Toradora! (2008) s01e24 Episode Script


1 Takasu-kun! I will chase after her! Takasu-kun, you go left, I'll go right! Let's go! Yeah! Student Council President, they're running in the halls.
I'll let them off this time.
What should I say when I catch her? I don't know But even so Not here? The entrance! Taiga, can you hear me? Taiga, you've always wanted to know, right?! I I also I like Takasu Ryuuji too! I like him! I've always liked him, but I thought I should let you have him! I thought to myself, "If Taiga, my best friend, needs him" but that was just my arrogance confusing me! I've underestimated you! I said that my happiness doesn't depend on anyone but me, right? The same goes for you.
Your happiness doesn't depend on anyone but yourself! So So, Taiga Let me see what you're going to do! Kushieda! I I tripped while I was running Infirmary Has it stopped yet? You scared me.
I thought you were crying for a second.
You thought I would cry? Of course Normally Well, I guess this is sort of a reward.
Remember when I talked about what I can see? Yeah, I think so Actually, it's my willpower Willpower? I told you my brother plays baseball, right? I used to play baseball too.
To be honest, I was better than him, but I couldn't keep playing because I'm a girl.
That's why I plan to save money, then get into a sports university and aim for the national softball league.
Then I'll shout out to the whole world: "This is the happiness I chose and achieved!" That's my willpower.
Kushieda But because I was obsessive about it, I decided to not to cry anymore.
Even if it's hard and painful, I've decided I'll try my best.
But If someone sees me go through hardship and pain, and then cry, I guess it's a reward.
What happened to that hairpin? Oh, that- That must be the present you wanted to give to me on Christmas Eve, right? That's- I'm sorry, I really didn't know at first.
I thought it was a present from Taiga.
Even though I decided not to take it Even though it hurt you I want to apologise for wearing it in front of you.
I'm really sorry.
Where is that hairpin right now? It's in my room, but- Yeah, I can't accept it.
You know, there's something else that I can see.
It's that you like Taiga.
Yeah All right, Takasu-kun, this is a giant goodbye.
Run towards the thing that you can see! Yeah! Go, Takasu! Ta-ka-su, hey! Ta-ka-su, yeah! Ta-ka-su! I knew you'd come.
H-How? You're an honest person.
I knew you'd come to work, even though you ran away.
You know, about what happened I, uh- I heard Minorin's voice.
Don't laugh! I'm not laughing.
Don't laugh at me, please.
I have something to tell you after work.
If If I want to run away again, you have to hold on to me.
Sure Our paycheck's pretty big.
Yeah Um You both lied! Y-Yasuko Taiga! What are you doing here? Don't touch me! Don't act so spoiled! What can you do by yourself? Hey, Taiga You're Takasu-kun, right? Y-Yes.
Thank you for always taking care of her.
From now on, she'll be staying with- Like hell I'd stay with you, that man, and that brat! W-Why? What's happening? I don't get this at all.
I'm the one who doesn't get this! You promised you wouldn't work, but you lied and broke that promise! I won't forgive you! You won't forgive me? You fainted because you pushed yourself too much for my sake.
That's why I'm working in your place! What's wrong with that?! We're a family! Because we're a family, we should help each other out- I don't care! I just want you to concentrate on your studies! I want you to find something you want to do and live a good life- Who's the one who didn't concentrate on their studies?! The one who couldn't do what they want and failed in life is you! Ryuu-chan Quit forcing your failures on me! I- Taiga Taiga? Taiga! Come back, Taiga! My silky love 24時間ずっと nijuuyon jikan zutto Every hour of the day My silky love キミのこと想うたび kimi no koto omou tabi whenever I think of you My silky love modokashii kono kimochi these impatient feelings もどかしいこの気持ち My silky love tada afurekaetteku simply overflow.
ただ溢れかえってく suki to ieba kantan na no ni Even though it's easy to say "I love you" スキと言えば簡単なのに when you stand in front of me キミが前に来ちゃうと kimi ga mae ni kichau to my personality stands up and gets in my way.
個性がそびえ 私のコトを邪魔してる kyara ga sobie watashi no koto wo jamashiteru いつもならば強気でイケる I can usually pull through with my assertiveness itsumo naraba tsuyoki de ikeru sonna seikaku na no ni そんな性格なのに that's just how I am.
どんな頑張ってみても 壁は崩せない But no matter how hard I try, I can't break the wall that's between us.
donna ganbatte mite mo kabe wa kuzusenai 察して欲しい… この気持ちを sasshite hoshii kono kimochi wo I want you to realise… my feelings.
So I always send a gaze dakara watashi wa itsumo kimi ni だから私は いつもキミに daisuki da yo to okuru shisen 大好きだよと送る視線 of "I really love you" your way saidai no yuuki de 最大の勇気で! with all of my courage! My flimsy silky heart.
破れそうなシルクノハート yaburesou na shiruku no haato キミに逢って気づいた やっと kimi ni atte kizuita yatto After meeting you, I finally realised ai ni wa bukiyou dattan datte that I'm really clumsy when it comes to love.
愛には不器用だったんだって 忘れかけた恋の傷跡 The scars from love that I'd almost forgotten wasurekaketa koi no kizuato have started to ache all of a sudden.
kyuu ni uzukidashita no kyun to 急に疼きだしたの キュンと itsuka wa watashi rashiku suki to いつかは私らしくスキと Someday, like how I normally would iwanakya ima yori yowaku nacchau yo 言わなきゃ…今より弱くなっちゃうよ I must say "I love you", or else I'll become even weaker.
Confession That shitty old man's business failed, and he ran away.
Seriously? Yeah Then he told my real mum to take care of me.
But she already has a new family, and she's even pregnant.
Her new husband is tall, so their child will definitely have long legs.
I'll pale in comparison.
How How can I fit in with a family like that? If I were there, I'd only make everything awkward.
It's the same at the shitty old man's place.
Because of my presence, everyone I've always thought of this If I had never been born, Yasuko would definitely have a better life.
She's still young, so she could probably redo high school Ryuuji? Adults are really selfish.
They bring others trouble because of their own problems.
But I think I might be the one who's troubling Yasuko I'm still a child, after all.
That's right, if I had never been born- Ryuuji! No, you pig-head! Don't look down on life! W-What? I think you're misunderstanding something.
Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Baldy! Baldy! What can you solve by doing that? How could you say something as naïve as that?! It's exactly what you were saying! But I'm still alive! It's all because you're here! No matter who you like, no matter who you spend your life with, I don't care! I just want to be able to see you, Takasu Ryuuji! That's why That's why you can't say things like, "If only I had never been born"! What happened?! What are you doing?! W-What the hell do you mean?! Are you trying to kill me?! Gosh, that sucks.
It's cold I said I'm sorry! No! You never said that! You really dwell on trivial things, huh? What blood type are you? I'm a Taurus! I'm not good with horoscopes, but roast lamb is good.
I'm not talking about that! I'll be eighteen in two months! I'll run away from Yasuko and the others.
I'll run and run, and then I'll sleep and wake up, and then I'll run until it's my birthday.
At that time, marry me! That way, we'll both be adults.
No one will get in our way.
My life will be yours until I die! I lov- Hold it right there! You're so unfair! Didn't I tell you to listen to what I have to say first? You sneaky dog! What? Proposing should be left to guys! Listen to me, I made a promise with Minorin.
I promised to show her what I'll do.
T-Then, let's say it together I I lov- Who the hell is calling at such an important time? I'll ignore it.
Let's keep going, it's getting cold here What do you mean?! It'll be a pity! Just pick it up already! F-Fine.
Hey Takasu, what the heck are you doing? Kitamura? Your mum and Aisaka's mum are searching everywhere for you guys! Whatever, just come to where I tell you to.
W-Wait, Kitamura! You sneezed on my hair! W- Why are you two all wet? Why are we meeting at your house? Your mothers haven't come here yet.
My aunt isn't here today, so come in.
You'll catch a cold if you stay in those clothes.
Take a shower first.
Turn right at the end.
Here, this, and this too.
I can't believe I'm troubling you.
You Thanks.
Hey Taiga, your shoes! Sheesh Kawashima? Oh yeah, Yuusaku said he'll bring you a change of clothes.
Anyway, I'm sorry for bothering you.
Excuse me.
You love Taiga, right? W-What are you talking about?! You do, right? Y-Yeah Say it seriously.
What's up with you? Say it.
Why- Say it.
I love Taiga.
You look so dumb! You're the one who forced me to say it! Taiga! I was worried sick! How could you?! How could you?! How could you?! Minorin! Minorin, I'm sorry! Kitamura, I'm sorry for bothering you.
Taiga! Taiga! It's all right.
Anyway, what are you guys planning to do now? Well, we plan to run away.
Huh? We're serious! I see.
Two more months, huh? Why are you supporting them?! Running away, and then getting married? That's too fast of a development! After Ryuuji turns eighteen, we'll- Moreover, where will you be living? Well, about that We'll stay in a business hotel, or maybe even a manga café for now Do you plan to live like that forever? No, well, after I come back Do you think you can come back? Just imagine search parties looking for you, and everyone at school finding out You two might even get expelled.
Well You know All the things I want just end up breaking.
That's why I decided to not desire anything.
But my feelings were rewarded.
My wish came true.
That's why I want to break this "all the things I want just end up breaking" jinx.
No, I have to break it.
That's why That's why These are my savings that I always hold onto.
They're my life savings.
What are you doing? Takasu-kun, Taiga, I don't think your actions are correct.
I don't think I'll be able to approve of them either.
Minorin But, if this is what you want to do, I have no right to object to it.
So take it.
You have to pay me back one day.
This is the key to my villa.
You've been there already, so you should know how to get there.
Kawashima Don't forget about me.
Take these.
Thank you, everyone.
Ami, thanks for today.
Good work, everyone! Minorin has some things to discuss with Amin.
Huh?! Why do I have to- So you're friends again! That's great, Stupid Chi'.
Whatever, just go! You too- See you again, Minorin, Stupid Chi'.
We'll definitely meet again! Yeah.
Wai- What do you have to discuss with me? Get your hand off me! I feel so weak that I can't even stand anymore Wait, what are you- What are you doing? You wanted to show me your crying face? Crying is a nosebleed of the heart And why are you crying? Because Taiga took Takasu-kun away from you? Or- I'm not even sure myself Even though I decided to never cry again You're so embarrassing.
But I've understood something.
If you trip while running down a hallway, you'll get a nosebleed.
If you trip in life, you'll cry.
Are you stupid? It's still too early for us to be talking about life.
From now on, for ten years, for twenty years, for sixty years, life will go on.
You have to run out once you've got your things.
About Ya-chan- Don't worry, I can do it.
Wait! Uh Oh yeah! Remember to bring your hair dryer! I don't want to carry too much.
Yeah, okay.
Don't bring too much light clothing.
It'll just be dead weight.
I know! Come out right after you're done! If something happens, call me immediately! Yeah, I will.
I'm back.
She's not back yet? I-Inko-chan?! Ryuu-chan Yasuko Ryuu-chan Ryuu-chan Ryuu-chan Ryuu-chan Ryuu-chan Ryuu-chan Ryuu-chan Ryuu-chan Ryuu-chan Ryuu-chan Go to your grandparents' house.
Show them this watch and they'll understand.
Oh, Mirano-san? She called at dawn saying she'll be taking a vacation.
She ran away.
She's such a child! If I run away Even after my birthday I'll still be a kid.
Look! Look! It's chocolate! You've been showing it off since yesterday.
Eat it already! Just how long do you plan to show it off for? Until it expires.
Weren't you the one who said that school isn't a place for trading chocolate? I'm not trading.
I'm just bringing it.
Right, Taiga? Huh? She's absent.
Takasu-kun too.
What's going on? Did they catch a cold together? More like a "fever".
Fight on! Fight on! Oohashi! Fight on! Fight on! Fight on Hey, seriously You're not going to see them off? What? I can't hear you! Regardless how strong a will she has, she broke down after being dumped by both Taiga and Takasu-kun.
Why do I have to have a snowball fight with- You bitch! Take this! Pure white sphere! Since it's food for running away, I picked something more mature.
Look, cigar chocolate, chicken wafers and- I've made lunch too.
Shouldn't you buy lunch from train stations when you run away? I'll eat it anyway.
What about your mother? She only cares about her own reputation.
I don't think she'll make a big fuss out of it.
Hey, what about Ya-chan? She's fine.
I'll only say it now because we're running away You know, when Ya-chan said we're a family of three, I was truly overjoyed! You know what my "family" is like.
So when we're really becoming a family like this, will Ya-chan cry? No, I don't mean that! It won't be goodbye forever! It's not that I don't want to run away with you I think it's great, but I guess.
Listen, Taiga Takasu Dad! D-Dad! This is really Then, you must be Nice to meet you.
I'm your grandchild, Takasu Ryuuji.
Also, she's my wife.
Also, I have a request.
We're not escaping, we're Toradora! Next Episode Preview Ryuuji showed me his method of dealing with it.
Now it's my turn.
Hey, Ryuuji Don't laugh at me.
Don't get mad at me.