Totally Spies! (2001) s01e09 Episode Script

Model Cityzens

[theme - moonbaby, "here we go"]
THEME SONG: Here we go.
We're getting out on
the road till' we stop.
And then we'll shop.
So one, two, three, now, baby.
Here we go, go go.
Here we go, here we go.
On a mission undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go, here we go.
We're Totally Spies, so
we'll get on with the show.
Here we go, here
we go, here we go.
[interposing voices]
[camera shutter]
Oh, excellent.
So good!
[camera shutter]
[helicopter flying]
ALEX: Clover, where
are you taking us?
SAM: Last time she did this
we ended up at the body
piercing hut, remember?
That's right, it
took us four hours
to convince her that a
lip ring wasn't going
to enhance her natural beauty.
Relax girls, this surprise
is totally piercing free.
Now, take off your blind folds.
Ta da!
The Groovy Smoothie Shack?
I don't get it, Clover.
Are you thirsty or something?
I'm here to sign up for the Miss
Groovy Smoothie Beauty contest,
and you're here to support me.
A food court beauty contest?
You're kidding, right?
I mean, you know beauty
is only skin deep.
Of course, I'm not kidding.
And judging by the
competition, I'd
say I'm a shoe in for victory.
Um, not so fast, Clover.
[camera shutter]
This is my competition,
and mine alone.
Nothing or no one
is going to stop me
from becoming Miss
Groovy Smoothie
and launching my
modeling career.
Is that a fact?
Yes, it is, because
everyone who's ever
won this contest has gone on
to bigger and better things.
And I intend to join
them, thank you very much.
Now, why don't you and those
cheap shoes of yours just
step off.
The only thing that's
cheap around here
is your pathetic attempt at
trying to get me to back down.
Now, out of my way.
Come on girls, let's go
plan my victory party.
MANDY: Psh, as if.
Can you believe the
nerve of that girl?
Tell me about it.
I mean, how dare she accuse
you of wearing cut right shoes.
I say, we ditch them all.
Grab a mani-pedi, and forget
all about boring old Mandy.
[bell ring]
I don't remember
the parking structure
being quite this dark.
Uh, Alex, something tells me
we're not at the mall anymore.
[loud honk]
Hello, ladies.
Should've known.
Nice to see you too.
Now, allow me to brief you
about your new mission.
So much for that mani-pedi.
We've just been informed that
approximately a dozen models
from all over the world
have, literally, been stolen
within the last 24 hours.
What do you mean stolen?
We're currently en
route to New York,
where you three
will go undercover
as journalists at fashion week.
A hugely important
industry event,
where you'll have access
to everyone who's anyone
in the world of modeling.
And you want us
to see what we can
find out about the abductions?
And now, for the gadgets.
This time you'll be
utilizing the magnetic spring
loaded bungee belt
in faux snakeskin.
The ultra inflatable
nylon tech vest.
A pair of hologram
projecting mood rings.
The titanium drill heeled
boot for impromptu tunneling,
and last but not least,
the M-ray contact
lens in aquamarine.
For seeing through metal.
Now, good bye and
good luck, spies.
I'll be in touch.
[computer beep]
[scanner machine buzz]
I've heard of fashion police,
but but this is ridiculous.
Must be because
of the abductions.
[computer beep]
Man, talk about a mob scene.
Everyone's here to see the
new mob named Phenom Gazelle.
She arrived on the scene,
practically, overnight,
and the witch is
already getting all
the available modeling work.
That means me and the
rest of the supermodels
are pretty much out of luck.
I think we need a better view.
[modeling music]
AUDIENCE MEMBER 2: That's her.
[camera shutter]
I've never seen
anyone so, so perfect.
It's unbelievable.
Better keep an
eye on her, Alex.
What's she doing?
Taking off the gloves.
Huh, now that's odd.
The skin on her
arms and hands,
it's all sorts of
different colors.
Different colors?
As in her tanning
beds on the fritz?
Different colors, as in
the bride of Frankenstein.
Maybe she's not so
perfect after all.
How about we go backstage
for a closer look?
Now, remember we're
supposed to be journalists, so
act professional.
Not exactly the professional
demeanor I had in mind, Clover.
Hi, Gazelle.
I'm Sam from Trend of
the Moment magazine.
I just wanted to tell you
how much I enjoyed the show.
Thanks, but the truth is I
owe everything to my agency.
Really, I wouldn't
exist without them.
And we wouldn't
exist without her.
I'm Helmet from Picture Perfect.
I represent Gazelle.
She single-handedly put
our agency on the map.
You're a modeling agent.
That's right.
So you know if I had what
it takes to be a model?
My philosophy is that
everyone has something
about them that's perfect.
In your case, it's your legs.
So you're saying
I'm bottle material.
Sorry, not quite.
Come on, Gazelle, you
need your beauty rest.
[dark theme music]
Hmm, Gazelle, wait.
You dropped your--
I've sent the ear
to WOOHP for analysis.
Our next move is to
investigate Picture Perfect.
Picture Perfect?
I mean, what kind of pathetic
agency are they anyway.
Take that Helmet
guy, for instance,
he calls himself an agent.
He wouldn't know a model if
she sashayed right into him.
Come again.
No matter what Helmet says,
I know I'm model material.
Special delivery.
It's from the Groovy
Smoothie Shack.
It says I'm a
finalist in the Miss
Groovy Smoothie Beauty contest!
[giggles] This proves it.
I am model material.
[door close]
Are you OK?
I'm fine, it's just a scratch.
Oh good, we
wouldn't want anything
to happen to our favorite
potential beauty queen.
[helicopter flying]
You're stretching
out my perfect legs.
They're trying
to shake us off.
That was a little too
close for comfort.
Speaking of comfort, you want
to get me out of this thing?
CLOVER: Help me!
Quick, look inside
the helicopter
and see if there are any clues.
The pilot has the Picture
Perfect logo on his jacket.
- We better call Jerry.
- Hello, ladies.
How's the Big Apple?
Rotten, Jerry.
Clover's been kidnapped.
Oh dear, that's the
second time this month.
What do you know
about the Picture
Perfect modelling agency?
Well, let's see.
Apparently, it's run by an
ex-model named to Tuesday Tate.
Their headquarters are
in Sydney, Australia.
[plane flying]
SAM: We're journalists
from Trend of the Moment
here to see Tuesday Tate.
You aren't on Misses
Tate's schedule,
I'm afraid you'll have to leave.
Is it me or is there something
very familiar about that woman?
Not to mention
something very rude.
Looks like we're
going to have to enter
Picture Perfect the hard way.
Never underestimate the
power of a good accessory.
ALEX: Looks more like some
kind of high tech clinic
than a modeling agency.
SAM: I wonder what's in here.
Hey, check that out.
Those are both Gazelle?
Man, talk about a
split personality.
[computer beeping]
Gazelle's donors?
Stacey, Amy, Anna,
Kelley, Gretchen.
[phone ringing]
Sam here.
Hello, ladies.
I thought you'd be
interested to know
that the ear you sent me
belongs to a model who
was abducted last week.
Her name is Gretchen.
Sam, that's-- that's one of
the names on the donor list.
Donor list?
I know what it
seems like Alex,
but how could it be possible?
[clears throat]
Can I help you, ladies?
Yes, yes you can.
We're journalists from
Trend of the Moment and--
And we're here
to interview you.
But you'll have
to make it snappy,
I'm leaving soon for a
model search in New Zealand.
So I hear you used to
be a model, Miss Tate,
why did you quit?
I injured my leg at a
photo shoot two years ago.
It was a circus theme, and I was
to play the role of lion tamer.
the lion tamed me.
Now, I have this.
So why don't you tell
us about Picture Perfect,
and how it is that you've
achieved this sudden success.
[phone ringing]
Tuesday speaking.
Oh, I see.
Would you ladies mind moving to
the waiting room down the hall
while I take this call?
- No, not at all.
No problem.
Those two are
definitely trouble.
Well then, we
better eliminate them.
[alarm ringing]
Oh, oh.
I'd say our interview
has just been cut short.
We better find Clover
before it's too late.
Get them.
We have to get to
that restricted area
we found earlier.
It's got to be
around here somewhere.
What happened to you?
Picture Perfect steals
body parts, that's
how they create a Gazelle.
Right now there's someone
else out there running
around with my perfect legs.
[explosion sound]
Don't worry, we're going to
get all of you out of here.
TATE: I wouldn't be
so sure about that.
We can't just let you leave
and risk you telling the world
about our little secret
Why are you doing this?
Leave me alone.
It's simple, really.
I want to create an
army of perfect models
so that I can
dominate the industry
that destroyed my career.
Couldn't you just steal
yourself a new leg instead.
I mean, it seems like
a lot less trouble.
Hmm, you've got a point.
But somehow my evil
revenge plan just
sounds like a lot more fun.
Well, it'll never work.
Perhaps, you'll feel
a little differently
after my demonstration, darling.
Hey, those are my legs.
Correction, they
were your legs.
Now they belong to Picture
Perfect, just like your friends
body parts are about to.
Prepare to be modelized.
And I thought I had it bad.
Now, since I'll be
getting plenty of new donors
from all around the world at
the Auckland Convention Centre,
I'm quite ready
to dispose of you.
Dispose of us?
Yes, we're going to dump
you in the ocean, where
you'll join a school of
ferocious man eating sharks,
for lunch.
[plane flying]
I don't know about you,
girls, but I'm not ready to be
fish food quite yet.
Me neither.
Even if I do look like a
science experiment gone bad.
Trust me, we'll be
out of here in no time.
Fine, I'll trust you, just
promise me you'll stop smiling,
because your braces
are blinding me.
[laser cutting]
[laser gunfire]
Nice going, Sam.
What's our next move?
Since we can't get
into the cockpit,
I'll get the pilot
to come to us.
Just be ready for him.
[laser fire]
Good work, Red.
Right back at cha.
Now all we have to do is get to
New Zealand and stop Tuesday.
SAM: That's a great idea,
except for one thing.
Now that you've knocked
the pilot unconscious,
who's going to fly the plane?
OK, why am I doing this?
Because the pedals are
really hard to press,
and you're the one with
the stout powerful legs.
Oh, that skin,
it's magnificent.
We can definitely use you.
I'd say your toes are
among the loveliest specimens
I've ever seen.
You're Picture Perfect
material for sure.
Now, why don't you step
inside the modelize--
I mean, the photo booth, so we
can take some pictures of you?
That should be plenty.
In a matter of minutes
we'll have ourselves an army
of Picture Perfect models.
What the--
[plane flying]
SAM: Way to go, Clover.
CLOVER: All in a day's work.
Uh, guys.
I think we've got trouble.
We've gotta get them
out of the modelizer
before they end up
pieced together, like us.
It's locked.
Don't worry, I'll
find Tuesday and Turkey.
There she is, on the other
side of the convention
centre with Helmet.
[running footsteps]
Well then, we better get moving.
Now, hand over the key
to the modelizing machine.
You want the key?
Go get it.
This is going to be
like trying to find
a nail file in a haystack.
Well, you'd better
hurry, because once
the modelizing
process is complete,
it'll be irreversible.
Just a new feature I've
added to the machine.
What are you doing?
Trying to locate the
key with the compowder
fingerprint scanner.
Now, let's get
back to the girls.
What about these two?
Don't worry.
We'll take care of them.
So you're sure about this?
You're definitely dropping out?
I thought it over,
and I've decided
that I've had enough
modeling in beauty contests
for one lifetime.
The whole scene's
just way too evil.
Besides, ever since
I got my legs back,
I remember how
gorgeous I truly am.
I don't need anyone
else's validation.
| always knew you were
beautiful and smart.
Well, that's too bad,
because you would have won.
But since you dropped out, I'll
be awarding the first runner
up your $25,000
cash and your brand
new convertible sports car.
Congratulations, Mandy!
Thank you.
Thank you one and all.
CLOVER: $25,000?
I was only kidding.
It was a joke!
I want to be Miss
Groovy Smoothie.
Oh well, so much for Clover
thinking the whole scene
is evil.
[theme music]
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