only know that we stepped up there and shot targets until they were gone.
Our team got 30.
We are really proud of our performance today, and we have no idea who they may send to elimination.
They have some skilled people, but they just can't Capitalize on the skill.
If I had to take a stab in the dark about who blue team is going to send to elimination, it's probably gonna be Greg and possibly William again.
William is the outcast.
It think they still consider him kind of a Thorn in their side.
Blue team, welcome to the nomination range.
The question you'll need to answer today is, which two of you will have to compete to go one step further in the competition? Greg, are you surprised at all that you got voted for today? I am viewed as the weakest pistol shooter.
Does that piss you off? No.
I'll just come back tomorrow.
I strongly disagree with the way the blue team meeting went today.
All right.
Let's get to the vote.
I'm gonna call you up one at a time.
You put a bullet in the target of the person you want to nominate.
Remember, you can't vote for yourself.
William, you're gonna start things off.
You know, Terry said that he wanted to go, and I had no problem shooting his target.
Augie, you're next.
I'm shooting Greg's target because I'm still of the opinion that it's based on performance.
One vote Terry.
One vote Greg.
Greg, you're up.
I know I can beat Will.
I know I can beat Augie.
And I know I can beat Terry.
Two votes Terry.
One vote Greg.
Terry, that last vote sent you to the elimination challenge.
Now it's your turn to come up and vote.
Walking up to the target, I've got a choice to make.
Do I go for Will, who consistently throughout all the competitions has been good, but on this competition took too long with his shot? Or do I pick Greg, who has been hot and cold? Couldn't get it any better than that, bro.
Good shooting.
Nice shot.
All right.
Terry, Greg, you two will be facing off in the elimination challenge.
I'll see you both tomorrow morning at practice.
Augie, William, I'll catch up with you guys at the challenge.
You can head back to the house.
Coming up on "Top Shot" "The mad minute" is an authentic test with the Lee-Enfield rifle.
As many rounds as we can in one minute.
That's tough.
It's almost impossible.
Terry and Greg, welcome to practice for the elimination challenge.
This morning, we're gonna switch from a legendary World War I british pistol to a legendary World War I british rifle the Lee-Enfield Mark III.
The Lee-Enfield is a 10-shot, magazine-fed repeating rifle.
It was the standard-issue rifle used by troops of the british empire during the first half of the 20th century.
The outstanding feature of this weapon is its incredibly fast bolt action.
British riflemen were famous for how fast they could fire the Enfield while staying on-target.
Joining us once again to train you on the Lee-Enfield, Iain Harrison.
Morning, Colby.
Morning, Iain.
In this practice, you'll concentrate on firing this rifle fast with accuracy, just like the british riflemen of World War I.
Greg, you'll be training with Iain first.
Terry, you can come with me.
You'll practice later.
Hey, Greg.
Welcome back.
I never shot it before, but I'm familiar with bolt-action rifles.
I own a 1903 Springfield, which is actually the american counterpart to this rifle.
It's fed from a 10-round box magazine.
However, you will not be pulling the magazine out of the gun.
What you're gonna be doing is loading it with 5-round stripper clips.
This one is the only approved military method of loading it.
You have to make sure the stripper clips are loaded properly.
If they're not, the weapon will malfunction.
Second round, dead nuts.
Third round Out of range of the bull.
Go ahead and shoot it straight for me, mate.
Iain started showing me different ways to cycle the bolt.
What if your hand never came off the bolt? One thing I'm noticing with Greg is that he's willing to trade accuracy for speed.
That's a good thing in this challenge coming up because it's gonna be a balance in between the two skills.
How'd that feel? It's different, but I can get used to it.
He's like, "you're pretty good with that.
Let's try another way.
It's a little bit more advanced.
" Try firing with your middle finger.
That way, the bolt never leaves your hand.
It has a little bit different feeling at first, but after I figured it out, it takes off 4/10 of a second in between every shot.
When you start stringing that makes a big difference.
You're cutting five, six seconds off.
You're golden, man.
That's really consistent.
I have three different ways I can cycle and operate that weapon.
We'll figure it out once I get there.
Hello again, mate.
Hey, Terry.
How you doing, mate? It's good to see you again.
You too.
With Terry stepping up to the line, you know, I'm rooting for him.
He's a fellow brit.
How could I not? So, please don't disappoint me.
Don't disappoint the entire british nation by telling me you've never handled one of these before.
I think I have.
It's been a long, long time.
I think I've fired the Lee-Enfield before, but I think I was So, it doesn't hold much weight at this point.
I'm a little long in the tooth.
Center-punched it.
In the bull 5:00.
Whatever you're doing there, just keep doing it.
You're center-punching it.
He's very, very accurate.
He's killing the bull's-eye on that practice target.
But Terry has problems manipulating the bolt using his traditional methods.
It's slower.
Because it's such a slick bolt action, with the bolt handle so close to the trigger guard, you have the option of running it either with the palm of your hand conventionally.
You also have the option of not taking your fingers off the bolt handle at all.
The other alternative is to use your finger and thumb on the bolt handle and use your middle finger to tickle the trigger.
It's an old dog and new tricks.
That's what this is.
It's trying to do something you're not used to when you've for years done it a certain way.
And now to try and integrate something new can be difficult.
I thought elimination practice went very well for both guys.
We'll see how it works out for them.
Thanks very much.
Really appreciate it.
What's the deal? The Lee-Enfield .
303 Bbritish Bolt-Action Rifle.
Keeping with the british theme.
What distance? I think Terry can handle the pressure better than Greg can.
He's cost us a couple competitions, in my opinion.
Going into this competition, I'm pretty confident.
I think I have a slight advantage, maybe, with the bolt-action rifle.
My father taught me how to shoot.
He handed me a .
22 Stevens Model 15.
I had a B.
I'd go out in my grandma's backyard, and I'd sit and shoot soda cans off hay bales all day long.
If I go home, I go home with my head high.
I'm feeling good.
I don't want to go to elimination, but I felt that my performance put our team in a position where we're gonna have to make that call.
I started out life as a dancer, and I joined the military by mistake, ended up going into the commandos 'cause a friend of mine kept talking about it, and after leaving the military, of course, I moved here.
But now I've got my work cut out if I intend to try and come out of this thing a winner.
Blue team, welcome to the elimination challenge.
Greg and Terry, you're about to battle it out for the right to stay in this competition.
For today's challenge, you're going to use the Lee-Enfield rifle.
So far in this competition, we tried to give you a taste of the conditions that made these weapons iconic.
But this next challenge is ripped straight from the pages of history.
During World War I, british troops were able to fire the Lee-Enfield so rapidly that the german army thought they were facing machine guns.
And a big reason for that speed was a famous training drill known as "the mad minute.
" A soldier had exactly one minute to score as many hits as possible on a target at a set distance downrange.
I've heard of the mad minute.
You fire as many rounds as you can for one minute.
And I knew it was gonna be game on at that point.
is a single 24-inch target.
Each time you hit the target, you get a point.
Whoever has the most hits on the target when the minute expires wins.
In the event of a tie, the shooter who uses the fewest rounds wins.
This is not gonna be easy, guys.
Good luck to you both.
You have to work the bolt, get back on the sights, break a shot, all in one minute.
It's almost impossible because this british Enfield rifle is a bolt-action rifle.
Greg, we flipped a coin.
You'll be going first.
You can head on up to the firing line.
Oh, Lord.
As many rounds as we can in one minute.
That's a tough, tough drill.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! Three hits for Terry.
Greg missing on his first three shots.
Trying to load them up.
Is he gonna have time? All right.
It's time for the elimination challenge.
The mad minute is an authentic test that riflemen in the British Royal Army used to hone their skills with the Lee-Enfield rifle.
Now it's your turn.
You have one minute to hit a as many times as you can.
Whoever gets the most hits wins.
The winner is also gonna receive a nice little gift card from Bass Pro Shops for $2,000.
By the way, when trained british riflemen shot the mad minute, officers considered a score of 15 acceptable.
The average was 25.
And the all-time record No pressure, Greg.
Terry, so that you don't have an unfair advantage, we're gonna ask you to step away until it's your turn.
Good luck, gentlemen.
We get five minutes to load and prep our weapon, prep our position.
I'm sitting here loading the speed clips, making sure I have the right amount in there, that the bullets are positioned properly.
I started prepping and moving my sandbags around.
Every split second counts somewhere that you can save time.
I've even changed my trigger squeeze, how I'm gonna hold the weapon, to gain as much of an advantage as I can.
But I don't know if it's gonna.
It's gonna be close.
All right, Greg.
As the british would say, "let's burn some cordite!" Marksman, ready Set Go! Greg misses his first shot.
Greg misses his second.
Greg missing on his first three shots.
Fourth shot goes wide left.
He's shooting at a steel target.
We should hear either a "ting" or a "gong.
" That's a hit.
This is hard.
Greg loading up another five rounds into the Lee-Enfield.
That's a strike.
Three hits in a row for Greg.
Four hits.
Five hits.
Six hits.
Trying to load them up.
Is he gonna have time? Cease fire! Cease fire! Cease fire! In the past, I've had problems with my nerves.
Today I didn't have any issues.
I was extremely comfortable with the weapon.
Alls I had to do was lay down and figure out where it was shooting.
Greg, you can head back to your bench.
We'll reset the course and bring in Terry.
The most important thing is how you're putting those rounds into the speed clips, 'cause if you do that wrong, then you're gonna get stoppages, and obviously that's going to affect you especially on a minute's worth of shooting, you can't afford one hang-up.
Right before that clock starts, all I'm thinking is, "smooth on the bolt, as fast as you can.
And if you get a stoppage, what are you gonna do?" Marksman, ready Set Go! First shot is a miss.
Second shot connects.
Two hits for Terry.
Three hits for Terry.
I'm watching Terry during the elimination challenge, and he seems to have it figured out.
Had a little problem on the reload.
But then he missed a couple times.
I'm hoping he can push through that.
Terry missing that shot.
Terry has another hit.
Terry strikes the target again.
I fired as fast as I could, as accurately as I could, as many times as possible.
Now he's going to reload the Lee-Enfield.
Clock is ticking.
That's a hit.
Cease fire! Cease fire! How fast did that minute go by? It probably felt like about 15 seconds, didn't it? It really did.
I've never experienced a minute faster.
You hit the target six times in one minute.
Greg You hit the target six times in one minute.
So, just as we always do in the case of a tie, we go to round count how many bullets did you send downrange? Okay? When Colby told us that Gregory had hit six, Terry had hit six, I go, "oh, my God.
Not again.
Here it goes.
" Terry, 14 was the number of rounds downrange for you.
Greg That means you win, Greg.
Come get your gift card.
Well done.
Thank you.
How many is this, three for you? Three.
Good shooting.
Thank you.
I was like, "wow, he's done it again.
" You know? This guy has nine lives.
Terry, that was down to the wire, man.
I hate to say it, but you have fired your last shot.
Take a minute to say goodbye to these guys on the way out.
Come here, brother.
I'm disappointed, but the whole experience has been so great.
You can't imagine what this experience is like.
It's a phenomenal experience absolutely from start to finish the highs and the lows.
Well, Greg, three times you've been sent to the elimination challenge, and all three times you have raised your level of performance.
All three of you guys are still in this.
You all have a legitimate shot at going home with the prize money, the title of Top Shot, and a professional contract.
Okay? Head back to the house.
I'll see you tomorrow at practice.
Thanks, Colby.
On the next episode of "Top Shot" Congratulations.
You've all made it to the individual portion of this competition.
the green shirts come out.
This is an honor.
Two celebrated "Top Shot" alumni return to the show.
Kelly Bachand and George Reinas.
I am all ears.
How about a target set out at 1,500 yards? Unreal.
And the first individual challenge will be the longest shot ever on "Top Shot".