Total Control (2019) s03e05 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 5

Where are we at with
youth justice reform?
Unfortunately, the bill is going
to have to take a back seat.
You're not suggesting they were bought?
They were being lobbied by the company
that funded their campaigns.
Your advisor, Ben, his
salary was subsidised
by a company called
Earthsong Industries.
Nick set it up.
Paul's scheduled to open
up the criminal code.
I plan to make some amendments.
I never quite know whether you don't
know what you're doing or you do.
But if this gives me a win on
the floor, then I'm all for it.
I'm gonna ask you to back me.
It's gonna be tough at first.
- What's happening?
- I can't say.
But if it works, it'll be worth it.
Exebuild killed Marcy.
They killed Jess,
with the help of one of your Ministers.
And they helped me get elected?
You fucked us, Rachel.
MAN: On in five.
The Murphy government
remain in damage control
amid the fallout from the sudden
resignation of Helena Rossi.
While crossbench MP Rachel Anderson
has guaranteed supply and confidence,
the question now is
what impact she'll have
on the government's agenda
as it approaches the next election
and whether Paul Murphy can hold on
to his shaky minority until then.
With an unpredictable crossbench
and an opposition out for blood,
this final sitting day is
certain to be the biggest test
of his leadership yet.
Can you just pack that up for me?
And make sure you put the notes
in the those little dividers.
Can you go and put some tabs in that?
Just follow what that one
looks like. The tabs are there.
Sally, can you just make sure
you clip that together for me?
Thank you.
Thanks, guys.
We have a shit-ton of legislation
to push through today, people.
The only chat I want
to hear is work related.
Where are those briefings I asked for?
You know when to come in.
Yeah, I didn't mind the first
million times you told me.
Better not fuck up, then.
- You OK?
- Yeah, I'm OK.
- You sure?
- Yeah, I said I'm fine.
Stop pestering me.
Alright, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
Thanks, guys.
Anderson has saved the government
from a snap election,
stepping in to cover the sudden
resignation of Helena Rossi.
- It was a
- Feels like it's all unravelling.
considering that her electorate
There are headwinds, but
we knew there would be.
of the Murphy government
No, I mean all of it.
I don't think they know
what they want anymore.
That hasn't changed.
What they want is a government
that gives a damn about them.
low unemployment, persistent
inflation and interest rate rises
are darkening the financial
outlook for everyday Australians.
Cutting it a bit fucking close
to the wire, aren't we, Chuckles?
Succinct talking points.
I'm just making some amends
after this morning's op eds.
Well, I wanted them
reissued an hour ago.
Well, so did I, but some
of us are human, Sharon.
Where the fuck is AI when you need it?
Morning, folks. Another
day at the factory.
MAN: Morning, Prime Minister.
And we're through with
the dummy spitting, right?
WOMAN: Can I grab you another
coffee, Prime Minister?
No, better stop at three,
otherwise I won't be able to
sleep through Question Time.
- Did you see the Ausnews op ed?
- Mm-hm.
- Out for blood, as usual.
- Are we on it?
Yeah, Charlie's making changes
to the talking points now.
Just some pre-emptive
strikes in case we need it.
I mean, it looks like
he's pulled his head in
since yesterday's meltdown.
Good. We on track for today?
Other side's primed and ready to
spew dog vomit all over the house.
No surprises there.
But, ah we've got the numbers.
Crossbench is solid on this one.
Even Alex?
Even Alex understands
the importance and the common
sense of this legislation.
It's going to go through.
Thank Christ. We need a win.
Yeah, and if we're not careful
we may actually get some positive
coverage in tomorrow's press.
Resorting to blind optimism now, are we?
Where's Home Affairs?
It should be there. I specifically
Oh, fucking incompetents! Jesus.
I tell you, if you want
a job done around here
Any surprises?
No, it looks like business as usual.
What exactly did Alex say?
Ah, that she had Damien
in the palm of her hand.
She's up to something.
Well, whatever Alex is
planning, we stay the course.
She creates an opportunity, we take it.
Has your office had a
reach-out from Kathleen?
She can't be happy
about me backing Paul.
But that might work out for us.
Tell her you're well-positioned
to kill the Procurement Bill when
it comes back from the Senate.
Oh, that's a good spin.
And let me take the
meeting with Matthew.
He might be more honest
with me about his roadblock.
Yeah. Yeah, that might
take the pressure off.
I'm starting to feel like a stalker.
(CHUCKLES) And you'll
follow up with Kathleen?
- Yes.
- OK.
- Thanks, Peter.
- Yeah.
Good morning, Madam Speaker.
- Gorgeous day out there, isn't it?
- Sure is.
Look, I don't know what she
was thinking, but I'll find out.
Just sit tight till then.
Listen, I'll see you in there.
They don't look very happy.
Look, we were getting there.
Then Rachel went and guaranteed
Paul's supply and confidence.
- It's a shit show.
- Well, short-term.
The election will be
brought forward, so
Which way do you want to go, Matthew?
- What, apart from the obvious?
- Yes.
Rachel was a great PM
but is she the right
person to lead this new party?
- Well, you've worked with her?
- Yeah.
She has a huge reach,
and she's a ferocious
fundraiser, as we both know.
And she's never been more popular.
So, what exactly are you doubting here?
Listen, that's all true.
I just want to be certain
that we all still have
enough left in the tank
to see this thing through.
You really doubt that she's
the right person for this?
That she doesn't have the fight for it?
Look, um Rachel has
asked me to warn you.
Alex Irving, she's up to
something. We don't know what.
You need to be prepared.
It might turn ugly.
- This fuckin' place.
Minister. Just a couple of adjustments.
Thank you.
MAN: Honourable Members, the Speaker.
I acknowledge the Ngunnawal
and Ngambri peoples,
who are the traditional
custodians of the Canberra area
and pay respect to
elders past and present
of all Australia's Indigenous peoples.
God Almighty, we humbly beseech thee
to vouchsafe thy blessing
upon this Parliament.
Direct and prosper our deliberations
to the advancement of thy glory
and the true welfare of
the people of Australia.
Our Father which art in
heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be
done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our
trespasses as we forgive
Why aren't the talking
points down there?
- They'll be there.
- Before the second reading, please.
God, we haven't got all day.
- Did you get onto Home Affairs?
- Yeah, well
I mean, it's their fucking bill.
The least they could do is
show a modicum of interest.
The PM wants to see
him before he goes in.
MAN: Can you get Sharon in here?
(SIGHS) Oh, fuck. What the fuck?
- Sorry, Sharon, the PM is
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm on it.
SPEAKER: And lead us not into
temptation but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom and the
power and the glory forever and ever.
- Amen.
- ALL: Amen.
Catching up on the
football, I'm guessing?
Of course.
Good morning, sunshine.
Shouldn't you be at school?
Heard you and your mate might have
gone a bit overboard last night.
- Mm.
- Hey, this will fix you.
Grease and protein.
Best cure for a hangover.
Was it worth it, at least?
Not when it makes you feel this shit.
What did you drink?
Mum's rum.
It's OK with Coke.
Sure, if Ooh.
- You OK?
Mm-hm. Contraction.
Shouldn't you be in the
hospital or something?
Yeah, they're, ah
yeah, a little close
for comfort now. Oh
Can you try Charlie again for me?
- (GROANS) Ooh
OK. Can you get my overnight
bag? It's in the lounge room.
And my keys. You're
going to need to drive.
I'm probably still over the limit.
If I get pulled over,
Mum will murder me.
What about an ambulance?
I'm not having this baby
on the kitchen floor.
Go on, go. Get it. Please.
MAN: The standing committee
made 16 recommendations
for targeted, legislative policy
and administrative changes.
The committee recommends
that the Department of Finance
provide an update of its review,
the findings of the Auditor General,
Report 11
(FADES) 2022 to '23.
I want you in the
advisor's box with Charlie,
and you stay here with me.
- Bill's up!
- They can't start without me.
You're past being fashionably
late. Got your words?
Is anyone from Home Affairs there?
Yeah, they said the head of the
department will be in the box,
but Charlie's there for the duration.
He'd want to be.
- Oh, God, whose
Whose fucking phone is that?
Hi, Dee, Charlie's down
(OVER PHONE) Where is
fuck is Charlie, Sharon?
- No, he can't
- She's coming! Oh, God!
Um no, hold on.
Don't worry. No, hold on. It's OK.
Hold the fort. I'll be back.
Next time, call an ambulance.
Whatever, mate.
OK. Are you the father?
- Ah
- No.
- No.
- That's my aunt.
No, my partner's at work.
So a support person. Follow us.
You hear from Charlie?
Formal tabling of the
government's response
to the interim and final report
by the Joint Select Committee.
We now move to the next order
of business. I call the clerk.
Government Business Orders
of the Day. Number four.
The resumption of the
second reading debate
on the Criminal Code
Amendment Bill 2024.
I give the call to the Prime Minister.
MURPHY: Thank you, Madam Speaker.
This is substantive
legislation we're debating.
As previously outlined,
this bill encompasses effective
and immediate amendments
to the Criminal Code Act 1995,
to bring it into the 21st century.
This legislation represents
necessary and overdue
amendments to the Act
to reflect our changing society.
We've consulted widely and sought advice
to address the shortfalls
of the existing legislation.
It is the duty of the
Australian Government
to keep Australians safe, Madam Speaker,
and this bill demonstrates the
Government's effectiveness
Come on, come on, pick up.
Hey, I left my fucking phone in
the office, OK? I'm on my way.
BAUER: This bill, Madam Speaker,
is the work of a weak and
illegitimate Prime Minister
and a hopelessly divided
minority government.
You're saying this? Are you saying this?
The most hypocritical
and deceitful government
this country has seen in decades.
It's not a government interested
in protecting ordinary people,
Madam Speaker.
This bill is pure posturing
and time wasting, Madam Speaker.
- Who's posturing and time-wasting?
- Sit down, you muppet.
Members on both sides
will cease interjecting.
Pure posturing for a very
simple reason, Madam Speaker.
That this is not in
the nation's interest,
but to placate certain
members of the crossbench
who prop up this poor
excuse for a Prime Minister.
This bill is pandering to
the puppeteers, Madam Speaker.
This bill is too little too late.
It's evidence that this barely
held-together government
- Time!
is grossly incompetent.
Can you believe this guy?
I give the call to the Prime Minister.
Thank you, Madam Speaker.
I hope the Leader of the
Opposition feels better
for getting that pile of
effluent off his chest.
- Order.
- Because that's all it is.
A steaming bucket of horse
manure, Madam Speaker.
I ask the Prime Minister to kindly
curb his poetic turn of phrase.
I'll do my best, Madam Speaker.
You see, it doesn't matter
how this other side spins it,
the Australian people
can see right through
the divisive party political rhetoric
that this Opposition
so often resorts to.
- OTHERS: Hear, hear.
- You mean the Opposition?
The truth, Madam Speaker,
is that the Leader of the Opposition
just isn't a big-enough man
to admit when the
government has got it right.
- I'll admit it if you get it right.
- We've got the balance right.
We're making for fairer
and better sentencing.
We're addressing domestic terrorism
and we're improving procedure.
What a mess.
In brief, Madam Speaker,
while this Opposition
is pissing in the wind
- Madam Speaker!
The Prime Minister will kindly refrain
from using unparliamentary language.
Apologies, Madam Speaker.
While the Opposition is
Urinating in the wind?
the government is
getting on with business.
We're getting the job done.
OTHERS: Hear! Hear!
Does the Member for
Freeman seek the call?
I do, Madam Speaker.
I give the call to
the Member for Freeman.
Thank you, Madam Speaker.
This Bill should be
withdrawn and redrafted.
I move that all words
after 'that' be omitted,
with a view to substituting
with the following words,
"The Government must provide
for fairness in sentencing
by acting on expert studies
recommending the relocation of funds
from prisons and youth detention
to community and
health-based initiatives,
thereby moving the
justice system away from
punitive treatment
supplied for private profit
and towards not-for-profit restorative
justice and rehabilitation."
Oh, for fuck's sake, Alex.
Why don't we defund the
police, abolish prisons,
and all sing Kumbaya while we're at it?
Order. The Leader of the Opposition.
This motion is
preposterous, Madam Speaker.
The Prime Minister knows as well as I do
that the motion is actually
within Standing Orders.
The Prime Minister will take his seat.
Take a seat. Down you go.
The Member for Freeman is aware that
amendments of this
kind must be seconded.
I am, Madam Speaker.
And is the motion seconded?
Where are your mates, Alex?
- Order.
Gone to the pub?
I thought the Member for Freeman
had been around long enough
not to make a spectacle of herself.
- Obviously not, mate.
- Order!
The Member for Freeman has the call.
Will the Prime Minister commit
to overhauling the youth justice system
in his next term of Government?
(LAUGHS) What next term?
The Leader of the
Opposition has been warned.
My commitment is to
the Australian people
and not to the Member for Freeman.
OTHERS: Hear, hear.
And it is to the Australian
people that I'll be answerable to.
Doesn't seem like it, mate. I know
a henpecked cock when I see one.
Can you get rid of
him? Can Can you
The Leader of the Opposition
will cease disorderly conduct
or I'll eject him under 94A.
I will have silence
and order on the floor.
As the motion is not seconded,
the amendment will not be debated.
The question put to the House
is that the Bill be
now read a second time.
- All those of that opinion say Aye.
- OTHERS: Aye.
Those against, No.
I think the Ayes have it.
Clauses 1 to 26 are agreed.
The question is that clauses
27 to 32 be agreed to.
I put the
I give the call to
the Member for Freeman.
Thank you, Madam Speaker.
I request that the amendments
in my name now be circulated.
What amendments are
these? Hey. Hey, hey.
- What amendments
- She must've had them under embargo.
What the hell is she playing at?
- Maternity Ward?
- Down the hall to the left.
- That's OK, I got it from here.
Took your time, hey.
Sorry, I left as soon
as I got your message.
Oh, where have you been
What have I missed? Anything good?
Eight centimetres. Getting close.
Main feature should start soon.
- OK. How do you feel?
Like we should have made
more antenatal classes.
What's that? What about the
birth plan? You said no drugs.
- Fuck the birth plan!
- OK.
Madam Speaker, as I stated,
the Bill proposed by this
government is not only flawed,
but insufficient in its reach.
My amendments go some way to
addressing its shortcomings.
While this government
has had ample opportunity
to make vital decisions
on justice reform,
and time enough to make a
difference in this country,
disappointingly they have
not had the courage to lead.
Ordinary Australians
have to ask, "Why not?"
(OVER TV) Why have their
leaders not had the courage
to break free from the chokehold?
Of lobbyists, big
business, and the media,
and actually do what's in the
interest of their constituents?
MAN: Have you actually
talked to your constituents?
(OVER TV) In the interests of building
- a better and fairer country
- Shh!
it's time to stand up
and do what needs to be done.
As you will see, these amendments
propose an increase
in the minimum sentence
for acts of domestic terrorism,
against the unlawful use
of violence and intimidation
in the pursuit of political aims.
Minimum sentencing for this
kind of brutal violence,
incited by hate and prejudice,
driven by the media and social media
Wait a minute.
One minute you want to abolish prisons,
the next you want to lock
people up and throw away the key.
Now, how about you make up your mind?
- OTHERS: Hear, hear.
- Order. Order.
The Prime Minister and Members on
the right will cease interjecting.
This kind of violence
has no place in Australia
and an increase in minimum sentencing
Has she got the crossbench? No,
no, no. Where's Rachel Anderson?
I commend these amendments to the House.
- Thank you, Madam Speaker.
- Oh.
Jesus fuck. Alex has got power.
Go tell the Prime Minister.
The question is that the
amendments are agreed to.
I give the call to the
Leader of the Opposition.
- Is this it?
- Not yet.
- Madam Speaker
- Not yet.
MAN: Oh, here we go.
May I applaud the Member for Freeman
MAN: Oh, you would.
for finally pushing this government
to take national security seriously.
MAN: Oh, you're so predictable!
While these amendments
could and should go further,
they're already an improvement
on the impoverished Bill
the government has cobbled together
to give the appearance they're
actually doing something.
The Member for Freeman is doing
what the government will never do
if left to their own devices.
The Member for Freeman is stepping up
and protecting ordinary Australians
from brutal and violent attacks
perpetrated by those who
don't share our values.
Madam Speaker, I commend
these amendments to the House.
- MAN: Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
The question is that the
amendments are agreed to.
I give the call to the Prime Minister.
Madam Speaker,
what a laughable display from
the Leader of the Opposition,
jumping on the Member
for Freeman's bandwagon
and using it to showboat for
his own conservative base.
And God only knows what the
Member for Freeman is doing,
hijacking a responsible
piece of legislation
and collaborating with an
extreme right-wing dog-whistler
to get attention for herself.
Order! The Prime Minister
will withdraw that imputation.
Withdrawn, Madam Speaker.
Needless to say, the Government
will not be supporting
these amendments. The Member
for Freeman is well aware
that extensive expert advice was
taken in preparation of this Bill.
In the light of the most recent
traumatic events against her,
I understand that the Member for
Freeman has personal interests
in minimum sentencing.
But personal interests have
been known to cloud judgement.
And in this case, her
judgement is very cloudy indeed.
OTHERS: Hear, hear.
The question is that the
amendments are agreed to.
Those of the opinion say Aye.
Hey, hey, Member for Tucker.
Does your party know what
you're actually doing?
You're Green, mate.
Green on the outside.
Blue on the inside.
- Green Tory!
- Order!
Where are ya?
Those against, No.
- Do the Ayes have it?
- No!
The Noes have it. Division required.
Ring the bells for four minutes.
What the hell is she doing?
Well, shitting on you
from a great height.
Minimum sentencing, is she serious?
No, no, it's just a bullshit
stunt to make you look weak.
She's got Bauer and the crossbench
in her back pocket. This is bad.
You think?
So, what the fuck are you doing, Alex?
I figure at this point
anything is better than nothing.
Which seems to be your default position.
You push this through, then what?
I'm going to get the next tranche
through. With your support.
I told you to be patient.
I want to do this, but
we agreed next term.
I don't have the time.
Not sure if you do either.
You know I can't support
this. The states will revolt.
I can see that you
risk looking spineless,
but if these don't pass,
I can move to discontinue
the reading of your Bill,
and it'll get thrown out.
And that's really not a good
look for a government Bill, is it?
You don't have the numbers.
Damien is so excited he's about
to come. I've got the crossbench.
Do the math.
Or get Sharon to do it for you.
Oh, you know, you're right.
I have been around this place
long enough to know better.
Lock the doors.
Any idea what's going on?
- No. Do you?
- No, but it's fun.
The question is, is that
amendments one to three,
circulated in the name of the
Member for Freeman be agreed to.
Ayes pass to the right of
the chair, Noes to the left.
I can't do it! I can't do it!
I, I can't do it!
Yes, you can. You're
nearly there, I promise.
He's right. You're getting close.
Now I want you to push
for real next time.
What the fuck do you think I was doing?
- Do we need a Caesar?
- Everything's fine.
Everything's fine, OK? Now, when
you're ready, when you feel it
Keep pushing.
Keep pushing. You're doing great.
Baby's crowning.
- You're doing great.
The result of the division
is Ayes 75, Noes 73.
The matter is resolved
in the affirmative.
Paul Murphy suffered an embarrassing
defeat on the floor of Parliament
when the Opposition
backed a surprise amendment
proposed by MP Alex Irving
to the Government's
Criminal Code Reform Bill.
MAN: Sing it. Sing it
loud and proud, mate.
We now proceed to read
Amendments 4 to 11.
I give the call to
the Member for Freeman.
Thank you, Madam Speaker.
I now move Amendments 4 to
11, as circulated in my name.
These amendments include
raising the age of criminal
responsibility from 10 to 14,
as well as raising the
minimum age of detention to 16.
What the fuck is she talking
about? We didn't agree to this.
Madam Speaker,
Australia's age of
criminal responsibility
is significantly below
the United Nations'
recommended minimum 14 years.
It is also the recommendation
of the Australian
Human Rights Commission.
We should be leading the
world on human rights,
not playing catch-up.
Let me help you up there
on your soapbox, darlin'.
The Leader of the Opposition
will let the Member for Freeman
speak without interruption.
Thank you, Madam Speaker.
We need to keep our kids
out of the justice system
for as long as possible.
Studies show that locking up
children as young as 10 years old
makes them more likely to re-offend
and sets them up for a lifetime
in the criminal justice system.
Australia has a shameful record.
And I shouldn't remind
this Prime Minister
that Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander people
are the most incarcerated
people on earth.
Here we go again with the colour card.
These are criminals and thugs
we are talking about here.
- OTHERS: Hear, hear!
- Order.
Aboriginal children account
for almost 65% of young
people behind bars,
23 times more likely to be in detention
than non-Indigenous people.
So, what does that say about them?
The numbers speak for themselves.
The Leader of the Opposition
will cease interjecting
or he'll leave the chamber under 94A.
- Our laws
affect Aboriginal children.
- They tear families apart
and they entrench disadvantage
down the generations.
Children in this country are
being strip searched, assaulted,
and thrown into adult prisons.
Children are dying in detention.
We have to act now.
We can reform a broken, punitive system
to one that is restorative,
providing age-appropriate services
outside the criminal justice system.
Children who are still
losing their baby teeth
should not be thrown in
prison, Madam Speaker.
Now, these amendments are not
a wish list, Madam Speaker.
They need to be actioned urgently.
I give the call to the
Leader of the Opposition.
BAUER: Thank you kindly, Madam Speaker.
You had me worried for a minute.
And here I was beginning to think
the Member for Freeman had
finally come to her senses.
But this drivel, this is
bleeding heart politics gone mad.
Do I need to remind the House
that we have a youth crime
crisis in this country?
OTHERS: Hear, hear.
And the Member for Freeman
thinks the answer to that
is to go soft on the perpetrators.
"Let them go! Don't lock them up!"
Not so much as a smack on the backside.
They're just kiddies, after all.
Kiddies who steal cars, vandalise
property, assault people,
and commit murder, Madam Speaker!
- OTHERS: Shame! Shame!
- Order. Order.
If certain sectors of Australia
can't control their children,
can't raise them to be
responsible citizens,
why should the rest of Australia suffer?
What about the innocent victims?
Good, law-abiding Australians.
Go ask the people of Townsville
and Darwin how they feel about it.
Don't you dare use the people
of Townsville and Darwin
to further your agenda.
Ask the people of Townsville and
Darwin how they feel about it,
when these gangs of youths
break in, bash them, assault them,
and they can't do anything about it.
Oh, shame, Damien, shame.
Pensioners out there are fed up
with having their homes broken into
and being knocked down on the streets
by these delinquents.
MAN: Rubbish!
I don't care if their skin's
green, pink, or polka dot.
Don't give me this rubbish
they're too young to know
what they're talking about.
Raising the age won't stop the crime.
It just means no-one
will be held accountable.
Where does the buck stop?
Have no doubt, Madam Speaker,
the Opposition will be voting
against these amendments.
Our policy is, and always will be,
to make Australia a safe country
in which ordinary Australians
can live and raise their families
away from violence
and dangerous elements.
There is only one solution to this,
and that is to be tough on crime.
And anyone who votes
for these amendments
might as well go out and bash
an innocent pensioner themselves!
Sit down! This is a
House of Legislature.
This isn't talkback
radio, mate. Sit down!
I don't care how old they are.
I don't care how sad their story is.
Because in my book, if you
do the crime, you do the time.
I give the call to
the Member for Freeman.
Thank you, Madam Speaker.
The Leader of the Opposition
seeks to politicise something
that is beyond politics.
This is about human rights.
This is about children's rights.
And I challenge anyone who
votes against these amendments
with a good conscience.
My conscience is clean
as a whistle, sweetheart.
Yeah, well, whistling
is your forte, Damien.
- Oh, so
On my feet.
The Member for Freeman has the call.
Thank you, Madam Speaker.
I want to remind all those who
vote today against these amendments
that Hansard will record your names.
Each and every one of you
will go down in history
for those who voted to continue
the incarceration of children,
Madam Speaker.
Children as young as 10 years old.
The Opposition Leader wants
to talk about innocence.
There is nothing innocent about
taking away a child's future
before they even know
what to do with it.
And what makes these
10 year-olds different
from your ordinary Australians?
Because their skin isn't
green, pink, or polka dot.
They're black.
Which kids are we as a country
choosing to care about here?
There is only one choice to make today.
Vote yes and stand up for
justice, humanity and compassion.
Or vote no, and forever be
on the wrong side of history.
I commend these amendments to the House.
Thank you, Madam Speaker.
The question is that the amendments
4 to 11 circulated in the name
of the Member for Freeman be agreed to.
All those of that opinion say aye.
- OTHERS: Aye.
- Against, No.
- Do the Ayes have it?
They do not.
The Noes have it. Division required.
Ring the bells for four minutes.
She's got us over a barrel.
If we vote yes, I'll look
like her fucking lapdog.
I know, but you can't
say no. You can't vote no.
Because you don't want to be seen
drinking out of the
same sewer as Damien.
Right? And you actually can't say
you want to keep
locking up 10-year-olds.
Especially not black ones.
Of course I don't want to.
But, Jesus. Yeah, it's
Anyway, she's got the
numbers to kill the Bill
if we vote against her.
If we vote yes,
the state will break my balls
for treading on their toes.
Well, we blame her. We blame Alex.
Everyone knows she's a loose unit.
- We had no idea.
- No.
Plausible deniability.
- I still look fucking weak.
- Yeah, but she's off your back.
It's everything you wanted.
It's the outcome you need.
What do you want us to do?
- Yes.
- Yep?
OK. Yep.
No, no, this is not happening.
I'm abstaining.
He will fucking destroy you.
- What's he doing?
- He's fucking abstaining.
He's fucking what?
Kohli, where are you going, mate?
My constituents wouldn't want
me to vote with you on this.
I didn't run on a platform
of brutality. Irving's right.
This is human rights, not politics.
You vote with the party. This
isn't a fucking conscience vote.
- It is now.
- You're finished, Kohli!
Oh, yeah, go on, lap it up, lap it up!
Oh, you're spineless!
Jelly fucking legs!
Yeah, go on. Get over there!
Oh, Matthew. Shall we have a chat?
Lock the doors.
The question before the House
is that amendments 4 to 11
circulated in the name of the
Member for Freeman be agreed to.
Ayes will pass to the
right of the chair,
Noes to the left.
Order. Results of the division.
Ayes 76. Noes 63.
The matter is resolved
in the affirmative.
MAN: Yes!
Historic scenes in Parliament today
as MP Alex Irving moved amendments
to raise the age of
criminal responsibility
for the first time in Australia.
Damien Bauer opposed the motion,
but the Opposition was left in tatters
when the moderate faction
walked out of the vote
in a move that could
spell the end of the party.
(OVER PHONE) Hi, you've
reached Charlie Irving.
Sorry, I can't take your call right now.
Leave a message and I'll
get straight back to you.
Charlie. We raised the age.
It was the bare minimum of
what we wanted to get done
and it almost bloody killed me but
but at least we won't
be locking up 10-year-olds.
I love you.
We did it.
WOMAN: Ms Anderson, what does
this mean for the future of
Any questions about
Damien Bauer or his party
are a matter for my fellow colleagues.
This Parliament today achieved
something truly historic.
I'm happy to talk in the days ahead
when we've all caught our breath.
How long are you going to hold
up the Paul Murphy government?
That's enough, thank you.
- Hey. They expecting us?
- Yep.
Alright, this is it.
MATTHEW: So, there's no regrets.
We're here now, and let's figure out
how to deal with this now.
Hi, folks. I just wanted
to say congratulations.
You drew a line in the sand today
and you stood on your principles.
I know that'll come at a cost.
Damien will come after
you in the party room,
he'll come after you in the press,
and he will come after
you in pre-selection.
That's not the party you joined,
so you have a right to walk away.
I know for some of you
that splitting the party
will be too much to ask.
You might still believe in
fighting for the broad church
from within the tent,
and I respect that, and I wish you luck.
But the alliance has
a draft constitution,
we're closing a deal with our
financiers, and we are ready.
We have strength in numbers
if we stick together.
We'll need to talk to our electorates.
Not everyone will understand.
Of course.
We have a chance to
build a Centre Alliance
that holds the balance of power
with a formal agreement
in every Federal Government
from this moment forward.
I hope that you join with
me and take that chance.
- Thank you, Matthew.
- We've got this.
Right, everyone, you know
what to do. No-one says a word.
- Good luck, Rachel.
- Thanks, Donna.
That was epic.
You sure you got the
numbers in the Senate?
It's government
legislation now. It'll pass.
You up for this?
Make sure you enjoy the moment.
Savour it.
Because you just made fucking history.
- Dominic.
- Ms Irving.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you. Everyone, please.
Thank you for waiting.
It's been a long session.
What has been achieved
today is monumental.
- REPORTERS: Ms Irving!
- Ms Irving!
Just one at a time,
please. One at a time.
WOMAN: Congratulations, Ms Irving.
You have achieved so much today.
Thank you.
What have you got to say for yourself?
I'm incredibly proud.
MAN: How do you answer the fresh
allegations made against you?
Were you paid for your vote?
What's your relationship
with Earthsong Industries?
Today's Ausnews report
alleges that you took money
in return for supporting
a green tech company
with alleged links to organised crime.
Alex, what's your position
on minimum sentencing
for corrupt politicians?
Ms Irving! Ms Irving!
What the fuck, Rachel?
Did Marion publish?
I don't see how. We got an injunction.
Why are there journos in the front yard?
I think I fucked up.
WOMAN: It isn't Alex and
Helena should be stepping down.
It just leads back to you.
Do you know who else took money
directly from Earthsong Industries?
Paul Murphy.
BAUER: How much money did
she take from organised crime?
How many votes did she sell?
And how much longer does she intend
to disgrace our parliament
with her presence?
- Alex!
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