Total Control (2019) s03e04 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 4

ALEX: It has come to my
attention that the Prime Minister
is covering up a very serious crime.
The operators of that prison were
giving kickbacks to Kevin Cartwright.
MAN: Your minister also failed
to disclose a financial stake
in Exebuild group of companies,
which owned the detention
facility where Miss Maclean died.
I'm delighted to announce $182 million
at key regional health services.
We never got a heads-up.
Someone's fucked up.
It's starting to feel
like it's deliberate.
It's not a panic
attack. I need a doctor.
I have mitral valve
stenosis. I need surgery.
He's after Freeman, Joely.
He's coming for my seat.
I want us on the first
flight to Canberra tomorrow.
You have to stop, Alex,
otherwise you're gonna get another clot
and then we're gonna have to go
through this whole thing again.
Government is due to release
the latest Closing the Gap
report early next month,
and sources close to the
Prime Minister's office
are bracing themselves for what will be
the worst outcomes announced to date.
Several high-profile Indigenous
leaders have questioned
whether PM Paul Murphy
and his senior advisers
are up to the task of tackling
Indigenous disadvantage.
The Central Australian
Aboriginal Land Council
has called for the Prime
Minister and his team
to get out of their
cosy Canberra offices
and get their feet in the dirt,
inviting the PM to visit
as early as next week.
Jenny McIntyre?
You can head on through now, Aunty.
Hello, can I help you?
- Yeah, I'd like to see someone.
- What?
I'm sorry, you have to
speak up, I can't hear you.
I'd like to make an appointment.
For counselling.
We only take walk-ins at the moment.
Do you want me to see
if someone's available?
- Uh, yeah, sure.
- Wait there.
- Been here before?
- No, I haven't actually.
You got proof of Aboriginality?
Can't be.
I don't make the rules, bruz.
We got too many Johnny's
coming through here, claiming.
Here. Fill this out.
She's not answering.
Hang on, there she is. Robin?
- Oi.
- You free at the moment?
You're looking to talk to someone?
Well, come on.
So, Charlie, why are you here?
Look, first of all, I'm not
sure this is the right thing.
- Like, no judgement, of course.
- Of course.
Uh, but there's a lot
going on and, uh
I've been snapping
a bit, and that's not me.
I'm about to be a dad, due
in a couple of weeks. Um
Are you worried about this
snapping in the family?
- No.
- OK.
No, no, I'm not.
I-I just want to get my shit together.
Would you like to tell me
a bit about your partner?
Uh, Dee. We've been together
for a year and a half.
Was bub planned?
No, bit of a surprise, really.
We were living in the
same block of flats
and, uh, she helped me
with my groceries one time.
I was having, um,
problems with my shoulder.
We both work for the government,
big jobs. It's full-on.
Look, when I said I snap
I don't I mean, yeah, I
get cranky, but I don't lose it.
You know, I don't do that.
What happened to your shoulder?
You said you had shoulder trouble.
And you're not really
comfortable right now, are you?
I was stabbed.
He was an army vet. PTSD.
This was outside Parliament? Right?
The white supremacist.
Your sister's that Irving
girl. You work for her, right?
No, she sacked me.
Well, she thinks she burns
everyone she's close to.
Says she was doing it
to protect me, but
I was only out of surgery, mind you.
No, I work for the PM now.
I'm Director of Policy
and Dee's high up in DFAT.
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Does Dee understand
what it's like for you?
Well, she has her own
experience of it all.
You know, it's it's
different for her, of course.
What do you do to unwind?
Oh Drink.
Sorry, that was a joke.
That's good to know.
- It's a lot to deal with, Charlie.
- Look, I know all this.
I just want some strategies.
You know, busy life, baby
coming, getting older.
So, do you think you can help?
- Are you good?
- Yeah, good enough.
- Do you need to lean on me?
- Piss off.
There she is.
- Tegan, how are ya?
- I'm well, thanks.
Um, is Paul in? I'd
really love to have a word.
Not right now, he's not.
And he may not be available
for the remainder of the day.
- I'll be brief.
- Can I help you, Alex?
- Prime Minister.
- Mm-hm.
Oh, congratulations on the funding
announcement in Winton, brother.
I mean, there were a few
comms issues between offices.
Totally unfortunate, but not an issue.
- Thank you.
- Uh, do you have five minutes?
I Gee, I
Four, three, two?
- I have a minute.
- That's all I need.
Thank you, Tegan.
So, where are we at with
youth justice reform?
Alex, I know I've
asked you to be patient,
and you have been for some time now,
and we both want to get this done.
But, unfortunately, the bill is
going to have to take a back seat.
- How long?
- Until further notice.
Well, I can't lie, that's disappointing.
But I understand.
Timing is everything.
And we have to get this
right, so, I trust the process.
Sharon will brief the crossbench
about the proposed changes
to the criminal code,
and we've taken your advice
about the domestic terrorism.
So, I I hope that's satisfactory.
Oh, it is. Thanks Paul.
Thank you, Tegan.
Are you sure you're alright? 'Cause
you seemed weirdly calm back there.
I'm pissed, but I need you to do
a deep dive on amendment procedure.
Yeah, I can do that.
- Why is he stalling?
- Oh, hi, sis.
- It's good to see you, too.
- Well?
Why do you start conversations
like we're in the middle of one?
I don't know what you're talking about.
The youth justice reform package.
- It's being rolled out.
- When?
He said that, too.
This might be a foreign
concept to you, Alex,
but you're just going to
have to be patient, OK?
Tell him he needs to make a move on it.
Or what?
Or what, Alex? What are you up to?
- What's she up to?
- Don't look at me. I don't know!
Please, I don't want to be blindsided
reading about it over a piece of toast.
OK, can we just calm down a bit?
Alright? Things were
tough at home, in Winton.
I just want to know if you're
about to make life hard for me.
I'm not. OK?
- What happened in Winton?
- It was nothing.
It's Eddie.
I mean, he's been a real
sook since we've been home.
I mean, can you take him out or, I
don't know, go bowling or something?
Bowling? He's not five, Alex.
Well, I don't know - something,
anything. I'm sick of his moping.
Alex is a young man, OK?
He doesn't want to hang around me.
He wants to go out
there and he wants to
He wants to meet and do
He wants to do what?
He wants to meet girls.
God, you're a himbo. Do you know
that? You're a himbo, sometimes.
Well, she asked, OK?
Alright, I'll message him.
But just so you know,
it'll take two to three business
days for him to get back to me,
and that's not including the weekend.
What, you didn't
realise he's a teenager?
What's going on with her?
She was in here before,
acting very unlike herself.
In what way?
She was pleasant. Easy to deal with.
She had that that
- She was reasonable, even.
- Well, isn't that what you want?
Oh, come on, you know her.
She only does that
when she's making moves.
I think you're reading into it.
I spoke to her, she seemed vague,
but I think that's a personal thing.
- Well, find out.
- What does that mean?
Ask around. Ask her. She's your sister.
Paul, you hired me to be an
adviser. I'm not a snitch.
Come on, come on, just find
out who she's talking to,
what's going on, just
If there's nothing to worry
about, it's not an issue.
RACHEL: That's looking great, Mel.
So, I think we'll do
the normal coffee, chat,
and then, perhaps, if you
stand up, do a running order.
I'd like to go over
last week's legislation.
Also, there's a few bills coming
up I think we should drill into,
have a little listening session.
Hi. How are you? So glad you came.
Listen, sorry about how I ended things.
I don't like to be surprised.
And I know, that's not an excuse.
You know, I AM still
working on the story.
- Yeah, I know.
- Yeah?
You heard me talk about
this grassroots engagement,
and I thought you might
like to see it in action.
Well, it's pretty low-key.
Yeah, no, deliberately so.
It's, uh, kind of an
open, inclusive vibe.
You know, bring people
into how government's done.
We don't make any policy decisions
without consultation
with the electorate,
and we're always reporting back.
That's my voting record.
It's also available
online, in real time,
so I can be held accountable
to my constituents.
I noticed you didn't vote for
the procurement legislation.
Others on the crossbench, they
supported it, but you didn't.
How come?
It was a rubbish bill -
it was anti-competitive,
onerous governance criteria.
Less than a handful of companies
are even eligible to tender,
so that says a lot.
Yeah, right. Earthsong, that was
one of those companies wasn't it?
- Sounds familiar.
- Yeah.
Yeah. I think so.
Shut the fuck up,
Anderson, you uptight bitch!
- Oh Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Please, just
Alright? Is everyone alright?
Are you OK?
- I think that's it.
- Yeah?
But I'd take it to the dry
cleaners. It'll just stink.
Yes, that sounds like a good plan.
Yeah. Hang on. Some stuff in your hair.
Oh, gross.
I'm I'm sorry.
- What for?
- For that. It was a lot.
Jeez, I just don't know how you do this.
I'd rather an egg in the
head than a knife in the back.
I'm talking about my colleagues.
Yes, I know what you're talking about.
Oh, good.
I nearly gave you a call when
they dumped you, but I was just
well, I was just so afraid
that you'd tell me to fuck off.
No, you're right. I probably would have.
- Yes.
- Mm. I was in a pretty dark place.
You know, it was, uh
it was Nick, actually, that
pulled me out of that hole.
My bullshit meter was
obviously broken at the time.
- What?
- Uh
Did you know, uh ?
Did you know that Nick
was working as a consultant
for Earthsong Industries?
And he pulled three million
bucks and then reinvested it.
Into that thinktank of his.
Yeah, it took me about 15
FOIs to figure this out.
What? No
Wait, Nick never declared
any conflict of interest.
Oh, really?
And then he, uh, lobbies the crossbench
to vote for the procurement legislation,
Alex votes for it and
Helena changes her vote
to yes at the last minute.
No, listen, Marion, this
is not right. This is
They've taken thinktank money.
You're not suggesting they were bought?
Well, that's the question, isn't it?
No, Marion, it's not a question.
These women bleed integrity.
They set up the Anti-Corruption
Commission, for God's sake.
They were being lobbied by the
company that funded their campaigns.
We're all lobbied, Marion.
If you got rid of everyone up there
that's taken lunch with their donors,
there would be no-one left.
Have you ever, um, heard of
a guy called Ben Langkamp?
Helena's ex-staffer?
No. Um
Wait, uh, maybe. Why?
Well, he was on the
Earthsong payroll, too.
And the period that he works with Helena
is when she changes her vote.
- Fuck.
- She's a friend of yours, isn't she?
I I know it's difficult
but, I mean, really, you
just have to follow the money.
Yeah? That's why you're looking at us.
Why aren't you looking at the majors?
Oh, you're you're expecting
a leave pass, are you?
- No.
- Ah.
No, I'm not. But this
is bullshit, Marion.
If you even try to publish this,
I'm going to get an injunction.
OK. Well
you, you know, do
what you have to do.
Would you just excuse me for a sec?
I've had Liddell in my ear
about IndiMed. Where's it up to?
Departments are fighting over
the pilot site in the model,
but we're getting there.
- When's our announceable?
- Six weeks.
Do you know how hard I
had to sweet-talk Liddell
to get a Treasurer's
advance in an election year?
I need some bang for buck here.
OK, what do you need?
Calm the ministers down, for starters.
Yeah, get them on the same page
and then we can line up
a media op for next week.
Update first thing tomorrow morning.
I can't do tonight, though.
OK, I'm on it.
- Oi! Don't drop it.
- Eddie
I don't got a case, you idiot.
There you go, you sooky-hole.
You got one?
Of course you do. Big buggered-up
one, running around the bush track?
Shut ya hole.
Hey, party on tomorrow?
Mob from school going.
- Might go for a look.
- Oh, yeah, I'm coming.
My mate Ash's house.
Yeah, boy, we going for suss.
Not like that, you're not.
Gotta do something about your fit, brah.
Ask your mum for some clothes.
- She's rich, eh?
- She's not rich.
You go to private school, fuck ya.
Let's go to the strip, then.
Only whitefellas go there.
- I go there all the time.
- With who? Chad and Daniel.
Only one of my mates' names is Daniel.
Course he is. They're the ones that
used you as bait when they left.
- Still giving me shit for that?
- That's how whitefellas go.
Seccies will be following
around us the whole time.
They'll find any reason to kick us out.
You reckon that's the
reason they grabbed ya?
He didn't need a reason.
It's just the way they see us.
You don't have to play into that, yeah?
Nah, fuck that.
I'm not gonna let no gubba
put it on me. Not on my land.
It's not your land.
You're Queensland breed.
They don't know that.
Bra, I look fresh as fuck.
Fresh as fuck!
- You gonna get it?
- Nah, it's too much. She'll say no.
No, she won't. Not for Mummy's boy.
You don't know her.
Only three items at a time.
That's alright. We'll get 'em all.
Hello, Alex Irving.
Putting on your white voice?
Eddie, what are you doing?
- Where are ya?
- I'm at the shop.
What shop?
(SLOWLY) Eddie, pass the bong, bro.
ALEX: Who are you with?
I'm with Jay.
- We're window shoppin'.
- Oh, rightio.
Well, what do you need, bub? I'm busy.
Well, we're not exactly window shoppin'.
I'm shoppin' shoppin'.
- OK.
- But I got no money.
So, that's why you're being nice to me.
Well, there's these
clothes here that I like.
And I know that you're busy and that,
but I was wondering if the
best mum in the whole world
can get them for her
one and only loving son.
Please, pretty please,
with a cherry on top?
Is there an ATM close by?
- Pardon.
- Pardon?
Find the closest ATM and
I'll send you cardless cash.
There's one outside.
Alright, well, I'm sending
now. How much do you need?
- $300.
- $300? Look out!
Well, round about, 'cause there's
these shoes here that I like.
And I told the white racist
lady that I'll get 'em.
Oh! Eddie!
Yeah, alright. I'll send it through.
Yes. Get something for Jay.
Oh, thank you Mum. I
love you, I love you.
Thank you, Aunty!
Sending now.
Well, he needs it for
the morning briefing.
No, they're here. I'm looking at them.
No, the IndiMed deadline has locked.
Where's that ? Lauren!
Lauren! Where's that rep ?
Yeah. OK.
Yeah, I'll let them know.
Oh, no, you get out of here.
He wants this by the morning.
You look like shit.
Cheers, thanks for that.
I'm up against it on this IndiMed stuff.
Hey, Alex is not gonna make
things difficult for us, is she?
Oh, Charlie, didn't she tell you?
There's been a change of heart.
She's gonna have to block it.
What? Why?
Well, because it just wouldn't look good
if she was to support something
that is so obviously positive
for First Nations peoples.
Can you imagine how she'd look? (LAUGHS)
Please, don't do that.
What, do you think that she would
tank it just to piss you off?
Well, it's Alex. You
can never be certain.
So, I'm just double-checking.
How is she?
Yeah, I think she's fine.
She's your sister.
Maybe you should call her, if you want.
She's got a phone.
How you going?
- What?
- Yeah, like
working here?
You happy?
What the fuck is this?
I'm just asking you.
Who sent you? The Spanish Inquisition?
No, I'm good.
I'm amazing.
Why? Are you, like ?
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm good.
Are you sure?
(MOCKS) I'm amazing.
Oh, my God!
OK. Pass on my love to Dee.
I will.
This family.
This is all very clandestine.
Are you OK?
Yeah. No, I'm fine.
It's, um, Nick.
Oh, God, what's he done now?
Your adviser, Ben, did
Nick introduce you two?
Did you ever talk about
money, like salary stuff?
Well, um, not with Nick.
With Ben, obviously. Why?
Well, he had a pretty impressive CV.
He must have taken a bit of
a haircut, working with you.
Well, yes. He wanted
to work in politics.
What was his role, exactly?
Well well, he was my main policy
guy. He advised me on everything.
His salary was subsidised by a
company called Earthsong Industries.
I don't understand.
Nick set it up.
They were both essentially
working as consultants,
but they washed it through the tank.
I had no idea.
I have to ask you, Helena, did
did Nick or Ben put any pressure on you
over the Procurement Bill vote?
Oh, uh, Ben got me over
the line, I guess. Um
There were three meetings with the PMO
about how to make it
something I'd support.
There are some amendments.
Who drew them up?
OK. That's OK.
Where is this coming from?
Marion Beaumont.
- Fuck.
- Yeah.
- Oh, fuck.
- I'm so sorry, Helena.
Is she gonna publish?
I'm sure. I'm trying
to get an injunction.
I don't know if I'll be successful.
I told you I had concerns about Nick.
You did. This is on me.
Look, I think you can get ahead of it.
The bill's not in assent,
so if you call Paul,
tell him that you've
gone off the bill
What would my dad have said?
He'd have said, "You're
either corrupt or stupid.
- Either way, you're done."
- No.
I'm not dragging the girls through this.
If you quit, you're gonna
bring down the government.
I'm just saying.
Then take my vote.
Look, I'm about to launch the Alliance.
I can't sit on that side of the aisle.
I've had your back for 20 years.
I've never asked you for anything.
Take my vote.
Call Paul. Guarantee
supply and confidence.
OK, just until the election.
Helena, I am I am sorry.
I'm gonna check on the girls.
All clear.
Goodnight, Ms Irving.
I know, stupid work.
- I didn't say anything.
- Well, you're thinking it.
Don't do that.
I'm not being unreasonable here.
We had it in the diary, like we agreed.
You and your work wife are
really not making this any easier.
I know and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry and I'm sorry.
How was your appointment?
Carolyn's taken a real set against you.
How was your session today?
Yeah, it was alright.
Maybe that's OK.
Think you might go back?
We'll see.
Alright, well, I've got to finish
this IndiMed thing before tomorrow,
or Treasury might gut it.
Alright. Kick its arse,
come to bed and cuddle me.
HELENA: It has been the greatest
honour and privilege of my life
to serve the Australian people.
And my experience as
the Member for Lennox,
and as an independent
holding the balance of power
in a minority government,
has convinced me that meaningful
political representation
is possible, and it's
worth fighting for.
With my colleagues on the crossbench,
I have taken on that
fight each and every day.
- I know what that fight takes.
This is not an easy job.
But I have given it my absolute all.
And I also know that I don't have
the energy or drive to continue.
Sharon, hi. Sorry, I'm just outside.
I don't have my security pass.
- Again? Charlie, what the ?
- Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm so sorry.
Finally, I've got the
departments on the same page
about the pilot site for IndiMed.
Wasn't easy.
Mate, there's a by-election.
We're redirecting the Treasurer's
funds for the campaign.
We'll roll out the pilot site
after the general election.
Helena Rossi was on a low margin
and our vote's been picking up
for the past three elections.
We've lined up a great candidate.
We think we can get over the
line if we have the right treats.
Sorry, mate, can't be helped.
Hey, Paul, don't you think
that's a little short-sighted?
We've barely got a majority.
This seat goes to Damien, we're cactus.
We could be out of
government in 21 days.
- Sorry, what's this?
- Local issues, Lennox.
See what the policy team can cook up.
Have we heard back from Anderson yet?
- Hang on, when?
- Sorry?
- When?
- As soon as possible.
No, no, when did you
decide to gut IndiMed?
I just want to know whether
it was before or after
I did all that work
with the departments.
- Charlie, it's done. Move on.
- Move on?
Paul, I did everything
you asked me to do.
"Start over, Charlie."
"Start again, Charlie."
I've nearly killed
myself for this policy.
- You just fucking shelve it?
- Charlie
- I can't fucking believe this!
- Charlie, lower your voice.
Why, Paul? Why, huh? It's not like
you fuckin' listen to it anyway!
Fuckin' fuckin' chair!
Alright everyone, get out.
Get out!
Paul, I've worked for months
on this, you know I have.
Stiff shit, it can wait.
You think this is a good
look, today, of all days?!
"It can wait"?
What's the point of all this?
What's the point in you?
Aboriginal Prime Minister.
Can't do shit for Aboriginal people.
Yeah, you're no better
than the rest of them.
- What'd you fuckin' say?
- Oh, you heard me, Paul.
Drop the act, OK? You don't
have to pretend with me, brother.
They've all left the room now!
Charlie, you need to calm down.
And you need to wake the fuck
up and do your fuckin' job!
You think you have a voice? Look at you.
You're so smug. Make all
those recommendations.
Do you follow through on a
single one of them? Nah, nothin'.
You just sit there,
twiddling your thumbs,
cashing your fuckin' cheques.
Spineless. What a giant
disappointment you turned out to be.
Oh, you think you can do better?
You want the top job? Earn it!
You're only in that chair 'cause
my sister fuckin' put you there!
Alright, you done?
Go home! You're relieved!
Have a shower, have a
sleep. Do whatever you need.
When you're ready, come back to work.
Joely, we have a meeting.
There's nothing in the calendar.
That's on purpose.
- Where are we going?
- You're not gonna like it.
I cannot believe this.
Irving. This is intriguing.
Well, you were the one who said
that we should work together.
What have you got?
Paul's scheduled to open
up the criminal code.
I plan to make some amendments.
I'm not going to support
soft-on-crime justice reforms, Alex.
Oh, no, I want to increase the
penalties on domestic terrorism.
Paulie throws you out, after
everything you've done for him?
Maybe it's a good move.
You know, I never quite know
whether you don't know
what you're doing or you do.
But if this gives me a win on
the floor, then I'm all for it.
I'll table the amendments.
You and your lot vote
for it, makes Paul weak.
Does that give you some confidence?
- You Bronco, Alex?
- Cowboys.
Ah, that's a shame.
JT was a ripper, though, huh?
Let's chuck that grenade.
Paul wants a meeting.
I want a shower.
Rachel Anderson's guaranteed
supply and confidence
until the next election.
Helena's absence doesn't
need to be a problem.
I'll have to run all this
by the party room, of course.
- Mm-hm.
- The numbers haven't changed, Shaun.
Except they have, Sharon.
Sharon will continue to
liaise with the crossbench.
Any issues or concerns, you go to her.
Yeah, and not the press.
Alright, any other concerns?
- No.
- Are you sure?
Right, business as usual.
You two, let's keep on it.
Oh, and you can tell your party room
there will be no more
movement on public housing.
Tell yours we've only just started.
Alex, you might want to
check in on your brother.
You alright?
It's been good, right?
There's been blowback and
the pandemic hasn't helped.
But, yeah. Yeah, we got a lot done.
We failed on youth justice, though.
Yeah, we did.
I'm gonna ask you to back me.
It's gonna be tough at first.
Your party room will have things to say.
What's happening?
I can't say.
But if it works, it'll be worth it.
Are we OK?
Jesus, Alex, is it even legal?
CHARLIE: I lost it at my boss,
in front of my colleagues.
And it was
Oh, God, I'm just so ashamed.
I've never done anything
like that before.
Everyone makes mistakes, Charlie,
and you've got a lot going on.
Yeah, but we're black. We
don't get to make mistakes.
Right? We can't be loud or angry.
We've got to be
professional, on all the time.
And it's the PM's
office, for Christ's sake.
But I've been working on
this Indigenous health policy
for ages, you know?
Like, gap-closing
policy for all our mob.
So that waiting room out there
doesn't have to be
fuckin' heaving every day,
and he just shelves it!
And I didn't think it would bother me.
You know, because I'm smarter
than that, and it's politics,
and and I know the game:
you win some, you lose some.
But, man, I really
wanted this one, you know?
I got too close to it,
you know? Too personal.
You know, it's too important,
because Mum's dead
And if policies like this were around,
then maybe she'd still
be here, you know?
It's OK.
But she's gone.
You know, and she's never gonna
see her grandkid grow up and
And that's robbery
you know, of the gift
of the person that she was.
I'm sorry. I think I just miss my mum.
Do you think it's time
that you visit your mum?
you've reached Charlie Irving.
I'm sorry I can't take
your call right now.
If you leave a message, I'll
get straight back to you.
JAY: Snail trail, bruh.
Look, in a line. See?
What the hell are you two doin'?
We're going to a mate's place tonight.
Oh, are ya? First time I'm hearing it.
Jay's staying over tonight, too.
- Is that OK, Aunty?
- Yeah, that's alright.
It's a school night. Be home by 11.
11? Really?
Yeah. Really.
Do you need a lift to
wherever you're going?
Nah, it's alright.
That's a lethal weapon
you got there, boys.
Who's that fella? He's a demon, eh?
- Demon?
- Undercover.
Plainclothes. Probably
got a gun on his hip.
Private security.
Nah, he's your dad, eh?
A cup of tea, yeah?
We're all out, sorry.
How have you been?
Been better.
EDDIE: We're off!
- Alright, see ya!
That was my move.
Me, too. Clever buggers.
You sure?
I'm fine, thanks.
BARKAA: This is my house ♪
I'm sorry, where the
fuck is my crown, now? ♪
Damn, this is a rich house, bro.
- So?
- I'm out of my natural habitat.
When I left him, he said,
"Go ahead, you'll regret it" ♪
- Deadly.
- What the fuck?
Dooti-ma ♪
You don't speak my language ♪
I got signed up 'cause
sissy is so hard to manage ♪
I've got a vocab that stabs ♪
Eddie, bro! What's happening, my guy?
Not a lot bro, not a
lot. That's my boy, Jay.
- Hey, Jay.
- Hey.
Is that Dex?
Jess is here. Is that why
you got those new shoes?
No, I got 'em at the strip.
Nice! Maybe we can go there.
You can be the decoy for
the seccies this time.
What? You don't think that'll work?
They only follow me 'cause
I'm black. You know that.
No, bro, it's not like that.
How is it?
I know I'm the bait, even if you don't.
Call me King Brown, making
money out my mouth ♪
But I'm not gonna be the
bait anymore. For anyone.
Call me King Brown ♪
I don't even know why I do it.
Shit's fucked.
But no more, yeah?
- You right?
- Yeah.
Can I get you a drink?
Yeah, a mix would be good.
I ain't crying over budoo
unless that budoo makes me money ♪
Give a fuck about these fellas?
I just find them all funny ♪
How you get lovesick, you
make me sick to my stomach ♪
Baby go and get a grip,
crying like a little bitch ♪
I had surgery.
My heart.
Is that a pick-up line?
I had a stent put in.
What are you doing back at work?
You trying to tell me what to do again?
No. Wouldn't dream of it.
I don't know what to do with this.
And I don't need any more
drama in my life, you know?
Yeah, I do.
I miss talking.
to someone.
To you.
Maybe even you ♪
Stay in bed ♪
Stained sheets ♪
My head hurts ♪
What do we do now?
I repeat, maybe you ♪
Maybe you ♪
Do you wanna dance?
Maybe even you ♪
Fuck off.
- Yeah.
- Oh, come on white boy.
Well, I'm leading.
- Of course you are.
- Alright.
Well, then
- put your hands up here.
- Mm-hm.
And I'll put these here.
- Mm-hm.
- And we just sway.
'Cause this is how
we did it in the '80s.
Mmm ♪
Yeah, I'd sell my soul ♪
For total control ♪
Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh ♪
Over you ♪
Over you ♪
Total control over you ♪
Over you ♪
Total control over you ♪
Mmm-mmm-mmm ♪
Total control over you ♪
Hey, what are you doing?
I was craving eggs.
Big session today, hey?
- How long was I out for?
- Couple of hours.
You OK?
Yeah, what are you doing? You OK?
Where are you?
Uh, yeah, OK, send me the
address. I'll come and get you now.
Yeah, alright.
It's Eddie.
Is he alright?
I think so.
He's with that kid, Jay.
- Little shit sounds drunk.
- (LAUGHS) Yeah.
Uncle Charlie being Sober Bob, hey?
Good practice for when I
get this alien out of me.
What the hell is that?
Oh, Eddie made me take it.
- Fuck off I did.
- Hey, stop swearing.
You stole that from your mate's?
- We didn't steal it. We liberated it.
Yeah, alright, take it back.
Nah, Uncle, that's shame.
It's shame stealing. That's
a four-grand painting.
Four grand?! I'm gonna
start dot painting now.
You desert breed are you, Jay?
Take it back, now.
Go on!
JAY: "Take it back now."
You shut up. Shut up.
Stealing dot paintings, you
clowns. What time was your curfew?
Right, so, you're pissed
and you're out too late.
You can crash at mine.
Oh, can we go to
Macca's on the way home?
Yeah, can we? Your shout, though, Unc.
Here we go.
Chucked that 'Unc' on the
end there, pretty quick.
- Hi.
- Can I come in?
- Nick.
- Yeah.
Did he try to influence your
vote for the procurement at all?
Ever try to set up any meetings
with Earthsong Industries?
OK. Well, that's good.
Look, it's gonna be rocky but
I think we'll be able to
ride it out in the short term.
I think the best thing we
can do is just sit tight.
You should pull your head in
and we need to wait until we see
what Marion's actually written.
Should be with the lawyers soon.
What about you?
What do you mean?
How exposed, are you?
All that thinktank money.
I didn't take any thinktank money.
Look, I had donors with
deep pockets. It just
it felt more impactful going to
the other independent candidates.
I know it looks bad.
Is there anything else
you haven't told me?
It's complicated, but, um
before Exebuild
went into receivership,
they transferred their energy
assets into Earthsong Industries.
You could say that they funded the tank.
I know it's messy but it's not illegal
and, honestly, Alex, this is
the least of our worries
Are you kidding me?
Exebuild killed Marcie.
They killed Jess, with the
help of one of your Ministers.
And they helped me get elected?
Alright, we need to
keep a level head here.
We're doing an assessment on the
impact of this on the Alliance.
Helena is a real blow,
but, honestly, I
I didn't get the impression
that Marion's targeting you.
Maybe if you called her. I've got her
I think you should go.
Alex, I'm just trying to help.
Stop talking.
You fucked us, Rachel.
Me and Helena.
You put Nick onto us and you fucked us.
I have Damien in the palm of my
hand and you come and tell me this.
What are you doing with Damien?
All this shit that you've
gone through to get here.
And this is who you are?
Look at you.
No life.
No friends.
No family.
No-one fucking you. No-one.
Just this stupid dream of power
and your endless fucking lectures!
Has it been worth it?
You finished?
Feel better now?
Fuck off.
I am really sorry, Alex,
Get the fuck out.
You've fuckin' gotta be kidding me.
(SOBS) Shit!
Rachel has asked me to warn you.
- Alex Irving, she's up to something.
We have a shit ton of legislation
to push through today, people.
- Come on, pick up.
- Contraction.
Shouldn't you be in the
hospital or something?
Next time, call an ambulance.
While this Opposition
is pissing in the wind,
we're getting the job done.
I give the call to
the Member for Freeman.
I now move Amendments 4 to
11, as circulated in my name.
We need to be prepared.
It might turn ugly.
I told you to be patient.
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