Total Control (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

Philippa, welcome. Um,
do you know everyone?
Ah, you remember George, of course.
Shaun Keogh, Justin
Yang, Rachel Anderson.
Right, well, thanks for coming,
everyone. Shall we start?
FRAN KELLY: But all eyes are
focused on the Lower House,
with pressure mounting now
on the bloc of independents
to resolve the political deadlock.
GEORGE: Now if we can work together,
we can bring those
parties under our control.
- They're stacking the branch.
- What?
- They're trying to pressure me out.
- Oh, bastards.
INDIRA NAIDOO: Sitting Member Helena
Rossi has held the seat of Lennox.
The people of this electorate
have shown that they're
sick of bully boys
from the back room
treating them with contempt.
Your lot don't get to
tell us what to do anymore.
My lot?
"Can't say that, that's racist."
"Can't say that, that that's sexist."
Does this mean you're
dropping the inquiry?
PAUL: No, it means we're
still working on it.
- Doesn't this kill you?
- Every fuckin' day.
ALEX: He calls himself Bait15.
And it's getting more and more violent.
- JOELY: Leo found him.
- ALEX: Read them!
Or so fuckin' help me God,
I will post your photo online
with everything that you've said to me.
You are a dirty whore
and a terrible mother.
ALEX: You were right.
I shouldn't have gone.
- You OK?
- Yeah.
He was just a kid.
In a nice house.
With a mum who loves him.
And he still said all those things.
What do you want to do now?
I'm tired, Joely.
(SIGHS) Someone gonna get that?
I've been calling.
My phone's on silent.
Why are you here?
Damien's confident he's got the numbers.
Damien's bluffing.
Well, he's briefed several journos.
He's notified the clerk
and the Governor-General
to expect a vote in the House.
Are you backing Damien Bauer?
We haven't made any decisions.
Then who's going behind your
back? Because someone is.
We haven't made any decisions
'cause neither of the
parties have responded yet.
Damien needs four seats. You need three.
I'd know if there were
that many of us wavering.
- Laurie's going spare.
- Laurie can wait.
Maybe this'll help.
Draft legislation, outlining the
key demands from the independents,
including provisions for a federal
anti-corruption body with teeth.
So this never happens again.
I've made copies for everyone.
We need to move, Alex. Now.
Well, it's a start.
Who elected you?
- Oh.
Sorry. That was me.
Go on.
Well, as you know, Paul
Murphy approached me
and I think he's trying
to show good faith.
They've addressed our key concerns.
Cyberbullying, regional
health and infrastructure.
Federal integrity.
A price on carbon remains
difficult for them, as for us.
Was it difficult for
Canada, New Zealand, Germany,
Denmark, India, Japan?
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Can everyone put their
phone in the middle?
Look, I know we have
journos ringing every minute.
I know everyone wants an answer.
I know people think that we're
holding this country to ransom.
We have finally got something
concrete on the table.
We use Laurie's response
to put pressure on Bauer.
And no-one makes a
deal with either party
until Bauer gives his formal response.
You seem to have a close
relationship with Paul.
He's a useful backchannel. As
is Peter Solomon with Rachel.
How do we know that you're
not making a deal yourself?
Why are you saying that, Philippa?
Because I'm concerned that
some of us might be left behind
once we've outlived our usefulness.
This is draft legislation.
Have you even looked through it?
I mean, I've barely skimmed it
and I already have concerns
- And they can be addressed.
- Alex, this is my area.
I campaigned on it.
Now if we're gonna go
into this kind of detail,
I want to have a say in the discussions.
- JUSTIN: You do seem tight with Paul.
- Yeah.
Are you saying that
just because he's black?
- Jesus Christ, we're there already.
- Come on, Alex, look at me.
You wanted us to lay our cards
out. But you haven't been honest.
I have always been
honest with you, Justin.
So which way are you leaning now?
Laurie made promises to
me when I was campaigning.
He honoured none of them.
I don't trust him and I don't like him.
There were rumours that
we were having an affair.
The usual way we discredit
women around here.
Now you wanna bring
that back at me as well?
Damien Bauer, he's a populist.
He thinks the best way to get power
is to punch down the vulnerable.
- I can't stand him either.
- So who are you supporting?
I'm supporting anyone who
gives us the better deal.
That means for all of us.
Thank you. That helps.
Does anyone want to flag anything else?
I'm good.
I'm entertained.
I thought we were
gonna read and discuss.
Sorry, look,
I just feel much more comfortable
reading this in my hotel.
- ALEX: Have you read the draft?
- RACHEL: I have. Looks promising.
How's morale? I'm
worried about Philippa.
And Paul thinks people are
making deals with Damien.
Have you heard anything?
Do you know where they
stand on our positions?
Yeah, look, they should have a
preliminary response tomorrow.
I could put a call in to Damien,
see if I can get an early read.
- Right then.
- Talk tomorrow?
Talk then.
How is she?
She's worried.
I think she might have been testing me.
She's a fighter, I'll give her that.
Any thoughts on the draft?
It's kinda like a show bag.
It's filled with shiny toys
that'll break as soon
as everyone gets home.
Killed the price on carbon,
but they've set emissions targets
and offered a rebate
on electric vehicles.
They've agreed to
cyberbullying legislation,
but of course that's just
gonna terrify free-speechers.
Oh, free speech terrifies
the free-speechers.
What about the independent
commission against corruption
and the inquiry into the girls?
That's not an inquiry,
that's a witch-hunt.
And you'll end up in front of it.
You can't agree to that.
Alex will be furious.
Do we wanna bring this to a head?
Not yet.
We'll tell her that you'll accept
an inquiry into the girls only,
with a limit on the terms of reference.
And then you string her
along, as much as you can.
Sounds like a plan.
- Is this an OK time to talk?
- Yeah, of course.
I ran this by my team and we've
got concerns on a number of points.
I've made initial notes.
Now we understand it's a draft,
but we have to make absolutely sure
that we're consulted on all
aspects of the process from now on.
Of course.
Thank you. I was hoping
we could work like this.
Um, what are you having?
- I'll have a rosé.
- BARTENDER: Any preference?
- House is fine.
- Yeah, sure.
So, how are you?
I have to be honest.
I wasn't prepared for
this kind of pressure.
My campaign office has been vandalised.
I've got journos outside the hotel,
phone calls and texts all the time.
You know, they even bailed
up my dad at the local bowls.
You can never be prepared for it.
Are you getting any sleep?
I meant to ask.
Rose. Mm.
Why is this your issue?
An online hate campaign ripped
through our local school.
Started with the kids and then spread.
Got more and more violent. "Kill
yourself, no-one will care."
Eventually it seemed like
everyone in the community
was caught up in it.
Your family?
We're OK.
My sister's kids aren't
cutting themselves anymore.
But no-one trusts anyone now.
That's all gone.
And this is the hill that you'll die on?
It's like your inquiry
into those two girls.
I always admired that.
I'll get it done, Philippa.
I promise.
- Hey, bub.
You OK?
Why is there a photographer
outside our house?
He's in a car, got a massive
camera and he's taking photos.
- Can I go out there and punch him?
- What do you reckon?
- Oh, right.
The world's ending. White
capitalism is killing us.
But, sure, take photos
of kids, you pedo.
Those are the cards you're
talking about, right?
- That's right.
- Well, they're fucked.
Yeah, they are.
Does Faye and Rob know?
I don't know.
Well, bloody tell them.
- Gotta go.
- Right, love you.
undeclared crossbench MPs
are set to continue
Yeah, hang on, George.
We've lost Justin.
Bauer's holding a press conference.
Apparently they've found
"mutual agreements".
The race for the prime ministership
has taken another turn,
with West Australian MP Justin Yang
the first of the
independents to announce
- ALEX: I've gotta talk to the others.
- Yeah, we're watching it now.
Alright, be in touch.
a shared belief in small business
No, I am not here.
Nice try, George.
Of course the majors have
been in touch, with all of us.
Not through the official channels,
of course, but they
get their point across.
Phone messages. Emails. When
they pass you in the corridor.
Had a chief of staff
reach out on Tinder.
What are they offering?
A price on carbon. Social housing.
Loosening of personal pronouns
in official communiques.
An upgrade in port facilities,
two solar farms and a highway.
I need you to follow up on Damien.
Oh, Jesus, Charlie,
just just keep onto him.
(SOFTLY) Oh, come on, Philippa.
Just Laurie's mob, of course.
His mob.
Damien would rather waste
away on the backbench
than negotiate with us.
What are you telling them?
I tell them I'm taking absolutely
no meetings outside the bloc.
That quite frankly what
they're offering at the moment
is a fuckin' insult and when
their balls have dropped,
they can come back and
offer me something better.
Whatever they're offering me,
it won't be what we can get as a bloc.
But my mob can't risk
not making government.
There's still time.
Not everyone can play
your game of chicken, Alex.
George and I pretty much
cancel each other out.
Which means it's going to come
down to you, Rachel and Philippa.
Philippa, it's Alex.
I know we're under a lot of pressure.
Rachel said that we'd get a
response from Damien this morning.
Call me back, please,
as soon as you can.
- Damien.
- Ah, Alex. Unannounced as usual.
Didn't bring any of your country
cousins or aunties around this time?
Not this time. Busy?
You've had our list for some time.
Where's your response?
Well, I've read your ask, Alex,
and to be honest, it's a lot to take on.
Laurie's responded.
Maybe he wants it more.
And you're confident that the
others will stick together, are you?
You still need three seats.
Oh, so we can both count.
Is there anything else you wanna say?
Yeah. Lose the attitude.
I should inform you that I've terminated
Henry Whittaker's
employment in the department.
Well, it goes without saying
he was working entirely
of his own volition
and neither I or
anyone else in the party
had any idea what he was doing.
It wasn't until the network
approached me for comment
- The network?
- Yeah.
Well, it's all over the news, Alex.
He's in the hospital now, apparently.
Didn't you dox him?
FRAN KELLY: media interest
after he was identified
as the online troll behind
- PETER: Poor Henry.
- the sustained campaign of abuse.
RACHEL: His father will be devastated.
where he's now
recovering from his injuries.
So, how's your boss?
Yeah, Damien's still feeling confident.
Really? He should be shitting himself.
I wouldn't disagree.
Listen, Peter, I said some
things that were unfair.
I wasn't my best self
and, um, I do hope that
you could accept my apology.
Thank you.
And for what it's worth,
I'm glad you kept your job.
Well, if Damien doesn't
achieve government, he's done.
The coup against you would
have been for nothing.
Your old ministers are
not happy backbenchers.
You think he's terminal?
Well, his one chance of survival
is peeling off the independents
and he'll sell his
grandmother to get that done.
But even then, the knives are
out. He promised them a majority.
Where do you think that might leave me?
Well, the right will
never openly back you.
But you do have allies
across the centre.
But this, um
this dance with Laurie has to stop.
It's starting to damage you.
Now back Damien.
Let him form government.
Take Foreign Affairs,
you jet around the world for 12 months,
boosting your approval ratings
while I work the numbers.
Razor-thin majority.
Let's say I make a move in a
year. How many would we lose?
Damien would go back to business,
so you'd be facing a by-election
in Queensland but it's a safe seat.
And others would complain, but,
ah, they'd be open to persuasion.
What about Alex? Is there room for her?
I have to say I'm surprised that
you would even contemplate that.
That woman has done us
both significant damage.
I know.
You did warn me.
TV: Distressing scenes
in Canberra today,
as emergency services
responded to an incident
at a residential address in Downer,
reported to be the home of the
young prime ministerial staffer
at the centre of the Alex
Irving cyber-abuse scandal.
The incident occurred shortly
after the man's identity
was released online,
prompting unconfirmed
reports from some commentators
that Ms Irving's office was
responsible for the leak.
The man is recovering in hospital
and reported to be
in a stable condition.
A statement released
by the family requested
"privacy at this difficult time".
And a reminder that
MAN: Do you have any comment?
You released Bait15's identity.
It was you.
The four of us had the details.
It wasn't me and I know
it wasn't Leo or Joely.
You were the one who talked
about a clean campaign.
Yeah, while you were
copping all the abuse.
This prick said that he would
rape you in front of Eddie.
I know what he said.
I remember all of it.
- I promised I wouldn't name him.
- Well, I didn't.
Look, I could resign,
but they'd take that as
me taking the hit for you.
OK? They'd say that you were
weak and they'd tear you apart.
Hang on, why have we gotta
tell anyone who doxxed him?
It'll come out eventually. I'm
surprised it hasn't already.
- It wasn't your call.
- I'm your brother.
What the fuck has that
got to do with anything?
- You should sack me.
- This is not your decision.
You think I'd look strong
if I go out there and say
that I had no idea that
you were gonna name him?
It makes me look powerful?
You wouldn't let us go with
you, OK? You couldn't be stopped.
He could have killed you out there.
Doxxing him was gonna
make any difference?
What the hell else was I gonna do?
Tell me, what?
It wasn't your fucking call, Charlie.
I'm taking responsibility
for the naming of that boy.
- Can you be more specific?
- No.
Did you dox him, Alex? Did
you release his details?
The buck stops with me, Philippa.
That's not what I'm asking.
Why didn't you reach out to me?
- I'm all over this issue.
- I know.
- I could have helped.
- I know.
You don't leave me any choice, Alex.
- Philippa, please.
- No.
I can't be a hypocrite on this.
That young man had his personal
details released online.
He's not the victim.
Well, according to the media, he is now.
I'm sorry, Alex.
I'm backing Damien.
You got anything to drink?
Here, bourbon.
It's what I call when I
go cruising in the suburbs.
I know you think you
fucked everything up.
But I kinda wish I'd done it myself.
How are we supposed to fight
when they can do what they want?
It's all structural.
It's over-fuckin'-whelming
is what it is.
- How does she keep going?
She's always had the fight in her.
It's just who she is.
I was never as brave as she was.
I always had to think things through.
Wait for things to be perfect.
No, she never does.
Well, doxxing that dickhead was a
pretty Alex move, don't you reckon?
Tell her that.
Pretty shit way to run
the country, isn't it?
Charlie, you know, when I first did
this, I did it just to spite Alex.
But I just friggin' love her now.
She is brave, eh?
You're alright, bruz.
You know you look like
a black Clark Kent.
Black Superman.
Don't tell anyone I was being sweet.
JAN: Everyone used to say
I looked like the Queen.
And I got better legs than old Liz.
I'm just cranky I didn't
get to score a century,
got me a telegram from the old girl.
You've always had a fire in you,
ever since you was little.
You better make sure you don't burn out.
I'll tell you what you're
gonna do. (VOICE FADES)
WOMAN: Ma'am?
Are you alright?
You OK?
You sent me an empty text.
You having trouble breathing again?
Can you
Can you just stay there?
I'll be OK. I just
Of course. I'll be here, alright?
- You still there?
- 'Course I am.
I'm sorry. I didn't
want you to hear that.
Mum, it's alright.
Thank you.
I'm I'm sorry I woke you.
I was awake anyways.
- Eddie, what were you doing?
- Snapchatting Kylie.
Her mum and dad's gonna be pissed off.
They've got no idea.
You OK?
Yeah, I'm OK.
Thank you.
Go to bed, alright?
Love you.
I lost Philippa.
George and Shaun are yet to declare,
but we both know where they'll go.
And I'm pretty sure you've
made up your mind. Am I right?
I heard about Henry.
He was working in the Prime
Minister's press office.
He's the son of my old branch secretary.
I had no idea what he was doing.
He said he was gonna rape me.
Oh, Christ.
What the fuck is wrong with these men?
I get threats like that.
Most of the female members do.
But nothing like what you've copped.
- Have you made up your mind?
- Milk?
You know, I was always
told it was a mistake
to have friends in politics.
Better off thinking of
people as enemies and allies.
- Sounds bleak.
- Well, you've been in Parliament.
Not a lot of rational actors and
the rat-fuckery's off the charts.
- I did have a good friend, though.
- Not me, I'm guessing.
Helena Rossi, Harold Clyde's daughter.
- Did you get to know her?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, she backed the Winton deal.
- Yeah, great girl.
One of the few that
didn't fold in the coup.
And that put her in the crosshairs.
She lost her ministry, they
threatened her preselection
and now that she's won her seat,
they're backgrounding that
she's had a nervous breakdown.
I mean, this is her own party.
It was your party.
Why are you telling me this?
Because it's a crime
how this country takes
smart, competent women
and tries to destroy them.
I wish we could have been friends, Alex.
It just wouldn't have been worth it.
For you?
For either of us.
Dinner be ready at five.
He's still here.
What'd the police say?
That he's not breaking any laws.
How are the kids?
I won't let them go outside.
- Jesus, Faye, I'm so sorry.
- Look, don't apologise.
You just kick their fuckin' arses, OK?
MAN: Hey! Hey, hey! Hey!
Ms Irving, have the independents
come to any decision yet?
Do you take responsibility
for the attempted suicide
of Henry Whittaker?
Ms Irving, AUSnews described you
as holding the country to ransom.
Any response?
Are you playing identity politics
at the expense of the country?
Ms Irving, have you
come to any decision?
Do you feel responsible
for the attempted suicide
of Henry Whittaker?
Where's Boy Wonder?
Nick couldn't make it.
SHAUN: And no Rachel
either. Has she bailed?
Rachel finds that she's unable
to back my key provisions.
I should let you know
Damien's offered me an airport.
And Laurie's firmed
on a price for carbon.
GEORGE: There'll never
be a carbon price, son.
- I'll take my chances.
- So will I.
And those are your decisions?
This has been memorable.
This has been an uncertain
and dangerous time.
But I have good news.
George Jeffries, the
Member for Illingworth,
approached me earlier today
indicating his support for our policies
of jobs and opportunity.
And the Member for North Sydney,
Rachel Anderson,
has backed me as the man
most qualified
to lead this country
and I thank the former prime
minister for her support.
It's good to have friends
across the Parliament.
My team is unified and ready
and I'll be contacting
the Governor-General
to ask that he convene Parliament
at the earliest opportunity
to test my majority on
the floor of the House.
Being the prime minister of this country
is the greatest honour I could think of
and I will be a prime
minister for all
- Joely.
- JOELY: What?
I need a phone number.
Helena Rossi.
I know how tough things
are for you right now.
Why do you say that?
What have you heard?
Nothing I believe.
It's no secret how they've treated you.
I know the stories about you too.
Then I'm not the only woman they're
trying to run out of the place.
I heard about what that boy did to you.
It's terrible.
Thank you.
What do you want to achieve,
in the next three years?
I have to say
I'm thinking of walking away.
I just
can't do it anymore.
The girls
(TEARFULLY) And it's
cost me my marriage.
The way I see it
you've got three choices.
One, step down now,
trigger a by-election.
Two, hang on the backbench
for the next three years
while they gaslight you.
Or, three, sit on the
crossbench with me.
Do something worthwhile
with that vote of yours.
And we make our kids proud.
Whatever you do, I swear,
I will have your back.
Rachel said you'd be persuasive.
Oh, Jesus.
What do you want?
I wanted to talk about
how we go forward.
You're gonna do that by
just barging on in here?
- Yeah.
- Oh, Jesus Christ, Alex.
I don't think anyone's
alerted you to the fact
that your little book club of
independents has ditched you.
It's still close, Laurie.
Hats off to you for trying to
play in the big kids' sandpit,
but you fucked it royally.
No-one will ever listen to you
again. No-one will ever care.
You still have to deal
with the crossbench.
That would be who?
Uh, you and that fuckin'
cross-eyed kumbaya kid?
- Now, Laurie
- Look around. There's nobody else.
(CHUCKLES) No, I'll tell
you what's going to happen.
When Parliament resumes,
you can talk to the whips.
You can even have a chat to Paul here,
if he could be bothered talking to you.
But I am not going to waste
any more of my time on a
an amateur.
Now, mate, I'm sorry about this,
but could you see her out, please?
When I was gonna stand
for you in Sydney,
there were rumours in the party.
That you and I were fucking and
that's why you offered me the seat.
Did you know?
fuck off.
Are you coming?
You know about our policy positions.
You already have legislation drafted.
It's over, Alex. You
don't have a bloc anymore.
Helena Rossi
is prepared to join the crossbench.
That means Damien Bauer
no longer has majority.
Her vote along with mine and Shaun's
means you'll carry the floor,
but only on our terms.
- I'll get Laurie back.
- No.
You'll agree to those terms.
You'll persuade your colleagues
that being in power means compromise.
And if you don't fuck it up,
you might just be the most
useful PM this country's ever had.
Oh, no way.
So you'd rather stick to
that 10-year plan of yours?
Oh, it's an insane risk, Alex.
What happens if you screw it up?
There's no way your party will
ever elect a black man as leader.
This is your only chance.
Take it now, Paul,
otherwise it won't happen.
The crossbench won't support Laurie.
We'll re-tender the air base,
but we can't renegotiate the agreement.
Too many stakeholders.
What about the rest of it?
NEWSREADER: The fallout from the
election continues for the Opposition
as rumours grow of a leadership
challenge against Laurie Martin.
Knives are out for the embattled leader
in the wake of a disappointing
performance in the federal election,
and Martin's inability to
negotiate a deal with the crossbench
is being seen as the
final nail in the coffin.
Martin has said he'll
fight all challengers,
but as his party counts the numbers,
his position would seem to
be increasingly untenable.
Hang on. I'll call you back.
Following the federal election,
the party announced a spill
of all leadership roles.
That spill has now been conducted.
The new leader of the
party is Paul Murphy.
I am humbled and honoured to
assume the leadership of my party
and the opportunity to
lead this great nation
and I will do everything in my power
to maintain the party's support
of the rights of workers, of women
and of all the cultures
that make up our society.
In addition, we will honour the
commitments made to the independents
on carbon emissions reduction,
on cyberbullying, and rural
and regional infrastructure,
and I will establish an inquiry
into the deaths of those
two young Indigenous girls,
Marcie Maclean and Jess Clarke.
Hear those names again.
Marcie Maclean and Jess Clarke.
Those two girls will not die in vain.
REPORTER: You lost the election.
How are you going to do all that?
- MAN: Ms Irving!
- MAN 2: Ms Irving!
- MAN: Ms Irving! Ms Irving!
- WOMAN: Please!
Thanks for being here,
each and every one of you.
The three of us entered politics
because we wanted to
do things differently.
We wanted to hold our
politicians to a higher standard,
the standard Australians deserve.
For this reason, in the
face of sustained bullying,
Helena Rossi is announcing her intention
to leave the party and
sit on the crossbench.
This means Damien Bauer loses his
one-seat majority in the House.
This is an historic moment.
I became a senator because I wanted
the small town in which I live
to have better access
to medical services.
That seemed like a big goal.
But we need to be more
ambitious than that.
The brutal roots of our colonial
history has always divided us.
But we can work together as a
country to create a new shared story.
We have to ask, what kind
of country would we be
if we could be the best
versions of ourselves?
- And then fight for that.
- That's your mum.
Which is why we are backing the man
who will become the first Indigenous
prime minister of Australia.
You right, bub?
- WOMAN: One at a time, please.
Alex, congratulations.
You were the one who
told me about Helena.
Did I? I don't recall that.
Plausible deniability in all things.
I have to say, I did not see
the Paul Murphy move coming.
So when are you gonna roll Bauer?
That's your plan, isn't it?
He fails to make government,
bloodshed erupts on the backbench
and you wait in the wings for
them to beg you to come back.
I don't know, Alex. I'm not sure
I want to put my pearls back on.
As you keep telling me, there's
a better way of doing things.
You splitting the party?
Oh, I think the two-party
system's run its course.
You thought I was burning you again?
Yeah, I did.
Not this time.
Good luck, Alex.
You too.
Hey, what up, bruz?
CHARLIE: I'm surprised you answered.
- It was a big night.
- Mm.
Did I actually break a coffee table?
- You did.
- Hmm.
I thought I made that
one up. What time is it?
Eight o'clock. Not planning on
missing the sitting, are you?
Nup. (SIGHS)
SONG: Everything ♪
Comes down ♪
To what ♪
May happen now ♪
Hold ♪
The end away ♪
Three lifetimes ♪
In a day ♪
Fear on edge ♪
To blame ♪
Carry me ♪
Like I know you can ♪
'Cause this can't wait ♪
Today I'm playing
where the big kids play ♪
I'm playing where
the big kids play ♪
Alex. Hope I didn't wake you.
- God, Paul, I'm sorry.
- No hurry.
I'm about to become prime minister
and I thought you
might like to be there.
Yeah, no, 10 minutes. I swear.
- JOELY: Greg?
- CHARLIE: Alex Irving's office.
- This is Charlie.
- I don't care, mate.
She's just engineered the appointment
of this country's first blackfella PM.
- No, no, what I said
What I said before was there'd
be a statement after the vote.
You reckon she might be a bit
pissed off with the way your paper
handled that whole voice
to parliament shitstorm?
Well, your deadlines
are not our deadlines.
I'll cut you off 'cause
we know there's a vote
first thing in the House
before anything can happen.
Paul still has to test
the numbers in the House.
- You'll be the first to know.
- Yes, yes.
If the other person doesn't
answer after the fourth,
I go, "That person
doesn't wanna talk to me."
Guess what. This fella
doesn't wanna talk to you!
No, Alex Irving's not available.
Nup, she won't be available then,
she won't be available tomorrow.
She's never available.
You shouldn't be calling.
I don't care. You're not talking to her.
Are you ready?
If you'll follow me this way,
we'll head over to the
eastern formal garden.
Keep your eye out for a pair
of carved marble lions
guarding the entrance.
CHARLIE: After the vote, he'll head
to Government House to be sworn in.
They've sent through briefing notes
for the first bills up tomorrow,
but there's no guarantee they're
gonna keep doing that, so
JOELY: Well, it's in the agreement,
so if anybody's playing silly
buggers, then Alex can pull support.
CHARLIE: I think she just needs to be
Alex Irving?
It's alright to be white.
- You?
- It's alright to be white!
- Ohh!
- Alex! (GRUNTS)
- Arggh!
- JOELY: Alex!
- It's alright to be white!
- Fucking get him!
GUARD: Code blue! Code
blue! Stay back, stay back!
- Reps entrance. We got a Code Blue.
SPEAKER: The question is that
the following motion be agreed to,
that this House express its
confidence in Paul Murphy,
the Member for Locke, as prime minister
to lead any government.
The House will now divide.
Ring the bells for four minutes.
Stay down, stay down. We need an
ambulance at the reps entrance.
I repeat, the reps
entrance, immediately.
The bells are ringing.
GEORGE: Justin. Glad you made it.
Oh, you don't miss
days like today, friend.
- SPEAKER: Lock the doors!
(WHISPERS) Alex has been stabbed.
- What?
- Hey?
- Oh, God, no.
Something's happened
to Alex outside. Look.
Go and tell them.
Alex Irving's just been stabbed
outside of the House of Reps.
- WOMAN: Shit.
- Ring Charlie.
Get onto Charlie Irving.
Oh, no, that can't be true.
- Alex has been stabbed.
- That's confirmed?
This happens today. You go.
DAMIEN: Alex has been stabbed
and she's not coming in.
We're gonna use this to
our fucking advantage, OK?
We'll force the vote, but
I need to know these guys
are completely on our
fucking side, rock solid.
If she's not gonna make it, we'll
force the vote now. Go, go, go, go!
- MAN: Damien's forcing the vote.
- What?
- Yes.
- Don't you dare, Bauer.
You have no shame, Bauer!
History will judge you!
SPEAKER: Order! Order!
- Bauer, stand down!
- SPEAKER: Order!
(GASPING) Open the doors.
Open the bloody doors!
- Look at me! You look at
- Yes?
- SPEAKER: Order!
Don't don't you fucking
dare change sides now!
You sit down!
Alex, are you OK?
You know why we're here.
This is our turn now.
SONG: I got one thing, honey, yeah ♪
One thing, honey, yeah ♪
One thing on my mind ♪
Two young bodies ♪
Yeah, two warm bodies ♪
And the fingers entwined ♪
With you next to me ♪
We could set this world alight ♪
Here comes destiny ♪
She gonna set this night on fire ♪
I got one thing, honey, yeah ♪
One thing, honey, yeah ♪
One thing on my mind ♪
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