Toradora! (2008) s01e17 Episode Script

Mercury Retrogrades at Christmas

1 Are your feelings of guilt gone? Go! Don't you think Kushieda-senpai is acting weird? You're right.
I mean, she's a weird person by nature, but she's been spacing out a lot more than usual recently.
What the heck am I doing? My silky love nijuuyon jikan zutto 24時間ずっと Every hour of the day My silky love kimi no koto omou tabi キミのこと想うたび whenever I think of you My silky love もどかしいこの気持ち these impatient feelings modokashii kono kimochi My silky love simply overflow.
tada afurekaetteku ただ溢れかえってく suki to ieba kantan na no ni Even though it's easy to say "I love you" スキと言えば簡単なのに キミが前に来ちゃうと kimi ga mae ni kichau to when you stand in front of me my personality stands up and gets in my way.
kyara ga sobie watashi no koto wo jamashiteru 個性がそびえ 私のコトを邪魔してる I can usually pull through with my assertiveness いつもならば強気でイケる itsumo naraba tsuyoki de ikeru sonna seikaku na no ni that's just how I am.
そんな性格なのに donna ganbatte mite mo kabe wa kuzusenai どんな頑張ってみても 壁は崩せない But no matter how hard I try, I can't break the wall that's between us.
sasshite hoshii kono kimochi wo I want you to realise… my feelings.
察して欲しい… この気持ちを So I always send a gaze だから私は いつもキミに dakara watashi wa itsumo kimi ni daisuki da yo to okuru shisen of "I really love you" your way 大好きだよと送る視線 with all of my courage! saidai no yuuki de 最大の勇気で! yaburesou na shiruku no haato My flimsy silky heart.
破れそうなシルクノハート キミに逢って気づいた やっと After meeting you, I finally realised kimi ni atte kizuita yatto ai ni wa bukiyou dattan datte 愛には不器用だったんだって that I'm really clumsy when it comes to love.
wasurekaketa koi no kizuato The scars from love that I'd almost forgotten 忘れかけた恋の傷跡 急に疼きだしたの キュンと have started to ache all of a sudden.
kyuu ni uzukidashita no kyun to いつかは私らしくスキと Someday, like how I normally would itsuka wa watashi rashiku suki to I must say "I love you", or else I'll become even weaker.
iwanakya ima yori yowaku nacchau yo 言わなきゃ…今より弱くなっちゃうよ Mercury Retrogrades at Christmas Oh yeah, the big year-end sale is coming up soon, and then spring cleaning is after that.
From the deepest parts of the cupboards to the tatami mats, I'll clean every inch.
No! No! You're thinking about it wrong; it's Christmas.
Christmas! Huh? Oh, I'm so looking forward to it.
I guess I have to be good for the time being, because he's probably near the skies of Japan right now.
Who? Do you really need to ask? Santa! Santa Claus! Give me that, I'll help you carry it.
Are you okay? It'll be great if he visits our house again this year.
What's wrong? You know, I love Christmas! I know you love Christmas, but why so much? Do you need a reason to love Christmas? The street decorations are sparkling beautifully and everyone is smiling and happy Hey, you'll spoil your dinner! I know, that's why I'm only eating one.
No, you don't understand.
We're going to celebrate the end of your suspension tonight.
Also, yellowtails are a natural product, so they're really expensive.
You should at least pretend to appreciate them because of the price.
Yay, yay! Yellowtail hotpot! One more time.
There are a lot of yellowtails, yay.
One more time! So Did you get closer to Minorin during my suspension? No progress at all, right? Sheesh, what did you do with the chance I gave you? B-But it couldn't be helped If you're not here, Kushieda won't come to the meeting place in the morning, and she'll eat lunch with some other girls.
Then after school, she's busy with club- "With all that waiting, do you think you're the faithful dog, Hachiko?" "Do you really think Minorin will come for you if you wait long enough?" "Fool.
Dumb dog.
Idiot Ryuuji.
" Although I was planning to say that You've already said it all out loud.
Well, I guess not progressing at all is something that can't be helped.
Fine, I'll come up with a plan for you.
Huh? It's Christmas, so I'll be reborn as an angel of love to help you.
T-That's so wrong.
Say whatever you want, I'm a living saint right now.
Saint? I thought you were an angel.
My bad, I meant angel.
In order to give everyone a happy and joyful Christmas, I'm prepared to take off one or two pieces of clothing, or even take it all off.
So just leave it to me! So, do I look like an angel? No, and the crumbs are falling onto your head.
No way! Get them off! Taiga-san is here! Taiga-san is back at school! Taiga-san, we appreciate your effort! What's with you guys? We became your fans after we saw that fight.
The battle between the boss and the Palmtop Tiger It was actually your victory, right?! You fought the first and final battle against her for your love because you found out she's going to study abroad, right? Quiet down! That fight was very difficult and caused a lot of hardship.
However, the last person standing was the victor.
In other words, I was the true victor! Come on, don't mess around.
Let's go, Taiga.
My tense thigh, and my shaking calf W-What's going on? Minorin, I'm back at school! Stop singing weird songs and give me a hug! Let go of me! I'm a human! Minorin, I missed you a lot! Why didn't you wait for us at the meeting place? To be honest, I overslept so I had to rush here today.
That's why my thighs are so sore.
Wait, how did I get here before you guys? W-Well We were surrounded by some weird guys.
Anyway, Kushieda- Shut up, brat! Why did I say that? Or did I make a bad joke? Crap! I screwed up! Sorry! Forget it! Mornin', Takasu.
Oh, Taiga, long time no see.
Hey, are you doing all right? Huh? Kushieda broke down again? I screwed up so badly.
I should seriously become a monk.
Just let me be bald for now.
No Why is a high school girl like you wearing a bald wig? Aisaka! W-What's going on now? Good morning, Aisaka.
K-Kitamura-kun, good morning Takasu, good morning to you too.
W-Why? It's morning, that's why I'm saying "good morning".
No! I mean your pose! Oh, I am full of admiration! Full of I am full of admiration! My feelings for Aisaka can't be shown by just kneeling, which is why I'm lying down.
Aisaka! Yes? Regardless of who it's for, you shouldn't fight anymore.
If you can't forgive someone, you have to talk to me about it first.
So yeah, I saw it with my own eyes.
I mean, he's an assistant professor, but I saw him coming out of a casino! Oh, that confirms it.
He wasn't late for the date because of his work, but because he was playing slot machines! Broadcasting Room Yeah, so I messaged one of my girlfriends Because I was being treated badly by him, I asked her what I should do.
Oh Then I found out something else.
Such a breathtaking development It seems there's no such occupation as an "assistant professor".
There is only "assistant teacher".
That means he was lying about his job! Ever since then, I haven't heard a thing from him.
What did you do to make our teacher cry, Kitamura? Let's just pretend we don't know it's actually Yuri-chan.
"Cheering For Your Love" was brought to you by Kitamura Yuusaku, Yeah the God of Broken Hearts.
Our guest today goes by the pseudonym of Y-chan.
God of Broken Hearts? What's that? Oh, because of that confession, Kitamura has become the school's love saint- I mean, he became a religious figure for those wanting to confess to someone.
Huh? They say Kitamura will take all the bad luck away.
It's something like "The Lucky God of Broken Hearts Legend".
Let me remind you, final exams are coming up.
That's so stupid.
Why do the people of our school love to believe legends so much? Everyone, are you prepared? I, the God of Broken Hearts, should also start studying, Don't you think this broadcast is really annoying? Why did he bring up the topic of studying? but not everything goes my way.
Shouldn't the title be "Cheering For Your Love"? Taiga is listening to it, so shut up, or else she won't be able to hear the touching stories of Master Kitamura.
Taiga, are you all right? Can hear it clearly? Huh? Yeah, I'm fine.
Speaking of which, Taiga is being really modest today.
I mean, she would've killed Haruta had he done that any other day.
You noticed? Yeah, I'm being good.
Good? Well, I'm being good because it's nearly Christmas.
I mean, look, Santa is watching us.
Oh, what was that? Are you stupid? I can't believe you think Santa really exists.
That's not like you at all.
Stupid Chi', it's nearly Christmas! If you're naughty, Santa won't visit your house.
There's definitely something strange about you.
Did something happen during your suspension? Or is this a sign of death? Are you going to die tomorrow? Why am I going to die tomorrow?! Both of you, cut it out! Thank you for listening! Next After the dreaded exams, it'll be Christmas, the time that everyone's looking forward to! Now an announcement from the student council.
After the ceremony on Christmas Eve, there will be a Christmas party in the gym.
You have to come as couples.
Troubled by love? Can't ask him or her out? Why don't you try to invite the person you have feelings for to the party on that romantic night? Christmas Party? Listen, Ryuuji.
This is the perfect chance.
You have to invite Minorin to the Christmas Eve party.
Huh? Don't "Huh?" me! You have to confess to her in a snap! C-Confess? Y-You're asking for the impossible.
You have to do it.
It's Christmas Eve.
It's the holy Christmas Eve.
I am the angel of love! I'm the holy child of Christmas and the model for being good! Even Santa is looking at me! Huh? In order to make your love life successful, I will become Cupid! No, thanks.
Well, well H-Hey! So Do I look like Cupid? No, you don't.
You really don't.
guys A only Cool My god, aren't you slow? The special party for cool guys is in here Merry Christmas! Oh, god! Look, Nanako! That guy over there is really cute! I'm totally fine with that type of guy! Oh my, what a gentleman.
There's a lot of time left, so if you're hungry, eat this first! Huh? Where are you going? What did you say? Am I really that boring? It's Christmas, and I'm waiting for you to do fun things to me Exactly, let's do fun things together! Let's get naked! We're naked! What? Someone cuter? So you want a cuter and prettier Santa? Are you talking about me?! That was the dream I had.
What a pervert.
You're the worst.
Gosh, Haruta-kun Wait, why am I the most unfortunate? Putting that aside, let's talk about the real party.
First, we have to decide who will be staff.
Taiga, go for it.
Didn't you say that you love Christmas? Yeah, good idea.
I-If everyone's asking me to go for it, I guess I'll have to.
Come join me, you sugary-slug-dog! S-Sure.
Wait, what type of dog did you say I am? Minorin, come join us! Sorry.
I'll pass this time.
Why? I'm really not in the mood to go to a Christmas party.
I mean, it's not the time for me to have fun.
What's wrong, Kushieda? I screwed up unbelievably during the softball match, and we lost because of that.
It's really embarrassing.
If I go and have fun at a party during a time like this, I don't think the club members will look up to me anymore.
Also, I have to practise for a match I have after New Year's.
Minorin Y-You don't need to help out, just come for the party and- I won't be going to the party.
Then, I'll help you guys set stuff up.
Ami-chan, you're going to? Then, I'll help too! I'm really looking forward to the party! We'll heat it up using the power of Class 2-C! Oh, my What's with that look? You don't want to be with me? Let me make this clear, Takasu-kun.
It's in your best interest to be nice to me.
Why? This sort of plan is my specialty.
I'll determine whether the party will be a success or not, and it's also up to me to get that unhappy somebody to come.
Huh? What's wrong? Oh, so you want to join us? If that's the case, we'd be glad to have you.
I said I'm not going to.
Minorin! Wait, Minorin! Huh? Ryuu-chan, you're going out? Taiga-chan is going too? Yeah, to study for our finals.
We're meeting Kitamura and the others at the restaurant we always go to.
There's a salmon fillet in the frying pan, remember to heat it up before you eat it.
Eh? Ya-chan will be giza lonely gansu! W-What's with that "giza" and "gansu"? Ryuu-chan, don't you know? It's a popular saying right now.
Some new person at work told me about it.
Young people say things like "gansu", and "giza" sounds cute, right? Ya-chan is giza-ly smart! Cut it out.
It sounds really wrong.
How does it sound wrong? This is giza-ly good! It's tera-ly correct! Inko-chan, take care of Yasuko for me.
You're the only one I can rely on.
Too bad! No! No! No! No! Such a rebellious reaction! What's going on, Inko-chan? What happened to your cute and honest side? Oh, I know.
It must be the book you borrowed.
How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal How to Cook A Special Poultry Christmas Meal I'm sorry, Inko-chan! I did something really stupid! I'll never cook you! I promise! R-Really? Of course! S-Seriously? I'm serious! What are you guys doing? Hey, did you bring it? Of course.
It's safe in here.
The prize I got at the cultural festival for winning the Mr.
Lucky Guy contest They call it "The Boss's Notes".
There will be nothing to be afraid of if we use this to study.
But to be honest, this belongs to Kushieda.
She let me win with her.
She said she can't come because of her job, so it can't be helped.
Quit living in the past like an old person.
I'm not living in the- Then, stop standing there.
We're going to study at the place where Minorin works, so you should try and have a chat with her before everyone arrives.
Y-Yeah! Kushieda took the day off.
When you're ready to order, press the button.
Hey, Ryuuji.
Do you think Minorin is avoiding you? W-Why would she?! You guys don't speak to each other at school, and I was the one who invited her to the study session.
That's because you told me to leave everything to you.
Do you guys even talk to each other at all? N-No "Going to work" was an excuse, and she said she's not going to the party.
She's feeling down because she screwed up during a match.
Isn't it your specialty to make everything better in times like these?! But It's really weird.
I don't even know how to support her now.
Your relationship with Minorin seems different from before.
Before, you guys were more Yo, Takasu and Taiga, sorry to make you wait.
I'm really hungry.
O-Oh Yo.
It's really cold today.
Wearing a winter coat on cold days makes you really warm! Maruo, you should buy one for yourself.
Kihara? What are you doing here? This isn't like you at all.
I also want a copy of The Boss's Notes! And I can't study by myself Come on, let's sit down.
All right, this table is ours.
Hey Taiga, stand up.
Haruta, go over there.
Kihara, you're sitting next to Takasu.
Wait Here you go.
I'll sit next to Haruta, and Kitamura, you're sitting at the other table.
W-Wait! I want to sit there too! No, um, well Girls should sit together! Right, Taiga? Let's do that.
Don't be so selfish.
Do you not want to sit next to Takasu? No, it's not that! Let's order now.
Everyone's going to the drink bar, right? All right.
No point in everyone getting up for drinks, so I'll get them for all of you.
I-I want something hot! Okay.
Taiga, go to the drink bar with him.
Isn't it cold today? Hey, what are you plotting? What are you talking about? Don't play dumb! Why are you pairing Taiga and Kitamura up on purpose? Oh, we've been found out.
Whatever, I want you to help out too.
Huh? I think Kitamura and Taiga would make a good couple.
Oh, I think so too.
Look, Kitamura is probably still upset about the Boss rejecting him, right? Don't you think a new love would help cure him? T-That might work.
Taiga likes Kitamura.
I'm serious.
I don't think you've noticed it.
You're surprised, right? I was surprised too.
After all, you're the closest one to her since you take care of her and stuff.
Yeah, so being surprised is only natural.
You guys are wrong.
Huh? What? Never mind.
You guys are right.
Wow! Taiga, it seems you really like this.
Yeah, it's really beautiful! Taiga likes Kitamura.
Haven't I known that for a long time? But why am I I don't understand.
Hey, Takasu-kun.
Hey! Takasu-kun, what do you think? Do you think it would be good for Taiga and Maruo to go out with each other? No, that's Actually, it'd be too sudden.
Exactly! You agree, right? Even though everyone says it, it's not like that, right? Wait a second.
What do you mean by "everyone"? If Taiga goes out with Maruo, you don't think it'll be interesting, right? Huh? Everyone says you're gentle, and you love to care for others, Wai- but you actually like Taiga, right? I'll support you, I swear! Don't tell me you like Kitamu- Hey, Kihara! Hurry up.
Coming! Takasu-kun, don't give up! Come on! Stop annoying me! I said I'm coming! This is some super confusing Guns N' Roses.
nemurenai yoru ni wa On the nights I can’t sleep 眠れない夜には hitori de tameiki I sigh alone.
ひとりでため息 minna wa dou na no みんなはどうなの? How is everyone? I feel a little lonely.
nandaka sabishii なんだか寂しい Within the vast world, a single seed 広い大地に ひと粒の種 hiroi daichi ni hitotsubu no tane nekko nobashite 根っこのばして extended its roots まだ青い 実をつけた and put out a fruit that was still unripe.
mada aoi mi wo tsuketa The fruit that I wish would turn orange soon orenji iro ni hayaku オレンジ色に 早く なりたい果実 naritai kajitsu The fruit that I wish would turn orange soon is bathed in your light.
キミの光を浴びて kimi no hikari wo abite 理想や夢は膨らむばかり risou ya yume wa fukuramu bakari The ideals and dreams just swell- 気づいてよ ねぇ kizuite yo nee Hey, feel it.
Today, I tried eating an orange オレンジ 今日も orenji kyou mo 食べてみたけど Today, I tried eating an orange tabete mita kedo まだすっぱくて  泣いた but it was so sour I cried.
mada suppakute naita I couldn’t leave it behind like I have been 私みたいで残せないから watashi mitai de nokosenai kara ぜんãé£Ÿã¹ãŸ so I ate it all.
zenbu tabeta suki da yo nakeru yo 好きだよ 泣けるよ I love it… I feel like crying.
suki da yo suki da yo 好きだよ 好きだよ I love it… I love it.
Beneath the Fir Tree Next Episode Preview It'll definitely be interesting! It'll get your spirits up! That's why you have to come to the party, Kushieda.
I can't be my usual self anymore.
Yes, surely Probably