Toradora! (2008) s01e19 Episode Script

Holy Night Party

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U-Uh, Kushieda? It's about tonight's party Ryuuji, you there? I'll call you back later.
Hey, open your window, Ryuuji! You have to come no matter what, okay? It'll definitely be fun! Bye! Hey, Ryuuji! You're so slow! What were you doing? No, what are you do- Catch this.
Why did you do that out of the blue?! You're so viole- Whatever.
Just open it.
Huh? You'll understand when you open it.
I have to get ready, so I'll come over in half an hour.
Hey! What's going on? What's going on? My silky love nijuuyon jikan zutto Every hour of the day 24時間ずっと My silky love キミのこと想うたび whenever I think of you kimi no koto omou tabi My silky love もどかしいこの気持ち these impatient feelings modokashii kono kimochi My silky love simply overflow.
tada afurekaetteku ただ溢れかえってく スキと言えば簡単なのに suki to ieba kantan na no ni Even though it's easy to say "I love you" when you stand in front of me kimi ga mae ni kichau to キミが前に来ちゃうと 個性がそびえ 私のコトを邪魔してる kyara ga sobie watashi no koto wo jamashiteru my personality stands up and gets in my way.
itsumo naraba tsuyoki de ikeru I can usually pull through with my assertiveness いつもならば強気でイケる そんな性格なのに that's just how I am.
sonna seikaku na no ni donna ganbatte mite mo kabe wa kuzusenai But no matter how hard I try, I can't break the wall that's between us.
どんな頑張ってみても 壁は崩せない I want you to realise… my feelings.
sasshite hoshii kono kimochi wo 察して欲しい… この気持ちを だから私は いつもキミに dakara watashi wa itsumo kimi ni So I always send a gaze daisuki da yo to okuru shisen of "I really love you" your way 大好きだよと送る視線 最大の勇気で! saidai no yuuki de with all of my courage! yaburesou na shiruku no haato My flimsy silky heart.
破れそうなシルクノハート kimi ni atte kizuita yatto キミに逢って気づいた やっと After meeting you, I finally realised 愛には不器用だったんだって that I'm really clumsy when it comes to love.
ai ni wa bukiyou dattan datte 忘れかけた恋の傷跡 The scars from love that I'd almost forgotten wasurekaketa koi no kizuato kyuu ni uzukidashita no kyun to have started to ache all of a sudden.
急に疼きだしたの キュンと いつかは私らしくスキと Someday, like how I normally would itsuka wa watashi rashiku suki to 言わなきゃ…今より弱くなっちゃうよ iwanakya ima yori yowaku nacchau yo I must say "I love you", or else I'll become even weaker.
Holy Night Party Coming! Wow! You look so cute, Taiga-chan! Ryuu-chan, come over here and check her out! O-Okay Ryuu-chan, you look amazing! That's good, it's the perfect size.
I-Is it okay for me to borrow these clothes from you? You're not borrowing.
They're yours now.
Mine?! The name "R.
Aisaka" is sown inside! Isn't this is your father's? He just sort of left it because it didn't fit him, so it's okay.
Just take it.
Wearing his cast-offs? Are you messing with me? If you don't want it, I'll just throw it away.
These small chores really suit you.
You were the one who told me to take it.
D-Destroy the evidence! How can you say something like that when you can't even say your name? All right! Magical Girl Ya-chan will cast some magic on you two! Magic? Now don't go too wild.
Once the party starts, this will smell really good mixed in with your scent.
And you, Ryuu-chan Here.
This is Is this my father's- Nope.
A long time ago, when I ran away from home, I took a few valuable things with me.
That means this is my grandfather's.
Correct! S-Stolen goods? Write down your name and class when you enter! Hey, you'll a catch a cold like this.
Wow, there are a lot of people.
Just how many are here? It doesn't matter.
There's only one important thing There's something you have to do tonight, get it? Y-Yeah Oh! Yuri-chan-sensei, you dressed up! So the reason you're not coming to the party is because you have a date.
It's not a date.
I'm going to a course for single women about buying real estate.
Huh? Real estate? Yeah, I'm going to buy an apartment.
Why today, of all days? Well, that's because women who date on Christmas Eve are far from being prepared.
When you find something you want, you have to get it right away! Um Anyway, I need to worry about buying an apartment.
I'll be leaving now.
Everyone, try to stay out of trouble! Okay Oh, my.
Oh, hello.
Thank goodness the Christmas tree was fixed.
Your grades went up too, so I'm really happy.
Thank you, Sensei.
I knew you'd be rewarded for all the effort you put in.
Yeah, and you'll definitely get what you want as well! A fantastic single life is waiting for you! Right, thanks.
Hey, everyone! I'd like to thank you all for coming out tonight for this party, planned by the God of Broken Hearts! We went through a lot of trouble, Hey, Kitamura's clothes but regardless, this Christmas party is about to begin.
Stop, we'll lose if you complain.
Everyone, I truly appreciate your cooperation.
I want you all to have a wonderful time tonight! So are you ready? We're going to celebrate Christmas Eve, so Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Oh! Drumsticks! I know what this is! It's called turkey, right? No, it's just normal chicken.
Did you hear her? It's good! As expected of home-bred turkey! Yeah Nanako, they have cake over there! You're kidding! Where? The corner over there.
Shall we? Let's go! Kihara in hot pants and Nanako-san in an innocent one piece are really hot.
Speaking of which, why is everyone all dressed up? I look out of place I mean, poor.
Hey, over there! Keep focused while you're walking.
The floor will get sticky if syrup spills on it! Oh, I'm sorry.
Scary Takasu.
I was wondering why I didn't see you.
What are you doing here? Well, I couldn't stand how the drinks were being handled, so By the way, I'm surprised you have such an expensive suit! Wow Isn't that chicken grease on your hands?! Taka-chan, don't you know? This is called turkey! Moreover, it's home-bred turkey! Kaoru, you're so slow! Oh, sorry.
What were you looking at? Oh, nothing.
Oh, right I haven't seen Ami-chan yet! She's here, right? Y-Yeah, probably.
I think I caught a glimpse of her.
Seriously?! Was she hot? Was she really hot?! Is she not here? And Taiga too Taiga, huh? Well, Taiga isn't bad, He's right, where did she go? but I'm all in for Ami-chan.
Now it's Christmas, there are lots of smiles saa christmas ippai no egao I've given you a party night kimi ni todokenda party night Now it's Christmas, there are lots of wishes saa christmas ippai no negai kimi ni chikaunda holy holy night I promise you a Holy, Holy, Night Ami-chan and Taiga? Woah, amazing! kotoshi no christmas chotto tokubetsu sa This year's Christmas is a bit special Even though it's not a white Christmas white christmas janaku datte The illumination of the stardust hoshikuzu no illumination When exactly did they practise for this? Look, it's snowing hora furitsumoru yo kirakira kagayaite minna ga shiawase de It's glittering and shining, everyone is happy chikachika matataite minna ga yume wo mite It's flickering and twinkling, everyone is dreaming Now it's Christmas, there are lots of smiles saa christmas ippai no egao I've given you a party night kimi ni todokenda party night Now it's Christmas, there are lots of wishes saa christmas ippai no negai I promise you a Holy, Holy, Night kimi ni chikaunda holy holy night Santa Claus Uh, Kushieda? It's about tonight's party Ryuuji, you there? Hey, open your window, Ryuuji! I'll call you back later.
You have to come no matter what, okay? Hey, Ryuuji! It'll definitely be fun! Bye! Wow, that was awesome.
Ami-chan and Taiga were both hot, but still cute as well! Here.
Thank you.
Takasu! How long are you planning to stay there? It was like a dream come true! Huh? I'm sure it was different than your dreams.
Look, "hot, but still cute", and so on, are basically the same thing.
Oh? Then, am I hot, but still cute?! You're hot! You're really hot! H-Hey! You damn perverted exhibitionist.
Hey, Maruo, what are you doing? Oh, Kihara! Do you think I'm hot, but still cute? Huh? Um Isn't that sexual harassment? Revenge! Give me some fruit punch please.
Oh, okay.
Kawashima! So you're here.
Yeah, somehow it turned out like this.
Hey, how was my singing? It was amazing! When did you practise for it? If it wasn't kept a secret, it wouldn't have been a surprise, right? Were you surprised? Yeah, I was totally caught off guard.
I see, that's good.
By the way, where's Taiga? I could tell she tried her best, so I wanted to give her some fruit punch as a reward.
Taiga left already.
You didn't know? O-Oh Seriously? You didn't notice? She's going to Minori-chan's place.
She said she was going to get Minori to come here and then go home.
It was something about welcoming Santa, I think.
Why is she doing that? Why is she going home? I don't know, but maybe there's something she'd rather not see.
That's why I gave you some advice.
Advice? "I think you should stop playing this childish game of house.
" "Why do you have to pretend to be daddy?" Whatever.
Kawashima! What the heck? He didn't even listen to me back then.
To give everyone a happy and joyful Christmas, I'm prepared to take off one or two pieces of clothing, or even take it all off.
Is that really all right? I want to be good.
I want to be part of the happy, glittering scene on Christmas Eve, while wearing a happy face.
Takasu, can you get me some fruit punch? I burned too many calories.
I'm going out for a bit.
Hey, Takasu! As I thought, something's wrong! Is that it? Kushieda Really? Are you sure about that? Yeah.
Ryuuji is waiting for you to come.
He said he won't leave until he sees you.
He's even prepared to live at school.
I'm sorry, Minorin, but it's not that you don't like him, right? I understand.
Because we're best friends, there was no other choice.
Santa isn't here yet.
As I thought, it doesn't work if I'm only good around Christmas.
Actually, there's no Santa.
That's why I'll be alone this year.
I'll also be alone next year and forever and ever I'll never have someone to rely on, and I'll be all alone.
No one to rely on? What's that? It's coming from my bedroom.
S-Santa? H-Hang in there! You're heavy! Are you really Santa? What is this?! Hey, come here! Look, Santa! That's my Christmas tree! I knew you'd approve! Yay! I knew this would be the best! Yay! Amazing! Amazing! Santa praised my Christmas tree! This is real, right? Wow, my dream My dream came true! Thank you! Thank you.
Thank you very much, Ryuuji.
D-Don't take it off, you idiot! G-Give it back! So tell me, where did you get this? I borrowed it from a guy who was wearing it.
Oh, what did you do with your suit? Well, I traded it with the guy who was wearing this.
Oh, I'll definitely get it back later.
I will.
You took it off when it was just about to begin.
You're honestly stupid.
Stupid! Stupid! Even though I planned everything for you Even though you had the chance to meet Minorin! What do you mean by stupid? Didn't I tell you to believe in Angel Taiga? Minorin is on her way to the party.
She's probably already there.
Come on, you can still make it if you hurry.
Huh? But I've already changed my clothes, and I don't want to leave you by yourself.
What are you talking about? I'm fine now.
A fake Santa and faking being good It was a fun experience! Oh, and of course, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
If by some chance things go well with Minorin, tomorrow's Christmas meal will be on me! Chicken and rice bowl! Beef and rice bowl! No, we can't have chicken because of Inko-chan.
Then, it'll just be a beef and rice bowl.
Come on, hurry up! Get moving! B-But If you're not there at that party, it'll mean I lied to Minorin, right? Come on! Hey, I said wai- Santa came already, so I have to be good until the end of the year! So just let me be good.
Getting Minorin to go to the party is my real Christmas present for you.
So please accept it.
Taiga- Come on, indecisive dog! Thanks! He finally left.
I forgot to give this back to him.
This is so troublesome.
Huh? Why Oh, I see.
I was always relying on Ryuuji.
On his kindness But those times have passed.
Minorin will definitely fall for Ryuuji, and Ryuuji truly likes Minorin.
In other words, they both like each other.
Then, I won't be able to stay by Ryuuji's side anymore.
I won't be able to walk by his side.
The one beside Ryuuji won't be me.
I don't want that.
Ryuuji Ryuuji! Ryuuji Ryuuji Ryuuji Ryuuji Ryuuji This sucks.
I didn't bring my cell phone, and my present is still in the pocket of the suit.
What should I do? It's a great bear, right? Yo.
Oh, yeah K-Kushie- Takasu-kun.
I'm sorry, but let me speak first.
Do you still remember, when we were at Amin's villa during the summer, we had a talk one night about weird things? It was about UFOs and ghosts Y-Yeah.
You know, Takasu-kun.
About UFOs and ghosts.
I really think I shouldn't see them.
I think it'd be best not to see them.
I've been thinking about it a lot recently, and this is what I decided.
I wanted to tell you that.
That's why I'm here.
Kushieda I'm sorry for just saying what I wanted to say.
Kushieda will be leaving first.
Seriously? Wait, what? Was I rejected? さあ クリスマス いっぱいの笑顔 Now it's Christmas, there are lots of smiles saa christmas ippai no egao I've given you a party night 君に届けんだ パーティー・ナイト kimi ni todokenda party night saa christmas ippai no negai さあ クリスマス いっぱいの願い Now it's Christmas, there are lots of wishes 君に誓うんだ ホーリー・ホーリー・ナイト kimi ni chikaunda holy holy night I promise you a Holy, Holy, Night 今年のクリスマス きっと特別さ kotoshi no christmas kitto tokubetsu sa This year's Christmas is surely special A lonely Christmas is boring lonely christmas ja tsumaranai ロンリー・クリスマスじゃ つまらない egao wa illumination A smile is an illumination 笑顔はイルミネーション  hora kazatteageru ほら 飾ってあげる Look, I'll decorate it yurayura yurameite minnadete wo tsunagi It's swaying and flickering, everyone is holding hands ユラユラ 揺らめいて みんなで手をつなぎ ピカピカ 煌いて みんなで星見上げ pikapika kirameite minna de hoshi miage It's sparkling and twinkling, everyone is looking up at the stars saa christmas ippai no egao さあ クリスマス いっぱいの笑顔 Now it's Christmas, there are lots of smiles I've given you a party night kimi ni todokenda party night 君に届けんだ パーティー・ナイト Now it's Christmas, there are lots of wishes saa christmas ippai no negai さあ クリスマス いっぱいの願い I promise you a Holy, Holy, Night kimi ni chikaunda holy holy night 君に誓うんだ ホーリー・ホーリー・ナイト Always, like this Next Episode Preview I was rejected by Kushieda.
Whenever I close my eyes, I- Takasu-kun, you're dreaming! I'm already hearing her usual cheerful voice.
All right, boom!