Toradora! (2008) s01e25 Episode Script


1 Ryuu-chan Ryuu-chan Ryuu-chan! Ryuu-chan! Y-Yo.
W-Why? Ryuu-chan, you're all right? A-Aren't you I-In Help Yasuko You've raised Ryuuji-kun well.
Yeah, I-I have The reason why my life was in "danger" L-Listen, Ya-chan! Ryuuji is After falling for the fake voicemail that Taiga left, Yasuko cried a lot and Grandpa scolded her.
Somehow Somehow, it's like Ya-chan is a child right now.
Families are amazing.
Even though they haven't seen each other in about ten years, they're still Mum, thanks! It's all because of you spoiling Yasuko- Come on, there's nothing wrong with it.
No, but you Yasuko must be tired.
We're a family, right? Family Ryuuji-kun, hurry up and take your bath before the water gets cold.
So you weren't married You found out? Yeah.
Your dad ran away with another woman while I was pregnant.
Even though everyone told me to get an abortion, I really wanted to protect you.
In the end, I couldn't protect you, and things broke.
Nothing broke.
Didn't Grandma say you raised me well? See, I'm a lot taller than you.
Be proud.
Yeah, you've grown.
Your back was really big when you were running So big that I didn't recognise you.
I was really scared, but I was also a little happy.
But I was so afraid that you'd leave and never come back So you left by yourself? Idiot.
I'm the last person who should say this, but running away won't get you anywhere.
Ryuu-chan I will become an adult.
I'll do it right in front of you, not in some place far away.
That's why you have to look at me always.
Come on, stop crying! But W-What is this? Grandma said there's nothing wrong with sleeping in the same room, since we're going to get married.
Now I understand how Yasuko became the way she is now Ya-chan is laughing! Yeah, she is.
Hey, turn off the lights.
Huh? Why? Just do it.
What are you doing? The stars are amazing.
To be honest, I'm kind of worried.
I don't think running away and getting married will work out, but I still want to have this dream.
I feel like if I don't do something here, things will break again.
Sheesh, you and Yasuko Nothing broke, right? Also, it's okay for us to start here.
We don't need to run away to get married.
Let's do it with everyone's approval.
Wouldn't it be best to receive everyone's blessing? Who do you mean by "everyone"? Grandpa, Grandma, and your parents.
That will take a long time It doesn't matter.
Since we'll be happy anyway, why not share our happiness with everyone else? Okay, but before that, let's have a little rehearsal.
Look, a veil.
Taiga Um I, Takasu Ryuuji, will Uh, what should I say? It doesn't matter, just say something.
H-How can it not matter? Uh will marry Aisaka Taiga- As I thought, I don't want a vow yet.
What?! Wasn't this your idea in the first- Do you remember what you said before? Huh? "Since ancient times, the dragon has been the only beast to equal the tiger.
" That's why, even without a vow, we'll always be together, right? Yeah.
Tai- Your eyes are red.
Your breathing is all weird.
Shut up! Your lips are cracked.
It'll hurt if we kiss.
It's not like If we kiss, it'll definitely hurt a lot.
How was it? Just as I expected It was like a rough, dry wilderness.
Also, it was really, really warm Hey, it's cold, so let's do it once more- Once more Once more Takasu Somehow, it feels weird.
Just us two left, but now three people and a pet are coming back.
Ryuuji, you believed it, right? Huh? That Ya-chan would come if you lied, then get back on good terms with Grandma and Grandpa.
I didn't think she would, but I didn't think she wouldn't either I wonder why.
Perhaps it's like that.
Perhaps families are like that Oh, I'm so hungry! Taiga-chan, you're coming over for dinner, right? I It's all right.
We're a family of three, right? Yeah Oh, I forgot about you, Inko-chan Taiga? You guys go ahead, I'm going to go change my clothes.
But won't your parents be- I'm coming with you.
Be quick, since I'm making your favorite tonight; pork cutlets.
Huh? Mum? Taiga, what are you think- You seriously don't think about the consequen- Cut it ou- Taiga Taiga, do you really hate me that mu- Fine! I don't give a damn anymore! I'm leaving, so do whatever you want! Bye! She's just like a kid Ryuuji, you know, I always thought that I would never be loved It smells great! I'm not just making pork cutlets.
Grandma taught me how to make some delicious taro rice.
Yay! Thank you, Ryuu-chan.
but perhaps that was just an excuse for running away.
I can't see the stars It's so small It's hidden and lonely, just like me.
I blamed my lack of confidence on my parents and my surroundings, but Ryuuji still loves me.
That's why I won't run away anymore.
I have to change.
I have to accept everything.
I will be proud of myself and love Ryuuji.
That day, Taiga didn't come over for dinner.
Takasu, we can't understand if you don't tell us anything.
What actually happened? Why did Taiga- Come on, everyone, back to your seats.
I have some bad news for everyone.
Due to family reasons, Aisaka-san is withdrawing from this school.
I've just received that message from her mother.
Aisaka-san will be going back to her mother's- Wai- This is a lie, right? It's a joke, right? She was forced, right?! She didn't tell us or In your lives, you will all come to different crossroads.
Regardless of whether you decide to stay where you are, or turn back, you still have to make a decision.
Aisaka-san's decision may mean leaving you all, but it's a decision she tried her best to make.
Let's support her, okay? Kids these days are so scary! Are you all calling Aisaka-san? Texting her? Unbelievable! You should all take a good, hard look at your lives! Takasu? It won't go through if we all call at the same time! Everyone, back to your seats! Takasu-kun! Kushie- Can you clench your teeth for a second? Why did you come back by yourself?! Why is Taiga transferring?! I don't get it! Hey, Takas- Wait, Kushieda! Kitamura-kun.
I I didn't want her to go.
I'd bring her back right now if I could.
I'd ask her why she decided everything by herself.
But she believes in me.
That's why the only thing I can do right now is accept it.
Takasu Wow, she learns how to be tidy at the last minute.
What's this? Oh! A single sock! Unforgivable! Where's your buddy? I'll definitely find him for you! That klutz How could she forget these? You're really stupid, aren't you? 1 NEW MESSAGE Taiga love me.
told me that you You never I didn't? I remember when I fell into the river- Oh, yeah! Crap! I was interrupted Gosh, I even said it a few times to Kawashima Stupid.
Yeah, I can be really stupid sometimes too Tomiya-kun, are you free today? Yeah.
There's somewhere I want to go, can you come with me? Hey, this is Ami-chan! Taiga "I'm sorry for yesterday.
" That won't happen.
Then, why are you telling me? I think I kind of understand what you said now Hey, hey! Taiga's text message! I got it! I got it too! This is it, right? Yeah, that! It seems like Taiga replied to everyone who texted her.
Why is it just a picture? I really don't get it.
Yeah, what does it mean? Seaweed? It's the night sky.
Kushieda? Oh, she's right.
Is that small dot a star? Really? You're imagining things, right? No, it's definitely a star.
But why did she take a picture of it? "I will protect you all from the faraway sky.
" Shut up! She's not dead yet! I think she means, "I'll try my best.
" Huh? "Even if the sky is pitch black, with nothing to see, there will be stars shining somewhere out there.
If I keep shining brighter and brighter, I'll definitely look better to people.
" I think Taiga is kind of selfish.
But even if that's the case, the sky will connect us.
As long as we all shine, no matter how far apart we are, we will definitely be able to see each other doing our best.
You overdid that It sent chills down my spine W-What?! I think she's right.
This is the feeling of being young, right? Me too! I'll be happy if she's right! Yeah.
Speaking of stars, someone caused a lot of trouble back then.
Oh, that! After taking the time to send us this, I think she'd be happy if we replied.
Be careful! I can't find it Where is it? I remember putting it away with Ami-chan's tree Thanks.
You think of these things to make others happy How should I put it You're amazing at it.
I guess.
Ami-chan's existence itself should be surprising.
You know, before she became who she is, people loved her even though she caused trouble for everyone.
I was jealous of her.
But that's not true at all.
Even though she seems amazing, her body and heart are both so small and timid.
All she does is take whatever people throw at her.
She won't let anyone see her true self.
She's the same as someone.
Yeah, she was seen through from the very beginning.
Didn't you say I was a kid? You know, I hate myself when I pretend to be an adult.
That's why I'm desperate to have others accept me for who I am.
But I finally understood after meeting Taiga As long as there's at least one person who understands me, I'll be okay.
Even if it isn't love Kawashima- I found the treasure! Uh So I just have to press here? Sensei, please hurry up before my godlike power runs out! Come on, Takasu-kun, smile.
Smile already.
I am! Amin.
Here I go! I'm a dragon.
You're a tiger.
Since ancient times, the dragon has been the only beast to equal the tiger.
Even if you're not by my side right now, I will leap through space and time, and always be by your side.
These feelings will never change.
nitete mo chigau yo 似てても違うよ They're similar, yet different mandarin orenji - mandarins, oranges; マンダリン オレンジ 友達 恋人 tomodachi koibito friends, lovers - futari no kokoro mo 2人のココロも as are the hearts of two people.
kizutsukitakunai I didn't want to be hurt, 傷つきたくない watashi wa nigeteta so I ran away.
私は逃げてた But then, even the light そしたら光も soshitara hikari mo 射してはくれない sashite wa kurenai didn't shine for me.
Hey Inko-chan, isn't this makeup a bit much? They're are miracles, aren't they? kiseki na no ni ne 奇跡なのにね I'm a mother, after all.
And meetings and love, deai mo koi mo 出逢いも恋も I should just use some softer colors, but I don't have things like that and seeds and buds, 種もつぼみも tane mo tsubomi mo Inko-chan! まだ青い 実でさえも mada aoi mi de sae mo and even the fruits that are yet unripe? I-Inko-chan finally said his own name! Oohashi High School 78th Graduation Ceremony orenji iro wa ano hi オレンジ色は  あの日 The orange colour reminds me of a sunset I saw that day.
mita yuuyake wo 見た夕焼けを omoidasasete kureru 思い出させてくれる It'll be lonely once the seniors leave.
2つの影が futatsu no kage ga Our two shadows They're all so cool and interesting seemed like they were holding hands.
手を繋いでるみたいだった te wo tsunaideru mitai datta Did you know that our student council president, Kitamura-senpai, will be studying abroad in America after graduating? オレンジ いつか I wonder if someday the orange orenji itsuka 甘くなるかな will become sweet? amaku naru kana The president and the seniors made the cultural festival and the sports festival amazing! sore tomo shibonjau no Or will it wither away? それともしぼんじゃうの? watashi no mirai shiritakunakute 私の未来知りたくなくて I don't want to know about my future, Yeah! But I heard that the previous cultural festival was even more amazing.
zenbu tabeta so I ate it all.
ぜんãé£Ÿã¹ãŸ suppai Oh, I heard about that! Sour すっぱい… It was the legendary one where 2-C won everything, right? Yeah! It was all because of the Palmtop something 好きだけど泣けるよ I love it, but I feel like crying.
suki da kedo nakeru yo Palmtop something? You mean the Palmtop Tiger? The one who brings you good luck? That person really existed? Yeah, the Palmtop Tiger! The fruit that I wish would turn orange soon orenji iro ni hayaku オレンジ色に 早く She went to this school last year.
naritai kajitsu なりたい果実 Moreover, she's Takasu-senpai's girlfriend! kimi no hikari wo abite キミの光を浴びて is bathed in your light.
risou ya yume wa fukuramu bakari 理想や夢は膨らむばかり The ideals and dreams just swell- kizuite yo nee 気づいてよ ねぇ Hey, feel it.
Today, I tried eating an orange orenji kyou mo オレンジ 今日も There's something in this world that nobody has seen yet.
食べてみたけど tabete mita kedo but it was so sour I cried.
mada suppakute naita まだすっぱくて  泣いた It's something gentle, and very sweet.
I couldn't leave it behind like I have been, 私みたいで残せないから watashi mitai de nokosenai kara And if you ever laid eyes on it, zenbu tabeta so I ate it all.
ぜんãé£Ÿã¹ãŸ you would yearn for it.
I love it.
suki da yo 好き だ よ That's why no one has ever seen it.
It's Sour.
suppai すっぱい The world hid it so that no one could get their hands on it easily.
nakeru yo 泣けるよ I feel like crying.
suki da yo suki da yo 好き だ よ 好き だ よ I love it I love it.
However, someday, someone will find it.
The one person who is destined to find it will be able to find it.
What? I was planning to surprise you It seems like you grew.
Not even a millimetre.
I'm sorry.
Listen I love you.
Tai- W-Why would you say something embarrassing like that?! You should've waited for a better mood or something That's just how it is.