Total Control (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

We've always said if we
make this seat marginal,
we've performed a miracle,
and I'll be damned if we
don't give that bastard Ramsay
a run for his money.
I need you with me today,
Eddie. It's important.
Always is.
- Have you seen Eddie?
- No, Aunty.
Well, if you see him,
tell him he's grounded.
Here. Here. That.
That came in yesterday.
This is a very worrying situation,
and we're all praying for the
safe return of Alex Irving's son.
He's OK. He's not here.
He's not here. He's OK.
Ladies and gentlemen, the
silent majority has spoken.
This victory is for them.
INDIRA NAIDOO: It's now clear
neither of the major parties
will hold a majority
in the new parliament,
potentially a fatal blow
for the leaderships of both
Damien Bauer and Laurie Martin.
- ALEX: What a day.
This is for us.
What are you going to
do with all that anger?
Burn shit down. That's
what you do, right?
If you drop that phone,
Eddie, I swear to God
That's really annoying.
I can put it on silent.
- Why don't you just answer it?
- Because
I'm here with you.
Now why don't you put the
phone away before you drop it?
- I'm not gonna drop it.
When can we go home?
When we're relaxed and refreshed.
You're never relaxed.
Well, what about now?
MAN ON P.A.: Attention, all guests,
would the owner of the white
Toyota Hilux, registration 652,
please return to your vehicle?
You've left your lights on.
- Jack.
- JACK: Alex.
How are we?
Yeah, good. You?
Fine. I suppose
congratulations are in order.
Thank you.
Just so you know,
I secured millions of dollars worth
of election promises from my party.
So none of that'll be honoured now.
Good luck explaining that to the voters.
I think they're smart enough to
know they've been taken for a ride.
Don't get self-righteous with me.
You pulled that stunt at the town hall.
And one of your staffers made an
anonymous complaint to Child Services.
No idea what you're talking about.
Well, I won't keep ya.
You and those other idiots,
you got a nation to hold to ransom now.
Thanks for the call.
See you in three years, darlin'.
We'll head home tomorrow, OK?
We'll sort things out there.
And then me and Uncle,
we'll fly to Canberra.
What do you want me to say, Mum?
Ever since you've become a politician,
nothing but bad shit has happened.
How's this any different?
We have a duty to our community.
So we can't have a normal
life because we're Aboriginal?
That's not fair.
You're right, it's not.
- But they're the cards we're dealt.
- What does that even mean?
It's what Mum used to
say when I complained.
- I don't want to leave Winton.
- OK.
No more bad holidays, I promise.
I don't want to live anywhere else.
I don't want to move
again when you start work.
- Eddie.
- Winton's my home.
Winton will always be your home.
But you're a minor.
You can't live alone.
DOCS put you on a safety plan, remember?
I can stay in Winton if I have a
parent or legal guardian with me.
What if someone else takes
care of me? Like Aunty Faye?
- Eddie
- Just think about it for once, Mum.
- RACHEL: Alex. This is a surprise.
- Is it?
Well, the last time we spoke,
you told me to go fuck myself.
I wasn't sure exactly how
hard you wanted me to do that.
- And you deserved it.
You were right about the
balance of power, though.
I'm a political animal.
I can feel which way
the winds are blowing.
Which is why we
donated to your campaign.
Tell me you just didn't say that.
The think tank, Future for
Democracy, Nick set it up.
Don't panic, it's all above board.
Aspirational stuff, backing
female-centrist candidates.
(SIGHS) You are unbelievable.
You still think I owe you.
Not at all, but I do think
it's time we called it even.
I assume this is just
a call to say congrats?
I'll meet you in Canberra with my team.
No-one hears about that, or we
don't speak again. Understood?
You like seeing holes in my head?
- ALEX: OK, you mob, drinks on me!
- FAYE: Whoo! Whoo-hoo!
- Yay!
- That is deadly!
Leo, was that your first 'deadly'?
- Yes, it was.
- Oh, well done.
- He's a proper blackfella now.
- Thank you.
I'm so proud of you.
LEO: I appreciate it.
I'm feeling very unwell now.
I'm gonna go and sit down.
JOELY: Hey, Leo, ya deadly thing!
You found him, Leo?
We don't know if it's a him.
He's a troll. He threatened to rape her.
Of course it's a him. Plus,
you know, statistically, murder.
He's being careful.
But you said he'd slip up.
Yeah, and I've got nothing
to go on until he does.
I need something concrete.
You know, something real.
I need you to keep engaging
him until we get it.
Lookin' counterclockwise ♪
Knowing what could happen ♪
What are we going to do
if we find him, anyway?
Maybe even you ♪
I don't know.
Steadfast collapse ♪
Always certain any moment ♪
Maybe you, maybe you ♪
Maybe even you ♪
Recline complete ♪
Dream too sweet ♪
I can't do it, not with you ♪
Not even with you ♪
Maybe never with you ♪
And I'd sell my soul ♪
For total control ♪
Mmm ♪
Yeah, I'd sell my soul ♪
For total control ♪
Ohh ♪
Yeah, I'd sell my soul ♪
For total control ♪
Ohh, whoa! ♪
CASSIE: These are the
guardianship papers.
Once you sign them,
we'll have to do an assessment
of Eddie's new place of residence.
My home.
- In this case, your home.
- Can you do that today?
I can.
Well, go on, then. Do your job.
Faye, let her finish.
If I sign the papers today,
what happens to the care plan?
You can sign over guardianship to Faye,
provided we don't have any conditions
Like what? Don't be black and
we won't take your kids away?
The assessment I did on Alex
had nothing to do with
her, you, both of you,
being black, Aboriginal.
Look, unless we have any
stipulations, which I don't, yeah,
then the new guardianship arrangement
will make the care plan redundant.
- Redundant?
- Unnecessary.
- No longer in place.
- I know what 'redundant' means.
So the plan just goes
away, just like that?
Well, the care plan only
applies to you and Eddie.
If I sign him over
you'll leave him be?
Of course.
But Faye will be his legal guardian.
It's not forever.
You can change it back
whenever you want, remember?
But we'll have to
resume the safety plan.
Assess away.
Thank you.
- I'm sorry.
- It's OK, Mum.
OK, I need you to be
good, OK? Go to school.
Do your homework. Don't Google me.
Brush your teeth.
- Floss, OK? It's really important.
- It's not a big deal, Mum.
- I'll see you soon.
- I know, OK? Give me a hug.
- Please look after him.
- You know I will.
Alright, come on! This colony
ain't gonna destroy itself.
I love you.
It's OK, you don't have to say it back.
Hey! ♪
I'm on my way now ♪
Everything's changed, yeah ♪
The gauntlet has been laid ♪
And this will be a bloody game ♪
But, babe ♪
- I'm ready to play ♪
CHARLIE: Alex Irving's
office. This is Charlie.
Alex Irving's office. This is Joely.
- She's not available this morning.
- I'll have to have a chat with her.
You built the ring
but I make the rules ♪
I ain't no fool ♪
- Shit, here we go.
Have you got any comment yet
Excuse me! Powerful black
women coming through.
- No comment, thank you.
- This will be a bloody game ♪
"Black women coming through"? Seriously?
That's right,
you wouldn't know anything
about black women coming, hey?
WOMAN: Hello, can I help you?
- We're in the private dining room.
- Right this way, please.
- Hello, Rachel.
- Alex, it's lovely to see you.
Hey, congratulations.
Now, you must be Charlie.
I've been looking
forward to meeting you.
Well done running such a great campaign.
Charlie, this is my
adviser, Nick Pearce.
You identified voter cynicism
as a problem and leveraged it.
- Very clever.
- Thank you.
- This is
I'm Joely.
That win that you just congratulated
Charlie on, I was a part of that.
I've been enjoying your socials, Joely.
Very fresh. Surprisingly funny.
NICK: So, are we gonna stand around
with our dicks in our hands all day,
or should we start with a drink?
A drink would be great,
but I'd like a quiet word
with you if I may, Alex?
Yeah, sure.
Please, get yourselves settled.
You must be tired.
Listen we're gonna
need to trust each other.
I don't see how we're gonna stay
in control of this if we don't.
Do you trust me?
I trust we want some of the same things.
- And what are those things?
- Bauer gone.
The question is how and when.
We might have to play
the long game there.
You can't back Laurie.
I can't be seen to back
Laurie and keep my seat,
but neither can you
unless you want the scarlet-red
"Laurie's whore" on your back
to shine even brighter.
I won't be forced into
a decision about Laurie
because I'm afraid of
what people might think.
People fought hard for me to be here.
And if I support Laurie,
that means a fast track for
Ramsay to take his seat back.
See? Same side.
Now we might not be able to back Laurie,
but if we secure the bloc, we
can use him to get what we need.
If we do this together,
you need to keep me updated
on every conversation you have.
Same goes for you.
Alright, let's look at
the other independents.
- Shaun Keogh, the Green.
- Shaun the zombie.
Makes you think he's all white and woke,
but, really, he's just dead inside.
Shaun Keogh, re-elected to the seat
of Tucker in inner city Melbourne.
Technically he's not an independent,
but he's the only Greens member
to have a seat in the Lower House.
Could be a powerful ally.
Much as I hate to admit it, because
the soy-boy drove me mad, I agree.
But he is a self-righteous little prick
who'll piss on good
because it's not perfect.
- Next up, Justin Yang, the new guy.
- What do you know?
NICK: Justin Yang's the first
independent to hold Foster in WA.
He's positioned himself as the
poster boy for family values.
Religious conservative
but not a total nut job.
Strong advocate for migrant communities.
Now we should assume that he'll
align with Damien and his party,
but their preference deals
with the lunatic fringe
Yeah, could potentially be a turn-off.
He's a committed multiculturalist.
Which is why he's got good
reasons to wanna work with us.
Alright, next up. George Jeffries.
- Yuck.
- George!
I see he needs no introductions.
Right, George Jeffries, veteran
maverick from northern WA.
Longest serving
independent of the bunch.
Big focus on local issues
and regional-rural Australia.
Traditionally aligns
himself to the right but
But he absolutely hates Bauer.
NICK: Well, he wasn't too
fond of Rachel, either.
Then it wouldn't be the first
frigid marriage of convenience.
We kept the beds apart
but the union was solid.
For someone as unhinged as George,
he is surprisingly reliable.
Now, he'll come with a shopping list.
JOELY: Finally, there's Philippa Bailey,
also her first term.
She's an experienced solicitor,
swung a seat in South Australia.
Fiscal centrist but
leans socially liberal.
Her passion project is
cyber abuse legislation.
Philippa talks across
the political spectrum.
Both sides have been trying
to recruit her for years.
I liked her when I met her.
She's fair but she's tough.
Well, we're gonna need tough.
Damien will play hardball.
If Bauer won't play nice,
he might do our work for us.
Well, George won't like
being pushed around.
Sometimes you need a big
prick to take on a little dick.
You right there? You
talk a lot about dicks.
Well, let's assume both parties
will already be making approaches.
We'd better get to work.
RACHEL: How about I reach
out to Philippa and Justin,
and you touch base
with George and Shaun?
Yeah, I can do that.
Thanks for the invitation, Alex.
Am I gonna need my shotgun?
- Sorry I'm late.
- No, you're not late, Justin.
I'm still finding my
way around this city.
- Justin.
- George.
- I bet this isn't your first rodeo.
- What?
Rodeo. Bull riding.
Yeah, I know what a rodeo
is, son. What's your question?
Any advice? Shoot straight.
All you've got is your word.
Isn't that right, Rachel?
That's right, George, and
I've got the scars to prove it.
Hello, Justin. Great win.
So this is the room where it happens?
Knew you'd show up, George.
And they've invited
you. God help us all.
Well done. Oh, Philippa, welcome.
Um, do you know everyone? Ah,
you remember George, of course.
Shaun Keogh, Justin
Yang, Rachel Anderson.
Hi, Philippa. Great to see you again.
You too, Rachel.
Right, well, thanks for coming,
everyone. Shall we start?
We'll never have more
power than we do right now,
but we'll be under pressure to
form this government quickly.
Actually, the constitution
gives us 21 days,
so I don't think we should
be rushing the process.
I agree, but it won't be comfortable.
The majors will take any
opportunity to put the screws on us.
And you'd be the expert at
that, wouldn't you, Rachel?
Are we gonna bicker all day, George?
I've fielded dozens of calls from
both parties. I'm sure you all have.
So can we agree right now,
no-one meets with the majors
without informing the group?
We have to negotiate as a bloc
or we lose our leverage, agreed?
So where do we start?
We could start with issues
we have common ground on,
move out from there.
What on earth are we gonna agree on?
RACHEL: You might be surprised, George.
It's true Shaun doesn't
have crocodile control
at the top of his list,
but he does love wind
farms and medical marijuana.
It's great for the arthritis.
- Oh.
- Feeling your age, George?
OK, can we just pull it
back for a moment, OK?
Right now we just need an
idea of our general positions.
We can talk details later.
I'll start if you like.
OK, political corruption
is a major issue in Freeman
and for all Australians.
I want a full investigation
into the deaths of Marcie
Maclean and Jess Clarke.
SHAUN: Tragic. Black
lives matter. Strongly for.
Is this going on the record?
No-one's taking minutes, George.
Well, I've already said
my bit on integrity.
You hold the crooks accountable.
I've got nothing to hide.
You don't have to put
your hand up, Philippa.
Well, I'm sorry, but I'm confident
negotiating on behalf of my electorate.
I don't think I need a group
to dictate who I endorse.
No-one's questioning your
negotiating skills, Philippa.
ALEX: You don't want to be
alone on that crossbench.
We'll get more done
if we trust each other.
Do you two trust each other?
I trust this -
that if I was still PM
and a coherent group was
holding the balance of power,
- you'd have my attention.
ALEX: Shaun, do you wanna talk
about environmental policy?
SHAUN: Happy to.
How about a national strategy
to manage fires and droughts?
I agree.
Oh, you agree now, and yet
the federal government you led
did sweet fuck-all in
forest-floor maintenance.
Gotta challenge that, George.
That isn't what caused the fires.
- Isn't it? OK, mate, what's that?
- What's what?
Is that an arsehole or an elbow?
'Cause I don't think you know
the difference but I'll tell you.
- It's one, you're the other.
- Fuck off, George.
I'm done.
See, you lot walk into
Parliament together
and it's gonna be like one bad joke.
An Aborigine, an Asian and
(WHISPERS) One, two, three.
three women all walk into a bar.
- Give me a moment.
George? Wait.
Sorry, love, but if I back down now,
that greenie in there'll
never let me forget it.
- That's what matters to you?
- Here.
- What's this?
- It's my shopping list.
There are some people you
just can't negotiate with.
Can we at least keep talking?
I can't ditch Laurie to form an
alliance with Rachel Anderson.
She's further away than just across
the aisle, if you know what I mean.
What about me?
Would your party have a problem
if you align with an
independent Indigenous woman?
I like you, Alex, and I can't
lie, the optics are good.
I'll put it to the
group. But no promises.
What was that all about?
I think in the animal kingdom
they call it scent marking.
You know where I stand.
We'll let you debrief.
Well, that went well.
How are we going to form a bloc when
we can't agree on a single thing?
I think it's me.
I think me being in the
room is triggering people.
I mean, Shaun, he's never going
to see the high moral ground
and George has enjoyed torturing
me for far too long to stop now.
I mean, I don't disagree.
They don't seem to trust you.
But they do trust you.
I think I should step
back, let you lead.
Nick can be my proxy.
What's that?
George's shopping list.
Told you.
FRAN KELLY: Well, counting
continues for the Senate this week
and while numbers are not yet finalised,
it appears the Greens
and the micro-parties
have made significant gains.
But all eyes are focused
on the Lower House,
with pressure mounting now
on the bloc of independents
to resolve the political deadlock.
This uncertainty
over who will govern the
country for the next three years
has unsettled the stock market,
and with the Australian dollar
and the All Ords heading downwards,
some analysts are warning that
further political instability
will dent economic
growth and employment.
Alex, look, I'm not interested.
I'm not here to
And I'm not gonna repeat myself.
I haven't repeated myself
since I told a yuppie to
fuck off twice in 1988.
I'm not here to change
your mind, George.
Everybody understands your position.
You've already spoken to the others?
Oh, it's like you said. It's a bad joke.
An Aborigine, an Asian and
three women walk into a bar.
Add an old codger in and
it's a really bad joke.
This was a courtesy call.
Because I know those
things are important to you.
But we're continuing the
negotiations without you.
Have a nice day.
I'll hang back.
- Damien. Peter.
- DAMIEN: Rachel.
Oh, you both know Nick, of course.
Thank you.
- Peter?
- No, thanks.
You look tired, Damien.
Think we can dispense with
the pleasantries, don't you?
Oh, please.
The way I see it, you can't endorse
Laurie without fucking yourself.
So let's not pretend.
You've got limited options.
You came all the way across
town to tell her that?
What Damien's saying
is that backing Laurie
probably won't win you a second term.
Maybe one term is all I want.
I don't buy that any more
than I buy the new haircut
or the focus on the feminist bullshit.
It's just not you, Rachel.
And neither's this clown.
I'm rather enjoying
my new reality, Damien.
Even you'd have to admit that
Nick ran an incredible campaign.
For a clown.
The party want to give you
the chance to come back.
You give certain guarantees
about leadership and loyalty,
and in return Damien would invite
you back onto the front bench.
What are you offering?
Minister for Women.
Of course.
You need four seats.
What if I was to bring someone with me?
Alex Irving?
We'd consider Foreign Affairs.
I think that would suit everyone.
Last time you offered me London for
breakfast, he shafted me at lunch.
I think you can see from
our offer that we're serious.
We'll think about it.
George is confirmed for the meeting.
- How'd you do that?
- I just told him not to come.
- Better let Rachel know.
Man, that Rachel.
- She's
- A lot.
Her shoes are killer.
I mean, it's easier to understand
now why she was the prime minister.
You smitten, Charlie?
No. Just impressed.
I wasn't expecting that.
It must be lovely to have such
low expectations of another gender,
so then you can always be surprised.
Don't play the gender card.
- Don't play the patriarchy.
It's him, isn't it?
- No.
- Don't lie to me, Alex.
Give me that.
What the fu
It's evidence.
Evidence of what?
That there's terrible people
out there? You knew that.
- Tell me you don't read them all.
- I don't.
It's Paul.
Paul, hi.
Yep. OK.
Oh, shit!
Real classy place you picked here, mate.
Figured if anyone said
they saw the only two Aboriginal
people in Parliament in a bar,
we could call them racist.
Ah, what are we drinking? Diet Coke.
- Diet Coke?
- With rum.
Better. Um, I'll have
what he's having, thanks.
BARTENDER: Of course.
So why'd you drag me here?
I think we should talk about
what you're going to do next.
I told you on the phone, Paul, I'm
not ready to talk about that yet.
I know. Relax.
Laurie doesn't even know I'm here.
Why not? Better if he doesn't.
Things are
Well, the party didn't expect to be
in this position after the election.
A mutiny?
Less mutiny and more people
losing sight of the big picture.
Which is why I need to ask.
You're not seriously
considering Bauer, are you?
BARTENDER: Here you are.
I have to, Paul.
Your party hasn't held
the seat of Freeman
since we stopped using wagons.
Ah, this is bigger than Freeman.
I thought you wanted real change.
Like justice for those two young girls.
I do.
Do you think anyone will take you
seriously if you consider Bauer?
I'm asking you,
blackfella to blackfella.
- Blackfella to blackfella?
- Mm.
I really don't give a shit
whether anyone takes me seriously.
Alex, I'm looking to you for solidarity.
Don't give me that solidarity
shit. You just wanna win.
We both win if we work together.
I'm not ready to make
a deal with anyone yet.
- LAURIE: How'd you be?
- Oh.
Hey. Hey, Alex.
- Burning the midnight oil.
- They look nice.
Can I have one of those,
please? Quick as you can.
- Now, mate.
We were told by your assistant
that you were having a meeting
with the member of Seabrook.
Yeah, yeah, cancelled last minute.
I'll meet him at the
gym tomorrow morning.
Ah, there you go. That's
why he's my right-hand man.
He always gets it done. So has
he, er, has he got us your vote?
Oh, we weren't talking about that.
What were you talking about?
- Who we'd vote off the island first.
- Oh, don't say that.
I know we've had a few false starts,
but it is incredibly important
that we trust each other.
I mean, look at the Greens.
I mean, they don't
like us, we hate them,
but we back each other.
We have trust.
So, um
So, um
Here's to trust.
Come on now, Alex. Come on.
Tell us, what What can we do for you?
RACHEL ON PHONE: They've got someone.
Are you sure?
They wouldn't have offered me
Foreign Affairs if they didn't.
Is it George?
Well, he's the obvious
choice, but it's George, so
So he'll approach Philippa and
Justin if he already hasn't?
Did Paul give anything away?
- No, it was just a fishing expedition.
- Mm.
I get the impression
Laurie's under pressure.
Oh, they're both under
pressure. I can't lie, Alex.
It's giving me pleasure. (CHUCKLES)
Well, I think I might turn in.
Me too. Goodnight.
Goodnight, Alex.
Come on, answer.
So who are you?
- Yeah, right.
Is that all you got?
Didn't think I was that late.
I thought we agreed not
to meet with the majors.
In fact, you made us promise.
And you do look pretty cosy.
I can explain.
- Paul Murphy approached me last night.
- Oh, that makes it alright then.
When Paul called me, I saw it
as an opportunity to backchannel.
To let him know that we're
all working as a bloc.
Laurie's there. In the photo.
I didn't know he was gonna
show up. Neither did Paul.
I should have let you know.
Paul's a straight shooter.
Alex made the right call.
Nick, I didn't know you'd be joining us.
Rachel asked Nick to
attend as her proxy.
Her father's taken a turn.
I'm not buying it but you keep
going, mate. You'll get there.
Last meeting, I made a
mistake by canvassing ideas.
It was too soon.
So, let's do a straw poll.
Where do we all stand on
the preferred PM right now?
I might be new to politics
but I don't wanna be the
first to lay my cards out.
Fair point.
Some of us have already got a plan.
Why do we castrate bulls?
Bulls love to fight each other.
For dominance.
Even when the pecking
order has been established,
they will keep fighting
to reassert control.
Right now, we have both parties'
hairy testicles in our hands.
Now if we can work together,
all of us, we can bring those
parties under our control.
JUSTIN: What about in here? Who are
the steers and who are the bulls?
Oh, mate, if you've gotta ask
Back to the original question.
I'll go first. Laurie's
a bully and a misogynist.
Bauer, he's a dog-whistling demagogue
who'd turn us all against each other.
But at least we know his moves.
And what's Rachel's position, hmm?
Rachel thinks Bauer's a
backstabbing son of a bitch
and she wouldn't be caught
dead in the same room as him.
But her electorate
leans centre-right, so
I've put my cards on
the table. So has Rachel.
I want two things from you.
A list of what you'd fight for,
and which way you'd lean to get it.
What do we tell people until then?
The press are on my
phone, demanding an answer.
Well, you tell them we
will take the full 21 days,
just like the lady told us.
We'll never have this leverage again.
But we need to present a united front.
So, who's willing to keep
quiet until our next meeting?
Hope you're not looking
at his search history.
- Alex?
- What?
Leo found him.
LEO: Hey.
You know how I told you that
Bait15 would mess up eventually?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, so he did. Big time.
He usually is really good
with covering his tracks.
Encrypting his IP.
But last night you contacted him
and, well, I think you must
have put him off his game,
because, well, I did a reverse
image search of his profile picture
and this time I got something.
The same image, it turned
up in a right-wing chatroom
on an account that was
bragging about trolling you.
So this guy, most of
his followers are fake.
But there were three real profiles.
I created a bunch of fake accounts
and added them on any platform I could.
Turns out they all have
one friend in common,
whose real name and
email happen to be public.
This guy's linked his
email to the Bait15 account
and a whole bunch of
other sock puppet accounts.
Get to the point, Leo.
(SIGHS) Yeah. So sending you a zip file.
But his real name is Henry Whittaker.
He's 24, he lives with
his parents in Downer.
- His favourite food is nuggets.
Hello, Prime Minister's office.
And he works in the Prime
Minister's press office.
So still think I'm the Tin Man?
He works for Bauer. Do
you think Bauer knows?
- Of course he knows.
- Well, not officially, though.
(MIMICS BAUER) "I was very upset
to hear about these allegations.
I assure you I had no prior
knowledge." Blah, blah, blah.
Alex, when did it start?
When Mum died.
Rachel was PM then.
Fuck me.
He sent over the zip file.
I want an address.
- Oh, no, you don't.
- Yeah, I do.
He's a psychopath.
We have no idea what he'll
do. We tell the police.
No, the police haven't been able to
- Charlie!
- It's true.
Tell her she can't go to him.
Or we dox him.
Put his personal details online,
along with all his messages.
- You can't go there.
- You said you wanted to hurt him.
- Find him and hurt him.
- That's right.
Then give me the address.
I just want to talk to him.
You vile piece of shit.
Excuse me, who are you?
- You know who I am, arsehole.
- OK.
You need to leave. You're on
private property. I'm gonna call
- The cops?
- Yeah, the police.
Senator arrested for break and enter.
I mean, the papers would love that.
So you do know who I am.
You shit!
You fuck.
You fucking piece of shit.
When my son went
missing you taunted me.
You told me he was dead.
You laughed at the thought
of his body. My son.
- I know nothing about your son.
- Cut the bullshit.
What bullshit? I have no idea
what you're talking about.
I know you're Bait15.
I've got the proof. Threats.
Harassment. Stalking.
You're looking at real jail
time. Are you ready for that?
What do you expect me to say?
That I'm sorry?
That what I did was wrong?
I mean, that's what you people
want is just endless apologies.
We're well beyond that.
You're a politician and you
can't take a little flak.
I'm allowed to have an opinion
and I have a right to free speech.
Free speech? You abused me.
Abuse? That's a joke.
You are trespassing in my
house. Do you wanna hurt me?
Is that it? You've
got some fucking nerve.
Then why are you here?
I want you to read the messages
you sent to me out loud.
I'm not gonna read anything.
I want you to look me in the eye
and say those things to my face.
(SHOUTS) Read them or
so fuckin' help me God,
I will post your photo online with
everything that you've said to me.
You are a dirty whore and
a terrible mother. Ahem.
Your son is nothing
but the dead dog
of a lazy slut.
He's lucky to be out
of his misery and
you should kill yourself too.
- Look, you've made your point.
- Keep going.
I'm going to rape you
in front of your son.
Oh, God, that's my parents.
- We weren't expecting company.
- Mum, Dad, this is
Alex Irving. Hi, it's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hello.
I was, ah, just giving some
career advice for Henry.
He's very passionate
about racial equality.
Right, Henry?
I got your numbers from
the parliamentary lists.
Where you were. What you were doing.
That's how you knew about me.
I could take this to your boss.
(CHUCKLES) You don't get it, do you?
This sort of thing is
standard in politics.
Senior staff all knew what I was doing.
I'm not saying that I
didn't do it, I just
It didn't seem like it was personal.
How could a black woman
be a person, right?
It was work.
How can you do a job where you're
treating people like they're nothing?
You're a politician, Alex.
Surely you can answer that.
I would never do what you did.
Are you gonna turn me in?
VOICEMAIL: Hi, you've reached
Charlie at Alex Irving's office.
Sorry to miss you.
Please leave me a message or shoot
me a text. I'll get back to you.
You were right.
I shouldn't have gone.
He's just a bloody kid.
He's a bloody kid, Charlie.
We haven't made any decisions.
Then who's going behind your
back? Because someone is.
- NICK: You can't agree to that.
- Alex will be furious.
String her along as much as you can.
You should sack me.
This is not your decision.
What kind of country would we be
if we could be the best
versions of ourselves?
What did you do about it?
Fuck off.
- Joely, I need a phone number.
- Who?
Don't you dare, Bauer.
You have no shame, Bauer.
Open the bloody doors!
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