Toradora! (2008) s01e04 Episode Script

The Face Back Then

1 Get up already.
You stayed up late again, didn't you? The lights were on.
I confirmed this up to 2:30 AM.
Rice is dripping out of Ryuuji's ears sparkling, white rice If it's about breakfast, I brought it already.
I'll warm it up for you, so go and wash your face.
Breakfast All right, and now for the dishes and laundry This place really is barren.
A cardboard box? What's this? A picture album? This is Just what are you looking at? T-Taiga, this is-! Yeah, that's right! They're pictures of Kitamura-kun! You have a problem with that? Even if you have a problem, there's no way in hell I'm going to listen to it.
This is supposed to be Kitamura? I-I can't help it! I always end up shaking! When I try to take pictures of Kitamura-kun, I Want me to take one? Huh? A picture of him.
I won't say I'm good at it, but anything is better tha- Wait a minute! H-How many are you willing to take? pure pureparaato プレ! プレパラート! Pre! Preparation! I'm not strong 強くなんかないけど tsuyoku nanka nai kedo プレ! プレパレード! pure pure pareedo But pre! Pre-parade! itsuka kimi wo tsukamaeru いつか君を捕まえる! I'll catch you someday! pure purepa pure purepa pure purepa warete baribari プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ ワレテバリバリ P-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, cracking apart pure purepa pure purepa pure purepa P-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, p-re-prepare プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ If you're not paying attention, be prepared for a poking attack from my fingers 油断したら その指 チクチクアタック 覚悟して yudan shitara sono yubi chiku chiku atakku kakugo shite I'm little, but I'll squish you; you're as tiny as a flea to me chiisai kedo hasamu no mijinko mitaina anata 小さいけど 挟むの ミジンコみたいなアナタ What I want is a plastic heart (plus, plus, but it's a minus) (プラス プラス ダケドマイナス) hoshii no wa purasuchikku na haato (purasu purasu dakedo mainasu) 欲しいのは プラスチックなハート But that's boring; when I'd notice it, I'd have won against you でもそれじゃつまらない そこに気付いた者勝ち demo soreja tsumaranai soko ni kizuita mono gachi 恋は甘くて 苦いもの koi wa amaku te nigai mono Love is something that's bittersweet tanjun meikai fukuzatsu kaiki na shiromono Simple and clear yet complex and strange stuff 単純明快 複雑怪奇な代物 dou demo ii koto bakkari kini shitari suru no どうでもいい事ばっかり気にしたりするの I'm only worrying about things that don't matter donna kanji sonna kanji How does it feel? It feels like that どんな感じ?ソンな感じ onkou tokujitsu ekisentorikku na anata You're gentle and sincere yet eccentric 温厚篤実 エキセントリックなアナタ 強がる素振りを全身まとって太刀打ち tsuyogaru soburi wo zenshin matotte tachiuchi I pretend to be strong all over and compete against you sunao na dakeda to shigeki ga tsuyoku te kurakura Just by being honest, it's so stimulating and I feel dizzy 素直なだけだと刺激が強くて クラクラ kizutsui chau no kizutsuke chau no junjou pureparaato 傷ついちゃうの 傷つけちゃうの 純情プレパラート I get hurt, I hurt you, in a preparation of pure feelings atama no naka wa itsumo hitori no junjou pure pareedo In my head, there's always a pre-parade of pure feelings all by myself 頭の中は いつも一人の 純情プレパレード The Face Back Then What kind of picture shall I get? An extremely concentrated face? In the middle of softball practice? Oh, can't forget to take one of him eating lunch! Like I said, I'll take as many as you want.
You say "As many as you want", but there's a limit, isn't there?! Okay, then take an infinite amount.
Good morning.
Oh, good morning.
You're late today.
Yeah, it's because I went to student council first.
I see.
Mornin'! That's so old.
Just way too old, Taiga.
Uh, t-that was wrong! Um, uh-! Aisaka.
Mornin'! I'll go on ahead, then.
Mornin'! M-Mornin'? Hey, did you get that? Get what? Him saying "Mornin'!", of course! That came out of nowhere.
How was I supposed to get that? Useless mongrel.
Hey, now Maruo, look at this for a second.
Hey, hey, look at this magazine model! He looks just like you! It's almost time for the morning assembly, you two.
Stop the blabbering and get moving to the school yard.
Aw, he won't play along.
He's too serious because he's the vice-president.
I wanted some sort of reaction, at least.
Yeah! Somehow, Kitamura seems to be really popular with the girls.
What's with Maruo, huh?! Want me to roll you up, huh?! Everyone, line up! Lately, a bunch of you morons have been forgetting your student handbooks! We have proof too.
According to the Disciplinary Officer's report, during last week's inspection of personal belongings, there were Uh, how many was it again? Fifty-nine.
School-wide, a total of fifty-six people had forgott- Wait, that was wrong.
A total of fifty-nine.
Minor details aside.
Anyway, coming to school without your student handbook is like forgetting your pride as students at Oohashi! You got that, you lot?! Yeah! Are you one to talk? You're forgetting something as well.
A-Aisaka You little runt, did you say something? You're forgetting to put everyone at ease.
Huh? At ease! Oh, my bad.
Everyone, at ease! Geez, even though we're high schoolers we still have to line up like idiots and waste our time listening to this worthless crap.
Is it really that bad? You were just holding your hands on your hips.
What was that?! Hey, Aisaka- Great, trying to work up a sweat early this morning? President, you calm down too! What would you know?! No back pain, no pain from being in labour, and yet we're holding onto our hips! We look so- Aisaka! A-Aisaka, please calm down.
I'm sorry, President, please continue the morning assembly.
What's going on? Was the Palmtop Tiger biting at the president? That idiot She's so obviously depressed Wait, she's happy? Okay, okay, that's enough Haruta-kun.
Next we'll Aisaka-san? Aren't you in a good mood today? Let's have you happily read for us! Just kidding, got you there! Haruta-kun! Yuri-chan, give me a break! With enthusiasm, now! Aw, come on! Here, your lunch box.
Don't want it.
Lost my appetite.
I was being a nuisance to Kitamura by arguing with the student council president But then there was an excitement carnival when he held me back T-Taiga? But I wanna apologise too! Don't sweat it.
The student council president doesn't care about minor things like that.
Oh, a lunch box? Can I join too? That's nice, real nice! Allow me to impose on you, too! What?! Doing this once in a while is really nice.
Yeah! Man, I'm hungry.
Let's dig in! Let's eat.
What can it be? What will today's side dishes be?! H-How did things end up like this? Whoa, fried chicken! And a one, and a two chicken in! Taiga! She's way too tense! Whoa, Taiga's got a mountain of side dishes.
Oh shit, our lunch boxes are identical! Aisaka, you've been bringing your own lunch box lately.
Are you making it yourself? What, Takasu's making it? You got it wrong! You know, Kushieda decorates cell phones part-time, right? I figured I'd get some pocket money by making lunch boxes.
Really? I'd like to try one of Takasu's lunch boxes one day.
Oh, me too! The lunch is probably going to be brownish and cool! I'm interested! O-Okay, I'll make some for everyone next time.
Kitamura-senpai, Kushieda-senpai.
Um, we should go now.
Oh, it's the softball club's manager.
Right, the meeting.
Sorry, you two.
Go on and eat without us.
Yeah, okay.
That was too close for comfort.
Eating with Kitamura-kun, talking with Kitamura-kun- Taiga? Listen, was it really okay to just casually let Kitamura know I made your lunch box? And just when we finally got rumours about us cleared up too What should we do?! What should I do? What are we going to do?! Calm down! Geez, why do you get so stressed about Kitamura? Look, you have to be more careful from now on- What? If you've got something to say, swallow first.
There's no meat in today's lunch box.
If you prefer having meat in your lunch every day, then go join a family like that.
As I thought, the mould's roots are deep around public bathrooms! But my discovery of you heralds your end.
Taka-chan, let's go home already.
Yeah, I'll finish up here, so you go ahead.
Oh, that's cool.
I'll leave it up to you, then.
Hey now, you black little devils! Have you given up already? I'll show you guys one of the 48 Takasu-style Housework Skills! The Takasu Mould-killing Buster! Ryuuji, what are you blabbering about? Let's go already, you dumb dog.
Taiga! What the hell are you doing here, this is the men's bath- Whatever, let's just go! What is it, Taiga? What are you doi- Oh right, Kitamura.
Quickly, take a picture! This girl Look! Now, now! Quickly! Yeah, yeah.
The shutter was- Now, get one now! Wait, I'm setting it u- Oh geez, just hand it over! So this is how those foggy pictures got mass produced.
Wow, Kitamura-kun's looking really go- Charge! Hey! Hey, look how happily he's waving.
Oh, shut up Klutz.
Welcome to Sudoh-bucks! Master, one Americano with some Naporitan! You mean Napolitain chocolate, right? How is this place not getting sued? And you had to go and print them out, didn't you? Hey, you're overflowing with drool! There's so much Kitamura-kun, it's a Kitamura carnival What are you doing?! I know youngsters these days get pissed off easily, but this is too much! I want to help out, you mongrel.
You took pictures for me, after all.
No, it's okay, I still want to be able to hang out futons tomorrow.
Keep up the nonsense and I'll drop you! Drop? You little You're going to bring lunch boxes next time, right? For Minorin and K-Kitamura-kun Okay, how about you peel the skin off the potatoes? D-Don't make fun of me! I'm sure I can I just have to peel the skin off these right? Geez.
She wants to make home-made food for Kitamura, huh? It's the same goes for me.
I've finally got a chance to have Kushieda eat the food I make.
I must be more fired up for- What the hell are you-?! What? The skin's gone, right? I won't cut my fingers if I do it like this.
Well I guess Onigiri for dinner? This is like a picnic! And this onigiri is so small and cute! I made that! Whoa, Taiga-chan's a genius?! Well, she can practise as much as she wants with these.
There's no need to peel them after all.
Like I said earlier, eat before you speak.
These are so good! They have Taiga-chan's scent in them! Here, I made you some tea.
You better stick them in an album before they get damaged.
Stop nagging like you're my brother-in-law.
What's up with you, here someone's wanting to laminate the ones you really like and stuff.
You can do that? Well, yeah.
Okay, gimme a sec.
Um If you laminate them, they'll be okay no matter how many times you fall over or drop them into water.
Taiga, something wrong? N-No! You know, you can get more than just one? Like two, or three Oh, shut up! Just wait, I'm picking them out now! What's up all of the sudden? I just- I'm going home.
Why, out of nowhere? I can't calmly pick the ones I want while I'm here so I'm going home to do it instead.
Hey, Taiga! Wait a second! What's up with her? I really want a picture, too of Kushieda.
Hey, look at this! T-This is a dead light yellow squid? No wait, slime? Isn't it awesome? I made pudding in a bucket! This is pudding? It rather blows my mind- A bucket of pudding! A haven for a woman's appetite! But it was really huge after all, so making it didn't go so well.
The sticky and soft bits kept splitting from one another and Aha! You ladies over there, have a look at this! This is my all-out bucket card play! This A picture of Kushieda.
And then the sticky and soft bits wouldn't stay together, and the harmony between them got all ruined! It's not what I had in mind, but I guess I'll keep it.
What are you doing? Oh, it's just Ryuuji.
You're still choosing? Oh, just shut up.
What's with that attitude? Yesterday you just went home.
I said I could laminate as many as you want if you couldn't make up your mind! What are you doing? If you're going to pester me so much about it, then you pick for me.
What? I'll leave it to you.
As if I could pick for her.
That Taiga Are those Aisaka's pictures? Well, yeah.
They're pictures of me, aren't they? No, um, you see How should I put it Right, that reminds me.
I forgot all about this.
I left it sitting in here.
School Handbook School Handbook School Handbook School Handbook School Handbook School Handbook School Handbook This brings back memories.
You, why do you have this picture? Back in the day, the photography club was selling photos like these.
Among those, ther- Not that! Why do you have a picture of Taiga? I put it there because I was in love with Aisaka.
That's all.
What? Well, when I confessed to her, I got rejected in less than a second.
Oops, I spilled.
Keep it a secret from everyone, okay? Wh- Takasu, what's wrong? Hey! Wh- What the hell?! What a wasteful thing to do I couldn't help it.
Saying he l-loved me Startling me like that I just refused him, but.
After that I came to my senses and then I, uh kind of just fell in love with him too! It happened right here.
Aisaka! The rage that you don't hold back Your straightforward personality is great I've fallen for you! Kitamura Weird confession, wasn't it? I had no idea whether he was praising or criticising me But you know, I was happy.
Having someone say you're okay as you are, and being needed by that person It was nice to have someone like that.
Somehow Taiga's lifestyle and her room suddenly came to mind.
There were so many pictures, and yet there wasn't one I wanted one of that look.
The look he had back when he confessed to me.
Just to see it once more W-Why are you making me say embarrassing things, you perverted dog! Why is it my fault?! Who else is around here, huh?! Being needed by someone I wonder what that means to Taiga.
But man, she sure is a klutz.
If you end up liking him right after, you should've waited with your answer.
Right, Inko-chan? Kitamura's being Kitamura too.
He needs to take responsibility and go out with her if he was already in love.
You think so too, Inko-chan? Go on, Inko-chan! It'd be okay, wouldn't it? バニラソルトで With vanilla salt banira soruto de vanilla バニラ banira amai dake nara アマいだけなら If it's just sweet Then let's put salt on ソルトかけましょう soruto kakemashou 誰よりももっともっと私を dare yori mo motto motto watashi wo Because I want you to know more about me 知って欲しいからさらけだしたい shitte hoshii kara sarakedashitai More than anyone else, I want to bare my self demo dekinai no keiken nasshin でも出来ないの 経験ナッシン But I can't do it, I've got nothing for experience モドカシすぎる It's too frustrating modokashi sugiru demo amai dake no ai wa chotto But a love that's just sweet でも、アマいだけの愛はちょっと watashi ga motomete iru mono to wa chigau Is slightly different from what I'm seeking 私が求めているモノとは違う シロと言われたら If I'm told it's white shiro to iware tara kuro datte icchau クロだって言っちゃう I'd say it's black I can't be honest sunao ni nare nai 素直になれない I say one thing but do another amanojaku アマノジャク If I'm told, "I love you" スキと言われたら suki to iware tara daikirai datte ダイキライだって I'd say, "I hate you" I'm happy, but what am I saying? 嬉しいのにナニ言ってんだろう? ureshii no ni nani itte n darou amai banira ni アマいバニラに Like putting salt Into sweet vanilla ソルトかけるよに… soruto kakeru yo ni Kawashima Ami Next Episode Preview The airhead-type pretty girl, Kawashima Ami, suddenly appears.
For now all I can say is women are scary! Huh, what do you mean? Ami-chan doesn't understand!