Totally Spies! (2001) s01e12 Episode Script

Queen for a Day

[music playing]
THEME SONG: Here we go again,
getting out on the road
till we stop, and
then we'll shop.
So one, two, three now
baby, here we go, go, go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
On a mission undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go.
Here we go.
We're "Totally Spies,"
so get on with the show.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
[eastern music]
I've got you.
[horse whinnying]
[horses galloping]
[music playing]
CLOVER: I'm telling you girls,
with my new digital video
camera I'm a shoo-in
for homecoming queen.
Vote Clover for Queen!
I swear I won't be mean.
Brilliant, isn't it?
It's, um, great, Clover.
Yeah, in a painfully
honest kind of way.
[marching band music]
Out of my way, ladies.
Clover is so over.
It's Mandy who's dandy.
Vote Mandy for homecoming queen!
Ah, cheer up, Clover.
You did your best.
Besides, it's not
like you really ever
had a chance at becoming
homecoming queen,
especially since I've
got the entire football
team in my back pocket.
JV or varsity?
Wow, impressive.
I think so.
So why don't you just give up
now, Clover, and save yourself
the humiliation of losing to me
in front of the entire school?
SAM: Looks like you'll need
to do some serious campaigning
to beat Mandy.
Are you kidding?
I can beat Mandy on
my worst hair day.
ARNOLD: Uh, listen, Clover?
I overheard everything,
and I think I can
help you with your campaign.
Heck, I might even be able to
secure the nerd vote for you.
There's more of
us than you think.
CLOVER: Thanks, but
no thanks, brainiac.
I do my own campaigning.
Come on, girls.
You've got to help me campaign.
[music playing]
ALL: Huh?
[papers rustling]
[engine whirring]
[rocket blasting]
SPIES: [screaming]
Ew, Jerry's really
crossed the line this time.
I hope he knows
a good dry cleaner.
If this means Jerry's
offering us a surprise cruise,
then I'm willing to forgive
him for ruining our clothes.
No such luck, ladies.
Right now, you are en route
to the northern African nation
of Lyrobia, where
there's been a rather
unusual kidnapping attempt on
the nation's queen, Tassara.
We suspect it may have been
perpetrated by the neighboring
enemy nation of Kenyopia.
The two countries have
been at war for 20 years.
What do you mean my
"unusual kidnapping attempt?"
Apparently, the
perpetrator used some sort
of anti-gravity
device to literally
lift the queen from her palace.
I mean, that's terrible.
Just terrible.
Precisely why I'm sending
you to protect Her Majesty.
We don't want the
existing conflict
to escalate and spill over
into other nations of Africa.
How am I supposed to campaign
when I'm stuck in Africa?
And now for the gadgets.
Today you'll be receiving Heat
Sensor 6000 infrared motion
detector sunglasses,
compressed water capsules
for proper desert
hydration, high sensitivity
electromagnetic bracelets.
Powerful little gadget.
And last but not least,
keys to a brand new RATVAT.
A brand new rat what?
A RATVAT, Rugged All
Terrain Vehicle and Tunneler.
It'll be waiting for you when
you arrive at the palace.
And don't ding it.
We just had it painted.
And how do we
get to the palace?
SPIES: [shrieks]
[music playing]
Ta ta.
SAM: Ugh.
This map is completely useless.
It's just sand,
sand, and more sand.
Well, we better
get to civilization
soon, because this heat is
totally drying out my skin.
I need a mud mask ASAP.
It's official.
This country is
completely miserable,
and so am I. I
can kiss my dreams
of becoming homecoming
queen goodbye.
Too bad you didn't have
someone back home who could
do your campaigning for you.
That's it!
What's it?
It's Clover, you know,
your best friend?
I'm out of town
and I was wondering
if your offer to help me with
my campaign still stands.
Well, of course, Clover.
You will?
That's great.
When monkeys fly, you
mean, mean, mean person!
Come on, Arnold.
It wasn't my fault.
I ate some bad sushi
that made me act that way.
I'll help you, on one condition.
Anything, Arnold.
Just name it.
When you get back, you
have to be my girlfriend
for one full week.
How about a nice
lunch date instead?
No way.
I'll do it, but only for
one day, and only if I win.
Don't worry.
You'll win, I'm sure of it.
Things are
suddenly looking up.
I say it's high
time we called Jerry
and ask for real directions
and get out of this desert.
Or we could just ask someone
at that nice house over there.
SAM: That's not a house.
It's the palace!
Now, you guys, be on
your best behavior.
Remember, we're dealing
with a real queen.
[music playing]
Welcome to Lyrobia.
I'm Queen Tassara, and
this is my sister Makita.
I assume you've been briefed
about the kidnapping attempt.
I mean, indeed.
Jerry told us all about it.
Sounds positively
frightening, your honor.
Especially considering the
King of Kenyopia and I are
to attend a peace
conference in Geneva
to sign a war-ending treaty.
The fate of our nations
depends on my safety.
Well, the best way to
keep Her Excellency safe
is to keep her--
I mean, you-- out of sight.
Unfortunately, the
palace is having
a celebratory party tonight,
and I'm obligated to attend.
Well, in that case, we
better come up with a plan.
AKIM: Excuse me, ladies.
- Huh?
But I need to consult with
Makita about this evening's
No problem.
Excuse us, Your Majesty.
I can't tell you how
grateful our people
are to have your protection.
Thank you.
Uh, would you be so
kind as to show us
where the kidnapping
attempt occurred?
CLOVER: Well, besides the
solid gold bed, nothing looks
out of the ordinary to me.
Except for the floor.
It's totally dirty.
I mean, no offense,
Your Highness.
This is where I
landed when Akim saved
me from the anti-gravity ray.
SAM: Hm.
I'll send the sample to Jerry
for analysis right away.
Now, about tonight's party.
I was thinking one of us
should pose as Tassara
while the other two
pose as servants
and thwart any
kidnapping attempts.
What do you think?
I think it's a
great idea, Sammy,
and of course I'll play
the role of the queen.
Now that I get to
be a real queen--
a fake real one at least--
I could care less about
being a dumb high school
homecoming queen.
Ah, I wonder what my first
queenly duty should be.
Oh, I know!
I'll go on a royal
shopping spree.
Uh, Clover?
Why don't you let Tassara decide
what your duties should be?
Man, I thought being the
queen was supposed to be fun.
This reeks.
AKIM: Is there anything I
can do for you, Your Majesty?
You can save me from this
totally lame receiving line
and help me cut a royal rug!
Duh, I want you
to dance with me!
Very amusing, Queen Tassara.
You know that it is
your duty to stay
in the royal receiving line.
But you have to let me dance.
I command you.
BOTH: Makita!
Makita, are you OK?
I guess all the
evening's excitement
must have gotten to me.
Perhaps you ought
to go lie down.
Good idea.
That was quite nerve wracking.
Don't worry, Your Majesty.
Everything's going to be fine.
Could be the kidnappers.
We better investigate.
Hide behind
here, Your Majesty.
I don't see anything, but I
definitely smell something.
Guess this wasn't the best
place to recharge my com powder.
Well, at least it's
just a blown fuse and not
the kidnappers.
CLOVER: [shriek]
Let her go!
CLOVER: Help me!
[music playing]
[fabric ripping]
Are you OK?
I'm fine.
I wish you could say
the same for Clover.
AKIM: Makita has
been kidnapped too!
I went to check on
her and she's gone!
Whoa, deja vu.
Let's see if Jerry has
any info on this stuff.
Good evening, ladies.
How's the mission going?
Oh, it's going great, Jer.
Lyrobia is way cool.
I mean, except for the part
where clover and the Queen's
sister have been kidnapped.
Oh my.
So do you have any info
on the sample I sent you?
I think it might
help us find them.
Uh, yes.
The residue.
Apparently it's some kind of
magnetic compound found only
on asteroids in outer space.
That's strange.
And sad.
I mean, just think
of poor Clover.
She hates outer space.
She got a D in astronomy class.
I wonder if this
has anything to do
with the asteroid crater in
the northern part of Lyrobia.
I guess we'll find
out when we get there.
Come on, Alex!
Wait, what about
Queen Tassara?
I'm coming with you.
I've got to find Makita.
I feel responsible.
I-- I don't know.
It might not be safe.
Well, it isn't
exactly safe here.
Good point.
[music playing]
ALEX: [sighs]
You know, the desert's
not all that bad
when you don't have to cross
it on a stinky old camel.
[vehicle whirring]
[warning alarm]
Forget what I said.
The desert sucks no
matter how you cross it!
Get ready to dive!
Hey, cool.
[muffled shrieks]
Is this any way
to treat a queen?
That's not the
queen, you fools!
You've got the wrong girl.
Now go find Queen Tassara and
bring her to me immediately.
What should we
do with this one?
She's useless to us.
Ship her to Siberia.
[dramatic music]
[loud whirring]
[birds calling]
This is it.
Talk about a
change of scenery.
If there's any
activity around here,
we should be able to
find it with these.
I see something
across the crater.
It's coming this way.
Maybe it's the kidnappers.
I don't see anything.
[dramatic music]
I guess you finally got
the mud mask you wanted.
ALEX: This must be it.
I mean, it practically
screams "bad guy hideout."
This looks like the dust
we found in Tassara's room.
Let's check it out.
Call off the search.
The foolish girls have been
nice enough to deliver the queen
right to our front door.
Maybe I was wrong.
It doesn't look like anyone's
been in here for 100 years.
Have you seen Makita?
I'm fine, thank
you for asking.
And no, I haven't seen Makita.
I haven't seen anything but
the inside of this crate.
I'm right here.
Oh, Makita!
You're OK.
Unfortunately, I can't
say the same for you four.
What's this?
What's happening?
You're being kidnapped
once and for all.
But Why
How else can I stop
you from going to Geneva
and signing that treaty?
You see, if the
war ends, I won't
be able to sell my
anti-gravity guns
to the general of Kenyopia.
- I don't get it.
Why would you sell
weapons to the enemy?
It's simple, really.
I struck a deal.
When Kenyopia wins the war,
I'll be queen of both countries.
In fact, I'm going to
Lyrobia's weapons factory
right now to finalize my
deal with the general.
Besides, it's time
you passed the crown.
But what about us?
You can't just leave us
floating here forever.
Don't worry, sis.
You won't be floating for long.
This place is rigged to
explode in a matter of minutes.
So long, girls.
Now what are we supposed to do?
We've got to break
the gravity field.
And how are we
supposed to do that?
The only devices
we have left are
these dumb bracelets, which,
might I add, are totally gaudy.
Alex, you are a genius!
I am?
I mean, yes, I am.
How am I a genius again?
Quick, everybody
turn your bracelets on.
Anyone up for leaving?
OK, my pores are
officially over-hydrated.
Stop messing around, Alex.
We've got to get to that
weapons factory right away.
It's hidden in Mount Killilea.
I can take you there.
[lions roaring]
To the RATVAT.
[music playing]
[dogs barking]
ALEX: There's the entrance,
just like Tassara said.
[dog barking]
[crash and rumble]
[warning alarm]
[music playing]
What is this place?
SAM: Apparently this is
where Makita's scientists
build the anti-gravity guns.
ALEX: Look!
It's Makita and the general.
[music playing]
[gun blasts]
[water gushing]
Look out!
What kind of an
evil place is this?
Take that.
Don't move or I'll
blast you with--
with this lame radio thingy.
Oh, shoot.
Are you crazy?
Put that down!
You'll destroy us all.
It's a highly sensitive
earthquake generator, you fool!
Yeah, sure it is.
Nice try, guys.
[panicked shouts]
[music playing]
We've got to stop them.
They're getting away!
Not so fast.
[music playing]
Excellent work, girls.
No time for
congratulations, Jerry.
You have to get Tassara to
the peace conference in Geneva
right away.
[helicopters flying]
CLOVER: I am so glad
to finally be home.
I mean, is it me or was
that the worst mission ever?
SAM: Worst mission ever?
What are you talking about?
We just helped
end a 20 year war.
Being queen was totally lame.
Hey, check it out!
[marching band music]
I guess this means
Arnold's been busy.
Clover, you're back!
Attention, students.
The results of the
homecoming race are in.
This year's queen is
none over than Clover!
I can't believe it!
I lost!
CHEERLEADERS: Clover, Clover,
Clover, Clover, Clover, Clover!
I can't believe it!
I won!
Isn't it the greatest?
I thought you were over
the whole queen thing.
Are you kidding?
I can't wait to begin my reign.
And I promise to make
you two my servants.
Uh, I-- I mean advisors.
Congratulations, Clover.
Say, what do you think about
me and you going steady?
I say you got
yourself a-- huh?
Hold your horses, Clover.
Remember your promise.
You're my girlfriend,
at least for today.
Oh, right.
Clover, Clover, Clover,
Clover, Clover, Clover, Clover!
Oh well.
Every queen needs a king.
[theme music]
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