Totally Spies! (2001) s01e13 Episode Script


[theme music playing]
(SINGING) Here we go,
we're getting on the road
till we stop and
then we'll shop.
So one, two, three
now baby, here we go.
Here we go, here we go,
on a mission, undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go, here we
go, we're totally spies
and get on with the show.
Here we go, here
we go, here we go.
Dad, this is so boring.
It's just a rock with a
bunch of dead guys on it.
Aw, come on, son,
one more picture.
Now smile.
Whoa, ooh, oh.
What's wrong, Clover?
Did you hurt yourself,
or something?
No, I'm fine.
Then what's with the
lame rollerblading?
Watch and learn, ladies.
Oh no, I'm so sorry.
Are you OK?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Don't worry about it.
Wow, she's good.
Very good.
Sure, Saturday night
would be perfect, Jason.
I'll pick you up at eight.
Did you see that?
I just got a date
with Jason Roberts.
Mandy's going to so hate me.
She's been wanting to go
out with him for, like--
Oh, sorry, Jer.
No problem.
That was just the million dollar
prototype for our new billion
dollar surveillance satellite.
Spies, I've called
you here because I've
got an important
assignment for you.
Famous landmarks from around
the world are being stolen.
How does someone
steal a landmark?
Aren't they big and kind
of connected to the ground?
Well our perpetrator has
found a way to shrink them,
then suck them up into the sky.
We've acquired some video
taken by tourists who
have witnessed these events.
Now, it seems that this
thief is moving from west
to east so according
to WOOHP calculations,
the Taj Mahal is
the next target.
Cool, we get to go to Mexico.
Uh, India.
And you will be
posing as diplomats.
Here are your
papers, credentials,
and native costumes.
Now for your gadgets.
Today's specials include
an all-in-one lipstick
and titanium extend-o-rod.
Ugh, I look horrible in pinks.
A locator deactivator
rhinestone headband,
turbo fueled jet pack
backpacks, telescopic optic 2000
sunglasses with built
in cam, a laser cutter
eyelash curler, and a CADBOP.
Is that one of those
fruit flavored snacks?
No it's a Climb Anything Dirt
Bike that's Octane Powered.
One thing, Jer, how long do you
think this mission will take?
I can't be sure, actually.
As long as it takes for
you to find and stop
whoever is behind this.
Well, you see,
I've got this date
Saturday night so
it would be better
for me if we could just--
(SCREAMING) Be back by then!
That is amazing.
It's even bigger than some
of the houses in Beverly Hills.
I don't understand
why you had to lug
all your clothes with you.
Fashion crisis.
I need to pick out what
to wear on my date.
Number one rule in dating,
the outfit is everything.
Wait, isn't that the
number one rule in life?
Uh oh, it seems like Jerry
overlooked one little detail.
How are we going to get in?
We're diplomats, remember?
We have papers and credentials.
We're closed for renovations.
No one gets in.
What do we do now?
I'm I'm thinking.
Four days till Jason can
ya think a little faster?
Who's up for climbing in?
How do girls move
in these things?
Don't worry, I can fix this.
You know, since short
is last year's long,
thinking we market these
things and make a killing.
All right, you guys,
let's do what we do best.
Cool, point me
toward the gift shop.
Place looks clean.
I'm contacting Jerry and
telling him that WOOHP's
calculations are wrong.
Wait, what's this?
It's either a tracking
device or a way cool mood ring.
Let me see.
Look out, the
walls are closing in.
So's the ceiling.
We're gonna get squashed.
Quick, the door.
It's locked.
Over here, we're not
going to make it through.
Hold on, the
all-in-one lipstick
and titanium extend-o-rod
should do the trick.
I think it's time
we called Jerry.
Hello, ladies.
Uh, Jer, the Taj Mahal
kind of got away from us,
if you know what we mean.
But we recovered
this tracking device.
And to catch
whoever's behind this,
we need you to see if
its frequency matches
any other frequencies
of tracking
devices elsewhere in the world.
Let's see.
Ah ha, yes, yes, I'm
picking up a faint signal
near the Great Wall.
Looks like we're Peru bound.
Uh, try China.
I wish it could help me
find an outfit for my date.
This locator should find the
tracking device no problem.
Ah ha, here it is.
Now let's deactivate it.
Like I said, let's
deactivate it.
Let me try.
There you go.
And you thought I wear these
just because they look good.
Found anything yet, Alex?
Not yet.
Whoa, head ache.
Hey, what is that?
I think I see a black speck.
Or is it a black dot?
No, it's kinda like a
black piece of rice.
Why don't you zoom
in and find out?
Huh, oh yeah.
Hey, that's a black blimp
with two people on board.
All right, spies, time to fly.
How are we going to get in?
This thing's got turbo, right?
You could have warned me
you were going to do that.
Check that out.
I have a sneaking
suspicion that this
is the shrinking machine where
all the action's coming from.
And there are the
people responsible.
And they're,
like, two feet tall.
MAN: I don't care if you can't
locate the tracking device,
use manual controls.
But get me my Great Wall.
Then return immediately
to the island
so we can find out what's
broken and get ready to carry
out the rest of my plan.
Yes, sir.
We've gotta to
deactivate that machine.
This do the trick.
[alarm beeping]
- Huh?
- Huh
What was that?
I'll check it out.
Time for plan B.
Sally, we have invaders.
Invader this!
Remind me not to arm
wrestle these guys.
Sinclair, get the
one by the machine
I'll take the other two.
I've got you now.
I wouldn't be so sure.
Zap her with the
Alpha X 9 ray gun.
Oh, here comes my lunch.
Oh no, I can't move.
I think it's time
we stepped outside.
Stay put.
Where am I going to go?
Quick, zap the other two.
This is just great.
How am I going to try on
my clothes for my date?
JERRY: Our analysis of the
strange purple substance
on Clover's pants reveals
this could only be the work
of one man, Diminutive Smalls.
Diminutive who?
JERRY: Smalls.
Years ago, he was a WOOHP
scientist working on a formula
to increase strength
by reducing mass.
There was a freak accident.
He and his two siblings got
shrunk by his own machine
but gained incredible strength.
It seems Diminutive has now
perfected the shrinking process
and wants revenge.
If only he'd gotten
a little therapy
then the whole world
wouldn't be in this mess.
We've been picking up an
unusual level of radiation
from a small island in the
South China Sea called Jarnesia.
Our experts believe he may
have set up camp there.
That's probably the island
they were talking about.
We'll check it out right away.
He's dangerous so
be careful, spies.
Hey, what about me?
Yes, we're already working
on an antidote for you, Clover.
Because, you see, in two
days I've got this date
with this guy named Jason who--
I know, I know.
But, did I tell
you about the dimple
he's got right in the middle--
Ooh, so sorry.
I think we're breaking up.
One, two, three, hit it.
These CADBOPs rock.
And roll.
Check out that creepy castle.
That's exactly what
we're going to do.
This CADBOP is way cool.
Look, there's the--
welcoming committee.
Uh oh.
Ready and fire.
Fire again.
We're in a real
life video game.
Oh no, we're trapped.
Not so fast.
Let's see them
try to get us now.
You and your big mouth.
Clover, we're coming.
Follow that tank.
Now what are we going to do?
Maybe there's a
way in from the roof.
Ugh, we can't
get any traction.
[birds tweeting]
I guess these are climb
almost anything dirt bikes.
I have an idea.
This should do the trick.
That wasn't the belt
I lent you, was it?
MAN: We're Ready to go.
Clover, I want to thank you
for being our Guinea pig.
Now that I see how well my
device works on humans--
The world's greatest
monuments all in one place.
--I have decided to
dream a little bigger.
Instead of shrinking
and stealing
the monuments of the world so
I could decorate my island,
I'm going to shrink
and steal the cities
of the world,
people and all, so I
can have subjects to rule over.
Listen, pal, you're never
going to get away with this.
Oh, like you're
going to stop me.
Ha ha.
All right, let's
turn her into an ant.
Here's our chance.
I'll tackle the annoying
one, you grab the other two.
I said, I'll tackle
the annoying one.
I know, so why are you
going after that one?
She's the annoying one.
Not half as
annoying as that one.
Now when this machine
gets nice and toasty,
you girls will be shrunk to
the size of dust particles.
Too bad we won't
be able to watch
but we've got little city
shrink and steel called Tokyo.
Maybe you've heard of it.
Now what?
I can't reach my gadgets,
Look, my laser cutter eyelash
curler shrunk along with me.
This whole time I could
have had great lashes
and didn't know it.
That was close.
Now we have a city to save.
Strap on your jet pack backpacks
and let's blow this joint.
Wait up.
There they are.
And they're almost ready to go.
Maybe we can destroy the
blimp's steering system
so Smalls can hold
it in position.
How did those annoying
little pests get free?
That's it, hand me the
portable Alpha X 9.
Watch out.
I think he sees us.
Yep, he sees us.
We need to split up or
we'll never get close enough.
Cover for me.
I'm going in.
Try this on for size.
I can't watch.
Me neither.
That gives that idea.
OK, we're here.
What now?
Follow my lead.
Oh no, my jet pack
is running out of fuel.
So is mine.
Mine's fine.
Oops, I mean, oh no,
I'm out of fuel, too.
We're trapped.
I told you we'd out last them.
Now, this is where
the fun really starts.
You haven't seen the last of me.
Spies, once again,
a job well done.
ALL: Thanks, Jerry.
Yo, guys.
Hey, hello?
Can you ease up a bit?
[door bell ringing]
Good thing I kept
my old doll's outfits.
Hold on, I'll get it.
Hey, this is for--
OK guys, quick, quick,
shoot me with the gun.
Then I'll have just enough
time before Jason shows up
to change out of this
awful doll outfit
and into my special date outfit.
Let me do it.
No, let me.
Oh my.
Oh no, I can't wear these.
I can't wear anything.
Jason can't see me like this.
What am I going to do?
That's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to have you go to
the door and cancel my date.
Tell him I'm sick,
that I have the flu
and we'll have to reschedule.
Are you sure?
I mean, you could borrow
something of yours.
No way, girls,
I've been planning
my perfect outfit all week.
[door bell ringing]
Hi, Jason.
Hi, girls.
Is Clover ready?
She's very sick.
Spots everywhere.
She's sorry but she cannot
go out with you today.
That was close.
Oops sorry.
Oh, hey Mandy.
What's going on?
How totally lame.
He's actually falling for that?
Jason, wait.
I'm feeling much better.
Those crazy 10 minute flues.
I'm glad Clover's
back to her normal self.
I'm not sure normal
quite describes it.
[music playing]
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