Toradora! (2008) s01e21 Episode Script

No Matter What

1 Wow! Amazing! There's snow everywhere! Everywhere! It's so beautiful! The scenery isn't bad, but aren't these clothes a bit you know? I know they're rentals, but It's okay.
It'd be a waste if we didn't try to have fun on this trip! Come on, everyone! One, two I guess I'm just a natural skier.
Haruta, you're too cocky.
Oh, I'm getting it! Pizza Pizza I haven't skied since middle school, but I guess I still have it.
Minori-chan, you're pretty good.
You're really a sports genius! Really? You know, you're pretty good too.
I'm just average.
Okay, I'm moving forward.
Now what? Lean sideways according to the slope.
S-Sideways This isn't fun at all.
Move! Move! Move! My silky love Every hour of the day 24時間ずっと nijuuyon jikan zutto My silky love キミのこと想うたび kimi no koto omou tabi whenever I think of you My silky love もどかしいこの気持ち modokashii kono kimochi these impatient feelings My silky love ただ溢れかえってく tada afurekaetteku simply overflow.
Even though it's easy to say "I love you" スキと言えば簡単なのに suki to ieba kantan na no ni kimi ga mae ni kichau to when you stand in front of me キミが前に来ちゃうと kyara ga sobie watashi no koto wo jamashiteru my personality stands up and gets in my way.
個性がそびえ 私のコトを邪魔してる I can usually pull through with my assertiveness いつもならば強気でイケる itsumo naraba tsuyoki de ikeru sonna seikaku na no ni そんな性格なのに that's just how I am.
But no matter how hard I try, I can't break the wall that's between us.
どんな頑張ってみても 壁は崩せない donna ganbatte mite mo kabe wa kuzusenai sasshite hoshii kono kimochi wo I want you to realise… my feelings.
察して欲しい… この気持ちを dakara watashi wa itsumo kimi ni So I always send a gaze だから私は いつもキミに daisuki da yo to okuru shisen of "I really love you" your way 大好きだよと送る視線 saidai no yuuki de with all of my courage! 最大の勇気で! yaburesou na shiruku no haato My flimsy silky heart.
破れそうなシルクノハート kimi ni atte kizuita yatto After meeting you, I finally realised キミに逢って気づいた やっと 愛には不器用だったんだって that I'm really clumsy when it comes to love.
ai ni wa bukiyou dattan datte The scars from love that I'd almost forgotten 忘れかけた恋の傷跡 wasurekaketa koi no kizuato 急に疼きだしたの キュンと kyuu ni uzukidashita no kyun to have started to ache all of a sudden.
いつかは私らしくスキと itsuka wa watashi rashiku suki to Someday, like how I normally would 言わなきゃ…今より弱くなっちゃうよ iwanakya ima yori yowaku nacchau yo I must say "I love you", or else I'll become even weaker.
Sheesh, getting run over by a sled hurts.
Wait, why do you have a sled? No Matter What It's not like I wanted to use it Could it be that you can't ski? What are you so smug about? I thought I was the only one in our class who couldn't ski.
I see, so you can't either.
It's the end of the world, right? Ah, skiing is so boring.
What's so great about wearing two long planks and sliding on snow? That's what I was wondering too Why don't you ask Kitamura to teach you how to ski? How the hell is he supposed to teach me when I have a sled? Besides, you're not getting Minorin to teach you.
Sheesh, you're putting all my effort to waste.
Hey, hey, hey! The lift is for two, right? I want to share one with Maruo! Okay, but shouldn't you share one with Kashii? Nanako and I want to take pictures of each other while we're on it.
Right? What are they doing? What is it? Normally you'd say, "Why is that gal girl acting so friendly with Kitamura?" and then get pissed, right? You Did something happen between you and Kitamura? N-Not really Are you sure nothing happened? Nothing! It's nothing, but Well, maybe something did Which one is it? I just didn't tell you about it.
I had tea with Kitamura-kun after I bumped into him on New Year's, then we went to visit a shrine for a New Year's prayer.
That's about it.
So something like that happened Why didn't you tell me about it? You were in bed with the flu, so you didn't need the extra trouble! And why do I need an excuse anyway?! I don't have to report every single thing to you! Hey, why are you so mad? Why the hell do you always screw things up?! Why do you always have to get in my way?! You're really, really annoying- You're the one who's screwing things up.
You play weird tricks so you can hang around Kitamura.
I'm not playing tricks! You did, there's no doubt! It's none of your business! We just want our friend to be happy! Right, Haruta? Yes! Wait, what are you talking about? I'm sorry, but I think your tricks are disgusting, and it pisses me off.
Huh? I don't give a damn if an idiot like you gets pissed off.
Hey, you guys All right, let's be nice to each other.
We're on a field trip, after all.
Come on, stop fighting.
Just do it for me.
What's the point of doing it for you? I don't get you guys.
Anyway, just calm down! Calm down! Oh, gosh Yuusaku, are you thickheaded by nature, or are you doing it on purpose? What do you mean? If you want to say something, just say it.
Oh my, I can't believe you're such an airhead.
He's nearly violent I can't believe the first day ended like this.
Confirming Kushieda's real feelings? The field trip will be over before I even talk to her.
What's up with you? Everyone is so weird today.
Look at them, they look so lethargic.
Taka-chan? I'm going to use the toilet.
Kitamura didn't mention anything about visiting the shrine with Taiga to me.
I honestly don't get what's going on in their minds.
Sighing get! K-Kushieda! Going to the toilet? Nope, I saw you leave the dining hall all alone.
I have a secret.
S-Secret? Actually, I've been waiting for a chance like this.
M-Me too- Noto-kun and Maya-chan were fighting, right? I want to relieve the tension between them.
We're on a field trip, after all I don't want people to be fighting.
So- Huh, what's wrong? N-Nothing.
I just thought the exact same thing.
Do you have any ideas? Well, the problem is that Maya-chan wants to be around Kitamura-kun, or something.
That's one view of the problem.
Y-Yeah Takasu-kun, do you know why Noto-kun wants to stop Maya-chan's love? It's because he misunderstood and thinks that Taiga likes Kitamura-kun, and he wants to help Taiga, so It's not really a misunderstanding.
I'm sure there are things about Taiga that you don't know.
That's impossible! There's nothing I don't know.
I know everything about Taiga.
What's that? Oh, this? Taiga gave it to me.
She said it's a treasure, so I'm going to really cherish it.
Cute, right? Oh, I'm talking about the hair clip, not myself.
It's no use, Taiga.
It's no use no matter how hard I try This is what they call reality.
Kushieda can't accept my feelings.
Regardless of what happened on Christmas Eve, or of my one-sided feelings, she pretends that it never happened.
Takasu, are you all right? Are you okay? We're worried about you, Takasu! We're really worried! Takasu, are you really asleep? Let's find out! Wait, Kitamura, what are you doing?! Why are you taking your clothes off all of a sudden? You're only undressing your bottom part! How perverted are you?! That's not all, you're waving it on top of Takasu's face I can't hold it anymore.
There's some mysterious gas in my butt You assholes! So did something happen? B-By Kushieda, you mean that Kushieda? Are there any other Kushiedas? That's right, it's Kushieda Minori! I've been in love with that weird girl for over a year! I'm sorry! But I was rejected on Christmas Eve before I could I-I see.
But why did Kushieda reject you? Beats me.
I want to know too.
If I were a girl, I would definitely go out with Taka-chan! No, going out with you would be bad.
All right, let's go.
Where? To find out.
Wait, wait, wait! Stop! It's all right, Taka-chan.
Yeah, it's like what happened in Chushingura.
You're Asano Takumi-no-kami, and we're the Akou Ronin.
Yeah, and Kushieda is Kira.
Oh, Kira is so cool! I even rented the DVDs I'm sure Kitamura is using me as an excuse to take revenge on the girls.
We're coming, girls! We're going to- Huh? No one's here.
The door was unlocked too.
Also, why is it so messy? Takasu, control yourself! You can't tidy it up! I found a navy blue camisole! I found a wet towel Hey, stop! Takasu- I never knew you had a No, that's not it.
It's not what you think.
I can't tolerate an odd number of socks, so I'm pairing them up to make them even.
Why Taiga of all people? Oh, whoops.
How could she wipe the tatami with that? Hey, don't wipe your hair with that! Calm down, Takasu! Huh? The door's open.
Did Taiga come back first? As I thought, no one's here.
I'm begging you, don't talk! Please! This is the only time I've ever begged you! That felt great.
Nanako, you love taking baths, don't you? By the way, Ami-chan, your curves are great! You're amazing! Really? I never wanted to be an actress.
Where did Taiga go? She came back to the room first, right? Kushieda, that's impossible.
Don't tell me Taiga went to the guys' room by herself.
She might be together with Maruo and No way, you're overthinking it.
Wouldn't it be possible for Yuusaku to walk in on her and Takasu-kun doing stuff? Having fun If that were real, I would totally hate it! Besides, I wonder what's going on in Taiga's mind.
Is she really interested in Maruo? Kushieda, what do you think? Between Takasu-kun and Maruo, which one do you think is Taiga's favourite? Well, it'd be troublesome for me to answer.
Just ask Taiga herself when she comes back.
Why would she tell us? Kushieda, you've been pretty quiet since we got back.
Really? Maybe I'm tired from skiing.
I've been sleepy since we got back.
Don't count on getting any sleep tonight.
We're going to have a girl talk.
I wonder if Takasu-kun could get Taiga.
That would make all these problems disappear.
And so, Minori-chan was dragged into her sea of thought.
What do you mean, Ami-chan? This is relevant to my interests! Oh, you heard me? I'm sorry, Minori-chan.
I said something I shouldn't have because you were spacing out.
Come on, don't just stare at each other.
Hurry up and tell us, Ami-chan! Now that Maya-chan has said that, what should I do, Minori-chan? Should I tell them? Tell them what? You should know How you rejected Takasu-kun before he could confess on Christmas Eve.
Did you forget? What?! Really? Did Takasu-kun confess to you? Wait, Ami-chan, how do you know about it? Huh, how do I know? It sure is mysterious.
Amin, why did you bring that up? Because you're always spacing out.
I'm just saying it to spite you because it seems you don't really care.
Takasu-kun is interested in you, not Taiga, but you rejected him.
I think you're just pretending to be an airhead so you can just forget about it.
You're probably thinking "Let's just be friends forever".
When did you see me pretending that nothing has happened? Did you really see it? What do you know about me? Can you look into my heart? Besides, this has nothing to do with you.
I see, so it has nothing to do with me Oh, I see! So your sense of guilt is nothing too, right? I thought you at least had some feelings for Takasu-kun.
I thought you rejected him because you thought you'd feel guilty about someone.
But now I see.
You rejected him simply because you don't like him.
I'll tell him about it tomorrow, then.
Don't you think it'd be kinder to just end it now, than to leave him half-dead? Do whatever you want.
Then, should I go now? I said, do what you want! You're really good at faking.
Cut it out! Ami-chan, what's wrong with you? Stop it! Why are we all arguing on a field trip? Yeah, you went a bit overboard.
Just apologise, and let it be.
I'm sorry, Minori-chan.
I said too much.
Just forget it, okay? All right, now it's over.
I've already forgotten about it.
Oh yeah, Taiga isn't back yet.
Yeah, you're right.
Where did she go? L-Let's look for her together! Come on, Kushieda, you too! I think we just witnessed something that we shouldn't have.
Yeah, and Kushieda was a bit Am I the only one who doesn't get what they were arguing about? Which country was Ami-chan talking about? Hey, Taka-chan, what's going on? I want to know too! Anyway, we neither saw nor heard anything.
Got it? This really sucks.
What are you doing? I'm tired, so I'm taking a break.
Hey There's something I have to apologise for.
It might be my fault that Minori-chan rejected you.
I said something sarcastic to Minori-chan when you weren't around.
I don't even know why I said it.
What do you mean? You know, I had an argument with Minori-chan yesterday.
I just felt pissed off whenever I saw her face because she never looked directly into my eyes.
No matter how hard I pushed her, I couldn't find out how she really feels.
That pissed me off.
I hate you because you're an idiot.
Not again I hate myself because I'm an idiot too.
I felt really guilty, and I exploded.
There were a lot of misunderstandings, and now it's like this Stupid Chi', move! Seriously, I told you to move.
How many times are you going to do that?! Are you retarded? I apologised already! I'll buy you some ice cream when we get back to the dorm! No! It's too cold! Amin, I'm sorry for not stopping.
What are you sorry about? You did it on purpose, right? There's no doubt that you did it on purpose.
No, no I really couldn't stop- You did it on purpose! You still haven't forgotten about what happened yesterday, right? You came to mess things up because I was having a chat with Takasu-kun, right? Huh? By "what happened yesterday", you mean the thing you started? Just when I forgot about it you went and brought it up again.
Both of you, stop What do you mean you forgot about it? You've been ignoring me all morning.
Your egotistical gaze pisses me off, you brainless Hercules.
Who's egotistical? You're just pissed off because you're jealous! You bitch! No hitting the face, Hercules! I thought you didn't want to be an actress! Taiga! I've always hated people like you! You seriously piss me off! Hey, this doesn't look good.
Oh, a follow-up on yesterday's argument? You idiots! Don't just stand there and watch, come with me! I hate you! Kawashima, calm down.
H-Hey! Takasu, are you okay? What the heck is going on? Both of you, stop! What's wrong? Huh? Ami-chan! Both of you, cut it out! Hey! What's wrong with you two? Are you okay, Ami-chan? Kushieda, you're not yourself.
Huh? Taiga Taiga? Hey, Taiga? Taiga's not here All of the ski resort's staff are out looking for her.
If they can't find her, they're going to call the police.
Takasu! Get a grip on yourself, they'll definitely find her! Taiga What a terrible snowstorm.
Kushieda? Those clothes I'm going to look for her.
Are you stupid? This time, it might be you who'll- But I can't just stay here! I'll be right back.
I'll come back when I've checked the places we've been to.
But I'll go too.
You too?! Shit I'll go with you guys.
Ami, tell the teacher we're going out to look for her.
Wai- Taiga! Aisaka! Takasu-kun, Kitamura-kun! This way! There are some skid marks down here.
Be careful.
That's What's wrong? Did you see something? Probably.
Hurry and get some adults over here.
No, I'll go.
Ta- Again I left her alone again.
She has always been by my side, but I never noticed.
Damn it.
That clumsy girl I'll never let go of you when I catch you this time! nemurenai yoru ni wa On the nights I can’t sleep 眠れない夜には I sigh alone.
ひとりでため息 hitori de tameiki minna wa dou na no How is everyone? みんなはどうなの? nandaka sabishii I feel a little lonely.
なんだか寂しい Taiga? 広い大地に ひと粒の種 hiroi daichi ni hitotsubu no tane Within the vast world, a single seed Taiga! Hang in there, Taiga! It hurts extended its roots 根っこのばして nekko nobashite I fell down.
and put out a fruit that was still unripe.
まだ青い 実をつけた mada aoi mi wo tsuketa It hurts orenji iro ni hayaku オレンジ色に 早く The fruit that I wish would turn orange soon naritai kajitsu なりたい果実 Ryuuji? is bathed in your light.
kimi no hikari wo abite キミの光を浴びて Kitamura-kun? The ideals and dreams just swell- risou ya yume wa fukuramu bakari 理想や夢は膨らむばかり I thought you were Ryuuji.
kizuite yo nee 気づいてよ ねぇ Hey, feel it.
Ryuuji would definitely save me at a time like this.
orenji itsuka I wonder if someday the orange オレンジ いつか will become sweet? amaku naru kana 甘くなるかな sore tomo shibonjau no それともしぼんじゃうの? Or will it wither away? Sorry watashi no mirai shiritakunakute I don't want to know about my future, 私の未来知りたくなくて I'm sorry zenbu tabeta so I ate it all.
ぜんãé£Ÿã¹ãŸ Kitamura-kun, you know suppai It's sour すっぱい… The God of Broken Hearts' blessing didn't work.
好きだけど泣けるよ suki da kedo nakeru yo I love it, but I feel like crying.
My wish didn't come true.
Please take these feelings away from me The fruit that I wish would turn orange soon オレンジ色に 早く orenji iro ni hayaku Make me stronger.
なりたい果実 naritai kajitsu I'm no good right now is bathed in your light.
キミの光を浴びて kimi no hikari wo abite No matter what I do, 理想や夢は膨らむばかり risou ya yume wa fukuramu bakari The ideals and dreams just swell- I can't stop kizuite yo nee 気づいてよ ねぇ Hey, feel it.
loving Ryuuji.
orenji kyou mo オレンジ 今日も Today, I tried eating an orange tabete mita kedo 食べてみたけど まだすっぱくて  泣いた mada suppakute naita but it was so sour I cried.
I couldn't leave it behind like I have been, 私みたいで残せないから watashi mitai de nokosenai kara so I ate it all.
zenbu tabeta ぜんãé£Ÿã¹ãŸ 好きだよ suki da yo I love it.
suppai すっぱい It's Sour.
nakeru yo I feel like crying.
泣けるよ suki da yo suki da yo I love it I love it.
好きだよ 好きだよ The Scene With You Next Episode Preview Taiga likes me? Why did she pick me? You're such a player! I'm afraid that's not true, sorry.