Tore (2023) s01e05 Episode Script


- [Heidi] Oh my gosh!
- [Tore] Wait. Wait.
[Heidi] That was three.
[Tore] No, it was one.
["Tuff brud i lyxförpackning"
by Lill-Babs playing]
- [laughing]
- Wait. My God, that's hard.
- There.
- Now I'm going to dance.
- Yeah? Cheers, then.
- Yes. Cheers.
[Heidi laughing]
Tick-ticka-tick-ticka-tick. Right?
- [laughing]
- [Tore] Are you all right?
- I'm great.
- We're doing so great.
Okay, great. I'll help you with your legs.
It's not scary, is it?
[song distorts, ends]
[ethereal music playing]
[cycle bell rings]
[Heidi] Bertil
[bell rings]
[ethereal music intensifies]
[Heidi laughing]
[ominous music playing]
- Kiss me, Bosse.
- [Bosse kisses] You and me, Louise.
[sinister music plays]
[Louise and Bosse laughing]
[sombre music playing]
[phone dings]
["YouYouYou" by Tove Styrke playing]
[echoing pounding]
[MJ eating]
[man] Well, I must say
it was a really cheap price
for such a nice dog.
And it's great that we could arrange this
so so fast.
The kids wanted to take the day off,
but I had to put my foot down.
School is not out.
So here.
One question, is it all right
if we change MJ's name to, uh, Cher?
Uh, what do you
Well, that lets us keep
the pop icon theme,
but, uh, bypass the taboo
of, uh, Mi-Michael Jackson.
Absolutely. By all means,
name her as you wish.
Anyway, I have my job to get to,
so good luck.
[MJ whimpers]
[man] You don't want to say goodbye?
I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you, I love you.
[sombre music playing]
[car door closes]
[engine starts]
- [car departing]
- [MJ whimpering]
[girl singing]
Children of the heav'nly Father ♪
Safely in his bosom gather ♪
Nestling bird nor star in heaven ♪
Such a refuge ♪
Is it okay if I leave after lunch?
Have you got anything scheduled?
A driving lesson.
A licence would be good, right?
For work, I mean.
Oh, yes. Sounds good to me. Good plan.
[singing continues]
Yes, and there's the situation with Maja.
But the Maja situation will get sorted.
Per's talking to the lawyer.
[baby crying]
[girl singing]
Neither life nor death shall ever ♪
From the Lord His children sever ♪
Unto them ♪
Tore, you could very well
still lose your job, you know.
I understand the attention to detail
you give to your work,
but you must be prepared for that.
[girl] Though He giveth all He taketh ♪
And it might not be too bad
to be at home, and reflect, and
She's nearly done.
[girl singing] Is the loving purpose ♪
- [singing fades out]
- [ethereal music playing]
[door opens]
[music intensifies]
[car horn honks]
[music fades out]
- Hi! Hey.
- [Erik] Hey!
Have you waited a while?
No, I just got here.
All good. You all right?
Good. Good. Uh, how are you?
No more falling over?
[laughs] No, I've been, uh,
totally staying upright.
- Well, shall we
- Yes, shall we
- We should probably
- Change places.
Yeah, exactly.
- [Erik] Start the engine. Clutch in.
- [Tore] Mm-hmm. Clutch in.
Slowly release the clutch
and step lightly on the accelerator.
Accelerate slowly.
- Pop the clutch and roll.
- [engine revs]
[transmission grinds]
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
Wrong pedal. I meant to find the clutch.
One more time. Start the engine,
press the clutch in, come off it,
and at the same time, use the accelerator.
Light on the accelerator.
- [engine revs]
- Mmm. That's a little bit much.
[transmission grinds]
- [chuckles]
- Can you say something?
- Well, I don't know what to say.
- Tell me what's next.
- [laughs]
- Yeah, I have nothing.
Why don't you drive an automatic?
Why don't you have
any multitasking ability?
I'm just kidding.
One more time.
But this time, don't be hasty.
- Take your time.
- Okay.
[engine revs]
- Okay, okay.
- It's all right.
Okay, that's it. What now?
Uh, just turn right here.
- No! That's left. Right! Right!
- Okay, okay. Right, right.
- I was just making sure you're awake.
- On the move.
We're getting there. That's much better.
- See that?
- Yeah. The wall, yeah?
The wall. Now try to brake.
- Here?
- Yep.
[Erik sighs]
That was a little better!
- You're not gonna praise me?
- Whew!
- A little A little encouragement?
- Uh
I mustn't say things
that I might not mean.
What would be the point?
Okay, I get that.
- So, uh, let's
- We could Straight out onto the E4, then?
Wait, wait. Check this out. Ready?
[engine revs]
- Now, now, now! Oh my God!
- Whoa!
- [beeping]
- That was so good!
- You need to release this.
- Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- [Erik] Up.
- [Tore] I didn't even check.
I was looking at you.
- [Erik] Whoa!
- [Tore squeals, laughs]
[Erik] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I think after this,
I would have figured out the clutch.
- Oof! Let's hope so.
- Exactly.
[both laugh]
But thanks for helping me, by the way.
Of course.
It was nice to get out for a bit.
I needed it.
How come you decided to ask me?
Uh, I figured you were a kind of a proper,
um, good driver.
[Erik] Mm?
[Tore] You drive every day
on top of for your job.
[Erik] Mm?
And seeing as as you're somewhat older,
you know?
That means that you have more
miles behind the wheel, hey?
Ah! [laughs]
Been driving ages!
[Erik] Ouch!
But you think I'm really old then, do you?
Uh, it's very hard to evaluate.
But it looks like you've lived
an extremely long time to me.
- Sorry? [scoffs]
- It's nice to see you out and about.
That's great.
Home Care, over here please. Home Care.
The carer's waiting over there for you.
- [chuckles]
- Okay. He's nearly finished his food.
But, uh, you used to be a nurse,
is that right?
Mmm. That's right.
Why did you quit?
It wasn't because of the work itself.
I liked it. But the schedule was hard.
Late nights and
So that clashed
with some other goals of mine.
Like being a florist?
[Erik] Um
Actually, no.
[sighs] But I think
I, uh, have to have to go.
Can I give you a lift? To your job, yeah?
Uh, I'm not going back in.
So maybe a ride home?
Okay, okay. So maybe a lift home then.
- I mean, yeah.
- Uh-huh. Yeah.
[uplifting music playing]
[Tore] Thanks for the ride.
[Erik] Hang on. Um
Uh, I was just thinking
Sorry for being
[inhales] I've been a little out of it.
It's been a weird time, a little odd.
But I wanted to tell you
that I appreciated this.
It was nice to think about something else
for a bit. I just wanted to say
So you know that.
[Tore] I mean
This might be a weird thing to ask.
Or, I mean [inhales]
But uh
Uh, there's this boat
that I sometimes visit,
uh, where they have these evening events.
If you'd like to grab a beer
or or something?
[Erik] Um
That sounds great,
but I don't think I'm up for going out.
- Okay. I get it.
- [Erik] But
It It's all right.
But, uh
That's fine, Erik. It's no big deal.
I think beer's actually gross.
- Okay. [laughs]
- Yeah, okay.
- I do. But what I wanted to say was
- Okay, but Yeah.
- No, no, Tore.
- Yep.
But if you don't have
any dinner plans tonight,
we could go to my place.
- If that's okay with you.
- Uh
Uh, could be really fun.
- Can be fun?
- It's fine.
- [chuckles] Good.
- Exactly.
[laughs softly]
- What time?
- Um
Seven? Maybe?
That'll be awesome. I love seven.
["Show Me Love"
by Kimberly Anne and Sam Feldt playing]
Yeah. See you there.
- [car door closes]
- But
- Tore?
- Yeah?
Tavelsjövägen. 1C.
- Okay.
- The address, where I live.
[laughs] Okay, see you there. Yep.
Yeah, okay. Seven.
[car door closes]
[engine starts]
It's been so long
Since I've touched a wanting hand ♪
Can't put my love on the line ♪
This I hope you'll understand ♪
So, baby, if you want me ♪
You've got to show me love ♪
[screams excitedly]
[song continues]
[Linn on video] Do it seriously.
Like this. Like this.
[imitates gagging]
And make eye contact.
I mean, if you're on top of him.
- [Tore] Oh God!
- [Linn] Then you alternate with this move.
[muffled moaning]
And don't forget this rhythm.
[muffled moaning] Eye contact.
Also be a Be a bit playful.
As if you're surprised and can't get over
how it could be so huge.
And this is important.
[Linn] Then carefully stroke it.
Make sure it's wet.
[Alfred] Can we call Tore?
- No.
- Why not?
- Because I said so.
- [Alfred] But why?
He won't be coming 'round now.
Get used to it.
Do you want some more?
So is it because his friends threw eggs
at our window, is it?
Firstly, those people
were not his friends, no way.
And second,
it was Tore who threw the eggs.
I think Tore's head is broken.
It's like his brain has run out
of batteries.
But we'll keep him in our memories.
It's like he's moved to Finland.
We can imagine he's in a spa or something.
You're lying. He's my friend, Mum,
as well as yours.
[Linn sighs]
[refrigerator door opening]
Don't change the subject with ice cream.
You said you were going to go
to Bosse's grave to fix it!
Yeah, but it didn't work, did it?
I've done my best. Can you accept that?
[ethereal music playing]
- [Erik] Hi!
- [Tore] Hi!
Come in.
- Welcome
- Thanks. Thanks.
- You can hang up your jacket.
- Okay. Sure.
Uh, I hope a simple supper
is okay for you.
That sounds great, thank you.
- Great.
- Yeah.
That'll be awesome.
Yes. Um
- Do you want a drink?
- Yeah, please. Thanks.
How are you doing?
Yeah, um, it's all good. I
How about you?
My neck is hurting
after our driving practice.
- [laughs] Seriously.
- [chuckles]
No. It went well.
[water running]
- There you go.
- Thanks.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Mm! Good.
You always forget
it's important to have water.
[laughing] What?
Because you forget
to make sure you drink it.
So it's good to [muffled]stay hydrated.
Stay hydrated.
- Stay hydrated.
- You have to be hydrated.
What a lovely flat.
You're lovely too.
[Erik chuckles softly]
- Can I help?
- Yes.
Or maybe I could
I mean, it's important we do something.
um, not much would get done.
[inhaling deeply]
Are you okay?
[chuckles] Uh
Nothing, but [chuckling]
- This is a bit fast for me.
- Okay. I'm sorry.
- Oh God! Really so, so sorry!
- It's gonna be all right.
What [laughs]
- Sorry. Sorry.
- Stop. Stop.
[romantic music playing]
Are you okay?
[inhales and exhales deeply]
[doorbell ringing]
Just ignore it.
[both breathing heavily]
- [doorbell ringing]
- [knocking on door]
[sighs exasperatedly] Oh my God.
- Go check who it is. Go on.
- Yeah, but keep going.
- What?
- Carry on.
I'll be straight back.
- Carry on.
- [knocking on door]
But, yeah Okay.
[man] Hi.
[wet slapping]
- [Erik] How are you doing?
- [man] I've been, um, thinking.
[Erik] You were supposed to call.
You can't just
[man] I know. But the thing is
I've thought it all through.
- [slapping stops]
- [man] And I I want to do this with you.
I mean, Erik,
you'd make a really great dad.
I think we can make it work.
I mean, Olivia had her eggs frozen,
and I know they're still looking
[Erik] I can't talk.
I can't talk about this now.
- [man] Okay.
- [Erik] Oskar's here.
It's not exactly the right time.
[man] Wasn't this what you wanted?
I can't talk.
I can't discuss this right now.
Sorry, Erik. Okay, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to intrude.
But maybe we can talk tomorrow?
- [Erik] Sure.
- [man] Okay.
- [Erik] Okay, bye.
- [door closes]
[breathing heavily]
[wet slapping]
- [panting]
- [slapping continues]
[breathing shudderingly]
[Tore grunts]
Is it, uh, all good?
I'm sorry. Um
This just went so wrong.
[Tore] Who, uh
Who was that?
My ex.
Or rather, um
We're on a break.
He just, uh, turned up.
I don't know. He
- He's not living here or anything. I mean
- Okay.
But you guys are gonna have kids?
I I don't know.
I can't say.
That's great. Congrats.
Tore, wait. I don't want you to think
that this is a rebound.
- No?
- Because it isn't.
Okay. Exactly, a rebound is for
when you've actually broken up,
not on a break.
Not when you're gonna have kids,
or look for eggs, or [inhales]
[door opens, slams shut]
[Tore singing] Hej, Monika
Hej, hej, Monkia ♪
[crying] Hej, Monika
Hej, hej, Monkia ♪
["Hej hej Monica"
by Nic & the Family playing]
Hej, hej, Monika
Hej, hej, Monika ♪
[singing] Hej, Monika
Hej, hej, Monkia ♪
Hej, Monika
Hej, hej, Monkia ♪
Hej, Monika
Hej, hej, Monkia ♪
[song continues] Hej, Monika
Hej, hej, Monkia ♪
Hej, Monika
Hej, hej, Monkia ♪`
Hej, hej, Monika ♪
Hej, hej, Monika ♪
Hej, hej, Monika ♪
[song distorts, fades out]
[ominous music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[exhales sharply]
[breathing shakily]
Easy, easy, easy.
I'm here, honey.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
["Egomaniac" by Highasakite playing]
[Linn] It's okay.
I'm sorry!
What if you were the last one left? ♪
What if you did this to yourself ♪
[Tore] I sold MJ.
He's gone.
It's okay.
- I miss him.
- I know.
Oooh, don't leave me now ♪
I'm here now ♪
I'm your love ♪
Oooh, don't leave me now ♪
I'm here now ♪
I'm your love ♪
[song fades out]
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