Totally Spies! (2001) s01e16 Episode Script

Black Widows

[music playing]
[theme music]
THEME SONG: Here we go again
on the road till we stop,
and then we'll shop.
So one, two, three, now
baby, here we go, go, go.
Here we go.
Here we go on a
mission undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go.
Here we go.
We're Totally Spies so
we'll get on with the show.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
GIRLS: Honeybees,
Honeybees, that's our name.
Winning is our goal and
cheering is our game!
We're cute and sweet
like sugar and we're
bees that never sting.
So come on, clap your hands
and do the honeybee thing!
Go Honeybees!
So why do you want us
to come in with you again?
Because you're my best friends
and we do everything together.
Even best friends
have limits, Sam.
Clover's right.
Why don't you go sign
up for the spelling bee
while we wait here?
You know, where it
isn't so geek-a-fied.
Fine, I'll go in by myself.
Cheer up, Sam.
When you're done, we'll take you
out for some celebratory spring
Isn't it a little early
for celebrating, Clover?
I mean, the actual competition
isn't for a few days.
Trust me, Alex.
No one's going to beat Sam.
She's like a total
shoe-in for victory.
Oh, I wouldn't be
so sure about that.
Now, out of my way.
I've got a spelling
bee to sign up for.
You're joking, right?
I mean, since when
are you into spelling?
I am not into spelling, Sam.
I am into winning.
And more importantly, I am
into beating you and showing
everyone that not only
am I the prettiest, best
dressed girl at Bev High,
I am also the smartest.
In fact, my daddy has hired
a world famous linguist,
a professional hypnotist,
and a top yoga guru
to make sure that
I get what I want.
So good luck, Sam.
You're going to need it.
If she thinks I'm going to
let her win my spelling bee,
then that hair
dye has definitely
seeped into her brain.
Well, what are you
going to do, Sam?
Many has got those two brainiacs
and that-- that yogurt guy.
I am going to beat her
the old-fashioned way,
by studying really hard.
In that case, we're
going to help you.
We are?
I mean, even though we
totally detest the library,
there's no way we're going
to let Mandy beat our Sammy.
Come on!
So where do we start?
Right here with
the dictionaries.
- Ah!
I knew going to the
library was a bad idea!
Afternoon, ladies.
So good of you to pop in.
Jerry, as your friend,
I've got to tell you,
your jokes are
getting seriously old.
Very well then.
Let's get down to business.
It's been brought
to our attention
that the Honeybees,
the California
state championship high
school cheerleading are MMCC.
Missing mid-cheering
The team was scheduled to
arrive at the nationals
this morning in Miami, but
they never materialized.
OK, I'm afraid to ask
this, but where do we fit in?
You girls are to go undercover
and find out if anyone
knows what happened to them.
As of right now, you're
the new California state
champions, the WOOHPettes.
Please tell me this another
one of your bad jokes.
No such luck, Sam.
You mean, we get
to be cheerleaders?
That's correct!
No way!
This mission rocks.
And now for the gadgets.
This week, we have three pairs
of spring-loaded sneakers,
the mini locket rocket,
a tube of LIP-STICK,
a metal cutting laser ring,
and, my personal favorite,
instant hair helmet in a can.
Awesome, lid, Jerr, you
know, for a bald dude.
Hm, thank you, Clover.
Now, goodbye.
And good luck on your trip.
Ha, ha, you get it?
Trip, ha, ha.
Who says my jokes aren't funny?
I can't believe Jerry's
making us do this.
I mean, what could possibly
be more humiliating?
I'm sorry I asked.
Oh, I love it.
Please tell me
you're not serious.
Of course I'm serious, Sammy.
I love cheerleading.
Is it just the lame outfits
or do you like the brainless
flitting around too?
Uh, OK, for your
information, Sam,
cheerleading is a highly
competitive, highly challenging
sport with a long standing
tradition of spirited optimism.
And a longstanding
tradition of big hair.
Enough bickering, girls.
We've got Honeybees to find.
So, where do we start?
We find out if any
of these girly girls
have a grudge against
the Honeybees.
Did you say Honeybees?
Uh, yeah.
Shame what happened
to them, isn't it?
Oh, you kidding?
Those witches won
10 years in a row.
About time someone
else had a chance.
I'm like glad they're MIA.
Yeah, good riddance.
Guess this means
everyone's a suspect.
Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.
And welcome to the
National High School
Cheerleading Competition.
The first team up is the
squad from Beverly Hills,
California, the WOOHPettes.
I didn't know we were
actually competing.
Guess it's a good
thing Jerry gave us
these spring-loaded sneakers.
- Whoa!
Hey, what do you know?
We're actually pretty good.
Maybe this will
lead to me becoming
a professional pom pom girl.
Not unless you can come
up with some catchy diddy
to go along with this
little presentation.
We WOOHP to the left.
We WOOHP to the right.
The Beverly Hills girls
are WOOHP out of sight.
Giant hair and perfect teeth,
we hail from the land of beef.
Go Texas!
Wisconsin is the
state we're from.
We like cheese,
but we're not dumb.
All right!
A-L-A-S-K-A, Alaska
is our state, hooray!
All right!
Hey, Sammy.
Maybe the Alaska girls can help
you study for the spelling bee.
Oh, please.
I'm not that desperate, Alex.
Ladies and gentlemen, that
concludes today's competition.
And now, for the
Judge's decision.
Not yet.
The Black Widows
must still compete.
That's funny.
I don't see any black
widows on the roster.
What was that you
said about cheerleaders
being girly girls, Sammy?
[music playing]
All right!
[roaring applause]
Whoa, they're like superhuman.
Not to mention super scary.
Is it me or was there
something very familiar
about that routine?
The decision is unanimous.
The Black Widows
are the winners,
the new national champs!
They'll compete in
the world cheerleading
competition in Tahiti!
Our second place winners
are the team from Texas.
And third place goes
to the WOOHPettes!
Hey, that's us.
We're the WOOHPettes, Clover.
We're the third place winners.
I wonder if we get some
kind of trophy or something.
No time for trophies.
I've got to get ready
for my close up.
You better hurry because
here come the news crews.
Hi, I'm Clover, captain
of the WOOHP-- whoa!
Who are you?
- Rude much?
- What's your story?
Where are you from?
Are you OK?
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
It's like-- it's like she
short circuited or something.
No more interviews.
My team is very tired and needs
to get back to training camp
We must prepare for
the world competition.
Who's the killjoy?
The name on her uniform
said Coach Sweet.
How ironic.
We better call Jerry
and check it out.
Oh, hello, girls.
Just saw you on the telly.
Thought you did a bang up job,
not as good as the Black Widows
Their routine was
positively explosive.
Oh, rub it in, why don't ya?
Jerry, what can you tell
us about the Widows' coach?
Her name is Sweet.
Hm, that's odd.
Nothing comes up.
Well, keep searching.
Come on, girls.
We better find the Widows
before they leave for camp.
I have a feeling
we just found them.
Guess we're going to have
to do this the WOOHPette way.
Hold on, girls.
Let's try that
window on the end.
Good idea.
Any more of this
heat and my skin
is going to look like
an old leather shoe.
Hey, check it out.
Now that's what I call
an explosive performance.
Wonder where she got this.
Sounds like it's
coming from the roof.
Come on!
Uh, girls.
I think all that smoke must
have gotten to my brain
because I'm seeing a giant
spider-shaped helicopter.
I see it too.
Unfortunately, I
think we need to get
on board before it takes off.
But not before we
get gussied up.
Now what?
We stay put and hope
that no one sees us
and pray that we don't fall.
Hey, this stuff
works like a charm.
Remind me to use it next time
I want to lip lock with a boy.
Woo, about time we landed.
I was beginning to
feel like a monkey.
Now that you mention it, your
arms do look a little longer.
Uh, ladies, when
you're done chatting,
you might want to take a look.
That's the Black
Widows training camp?
Not very upbeat
or peppy is it?
Quick, hide.
Come on, Alex.
Quit goofing around.
I'm not goofing.
I'm stuck!
A second longer and I would have
been spider chow, wouldn't I?
This thing is seriously handy.
I think I'll get my dad
one for Father's Day.
Man, talk about a
small practice space.
How do they get
anything done in here?
Um, Alex, this is a closet.
Oh, right.
I knew that.
Time for a little
undercover action.
Do you see any big,
scary, musclebound
cheerleaders, Sammy?
Looks like the coast is clear.
OK, this is
definitely the strangest
cheerleading camp in the world.
And it just got a
whole lot stranger.
I really hope that's
the sound of fireworks.
It's coming from in there.
Don't look at me.
I snuck us in here.
Hey, I found the disguises.
Fine, I'll do it.
Just watch my back--
and my front-- and
all the rest of me.
[gunshot noises]
I know cheerleading
is a competitive sport,
but this type of training
seems a bit extreme.
Nice going, Jerr.
Did I catch you at a bad time?
Actually, it wasn't
that bad until you called.
Don't mind her.
She's just a bit tense.
So, quickly, what have you got?
Turns out Candy's real
name is Margaret Nussbaum.
She's an ex-robotics
engineer for the US
military combat department.
Explains a lot about
the little operation
we saw in the other room.
The reason I couldn't
find you in the database
is because she changed
her name to Candy Sweet
just last week after opening
her cheerleading camp in Nevada.
And one more thing, she
went to the same high school
as the missing Honeybees, only
she graduated 10 years earlier.
Jerr, roll that tape of
the state competition again.
I knew I recognized the Black
Widow's routine from somewhere.
It's the exact same
as the Honeybees,
you know, only
robotically enhanced.
You're pretty smart
for a cheerleader.
[guns cocking]
Let go of us!
Oh, I don't think so.
I simply can't
risk you WOOHPettes
going out into the world and
blabbing about my master plan.
Master plan?
And here I thought
you were smart.
Oh, well.
Guess I'll just have to
spell it out for you.
You see when I take my
Black Widows to the world's
competition, they're
going to put on a show
no one will ever forget.
Your point?
They're going to
take out everyone
in that entire stadium, all
those who love the vapid world
of cheerleading, that is.
Um, why so bitter, Candy?
Like, what did the vapid world
of cheerleading ever do to you?
I tried out for the
Honeybees 10 years ago,
but didn't make the squad.
Apparently, I
wasn't sweet enough.
What is that thing?
Oh, just a little
machine I invented
to download the Honeybees'
moves and put them
into the brains of my robots.
Now, I'm going to
use it on you girls.
But we aren't even
real cheerleaders.
We don't know any moves.
Then I guess my machine will
just turn your brains to mush.
To the spidercopter!
Great, with my
brain turning to mush,
I'll never win the spelling bee.
And I'll never get to become
a professional cheerleader.
Actually, Clover,
having no brain
might increase your chances.
Um, girls, this
really isn't the time
for one of your squabbles.
In case you haven't noticed,
we're in serious trouble here!
You're right.
We better use our brains to
figure out how to get out
of here before it's too late.
- Awesome!
- OK, girls.
Here's the plan.
I'll call Jerry and tell him
we need to get to Tahiti ASAP.
Clover, you free the Bees
and restore their memories.
And Alex, you figure out how
to put an end to this very,
very, very bad hair day.
Hello, everyone and welcome to
world cheerleading competition.
Please give a warm welcome
to our first competitors.
From the United States,
it's the Black Widows.
We're the Black Widows
and we're here to say,
today is not your lucky day.
Your cheering is
so lame and vapid.
Our attack will be
quite harsh and rapid.
Widows, Attack!
[guns cocking]
How interesting.
Very unorthodox,
and very original.
Why don't you pick on
someone your own size?
[fighting noises]
Great, we're surrounded.
Oh, well.
At least we get to go
down in a blaze of glory
with the whole world watching.
And listening.
Come again?
I've got a plan.
Think you girls can
bust me out of here
and keep the Widows
busy for a while?
Trust me, this will
work out a charm.
Just make sure you don't stick
around for the grand finale.
OK, that didn't work.
Where do you neanderthals
think you're going?
I'm thinking it's
grand finale time.
Let's not stick
around to find out.
Thanks, girls.
You like totally saved us and
you totally saved cheerleading.
Not if I have anything
to say about it.
Uh, I'd watch where
I pointed that thing
if I were you, Margaret.
[helicopter buzzing]
I'm so glad the
Widows exploded
and the Honeybees won
the world competition.
Yeah, at least they're
slightly less scary.
Speaking of bees, haven't
you got a spelling
bee to get to, Sammy?
Forget about it.
There's no way I can win.
I never got a chance to study.
Hello, we've been over this.
You're like the smartest girl.
And besides, you can't
just let Mandy beat you.
She's a cheater, not to
mention our evil nemesis.
Uh, as if she has a
choice in the matter.
I am going to beat the
capri pants off her.
Wait, I can't go in there.
There's too many people.
It's too scary!
You can't make me!
What do you know?
Looks like Mandy caught herself
a little case of stage fright.
Guess none of her
fancy training worked.
On second thought, I
think I will compete.
Good luck, Mandy.
Looks like you're
going to need it.
[music playing]
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