Totally Spies! (2001) s01e10 Episode Script

Spy Gladiators

[music - totally spies theme]
[music playing]
Get him!
Give it up.
Prepare to meet your demise!
Give up!
Look Look at that.
We made it to school
in record time.
Think of how much
more time we could have
saved if those
pedestrians would have
just stayed off the sidewalks.
Cool motorcycle!
Who's the intense biker babe?
That must be Donna Ramon.
I heard she was just
released from juvie.
It looks more like
she escaped from juvie.
Come on, guys, I'm sure
she's perfectly nice.
I'm Alex!
I don't think we've met.
You know what happened
to the last person
who touched my ride?
Let's just say she
eats her dinner
through a straw these days.
[nervous laugh]
What a coincidence!
I like protein shakes, too.
Gee, look, there goes the bell.
See you around!
[music playing]
Oops, sorry!
Maybe I'll just use
the entrance at the end
the other end of the school.
[music playing]
Ugh, what a stressful day.
I hope I never see
that thug again.
At least they're serving
my favorite lunch
today, soy cheese pizza.
I'll take that.
Hey, give me my pizza back.
Not a chance.
Way I figure, you owe me
lunch money for a year
after what happened today.
Alex, you're not going to
let her extort you like that.
Yeah, stand up for yourself.
Ah, ah!
I'm not gonna pay.
In fact, I want my pizza back!
On second thought, you
can keep the pizza.
[crowd cheering fight]
I'm gonna turn you into my
own, personal hand puppet.
CLOVER: Teacher!
You're lucky for now.
But tomorrow at 3:00,
you're dead meat.
You hear that?
I'm dead meat!
Don't sweat it, Alex.
I'm sure this will
all blow over.
Well, when it
does, give me a call.
Until then, I'll be
at the North Pole.
Can I offer you
girls a sandwich?
No, thanks.
We just ate.
Some of us did.
Have you ever heard of a
television show called "FIGHT"?
You mean that wrestling show
that takes place on the island?
That's the one.
FIGHT, Fear Island
Gladiator Habitat, FIGHT.
I love that show!
What's up?
Well, it seems that what's
up is one of the contestants,
an Olympic decathlete
named Reggie Willis,
hasn't been heard from since
losing on the show last week.
I wouldn't mind
getting lost with him.
He's hot.
Yes, well, in
addition to being hot,
he's also supposed to
represent the United
States in the Olympic
games next month, which
brings us to your mission.
I want you girls to
go undercover on FIGH
to find out what
happened to him.
Undercover in what capacity?
As contestants, of course.
I was afraid he'd say that.
And now for your gadgets.
Zip line bracelets, parachute
belts, mini ski aerobics
sneakers, laser heat hairdryers,
buzz saw wristwatches,
and lip balm smoke bombs.
Oh, I could use a
little lip relief.
Enjoy the mission, girls.
[music playing]
This is Fear Island?
I don't see anything
scary about it.
I stand corrected.
Vince King's the
name, promoting
human combat is my game.
You must be our new contestants.
That's right.
I'm Sam, and this
is Clover and Alex.
Let me give you the grand tour.
FIGHT is an
international sensation.
It's seen in every
nation of the world.
Every terrain in the world
it's represented on my island.
FIGHT has the most fantastic
playing field in any sport
ever conceived.
This is remarkable.
Arnold, has Donna
cooled down yet?
Did she call off the fight?
Are you kidding?
Things are just
starting to heat up!
Smart money's on Donna, but
you're attractive long shot.
So, Mr. King, have you
heard about the disappearance
of Reggie Willis?
Probably afraid to
show his face in public
after his brutal
defeat at the hands
of my merciless gladiators.
Are you saying that the
fighting on this show is real?
Well, of course not,
it's just showbiz.
All of our action
is choreographed
and safety is a premium.
Hit the dressing room ladies!
Suit up and meet me on stage.
The show starts in an hour.
And I thought Sam's
driving was bad.
What is this, a wedgie suit?
Tell me about it.
No wonder everybody on
this island wants to fight.
Now, let's meet
the contestants!
The lovely Sam,
Alex, and Clover will
risk life and limb
to try 'and win
this, the coveted FIGHT belt!
But first, they have to
make it past my highly
trained, hand picked,
international gladiators!
Are you ready?
On you mark, girls.
Get Release the wolves!
Pick up the pace, girls!
Those wolves look
awfully hungry!
And we look like lunch!
Please, King said this
is all just showbiz.
These pups wouldn't hurt a fly.
Apparently no one told the
wolves it's only showbiz!
What now?
Climb up!
Is there still time to
throw ourselves to the wolves?
Get off my back!
Oh, great.
The So day I forget to wear
moisture wear eye liner!
Over there!
What do I have to do to
get rid of these guys?
Get your hands off me!
I'm not your prom date!
See you next fall!
I hope this outfit
isn't dry clean only.
What do we have here?
This island has
everything except a mall.
There she is!
[music playing]
Give it up, sweetheart.
Not a chance.
Ugh, don't these beef
cakes ever take a break?
A sewer in an ancient city?
Oh, well, never look a
gift horse in the mouth.
How is the mission going?
Just great if you're
into running for your life
from homicidal gladiators.
Bad news.
It turns out several more
athletes who competed on FIGH
have seemingly vanished.
That's not hard to imagine.
Gotta go.
What the--
Seize them!
I'd give my entire
shoe collection
for some relief from this heat.
Not exactly what
I had in my mind.
I'm drowning!
Why do I have to be
such a nice person?
What's this gaudy thing?
This is the farthest
anyone's ever made it!
Who are these girls?
- Sammy!
- Alex!
You're alive!
Just barely.
The island is crawling
with those muscle heads.
You can get off
me any time now.
I got a hunch that Reggie
never left the island.
Not alive, at least.
Well, the quicker
we find out what
happened to Reggie
the quicker we can
get ourselves off this island.
Maybe the underground captives
can give us some answers.
I saw them in the
sewer when I was
running from the gladiators.
Weird, huh?
Come to think of it,
I saw something weird,
too, a satellite was following
me down by the river.
And then suddenly,
it disappeared.
Does this qualify as weird?
It came off one
of the gladiators.
It looks like some kind
of electronic collar.
Prisoners, a satellite,
an electronic collar.
King is definitely
up to something.
I think it's time to
talk to the prisoners.
They're the only people
on this island who
haven't tried to destroy us.
For being glamorous,
international spies,
we spend an awful
lot of time creeping
through stinking sewers.
Wait a second.
These people look familiar.
That's because they're
professional athletes
and probably former
fight contestants.
And now, King is keeping them
here to work on his island.
We've got to save them.
Who's gonna save us?
I've got to hand
it to you, girls.
You've got the moves.
You've got the skills.
You've made it further than
any other contestant on FIGHT.
But most importantly,
the audience loves you.
Excuse Excuse us if we
don't seem appreciative
of your compliments.
That's OK.
You can show your
appreciation by working
as warriors on my island.
And once I whip you
into shape, I think
you'll make fine gladiators.
As if!
You must be out of your mind
if you think you're going
to turn us into gladiators.
Oh, I'm not.
But my temperament collars will.
I can control the
moods of every gladiator
on the island with
a remote control.
I can make my gladiators
as docile as kitties
or as vicious as
collared pitbulls.
And you do it all
from the comfort
and safety of your studio.
You never even have to
get your hands dirty.
That's the idea.
Fit them with the collars.
I need to check our ratings.
ALEX: Reggie!
I don't know how to repay you.
You saved my life
when you fished me out
of that frozen lake and
pulled my collar off.
That was you?
There's no need to repay me.
But FYI, I like foreign movies,
white roses, and chocolate.
Rude way to show
your appreciation, Sam.
It's her collar.
It's been activated.
You'll never capture
the FIGHT belt.
We gladiators will
never allow it!
We've got to save Sam!
How can we while she's under
the power of that collar?
She's got that crazy
look in her eyes
like when there's a half
off sale at the mall.
If we can't take
off the collar,
maybe we can block
King's signal.
If we could only
find the origin.
Wait a second.
Maybe the signal has something
to do that satellite!
I've seen the satellite, too.
It's worth a shot.
[music playing]
This isn't right.
They're supposed
to have collars on.
Let's see how they do
against my gladiators now.
There it is!
How are we going to
take out the satellite
with those super
gladiators out there?
If we could just
get past them,
maybe we could scale the cliff.
If we only had a decoy.
Why am I always the decoy?
Hey, knuckleheads! here I am!
Think you can catch me?
Stop her!
No one wins on my show.
My gladiators are unbeatable.
I'm unbeatable.
Look out!
It's King!
You look tense.
What do you say I take
that collar off and give
you a nice, relaxing massage?
Nice shot!
Too bad rock throwing
isn't an Olympic event.
You'd win the gold for sure.
Sam, don't do it!
Don't you remember me?
I'm Alex!
We're best friends!
We were best friends.
You'll never get the belt!
No one beats me!
Hey, King.
Your are the biggest
wimps I've ever fought.
And I'm going to win that belt.
Watch out!
ALEX: Help!
Alex, what are you doing?
What am I doing?
What are you doing?
Pull me in!
My gladiators!
You did it!
You won!
Nah, we won.
[cheering reggie]
Isn't it great to be off that
island of fighting gladiators
and back in Beverly Hills?
I am so ready to
give peace a chance.
You ready to rumble, wimp?
Listen here, you
big neanderthal!
I've been chased by wild wolves,
had boulders thrown at me,
and fought gladiators all night!
So if you want a piece
of me, let's get it on!
Huh, for a boney runt,
you're pretty tough.
I am?
I mean-- you bet I am.
Hm, I didn't know
you had it in you.
I guess you're cooler
than I thought.
We're going to have
to get you ride.
We are?
Well, at least something
good came out all this.
Like what?
Now that Alex is
getting a motorcycle,
I won't have to ride to
school with you anymore.
What do you mean?
Come back here!
[music - totally spies theme]
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