Total Control (2019) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

You know this is not gonna
be a puff piece, right?
This thinktank, it funded all
the independents, including you.
What are you writing exactly?
MAN: Alex, the echo
shows you have a condition
known as mitral valve stenosis.
You will need a surgical procedure.
Sloane Holdings came through.
Materials, labour, like clockwork.
Would you be interested in running?
I think you could win Noonan.
Does Alex know about this?
I hope Alex appreciates your loyalty.
What is happening, Peter? Like,
what the actual fuck is happening?
Has he taken the money and shot through?
I don't know.
You start fires wherever you go.
Well, I'm sick to my gut
of I'm putting them out.
You're the one dragging
your heels on Raise The Age.
We'll take her fucking
seat in the next election.
When the time comes,
we'll cut her loose.
Oi! What's the hurry?
Anyone would think you
had somewhere to be.
Yeah, well
You sure you know where you're going?
- It's a short cut.
- Could have fooled me.
Eddie's what
17 now?
Yeah. He's grown up.
(CHUCKLES) Well, I hope he's giving
you as much grief as you gave me.
I was an angel compared to him.
(LAUGHS) Were you now?
I came good, didn't I?
Yeah, you did, bub.
You're living down south now.
I miss the town.
Me too.
I'm sorry I wasn't here, Mum.
What about you, though?
Are you OK?
Not really.
I'm sorry, bub.
I'm so sorry, Alex.
Like a rhinestone cowboy ♪
- Bing-bing! ♪
- I don't bloody think so!
I can't hear myself think.
- Is that such a bad thing, really?
- I need to make a call.
It can wait till after
my song, can't it?
You don't even know the words.
Getting cards and letters
from people I don't even know ♪
- Offers coming over the phone ♪
You've called Paul
Murphy. Leave a message.
- (BEEP)
Paul, I asked your office
for the numbers days ago
and I still haven't heard
back. I need them by 11:30.
- What's the worry?
- I don't know, something's going on.
- I can feel it.
- He's probably just in meetings.
Or he's ghosting you.
What, like you're ghosting school?
- Good one, Mum.
Hello, Winton!
At least someone's happy to be home.
(SONG CONTINUES) But I'm gonna be ♪
Where the lights are shining on me ♪
Like a rhinestone cowboy ♪
- Morning.
- Morning, Alex.
Um, catch up in the main office, yeah?
Morning everyone. Morning. How are we?
- Good?
Just wait for everyone.
Can I just get everyone
gathered around here, please?
- How is everyone? We all good?
- Good.
Can we just step back for a moment
and just see what you've done here?
35 grand raised for the flood
relief, just here in this town alone.
450 care packages sent from
this office, all on donation,
all of you volunteers.
And I'm so bloody
proud of you. Thank you.
Now we're gonna shoot off to the opening
but Faye here is gonna shout you
some cake and coffee. Yeah, Faye?
And, um, thank you.
Keep up the good work.
Oh, big game Saturday. Go the Devils!
- Yes!
- ALL: Go the Devils!
Um, spend it somewhere
where they vote for us, yeah?
- For sure.
- You sure you don't want to come?
- I'll go when I'm sick.
- OK.
(CHUCKLES) You know Aunty Jan
would be so proud of you, sissy.
- So proud.
- Thank you.
Now you,
you're helping Aunty Faye
in the office today, yeah?
- No funny buggers. You hear me?
- Child slavery is illegal, you know.
Thank you, everyone!
ALL: Bye.
Tegan, thanks for
finally calling me back.
Yeah, no, I'm aware
he's the Prime Minister.
I need that mental
health spend by 11:30.
It's the fifth time I've ask
Yeah, no, don't don't cry. Just
Just get me the announceables,
OK? I'm opening the centre in
OK, Jesus, 20 minutes.
I need them now, Tegan.
Oi, where you going? Car's here.
Thought we could walk.
It's just around the corner.
Paul needs my vote. Nothing
gets done without me.
I mean, there's been nothing.
Nothing from him, nothing from Sharon,
ever since Eddie got himself picked up.
Since Ausnews blew it up.
It's not Eddie's fault. Isn't it?
Jesus, Alex!
It's the usual shit.
Now smile and wave
before you lose that vote.
- MAN: G'day!
- WOMAN: Hello, love!
See, I can smile.
Hey, you did this
amongst a whole
bunch of other stuff.
That's why they love you, Alex.
Here, get a selfie, come on.
I've gotta take a photo of this.
Hi. Good to see you. Hi.
- Good to see you, Alex.
- And you, Melinda.
- Today's a good news day, right?
- Yeah. Fantastic.
Look, I'm expected back
in Brisbane this afternoon.
Do you mind if we got started?
Ah, sure. I'm just waiting on
some hard numbers from the PMO.
- Anything yet?
- I'm on hold right now.
- Ah, Alex.
- Good morning, everyone.
I would like to acknowledge the
traditional custodians of the land
that we meet on, the Koa People,
and pay my respects to
Elders past and present.
It's great to be here today to
open the new Winton Medical Centre.
The Queensland government
knows the importance
of access to local medical services.
And the Prime Minister
is passionate about this.
That's why, with the support
of our federal colleagues,
I'm delighted to announce $182 million
to improve mental health support
at key regional health services,
including this one.
- What the fuck?
- And I can guarantee you good people
that if the Queensland government
is re-elected in six weeks time,
this will be just the start of a
region-wide spend on mental health.
- Thank you.
You're up.
I'm so sorry, Mum.
This should have been here for you.
You shouldn't have had to drive
400 kays round trip every week
just for medical care.
And you shouldn't have had to
die 180 kays away from home.
When Rachel Anderson offered
me a place in the Senate,
she asked me what I wanted.
And I told her - this.
Proper healthcare for all our community.
It's too late for Mum but
it's here for us now.
This is OUR medical centre
and I'm so proud
to officially open it.
Well done, bub.
Your mum would be so proud.
At least someone's got the number.
Can you check the email trail,
Joely? Did we miss anything?
No. We never got a heads
up. Someone's fucked up.
I'm starting to feel
like it's deliberate.
For what it's worth, I
asked them to loop you in.
That's nice of you. What did Paul say?
After you asked him to loop me in.
He said he was changing the
comms process with the crossbench.
And that didn't sound like
code for fucking me over?
We're six weeks out from an election.
I thought Paul was
giving us a free kick.
Why would he waste an
announcement somewhere like this?
It's not like you guys win out here.
It'll play well in the
larger regional centres.
Winton's not necessarily our target.
Our target? What does that mean?
I don't wanna get in the middle
of mum and dad having a barney.
Maybe take it up with Paul.
Good luck, Alex.
What did she mean by "good luck"?
What are you thinking?
I don't know. Maybe Paul just didn't
want it to be the Alex show today.
- So I'm not being paranoid?
- Oh, no. Something's going on.
But we've got 15 minutes
to get to the CWA.
So let's get them little
leggies going and hit the road.
I don't think they want
your selfies out there, mate.
- I've done six boxes already.
What, you on a go-slow or something?
What is this I hear
about you skipping school?
You're smarter than that.
My marks are high.
That's not what I asked you, bub.
All the kids in my school are sorted.
All want to be CEOs and lawyers.
And what do you want to do?
I don't know.
You could join the army like your mum.
Look, she didn't know what
she wanted to do either.
She reckons I've gotta have a plan.
I know you'll figure it out, bub.
If she lets me.
You know you're basically
the same person, right?
Look, Clancy has been
missing you like crazy.
Kylie too.
So, finish up your work
and you can get out of here.
- KATHLEEN: Morning.
- Oh!
Morning, Peter.
How lovely to see you again, Kathleen.
Rachel and I were just discussing
the procurement legislation.
It was a disappointing outcome.
Tell me about it. I have a
proposal for 60 solar farms
and I'm the one who can't
be trusted with a tender.
Well, yeah, it was a great shame
that some of the crossbench
could not be persuaded
that private equity has a critical
role in our decarbonisation, but
Well, I appreciate the vote, even
though it ended up being useless.
Well, it's a limitation
of our current position.
Which is why you're riding
in to save democracy, right?
(LAUGHS) Exactly.
I saw your lecture.
Rah-rah, system change.
And I agree, it's easier
for an insider to do it.
But you come with a fair
amount of political baggage.
That worries me.
- Would you like to have the room?
- No. I
I think we can discuss this openly.
- You're a good team, you two.
We have been doing this for a long time.
Some people might find that a negative,
but we share a vision for the future.
And we have the experience to deliver.
- So let's talk about that, shall we?
- Mm.
So, what exactly do I
get for my $20 million?
You get a better country.
We're interested in what
that might look like to you.
Paul Murphy talked a big game
about breaking up the current media
monopoly when he was in opposition.
Oh, it's very easy to
be brave in opposition.
So is a review into media ownership
something you'd like to see done?
I want the monopoly broken up.
- OK, well
I think half the ex-prime
ministers of the last 20 years
would agree with you.
And I would include myself
in that very vocal club.
And I wanna buy in.
OK, well, that is interesting.
I think I'll leave you to
find your common ground.
- Thank you, Peter.
- Rachel. Kathleen.
You'll find you've got a
real ally in this with me.
Now, I think the Alliance
will mostly be sympathetic,
but I can't speak to how
they'll vote individually.
So, remind me again. I mean
what exactly does my
$20 million guarantee me?
It guarantees that I will drive on this
and I'll use my influence
with any government I'm
in a privileged position
to form a coalition with.
So do you think you might
consider funding the Alliance
with that assurance?
- How did it go?
- I don't know.
Honestly, Peter, I
just I've got no idea.
Well, anything other than a no
isn't a bad situation to be in.
Yeah, it's not a very solid one.
Keep the faith. Hm?
- Peter, if this whole thing falls
- No, it's not gonna fall apart.
- I know, I know
- Rachel, shut up.
It's part of the process.
You know how this goes.
And we have other
meetings. We'll be fine.
We'll be fine, yeah?
Yes. Thank you.
Let's get out of here.
This place is giving me the heebie-jeeb.
FAYE: Those scones was like rocks!
But you ate 'em. Clancy!
Mwah, mwah, mwah. Too much?
Oh, lead the way.
(SIGHS) So much better.
More comfy!
- Thank you.
Is that a ringneck?
Since when do you know about birds?
Since when they don't ask me
about my voting intentions.
You might want to go easy on
that boy of yours, you know.
He's making some stupid choices.
And you didn't?
All that opportunity he's
getting, he's fucking up.
You know people won't
let him get away with it.
I'm just saying, give him a
little bit of space, that's all.
And what about you?
You got some bureaucrat
down there keeping you warm
on them cold Canberra nights or what?
No. Kick 'em out when they get comfy.
'Cause you're shit to be in a
relationship with, that's why!
Can't even let someone
change a radio station!
I spoke to Charlie the other day.
Alex, he's your baby brother.
- And he sounds ratshit.
- He looks ratshit.
And what are you gonna do about it?
Well, what can I do about
it? He's still shitty with me.
Only 'cause you sacked him.
Well, he needed time to recover.
And you thought working for the PM
would be a slower pace
of life for him, did you?
No, I thought keeping him away from me.
People get hurt.
You can't blame yourself for some
racist prick trying to kill you.
Charlie doesn't!
Yep, that's a ringneck for sure.
In here, baby. You are cutting it fine.
I know, I know. I'm sorry.
There was a last minute reshuffle
to the National Cabinet agenda.
How was your day?
Oh, half of DFAT thinks I
can't answer a bloody question.
My uterus is distracted,
my brain is fine.
How was the rest of your day?
Well, we got a Treasurer's
Advance for IndiMed.
Which means the first pilot
sites will be up in six months.
Oh, look at you go.
Changing the country.
Right. Mmm.
Wouldn't have happened
without Paul's backing, though.
Which even then was like trying to
turn the Titanic with rubber ducks.
Well, at least you got
some runs on the board.
I'd be more enthused if
we didn't have to mingle.
This is gonna be the last time
we're gonna look sexy for the
next two years. Lean in, Mister.
Oh, and remember that aftershave
Makes the baby kick till
you wanna die. I get it.
Alex, what's up?
Are you OK?
Yeah, we're just about
to leave the house.
No, no, no, I don't mean right now.
I meant to ask you,
since the sentencing.
So are you?
How much have you been drinking tonight?
Oh, so that's the only reason I'd
ask my little brother if he's OK.
- When I'm drunk.
- That's not what I meant.
Well, it sounded like it.
Alex, you called me.
Did you know about the
funding announcement?
Oh, there it is.
$182 mil joint funding
for mental health.
I didn't even get a phone call about it.
There's a state election. There's
money flying all over Queensland.
Why didn't you tell me about it?
Because I'm across
policy, not media ops.
- Is your boss trying to freeze me out?
- You need to stop being paranoid.
Paul keeping me in the
dark isn't an accident.
Oh, for fuck's sake! Alex
some things are just cock
ups, they're not conspiracies.
Look, my car's here, I gotta go, OK?
I love you.
Yeah, I love you too.
- Is she OK?
- God, who the fuck knows?
Let's have some fun, OK?
Come on.
Oh, thank you.
I'm sure the only one worth
answering is in the room.
- Oh, CabSec. I'm so sorry, babe.
- OK. All good.
Hi, what's up?
No, he signed that.
Oh, what?
No, I put it on his desk this morning.
Alright OK, just
leave it with me. OK.
It's a fine whisky.
Thank you. Look at you.
Oh. (CHUCKLES) The last time I
saw this was at a G20 function.
I found it in the back of the closet.
What is that dreadful object
they've put in my hallway?
- Foul.
- Is Matthew here?
- Ah, drawing room to the left.
What do I do if he mentions the funding?
Well, you're in active
discussions with Kathleen.
You've got the telco meeting
next week, so you have options.
But we need him.
There are about eight
moderates aligned with him now
and they all hate Damien, so yes.
- Yes, we do.
- OK.
Oh, thank you.
Alright, well just let me check
with the department liaison.
Alright, let me call you back.
How are you, sir? Great to see you, Dee.
And you, Prime Minister.
Paul, the brief I left in your tray.
Oh, mate, not tonight.
The department are in a flap,
OK? We've missed lodgement.
Well, surely CabSec
can let that one slide.
- No, Paul, it doesn't
- I can see you're busy, Paul.
I just wanted to say hi.
Good to see you, Helena.
I'll try and catch you later.
- Have a great night.
- You too.
- RACHEL: Hello.
- Hi.
- Very nice.
- Oh, thank you.
High praise for a recyc.
Can I get you a champagne?
Thank you. I need one.
Ben, my adviser, just quit.
- Oh, damn.
- If you know anyone I can poach
Ah, yes. I'll have a look out for you.
Anyone else here single?
Well, it's Canberra.
Isn't everyone single?
- I'm sorry.
I'll go talk to the Foreign Minister.
Have you spoken to Matthew?
Not yet.
- Is he likely?
- I don't know.
I've given up predicting
how people behave
when faced with an existential threat.
You think it'd be simple,
right? Fight or flight.
Or freeze.
You might be right.
Might make my move.
- Matthew.
- Rachel.
- Enjoying your night?
- Pretty good so far.
- You free for a chat?
- Of course.
Come down and join this bathroom queue.
So I heard a little rumour that
Damien's offered you something
on the front bench.
We're discussing options.
Oh, well, it's nice that
you might get some respect.
You sure he's not just carrot dangling?
Old move. Buy off the mods.
What's the mood like over there?
Depends who you ask.
What about your seat? How's it looking?
It'll hold.
As long as I don't use the
party logo or our dear leader
- on any of the bunting.
- Oh, my God.
You know, you might get a bit lonely.
You could lose three in Victoria.
That's not with us running.
Of course you could always
join the prayer group.
Not enough incense for me.
- Oh, photographer, two o'clock.
- Thank you.
Oh, you're funny.
I'm stuck between a
rock and a hard place.
I don't know, you've
got two good choices.
Take the Shadow
Ministry, pocket the 45K,
shut up while Damien drives
the party off a cliff.
Or come play with us,
hold the balance of power,
govern from the centre.
Get an actual ministry.
- That'd take time to execute.
- We'll be ready.
Seriously, Matthew.
I miss you in the party room, Rachel.
Thank you. I don't miss it at all.
- But ours is gonna be a lot more fun.
Government needs to have an
honest conversation about it.
We should be able to be grown up enough
to make these decisions ourselves.
- Oh, sorry, one second.
- Sorry.
How did you go? Did you sort out the
Paul has agreed to a digital signature
and the DepSec has left the building.
I'm so sorry that I've
left you alone all night.
No, I cornered the Foreign
Minister about the new white paper.
Yeah, that sounds like
your idea of a good night.
You want to head off?
You really are hating this, aren't you?
You go.
I'll just be another hour. Or two.
Are you sure?
Yeah, you're being a handbrake anyway.
- I'll see you at home.
- Yeah, I'll see you there.
Hey, wakey wakey, rise and shine.
Big day ahead, boss. You good?
Yeah, I was, until you woke me up.
Get over yourself. Brekkie
in five minutes alright?
- Oh, make yourself at home.
- Already have.
MUM: What about you, though?
Are you OK?
Good morning.
How late did you stay
up? You look like shit.
- Thanks for that.
You right, but?
Yeah, drank too much
with Aunty Faye. Mwah.
And on a school night no less, Alex!
- Hey, we gotta go.
Hey, you stay out of trouble
while I'm on the road, yeah?
- Yeah, see ya, Mum.
- Don't worry, we'll look after him.
- Thank you.
- Rachel, hi.
- Oh, hey.
You missed an interesting
night last night.
Oh, really? The invite
made it sound like torture.
Well, I think Matthew's
getting closer to making a move
but he might need the right
issue to force his hand.
Well, Damien's pretty
feral at the moment.
Shouldn't be too hard to find
something to wedge him with.
I wonder what that would be.
Oh, listen, you should have told us
you were commissioning
polling for Freeman.
We could have helped you out on that.
What are you talking about?
Oh, the company we're using next
door in Noonan let it slip, so
- Alex, we gotta go.
- What, that wasn't you?
I haven't commissioned any polling.
Who is, then?
Hey, one last thing.
We've just been audited, so just
check your campaign financing.
You know, dot your I's,
cross your T's, all that jazz.
- Alex?
- We'll talk later.
You good?
Yeah, fine.
You OK?
Oh, you know me, just
feeling all warm and fuzzy
about the state of democracy.
You know I probably wouldn't be
here without you, you know that?
Yeah, because you would have
slept through that alarm.
No, I meant the campaign.
You know, your work on
the ground. Parliament.
I reckon I'd get a warning
every sitting without you.
I sound pretty good
and you haven't even mentioned
my sparkling personality yet.
Jesus, Joely, just take
the compliment, please.
You're being all sooky
because you're hungover.
Hey, do you ever think
about what comes next?
No, why?
I went to the gyno a
few weeks ago, yeah?
And, I don't know, I've just
always had, like, bad period pain.
And I thought I should probably
go and get that checked out.
Anyway, when I was there,
the woman asked me if I
wanted to get my eggs counted.
And I think it was a
good time, so I did.
And then jump to a week later,
and they tell me that my egg
count is in the lowest third.
And so, just like, now I'm all
stressing and worrying
about whether I'm infertile
and I don't even know
if I wanna have kids.
Like, I've never even thought about it.
I don't know, I'm too young
to be thinking about this.
Yes. I'm only 33.
Oh, yeah, no, you're way too young.
- Excuse me, is that sarcasm?
- Nah.
No, but like
I don't know, I went from being
like, 'carpe diem, seize the day'
you know, to now, like, the future.
I wonder how people have time.
Like, how do you have enough time
to adequately raise a human
and also have a fulltime job?
It's like with you and Eddie
sometimes I just, like,
think to myself, "Uh-uh.
Bugger that. That's too hard."
We're not that bad.
What do you do if you can't fix it?
You know, like, what if there's
a problem that you can't solve?
How do you deal with that?
You'll be a great mum, Joely.
You should freeze your eggs.
Alex, thanks for coming again so soon.
Least we could do.
How are people doing? Are you
getting them back in their homes?
Ah, yeah, some of them.
Others have had their
funding applications rejected.
Government reckons their properties
are outside the flood zone.
Joely, let's use our timeslot
for Question Time next week
and we'll ask about it.
What about supplies? Any shortages?
Ah, we're alright on
most of it, thanks to you.
But bottled water's like hen's teeth.
- And what about the roads?
- Cactus.
Can't fix any of it till government
money starts coming through.
Transport Minister, put
him on our call list.
It's gonna be a tough ask to
get enough tradies up here.
There's too much construction work
going on in Brisbane. I mean
if we could get some
sort of incentive scheme,
anything really to
get people moving up
Sorry, I just have to nip to the toilet.
Um, OK, what else can we do?
Alex, you still in there?
Hey, alright, nothing we
haven't dealt with before, OK?
Just another panic attack.
Let's just keep calm. We're
gonna do our breathing, alright?
We're going to breathe in.
One, two, three, and out.
Too far gone for box breath.
Right, we're going back to basics.
I want you to point out
five things you can see
in the room with me, OK?
It's not a panic
It's not a panic attack.
- It's not a panic attack.
- Are you sure?
I need a doctor.
Don't fucking argue
with me. I need a doctor.
- No, ambulance.
- Yeah.
Just keep breathing for now.
My heart ♪
Is ready for it ♪
My skin is on ♪
I'm braver ♪
When I know I've got you ♪
Beside me ♪
Not far now.
Alright, lean on me, OK?
Lean on me, OK.
Come on, you're right, you're
right, you're right. Alright.
We're not winning any races.
You don't have to be fast.
It's all good.
Hey! She needs help. I thought it
was a panic attack, but it's not.
- Can you tell me your name?
- It's Irving. Alex Irving.
Hi, Alex. Can you
describe your symptoms?
Ah, she collapsed.
She has breathlessness,
difficulty breathing, chest pains.
I have mitral
Valve stenosis.
I need surgery.
Come through.
When is your surgery booked?
I haven't haven't booked it.
Jesus, Alex.
We'll get you stabilised and do
a priority transfer to Longreach.
Not Longreach.
That's the closest facility.
- I want it done in Canberra.
- Alex.
- The doctor will make that call.
- Not Longreach.
Sorry, but you need immediate treatment.
Fill out her details. I'll be back.
Um, hey,
I'll get on to Eddie
and Charlie and Faye, OK?
No, you won't.
They're not your business.
They're my family.
Sorry, I fell asleep.
You should have woken me.
No, you look like you needed a rest.
What'd you make for dinner?
Oh, sorry, babe, I got distracted.
Well, what do you want?
I'm really not that hungry, babe.
Well, I'm growing a
human and I need to eat
- so you might as well too.
Hey, Tegan, what's up?
Hey, you OK?
Alright. Alright, calm
down, it's gonna be alright.
Yeah, just take a breath, OK?
Sharon can swear all she wants,
it's really not the end of the world.
Yeah, alright, I'll come in.
No, I know, I know.
It's OK, I'll see you soon.
- Tegan.
- In tears.
- Sharon?
- On the warpath.
I'm really sorry, babe.
Go look after your team.
Bet you miss all this, eh, cuz?
Your Aunty Faye said your
mum ripped you a new one,
after that thing with the cops.
I thought she'd lock me in my
room for the rest of my life.
Nah, I would have busted you out.
Put you in the tray of
the ute with some flour.
You seem pretty happy
with that apprenticeship.
I'm good at it. Like, it
just kind of clicks, you know?
Sugar, butter, flour,
boom motherfuckers.
Kind of thing you can do anywhere too.
You reckon you'll move back
in with Faye after Year 12?
I applied for a scholarship
for uni overseas.
Oh, my God. Are you going to Iceland?
Depends. Haven't told anyone.
Obviously. Clance'd
be spiralling by now.
You can come with me.
Be a baker in Iceland.
Or, like, not with me, but like
Probably gotta finish
the apprenticeship first.
Oh, true.
Why do you want to go overseas anyway?
Like, are we too boring for you?
Fuck no. It's just
Your mum?
No. It's just what I want.
Probably not gonna end up
coming back here, are you?
I don't think I will.
Hi, you've reached Eddie. Can't
get to the phone right now
MAN: Try and calm down.
You're alright. That's it.
Pop a little bit of oxygen on.
That's it, just slow your
breathing down for me.
Nice steady breathing.
That's it, Alex. Slow that breathing.
It's OK, we'll look after you.
We'll get you there safe.
I love you.
I know.
It's really hard to be angry
at someone for being too nice.
But I am.
I really wanna be here with you.
It's just that everything's
getting in the way.
You really think that's gonna
change once our baby's are born?
We need to get our shit together.
DOCTOR: Because it was
an emergency surgery
She needs to take it easy.
Get plenty of rest.
JOELY: So, when's she gonna know
when she can go back to work?
I don't know. She
shouldn't return to work
until she sees her specialist.
ALEX: Does Faye know we're heading back?
And Eddie?
Faye reckons he's fine.
What'd you tell her?
- That we'd be back today.
- So, they know it's work?
That's what I said.
You feeling alright?
And thank you.
- Has Paul been in touch?
- No.
Yeah, 'course he hasn't.
He's after Freeman, Joely.
He's coming for my seat.
I want us on the first
flight to Canberra tomorrow.
You have to stop.
You have to stop, Alex!
Doctor said rest for two to three weeks
otherwise you're gonna get another clot
and then we're gonna have to go
through this whole thing again.
Mum died in Longreach Hospital.
Where are we at with
youth justice reform?
The bill is going to
have to take a back seat.
CHARLIE: Might be a foreign
concept to you, Alex,
but you just have to be patient.
Tell him he needs to make a move on it.
Or what?
They were being lobbied by the company
that funded their campaigns.
You're not suggesting they were bought.
Well, that's the question.
Did Nick or Ben put any pressure on
you over the Procurement Bill vote?
I told you I had concerns about Nick.
If you even try to publish this,
I'm gonna get an injunction.
Charlie, you need to calm down.
And you need to wake the fuck
up and do your fucking job!
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