Total Control (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

Why weren't you at school? What
were you doing? Where were you?
EDDIE: What's the point? Fuck sake.
I'm right here. Come on.
We're running a positive campaign.
Anyone who works on the campaign
has to sign an agreement
not to go negative.
RACHEL: I'm standing for all those
who feel the parties have abandoned them
and no longer represent
their core values.
That bitch won't die.
A friend of mine back
home just killed himself.
Apparently the bank was
gonna take his farm away.
DAMIEN ON RADIO: This is a good
day for ordinary Australians.
Could you turn that off, please?
You lot don't get to tell
us what to do anymore.
My lot?
- PAUL: Any questions?
- Yeah, I have one.
Where's the incumbent?
Any one of us on stage tonight can
do more for you than an empty chair.
through the election campaign,
with the polls still
showing no clear frontrunner,
both leaders are resorting to
increasingly negative campaigning
in an attempt to cut through the noise.
FRAN KELLY: What's stirring
up anger amongst the locals
here in this crucial electorate
of Freeman in Queensland
is water management.
That single issue has cut
Jack Ramsay's lead in the polls
and, while he's still the firm
favourite, the gap is closing.
This federal election
will see a record number
of independent candidates
directly challenging sitting MPs.
The election will be won or lost
on those all-important preference deals
that are being fiercely
negotiated now behind closed doors.
Longreach was a mistake, Jason.
We should have been there.
We weren't to know.
I didn't say we weren't to
know. I said it was a mistake.
OK. So here we go.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- How are we?
- Good.
- That Alex Irving.
- Ooh, she gets about, doesn't she?
She's a bloody moron.
Now, now, never underestimate
your enemy. She's no moron.
But, listen, thanks for your support.
- You studying art?
- Yep.
That's a girl.
- Horse kick you?
- Yeah, something like that.
- You gotta look after that.
- Yeah.
FAYE: I reckon Jack
Ramsay's on the take.
Nah, he's just lazy.
You changed your tune.
And I heard the bank
is funding his campaign.
People talk.
You know, people might think
you're mad. Can't be trusted.
- Might go off like a frog in a sock.
- Yeah, thanks for that.
At least you're not corrupt.
Then why do people
still vote for Ramsay?
Who else is there?
- MAN: Good job, Ramsay!
- JACK: G'day, everyone.
- G'day!
Great to see you all, really is.
Look, I'm really chuffed,
really chuffed you turned out.
Now I drove down the
main street coming in.
- Lost another pub. Gone.
- MAN: Yeah, it's really hard.
Nah, it's not easy
right now, I know that.
WOMAN: Bloody awful.
But hats off to all of
you, every last one of ya,
because you've stayed here
and you've stuck it out.
And we like that round here, don't we?
ALEX: I keep thinking how bad
things must have been for Stephen.
If only I'd answered his calls.
Wasn't you that took his farm from him.
He killed himself in public.
Outside of the bank
that made his life hell.
Blame them.
Well, at least something
good might still come of it.
JACK: Now, listen, I'm not
going to insult my opponents.
That's not what I'm about.
But all I want you to
do is just think about
who's been there for ya
for the past 25 years.
- 25 years.
Makes me old enough to be
your dad, right? (CHUCKLES)
What the fuck?
- LEO: They're almost identical.
- JOELY: Yeah, the racism's fresh.
"Alex Irving. More
welfare, more cheating."
Do they even know my politics?
Well, apparently you're
going to kill the air base,
rip off taxpayers, cry racism
every time you don't get your way.
- JOELY: Jesus.
- And Eddie's dad could be anyone.
CHARLIE: Alright. I'll call
the Electoral Commission.
One thing, though, the electorate
hates being treated like this.
- So whoever's done that
- Oh, come on. It's obviously Ramsay.
Maybe or the state branch.
But it's an own goal.
We don't let it distract us, OK?
Alright, what have we got on today?
JOELY: Voter registration
for remote communities
and Longreach Correctional.
- Right, you got enough forms?
- Mm.
Leo and I will get working on
some talking points for town hall.
Yeah. Integrity, representation,
community. I know.
Tin Man here will
audit all the donations.
Why do you keep calling me Tin Man?
In good news, another 25 grand
came in this morning in donations.
- Fuck, yeah!
- Yeah.
It's from a think tank called
the Future for Democracy.
They're backing centrist women,
so it's entirely consistent
with the campaign.
Yep, this is great for us, so
let's take maximum advantage.
I reckon we could boost our radio spend.
So old school! Digital media
ads would be way more effective.
We gotta go.
- No, our engagement's already strong.
Radio gives us an entirely new
audience, people we might not reach.
When was the last time you
ran a digital media campaign?
You better be at school.
- I feel crap.
- Temperature?
Headache? Maths test?
- I wanna come home.
- Well, that's not bloody happening.
You've missed too much school already.
Is Uncle with you?
Yeah, no, he's here,
but he's flat out today.
Unless you're actually sick,
you're not taking any
more time off, alright?
- I don't get it.
- Haven't you seen the movie?
Yeah. I get the reference.
I just don't really
understand how I'm the Tin Man.
Figure it out.
Are you saying I don't have a heart?
Who is this?
Look, if you're not going
to tell me who you are
MAN: I'm watching you.
And your bastard son.
JOELY: Oi, come on. We're waiting.
- You all good?
- No.
NICK: He's promised them an
aquatic centre and a car park.
I think you should be flattered.
I haven't seen
pork-barrelling this blatant
since Russ Hinze's off-ramp.
Damien's worried.
RACHEL: Well, they're outspending
us. Maybe we should be worried.
Nope, we let them think that we're skint
and then we just outspend
them in the final two weeks.
Seriously, where do these people
get their decor from, a job lot?
- Oh, he's a banker.
- A wanker?
What do you think?
Maybe lose the pearls.
They're my grandmother's.
Well, you've already got the nanna vote.
The people you need to reach
think you're a dinosaur.
A dinosaur, really?
Well, they're not wrong, and
they're your constituency now.
God, I hate these millennials.
They're so damned self-righteous
and they've got no idea of
the shit we've put up with.
When did I miss the bus?
Why don't you go the full Angela Merkel?
You know, if I'd said the
word 'feminist' in the press,
my career would have
been dead in the water.
You only have to say the
F-word in the party room
and all the boys start
circling the wagons,
terrified that I might
flip to the dark side
and propose a conscience
vote on gender quotas.
Well, you're not talking
to the party room now.
You're talking to the centre.
So feminism is centrist now?
20- to 45-year-olds
are no longer afraid to
admit that they are feminists.
Yeah, well I don't know
if I can be that woman.
Look, you don't have to
say that you're a feminist.
You just have to show
them that you get it.
Otherwise all those young people
whose votes we need will go Green.
See, that? I would vote for that.
Jillian Morell's made accusations
of bullying against you.
For God's sake!
I sacked her for disloyalty.
Jess died because of her.
It's starting to feel orchestrated.
The flyers, the news articles.
What, the national
press are involved now?
I don't know, maybe.
The Electoral Commission
will investigate the flyers
and this, it's pretty
much what we expected.
Doesn't change anything.
So let's not waste
any more energy on it.
- Whoa!
Fuck! Joely!
We have a spare tyre, right?
Yes. Yes, we've got a spare. Shit.
- JOELY: You got that?
- Thanks for checking.
You ever change a tyre before or what?
- LEO: No.
Oh, God. Jesus Christ.
- They screw on, don't they?
- No.
You thought I was serious?
- Don't talk to me like that.
- Oh, don't be so sensitive.
Hey there.
Oh, Christ.
Well, this is hilarious.
Jack Ramsay.
You've been giving me
some grief lately, Alex.
This some kind of divine justice?
- All under control there?
- We're good.
What is she, um, 6-cylinder diesel, eh?
- What, 460, 470 on the clock?
- 480, actually.
480? Well
You know, win or lose
this election, Alex,
I reckon about 10,000 k's,
you're gonna want a new bus.
But I'd keep the artwork.
Anyway, time for a cold one.
Jase, grab the esky, will ya?
Just water, I'm afraid.
We're OK, thanks.
Come on, Alex.
Hot day, hard work.
Give the guys a break.
Can't tempt you?
So how are you travelling,
flat tyres excepted?
We're doing alright.
Doing more than that, aren't ya?
Yeah, we think so.
It's a privilege, really,
that we can do all this.
What, have my character assassinated?
I meant run for Parliament, Alex.
I stop people when I can.
When they say things about
you, I don't let it go.
Bit like John McCain?
When he stopped a supporter
calling Obama an Arab?
And you'd be Obama in
this scenario, right?
Yeah, exactly.
He was a good man, McCain.
I'd take him any day.
What about the fake election flyers?
What flyers?
The fake ones.
Using my colours, my photo, everything.
Saying that all I care about
is giving jobs to my mob
and ripping off taxpayers.
And you're wondering if I've
got anything to do with that?
Oh, come on, Alex.
That sort of nonsense,
that's beneath me.
Now, look, I know you've been
tearing around the electorate
giving me a hard time, but
at least give me some credit.
Then who put 'em out there?
Mate, all sorts of cowboys out
there on both sides. You know that.
I've been in this
business, what, 25 years?
Do you have any idea the amount of shit
people have said about me in that time?
"White bloke out of Gatton College
with giant cowboy hat gets lucky"?
Yeah, I like that. Yeah, I do.
How'd you know I went to Gatton?
Only did a year.
Knew an old girlfriend of
yours, long time ago. Maureen.
Not Maureen Kelly?
You're kidding.
Listen, don't tell the missus,
but Maureen was a terrific girl.
How good is this country?
Nice to meet you, Alex Irving.
Hey, Jase! Time to go.
It's an aggressive move,
Nick. They're gonna hate me.
You're the woman they
fucked over and threw away,
but today you get back up again
and every single woman in the
country is gonna love you for it.
Remember, you're inspired by
the energy and courage of young women.
DAMIEN: community development fund
will ensure that this great club
remains the beating
heart of North Sydney.
Ah, we're also announcing
a suite of initiatives,
a major upgrade to the change
rooms at the North Sydney Oval,
as well as brand-new clubhouses
for the Cammeray
tennis and rowing clubs.
We'll see you on election day.
Mima Scott, ladies and gentlemen.
Prime Minister. Very generous of you.
Hard not to be cynical
about the motives, though.
- Mima, Rachel Anderson.
- Rachel.
Just wanted to wish you
the best for your campaign.
Might be opponents at the ballot box,
but there's no reason that women
shouldn't support each other.
And I have to say, I'm inspired
by your courage and your energy.
Thank you, Rachel. I wasn't
expecting an endorsement.
So you'll be voting for Mima
at the election, then, Rachel?
Well, I've always believed in
looking out for young women, Damien.
Pity you don't feel the same
or you might have selected
Ms Scott for a safer seat.
Actually, Rachel, I'm
feeling pretty confident.
Good for you.
The electorate will be expecting
those cheques after I win.
So good to see you.
- Mima Scott, ladies and gentlemen.
- Hi.
Thank you, and I'd like to thank
the Prime Minister, of course,
for his speech and for introducing me.
"New-look Rachel leaves
party in the shade."
Oh, that's nice.
You're the spurned wife
who's taken revenge.
The mistreated woman that's told
the boss to go and fuck himself.
- It's hit the onlines.
By tonight it'll be everywhere.
Well, was I right?
Don't push it, Nick.
Your house, ma'am.
Hey, Joely, would I have seemed petty
if I didn't drink his water bottle?
You were thirsty, right?
Yes, Ross?
What happened?
Don't know, don't care or won't say?
I don't know. I didn't do anything.
Yeah, well, we'll see about that.
Glad you could make it,
Alex. Come in, please.
Cassie's here because
someone has made a complaint
to the Department of Child Services.
A complaint? About what?
About Eddie's ongoing truancy.
I walked you to school
myself, watched you go in.
- When did you bloody leave?
- I didn't.
If I might just jump in here.
When Cassie set up this
meeting, I checked my records,
and Eddie's been coming to
school the past few weeks.
Told you.
So why are we here?
Because when we get a notification
of child abuse or neglect,
then we have to investigate it.
We're not saying that's
what's going on here.
It sounds like that's
exactly what you're saying.
No, it's when someone notifies
us, we need to look into it.
Who notified you?
I can't say that. It's confidential.
Why's it bloody confidential?
I'm in the middle of a campaign.
Are you saying that
anyone can ring you up
and say anything that they like?
We understand it's a difficult time,
but we have to investigate every case.
And in fairness, there have
been issues with truancy that
In fairness?
There are protocols we need to follow.
And that involves
scheduling a safety check
on Eddie's living conditions.
(SIGHS) I can't change the rules.
I'm sorry.
Told you I didn't do anything wrong.
You've missed school
before. This is on you.
Yeah, well, maybe if you needed
my vote you'd listen to me.
(SIGHS) What do you want?
Hello to you too.
You're copping a hammering.
How are you holding up?
I think you've forgotten
I walked out on you.
- Where the hell are you calling from?
- The office.
Listen, the polls aren't great,
but they're not always right.
That's a relief.
Ramsay's never faced a real
campaign before. He's lazy.
And there are question marks over
his links to big agribusiness.
I know all that.
Then I suppose you also know
he got a staffer
pregnant, then sacked her.
You want me to go all suicide
bomber so your guy remains clean.
Is that it?
You're held to an
impossible standard, Alex.
I just thought you
could use the heads-up.
Still there?
You used to hold the shadow
portfolio for Families, right?
That's right.
I have some questions about an
investigation they're running.
I need a number. Someone high up.
I'll get back to you.
JOELY: I think we've got,
like, 30 minutes available,
so you're gonna have to make it work.
OK, gotta go.
- Bye.
- What dirt do we have on Ramsay?
- You heard me. What dirt?
- Why are we looking for dirt?
Because everyone I talk
to has a story about him.
Doesn't mean it's true.
What are you doing?
Trying to fight back. What
are his links to QBANK?
He's declared his interests
on the financial registry.
- Could have done that years ago.
- He updates it every year.
Could still be lying. Water allocations?
He's pushed for secrecy provisions
for water allocation buyers.
Along with the rest of the government.
I heard he got a staffer
pregnant, then sacked her.
Oh, Jesus, Alex. Just because
you've been accused of bullying.
Someone made an anonymous
complaint about Eddie.
Now Child Protection are
down on me. I'm dying here!
Am I just meant to be
putting up with it?!
- No, I didn't say that.
- There's a campaign against her.
- She should fight back.
- What campaign? It's politics.
I'm being trolled, Leo.
And instead of eating your Cocoa Puffs,
you're meant to be finding the prick.
Yeah, alright. Enough.
Look, if there's proof that
Ramsay did something illegal
or broke any code of conduct,
concrete proof, then we use it.
If not, we don't go there.
We made a promise to this electorate
not to do this. We all signed it.
And just let 'em get away with it?
No, we win this election.
That's what matters.
Child Protection. Seriously?
There's an inspection tomorrow.
- Here?
- Here.
I understand you've been
working with Nick Pearce.
And I have to tell you,
you need to be careful.
He keeps some pretty
questionable company.
Oh, I'm quite enjoying his company.
He's never held a position of trust
within the party and for good reason.
That little stunt he
had you pull today
Nobody makes me pull anything, Peter,
and that little stunt
is gonna make damn sure
that Damien's held to
account by my constituents.
Was that its only purpose?
Let's cut to the chase, shall we?
Damien's sandbagging.
He can't lose a single seat and
he can feel mine slipping away.
So why don't you tell me what he wants?
He's asked me to tell you that
he's prepared to negotiate,
pending the result of the election.
Alright. OK.
Is that it?
One thing. Off the record, of course.
Of course.
There is a path back to the party
if you want it. But not with Nick.
- Is that from Damien as well?
- No.
That's from me.
Well, thank you, Peter.
That is nice to hear.
WOMAN ON RADIO: You never see these
people do anything constructive.
They're out marching in the
streets and defacing property
and yelling about how much
they hate their country.
I just fail to see how any of
this is going to improve society.
MAN ON RADIO: Well, this toxic
culture of identity politics
is a cynical movement aimed
squarely at dividing Australians,
splitting us up into groups
and then blaming one group
for the hardship of another.
I mean, Australia is the most successful
multicultural nation in the world,
and we can see this for what it is.
WOMAN: The Prime Minister
made exactly this point today,
that these sorts of ideas go
against the reality of our history.
You've gotta hand it to him.
At every opportunity he calls
on Australians to come together.
MAN: Look, I agree, and it's
so important for young people
to hear this message from our leaders.
MALE DRIVER: We'll be back, you bitch.
Come here and say it, you dog!
What's going on?
It's OK, bub.
It's OK. It's OK.
It's OK.
I'm calling the police.
So, white ute. No details?
CHARLIE: No, the
lights were in our eyes.
POLICEMAN: No idea of names or plates?
You haven't had any altercations
with anyone recently?
I'm in the middle of a campaign.
Look, she's been getting
a hammering online.
Anyone specifically?
There's a guy online. He's
been pretty relentless.
And it's getting more and more violent.
- Is there a name?
- He calls himself Bait15.
He rang me yesterday.
What? When?
We were campaigning.
There was a lot going on.
Is this the first time he's
made contact over the phone?
I've already made complaints to the AFP.
- And what have they said?
- "Investigation's ongoing."
LEO: So we're still having
issues with our download speed.
CHARLIE: No, I've explained this to him
and I keep explaining it to him,
we need people on all the booths,
we need the material
there the night before
Yep. Oh, look. Just Can
you make it happen, please?
Just do me that fav
LEO: I saw those numbers too.
I wondered about the
sample size, though?
Yeah, OK, call me back
when you've got data there.
Hi. I'm Joely.
Hi. Cassie.
So how how many people live here?
Ah, myself, Eddie, my brother, Charlie.
Ah, sometimes Joely and Leo
crash here when it gets late.
So the overcrowding's
only temporary, though?
Overcrowding? I'd hardly call it that.
It's a three-bedroom house.
And you're regularly stocking
the cupboards and fridge?
I feed my kid, if that's
what you're asking.
And apart from the campaign staff,
does anybody else stay here overnight?
Eddie has the occasional
sleepover with his cousin.
Is that a problem?
Not necessarily.
I can imagine the campaign's a lot.
For anyone, let alone a teenager.
Well, it hasn't been easy on
any of us but he's a good kid.
Does he have many friends?
He does.
And who who looks after
him while you're away?
I'm here most nights. But my
cousin Faye and her husband.
A lot of parents have demanding jobs.
Yeah, I'm just trying to
get a full picture here.
Can I have a word with Eddie?
Look, I can't sign off
that everything's OK.
There's the overcrowding,
which I know is temporary.
There's the irregular hours.
There's always someone here.
I can't tick all the boxes
and say everything's OK.
I have a legal duty to Eddie.
I'm putting him on a safety plan.
I understand you're under a lot
of pressure with the campaign,
but once we've been called
in, we can't just walk away.
This complaint was vindictive.
I'm sorry, but I have to make a decision
based on what I see, and right now,
a safety plan is in
Eddie's best interest.
How'd it go?
She put him on a safety plan.
Jesus Christ, really?
(SIGHS) I'm a shit mother.
- Don't say that.
- What else does it mean?
It means the system's
broken, that's what it means.
I used to think if Child Protection
was involved, something was wrong.
People will judge me
the way I judged them.
- Alex
- No, I deserve it.
We should let the others know.
CHARLIE: It's been a
tough couple of days.
We've had a lot thrown at us.
We've got a lot of ground to cover.
The bad press has made it tough,
but we made a promise to this electorate
to conduct this campaign with integrity,
and that's exactly what we're gonna do.
Ramsay won't miss this town
hall, not after the last time.
But if you hold your own, you can
take it from him. I know you can.
Ramsay's ahead on two-party preferred.
We're neck and neck with McNally,
and the Christian Right will
direct preferences to Ramsay.
It's gonna be tough, but
that's what we're here for.
So let's go out there and show
them why Alex is their candidate.
We good?
- LEO AND JOELY: We're good!
- Right, let's do this.
JOELY: You take the
shirts, I've got the boxes.
- LEO: Done.
- Oh!
Don't forget the forms
and the sandwiches.
Yep, I'm on it.
- Where are you going?
- Out.
Don't even think about it.
I told you, Faye's coming
over to look after you.
You're not going anywhere.
I'm talking to you!
Alright, make sure they're there
just with the shirts as well, yeah?
Yep. Joely. Can you drive me?
I need the quiet.
I love my brother.
But sometimes he can
be so self-righteous.
"Now then, Alex. Oh, Alex."
- Has he always been like that?
- Always.
Total golden child. Mum loved him.
You know, I used to think
you were such a dick.
"Used to"?
Now I wonder how you don't
just go postal on everyone.
- Paul.
- Hey, Alex.
Why didn't you tell me
about Child Protection?
- It's none of your business.
- Good point.
But I made some inquiries anyway.
I gather they told you that complaint
about your boy was anonymous?
It was called in by a member
of Jack Ramsay's staff.
Ramsay made the complaint?
A member of his staff.
Still want that number?
No. Thanks, Paul.
What's up now?
- The Electoral Commission called us.
- About the flyers?
They've decided they'll count the
provisional preference distribution
between Ramsay and Scott McNally.
- Not you.
- What does that mean?
The Electoral Commission nominates
the top two candidates
in each electorate.
They assume other candidates
will give their preferences,
and that's how they count them.
They're calling Freeman a race
between Ramsay and McNally.
Seriously? So if you don't come
first or second, you're stuffed?
That's a fairly bleak way to look at it.
It's true, though, isn't it?
No, listen to me. This is
still within your reach.
Just go in there, change their minds
and show them why they
should vote for you.
Let's get you set up.
Do you know anyone coming tonight?
All good.
- Scott.
- Alex.
Our mutual comrade, Paul
Murphy, sends his regards.
Thanks. Good luck tonight.
You too.
God bless the Christian Right.
See you up there.
Alex, you're looking well.
You too, Jack.
Whoever holds government holds
the country in their hands.
They get to decide how this place works.
They get to decide
how we live our lives.
Now Jack Ramsay talks about how
out of touch people in Canberra are,
as though he's not
our member in Canberra.
It's a popular refrain
for politicians right now.
And what have you done?
- MAN: Yeah!
- WOMAN: Yeah!
What's decided in Parliament
has real-world consequence.
People get medical help or they don't.
People get justice or they don't.
People live or they don't.
And if your sitting member
is spending his time
pretending that he's not there,
then it's time to ditch him.
My friend Stephen spent
half his life in a wheelchair.
But it wasn't a rodeo
accident that took him.
The country's in drought.
The air base took the
town's remaining water.
The banks foreclosed on his farm,
even though he was trying to
keep up with his repayments.
MAN: We know.
You know how he died.
What starts in Canberra ends with us.
But I'm going to stop talking now,
because what I really wanna hear
is how Jack Ramsay is going
to explain himself to you.
- Good on ya, Jack! You're the man!
- JACK: G'day, everyone.
- G'day, Jack.
Good on ya. Always good to see ya.
MAN: You too, Jacky!
I'd like to acknowledge
the other candidates.
Gloria, Scott, Alex.
You know (CHUCKLES)
an election campaign
doesn't have to be a pub brawl.
I think it's a pretty good
sign that we can all be civil.
That was, ah, pretty emotional
stuff from Alex there.
- And, yeah, sure, things are hard
- MAN: Yeah.
out here right now. Real hard.
We all know that.
So I'd like to talk about the
things I'm gonna do for you all,
should you decide to vote for me.
Now first up, I've got
an ironclad guarantee
from the Prime Minister
for a $10 million upgrade
to sporting facilities
across the electorate.
- Now I think that's
- QBANK get any of this cash, Jack?
Not unless they're a sporting body.
Last time I checked,
I don't think they are.
No, well, they're foreclosing
on my farm too, mate.
Well, I'm very sorry to hear that.
That's a terrible situation.
Yeah, you got mates on
the bank board, haven't ya?
Yeah, why why are
they getting rewarded
for us getting kicked
out of our bloody homes?
MAN: Yeah! Hang on a minute. Yeah, yeah.
Wait, wait, just let me answer that.
Yeah, I do know I do know
people on the QBANK board,
but I wouldn't go so far
as to say they were mates.
And these rewards you're talking about?
I'm not exactly sure what you mean.
But I would like to remind
everyone here just for a minute
that QBANK and the government,
they've partnered on lots,
lots of infrastructure programs.
I mean, that's how we get things done
What about water allocations
on the Diamantina?
- Yeah.
- The air base has taken everything.
Hey, hey, hey, listen, listen.
You want to have a serious
discussion about water allocation?
That's fine with me.
We'll stay here all night.
Why did you let 'em redirect the river?
I didn't let them redirect the river.
A full assessment was made
and the appropriate
committee made its decision.
- They've taken our water!
- It's got nothing to do with me!
If it's got nothing to do with you,
- what do you do, Jack?
- Listen.
- MAN: Yeah, sit down, why don't you?
- Why'd you let them take our water?
They're not taking your water.
And can I just remind
you, that air base,
that provides a lot of employment
and a hell of a lot of
investment to this region.
Now I won't apologise for that.
So what are you telling me?
Are you telling me that
you don't want these jobs?
These jobs that are crucial
Did you get your staffer
pregnant and then sack her?
Did I what?
Did you get a staffer pregnant
and then did you sack her?
How many other staffers
have you had affairs with?
MAN: Shut up about the
staffers! Who bloody cares?
What have we got ourselves here?
A little protest meeting, is it?
Why don't you sit down?
- Yeah, sit down.
What do you want to turn this
into, a rabble in the gutter?
- This is disappointing.
Listen, this stunt, that's all it is.
This stunt is an insult to the
good people of this electorate.
Why don't ya sit down?
Why don't you all
Do you wanna have a meeting
or do you wanna have a rabble?
- Clear the floor!
- OK.
Sit down!
This is what you want to do, is it?
You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!
You don't wanna hear
me talk? That's fine.
I'll leave you to it.
Let him talk!
Far as I'm concerned,
the meeting's over.
Get off, mate!
MAN: We're with you, Jack.
Oi, you killed it. That was awesome.
There's no way the religious right
are gonna give preferences after that.
You signed a declaration
when you joined this campaign.
- What did it say?
- Charlie.
What did it say, Joely?
That I would work to ensure a
safe and productive campaign.
And ensure that the highest standards
of integrity are maintained
because our electorate
demand and deserve it.
Get on the bus.
- I want to stay with Alex.
- No, no.
You work for me. I run this campaign.
And if you don't get on
that bus, you're fired.
- Good one, boss man.
Don't treat me like an idiot,
Alex. I saw what happened in there.
- Fuck.
- I've never been more ashamed of you.
Ramsay's team reported
me to Child Services.
- They're killing me, Charlie.
- It's not just about you, Alex.
Did you contact those women?
Hmm? Do you even know that
their stories are true?
Yeah, well, congratulations, Alex,
'cause tomorrow morning those
women are gonna be roadkill.
The media are gonna turn on them.
Their photo's gonna be everywhere.
It'll all come down to them
and it'll be your fault.
We've given so much for you to
be here, OK, and you keep acting
as if you're the only one that
matters, like you always do.
- That's not fair.
- Not fair?
Who the fuck said any of this is fair?!
Make your own way home.
ALEX: This is about us,
and I'll be damned if we
don't give that bastard Ramsay
a run for his money.
Tell him we're open to negotiations,
but the offer comes with a warning.
It's gonna hurt.
- Have you seen Eddie?
- No, Aunty.
Well, if you see him,
tell him he's grounded.
That came in yesterday.
Why won't anybody tell
me what's going on?
You hurt my son, I
will fucking kill you!
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