Total Control (2019) s03e06 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 6

Kathleen Sloan. I should
have recognised you.
What exactly do I get
for my $20 million?
This bill should be
withdrawn and redrafted.
I'm going to get the next tranche
through, with your support.
- I told you to be patient.
- Surprise.
We can reform a broken, punitive system
to one that is restorative.
This is bleeding-heart
politics gone mad.
My constituents wouldn't want
me to vote for with you on this.
You're finished, Kohli!
The matter is resolved
in the affirmative.
The Alliance has a draft constitution.
We're closing a deal with our
financiers, and we are ready.
Make sure you enjoy the moment
because you just made fucking history.
REPORTER: How do you answer the
fresh allegations made against you?
Were you paid for your vote?
- REPORTER: How do you answer
the fresh allegations
made against you, Alex?
What's your relationship
with the Earthsong Industries?
Alex, what's your position
on minimum sentencing
for corrupt politicians?
Were you paid for your vote?
Today's AusNews report
alleged that you receive money
in reciprocation of support
for a green tech company
What have you got to say for yourself?
Ms Irving! Ms Irving!
Get out of the way!
REPORTER: High-profile MP Alex Irving
is the centre of a
corruption scandal today
with allegations that she took payment
in exchange for her
vote on key legislation.
Earthsong Industries was
the primary beneficiary
of the government's Sustainable
Procurement Practices Bill,
which passed with crucial
support from Ms Irving,
and former cross-bencher, Helena Rossi.
Campaign finance records revealed
both MPs received substantial
donations from Earthsong
What the fuck, Rachel?
Did Marion publish?
I don't see how. We got an injunction.
- Did you know about it?
- No, I had no idea.
But listen, who's the original source?
AusNews ran an expose.
They're accusing me of
selling my vote to Earthsong.
They're linking me to organised crime.
Listen, Marion doesn't
write for AusNews.
Well, they want me paraded naked
through the fucking streets.
Alright, listen, just sit tight,
let me find out what's going on.
And, Alex, don't forget,
you've got justice
for those girls, yeah?
What'd she say?
Congratulations on
passing the amendment.
Ms Irving?
What do you want me to do?
Ah, pull up over there.
Why are there journos in our front yard?
I don't know, I think I fucked up.
- What about kids in detention?
- We got it through.
Good one, Mum.
We got a car.
Go round the back, go through
the back lane, and we're there.
See you soon.
Eddie! Eddie! Eddie, can you ?
Righto, calm down, calm down.
- Hey, Eddie!
- Relax. Move.
Eddie, is your mum inside?
Eddie, has your mother
gone too far this time?
I shouldn't have to tell you
fellas how to do your jobs,
but maybe you want to start getting
shit right for a change, yeah?
Oh, wait, you want Eddie, right?
Because I look like Eddie? Like
all the rest of us black kids?
You know what? Here's Eddie.
Eddie Irving, is your mother inside?
Eddie, how's it feel to know
that your mother's corrupt?
How many black kids died
in custody this week?
Or this year? Can you tell me?
No, you can't. You've got no idea.
And you don't care.
Eddie Irving, what would you say
to your mum about what she's done?
I'd say she's done
something to fix this place,
while you dickheads just do
what you're told. Shame job
- Eddie
- The lot of you.
Hey, we black and we
strong. We're outta here.
Oh, it's the bodyguard. How you doing?
- You alright?
- Yeah.
Where to, Ms Irving?
Let's go to Charlie's.
They're still at the hospital.
Is that a pool? Fuck yeah!
How long are we going
to be staying here for?
Someone fucking hacked my work platform.
They took the whole first
draft, dumped it in the article.
They even, you know,
kept my spelling mistakes
and all the stuff that
legals told me to get rid of.
What, Nick's ties to organised crime?
Yeah, yeah, it didn't
Wasn't in the next draft.
Oh, you don't believe me.
Marion, I know it's feasible.
There's company that hack
anyone for five grand.
You wouldn't be the
first journalist, but why?
I mean, how would they
know to target you?
Well, there's been, you know,
certain pressure on me to publish.
What What do you mean?
From who? Your editor?
Or was it your original source?
Because, come on, it's pretty
clear that you've had a tip-off.
Am I wrong?
All the independents
took money from the tank,
but only Helena and
Alex have been targeted.
The person with the most to
gain politically is Damien,
but I doubt he'd leave me standing,
and you're way too smart
to be used by a politician.
And this has all gone down
since the Procurement Bill.
And, you know, the only
person I can think of
with an axe this big to
grind is Kathleen Sloan.
She openly lobbied against the
Bill, she's been publicly critical
that she's been locked
out of millions in tenders,
and she certainly has the means.
- Is that it?
- I can't answer any of this, Rachel.
Well, meanwhile, Helena hasn't
gotten out of bed for two days
and Alex's political
career is basically over.
- Don't you think you've been played?
- Oh, fuck off!
Seriously, fuck off!
Why on earth do you
want to go back in there?
What could you possibly still want?
Because it isn't Alex and
Helena should be stepping down.
Because everything, everything,
it just leads back to you.
You know, Nick's dealings with
organisations both sides of the law.
You know, funnelling money
to give yourself a power base.
You know, why do you think they're
not going to come after you?
I didn't vote for the Bill.
I'm not fucking stupid, Rachel.
OK, listen, Marion, you
don't have to believe in me.
But Alex and Helena,
they are decent people.
Matthew and the Alliance,
we are trying to change
things for the better
and there are plenty of people
that don't want to see that succeed.
You've just seen the
lengths that they'll go to,
so don't let them win.
I'll lift my injunction.
If you've got anything
that can help them,
or clean up the shit
show that's out there,
then I really hope you'll use it.
It's gonna implicate you.
Well, that's your call.
WOMAN: I'll be back to check
on you in a couple of hours.
CHARLIE: Thank you.
I've always liked Esther.
Nah, Olivia.
Wasn't that an ex-girlfriend?
Better not have been.
Oh, God no. My high school nemesis.
You had a nemesis?
You didn't? Typical.
Elizabeth. Like the Queen.
Keep your mum's tradition going.
I regret telling you that story.
- Paul again.
- What's happening?
It's a crisis.
- It's Alex, apparently.
Beautiful girl.
What did Paul want?
He wants me to go back in.
Jesus, Alex.
I thought there was journos.
You OK?
No. I'm not.
Is it the heart? Should we
be going to the hospital?
Is there somebody I should be calling,
It's not the heart. It's not the heart.
But you just overturned a
236-year habit of locking kids up.
You should be proud.
You think I'm done?
That's not what I'm saying.
But if it's the end
This is not the end.
Do you think I should give up?
After everything? Let
them get away with it?
You know I don't.
Jesus, Joely.
There's so much I have to do.
I know the feeling.
Do you think Rachel
might know something?
REPORTER: Damien Bauer
has refused to comment
on the serious rift in his party
and rumours of a
looming leadership spill.
Yesterday, several Opposition
MPs walked out of the chamber
during a crucial vote in protest
over Mr Bauer's hardline stance
on raising the age of
criminal responsibility.
The Member for Freeman has
proven time and time again
that she's not fit to hold office.
I call on Alex Irving to face
up to the Australian public
and answer these questions.
How much money did she
take from organised crime?
How many votes did she sell?
And how much longer does she
intend to disgrace our Parliament
with her presence?
RACHEL: Alex, there you are.
- What happened?
- Marion's been hacked.
That is bullshit.
It's true, just listen.
The original tip-off
came from Kathleen Sloan.
Now, she put pressure on Marion's editor
and then when I got the
injunction she went nuclear.
Did she ever pressure you?
She lobbied me over the Bill.
I told her I was supporting the
legislation. That was the end of it.
Well, obviously not for Kathleen.
This is all about the Bill.
Oh, and all that bullshit
about organised crime,
it's just Nick's dodgy friends.
Marion said legal had already killed it,
so I would get a
lawyer and sue for defo.
And who'll pay for it?
Maybe then put out a statement, fast.
Saying what? That I'm stepping down?
No, you've gotta come out swinging.
What about the Alliance?
I'm sorry, Alex. We have
to be above reproach.
Come on Mum, let's go. Come on.
- Where are we going?
- To see Eric.
Who's Eric?
How are you feeling?
- Kill for a real drink.
- Yeah.
Think she likes you.
Yeah, I know.
I'm going to teach her every
fuckin' swear word I know.
- Can I hold her?
- Yeah.
Hey, bubba.
You forget how small they are.
Aunty Faye's gonna love her, eh?
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You OK?
- Yeah.
Hey. What do you reckon?
I reckon you're gonna
be awesome parents.
- Mum, you want a drink?
- No, I'm good.
- Alex! Alex!
- Yeah, what?
Somebody left this on
your desk at the office.
It's got Marion Beaumont
written all over it.
Thank you for coming. I'm
surprised to see so many of you.
- Must be a free feed going on, eh?
Quite a lot of you were here yesterday
when I was unavoidably prevented
from answering your questions,
which is why I called you tonight.
I categorically deny
the allegations raised
by our friends at AusNews.
The truth is, I took campaign money
from a think tank called
Future for Democracy.
It was $20,000. We
did our due diligence.
And we declared it.
And yes, I voted in favour
for the Procurement Bill.
The legislation promised
to create regional jobs
and to support sustainable industry
and, yes, I would vote for that again.
I hadn't heard of Earthsong
Industries before the vote
and I didn't know that
they funded the think tank
that supported my election campaign.
As Independents, we run for integrity.
You hold us, and we hold
ourselves, to a higher standard.
But we need to hold everyone
to that same high standard.
Do you know who else took money
directly from Earthsong Industries?
Paul Murphy and his party.
They took money and they took meetings.
Damien Bauer and his party, they
took money and they took meetings.
And you're not all
camped outside their house
because you know how the system works.
It's not about one company.
It's about coal and fossil fuel.
Gambling. Sugar. Tech, transport.
Money buys influence.
Money determines policy,
while the voters at
home, they have no idea.
And you lot, you lot run
on outrage and clickbait.
You beat up on organised crime
and you turned a blind
eye to the lobby racket.
So, why don't you
start reporting on that?
This place will never
work for the people,
while private interests are at play.
And I'm bloody sick of it.
And I can't fix this by myself.
- Ms Irving?
- No, no!
Ms Irving?
REPORTER: It appears Alex Irving has
collapsed here at Parliament House.
Sweetheart, are you OK?
No. I'm not. You had a heart attack.
When was this?
When we were in Winton.
Why didn't I know anything about it?
You had an operation.
- It was just a simple
- Don't fucking lie to me.
You didn't tell me.
You said you were fine.
And got all shitty when
I asked you about it.
And I only find out
when you collapsed on TV?
I'm really sorry.
You have to do all kinds of stuff
to get shit through Parliament.
- Lie, cheat, whatever.
- No, that's not
But don't lie to me. Don't pretend.
It's not fair.
I'm sorry.
One of my teachers was
going to call you yesterday.
I got accepted for an exchange.
Apparently you don't have
to go to all your classes.
Yeah, OK. Where?
- Iceland.
- Iceland?
You really want to do this?
Yeah, I do.
But are you going to be alright?
Look, I'll worry about you.
No. I mean with all this.
Are you going to be alright?
You can't keep lying to me, yeah?
Otherwise I won't go. And I want to.
I promise.
I reckon I need to do this.
I reckon you do too.
I'm so proud of you, bub.
Tonight, I sit down with
investigative journalist
Marion Beaumont, whose
reporting into dark money
has lifted the lid on
government corruption.
So, I've been working on these
political finance stories for years.
There is so much money at play
and there is so little
appetite to address it.
Alex Irving appears to have
started the conversation.
In your opinion, do these
Independents have a case to answer?
Well, I think it's a case
study in vulnerability.
State capture, it's a systemic problem.
It's a whole of government problem.
I mean, that's what
Alex Irving was saying.
Everything about our system,
from the rules on political
donations and campaigns,
to the laws on lobbying,
the protocols on influence.
Everything suits, just
the way it has been.
It suits the major parties,
and it suits big business,
it suits the unions, it
suits vested interests,
and old money, and new
money, and influence.
And, yes, it suits organised crime.
To look at what this means, it's
a credible threat to democracy.
- There are checks and balances.
- Yeah, yeah.
But they're a little bit weak,
which is probably by design.
See, dark money, it washes
through institutions, think tanks,
blind trusts, to politicians
with no accountability.
The only time it gets into
the public consciousness
is when there's a
political point to score
and we in the media, we just
fail to ask the right questions,
so the system grinds on.
That's quite a position statement.
Well, Marcia, am I wrong?
OK, moving on. We have a new
federal Anti-Corruption Commission.
You must have a few ideas
about which politicians
- might be in their sights
- Oh, come on.
This Look I think this is
bigger than just one person.
You've just got to stop
making the same mistake
and focus on systemic solutions.
What did they say about me?
An uncontainable force for reform
and an unmissable soap opera
all combined in one five-foot
package of justifiable rage
I'm five foot four.
who could probably
shoot someone on Pitt Street
and get away with it right now.
Turns out all that we needed
to make you be loved by everyone
was have you collapse on live TV.
Well, not AusNews, but
that's almost a compliment.
Yeah, well, that's in
their job description.
Any word from Rachel?
She asked me to stand.
For the Independent Alliance in
the next election. For Noonan.
- That's next to Freeman.
- I've got family there.
Well, she's addressing
the diversity issue.
I was the diversity
hire too. When was this?
Like, a couple of weeks ago.
And obviously I said no,
but I've been wondering.
You didn't tell me.
I didn't think there
was any possibility.
Do you want to stand?
What do you think?
What do you think?
I think I want to.
Then you should.
Yeah. Alright. I'm gonna
go chat to the nurses.
And figure out when you're ready to
be released back out into the wild.
You do that.
Mr Bauer. Mr Bauer! Mr Bauer!
You've called for Alex
Irving's resignation
for accepting campaign donations
from Earthsong Industries.
Did you receive any funds yourself?
We've complied with all
campaign donation requirements.
That's not the question.
Did you receive
And we will release that
information, when required, next year.
Should campaign donations
be declared in real time?
We're not the government here, Virginia.
Are you still the leader?
These so-called Independents
are just well-heeled
city elites having a sook.
We're focused on the forgotten
people, in the outer suburbs,
where our kind of Australians
are doing it tough.
Mr Bauer!
I can't believe you haven't
given her a name yet.
Yeah, we've got six months.
So, what, she's going to be
called 'the baby' for six months?
- I've been calling her Eric.
- She's not Eric.
What's this?
We're heading back to Winton.
- Me, Dee, the bub.
- Eric?
Shut up. But we'll only
go if you're alright.
Yeah, no, no, I'm alright. But Winton?
A lot of aunties there.
And I want to go home.
When are you back?
Not sure. Dee's looking
at postings after that.
- Where to?
- She's been offered New York.
What about you?
You know, I always thought
it was me in politics.
Turns out it's you.
I just want some time away
from it. From everything.
From me.
I'm sorry.
You good?
I'm good.
- You?
- Yeah.
Well, why don't you both head
off? I'll have a lie down.
I'm feeling a bit tired, eh? I'm fine.
- You sure?
- Yes.
Thank you.
Yeah, she's not Eric, alright?
Yeah, we'll see.
- You're moving slowly, Alex.
- I'm improving.
You sure you're well enough
to be here on your own?
That assistant of yours?
She has her own life now. And I'm fine.
I was interested to get your call.
You're talking about a lot of money.
You said you wanted
to make a difference.
Well, there's the issue of the
recent Procurement Legislation.
I'm not going to change my mind on that.
Appoint an independent board
and you'll be eligible to tender.
The monopoly on media
ownership needs to be broken up.
There's no way of getting
anything done around here
while the current owners are in power.
I'm guessing you'd be looking to buy.
This was the point Rachel declined.
I'm not Rachel.
I know you tipped off Marion
Beaumont to investigate me.
I also know you hacked her account.
And I know that you gave that
information to a media organisation
that has spent the last two
and a half years destroying me.
These things leave a trail, Kathleen.
And if that got out,
you'd never be able to
hold a major media licence.
So, why come to me?
- JOELY: You sure about today?
- Yep.
You know, I will stand in
Noonan. I made some calls.
Reckon I could win it.
That is if you'll have me.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
And I reckon one day,
might even take your job.
Somebody's gotta keep you in line.
That's exactly what I'd do.
Right. Some of you have
been asking some questions.
Like, "What do we do now that the
Opposition barely has enough members
to field a cricket team?" Or,
"Will there be an election soon?"
Is that a reasonable summary of
the shit you've been asking me?
Yeah? Alright. Well, this
might clear a few things up.
Right, this is the state of play.
Rachel Anderson's new party is
going to save Australian politics.
It's going to change the
way we live our lives.
It's also going to make
no difference at all.
This new so-called
Independent Alliance of hers,
it's not a political
party, they're a brand,
a focus group in search
of the next buzzword.
A pack of grifters in
search of the next rort.
Every time they talk about grassroots,
we accuse them of having no policies.
Every time they talk about consultation,
we talk about elites and NIMBYs.
So, I want you focused.
Because Rachel Anderson
and her Independents,
well, they're the Opposition now.
They're the ones we're fighting,
and by God we're going to fight.
Alright. Get back to work
and lift your fucking games.
Hey. Have we heard from Charlie?
Well, the drums rolled
off in my forehead ♪
And the guns went off in my chest ♪
Remember carrying
the baby just for you ♪
Crying in the wilderness ♪
I lost track of my
friends, I lost my kin ♪
I cut them off at the limbs ♪
I drove out over the flatland ♪
Hunting down you and him ♪
The sky was big and empty ♪
My chest filled to explode ♪
I yelled my insides out at the sun ♪
At the wide open road ♪
It's a wide open road ♪
It's a wide open road ♪
- You grew up out here.
- Yep.
So how do you think it feels ♪
That explains a lot.
Sleeping by yourself ♪
When the one you
love, the one you love ♪
Is with someone else ♪
It's a wide open road ♪
It's a wide open road ♪
Oh, my God!
So how do you think it feels ♪
Sleeping by yourself ♪
When the one you
love, the one you love ♪
Is with someone else ♪
- Where's the baby?
- Yep, coming.
I reach out just to touch you ♪
Then I realise ♪
It's a wide open road ♪
It's a wide open road ♪
It's a wide open road ♪
It's a wide open road ♪
It's a wide open road ♪
And now you can go any plac ♪e
That you wanna go. ♪
Shall we go through the running order?
We're expected in the
courtyard in a few minutes.
- The press are already there.
- Great.
Alright, so Matthew, you
will start as discussed
and I'm sure I don't need to
remind you of the big picture,
but this is an historic moment.
- We do have to keep it brief.
- Yes, of course.
And then you hand over to Rachel.
Right, I will acknowledge your courage,
announce the name of the Alliance,
and make a short
- statement of values
- Hi, everyone.
- It's good to see you all.
- Alex.
I want to thank you all for
voting to support those amendments,
or abstaining from voting.
What you've done has changed everything.
But this is just the start.
Well, I think I speak for everyone
saying that it's good
to see you on your feet,
but this isn't a great moment.
I think it is.
I really appreciated
your messages of support,
and it meant a lot.
So, I'm here to accept the offer
alongside you in this Alliance.
- Alex.
- You offered, Rachel.
I'm recovered. I've cleared my name.
And I'm here to accept that offer.
This is a formal meeting, Alex.
And I've canvassed opinion.
Unless you've changed your mind.
No. The offer has always stood.
Thank you, but not always.
- Right.
- So, as you were saying
So, the website goes live
during the press conference.
We won't take questions
immediately after,
but of course you are all free
to talk to whoever you like.
Ladies and gentlemen, today's
an important day for me.
But that personal importance
pales into insignificance
before the responsibility I feel.
I've walked away from a
party where I've found a home.
My colleagues behind
me have done the same.
We've done this because
representing our electorates
takes precedence over
serving party interests.
And if the party is out
of step with the country,
if it's answerable to vested interests
and not the people that
it's supposed to represent,
then it's up to us to act.
This alliance of Independents is
ready to face the next election.
We are ready to fight whenever Paul
Murphy calls it, and we are united.
United under the
leadership of Alex Irving.
Thank you, Matthew.
I would like to thank my great
friend and ally, Rachel Anderson,
because none of this would
be possible without her.
She led this country. She bled for it.
She faced down the misogyny
and abuse of her opponents.
She has prevailed.
But so much service has taken its toll
and a great leader, a great ally,
knows when it's time to pass the baton.
And I pay tribute to her.
Thank you, Rachel.
And welcome to the future
of Australian democracy.
I will let my colleague, Matthew
Kohli, answer questions. Thank you.
- OK, I'm sure you have a lot to ask.
- What the fuck happened there?
Alright, just calm
down. Let's strategise.
- I only spoke to her 20 minutes
- We've got to throw her under the bus.
Absolutely under the bus.
- OK, she's coming.
- Just give me five.
- Keep your cool, OK?
- Alright.
What the hell was that?
- I'm stabbing you in the front.
- Really?
Because if you think
that little stunt of yours
- is going to shove me into a
- You've had power for too long.
You've made too many compromises.
You can't lead the party.
Yeah? What makes you think you can?
Because I'm not at risk of prosecution.
Because I've secured $20 million
in funding from Kathleen Sloan
to bankroll the Alliance.
And because I have the numbers.
Your friend, Marion Beaumont,
gave me every file she had.
You've been referred to the
Anti-Corruption Commission.
That's bullshit. They've got nothing.
You said it yourself. We have to
be above reproach, and you're not.
I'm doing you a favour, Rachel.
You're out of your mind.
Take the favour.
I got one thing, honey ♪
Yeah, one thing, honey ♪
Yeah, one thing on my mind ♪
Two young bodies, yeah ♪
Two warm bodies ♪
And the fingers entwined ♪
With you next to me ♪
We can set this world alight ♪
Here comes destiny ♪
She gonna set this night on fire ♪
I got one thing, honey ♪
Yeah, one thing, honey ♪
Yeah, one thing on my mind ♪
You, me and destiny ♪
We're gonna set
this night on fire ♪
I'm sorry.
Yeah, me too.
- What's your next move?
- I don't know.
I think maybe it's time I got a life.
I wanted to talk to you in my
traditional language, but I can't.
Those words were taken from
my mum when she was a child.
So, the only language
I know is your language.
I wanted my mum to be here.
To see all this.
But she's not.
She died, waiting for
proper health-care,
while the party in government
had a leadership spill.
You really don't want
us to be here, do you?
I was dropped into the Senate by a
woman who thought she could use me.
I won my own seat in the Lower House.
I installed this nation's
first Indigenous Prime Minister.
And you still look at
me like I don't belong.
You think I should be lucky to be here?
You think I should be honoured?
You think I'm just another
ungrateful black bitch?
I don't care. I will
do what has to be done.
And I will not stop.
And one day
One day you'll thank me for it.
Oh, no, you didn't ♪
You didn't push me again ♪
I've got a memory like
an elephant, honey, ♪
I never forget ♪
They call me the collector ♪
I keep tabs on who's been bad ♪
They call me the collector ♪
And when the day comes,
honey, to collect my rent money ♪
Better believe I'll be back ♪
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