Toradora! (2008) s01e20 Episode Script

Always, Like This

1 Aisaka? Kitamura-kun.
Happy New Year.
Y-You too.
Isn't Takasu here with you? Well Ryuuji got sick and was hospitalised right before New Year's.
He's still at home sick right now.
Huh? Isn't that serious?! I should go and visit him later- Kitamura-kun.
Uh Aisaka? My silky love Every hour of the day nijuuyon jikan zutto 24時間ずっと My silky love whenever I think of you kimi no koto omou tabi キミのこと想うたび My silky love もどかしいこの気持ち these impatient feelings modokashii kono kimochi My silky love ただ溢れかえってく simply overflow.
tada afurekaetteku suki to ieba kantan na no ni Even though it's easy to say "I love you" スキと言えば簡単なのに キミが前に来ちゃうと when you stand in front of me kimi ga mae ni kichau to my personality stands up and gets in my way.
個性がそびえ 私のコトを邪魔してる kyara ga sobie watashi no koto wo jamashiteru itsumo naraba tsuyoki de ikeru I can usually pull through with my assertiveness いつもならば強気でイケる そんな性格なのに sonna seikaku na no ni that's just how I am.
But no matter how hard I try, I can't break the wall that's between us.
どんな頑張ってみても 壁は崩せない donna ganbatte mite mo kabe wa kuzusenai I want you to realise… my feelings.
sasshite hoshii kono kimochi wo 察して欲しい… この気持ちを dakara watashi wa itsumo kimi ni だから私は いつもキミに So I always send a gaze daisuki da yo to okuru shisen 大好きだよと送る視線 of "I really love you" your way with all of my courage! saidai no yuuki de 最大の勇気で! My flimsy silky heart.
破れそうなシルクノハート yaburesou na shiruku no haato キミに逢って気づいた やっと kimi ni atte kizuita yatto After meeting you, I finally realised ai ni wa bukiyou dattan datte 愛には不器用だったんだって that I'm really clumsy when it comes to love.
wasurekaketa koi no kizuato 忘れかけた恋の傷跡 The scars from love that I'd almost forgotten 急に疼きだしたの キュンと kyuu ni uzukidashita no kyun to have started to ache all of a sudden.
いつかは私らしくスキと Someday, like how I normally would itsuka wa watashi rashiku suki to 言わなきゃ…今より弱くなっちゃうよ iwanakya ima yori yowaku nacchau yo I must say "I love you", or else I'll become even weaker.
Always, Like This I ended up sleeping through the whole winter break.
How should I face her? I was rejected, right? That's the only explanation.
T-Taiga! W-Why did you close it again all of a sudden?! Get out here! Hey, Tai- What is it? Sheesh, you're so loud.
The noodles are soggy now.
You're eating junk food again Since you're so annoying, I'll eat it right in front of you.
Here I go.
I've cooked for you every single day! Why haven't you come over since New Year's? Don't get mad at me just because Minorin rejected you.
I'm not mad, I'm just frustrated.
It's not like I want you to pity me.
Just treat me like you usually do! I'm doing this for the sake of you and Minorin.
Why am I so stupid? I said I'd support Minorin, but I always just crash at your place.
It's only natural for her to misunderstand.
So you think that's why she rejected me? Yeah.
I think she just doesn't feel that w- No, I think Minorin likes you, but she probably thinks I need you.
What about you? Do you really think Minorin doesn't like you? W-Well I get the feeling she's kind of interested in me Well, just a little Don't run away.
I won't come over anymore.
I don't need your cooking.
You don't need to wake me up every morning.
I'll try my best by myself.
If you still feel the same about Minorin, I'm sure she'll change her mind.
That's why That's why you should do what you should do! Don't run away from Minorin! You have to confirm her true feelings.
All right.
However, don't burn down your apartment.
Yeah, I promise I won't use the stove.
I hereby declare that I'll only eat fast food! Sheesh, I wonder how long you'll last.
I'll last, I swear.
Good night.
Y-Yeah Don't run away, huh? I'm off.
Ryuu-chan, you forgot something! I even stamped it for you.
Stamped? That Okinawa thing That was close.
I totally forgot about it.
So you're really going to Okinawa That's great! That's wonderful! I want to go too! This isn't the time for me to care about this Nothing, I'm off.
When I see Kushieda, the first thing I'll do is greet her.
I'll start from there! Takasu-kun! I wanted to return this to you as soon as possible since it looked really expensive.
Oh, I traded you- Yeah.
I'm sorry, I totally forgot about it.
No, it's okay.
By the way, this was in the pocket the whole time.
Oh, don't worry.
I didn't end up needing it that night.
The sea! The sun! Okinawa! Herbal wine! Chinsuko! Okinawa! Six days and five nights in Okinawa! Oh, Taiga! Happy New Year! Huh? You're by yourself? That's weird.
Where's Taka-chan? Who knows.
Taiga! Taiga! Read this! P-Penis Did you hear that?! Even now Don't run! Taka-chan, save me! Taiga's going to bite me! It's because you were bothering me with your chinsuko crap! What did you do? Because Huh? What's that? T-This is How should I put it? I don't need it anymore.
I'll take it, then! How does it look on me? Give it back! Ow! What?! This is still Ryuuji's! Ow! Get off me! Just give it back! Hey, hey I see you guys are all hyped up for the new semester! Good morning, everyone! 'Morning.
Good morning, Minorin! G- G-G- I'm going to buy some juice! Class is about to begin! That idiot.
Why did I run away? I'm a dumbass! I wish everything would just burn down.
It burned down! Huh? However, the field trip won't be cancelled, so it's all right.
It'll go as planned, okay? Sensei, I don't understand what you're talking about! The hotel we were going to stay at in Okinawa burned down.
The field trip will now be a ski trip for three days and two nights.
Wow! It's great, right? What?! That sucks! It's not like I burned the hotel down.
Objection! This is nonsense! Damn it! Why is Ami-chan late on a day like this?! If Ami-chan were here, she'd definitely have a plan! Kawashima-san was modelling in Hawaii.
She couldn't make it back for today.
But since she's already spent a lot of time in the southern islands, she'd probably want to go to a snowy mountain.
No kidding! Not everything goes smoothly in life! goes smoothly in life! Not everything Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! goes smoothly in life! Not everything Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! goes smoothly in life! Not everything Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything Not everything goes smoothly in life! Not everything goes smoothly in life! goes smoothly in life! Not everything Huh? Takasu.
Going home now? Kitamura What happened to Aisaka? You guys aren't together? Yeah, Taiga said she had something to do.
I'll try my best by myself.
If you still feel the same about Minorin She's even living on cup noodles for my sake.
Takasu? Hey Hey, did you see that? That girl was really pretty! She's probably a model.
Aren't you supposed to be working in Hawaii? Why are you here? Can you please go away? How can you be picking a fight when we haven't even seen each other recently? I hate you because you're an idiot.
Because you're an idiot Taiga! What are you- You're so late! We were supposed to meet ten minutes ago! Don't be so picky, Stupid Chihuahua.
Here, this is what you were looking for.
This is it.
So you guys are already friendly enough to exchange gifts.
I paid for it, so it's not actually a gift.
Well, this is useless now.
I'll just wear it when I feel like it.
Aren't you going to take it with you to Okinawa? You haven't heard? The field trip is now a ski trip for three days and two nights.
Huh? They said the hotel in Okinawa burned down.
You're kidding, right? I-I'm sorry.
Why are you apologising? Well Oh, by the way, I have something to tell you before the trip.
Listen up, don't hang around Ryuuji during the trip.
Huh? It'd bother me to hang around him.
You know, Ryuuji was rejected by Minorin on Christmas Eve.
Seriously? Actually, it was right before I was going to confess.
She rejected me by hinting that I shouldn't confess! See, you got hurt.
You know, Minorin really likes Ryuuji, but for some reason, things aren't moving along well.
We'll have exams once we're seniors, and we'll be in different classes.
This field trip is his last chance to confirm Minorin's feelings.
You got that, Stupid Chi? I'm fine with it if you are.
That was a boring conversation.
I'm going home.
Me too.
Hopefully you're the only one getting hurt.
W-What's that supposed to mean? Someone as stupid as you could never understand.
What was that? Hey, why are you following me?! I have to go this way So I never thought you'd go that far for Kushieda and me.
Well, thank you.
Uh, so I I'll do my best on the field trip.
Perhaps confirming Kushieda's feelings would be a waste of effort, but- Stupid! You and Minorin like each other.
Seriously, it'll be all right.
Hey, where did you get all that confidence? You want to know? I have a reason to believe in that.
In other words, I believe in you.
You're capable of becoming Minori's lover.
All right, I'm going to the train station.
There's a new convenience store there.
Oh, yeah.
What was with that attitude today? Don't run away tomorrow.
Y-Yeah Taiga believes in me.
If I don't move forward That's right.
G-Good morning! Mornin'! Um, about yesterday How should I put it I'm sorry.
Well What are you talking about? It wasn't even on my mind.
Well then, I'm going first.
Catch him! Don't underestimate me! Nice, Minorin! Tai- You have to take care of this since you got caught! What the heck is wrong with her? Damn that Taiga, damn that Taiga, damn that- Kushieda? No, I'm totally all right with it.
Come on, let me hold a side.
By the way, your hair looks different.
Oh, this? I cut the front a bit shorter.
Actually, I wanted to cut it so short that even berries could grow on it.
Like Yeah, like a guy's hairstyle.
I always had a buzz cut when I was in elementary school.
I would just sit at the barber's with my younger brother, and they'd just rip my hair off with clippers.
My nickname back then was "Mr.
I'm surprised that you noticed, though.
Well, that's because I always look at you.
Wow, what a shocking confession.
That's right, I have to move forward.
Speaking of which, your brother plays high school baseball, right? Yeah, his school frequently visits Koshien.
Wow, I'd be proud of him if I were you.
To be honest, I'm a bit jealous of him Ami-senpai, Happy New Year! Oh, my.
Good morning, Minori-chan.
Did you see Taiga? No, I didn't see her.
How should I say this It's really "oh my".
What do you mean by "oh my"? Beats me.
I wonder what I meant What did I mean? All right, the groups for the field trip are decided.
W-Wait a moment! Don't you think this grouping is really weird? You, Ami, Kashii, Aisaka, Kushieda, Takasu, Noto, Haruta, and myself.
It's a mixture of nine boys and girls.
Since we have more girls, I think this is a good grouping.
B-But you and Taiga will be- Never mind! But if that's the case What's wrong? If you're not happy about it, go join another group.
Shut up, Noto! What did you say?! You're annoying, so I told you to shut up! How could you tell me to shut up?! What do you think, Takasu? Shut up! I'm fine with it.
You too? If you don't want to, you can go join- I said that's not the case! See, even Master Kitamura said that.
Buzz off, Noto! Why do you have to say such things?! Huh? We need to make a guidebook? Yeah, each group needs to turn it in by next week.
Why do we have to do something so troublesome? I think it'd be easier if we worked together on it.
Where should we go? How about my place on Sunday? Is that okay? Yeah, my place is pretty big.
I-Isn't this place a bit over the top? I wonder how much the rent is.
Takasu, do you live next door? Huh? Takasu-kun, you live in this mansion? I live in an apartment next to this building.
All right, let's begin.
I brought a few examples from previous field trips for reference.
There are guides inside these.
As expected of a master! Good job! I'll go make some black tea.
I also brought some madeleines over.
Aisaka, I need to use the computer.
Where's the outlet? It's behind the television.
Oh, thanks.
By the way, you can talk to Kitamura normally now? I guess.
You shouldn't really care about it, just go and help Minorin.
Kushieda, let me help you.
Hey, Golgo.
I'm not Golgo Then, I'm Golgo.
Don't stand behind me.
I'm the one behind you Never mind, then.
It's weird that there's usable tableware in Taiga's house.
The last time I came here was during our freshman year, so I got the wrong idea.
This must be thanks to you.
No, I haven't been doing anything lately.
Taiga did this all by herself.
The reason she's able to do it is because you're here.
It's hot! You haven't been here since freshman year? Yeah, because of the stuff with her dad.
Since then, I wouldn't come here unless I had a reason to.
I was afraid of failing, so I didn't know what to do.
In other words, you did a good job, Takasu-kun! You weren't afraid of failing, and you stepped in here.
Kushieda Do you think it'd be all right if we just copied this? Why would we copy an Okinawa guide when we're going to a snowy mountain? Are you stupid? What is it? Oh my, we can't show Yuusaku this.
Hey, Ami-chan! What? I don't think you should worry about it.
You're just making me more curious! Wow, I guess it must be a big shock.
It's just a picture, but that magnificent rejection- Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid Chi'! What? Blame the person who brought this here.
All right, tea's ready! Sheesh, be nice to each other.
What did you say?! Actually, I'm kind of looking forward to this field trip.
Well, I mean, it's the last time our class will be doing something together.
This class is really fun.
I'll be lonely without it.
If only we could stay like this forever Yeah, you're right.
If only we could stay like this Kushieda, me, and everyone staying like this? She actually sorted them That's right, I can't stay like this forever.
I have to confirm Kushieda's true feelings on the field trip.
Ni-Ni-Ni Nigauri (Bitter melon).
Ri-Ri-Ri Richiumu Denchi (Lithium battery).
Chinome (Blood blister).
Meidosan no hesonogoma (A maid's belly button fluff).
Mandoragora no benishuuga (Mandrake red pickled ginger).
Takasu, start with "ga.
" Ganbaru (Do your best)! What? The subject is bitter things Actually, wasted effort is "bitter" in a sense, isn't it? Yeah, you're right.
Next, start with "ru.
" Ru ru ru rurururu Sukyatto suru Nigamigawa Shibuhiko (Scat-singing Nigamigawa Shibuhiko)! That's right, I have to do my best Who the hell is that?! and deliver those rejected feelings from Christmas to her once again.
nemurenai yoru ni wa On the nights I can’t sleep 眠れない夜には I sigh alone.
ひとりでため息 hitori de tameiki How is everyone? minna wa dou na no みんなはどうなの? なんだか寂しい nandaka sabishii I feel a little lonely.
広い大地に ひと粒の種 hiroi daichi ni hitotsubu no tane Within the vast world, a single seed 根っこのばして nekko nobashite extended its roots まだ青い 実をつけた and put out a fruit that was still unripe.
mada aoi mi wo tsuketa オレンジ色に 早く orenji iro ni hayaku The fruit that I wish would turn orange soon naritai kajitsu なりたい果実 キミの光を浴びて kimi no hikari wo abite is bathed in your light.
理想や夢は膨らむばかり risou ya yume wa fukuramu bakari The ideals and dreams just swell- 気づいてよ ねぇ kizuite yo nee Hey, feel it.
オレンジ 今日も Today, I tried eating an orange orenji kyou mo 食べてみたけど tabete mita kedo but it was so sour I cried.
mada suppakute naita まだすっぱくて  泣いた I couldn’t leave it behind like I have been 私みたいで残せないから watashi mitai de nokosenai kara so I ate it all.
zenbu tabeta ぜんãé£Ÿã¹ãŸ 好きだよ 泣けるよ suki da yo nakeru yo I love it… I feel like crying.
好きだよ 好きだよ suki da yo suki da yo I love it… I love it.
Next Episode Preview No Matter What I have to confess again, even if it's for the sake of Taiga who's supporting me.
I'm really no good, I don't say what I mean.
I've had enough.