Toradora! (2008) s01e11 Episode Script

Ohashi High School Cultural Festival (Part One)

1 It's so hot Today's the start of September, so why is it so hot this morning? We had to eat the leftover curry quickly Good morning, Minorin! Hey, hey, you two! How you been doing? Y-Yeah! Kushieda, how have- Hey, everyone! Have you done your summer homework?! Did you brush your teeth?! Did you take a bath?! What's up with you, Haruta? You're way too cheerful.
Oh, could it be that something happened over summer break? The summer break is so old! Second semester is the new cool! Onwards to the new stage: the cultural festival! Or maybe something new! Must be nice having a summer break where something happened Y-Yuri-chan-sensei! But that's how it is of course something happened I mean, it's your seventeenth summer.
It's completely different for a single woman who has just entered her thirties Ah, the world is such a cruel place It seems like nothing whatsoever happened to Yuri-chan-sensei.
Pre! Preparation! pure pureparaato プレ! プレパラート! tsuyoku nanka nai kedo 強くなんかないけど I'm not strong But pre! Pre-parade! pure pure pareedo プレ! プレパレード! いつか君を捕まえる! itsuka kimi wo tsukamaeru I'll catch you someday! pure purepa pure purepa pure purepa warete baribari P-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, cracking apart プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ ワレテバリバリ プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ P-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, p-re-prepare pure purepa pure purepa pure purepa If you're not paying attention, be prepared for a poking attack from my fingers yudan shitara sono yubi chiku chiku atakku kakugo shite 油断したら その指 チクチクアタック 覚悟して I'm little, but I'll squish you; you're as tiny as a flea to me 小さいけど 挟むの ミジンコみたいなアナタ chiisai kedo hasamu no mijinko mitaina anata hoshii no wa purasuchikku na haato (プラス プラス ダケドマイナス) (purasu purasu dakedo mainasu) 欲しいのは プラスチックなハート What I want is a plastic heart (plus, plus, but it's a minus) But that's boring; when I'd notice it, I'd have won against you でもそれじゃつまらない そこに気付いた者勝ち demo soreja tsumaranai soko ni kizuita mono gachi Love is something that's bittersweet 恋は甘くて 苦いもの koi wa amaku te nigai mono 単純明快 複雑怪奇な代物 tanjun meikai fukuzatsu kaiki na shiromono Simple and clear yet complex and strange stuff dou demo ii koto bakkari kini shitari suru no どうでもいい事ばっかり気にしたりするの I'm only worrying about things that don't matter How does it feel? It feels like that donna kanji sonna kanji どんな感じ?ソンな感じ 温厚篤実 エキセントリックなアナタ onkou tokujitsu ekisentorikku na anata You're gentle and sincere yet eccentric I pretend to be strong all over and compete against you 強がる素振りを全身まとって太刀打ち tsuyogaru soburi wo zenshin matotte tachiuchi sunao na dakeda to shigeki ga tsuyoku te kurakura Just by being honest, it's so stimulating and I feel dizzy 素直なだけだと刺激が強くて クラクラ I get hurt, I hurt you, in a preparation of pure feelings kizutsui chau no kizutsuke chau no junjou pureparaato 傷ついちゃうの 傷つけちゃうの 純情プレパラート 頭の中は いつも一人の 純情プレパレード In my head, there's always a pre-parade of pure feelings all by myself atama no naka wa itsumo hitori no junjou pure pareedo Oohashi High School Cultural Festival (Part One) The arbitrary decision is that this year's event will be limited to just one day Even with the power of the president It's not like this was a one-sided decision forced onto us.
This is a trade.
Victory is ours!! The negotiations with the teaching staff have just begun.
If we manage to pull this off the way we want, even giving up the second day will have its merits.
No matter what the obstacles, I will make this year's cultural festival extravagant! After all, for me, this will be my final major school event! Takasu-kun, shall we go and find a UFO next? Whoa! Stupid Chi'! What the hell are you doing, you trash?! Like I said, my nails are long at the moment, so I can't touch the ball.
They'll break otherwise.
You Stupid Chi'! Her cute smile Ami-chan is an angel after all I'm a Palmtop Tiger fan.
Well, I prefer Kashii.
Kihara sure is fine too! Whoa, Ami-chan's riding the Tiger like a horse! Man, I wanna be ridden like a horse too Ladies and zentlemen! What now? There are no ladies here! And what the hell is "zentle"? Don't you all want to see the girls you hold dear to your heart in their "cute, non-everyday form"? Hey, are you okay? You didn't get into anything strange during summer break, did you? Come on, hear me out! Soon it'll be the cultural festival.
During the long homeroom tomorrow, our class, 2-C, has to enter talks to decide what we are going to do for this event.
And! I'm on the cultural festival committee! So what? Therefore If we, for example, host a maid café during the cultural festival, it means we'll get to see the girls in maid outfits! If all the guys conspire together and force a decisive vote, we'll have an indisputable majority! How does that sound? That sounds rather good Even if it is coming from Haruta Wait a moment.
If we're going to do that, instead of maids, I definitely want them in Chinese dresses! That works too.
Takasu agrees with me, right? Y-Yeah, sure I already get to see her in something like a maid outfit at her part-time job anyway An outfit like a Chinese dress that fits to a body's curves perfectly is more No, that won't do! If it fits to a body's curves perfectly, it'll mean that I'll end up having to make fake breast pads What are you saying? N-No, nothing! Rather than Chinese dresses, I'd Yeah, I know! Lolita or something Takasu You're a genius! Then, I'd like nurses! I want stewardesses! You fool! Call them "cabin attendants"! I want shrine maidens! Wait, wait, everyone! Don't go off on a tangent! Oh man, what were we talking abou- A cosplay café would satisfy everyone's needs, no? Men's dressing room That's it! Men's dressing room Men's dressing room Men's dressing room Men's dressing room Men's dressing room Taiga, I'm going on ahead.
Ryuuji! Huh? Look at this.
What now, all of the sudden? Whoa, this is horrible! It got torn by Stupid Chi'.
Hey, you! How about not smearing my good name? You stepped on it, tripped, and ripped it all on your own! It all happened because the Stupid Chi' dodged the ball in the first place! Like I said, that was because my nails- Stop it.
I'll stitch up the tear.
Again he spoils her.
Make sure you have it ready by next week.
Wait! Don't walk away after putting the blame on someone else! Hey! They're quite vigorous.
Now, now, let's return to the classroom as well.
Good idea.
B-By the way, that talk about finding a UFO later My, aren't instant noodles the enemy of dieting warriors?! What? Oh, so scary.
Absit omen.
I'll have to put another piece of cloth under this.
I guess I'll sacrifice one of Yasuko's old thermal shirts.
It's ringing, Taiga.
Whatever, I don't care.
Sheesh, that shitty old man Shitty old man? What's that all about? Well, whatever.
But it's bothering me, so take the cellphone- Oh, shut up.
What is it now, all of a sudden? I'm telling you to leave it! He's the guy who remarried, decided that I was inconvenient, rented me an apartment, and then threw me out of his house.
He abandoned me! He's that cold-hearted of a man.
Wh- Your old man?! No, shitty old man! No matter how he is, your father is your father.
Calling him "shitty old man" is a bit Your family is always somewhere in your heart, even when you're apart.
It's like- I'm telling you, he's a shitty old man! Shi-tty.
Shitty! Shitty, shitty, old! You don't have to learn that! Haemorrhoid.
Haemo-hemorr! Again, Inko-chan is! What? Are you talking about your papa? Hae-haemo-haemorr! Haemo! Haemo! Not my father! He was a wonderful person! In order to protect himself in case he got stabbed- That story again?! Doing that isn't wonderful at all! Rather, don't go talking to people about him that way! Aw, but And so then Topic Cultural Festival We'd like to decide on our exhibition and our Miss Oohashi candidate! Topic Cultural Festival Committee Member Haruta Kouji Um, for the Miss Oohashi candidate we'll go with Ami-chan, and I don't think anyone has any objections, so our problem is the- Same Kawashima Ami I'm sorry.
I can't do that.
Huh? Although I'm happy for the thought, I've been selected as the master of ceremonies for the Miss Oohashi contest.
So, even if you did decide to pick me, I can't be in the contest.
So, I think that Aisaka-san would be great! I mean, Aisaka-san's really tiny and cute, and she's famous all over school too.
What are you saying, Super Stupid Chi'?! Why do I have to do something like that?! But that might actually be rather good.
In truth, the Tiger is famous.
It might actually go well.
You bastards Now, now! That won't do, Taiga-chan! You're a member of this class too.
You've got to actively participate in this kind of event! You bastard, Stupid Chi'! If just saying it won't get it through your skull, I'll smash the whole festival- There, there.
Calm down, calm down.
If it's Aisaka, we might even win this.
Right? Yay! So, the decision falls in favour of the Tiger being our Miss Oohashi candidate! Continuing where we left off, I'd like to ask what we should have as our exhibition- Here! Here! Yes, Noto-kun?! How about a cosplay café!? What?! Isn't that, like, super otaku? That will most definitely overlap with other classes.
I definitely don't want to do that.
Um You see This is kinda my opinion, and it's not like I want to do it, but I really hate these kinds of things, but if everyone has fun, it'd be great, or so I thought And so, um H-Haun- Oh, I'm getting a nosebleed.
Don't take this the wrong way, okay? It's not like I was going to say something weird I, um want a h-haunted house- Kushieda, leave it at that.
Your body can't keep up.
I won't let you I'm not letting you, okay? Y-Yuri-chan? Coffee shop? No way! Make a band and put on a concert? Man, that's the so lame in Japan these days! That kind of one-day excitement is nothing but an illusion! You're going to suck by Christmas anyway! Either way, we won't get anywhere like this! Now that it's come to this, we're going to have a final decisive vote! All of you, get your hands writing what you want to do! No matter what the girls write, they're merely a big mob.
They're no threat to the Male Alliance.
All right! Everyone's done writing, right? Here I go, then! Shake and lottery! Huh? Wait, what?! A lottery?! Announcing it now! For this year's cultural festival, our class exhibition will be a pro-wres Pro-wrestling Show (Serious) Who was it that wrote "pro-wrestling show" and "serious" in parentheses?! Hey, why didn't you make it a majority decision? Huh? Oh.
That bastard Stupid Chi'! While she's going through the endless circle of transmigration, I'm going to drop her down to all kinds of Hells! Give it up and just enjoy a class event for once.
You're too narrow-minded.
What now? You're being all happy on your own.
Happy? Me? Ever since we came back from the trip, you've been- Huh? Why? What's wrong? Weird.
I can't withdraw any money.
It's saying that the balance is zero.
0 Yen Balance Fine, I'll- Impossible.
It's because I kept ignoring the phone calls He'll even do things like this I can't believe him.
Phone calls? The ones you've been getting recently? He's been calling frequently for some time now.
But it annoyed me, so I ignored them.
So now he's emptied the account for my living expenses.
That shitty old man I really want to kill him! Saying that about your parents is bad, you know.
Old Man Incoming Call Shitty He's threatening me here.
Just pick it up for starters.
Either way, nothing will happen unless you talk.
And besides, not having any money will be bothersome, no? Well Her picking up the phone was great, but how did it end up with me meeting him alone? I see I understand.
Anyhow, it seems my daughter isn't coming here.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to see Taiga no matter what, but it seems I made her hate me more instead.
I'm sorry as well.
Um, was it Takasu-kun? Now that it's come to this, please order anything you'd like.
Ah, no, I'm fine.
I'm having dinner after this.
N-No, wait! Uh, I'll help myself, then! I'll have an egg bagel! I see.
Excuse me.
Could we place an order? An egg bagel for him, and I think I'll have a salmon bagel.
Put a ton of cheese in it.
As much as possible.
Oh, right.
Before I forget it, take this.
The money.
I really wanted to see her no matter what.
I had something important to talk with her about, you see Something important? Um are you like that with Taiga? Are you going out? N-No, that's wrong! Rather, we're merely friends, and it's not like we're going out or anything like that.
We just live close to one another, and so we just got along somehow.
I see.
If that's the case, you must have heard a lot about me from Taiga.
My new wife was way too young.
Because of that, Taiga just couldn't get used to our new life.
And then all kinds of misunderstandings piled up, one after another.
My current wife's name is Yuu.
It got to the point where either Taiga or Yuu had to leave.
And then Taiga I want to live with Taiga.
Together, like before I wanted to tell her that today.
I no longer have any doubts.
I want to start over with Taiga.
I'm going to divorce Yuu soon.
And then I will live together with Taiga.
Because we're father and daughter.
Because I love her.
This is serious.
Your dad's saying that he's coming for you! What are you doing?! Do it properly! Rinse them in water for more than five seconds! Oh, shut up.
Don't butt in.
In exchange for you going to meet him, Vaisravana's Heaven I promised that I'd do the dishes, right? Then, wash them properly! Whatever, go away! You know Vaisravana's Heaven Your old man's a weirdo.
He doesn't seem like a normal adult or- Go away, I said! Boil some water and prepare some tea or something! Vaisravana's Heaven Your old man was really worried about you.
Because of that, he now wants to live with you agai- Are you dumb? I'm being serious here.
Your old man said he wants to live with you.
He asked me to- It's none of your business! Vaisravana's Heaven Don't butt into other people's families! What?! You're the one who made me go! Is it over now that you got the money from him?! That's right.
That's why I'm standing here right now doing the dishes.
That's why this is the end.
I won't ever see that guy again.
Don't give me that crap! Properly- Shut up! Don't touch me so familiarly! Your old man was depressed because he's being ignored by you! I felt sorry for him! I'm the one you should feel sorry for! Tai ga? All right! Has it been passed out to everyone? I really felt responsible for this.
That's why I made this: a pro-wrestling show script.
Hey, maybe we should just drop it? Drop the class exhibition, and focus on the Miss Oohashi contest.
Here you go.
Everyone! Come on, have some interest! We can't go back on this now! (Serious!) 2\h\h\h\h\h\hC Show Homeroom teacher: Koigaku Pro-wrestling Cultural Festival Class Exhibition Year\h\h\hClass Yuri-chan already stamped and submitted the exhibition activity plan! Homeroom teacher: Koigaku Homeroom teacher: Cultural Festival Class Exhibition Pro-wrestling (Serious!) Year\h\h\hClass Show 2\h\h\h\h\h\hC Homeroom teacher: Cultural Festival Class Exhibition Koigaku Koigaku Cultural Festival Class Exhibition 2\h\h\h\h\h\hC Show (Serious!) Year\h\h\hClass Pro-wrestling Homeroom teacher: Koigaku Year\h\h\hClass Show 2\h\h\h\h\h\hC Homeroom teacher: Cultural Festival Class Exhibition Pro-wrestling (Serious!) Homeroom teacher: Cultural Festival Class Exhibition Pro-wrestling Show Koigaku (Serious!) 2\h\h\h\h\h\hC Year\h\h\hClass Show Cultural Festival Class Exhibition 2\h\h\h\h\h\hC Koigaku Homeroom teacher: Year\h\h\hClass Pro-wrestling (Serious!) 2\h\h\h\h\h\hC (Serious!) Pro-wrestling Koigaku Homeroom teacher: Show Year\h\h\hClass Cultural Festival Class Exhibition APPROVED Koigaku Homeroom teacher: (Serious!) APPROVED (Serious!) APPROVED (Serious!) APPROVED (Serious!) This might actually be a lot of fun.
Everyone's got a role properly assigned to them.
You've outdone yourself, Haruta-kun.
Oh, I'm the lead! That makes me kinda happy.
Ami-chan It's true.
It's been done really well.
Haruta-kun, let's do our best! All right! For now, let's start practising! Yeah! In the near future, the students of class 2-C were living happily and peacefully under the class leader, Ami-chan.
But there were some who considered this peace unpleasant! They were the personification of evil, the Palmtop Tiger, and her follower, Delinquent Takasu Ryuuji! Wait a sec.
Why am I her follower, and on top of that, a delinquent? Why am I the personification of evil? Hey, come on, come on! Hear me out, okay? The Palmtop Tiger attacks her classmates of 2-C! The classmates are brainwashed one by one! But by the desperate persuasion of Ami-chan, the brainwashing gets removed! In the end, everyone combines their powers, and successfully drive away the Palmtop Tiger and Delinquent Takasu Ryuuji! And with that, they lived happily ever after! Happy end! How's this?! You ask us to hear you out and then we get that? But it's simple, yet dramatic.
This might just go well.
No way! There's no way I'm doing something like that! Sheesh, Aisaka-san is as selfish as ever.
Hey! First the Miss Oohashi contest, and now this! Why are you only making me do weird things! If hitting me will end it, hit me as much as you please! As you wish! But nothing good will come from doing so! What? Oh, the Palmtop Tiger's really into it.
Already practising, huh? Such intensity! All right! Now, Taiga, the brainwashing line! What? The line, the line! Look, this one.
"Taiga keeps screaming something" Amin has changed lately.
Yeah, that's true.
Wait, what the hell is that?! Dunno.
Haruta-kun said he was giving me an especially nice role.
Everyone, hear me out! A decision was just made by the school! This year's cultural festival will be a competition between all classes.
The class who places first will receive extravagant prizes! And while I'm at it, these are the prizes! One: for the rest of this year, a refrigerator will be set up for your class! Don't you wanna cool your juice? One: your class will be getting next year's new state-of-the-art humidifying air conditioner installed! Don't you want moisture? The current restrictions on the use of electrical outlets in the bathrooms will be lifted! Don't you wanna curl your hair? And finally: discount coupons at Super Kanoya! Don't you want discount coupons? Wait, what? Hey boys, get your act together, okay?! Y-Yeah Hey, what should we get for dinner? Amberjack.
What should we do with the amberjack? Teri yaki, huh? Sorry.
I waited for you here.
For a while now Um You bastard stalker! Taiga! Stop being so stubborn already! Let go of me, stupid dog! Are you on his side?! How cruel! Here I thought that at least you would be on my side! I'm saying this because I'm on your side! I'm saying this for your sake! Who is that? He's your father, right?! Don't you see he has come for you?! You should at least hear what he has to say! Wrong! That's a stalker! I don't want that! Don't you go spewing bullshit! Weren't you crying because you had been abandoned?! Be honest! Be honest already! You actually want to return home, right?! How can someone like you understand anything about me? I don't need that guy anymore.
I wasn't abandoned.
I abandoned him! He was useless trash I had no use for, so I abandoned him! You bastard Does that Does that person really look like trash to you?! My old man won't come home no matter how much I want it! I'm not doing this for Taiga's sake.
I'm Sorry, Taiga I Enough already.
If you say so So don't make that face anymore.
Tai- It's a good thing, right? I'll think of it like that.
I don't know if I can think of it like that or not, but But since you're saying so I'll think of it like that.
It's for the best.
It's for the best.
It must be.
Right? banira soruto de With vanilla salt バニラソルトで banira vanilla バニラ アマいだけなら amai dake nara If it's just sweet ソルトかけましょう soruto kakemashou Then let's put salt on 誰よりももっともっと私を dare yori mo motto motto watashi wo Because I want you to know more about me 知って欲しいからさらけだしたい shitte hoshii kara sarakedashitai More than anyone else, I want to bare my self But I can't do it, I've got nothing for experience demo dekinai no keiken nasshin でも出来ないの 経験ナッシン It's too frustrating modokashi sugiru モドカシすぎる But a love that's just sweet demo amai dake no ai wa chotto でも、アマいだけの愛はちょっと 私が求めているモノとは違う Is slightly different from what I'm seeking watashi ga motomete iru mono to wa chigau shiro to iware tara シロと言われたら If I'm told it's white kuro datte icchau クロだって言っちゃう I'd say it's black sunao ni nare nai 素直になれない I can't be honest I say one thing but do another amanojaku アマノジャク スキと言われたら suki to iware tara If I'm told, "I love you" I'd say, "I hate you" ダイキライだって daikirai datte I'm happy, but what am I saying? ureshii no ni nani itte n darou 嬉しいのにナニ言ってんだろう? アマいバニラに Like putting salt amai banira ni Into sweet vanilla soruto kakeru yo ni ソルトかけるよに… Next Episode Preview Oohashi High School Cultural Festival (Part Two) Koigakubo Yuri entered her thirties this summer.
Everyone, please give me presents.
Actually, please take me.