Toradora! (2008) s01e16 Episode Script

One Step Forward

1 I'll announce it right now.
When I, Aisaka Taiga, am elected as student council president, I'll make this school mine and bury your high school life, along with your bloody memories, in a m-morgue! The Palmtop Tiger is going to become student council president?! You're kidding me! Cut it out already! I'm her campaign manager.
If you have any problems, I'll deal with them! It's Kitamura.
He said he's quitting the student council and won't participate in the election.
So that's why the Palmtop Tiger is running for it.
If any of you try to get in my way, I won't show you any mercy! No way! If the Palmtop Tiger becomes student council president, our school life will be ruined! Someone help! Isn't there a brave soul who'll help us?! Oh, right! If Kitamura runs for it Exactly.
Why isn't he running? We're begging you, help us! At this rate, our high school life will really be ruined! Hey, what the heck are you guys do- Pre! Preparation! pure pureparaato プレ! プレパラート! 強くなんかないけど I'm not strong tsuyoku nanka nai kedo But pre! Pre-parade! プレ! プレパレード! pure pure pareedo いつか君を捕まえる! itsuka kimi wo tsukamaeru I'll catch you someday! プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ ワレテバリバリ P-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, cracking apart pure purepa pure purepa pure purepa warete baribari P-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, p-re-prepare pure purepa pure purepa pure purepa プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ If you're not paying attention, be prepared for a poking attack from my fingers 油断したら その指 チクチクアタック 覚悟して yudan shitara sono yubi chiku chiku atakku kakugo shite chiisai kedo hasamu no mijinko mitaina anata I'm little, but I'll squish you; you're as tiny as a flea to me 小さいけど 挟むの ミジンコみたいなアナタ What I want is a plastic heart (plus, plus, but it's a minus) (purasu purasu dakedo mainasu) hoshii no wa purasuchikku na haato (プラス プラス ダケドマイナス) 欲しいのは プラスチックなハート But that's boring; when I'd notice it, I'd have won against you demo soreja tsumaranai soko ni kizuita mono gachi でもそれじゃつまらない そこに気付いた者勝ち 恋は甘くて 苦いもの koi wa amaku te nigai mono Love is something that's bittersweet Simple and clear yet complex and strange stuff 単純明快 複雑怪奇な代物 tanjun meikai fukuzatsu kaiki na shiromono I'm only worrying about things that don't matter dou demo ii koto bakkari kini shitari suru no どうでもいい事ばっかり気にしたりするの どんな感じ?ソンな感じ donna kanji sonna kanji How does it feel? It feels like that onkou tokujitsu ekisentorikku na anata You're gentle and sincere yet eccentric 温厚篤実 エキセントリックなアナタ I pretend to be strong all over and compete against you tsuyogaru soburi wo zenshin matotte tachiuchi 強がる素振りを全身まとって太刀打ち sunao na dakeda to shigeki ga tsuyoku te kurakura 素直なだけだと刺激が強くて クラクラ Just by being honest, it's so stimulating and I feel dizzy 傷ついちゃうの 傷つけちゃうの 純情プレパラート kizutsui chau no kizutsuke chau no junjou pureparaato I get hurt, I hurt you, in a preparation of pure feelings atama no naka wa itsumo hitori no junjou pure pareedo In my head, there's always a pre-parade of pure feelings all by myself 頭の中は いつも一人の 純情プレパレード A plan to get Kitamura back? One Step Forward Yes.
Since everyone will be troubled by Taiga, there's no choice for him other than to run.
In other words, you think that if Kitamura-kun gets elected, he'll revert back to his old self? We're not the only ones who think that.
I talked to everyone in the class on the phone last night.
They said they'll help out.
So that's what that drama was about.
What will happen if Kitamura-kun just refuses? If no one else enters by this Friday, Aisaka-san will truly become the student council president.
Kitamura-kun is definitely not the type of person to sit back and watch.
All right.
Come to the office later.
I'll teach you how to use the printer.
You need to make posters and flyers, right? for School Domination」 「Aisaka Taiga's Plan Magical Contract Geez, Kitamura sure is a stubborn guy.
I really thought it would work, after all that effort.
There's only one day left.
Can't we come up with another plan? I don't know.
I have no idea what's going on.
Hello? Um, is this Takasu-kun? Yes.
I'm sorry.
I've never talked to you before.
I'm Murase from the student council.
You're from the student council? Oh, I see.
Thank you for telling me.
Ryuuji, who was that? Ryuuji, where are you going?! I'm going to beat the shit out of Kitamura! Wai- Kanou, the current president, will be leaving next week to study abroad.
It's probably because of the president that Kitamura is That dumbass! Takasu? I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys about it.
You hold back too much, Kitamura.
I didn't tell anyone because I thought it was pretty lame.
I mean, I'm in love with the president.
I heard that Kanou-senpai is leaving for America next week.
Yeah, she wants to be an astronaut.
A professor at an astronautics academy there personally accepted her.
That's incredible.
I hadn't heard anything about this before.
Actually, I was planning to confess once I became student council president.
I figured she'd respect me by then.
However, by the time I become student council president, she'll be gone.
I asked myself if there were any other reasons to get elected, and after thinking about it, I got scared and decided to give up.
So that's why you dyed your hair.
My dad finally exploded today.
As you can see, he punished me.
I'm such a fool.
Even if I could win her over, it's not like she'd give up her chance to study overseas.
Wishes don't always come true.
What makes you say that? Nothing really.
I just thought of a similar conversation I had with Taiga.
Someone told her that things aren't progressing well for her.
In the end, Taiga got mad and beat the person up.
Oh, as expected of Aisaka.
She's on a completely different level.
Perhaps I'd feel better if Aisaka beat me up.
What? Ryuuji! Hey, you stupid dog! Taiga.
I know what's going on.
I know Aisaka became a candidate for my sake.
I know everyone's worrying about me.
I know I can't stay like this forever.
I'm going home.
Thanks for listening to me.
Kitamura! Don't worry.
I've made the decision myself.
I'll see you at school tomorrow.
I finally found you, Ryuuji! What were you doing here? Don't tell me you really I didn't.
Then, what was that call about? I don't want to tell you.
Come on, guys! Tomorrow is election day! I'll chase everyone who doesn't vote for me into the depths of hell! Listen, this school will be T-Taiga.
I'm sorry for before, guys.
I'm okay now.
No! I will never allow something like this to happen! I, Kitamura Yuusaku, will definitely steer this school onto the correct path! Kitamura-kun.
So you've made your decision, Kitamura.
Huh? Are you sure there hasn't been a mistake? It's true.
Kitamura-kun still hasn't turned in his candidate form.
According to the rules, he can't run if it's not turned in by four.
Sorry, but I have to go! Wait, Takasu-kun! What's up, Takasu? Aisaka and the others are already gone.
I think they're going to that new café in front of the station.
Four o'clock is the deadline for turning in your application.
What are you going to do? At this rate, you'll Let's go home, Takasu.
Are you serious? There's no more time to think- I've already thought about it.
I think I'll give up after all.
It's all right, really.
We haven't walked home together in quite a while.
I think the last time was when we were freshmen.
It's because you're so busy with the student council.
Oh right, I don't think I told you why I joined the student council.
Huh? Yeah.
I was really enthusiastic when I started at this school.
I think it's what they call a high school debut.
The first step towards a fun high school life is finding a girlfriend, don't you think? I heard that there was this really beautiful girl in another class.
So I decided to confess to her.
Oh, you already know this part.
When I was feeling really down after Aisaka rejected me, I met that person I saw everything, freshman.
Don't worry.
Your high school life has only just begun! Come join the student council! She said I'd feel better after doing some hard work there.
Just like that, I was brought to the student council room.
Since then, every day has been fun, and I even became good friends with Aisaka.
My wish to have a fun high school life came true.
That uncertain first step I took after hearing her words led me here.
And yet, I can't take the next step.
So you're going to run away? What about the underclassmen who want you to become student council president? Are you going to abandon them? Don't tell me you're a man who would do that! You've lifted your foot already, right? You lifted it because you wanted to move forward, right? So what other choice do you have, but to take a step forward?! Don't slack off.
I'll be watching what sort of student council president you become.
What was that? Takasu, what time is it now? 3:58.
A superstar always appears at the last moment, right? I'm sorry, I have something important to do.
Now the candidates running for student council president will give their speeches.
Because the other candidate forfeited, the only candidate is Kitamura Yuusaku-san from Class 2-C.
Please welcome him.
As you have heard, I am Kitamura Yuusaku.
I am No I President, I love you! I'm standing here today because I fell in love with you! I want to confirm your feelings before you leave! Do I really have no hope at all? Are we not bonded by a special fate?! Please answer me! Wasn't that a confession? Kanou, answer him! Yeah! You should give him an answer! Go, Kanou-san! So? Just as you see, that is the vice-president, Kitamura Yuusaku, you know.
He's interesting, right? If someone as interesting as him becomes the president, this school will definitely become interesting too.
Everyone, please give your precious vote to that interesting guy over there! Kanou-senpai! Why didn't you answer him properly? Didn't you tell Kitamura to move forward yesterday? Yet, why? I told him to become a candidate.
I didn't tell him to confess.
Are you running away?! Walking forward like an idiot is what they call "clumsy".
Kitamura needs to learn how to live his life wisely.
You really are a good friend.
Stay good friends with Kitamura.
Wai- I'm not finished yet! Taiga? Kitamura-kun is crying.
Please Ryuuji, stay by his side.
I'm no help.
I can't stay and comfort him.
What about you? I'm all right.
I'm really all right.
So please go back to Kitamura-kun's side.
But Go! "The thing you wish for the most is something you'll never get.
" When I came to understand that, I didn't know what to do.
At that time, Kitamura-kun smiled and held my hand.
He's such a kind person.
I cannot show him how grateful I am with a simple "thank you".
I understand the one he likes isn't me; however, I want to do what I can for him.
Just like he did for me.
Kanou Sumire! What's going on? It's the Palmtop Tiger? Why is she here? Am I doing something wrong? Fight me! So there's still an idiot left.
Fine, I'll fight you.
I'm not in a good mood, anyway.
Kendo club guys, lend me a sword.
I don't understand who's wrong and who isn't.
All I know is, I can't stop moving forward! Takasu, are you here? Hurry up! The Palmtop Tiger is You dumbasses! Shut the hell up! You're a coward! You're just afraid that you'll hurt others or get hurt yourself.
Because of your cowardice and foulness, you hurt Kitamura-kun! Unforgivable! I'll never forgive you! Cut it out, Taiga! Let go! Oh my god, what's going on? Taiga! You're just cowardly and foul! You're just a weakling who can't face her own feelings! So what if I'm a weakling?! You're just a violent bitch! That's nothing compared to you! Show me! If you can't accept Kitamura-kun's feelings, then say you hate him! Say it! What do you understand about me?! If I could become an idiot like you, I would! I also want to be an idiot who only knows how to dash forward! If I say I like him, he'll follow me, right?! If he knew I wanted him to follow me, he'd do it, right?! He's the type of person who would sacrifice anything for it! That's why That's why I can't be an idiot! You're a really kind person.
I loved you from the bottom of my heart.
I'm glad that I fell in love with you.
Thank you very much! After that, before the teachers came to control the situation, we couldn't do anything.
I'm really sorry for causing you so much trouble.
What's wrong? I found a student ID while cleaning up just then.
It seems like it belongs to Taiga.
Then, give it to Takasu-kun.
Wait, he's busy with the teachers.
She really does love him.
Underneath- I'll return this to her.
Let's go back to the classroom.
Are your feelings of guilt gone? Kanou-senpai spent her last day at school bruised.
Two days later, she left for America.
Kitamura received the honor of being Number One Pitiful Guy, and he became the student council president.
Also, Taiga was suspended for two weeks.
Text: Write an apology letter banira soruto de バニラソルトで With vanilla salt vanilla バニラ banira amai dake nara アマいだけなら If it's just sweet soruto kakemashou ソルトかけましょう Then let's put salt on Because I want you to know more about me 誰よりももっともっと私を dare yori mo motto motto watashi wo 知って欲しいからさらけだしたい shitte hoshii kara sarakedashitai More than anyone else, I want to bare my self demo dekinai no keiken nasshin でも出来ないの 経験ナッシン But I can't do it, I've got nothing for experience modokashi sugiru モドカシすぎる It's too frustrating demo amai dake no ai wa chotto But a love that's just sweet でも、アマいだけの愛はちょっと Is slightly different from what I'm seeking watashi ga motomete iru mono to wa chigau 私が求めているモノとは違う shiro to iware tara シロと言われたら If I'm told it's white クロだって言っちゃう I'd say it's black kuro datte icchau 素直になれない I can't be honest sunao ni nare nai アマノジャク amanojaku I say one thing but do another スキと言われたら If I'm told, "I love you" suki to iware tara daikirai datte ダイキライだって I'd say, "I hate you" ureshii no ni nani itte n darou 嬉しいのにナニ言ってんだろう? I'm happy, but what am I saying? amai banira ni アマいバニラに Like putting salt ソルトかけるよに… soruto kakeru yo ni Into sweet vanilla Idiot.
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