Totally Spies! (2001) s01e15 Episode Script

Wild Styles

THEME SONG: Here we go again,
we're getting on the road til
we stop, and then we'll shop.
So 1, 2, 3, now baby here we go.
Here we go, here we go,
on a mission undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go, here we go.
We're Totally Spies,
get on with the show.
Here we go, here
we go, here we go.
[music playing]
Captain, sir, I think you
better take a look at this.
Holy mung fish!
[horn blows]
[music playing]
Hey, Sammy.
Hey, Alex.
Where's Clover?
She said something about going
shoe shopping before school.
Hey, girls!
Hey, Clover.
- New shoes?
- Like them?
They're inflatable.
Oh yeah, they're great,
if you're a circus clown.
Oh, we'll see
who's laughing when
the super tall,
super hot, super star
player of Bev High basketball
asks yours truly on a date.
You know he only
dates tall women.
Should've known
this was about a boy.
[school bell rings]
Hey, Max.
Oh my gosh.
You really know how to knock
a guy off his feet, Clover.
What am I going to do, girls?
Who was that giant woman?
Good morning, ladies.
I trust you found the
tram ride enjoyable?
Oh, yeah.
My eyeballs needed
a good blow dry.
Yesterday afternoon, the
luxury cruise liner, Juliet,
disappeared in the
Mediterranean Sea
with 200 passengers on board.
It vanished from radar,
a complete mystery.
And it's our job to
solve that mystery,
and find the missing passengers?
Now let's have a look at
the gadgets, shall we?
AquaLips waterproof
lipstick, doubles
as state-of-the-art scuba gear.
ScanMan9000 portable
radio and radar scanner.
Ice cream perfume, actually a
concentrated freezing agent.
Perfect for cooling
off a hot date.
Or stopping an
attacker in their tracks.
Next, we have CyberJacker
sunglasses that automatically
hack into any computer system.
And finally, you'll be
getting a brand new rash.
A rash?
But my makeup is hypoallergenic.
R.A.S.H, Clover,
rocket-powered amphibious
stealth hydrofoil,
which you can remote
control with this diamond ring.
So here's the ring,
where's the boat?
You're sitting in it.
The auto-pilot will take
you to the ship's last
known coordinates, begin
your investigation there.
And Clover?
Yeah, Jer?
Won't you please take
off those ridiculous shoes?
According to the global
positioning satellite,
this is the spot where
the Juliet disappeared.
Juliet, Juliet, where
for art thou, Juliet?
Jerry was right, Sam,
there's no sign of a cruise
ship on the radar, but freaky--
there's an island nearby
that's not on the map.
Not on the map?
I bet it's an exclusive
tropical spot,
we should definitely
check it out.
Or we could just stay
here and enjoy the jacuzzi.
This is no jacuzzi,
it's more like a--
Hang on!
We need more power.
That's the brakes!
The AquaLips.
And, in the event
of a whirlpool,
Clover's shoes may be used
as a floatation device.
Question is, what
caused the whirlpool?
The tunnel leads
in the direction
of the uncharted island.
A good swim will
tone our calves.
Hey, wait up.
These boots weren't
made for swimming.
So much for your
tropical spa theory.
Yeah, it doesn't look
like anyone even lives here.
I do.
Oh, forgive me, I didn't
mean to frighten you.
I'm not used to
visitors on my island.
I'm a fisherman, name's Trode.
Oh, we're looking for
a missing cruise ship,
and there's a tunnel
leading from the crime scene
to your island.
You haven't seen
like 200 people
wandering around in Hawaiian
shirts looking kind of lost,
have you?
Afraid not, and that tunnel is
just an abandoned oil pipeline.
I'm sorry, ladies, but you're
missing ship isn't here.
Well, thanks
anyway, Mr. Trode.
Mind if we have a look
around before we go?
Suit yourself.
We've got company.
Then get rid of them.
Whoa, what kind of creature
leaves a print like that?
I don't know, but I bet
the WOOHP Computer does.
Jerry, no missing
passengers yet,
but we found this
freaky footprint.
I'm sending a scan
for computer analysis.
And in just one
moment, I'll tell you.
Oh, that's odd.
The print doesn't belong to
any known species of animals.
Ew, bug.
Well, other than a
weird little fishermen
and some unknown
species of animal,
I'd say this island is deserted.
One thing's for
sure, there's no spa.
Looks like you need a little
spa treatment, those eyebrows
are looking pretty bushy, girl.
When's the last time you waxed?
What are you talk--
I can't run in these shoes.
Sam, Alex, climb the
trees, it's totally safe up--
Uh oh.
Ever heard of breath mints?
[guitar playing]
I guess not all types of
music soothe the savage beast.
But they looked almost human,
what kind of beasts were they?
The kind that
wear cheap jewelry?
That's the Juliet
cruise line's logo,
must have belonged to
a member of the crew.
You know, I think those freak
shows may be the passengers.
That's impossible, how could--
OK, I need to wax, I get it.
Whatever happened
to those passengers--
Is happening to me.
But how, and how come
it's only affecting Clover?
Ew, bug.
The bug bite.
What kind of stupid
bug bite turns people
into poorly groomed weirdos?
This kind.
A dart thingy, ew!
It was nasty enough when I
thought it was just a bug.
Since we're on his island,
I'm guessing that Trode
guy's the one who fired it.
Then let's hurry
up and kick his butt.
I mean, look what his freak
serum did to my new shoes.
There is a tropical spa.
See, my spa sense never lies.
Looks like it's been
abandoned for years.
If it's so abandoned, what's
with the electric fence?
It's getting cold out here.
Want to go inside and
do a little spying?
Spoken like a true ice queen.
OK, this spa
needs a decorator,
because I'm not getting that
soothing and natural vibe.
Whatever this guy's
up to, it is not good.
Whatever he's up to, it's
probably on his hard drive.
Whoa, the serum
re-engineers homo
sapien DNA to include
genetic patterns
from outside the species.
And that means?
The bad guys are making
half-human animals.
But why?
Shortage of new
exhibits at the local zoo?
Guys, I'm hungry.
How about we talk about this
over a tasty saucer of milk.
I already infected--
Shh-- company.
The other two will be next.
That's Helga Von Guggen.
The famous fashion designer?
She's the one behind this?
No way, she must
be Fishman's hostage.
No icon of the fashion industry
could ever commit a crime.
One isn't good enough,
Trode, those spies'
are a danger to my plans.
I didn't go to the trouble of
engineering a mutation formula
and transforming a
boatload of people
simply for my own amusement.
Then why did she do it?
What's wrong?
I'm allergic to cats.
Capture the intruders.
Take your best shot.
Good shot.
You'll never get
away with this.
By the way, what exactly are
you trying to get away with?
Since you're about to
be part of my experiment,
I suppose I can tell you.
Fur, ladies.
My hybrid creations
will become the world's
first form-fitting,
seamless fur coats,
made without a single stitch.
It won't seem gross
when my fabulous fur
line has made me insanely rich.
Like it?
It's genuine lawyer.
You're going to need
that lawyer when we get
finished with you.
Au contraire, it is I who
will be finished with you.
Once my lotion treatment
has softened you up,
Trode will add the serum.
Since we're short on time,
you'll be getting an over dose.
If you survive
the transformation,
you can join your friends
here at my processing
factory in Milan.
Fully automated.
I need 200 coats in time for
next week's fashion show,
so I can make millions fast.
By the way, if
everything goes well,
you three are going
to be the centerpiece
of my new fall line.
We've got to get
out of here, I do not
want to wind up an accessory.
Speaking of accessories,
yours is blinding me.
The R.A.S.H!
Never thought I'd be
glad to have one of those.
See anything?
We must be out of range.
But if the passengers
came to this island
through that whirlpool--
Then so did our boat.
So if I can rewire
the transceiver
to extend its range--
You did it, but I
can't reach the controls.
Just tell me when to turn.
Turning, turning!
You girls ready to get wild?
Hey, let me out.
Do I have a clear shot?
Creepy part aside, this
was pretty good for our skin.
Hello, Clover in danger,
, no time to web surf.
I'm using Helga's research
to engineer an anti-serum.
We have to get this to
Clover and the passengers.
So we can turn them back
into people before Helga turns
them into fashion statements.
Let me out.
Excellent, my automated
coat making machine
will have every last
garment ready by morning.
Patience, pretty
kitty, I promise
you'll be the first in line.
Could've used
this stealth mood
when stinky Bobby
Roberty was trying
to ask me to Spring Formal.
Thanks for the kicks, boys.
We've got to find
some way to get
this anti-serum to
all the passengers
before it's too late.
Simple, we load it into
the sprinkler system,
pull the fire alarm, and
then voila, anti-serum
showers for everybody.
Ready for a fire drill?
Uh oh.
How about you guys
do the freezing.
I liked that stuff.
Let me go.
This can't be good.
I know you wanted
to go first, my dear,
but your friends
were just so pushy.
Sammy, your stupid gadget
is poking me in the hip.
The ScanMan, we're saved.
Yeah, a good radar
sweep will fix everything.
Not radar, radio.
What's going on?
Protect me.
Before Before you eat,
how about a little juice?
There's our fire.
And there's our
anti-serum fire alarm.
Careful, this vat is full
of my mutation formula.
[cheering] I'm me again.
Hello, clawless feet.
Hello, delicate,
freshly waxed eyebrows.
Excellent work, girls.
Looks like you've got
everyone back to normal.
Well, almost everyone.
Hey, girls, like my old shoes?
So it's goodbye
super boots, huh?
Does this mean
goodbye Max too?
If Max and I are meant to
be, he should like me for who
I am, shortness and all.
Hey, Clover.
Ready to watch and learn?
Hi, Max.
Max, are you all right?
Yeah, it's just ever since I
got decked by this giant woman,
I'm freaked by tall girls.
From now on, I'm
only dating girls
who are right about your size.
Oh, really?
[music playing]
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