Total Control (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 2

ALEX: Worst floods in a century.
Tell Paul he has to
do something about it.
Oh, for God's sake, we've announced
a disaster package for the states
so can you please just calm your farm?
Don't tell me to calm down!
MAN: Your minister also failed
to disclose a financial stake
in Exebuild group of companies,
which owned and operated
the detention facility
where Miss Maclean died.
Kathleen Sloane. I should
have recognised you.
I've spoken to people who've lost
everything, and they're all asking,
"Why isn't anyone coming to help?"
We're meeting with Nick Pearce soon.
The think tank's finalising
$20 million in campaign finance.
Do you even trust him?
We're putting youth
justice on the back burner.
This is non-negotiable, Paul.
We have to cut Alex loose.
We run the risk of her
costing us government,
and I'll be fucked if I'm gonna
sit back and let that happen.
SONG: Slow down, you crazy child ♪
You're so ambitious for a juvenile ♪
But then, if you're so smart ♪
Tell me why are you still so afraid? ♪
Mm-mm ♪
Where's the fire? ♪
What's the hurry about? ♪
You better cool it off
before you burn it out ♪
You got so much to do ♪
And only so many hours in a day ♪
Please come through.
Alex, the echo shows
you have a condition
known as mitral valve stenosis.
Now, the symptoms are
similar to a panic attack -
the chest pain, palpitations
shortness of breath.
Your mitral valve leaflets are scarred.
Unfortunately, a simple throat
infection in your childhood
In your case, it's caused
by your mitral valve leaflets
being scarred and thickened.
They're neither opening
nor closing properly.
Now, this reduces the amount of blood
that the left ventricle can pump
and, as a result,
you end up feeling
breathless and exhausted.
- Is it treatable?
- Yes.
We'll use an antiarrhythmic,
but you will need a surgical procedure.
Minimally invasive.
You will, of course, have to
have time off to recuperate.
- How much time?
- Two to three weeks.
Perhaps a bit longer to
get you fully back to speed.
What if I don't have surgery?
Alex, right now you are at real
risk of having a sudden stroke.
And, left untreated, I can guarantee
you will go into heart failure.
My honest advice is to book
the procedure immediately.
I think I have time on
my list next Tuesday.
I don't know. I, um
have to check my schedule.
We'll be at the court in 15 minutes.
I've changed my mind.
- About?
- I'm not going to the sentencing.
NEWS REPORTER: Emotional scenes today
at the release of Brendan Anthony Cullen
for the stabbing attack on controversial
federal MP Alexandra Irving.
In ordering the release of
the 49-year-old army veteran,
Justice Hamid described
the case as a clear example
of what happens to vulnerable people
when media outlets seek to
inspire hatred and division.
Veterans Affairs has denied
that they breached duty of care
in their treatment of
the troubled veteran,
describing his case as "complicated".
MAN: We'd like to thank the judge
for recognising Brendan's years of
service, his exemplary character,
and for showing him compassion
today with her ruling.
CULLEN: There's a lot to say.
I have mates who will never come home.
Other mates who came back, but
not really.
I think about them all the time.
But thank you to my legal team.
Thank you to the judge.
And to Miss Irving,
I would like to say
uh, um
I'm sorry.
I know how much hurt I caused you.
And also, I'm sorry to your brother.
TEACHER: Is it too much to ask
you to pay attention, Eddie?
I was, Miss.
So, how about you answer the question?
North Atlantic Treaty
Organisation, established 1949,
was a military alliance
between member states
committing to defend each other
against attacks from third parties.
The 12 original members were
Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy
And what's your assessment of
NATO's performance since it started?
I don't know. It's done
fuck all for my mob.
Alright, alright. Back to work.
- (SIGHS) Sorry.
- RACHEL: Oh! Hey, darling.
Took a bit to get through this morning.
Mwah. Mwah.
Oh, those protesters, aren't they feral?
We're just lucky we have gun control.
Decaf, soy, extra hot.
Oh! Lifesaver.
So, where are we?
- Polling's back.
- And?
Lennox is tight, but you've
got a strong personal vote.
I've lost the party loyalists.
Not all of them, and
you're holding the centre.
You wouldn't have done
that if you'd stayed.
Draft constitution.
We took on board your feedback
and the Centre for Democracy's
pledged $20 million for the Alliance.
Any sitting members moving?
Matthew Kohli.
How close is he?
I don't know.
He's telling everyone how unhappy he is.
What'll it take to
move him, do you think?
He's a decent guy.
Something that'll
wake up his conscience.
What about Alex?
She hasn't said no.
You seem keen to have her on board.
Do I?
Well, she brings
Queensland, First Nations.
I guess she's hard not to like.
Why? What do you think?
Oh, Alex is born for a third party.
But it comes with a lot of noise.
We could use the noise.
I'm amazed you've still got
the appetite for all this.
We could hold the balance
of power for a generation.
I've got the appetite.
So, what ARE the numbers?
Sitting members, um, four or five.
They won't move without Matthew.
Alex, maybe. Me.
You, if
you're still with us?
SHARON: Oh, the fucking media
still has our balls in the blender
over the disaster relief and
the emergency services cock-up.
Alex Irving shooting her mouth off
at every waking moment
isn't helping any.
Question Time's gonna be a bloodbath.
What can we give them?
Regional health care reform.
All the ACCHOs would back it,
say we're revolutionising
community-controlled health care.
It's an easy media win.
We're copping it over aged care again.
Damien's cut millions out of the sector.
- Our problem now.
- And we talked about reform.
Yeah, we talked about
Indigenous health too, remember?
Paul, you've seen the
latest Closing the Gap.
Mate, Ausnews is killing us right now.
Well, maybe we should've done
media reform when we had the chance.
- Do you hate old people, Charlie?
Because that's what
every fuckin' editorial
in the Ausnews universe is gonna say.
- Aged care speaks to a wider demo.
- Thanks for that, Catherine.
Economic modelling on IndiMed
shows a massive return
on investment, Paul.
I've been working on this
for a year and a half.
- The numbers add up.
- Sorry, mate. It's not the right time.
No, it's 200 years too late!
Why do you and your sister
have to be on my arse every day?
Because this is important.
Hey. It's awesome,
Charlie. Don't get us wrong.
It's just that, you know, we
need something more vanilla.
Sharon, are you serious?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Beige, then. Pistachio.
Whatever fuckin' colour
is inoffensive these days.
Sorry, Charlie.
Look, set up a working group
with Health and Aged Care
and get back to us.
- Oh
- What?
Speaker. It's fine.
I'll go and sort her out.
No. Last time you did that, she
didn't speak to us for a week.
I'll go. Thank you, everyone.
- JOELY: Can you CC me in on that?
- WOMAN: Of course.
Sweet. Thanks.
I heard.
Yeah, well
Where are we at with emergency housing?
Sloane Holdings came through:
materials, labour, like clockwork.
Beats me how the government
can't get its shit together
but one chick with a helicopter can.
Get someone to track down
every dollar of federal funding
earmarked for flood relief
over the last 18 months.
I wanna see where every cent
has gone, and who's profiting.
Hey, don't get too comfy,
'cause you're due on the floor.
PMO's been riding me to make
sure you're there for that vote.
Yeah, I'll be there.
Have you got anything for a headache?
Why? Are you OK?
Never been better.
- Alex
- It's just a headache.
Crap sentence.
May as well have given that
bastard an Order of Australia.
Madam Speaker. How are we?
Prime Minister.
We're fine.
But the PMO's responses
to the opposition's
questions in writing are not.
Well, we've sent two versions already.
Just the one, really.
Your first attempt was essentially
a raised middle finger
and refusal to engage.
Well, we've responded now.
Not in a way that satisfies
the standing orders.
- God
- Oh, come on, Paul.
Do I have to explain the concept
of direct relevance to you?
Well, you know Damien's
time-wasting on this.
- Opposition 101. We all do it.
- I know that.
But if I allow this to stand,
I'm setting a precedent
for all future parliaments.
- I've got no intention of
- Oh, God.
Did you just roll your eyes at me?
Sorry. It seemed like
a reasonable response.
I know I'm only here because
you couldn't spare
someone from your own side.
No, you're also here because we knew
you'd take the office seriously -
which I'm regretting right now.
- I bet you are.
- Mm.
You give a direct answer to
parts three, six and seven,
- I'll allow the response.
- OK.
And tell Sharon that Damien can expect
the exact same standard of impartiality.
- She knows.
- She was insinuating otherwise.
Sharon can be a blunt instrument.
- Thank you, Phillipa.
- Thank you, Prime Minister.
The Morning producer
is still chasing you
for their cookery segment.
Oh! For God's sake.
When are we gonna become
a mature democracy?
I've said that we'll decline
impolitely if they ask again.
Now, what about the funding meeting?
Nick's asked to reschedule,
but he hasn't come back
to me with a new time yet.
Slippery bastard. We've
gotta nail him down.
We're not gonna get people onboard
if we can't announce a major backer.
- How's Helena?
- Solid, as always.
- I'm on it.
- I know.
Madam Speaker, this bill not
only streamlines tender processes,
but it means all future
federal infrastructure projects
will be aligned with the
nation's carbon emission targets.
To be eligible to tender
for government contracts,
a company must first prove
its clean energy credentials
and capacity to boost
our regional economy.
Some have argued that this
places an undue burden
- Is he still talking?
The word is he's positioning
to be the next PM.
- Liddell?!
- That was my reaction.
- They all dream, don't they?
- You alright?
- Yeah, fine.
LIDDELL: I commend
the bill to the House.
MEMBERS: Hear, hear!
The Leader of the
Opposition has the call.
Thank you, Madam Speaker.
This is yet another example
of the Murphy government
not knowing its head from its arse!
Oh, point of order! Madam Speaker!
The Leader of the Opposition knows
that language is unparliamentary
- and I ask him
- But, Madam Speaker
The Leader of the Opposition
will stop pretending
he's unaware of standing orders.
But, Madam Speaker, it's obvious
to anyone with half a brain
that this is greenwashing at its worst!
The Leader of the Opposition
will withdraw without reservation.
I'll withdraw, Madam Speaker, but
Without reservation.
The Leader of the Opposition will
refrain from disorderly conduct
or he'll leave the chamber.
MEMBERS: Oooooooh!
Oh, really? (TUTS)
I withdraw without reservation.
Thank you, Madam Speaker.
If this legislation is passed today,
how many companies will be locked
out of government contracts?
I'll tell you, Mister Speaker: too many.
- Rubbish! Rubbish, mate.
- What? Isn't one enough for you, mate?
- Order on my right.
- What if we have one?
Members will cease interjecting.
And the Leader of the Opposition
is reminded to use my correct title.
Apologies, Madam Speaker, but, uh
I'm distracted by the incompetence
of the benches across from me!
This bill is prohibitive
to any company out there
who fails to live up to the
ridiculously onerous criteria
imposed by the tree-huggers pulling
the strings in this government.
- Shame on you, Bauer.
- Shame on you, Bauer!
- Order.
This isn't red tape, Madam Speaker -
this is green tape!
Oh, you wouldn't know
red and green tape
I think he WANTS to
alienate the moderates.
He doesn't care.
DAMIEN: I've had legal advice
that, under the proposed guidelines,
so few companies will be eligible
Remind me why you're
opposing this again?
Its intentions are good,
but I'm with Damien:
it's badly designed.
It's a bad bill.
And, uh, playing nicely with capitalists
has gotten us such lovely results
on climate in the regions so far.
- Oh, please. Spare me.
- Spare us all.
They've had more than enough warning.
- And Paul's got the numbers.
- Only thanks to you three.
I hope you're all getting
flowers and chocolates.
healthy competition
to hell in a hand basket!
The Australian voters have
a right to send their money
where they want it, the good
causes they want to support.
- Order!
- PAUL: Have you read this, Damien?!
Madam Speaker, he
wouldn't know healthy
There's an unacceptable amount
of noise in the chamber today.
Next person who speaks without the call
will be ejected, under 94A,
without warning!
She would've been
wasted on the crossbench.
The question before the House
is that the bill be
now read a second time.
- All those in favour, say aye.
- Against, no.
- Division required.
- Ring the bells for four minutes.
- Alright, we'll go
Are you sure? It's not too late.
No chance.
- Lunch Thursday?
- OK.
Now, every cafe went mad
for cruffins and cronuts
and they thought, "What
else can we make a cross of?"
They got the Danish, and they
think you can call it a cranish.
But I'm thinking, the pastry's the same.
It's the same So I don't know
if it warrants a special name.
- It's just a Danish.
Order. Result of the
divisions: ayes 76, noes 74.
The matter is resolved
in the affirmative.
Hear, hear!
Fight another day, Rachel.
Second reading of the Sustainable
Procurement Practices Act 2024.
The Bill will now move to
consideration in detail.
PATRICIA: Today, the government passed
its Sustainable
Procurement Practices Bill.
Companies must now prove
their green credentials.
Before they'll be eligible to
tender for government contracts.
PAUL: My government is committed
to our 2030 emissions targets
and today we've taken a
significant step forward.
This bill ensures that
businesses we partner with
to deliver major projects and services
are also helping to deliver
a cleaner, greener future
for all Australians.
Yeah, no, I think you're
lying. Bub, I'm home.
I am not. I sent it to you.
Yeah, I know you can delete
whole rows of the little squares.
I just don't know how you got in two.
- Well, why would I bother cheating?
- (SCOFFS) 'Carom' is not a word.
Hey, Bub.
Hey. What's up?
Oh, nothing. Where are you?
I'm going to stay at Ash's tonight.
Got a physics assignment.
Oh, I bet you do.
I saw the sentence that Nazi got.
Yeah. You OK?
Ish. You?
Yeah, they're all
arseholes, you know that.
- Mind your language, hey?
- I did.
I was gonna say "fucking arseholes".
What are you having for dinner?
Some kind of Moroccan lamb thing.
It smells amazing.
Better than your cooking.
Oh, well, that's a shame,
because I just cooked a pizza.
I guess I'll just have it to myself.
- Ha, ha.
- ASHLEY: Oi, Eddie, your turn.
I got to go. See ya.
- Hey?
- Hmm?
- What?
- Do you think you should?
- It's not my business.
- Yeah, no, you're right.
But you need to look after yourself.
I think you should leave now, Dominic.
What did the cardiologist tell you?
You've had a series of tests
the past couple of weeks.
And this morning you met
with a Doctor Carrera.
You spying on me?
You can barely keep your
eyes open in the car.
You get breathless, chest pain,
now you're seeing a cardiologist.
You don't fucking know
me. You understand?
You don't know anything.
And you don't tell me when
I can have a fucking drink.
Do you understand?
- Yes, Miss Irving.
- Who else have you told?
Goodnight, Miss Irving.
Oh my God, have you cooked?
Don't get excited. It's just a curry.
- That smells amazing.
- How's bub?
Been trying out for the NRL all day.
Hey, check this out. Give me your hand.
It's gonna kick when
I say "Go, Raiders!"
Oh, no!
No, we agreed to raise
them a Broncos fan.
Uh, no we didn't.
(WHISPERS) Broncos.
Did you day get any easier?
They rejected IndiMed.
Sorry about that.
Yeah, it doesn't help that the
Left's too busy eating itself
to hold Damien to account for anything.
Leaves Ausnews free to go
pore over anything progressive.
It's It's an impossible situation.
He's so lucky to have you in his corner.
Yeah, tell him that.
Did anyone ask you about the sentencing?
You go chill. I'm
gonna put some rice on.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Charlie's right.
Look, we know it's bad.
It's fucking catastrophic.
We've gone backwards in just about
every Indigenous health indicator.
- Well, none of it's a surprise.
- And that makes it worse.
I let the Right run the agenda
because they own the media.
I let everyone talk me
out of doing anything
because we're frantic about risk.
I'll get crucified when they
read this, and rightly so.
We can always delay releasing it.
Oh, yeah, that'll help.
Who the fuck am I?
You could go ahead with
Alex's youth justice bill.
Then WA and Queensland
will lose their shit
and we'll lose the states.
So what do you want to do?
We announce IndiMed.
Well, that's an expensive policy.
Last figure I saw was
$3.9 billion a year
for keeping blackfellas in prisons.
Happy to point that out to anyone
who says IndiMed's a
bad use of public money.
Are you sure?
Yeah. I am.
Charlie! In here.
What's up?
We're announcing IndiMed
today before Question Time.
You're on.
What happened to aged care?
Well, apparently old people
aren't closing the gap.
Can you do a speech by 1:00?
Jesus. Yep.
- Charlie.
- Yeah?
Not a dry eye in the house.
Come on, brother.
ASH: What are you doing for the break?
Going home to Winton. Can't
wait for some decent weather.
- You?
- Thredbo.
You could come. We've got a chalet.
You ski?
- I've never seen snow.
I didn't steal shit.
Just let me look in the bag.
- Nah, bro.
- Let me just look at it.
Get away, bro.
Give me Oi!
Give me the bag!
What the fuck?
- Hand it over! Just hand me the bag!
Hey, don't move. Hey, now
you don't have a choice, hey?
See what happens. Give me your bag.
Check that.
- Stay there.
- OFFICER: Hoodie off, mate.
You need help?
Fuck off! Ah, fuck!
Did they ask if they can search you?
- Hey, mate, give him his privacy.
- Yeah, because that's what he needs.
You don't have to
tell him anything, bro.
Alright, mate, I'm
asking you to step back.
He a friend of yours?
You two in this together?
Yeah, I've seen him
hanging around before.
- Well, what's your name then?
- I don't have to tell you shit.
Just wanna have a chat, mate,
just wanna know who I'm talking to.
Wanna tell me who I'm talking to?
Constable Pollard out of the
Canberra City Police Station.
- Now move on.
- ASH: Eddie, don't get involved.
- Are youse arresting him?
- Come on, Eddie.
OFFICER: Eddie, is it?
You think it's fun to
obstruct police work, Eddie?
What are youse arresting him for?
Did you find anything on him?
They're not allowed to arrest
you without telling you why, bro.
You're under arrest
on suspicion of theft.
On what ground? 'Cause he's black?
Tell him his rights.
You want a lift to the
station as well, Eddie?
No, thanks, Constable Pollard.
- You want to get arrested?
- I haven't done anything.
We've asked you to move on.
You're obstructing an arrest.
If you keep giving us trouble,
we'll charge you with resisting.
Get off me, hey!
Fuck! Ah!
Alright, everyone, give us some space.
- ASH: What did he even do?
- Move along, please.
He didn't even do anything.
Wait here.
You're under 18, right?
- Yeah. You?
- Yeah.
They can't question us
without an adult present.
I know that.
What've they got on you?
Seccie said I was lifting.
- And he didn't find anything?
- That's not gonna stop them.
But, bro, what the fuck?
Why'd you have to stick your nose in?
Why'd you care?
Hey, but you saw them. They
were totally packing it.
You're fucking mental.
RACHEL: Restoring the
single parent benefit
is key to lowering
domestic violence rates.
Well, I'm guessing the treasurer
has shut you down over this.
No, we've sent it to
you first, actually.
Yes, we thought perhaps the
crossbench could get some traction.
Have you spoken with Shaun and Helena?
Helena's waiting for her adviser.
Shaun is canvassing the party room.
Great. Well, that's
- brilliant.
I'll circulate the report to the mods.
- That's good news. Thanks, Alex.
- Do you want me to get that?
Um No, it's all good.
- I'll just speak with Helena.
- Alex Irving.
Tell her you'll keep her informed.
I'm sorry?
Sorry, I have to deal with this.
Joely, can you set up another meeting?
Um, I'll send through
a list of, um, options.
- Thank you.
- Great.
Uh, Joely, have you
got a minute for a chat?
Yeah, is this about the Alliance?
Yeah, actually.
I'd like you to be involved.
Does old mate know that
you're moving him on?
Oh, Peter? Oh, no. He's a keeper.
Would you be interested
in running as a candidate?
Come on, don't look at me like that.
You're an excellent communicator
and you helped Alex
win an unwinnable seat.
And you want people to
know that the Alliance
isn't just for middle-aged
white feminists, right?
I am not being tokenistic about this.
You know how Canberra works,
and I think you'll keep me on my toes.
I think you could win Noonan.
- Noonan?
- Yeah.
It's next door to Freeman,
you've got family there.
You started the women's shelter.
What, you been stalking me, Rachel?
Actually, we commissioned some polling.
It's very positive.
Does Alex know about this?
No, but I assumed you'd
tell her if you want to.
I'm really flattered, Rachel.
But Alex is the reason
why I'm here, so
You want to have a read before
you make a hard decision?
No need.
But thanks.
I hope Alex appreciates your loyalty.
- You alright?
- Yeah, Mum.
You have my son. Eddie Irving.
POLLARD: Can I help you?
Yeah, you want to tell me what he did?
- He hindered an arrest.
- Before that.
He was filming.
Well, that's not a
crime and you know that.
He was told to move on,
and he refused to comply.
Obstruction of police business.
And the store security guard
has had issues with him before.
Eddie, show me. Come here.
VIDEO: We've asked you to move
on. You're obstructing an arrest.
If you keep giving us trouble,
we'll charge you with resisting.
Yeah, I don't know,
but if I was his lawyer,
I'd be advising he file
assault charges, wouldn't you?
He wasn't cooperating.
Do you have any evidence he
committed a criminal offence?
Besides the word of a
racist security guard?
Well, he hasn't been charged.
Sometimes all these kids
need is a bit of a scare.
Oh, these kids.
- Come on.
- Mum.
You got someone coming for you.
Well, come on then.
Come on.
Is this it?
- See you.
- Later, man.
Do you want me to come
in and chat with your mum?
Hell, no. All good.
See ya.
Thank you, Aunty.
Why weren't you at school?
Teachers' strike.
You go to a private school.
Ash and I was out in solidarity.
- Is he a friend of yours?
- Just met him.
But I know the security
guard that collared him.
Picks us off.
Doesn't pick on the white kids.
VIDEO: Ah, fuck!
Don't you dare post that.
Why not?
Do you know how much grief
I'd get if that got out?
The press would hang me out to dry.
So I should just let the racist
cops do whatever they want?
I didn't say that.
Stop being a dickhead.
You chose to be here, not me.
What, in Canberra?
I'm not always going to
be here to bail you out.
Why? Where you going?
Just be a good idea if you could
think before you act for a change.
'Cause that's what you always do.
Stop with the attitude, eh?
I didn't break any laws.
I was standing up for what was right.
You've got a chance to do
whatever you want to do.
Be whoever you want to be.
Just don't fuck it up.
Coming from you, good advice, Mum.
Stay here till I get back.
What about school? Are
you going to tell 'em?
I don't know, see how I feel.
- JOELY: Hey, you right?
- Yeah, no, we're fine.
- All good?
- Yeah, I'm coming back.
I'll see you soon.
Stay, OK?
Parliament House, Dominic.
MARION: I tell you, if
you start quoting Seneca,
- I'm leaving.
- Oh, you're safe,
because I broke up with
him for Marcus Aurelius.
(LAUGHS) No, of course you did.
Oh, thank you so much for
agreeing to meet with me and
Oh, of course, of course.
How long are you back for?
Oh, probably for good.
My dad's not well, and
- Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
- Yeah.
Well, I also got sick of
the Brits. Well, Britain.
Surprised you were there so long.
Irish breakfast?
Look, you know this is not
going to be a puff piece, right?
Why would you start now?
OK, so I'm just going to
tape all our conversation.
And if anything's sort of off
the record or I'm briefing,
- you just tell me, OK?
- Of course.
And of course, you'll
have right of reply.
- Thank you.
- OK.
Uh, Rachel Anderson, Monday 29.
Alright, here we go.
So, uh, that talk.
Yeah, that stirred things up, didn't it?
- Apparently.
It's very interesting,
this idea of the Alliance.
- Right?
- Yeah.
So how are you going to, um,
compete with the majors on funding?
Oh, God. Uh, you know,
the usual suspects,
uh, ethical corporates,
high net worth individuals with
a passion for climate change.
And, of course, you know,
grassroots engagement.
There's a real hunger
for that kind of buy-in
which we saw at the last election.
And will the think tank be involved?
- Uh, what think tank?
- Oh, sorry, the
The Futures for Democracy think tank.
- Oh.
- The one run by your campaign
Well, your former campaign
manager, Nick Pearce.
Oh, and he's an interesting
character, isn't he?
(LAUGHS) He is certainly, uh,
broke the mould with that one.
- Have you met him?
- No, I'm trying to.
So did you know that he's, um,
consulting for this development firm
that's with alleged links
with organised crime?
(SIGHS) No. No, I did not know that.
But it is Sydney.
It's the only city in the world
where the sons of the drug importers
go to school with the
sons of the media barons.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, I think his ties are a little
bit deeper than the school ones.
So this think tank,
it funded all the
independents, including you?
Not sure what you're
digging at here, Marion,
but if you're suggesting
there's been illegal donations,
it's a registered entity
and we all declared, so
What are you writing exactly?
No, it's just It's It's
like a sort of gut feeling.
I just
I think there's more to Nick
than his newfound love
of independent women.
So these, uh The
think tank's candidates,
- they're all on the crossbench.
- That's right.
It was set up to identify
and back centrist women
and really to address the
gender imbalance in Parliament.
- It's done a great job.
- Yeah.
So why has Nick wound it up
if it's been so successful?
Um, a few weeks ago, I think.
I take it you didn't know that?
Listen, Marion, I know the
crossbench are easy clickbait, but
I hope you've got
your facts straight.
You're going to have right
of reply when we publish.
I really don't appreciate the
ambush. I think we're done.
PETER: Uh, Nicholas
Galloway, Serena Marchant?
Nick, hi. It's Rachel again.
Could you please return my call?
I would really appreciate
knowing what the hell is going on.
Uh, hi, it's Rachel Anderson.
Yeah, um, I'm trying to
track down Nick Pearce.
It's a matter of some urgency.
Has he been into the
club in the last week?
Right, right.
I understand that
this is an emergency
OK. Uh, yeah, yeah,
that that would be great.
Have you got my number?
It's come up. OK.
- And what time?
- Thank you.
- 3:30.
- Thanks so much. Bye.
- Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
- I'm gonna have to call you back.
What is happening, Peter?
Like, what the actual fuck is happening?
Has he taken the money and shot through?
I don't know.
Well, he's meant to be bankrolling us.
Yes, well, we can always deal
with the funding shortfall.
- Can we?
- Yes. There are contingencies.
What worries me more
is the money that's already
gone into the candidates.
- And if there's an issue there
- What do you mean an issue?
Like what? What kind of issue?
I don't know, and
that's what concerns me.
Well, do we tell the girls?
Helena, Philippa, Alex?
No, not until we have
something concrete.
- In the meantime
Um, Marion, could you
ask her what she knows?
- She's not going to tell me.
- Well, she might.
You don't know her.
Yes, Peter Solomon.
No, I can't.
- How's it going, Chuckles?
- Yeah, nearly done.
- We're on in five.
- Yeah, I'll be there.
- Where is it?
- He said it's on its way.
- I've made all those changes.
- About time.
Thank you, brother.
Good afternoon.
I stand in front of you
today with great pride.
This historic and
groundbreaking initiative
has been a long time in the making.
As Prime Minister of this great country
and a proud Butchulla
and Mananjahli man,
this initiative is close to my heart.
My colleagues and I
wanted to get it right,
and I believe, after extensive
consultation, we have.
IndiMed is a comprehensive
healthcare package
which will address the criminal
neglect of previous governments
when it comes to protecting
the health of our people,
and in particular,
the health of our First Nations people.
IndiMed will provide all Australians
in remote regional centres
with the independence and
self-determination in healthcare
that will translate to
improved child mortality,
increased life expectancy,
and better health
outcomes across the board.
JOELY: About time.
More than that, it will translate
to a vital economic boost
for regional and remote communities,
Indigenous and non-Indigenous.
Good on you, brother.
Prime Minister, how much is
this going to add to the deficit?
We'll release costings in the budget.
This is a fiscally responsible package.
Is it true the Close the Gap report
shows the gap between Indigenous
and non-Indigenous outcomes
is widening under your watch?
Well, we're confident that
this suite of initiatives
will redress the previous
government's failure.
And you have the policy
report, so please read them.
JOURNALIST: Prime Minister.
Last question, Kirsty.
Prime Minister, can you comment on
the police incident earlier today
involving the Member for
Freeman's teenage son.
Our sources say Alex Irving
harassed officers at
Canberra police station today.
A teenager was taken into
custody alongside her son,
Edward Irving, just this afternoon.
- Oh, shit.
- I can't comment on that case.
I didn't tell anyone.
Are you aware that Alex Irving,
the crossbencher who
holds up your government
used her position as a
member of the parliament
- to get her son released
- We're done here. Thank you.
Yeah, what the fuck?
Yeah, well, we might've
Yeah, too late.
What the hell was that?!
Did you know about this?
- No, of course I didn't.
- Well, get her in here, now.
I don't know how it got out.
Right, because the police
never leak to the media.
It wasn't his fault.
He was standing up for the other kid.
Eddie's not the issue.
They picked him up because he was black.
- You know what's going on here.
- Yes, Alex, I know it's racism.
I know it's a beat up
and calculated to do
maximum damage to both of us.
But what I don't know is
why you didn't warn me.
Because if you'd done that, I
would have changed my strategy.
And you mouthing off at a
cop wouldn't have steamrolled
the best announcement we've
made for blackfellas all year!
You're the one dragging
your heels on raise the age.
You just don't know how
precarious this is, do you?
If it wasn't this, they would
have found something else.
That's just it, isn't it?
There's always something else with you.
You start fires wherever you go.
Well, I'm sick to my
gut of putting them out!
What happened to pulling your head in?!
Alright, I've drafted
this press release
Close the door.
"Private matter between mother and son.
Harmless teenage shenanigans.
No charges were laid.
No privilege was abused "
Get onto the National Secretary.
I want polling done in Freeman.
Focus groups on the quiet.
I want to know the numbers
and how she's going.
Well, it's marginal, and
we're running a distant third.
We'll throw everything we have at it.
I don't care what it takes.
We'll take her fucking
seat in the next election.
Alright, but you you
can't ice her out yet.
We need You will still
need her seat on the floor.
We won't say or do anything
to make her suspicious.
Keep communication to a minimum.
She knows she's in the doghouse.
When the time comes,
we'll cut her loose.
And Charlie. What do I say to him?
I want him kept onside.
Alright, well, I better
get this out then.
Anything else?
Say whatever it takes
to make it go away.
SONG: Slow down, you crazy child ♪
You're so ambitious for a juvenile ♪
But then, if you're so smart, ♪
Tell me, why are
you still so afraid? ♪
Mm-mm ♪
Where's the fire,
what's the hurry about? ♪
You better cool it off
before you burn it out ♪
You got so much to do and
only so many hours in a day ♪
Hey ♪
But you know that
when the truth is told ♪
That you can get what you
want or you can just get old, ♪
You're gonna kick off before
you even get halfway through ♪
Ooh ♪
When will you realise? ♪
Vienna waits for you. ♪
What did Paul say after
you asked him to loop me in?
He said he was changing the
comms process with the crossbench.
And that didn't sound like
code for fucking me over?
What exactly do I get
for my $20 million?
You get a better country.
Is your boss trying to freeze me out?
Paul keeping me in the
dark isn't an accident.
For fuck's sake, Alex, some
things are just cock ups.
They're not conspiracies.
Listen, you should have told us
you were commissioning
polling for Freeman.
We could have helped you out on that.
What are you talking about?
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