Toradora! (2008) s01e02 Episode Script

Ryuji and Taiga

1 Seconds! Sure thing! What the hell am I doing?! What? How did you end up eating breakfast at our place?! And you! Why aren't you bothered by it? Why would I be? Since Taiga-chan is so small, she takes up so little space.
Besides, it tastes even better when everyone eats together.
Give me another helping already.
I cooked enough for three.
How much do you intend to eat?! T-Timoten.
プレ! プレパラート! Pre! Preparation! pure pureparaato I'm not strong 強くなんかないけど tsuyoku nanka nai kedo pure pure pareedo プレ! プレパレード! But pre! Pre-parade! itsuka kimi wo tsukamaeru いつか君を捕まえる! I'll catch you someday! P-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, cracking apart プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ ワレテバリバリ pure purepa pure purepa pure purepa warete baribari pure purepa pure purepa pure purepa P-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, p-re-prepare プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ 油断したら その指 チクチクアタック 覚悟して If you're not paying attention, be prepared for a poking attack from my fingers yudan shitara sono yubi chiku chiku atakku kakugo shite chiisai kedo hasamu no mijinko mitaina anata 小さいけど 挟むの ミジンコみたいなアナタ I'm little, but I'll squish you; you're as tiny as a flea to me hoshii no wa purasuchikku na haato (プラス プラス ダケドマイナス) 欲しいのは プラスチックなハート What I want is a plastic heart (plus, plus, but it's a minus) (purasu purasu dakedo mainasu) でもそれじゃつまらない そこに気付いた者勝ち demo soreja tsumaranai soko ni kizuita mono gachi But that's boring; when I'd notice it, I'd have won against you 恋は甘くて 苦いもの koi wa amaku te nigai mono Love is something that's bittersweet Simple and clear yet complex and strange stuff 単純明快 複雑怪奇な代物 tanjun meikai fukuzatsu kaiki na shiromono dou demo ii koto bakkari kini shitari suru no I'm only worrying about things that don't matter どうでもいい事ばっかり気にしたりするの How does it feel? It feels like that どんな感じ?ソンな感じ donna kanji sonna kanji You're gentle and sincere yet eccentric onkou tokujitsu ekisentorikku na anata 温厚篤実 エキセントリックなアナタ 強がる素振りを全身まとって太刀打ち tsuyogaru soburi wo zenshin matotte tachiuchi I pretend to be strong all over and compete against you 素直なだけだと刺激が強くて クラクラ sunao na dakeda to shigeki ga tsuyoku te kurakura Just by being honest, it's so stimulating and I feel dizzy kizutsui chau no kizutsuke chau no junjou pureparaato 傷ついちゃうの 傷つけちゃうの 純情プレパラート I get hurt, I hurt you, in a preparation of pure feelings 頭の中は いつも一人の 純情プレパレード In my head, there's always a pre-parade of pure feelings all by myself atama no naka wa itsumo hitori no junjou pure pareedo Ryuuji And Taiga Seriously, are you trying to make your pet moult from stress? Don't let it get any uglier.
Don't call it ugly! In truth, pets are similar to their owners.
Why, you You ungrateful little-! Have some respect for me! I made you breakfast and prepared a lunch box! Shut up, you mongrel.
Mon-! Calling me that again! Give the lunch box back! Give my kindness back! Shut up and rot.
Wait up, Aisaka! Ever since that late-night attack, Aisaka Taiga has been a frequent guest at our dinner table.
I told you to wait! And now More importantly, once we get to school, make sure that you properly um, mediate things between Kitamura-kun and me.
You promised me you'd work like a dog for me, after all! things have ended up like this.
If things seem to take a bad turn Minorin! You're late, Taiga! Good to see you're perky today as well! Good morning, Minorin.
Huh? What? You're kidding me! I'm so sorry, I had no idea that Taiga and Takasu-kun are now in a companioned, commuting relationship! You've got it all wr- You know, people don't use "companioned" like that these days.
That wasn't the problem! Oh, you're right.
These days, they say Egads, I don't know what they call it these days! Wait, how about "togethered"? I'm telling you, that's not it! I just happened to stumble upon Aisaka over there.
Isn't that right, Ais- Oh, so it was just a coincidence? Apparently we live close to each other.
Really? Um Well, see you later, Takasu-kun! Yesterday, I was watching TV and I get it now.
In order to get closer to Kushieda, I'll first have to mediate between Aisaka and Kitamura.
Let's bring it! And that's it for shooting practice.
Next, we'll pair u- Hey, Aisaka.
Let's pair up.
Yes, let's pair up, Takasu-kun! Yeah! -p and pass balls! Takasu and Aisaka, you two are really fired up.
Taiga? Is it that kind of day today? The plan is simple.
I'll lightly hit Kitamura's partner with the ball, and then you'll cause a big fuss and take his partner to the infirmary.
So, Aisaka and Kitamura will lose their partners and pair up instead.
Maruo! Let's pair up! Who'll want to team up with Haruto-kun today?! Sure thing.
And stop calling me that.
But you're so similar! What the? K-Kitamura-kun's pairing up with that weirdo! What's up with that? Events have taken a turn for the weir- Kushieda! Want to pair up? Okay, let's do this! Even Kushieda The plan will continue regardless.
Wha-? But then It doesn't matter what gender his partner is.
And the swelling bulges drawn in the Jouan era What's wrong, Haruta? I'll throw the ball without using my thumbs! That didn't reach me, Kushieda.
The road to understanding the Satoru-ball is steep.
Huh? Don't mind me, it's not something just anyone would know.
That Noto-! Hey, pass! Hey, hey! Pass, pass! Here I go, Maruo! Yeah.
Nice form.
What are you saying, Maruo? No, really, that was very good.
Hey, pass! Pass, you say There you go again! But hitting a girl with the ball Here I go! Pass! I'm sorry, Kihara.
I will atone for this.
Clone! I'm sorry, Maruo! What happened? The Palmtop Tiger got taken down by Takasu-kun! O-Oops.
Home Economics Practice Room The Palmtop Tiger snarls at whoever's around.
Even so, she tries so hard that she makes a fool of herself, so you just end up wanting to help her.
Listen up, you have to hand them over casually.
Don't overdo it.
As nonchalantly as possible, right? Thoughtlessly, informally, frivolously Let's go.
Huh, where's Kitamura? If you're looking for Kitamura, he said he had some business over at building B or some- T-Takasu-kun! He just left, so he might be that wa- There he is! Follow him! Y-Yeah! What? Get out of the way! She's fast! At that speed, she'll catch him- Ryuuji! Are the cookies okay? Huh? Just as I thought.
It's swollen.
Did you find the cookies? Were they safe? I-I see Hey.
I might just be a klutz.
She wasn't aware of that already? If I write a love letter, I end up putting it in the wrong bag.
If I try to invade a house, I fall over from hunger.
If I play basketball, I get a ball right in the face.
If I try to hand over some cookies, I fall down the stairs, dropping the cookies Now, now, there's more.
Like forgetting to put the love letter inside the envelope.
There was that too Give me one of those.
Huh? Wait, they were smashed into pieces And besides they t- They're great! They came out okay, didn't they? It's a shame.
Let's try harder next time.
I did see them.
They were buying things like spring onions and radishes at the supermarket.
Statement, Witness #1, Year 2 Class C, H-To K-ji Are they like, married? Statement, Witness #2, Year 2 Class C, K-hara M-ya They left the same apartment building together with naughty looks on their faces.
Also, they were feeding each other home-made cookies saying, "Here, open up!" Statement, Witness #3, Year 2 Class C, N-to H-mitsu Really? Are they like that? No way! Statement, Witness #4, Year 2 Class C, K-shii N-nako Hey, Minorin.
What's up with your best friend? What the? Hey, get inside already.
"My"? May I have a moment? The sun is dry What's up with Kushieda-san? I don't know.
Yes! What, me? Please take good care of Taiga! Huh? Taiga is my dearest best friend! Please bestow happiness upon her! Wait, Kushieda.
Are you saying you're- Happiness? So that's how it was.
You must be happy! Kitamura? What're you doing up there? I was wondering why you were together so often, but now that I think about it, you two fit together so well! Aisaka! Pull yourself together! You! Stop laughing! Takasu-kun.
If you make Taiga cry I won't forgive you.
Kushi eda I'm sorry.
Minorin misunderstood everything because I was intruding at your house.
No, that's- Your place was really cosy.
You see, I struggled so much with my parents that when I said I wanted to leave, they simply gave me that apartment.
I knew they were those kind of parents, but The cookies were salty, weren't they? I was frustrated when I found them in pieces, so I ate some.
They were horrible! Yet you ate all of them.
You even lied about their taste.
Even if you're a mongrel, your fur will shed if you keep being so nice to everyone.
Mind your own business.
Hey, do you also feel frustrated when you think about Minori? Yeah, I do.
Yeah, I guess you would Aisaka? Why doesn't anyone understand us? Even when we're so troubled, why doesn't anyone support us? Really, everyone Everyone's Everyone's Pissing me off! Pissing me off! Pissing me off! Pissing me off! Pissing me off! Pissing me off! Pissing me off! Who's the Palmtop Tiger?! I'm not okay with being that at all! Minorin, you idiot! Kitamura-kun, you idiot! Why won't you listen to me?! Even Mum, even Dad, no one understands me I'll help out.
Do you have a problem with me being small?! Stop calling me a delinquent just because of my appearance! Do you have a problem with us being together in front of everyone?! I'm sorry for having evil-looking eyes! Hey, are you okay? Hey Ryuuji, isn't this pole tilted now? Huh? That's not poss- It is tilted! See?! Yes! We won, we won! All right, I've decided! Tomorrow, I will confess to Kitamura-kun.
It'll all be over then.
Over? Your services as a dog will be over.
As of tomorrow, we're just classmates who live close to each other.
And that's all there is to it.
Bye bye, Takasu-kun.
Yeah Ryuu-chan Aren't we having breakfast really early today? Ya-chan likes canned mackerel Is Taiga-chan still sleeping? I don't know.
Did you have a fight? No, we didn't.
I'm so bored.
Right? Yes.
Did she? T-Takasu, we're sorry.
We spread all those weird rumours Aisaka-san got mad at us.
Huh? "There's nothing between me and Ryuuji.
" Saying you're not a delinquent, making a huge mess She really is scary, that Palmtop Tiger.
But I said that Takasu isn't as scary as he looks, right? What, when did you? More importantly, If we don't clean this up, won't we be in trouble? Kushieda.
Takasu-kun, I'm sorry.
A-About what? You see, Taiga was saying "I'm absolutely not going out with Takasu-kun.
" "So this is all a misunderstanding.
" She especially wanted me to be aware of this And she had this kind of desperate, serious look about her.
But does that mean she Does that mean she- Do you know, Takasu-kun? Takasu-kun? What does she think she's doing? Weren't you going to confess to Kitamura today?! This isn't the time to be worrying about me! As of tomorrow, we're just classmates who live close to each other.
And that's all there is to it.
"And that's all there is to it"? Kitamura-kun! I Kitamura-kun I have feelings, um I, uh That is Why are you doing it right after arriving at school? If things don't turn out well, this will be one hell of a bad day, you know.
Um, uh Wait up.
I think I know how this conversation's going to end.
But before that, I'd like to confirm something.
Aren't you dating Takasu-kun? That was just Minorin misunderstanding things! There's nothing between us! So you don't like him? It's not like that! Our houses just happen to be close to each other.
It has nothing to do with me liking him or not.
Then, do you dislike him? I don't dislike him.
But it's not about that! Um, you see, Takasu-kun is Yes, fried rice! Ryuuji made me delicious fried rice! He cheered me up He even lied to make me feel better Being there for me Because Ryuuji was there, because he was supporting me Because of that, I'm able to stand here like this! I'm in love with you, Kitamura-kun! Aisaka, you're amazing.
I see.
It's okay, I think your feelings were properly relayed.
Kitamura-kun? Do you recall one year ago.
Aisaka? Yeah.
Unlike that time, you now have this funny-looking face! Funny face? Yeah, when you're around Takasu, you have this funny-looking face.
Takasu's a great guy, and you thinking of him like you did earlier makes you a wonderful girl.
Like I did earlier? What did I say? But I'm relieved you're on such good terms with Takasu.
W-Wait up! Ryuuji doesn't have anything to do- My face was funny-looking? My feet, what about my feet? Wait, what am I saying? Was I able to tell you I love you? It's going to be okay, Aisaka.
It's okay.
W-What's going to be okay?! You haven't understood what I was saying! It'll be okay.
From now on, I'm sure we'll be great friends.
Like I'm saying, not friends, I was confess- Friends? Yes, friends.
Oops, we'll be late for homeroom.
Better hurry up, Aisaka! I thought you were going to start crying.
Y-You! D-Did you see all of it? I did, but I didn't mean to "Didn't mean to"? You-! But what are you going to do? I'm going home.
I see.
I'll make you food.
You haven't had breakfast, have you? And did you even eat last night? I'm sure you went to the convenie- Stop it! Why? If you do that, people will start misunderstanding again.
I told you you don't have to do this any more! I don't get it either, but I can't leave you alone! I'm telling you it's enough already! You're no longer my dog! I see.
Yes, I'm not a dog.
I'm a dragon.
So, I'm able to be by your side! Ais- Taiga! "Taiga"? Since the ancient times, the dragon has been the only beast that could stand equal with a tiger.
I'll become a dragon.
And thus, as a dragon, I'll be able to stay by your side, tiger.
There's a limit to how impudent you can be! Ow Know your place already! Why, you Hey! Hurry up.
I'm hungry, you know.
And we're going to make a new plan.
I'm not going to give up on Kitamura-kun after just this.
Does that mean? It doesn't matter whether you're a dog or a dragon Since you said you'd be at my side, you better work hard, Ryuuji.
Did I decide on this too quickly? Come on already! Yeah, yeah.
He said, "Taiga.
" バニラソルトで With vanilla salt banira soruto de vanilla バニラ banira amai dake nara アマいだけなら If it's just sweet Then let's put salt on ソルトかけましょう soruto kakemashou 誰よりももっともっと私を dare yori mo motto motto watashi wo Because I want you to know more about me shitte hoshii kara sarakedashitai More than anyone else, I want to bare my self 知って欲しいからさらけだしたい demo dekinai no keiken nasshin でも出来ないの 経験ナッシン But I can't do it, I've got nothing for experience モドカシすぎる It's too frustrating modokashi sugiru demo amai dake no ai wa chotto But a love that's just sweet でも、アマいだけの愛はちょっと watashi ga motomete iru mono to wa chigau Is slightly different from what I'm seeking 私が求めているモノとは違う シロと言われたら If I'm told it's white shiro to iware tara クロだって言っちゃう I'd say it's black kuro datte icchau I can't be honest sunao ni nare nai 素直になれない I say one thing but do another amanojaku アマノジャク If I'm told, "I love you" スキと言われたら suki to iware tara daikirai datte ダイキライだって I'd say, "I hate you" 嬉しいのにナニ言ってんだろう? ureshii no ni nani itte n darou I'm happy, but what am I saying? amai banira ni アマいバニラに Like putting salt Into sweet vanilla ソルトかけるよに… soruto kakeru yo ni Your Song Next Episode Preview Club activities-girl, Kushieda.
Heart-warming girl, Kushieda.
Ah, you're Kushieda! Who always shines so brightly with joy! We want a home run!