Total Control (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

If you're not gonna
tell me who you are
MAN: I'm watching you.
And your bastard son.
ALEX: There's a guy online. It's
getting more and more violent.
He calls himself Bait15.
Eddie, watch out!
Someone made an anonymous
complaint about Eddie.
Now Child Protection are down on me.
PAUL ON PHONE: It was called in
by a member of Jack Ramsay's staff.
Ramsay made the complaint?
And you're wondering if I've
got anything to do with that?
- What dirt do we have on Ramsay?
- Why are we looking for dirt?
We made a promise to this electorate
not to do this. We all signed it.
Damien's sandbagging.
He can't lose a single seat and
he can feel mine slipping away.
They're stacking the branch. They
are trying to pressure me out.
WOMAN: Did you get your staffer
pregnant and then sack her?
JACK: This stunt is an insult to
the good people of this electorate.
I saw what happened in there. I've
never been more ashamed of you.
Eddie! (SOBS)
- Eddie.
(YOWLS) Eddie!
FRAN KELLY: It's 6am as the
nation prepares to go to the polls.
With the real possibility
of a hung parliament,
attention has turned
to the rise of independent
candidates across the country
who could end up holding
the balance of power.
Alex Irving, the controversial
former senator from Queensland,
is one of those independents.
Irving has run a surprising campaign,
leading voter enrolment drives
in the electorate's prisons
and amongst other
marginalised communities.
And her job has been made easier,
as a string of sexual
harassment allegations
has forced the sitting
member, Jack Ramsay,
into damage control.
While this may not be
enough to swing that seat,
there's no question that both
the Government and the Opposition
have been left behind
in what could be a seismic
shift in Australian politics.
- Hello, Alex.
- Hey.
If you don't win today,
it's gotta be rigged.
- Blame the Russian mob, eh?
- Yeah.
Hey, Mum.
GIRL: Dad! Dad!
I miss you, Mum.
JOELY: Hey, thought you'd done a runner.
Just clearing my head.
Meeting in the lounge in 15?
- Charlie talking to you?
- Nuh. You?
- I'm just gonna check on Eddie.
Alex Irving's office,
Joely McKinnon speaking.
(KNOCKS) Eddie, you up?
LEO: Can you make sure those
posts are scheduled for 8am?
I can't do Photoshop. We need
to put them up on socials.
For socials. I literally told you this.
You're gonna have to
work it out because
LEO: Hold the line for me.
- Yes.
- JOELY: Well, he needs to get there.
- That's
Well Call his brother, I don't know.
Just Right, I'm going. Bye.
Look, this campaign's
been tough on all of us.
We've been living in
each other's pockets.
I've been a bitch.
And I'm sorry.
But this is too important
to throw away now.
We've all worked too hard for that.
We've always said if we
make the seat marginal,
we've performed a miracle.
So, call your aunties.
Call your mates. Call your exes.
That'll take me all day.
And whoever you talk to,
make sure they see
the passion that I see
every day that we've worked together.
This is about us
and I'll be damned
if we don't give that bastard
Ramsay a run for his money.
Let's get out there.
Alright, let's do this.
- Right, remind me. Sandwiches.
- Ah, yeah.
- Did you get me a vegan option?
- Yes, obviously.
Thank you. Finally.
We good?
Let's just get through today, yeah?
(KNOCKS) Eddie?
(SIGHS) Get dressed.
I am.
- You're not wearing that.
- What's wrong with it?
You know about the
family photo this morning?
- Yeah, you told me a thousand times.
- So, put on a decent shirt.
And make sure you feed Rocky.
We'll be on the road all day.
Anything else?
I need you with me today,
Eddie. It's important.
Always is.
Bus leaves in 10.
Can I ride my bike?
Rocky needs a run.
Don't be late.
- Where's Eddie?
He's meeting us at school.
Rachel Anderson wished us luck.
- What, you two best friends now?
- Yeah, we're besties.
open across the eastern seaboard
for volunteers and voters
descending on polling booths,
and candidates traversing electorates
in a last-minute search for votes.
Hey, can you pull over?
Bit early, isn't it?
- Um, where's she going?
- Who knows?
Oh, Christ.
Didn't I tell you to piss off?
Thought you might appreciate a
lift down to the school to vote.
Well, I'm not voting for you anyway.
You don't have to. I'll
still give you a lift.
That goes for all of you.
Why do you vote for Ramsay?
What's that about?
Well, he did say hello
to me at the airport once.
You coming?
Are they doing a sausage
sizzle at the school?
FRAN KELLY: With support for both
major parties at an historic low,
and the election result
unlikely to be known for days
ALEX: Alright, you mob, we're here.
the country is facing political
uncertainty not seen since 2010.
Amongst the raft of independents
running is Rachel Anderson,
Australia's second
female prime minister.
The former PM is tipped to
take a seat from her old party.
- How are you today, Ms Irving?
- Um, good, thanks.
Yep? What do you think are your chances?
Ah, I've got a feeling it's
going to be a great day.
- Yep.
- VOLUNTEER: Vote for Alex Irving.
FRAN: While Prime Minister Damien Bauer
has ramped up the heat in an
increasingly negative campaign,
Anderson's refused to criticise the
Government's candidate, Mima Scott,
stating, "It's important for
women to support each other.
"I admire Ms Scott's
passion and energy."
MAN: Mr Prime Minister!
WOMAN: How do you think you
went? You got the numbers?
Well, I definitely got my own
vote, so that's something, isn't it?
NICK: Bullshit, Damien.
Get a load of this guy, will ya?
Oh, God!
I don't know what his wife sees in him.
It's his man-of-the-people act.
He has run a surprisingly
good campaign, though.
How are we tracking?
Yep, George and Shaun are both locks,
and the bookies are offering
better odds on Philippa and Justin.
Oh, good. Helena?
The bellwether seat? You need
a crystal ball for that one.
What about Alex?
Closing the gap.
She spent the 20 grand that we gave her
on a final-week radio
blitz, which is helping,
but right now she needs a miracle.
Maybe you should have
funnelled her some more cash.
This is a think tank I'm
running, not a charity.
But our polls are
consistent. No clear majority.
Three or four independents is more
than enough. We won't need her.
Shall we?
- Hey, Mara. How are ya?
- Hey.
How you doing?
Come here.
How you doing? Better vote for me, yeah?
Eddie's not here.
Well, maybe he's inside.
Through here, please.
CHERYL: Alex. Cheryl.
Last name?
63 Jundah Road, Winton.
There you are.
Have you already voted today?
First time.
Here you go. Now if you make
a mistake, you have to
I won't.
Good luck.
Thanks, Cheryl.
(QUIETLY) She will need it.
Morning, Cheryl. How are you going?
- I'm good, thank you.
- Last name?
what to do. Leave a message.
It's Mum. Where the bloody hell are ya?
Eddie's a no-show. Let's just do this.
- I'm gonna kill him.
- Righto.
MAN: There we go. Big smiles.
- MAN 2: That's it.
Clancy, have you seen Eddie?
No, Aunty.
Well, if you see him,
tell him he's grounded.
JOELY: Alex, if we're gonna make
this 11 o'clock at Longreach,
we gotta hit the road.
what to do. Leave a message.
OK, folks, buckle up! We
have a jam-packed day ahead.
So window blinds up and
stow your tray tables.
First up, we have Longreach
- for a cup of tea with the CWA
before doing a round trip to Barcaldine
to thank the volunteers
and finally, we'll head
back out onto the highway.
We should be back in Winton
by beer o'clock. Any questions?
Can we swing by home first?
Sure, yep.
(YELLS) Charlie!
- Any sign of him?
- No.
- What about the dog?
- No.
Right, I'm calling the police.
Well, there's no signs of
violence or forced entry.
That's not a sign of violence?
Hey, I'm gonna ask you to calm down, OK?
Alex, the best thing
you can do right now
is answer some questions, OK?
What was Eddie wearing
the last time you saw him?
A yellow-and-grey singlet.
Maroon footy shorts.
I told him to put on a good shirt.
- Did he?
- Probably not.
Does Eddie have any
mental health issues?
History of drug use?
Bet you don't ask that when
little white girls go missing.
Thank you very much.
These are all standard questions, Alex.
No, he doesn't.
Also I understand you got
a, uh, a notice from DOCS.
Triggered by some anonymous complaint.
But he was still
skipping school, though.
Yes, but not lately.
Has he run away before?
Eddie wouldn't do that.
Did you have an argument with Eddie?
We've been at loggerheads
lately but that's
What did you argue about?
He's been through a lot this
year. We're working through it.
Is there a chance that Eddie
put that noose up there himself?
You think
We're not suggesting
anything at this stage.
We just need to consider
all possibilities.
Here. Here. Here are your possibilities.
That. That came in yesterday.
I've been telling you what's happening.
No, you said the AFP was investigating.
We had election posters burning
in the front yard a few days ago.
- You were here!
- We're looking into it, Alex.
Why won't anybody tell
me what's going on?
I know Eddie did not put
that thing up, alright?
How would you feel if there
was a noose in your yard?
Look in the context
of these ongoing threats,
there are grounds to issue
a nationwide Amber alert
appealing for information about Eddie.
We'll need an hour or
so to get permission
from the State Commissioner.
Do I have your consent
to make the request?
Do it.
NICK: Alex Irving's trending.
Oh, God, what's she done now?
Her son's gone missing.
It can't be a media stunt, can it?
I wouldn't have thought so.
You should definitely make a comment.
You want to appear
compassionate, not opportunistic.
- Thoughts and prayers.
- Naturally.
I did say she needed a miracle.
This isn't it.
Here she is, guys.
Beautiful day for democracy.
MAN: Rachel, what are your
thoughts on the Bauer campaign?
WOMAN: You heard about
Alex Irving's son?
RACHEL ON TV: Yes, this is
a very worrying situation
and we're all praying for the
safe return of Alex Irving's son.
Yeah, prayers. That's
what we need right now.
Without getting into the specifics
of young Eddie's disappearance,
I would like to say this.
That Alex Irving
has copped an almost unsurvivable
amount of public vitriol,
online abuse and very real
threats to herself and her family.
Now we should all call out this hatred,
but it is leadership's role
to set the standards of
decency and tolerance,
and I have to say that Damien
Bauer has signally failed.
- I hope
- God, she is a piece of work.
- very strong message
- She's right.
No, she's spinning this
for political advantage.
Australian women have had enough,
so I hope we join together
today to say "I stand with Alex."
Oh, Christ. She's turned
you into a hashtag.
I don't care, Charlie.
Anderson has spoken out
in support of fellow
candidate, Alex Irving,
whose election day has been
marred by the disappearance of
Tell Aunty what you told me.
This guy's got it in for us.
How come?
I don't know.
You sure about that?
We sprayed some water on his car once.
We were just mucking around,
but then he went psycho.
When was this?
Couple of weeks ago.
You're only telling us now?
What car was he driving?
A ute.
Did you get the rego?
Maybe white?
- Was it white or wasn't it?
- Alex.
White but dirty.
It was covered in dust.
What did he look like?
I don't know.
- Oh, come on, Clancy, use your brain.
- Sis!
Go easy on him, eh? He's upset too.
Listen to me, Clancy,
if this ute guy has
done anything to Eddie,
if he's hurt him, we
need to find him, fast.
So is there anything you remember
about him, anything at all?
- He's got a tatt.
- Where?
A skeleton.
This is not good.
(SIGHS) God knows what it's
gonna do to the polling.
Really? Her kid's missing, you prick.
Margins are the last thing
she should be giving
a shit about right now.
- Yeah, I know that.
- Do you?
Three weeks ago we had no chance
and then things started to turn around.
The donations came in, we
hit up the radio stations.
I guess I got my hopes
up. But now, she's
Do you know any rednecks
with a skeleton tattoo?
Hot. Not my usual type. Why?
Some guy tried to run Eddie
off the road a few weeks back.
Local, yeah?
Alright. I actually reckon
I might know how to find him.
Just give me a sec.
You got something to say to me, Leo?
You brought me in to keep
track of the numbers, right?
This seat was always going to be tight
and people don't like these sorts
of things, it makes them nervous.
And are they?
Well, your name and #badmum are
trending on Twitter right now.
But so is #IStandWithAlex.
So I really have no idea.
- What have you got?
- Winton Whinge and Whine.
It's a social media site
for vigilantes with a grudge.
I reckon ute guy'd be
exactly the kind of dropkick
to jump on here and have a whinge.
I just have to wade through
all the effluent to find it.
- OK. Do it.
- Done.
- Come on, Eddie.
what to do. Leave a message.
Hi, you know what to do
Hey, boy! Hey! Hey! Hey, Rocky.
Rocky, hey. Hey. Hey.
Rocky. Where's Eddie?
JOELY: Alex.
- Come and have a look at this.
- Come on, Rocky. In. OK.
Local called Joshua Harvey's been
whingeing about a missing dirt bike.
He claims it was stolen by
a couple of Indigenous kids.
A couple of weeks ago,
he reckons he saw the same
kids mucking up at the servo.
Check it out.
Oh, God, that's Eddie.
This creep's been
launching an online campaign
against all the black kids in town.
But this moron hasn't turned on his
security settings on his home page.
All of his posts, all of his
photos, they're all public,
which just check check this one out.
(CALLS OUT) Clancy!
Come here. Ahem. Is this him?
Can you get an address?
Yeah, this guy uses geolocation.
I can get the coordinates
on every photo in this album.
Go back.
I know that place.
Alright, I'll let the cops know.
Where are the cops?
Alright, just stay here.
Joshua Harvey!
Joshua Harvey!
Just come out and talk
to us. (TAPS WINDOW)
Joshua Harvey!
- Where's my boy?
- Alex! Alex, stay in the car.
Alex, just let me handle this.
Alex, stop. Alex.
Harvey, get the fuck out here!
Alex, put Alex, put that down! Alex!
Harvey! Get out here!
- Alex, this is not helping.
- Joshua Harvey!
Alex! Alex, stop!
Oi! Oi, that's my car, you crazy bitch!
Where's my kid?
Alright, everyone, just calm down.
I don't know what you're talking about.
My son!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
I don't even know your son.
My son, Eddie. What the
fuck have you done with him?
- Alex!
- Where is he?
Someone call the cops!
We already have. Put it
down, for Christ's sake.
If you've hurt my son,
I will fucking kill you.
- Where is he?
I don't know anything about your kid.
Matilda, get back inside!
Come on. Come on.
Harvey admits to putting up that noose.
- But he swears he hasn't seen Eddie.
- Oh, what, and you believe him?
His story checks out, Alex.
Eyewitnesses, call records, everything.
He threatened to kill
Eddie. It's online.
- You have to let us do our jobs.
- Oh, I don't believe this.
- He strung up a fucking noose!
- You need to go home now, OK?
- No!
- I'm not gonna ask you again.
I don't care.
You go. We're staying.
- Leave now or we can sort the
- Yeah, alright.
We don't have to do this.
Not now. We're leaving. Fine.
- We're staying, Charlie.
- We're leaving.
Take her home, and you
make sure she stays there.
Yeah, fine.
They're not gonna do a fucking thing.
I wish Mum was here.
She'd know what to do.
She is.
She's looking out for him.
Thought you were an atheist.
Yeah, when it suits me.
We'll find him, Alex.
We'll find him.
What's going on?
We've heard about Eddie, Alex.
We're all here to help you.
Don't worry, sis,
we'll find him for you.
Thank you.
Welcome home, sis.
Thank you, all of you.
Thank you. Thank you.
the polls due to close
across Queensland in an hour,
the drama surrounding
Alex Irving's missing son
- continues to cast a shadow over election day.
- MAN: Eddie!
Earlier, police issued an
Amber alert for Eddie Irving,
when the teenager failed to show up
at a campaign event for his mother.
WOMAN: Eddie!
While many public figures have
voiced their concern and support,
others have accused Irving of neglect.
WOMAN: Eddie!
Claiming that Child Services
had assessed Eddie for
a so-called safety plan.
Irving's campaign declined
to comment on the allegations.
Where's my son?
Alright, cunt.
Wait, what happened? Alex? Alex!
- Oi!
Alex, what's going on?
Alex, open the door!
- Alex!
Joely, we need to move
this ute. Grab the keys.
Yeah, where are the
keys? Where are the
- Here. Go!
- Here, give me them. Give 'em.
Alex, the police are on their way.
Can you slow down, for God's sake?
(WAILS) Eddie!
- He's OK. He's not here.
He's not here. He's OK.
Hey, hey, they found
him. They found him.
(SIGHS) They found him. He's
OK. He's OK, he's not here.
He's OK.
Don't you ever, ever
do that to me again.
You blame me for what I put you
through and you wanted payback.
Well, congratulations,
boy. You succeeded.
- You're so full of shit.
- Don't you dare!
You listen to everyone else. Everyone.
But you never listen to me.
You say you're doing this for
other people, but you're not.
- It's always about you.
- Hey!
You have no idea what your
mother's been through today.
The entire country
thinks you're missing.
I thought you were dead.
Maybe then you'd care.
I'm sorry.
I used to come here when
I didn't go to school.
Help Stephen out.
I didn't know that.
I get angry.
About what?
All of it.
I don't know.
About Stephen.
About Jess.
About Nan.
You can say it.
It's just that bad shit keeps
happening when you're here.
I don't really help, do I?
Not really.
What are you going to
do with all that anger?
You're not a kid anymore.
How are you going to use it?
Burn shit down.
That's what you do, right?
Doesn't really help.
Can we go home now?
Oh, boy!
Ladies and gentlemen, the
silent majority has spoken
and they are tired of the
dishonesty of politics as usual,
and the tyranny of the two-party system.
This victory is for them.
He sent me out to Massacre Creek,
where our mob got slaughtered.
And that's where he
said he buried Eddie.
Do you think he's a local?
Anyone with a search
engine can find that out.
But he knew that place
means something to us.
I want to find that bastard, Charlie.
He's a good kid. Gotta remember that.
RACHEL ON TV: I am so honoured
that North Sydney has elected me
as their representative once again
and I will work tirelessly
to earn this privilege.
The hardworking, decent people
of Australia have spoken.
Thanks, Uncle.
MAN: 3.50, thanks, Alex.
RACHEL: As you can see behind me,
we are over the moon here tonight
and I have to do a big
shout-out to our volunteers.
And I think tonight, we sent a
very strong message to Canberra.
INDIRA NAIDOO: At this stage,
it's still too close to call.
The Opposition is marginally
ahead of the Government
in terms of seats declared,
but if there's a trend here,
it's a big swing to the independents
right across the country.
Perhaps the most surprising
of these is Freeman.
We've only got five
booths reporting so far,
but early results point
to a significant drop
in the primary vote for
the incumbent, Jack Ramsay.
If these numbers hold,
it will be a major upset for both
the Government and the Opposition.
- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa! It's all good.
- Cheers!
- Cheers.
Oh, he doesn't waste any time.
(LAUGHS) And cue the messenger.
- Peter.
- Rachel.
I hope I'm not crashing
your celebrations.
I wanted to be one of the
first to congratulate you.
Well, that's very magnanimous of you.
Well, if anybody could
pull this off, it was you.
I can't take all the credit.
- Nick.
- Peter.
Shouldn't you be bunkered
down in the war room?
Oh, it's all pretty relaxed over there.
Well, you need to change the
channel. Damien's in trouble.
Tell him we're open to negotiating,
but the offer comes with a warning.
It's gonna hurt.
No doubt. Enjoy your evening.
A victory for the independents,
who will hold the balance of power.
But it's potentially a fatal blow
for the leaderships of both
Damien Bauer and Laurie Martin.
Back to New South Wales now
where sitting member Helena Rossi
has held the Sydney seat of Lennox.
While this is apparently
a win for the Government,
Ms Rossi had a blunt message
regarding factional
divisions within the party.
HELENA: I am so grateful.
To my volunteers, to my supporters,
to my family and to my friends.
Without them, I wouldn't be here.
To my own party, I would say
the people of this electorate
have shown that they're
sick of bully boys
from the back room
treating them with contempt.
- We need to do better. Am I right?
- Yeah!
- We need to do better.
Rossi faced a concerted campaign
by elements of her own party
to strip her of the seat.
A spokesperson said
the party had a rigorous and
confidential process in place
for dealing with
Look at that place.
Mum still wasn't allowed
in there when I was born.
She had to stay out front.
Yeah, now we're having
our campaign party there.
The irony.
Didn't she strip off
in protest one time?
- Hey, she what?
- Full starkers.
That's what Faye reckons.
- Wish I'd seen that.
- I don't.
I'm sorry.
What for?
Asking you to come home.
Joining the campaign.
Putting up with me.
Well, I had nothing else to do.
I couldn't have done it without you.
What a waste of time.
No, you made an impact. You always do.
I should just give Bait15 what he wants.
Shut up. Give up. Stop fighting.
No, fuck that. Then he wins.
I know I told you to report
and block, not engage.
But after today, I just
wanna find the prick.
And I wanna hurt him.
I don't know if it's worth it, Charlie.
We won! We won!
We won! (LAUGHS)
MAN: Yeah!
(SIGHS) What a day!
When we started
Freeman was a safe seat.
They'll never take us for granted again.
- MAN: Yep.
- MAN 2: Whoo!
We can get through anything
if we work together,
because out here, when
someone falls, we pick 'em up.
That's what you did for me,
and I'll never forget that.
This is for Mum.
This is for Stephen.
JC. Marcie.
This is for us.
Yay! Whoo!
Alex! Alex! Alex! Alex!
Alex, can you make any
comment yet on who you'll be
Excuse me! Powerful black
women coming through.
Last time you offered me London for
breakfast, he shafted me at lunch.
I think you can see from
our offer that we're serious.
We'll get more done
if we trust each other.
Do you two trust each other?
ALEX: If we do this together,
you need to keep me updated
on every conversation you have.
Same goes for you.
You know how I told you that
Bait15 would mess up eventually?
JOELY: He's a psychopath.
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