Toradora! (2008) s01e15 Episode Script

The Stars Are Far Away

1 Ami-chan, does that mean you took it? That big It's still a job, after all.
By big, do you mean it was as big as this? No, it's even Gosh, I'm sorry.
Oh, it's Yuusaku.
What are you talking about that's big? Don't tell me you're talking about pe- Gosh! I'm talking about dogs.
I have to take pictures with a super-huge dog for a magazine shoot.
Oh my gosh, what did you mistake it for? Maruo, are you all right? Somehow, you don't look too well.
All right, everyone sit down! Now, let's begin the final homeroom session before we go home.
Class President, please give your instructions.
Kitamura-kun? Stand.
Let's eat.
What? A gag? Somehow, things aren't going well But let's cheer up, okay? Kitamura? The weekend is tomorrow.
After the break, it's the long-anticipated student council president election.
Oh, so it's here.
We have an event! Kitamura-kun, cheer up and give it your best shot, okay? You're the number one candidate for it.
Actually, you're the only one.
Yeah! Let's make it more exciting! But it's already decided that the next president will be Kitamura.
Kitamura, good luck.
We'll also help you- No I'm not going to run for it.
I'm resigning my seat as vice-president.
I'm quitting the student council.
I'm quitting I'm quitting Kitamura-kun? I'm quitting it all! All! All! All! Kitamura-kun? All! pure pureparaato Pre! Preparation! プレ! プレパラート! I'm not strong 強くなんかないけど tsuyoku nanka nai kedo pure pure pareedo But pre! Pre-parade! プレ! プレパレード! I'll catch you someday! いつか君を捕まえる! itsuka kimi wo tsukamaeru プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ ワレテバリバリ P-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, cracking apart pure purepa pure purepa pure purepa warete baribari pure purepa pure purepa pure purepa プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ プ・レ・プレパ P-re-prepare, p-re-prepare, p-re-prepare yudan shitara sono yubi chiku chiku atakku kakugo shite If you're not paying attention, be prepared for a poking attack from my fingers 油断したら その指 チクチクアタック 覚悟して I'm little, but I'll squish you; you're as tiny as a flea to me chiisai kedo hasamu no mijinko mitaina anata 小さいけど 挟むの ミジンコみたいなアナタ (プラス プラス ダケドマイナス) hoshii no wa purasuchikku na haato 欲しいのは プラスチックなハート What I want is a plastic heart (plus, plus, but it's a minus) (purasu purasu dakedo mainasu) でもそれじゃつまらない そこに気付いた者勝ち But that's boring; when I'd notice it, I'd have won against you demo soreja tsumaranai soko ni kizuita mono gachi 恋は甘くて 苦いもの Love is something that's bittersweet koi wa amaku te nigai mono tanjun meikai fukuzatsu kaiki na shiromono Simple and clear yet complex and strange stuff 単純明快 複雑怪奇な代物 dou demo ii koto bakkari kini shitari suru no どうでもいい事ばっかり気にしたりするの I'm only worrying about things that don't matter donna kanji sonna kanji How does it feel? It feels like that どんな感じ?ソンな感じ 温厚篤実 エキセントリックなアナタ onkou tokujitsu ekisentorikku na anata You're gentle and sincere yet eccentric tsuyogaru soburi wo zenshin matotte tachiuchi I pretend to be strong all over and compete against you 強がる素振りを全身まとって太刀打ち sunao na dakeda to shigeki ga tsuyoku te kurakura Just by being honest, it's so stimulating and I feel dizzy 素直なだけだと刺激が強くて クラクラ 傷ついちゃうの 傷つけちゃうの 純情プレパラート kizutsui chau no kizutsuke chau no junjou pureparaato I get hurt, I hurt you, in a preparation of pure feelings atama no naka wa itsumo hitori no junjou pure pareedo In my head, there's always a pre-parade of pure feelings all by myself 頭の中は いつも一人の 純情プレパレード The Stars Are Far Away In the end, Kitamura didn't reply.
What happened to Kitamura-kun? He said he's quitting the student council.
Student council Were you bullied by that evil student council president? What's that? Let me go! What are you thinking?! Minorin, what's wrong? Look at that! This is bad! K-Kitamura-kun.
Interview Room What's with his hair? He's not even responding to us.
That's why we want to ask the people who are closest to him.
So any ideas? Nope.
I can't believe there are still people who express themselves like this.
No I don't really Kanou-san, what about you? I don't know, and I can't even comprehend it.
Besides, he has already left the student council.
What he does has nothing to do with me anymore.
Kanou-san Sensei, you're wasting your time on that idiot.
Wait Kanou-senpai, aren't you getting colder and colder? I bet that you're the reason why Yuusaku has gone bad.
Hey, Kawashima Perhaps you're correct.
Huh? But if that's the case, I'll be even more disappointed in him.
Ami-chan, have you found out why Maruo is like that? Nope, but I think the student council president knows.
You mean Kanou-senpai? Taiga? Get in! I've brought the mastermind here! T-Taka-chan, save me! Kushieda is horrible! What did you do? I didn't do anything Last night, Kitamura called me and asked me how to dye his hair blonde, so I told him how You saw what Kitamura-kun was like yesterday, right?! Didn't you question why he was asking you that? But I never thought he'd really do it Is Maruo really quitting the student council? Hey, Ami-chan Let's try and do something for Maruo's sake.
That self-proclaimed honour student is doing this to get people's attention.
He's probably trying to say, "Has anyone noticed that I'm deeply troubled?" He's a junior, and yet he dyes his hair blonde to show people that he's gone bad.
How lame- Stupid Chi'! Don't tell me you're not worried about Kitamura-kun.
What use is there to worry about him? It'll just make us look like idiots.
What?! Both of you, cut it out.
Hey, isn't that Kitamura? Where? Where? Calm down, Kitamura-kun! I said I'm going home.
Kitamura-kun! Wait! Kitamura-kun People who think someone is bound to help them if they shout loudly are very lucky.
All right, everyone.
Class is about to begin.
I was thinking that we should visit Kitamura's house.
Huh? I don't have club activities or work today, and I'm worried about him.
What do you think, Taiga? Never mind, I think it'll be easier to talk to him with less people.
I see.
Then, Takasu-kun, wait for me at the gates.
I'll be back after going to the club activity room.
S-Sure Are you fine with it? Although I'm really worried about him, I'm no help at all.
Huh? Besides, I really want Kitamura to quit the student council He has to be separated from that stinking president.
Taiga? That's how it is.
Go help him, you mongrel.
Even if she says that Sorry for the wait.
It'd be great if Kitamura-kun is at home.
I have no idea what's going on with him Yeah What's wrong, Takasu-kun? You're very quiet today.
Well, no, um I'm just wondering what's going on with Kawashima and Taiga, so Kawashima hasn't said anything like that to her childhood friend before, has she? I think Amin is definitely worried about Kitamura-kun.
Look, Amin works in the world of adults, so I think she knows a lot more than we do.
She surely knows about Kitamura-kun, too.
But having things only she knows, she must be really patient to deal with kids like us.
I wonder But I don't think Amin is wrong.
There aren't a lot of people in the world who can talk about their friends like that.
That's why I think Amin has her own reasons for being so direct today.
Or should I say, I wished for her to do it.
I shouldn't say this, but there are a lot of things you don't know.
For example, not being able to understand someone you want to understand.
But I think Amin has considered all of it already.
Because we're still immature, we can't understand him.
But I think that's why we're his final salvation.
Oh, what am I saying? I think Kitamura-kun's house is over there.
Kushieda How should I put it? You're a very kind person.
Kind? No, I'm not! I'm actually very arrogant and dishonest Kushieda? In the end, Kitamura wasn't at home, so we didn't get to see him.
I'm back! Oh, you came over.
W-Welcome back, R-Ryuuji-kun.
What's wrong? Did you eat something weird? Yo.
Sorry for intruding.
K-Kitamura? Yasuko-san let me in, so I did- Not that! Actually, I ran away from home Huh? Aisaka, do you usually come here? Ya-chan said I'm allowed to eat here whenever I want, s-so I'm just going along with her good will.
I see.
It must be great to live near Takasu.
Ah, tatami mats sure are great.
I don't have tatami rooms in my house.
M-My house is fully western too! Well, Japanese style is the best.
Yeah We have the same interest Nutmeg Nutmeg H-Hey, let me help you.
Help wha- All right, I'll help you peel them.
I'm good at this! Good? I see.
You just want to show off your good side, right? Yeah.
So, let's make that tasty fried egg again! S-Sure! Yeah, put the egg in the pan and close the lid Lid? What lid? What other lids are there apart from frying pan lids? Now add a bit of water.
Water? Add it to where? It's on fire! It's on fire! Add some water! No! Well, Kitamura, this is Hey, Kitamura? Don't eat it! Actually, I'm not that good at cooking- It still tastes like fried egg.
It's just right.
Kitamura-kun? Aisaka.
Thank you for making it to cheer me up.
I feel better already.
Oh, this must be Takasu's beef patty! Yeah, it has my special red wine sauce.
It's good! As expected from you! I'll try and make it next time Sure, I don't think there'll be a problem if Takasu teaches you.
Wow, I'm full! The food was awesome! That's great.
So, tell us what's up with your hair.
Ryuuji! I don't want to be the student council president anymore.
No one will have any expectations if my hair is like this.
So yeah, that's it.
Even if you say that Y-You don't need to push yourself to be the student council president! After all, it's what you've decided by yourself! I think that's enough.
Hey Ryuuji, take the video games out! Huh? Sure! Let's play! Tomorrow is the weekend, so let's play to our heart's content! Yeah, let's play! I fell asleep Huh? Where's Kitamura? Kitamura-kun? Ryuuji, I want to eat ice cream What? There's none here.
I want ice cream You're hopeless.
I'll go to the convenience store.
Are you coming? Huh? Where's Kitamura-kun? Oh, he went inside to sleep in a futon by himself.
How cheap I'm going to look at Kitamura-kun's sleeping face Here, it's cold, so put this on Taiga? I'm still no good What am I happy about? I'm so selfish Kitamura-kun's pain, sadness, and troubles I didn't realise any of it.
I'm really no good.
No good at all You're not- I am! I am no good.
I can't help Kitamura-kun I can't help him! When I was in trouble, Kitamura-kun would always reach his hand out for me.
Because of that, I was able to console myself He told me, "You can live" "You can live in this world.
" Kitamura-kun is Kitamura-kun is my Final salvation, right? Taiga, look at the Big Dipper.
That's the North Star.
Which one is Orion? Look, those three consecutive stars.
Oh, I see it.
Those stars look like they're close to each other, but they're actually very far away, right? We learned that in elementary school.
It's like Kitamura-kun and I.
The things you see aren't always real.
How hard must I try to be able to understand the hidden truth? How far away is the distance between Kitamura-kun and I? You want to understand him because you don't understand him, right? You want to understand because you like him.
You reach out your hands so you'll gradually get closer to it.
Good morning, Takasu.
Morning I drank the milk in the freezer.
It looks like you had a lot of fun last night.
You should have woken me up.
S-Sorry Oh, right.
I had a feast with Taiga last night.
What's wrong? N-Nothing Oh, it's already this late.
I'll make breakfast right now.
Taiga? Hey, wake up! You look bad! Never mind, she's fast asleep.
She looks so happy.
You stink of milk! What an amazing stretch! K-Kitamura-kun?! Oh my god! Don't tell me you saw me sleeping! I'm sorry, but I did.
No! What now?! You saw my weird sleeping face No! No! He saw such an awful side of me Calm down.
We've been kicked out.
It can't be helped.
Let's go have breakfast- All right, let's go have fun! I was busy the whole time because of the cultural festival, so it's been a long time since I went out to have fun.
Oh, right! I know a good place! 100 hits of every ball speed Kitamura sure is a weird guy.
This really is the best; sweating it out as a healthy student! No matter how you look at it, it's a sickness.
All right.
Takasu, it's your turn next.
No, I'm- Kitamura-kun, I'll go next! Oh, Aisaka, you seem determined.
Taiga? Just watch.
I'll hit it for sure.
All right.
Aisaka, don't spread your arms.
Nice! You hit it! I might have discovered our next star player! Amazing! You're amazing, Aisaka! Why is someone so talented like you not in the baseball club? Home Run Run Home Home Run Run Home Run Home Home Run I'm back.
That was an awesome home run! Aisaka, you have talent! T-That's not true Oh, welcome back.
Ryuu-chan, can you help me hold Kitamura-kun still? Like this? Yes, don't let him go.
Taiga, help me! Just then Your father gave me a call.
He sounded very desperate, so I thought it'd be best for you to go home normally.
So you've teamed up with my parents against me In the end, guardians are just guardians! You're going to become the student council president, right? So dying your hair blonde is a no-no.
I'm not going to become the student council president! I'd rather die! I wonder if Kitamura-kun made it home safely Beats me.
I think he's serious about it.
Is he really? Do you remember what Minorin said during the summer at the villa? She said she loves horror, so that's why she says she hates it.
Oh, that reverse psychology thing? Kitamura-kun says that he doesn't want to become the student council president I wonder if he means the opposite So he actually wants to? Don't you think so? Even if that's the case, we can't do anything about it with him as he is right now.
But So we have to get his spirits up, huh? Is it really all right? Yeah, I've decided on it.
Then, put this on.
Let's go! Student Council President Candidate What kind joke is this?! No way Seriously? I was thinking- Quiet down! I'll announce it right now.
When I, Aisaka Taiga, am elected to become the student council president, this school, your high school life, and your memories of this election w-will all be buried! What?! banira soruto de バニラソルトで With vanilla salt vanilla バニラ banira amai dake nara アマいだけなら If it's just sweet Then let's put salt on ソルトかけましょう soruto kakemashou 誰よりももっともっと私を dare yori mo motto motto watashi wo Because I want you to know more about me 知って欲しいからさらけだしたい shitte hoshii kara sarakedashitai More than anyone else, I want to bare my self demo dekinai no keiken nasshin でも出来ないの 経験ナッシン But I can't do it, I've got nothing for experience モドカシすぎる It's too frustrating modokashi sugiru demo amai dake no ai wa chotto But a love that's just sweet でも、アマいだけの愛はちょっと watashi ga motomete iru mono to wa chigau Is slightly different from what I'm seeking 私が求めているモノとは違う シロと言われたら If I'm told it's white shiro to iware tara クロだって言っちゃう I'd say it's black kuro datte icchau I can't be honest sunao ni nare nai 素直になれない I say one thing but do another amanojaku アマノジャク If I'm told, "I love you" スキと言われたら suki to iware tara daikirai datte ダイキライだって I'd say, "I hate you" 嬉しいのにナニ言ってんだろう? ureshii no ni nani itte n darou I'm happy, but what am I saying? amai banira ni アマいバニラに Like putting salt Into sweet vanilla ソルトかけるよに… soruto kakeru yo ni One Step Forward Next Episode Preview When I am elected to become the student council president, everyone will be in a pit of terror.
It's an abyss.
I'll still b-bury- You're still Come over here, you guys! Hurry and shake hands with me.