Tore (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Med Döden som kollega

["Take On Me" by Aha playing]
[phone vibrates]
We're talking away ♪
[squeals excitedly]
[MJ whimpers excitedly]
Oh, I'll be comin'
For your love, okay ♪
Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait.
Take on me ♪
Take me on ♪
[door opens]
[door closes]
[song fades out]
- [man] Sorry, did I wake you?
- Uh No, no, I was awake.
- Have you
- [man sighs]
decided something?
I don't I don't know, Erik.
If you haven't made it, then
[man] Please, don't start this, okay?
I just came to get my charger.
I can't just sit around waiting for you.
I don't want to be 70 when, like,
my kid passes through high school.
There you go again. [chuckles wryly]
[Erik] Maybe we should just end it.
Then we'll stop this.
[Erik sniffs]
There you are!
- Hello, yeah. Hey.
- Hey. Hey.
- [MJ whines]
- Oh, what a nice dog.
Yeah. Thanks.
We We're walking this way today, so
It's manual?
Oh! Yes, yeah.
I'm gonna get my licence so I can be, um
Maybe go and see
I don't know, the world opening up for me.
So that's cool.
I'm noticing things like that.
"Ah, manual."
Yeah, I get it.
Yeah, well, I, uh
So, uh, good that you, um
- Nice to see you.
- Same, yeah.
- Say hi to Gunvor.
- Yeah.
One question. Really quick. Sorry.
I started researching
driving schools and stuff,
but they're so pricey.
Uh, but you
I had the idea that
Be because, um,
I've seen you driving around
and going to work,
and I know you do that well.
And I just wondered if you had time
to, uh, help me with the basic things.
Half an hour? When you have time.
I mean, there's no stress.
I'm really flexible. No interests.
All right.
Yeah, I have. I bowl now.
I would love to help you out,
but it's just a bit, uh, too much. Um
My job At home, it's kinda
It's probably better
if you ask someone else.
- So
- Okay, maybe that's better.
- [phone ringing]
- At least, for now, I think.
Uh, okay. I was just making sure
that I checked first.
- But it's good that
- [ringing continues]
Shit, it's Ulla. We've got a conference.
So, I'd better go.
- Hey.
- Huh?
- It was cool that you asked.
- Yeah. Cool you answered me.
[sombre music playing]
Hi. I tried to call you this morning.
I got it,
but, um, I was already on my way.
[Ulla] Uh-huh.
I think I'll bring MJ today.
She doesn't like being on her own.
Yeah, there are some things
we wanted to talk to you about.
- Okay, about what?
- Hey.
Look, here comes the bus.
[Ulla] Well, it's not really the time
to talk about this at the conference.
I suggest that you go
for a nice walk in the woods with MJ.
And then we'll talk
in peace and quiet tomorrow.
- Årsta Funeral Home
- [Ulla] That's right.
So, bye. Bye for now. Bye-bye.
But I'm going on the bus too.
Of course I'm going to the conference.
What's this about?
Have you heard anything more
about this new one, Maja?
- If that's the case, you have to tell me.
- We can't talk about it now.
What is this talk for?
'Cause I can tell it's something.
You have that weird look about you.
Now tell me what it is.
- We both have to be on that bus.
- I know.
- Can you just tell me what's going on?
- All right! All right!
Apparently, Maja was supposed
to replace you.
[woman] I'm very sorry,
but we really have to leave now.
You'll have to continue this conversation
on the bus.
- You know what? I'll ring you in a break.
- Hey. No. But
This afternoon. And so
[spluttering] So we'll talk.
Be with MJ now.
We'll we'll talk later, Tore.
- Hey, hey. Just getting on the bus.
- Hang on a sec.
[spluttering] But wait.
This little guy I don't know. Is it
Okay, you haven't been told about, uh,
about a service dog?
- Service dog?
- Uh-huh. For Tore.
- Epilepsy.
- Uh
I can see we've got
Ulla, Tore, Per, and Bosse.
Uh-huh, exactly. Bosse. Yeah.
- Is that Bosse?
- Yeah. Come on, Bosse.
Bosse Holmberg?
- Toot, toot.
- Oh.
[man] Yes, thank you. I'm good.
How are you?
[Ulla] Well, I'm doing well too.
Yes. I'll sit here.
"A Day's Seminar
on the Bereaved in Focus."
"Meeting Death as your colleague."
- [chuckles] What great fun!
- Mm-hmm.
Ulla? Imagine if there were
two assistants.
We managed
to open Bosse's e-mails this morning.
And, I mean, there's an e-mail thread
that indicates that he was going
to let you go.
[PA switches on]
So, I want to make sure
I introduce the latest addition. [laughs]
So we have Årsta Funeral Home.
- It consists of the quartet Tore, Ulla
- Hey.
Per, and little Bosse. Welcome them all!
[ethereal music playing]
Why are we stopping here?
Are we not going to the conference?
[Ulla] Yes, but they also work
with the next of kin.
[woman] Måsen? Welcome. Come in.
- Hey, hey.
- [Ulla] Hey, Linn.
- Hey. You okay?
- [Ulla] I'm well.
- Good to see you.
- [Linn] Yes. You too.
[Nadia] Hey, you all right?
- Hey.
- [Tore] Hey.
- [Nadia] Heya, Tore.
- Heya.
[echoing pounding]
So, it's these synergy effects
that we're talking about,
cross-pollination, if you will.
How can you, who all work close
to next of kin in different ways,
merge in the best way?
It's about time for number three
of today's five lectures
before we end this lovely day
with a quite amazing buffet. But first
the region's first in-house psychologist
at Lundagårdens nursing home.
Here to talk
about her groundbreaking work,
we're all really amazed
to have Louise Ask!
[crowd applauding]
Thank you. Thank you, Lotta,
for having me. It's so nice.
As you know,
meeting the bereaved is a difficult issue,
and that's why I am so happy
that we're here together
so that we can highlight it.
Thank you.
[upbeat music playing]
Yes, I'll call the lawyer tomorrow, Tore,
and see what we can do, all right?
- We can't promise anything, but we'll try.
- No, of course.
You know, Tore, when I turned 20,
I went to a further education college.
And it's still
the best two years of my life.
I feel very happy
with the way things are now.
- And you'll call tomorrow, Per?
- Yes, I'll call tomorrow.
Thank you.
What a good lecture it was, eh?
With that Louise.
She seems very lovely.
- Drink tickets?
- Hmm?
- Two max each.
- Okay, two.
And I'll grab one for a friend.
Hey, is this like an open party now?
Can I invite a friend if I want to?
Uh, no, unfortunately the event's private.
- Okay, but if I have a plus-one?
- Sorry. Unfortunately.
What sort of friend do you want to invite?
- Hey.
- Hey.
[Ulla] It might be exciting,
trying something new.
You wanted to be a veterinarian
when you were little.
I'm not going to become a veterinarian.
Is that wound getting better, Tore?
Oh, yeah.
You drunk or what?
I don't think it's a brilliant idea
to get pissed if you're in pain.
Linn, I don't really know how to say it.
But it's not that peculiar
for friends to drift apart.
- Uh-huh.
- No.
So you don't need
to take it so personally.
You have a lot. I have a lot.
I'll see you around.
Then you can give it some space
instead of pushing
to the front of the queue.
- I thought I was first.
- Sorry about that.
Nah, not now.
Anyone else need to go before me?
["Sånt är livet"
by Anita Lindblom playing]
[bartender] Here you go.
Excuse me. Hey! If I may say hi.
Yes, I'm not sure
if you know who I am. Do you?
Uh, yeah. Great lecture you gave today.
It was super interesting.
Uh, no, I mean [inhales]
I was there at Bosse's funeral.
I understand you, mm-hmm.
[Louise] So, Bosse and I,
we met at the senior fair.
I'm Bosse's girlfriend
was his girlfriend,
or partner,
or whatever it is they might say.
I mean, I don't want to bother you,
but I just wanted to say,
you know, your dad, he is the best thing
that's happened to me in many, many years.
I would be glad to share
So if you ever want
to grab a coffee sometime
or, yeah, whatever,
you can just get in touch. I'll be here.
You can have my number if you like.
Okay, sorry.
How long were you seeing each other?
Uh Oh, six months or something like that.
And did you plan on moving in
and making a home?
- Yeah, we Well, we
- At his home. Into his place, you mean?
Well, we had talked a bit
about that. Uh-huh.
But I just wanted to say to you
that Bosse, he loved you.
He talked about you endlessly,
all the time.
Yeah, okay, but why did he decide
to move me out
and erase my existence
for someone he barely knows?
Sorry, it was absolutely not my intention
to upset you.
- That's not what I meant.
- That's totally fine.
You're not the only one to mess up.
It's just better to be told.
[glass shatters]
["Sånt är livet" continues]
[song fades]
[no audible dialogue]
[song fades out]
[Tore breathing heavily]
Damn. Fuck.
Where are we going?
- Nah. Nah, nah, nah, nah.
- Wait.
Shh. Chill! Ch
- What?
- Tore, uh
We must talk.
- [clears throat] We have to talk about
- Why? Talk with your cock instead.
- Let's go.
- I need to talk.
Can you listen to me, please?
I haven't been feeling
like myself [inhales sharply]
And I I talked to my sister,
and she said that I
- Listen!
- Yes, I'm listening.
Yeah, please listen, then! I [sighs]
Hmm. [inhales]
When we hung out that first time at
in the alley, you know?
Yeah, I know, but Yeah.
I fuckin' tried
to, uh, have sex with you, but
Uh, I get now it wasn't okay.
And I don't know why I did it,
but I did it, I think,
'cause if we had sex, I thought
that you would like me or something.
I don't know. It was fucking dumb.
- Okay. You know, Viggo?
- Mm-hmm?
It's fine, because it felt cool.
- Nah. It was not cool. No. Nah.
- It was. I thought it was cool.
It was cool.
- Tore
- Fuck me.
Have you listened
been listening to a word I've said?
[Tore] Fuck.
[Viggo] Ebba said
you just wanna be with me
because you want to hurt yourself.
So I'm the perpetrator,
and you're the victim, right?
Yeah, okay. But I'm not a victim, Viggo.
- Are we doing it or not?
- No.
- Not when you're like this.
- "Not when I'm like" Fuck!
No, I mean What are you doing?
- You're not even listening.
- Why did you come here then?
- Why do you think I came here?
- To fuck.
You're the one who's wanted to have sex
for the longest time.
What are you doing?
Let go of my fucking rucksack.
I'll forgive you if I get this one.
Is that all I'm fucking good for?
Listen! I like you!
[sighs heavily]
[shakily] Shit.
But, uh, yeah, I
[tuts] I think you are
But, uh, maybe you don't think
the same about me.
- [sniffing]
- Uh, well, there's someone else.
Or I don't know if that's an answer, but
- Sorry, Viggo. I didn't know.
- Hmm.
Fine, yup.
But then we won't be hanging out
any more, so that's sad.
["Visa mej hur man går hem"
by Lasse Lönndahl playing]
[phone ringing]
Hello! It's Emma at the reception
of the Birch Hotel and Conference Centre.
Is this Tore?
Uh, yeah.
[Emma] We've been trying to reach you
all evening.
I got your number from a Linn Sjölund,
and she asked me pass on a message
that she's waiting for you in room 25.
Okay. Why?
[Emma] Uh, she didn't say.
Uh, okay.
- Uh, thank you.
- [Emma] Thanks, goodbye.
Stop it.
Hey, stop it.
[ominous music playing]
Stop it.
Linn, it's not funny.
Stop it! Can you wake up?
Linn, wake up! For real, stop!
Help! Help!
Please! Please, wake up! Wake up, Linn,
for real. It's not funny, for real.
Linn, stop! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
[Linn] Tore!
[Tore panting]
I'm fine, see?
I just wanted you to know how I felt
when I found you there in the snow.
If you think about it now, Tore,
there's a reason
you just had a kind of panic.
It's because you care about me.
Tore! Wait!
Wait! I can't just stand here
and watch you fucking kill yourself!
It's because I'm worried!
Fuck you, fucking cunt!
Good. Then I know.
["LăVĭNDŭR" by Kamauu playing]
There goes my love ♪
Five hundred minutes ♪
'Til I get home ♪
There goes my love ♪
Love when you're in it
And I'm not alone, yeah ♪
There goes my love ♪
There is no limit to ♪
My love, we gonna make it ♪
Ten thousand hours, yeah ♪
Oh, yeah!
[unintelligible dialogue]
my whole adult life thinking
I've been friends with a good person,
but really I'm just realising
that I don't know why.
She's been like this forever and ever.
- Is she single?
- [Shady Meat] Bitch!
'Cause you know
I love me some toxic pussy!
[all] Shots! Shots! Shots! Cheers!
[upbeat dance music playing]
How terrible was it? What the hell did
she do that was so fucking unforgivable?
She's such a dumb fucking idiot.
She can't resist making me
She's always going
Oh, also that thing that happened tonight
I won't talk about 'cause it's too awful.
You also said
you'd been best friends for 11 years.
Don't end up as Carrie and Samantha!
Not after this.
Not after tonight, definitely.
Uh-uh, say what you mean.
Go! What did she say?
[Shady Meat] It feels like
you're overreacting.
Oh yeah, actually she basically admitted
to being a homophobe.
- Oh my God!
- Wait. What do you actually mean?
She'd drunk a lot of wine and started
talking about how it's not natural.
You're not natural?
I'm disgusting! Then I was like,
"Okay, this is who you really are.
Yeah. Bye-bye."
- I feel sorry for you, Tore.
- [Lo] Eleven years!
A fucking disturbed bitch! Fucked up!
I cannot take it.
I can't bear it any longer.
The worst was she didn't give a shit.
"You believe in your own mind."
"You don't believe in human rights?"
Hello? What are we doing?
We're just talking.
That's the problem.
You fucking bitch, bitch, bitch away.
Where is she now?
I don't know. I don't fucking care.
Tell me, Tore. You do know, right?
Where does she live?
["True Colours" by Kite playing]
We got a situation ♪
Where your presence tears me apart ♪
It's not that I don't want to see you ♪
Oh God, I do ♪
Don't mention them ♪
My true colours ♪
- [Tore] Here it is.
- [Shady Meat] Bottom floor as well.
- [Lo] Fucking perfect!
- [Shady Meat] Okay, go ahead then.
- [Lo] Yes! Yes!
- Wow! Bravo, Tore!
From your fucking balls, Tore.
Think about your breathing.
[Lo laughing] Yes! Yeah!
Come on now! Come on!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Ah! What the fuck.
Come out then. Come out then,
you little fucking homophobe fucker!
- Who's a homophobe?
- [Lo] You're a fucking homophobe!
You're a fucking homophobe!
Tore, what the hell
have you been saying about me?
- [Lo] Homophobe!
- Enough, Lo.
Show your titties then
if you're not a homophobe!
[Linn] If you come here one more time
- Let's go. Lo! Come on.
- [Lo] She's a fucking homophobe whore!
- Homophobe! Homophobe!
- Come on, Lo.
I'll gut you from your pussy
up to your fucking face!
Show your titties,
you fucking homophobe whore!
Get down, you stupid shitty coward!
Stay down in the shit where you belong!
- Get your titties out!
- [Linn] Shut up, you sick
Sleep with me, babe,
to prove you're no homophobe!
[Linn] Tore, you cowardly bastard.
- Yeah?
- What did you two argue about?
Did you lie about her being a homophobe?
Hey, no, of course not.
- Come on, let's party. Come on.
- Nah.
You think I don't know
that something else has happened?
Nothing happened. Come on, Shady.
You deal with your shit the best you can.
You don't owe me a confession,
but don't mix me and Lo up in your mess.
The worst thing I know is when people lie.
- No, but
- Lo
We go now.
Lo, Lo, don't leave me here.
Let's go, come on.
What the fuck, Tore?
[sombre music playing]
Come on!
[breathing heavily]
[clock ticking]
[knocking on door]
- [Heidi] Ah.
- Hello.
Uh, I was just wondering
how you were doing
with, uh, the nights and stuff.
S-sorry, it's late.
Nah, it's all right. It's
You were at a dance, did you say?
Yeah, sort of.
But it wasn't too fun tonight.
Well, much more important
to have some tea and a rusk.
Bertil and I, we always ate cardamom rusks
after we'd been in the city.
How long were you together?
[inhales] Sixty-four years.
But I'm still not satisfied.
[sighs] I had a friend who was so happy
with all the years
she'd had with her Harald.
But I can't
I'm not satisfied.
I'm not done yet.
What wouldn't I give
to have one last waltz with my Bertil.
Do you mean that?
I'd do anything.
[Heidi] What on Earth is that?
Uh, my papa Uh
[Heidi] Aw.
["Jag vill leva" playing]
If I take some little drops of this, um
in my tea, you know?
Then it [inhales]
I once
danced with him.
Via the psychedelic?
Oh, Tore.
Did you think that I just sat on my hands
during the '60s? [laughs]
I want to dance! [laughs]
Cup of tea?
["Jag vill leva" continues]
[song ends]
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