Totally Spies! (2001) s01e17 Episode Script

Spies vs. Spies

[music playing]
[theme music]
THEME SONG: Here we go again
on the road till we stop.
And then we'll shop.
So one, two, three, now,
baby, here we go, go, go.
Here we go.
Here we go on a
mission undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go.
Here we go.
We're Totally Spies so
we'll get on with the show.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
[music playing]
Yeah, everything looks
good on the East wing.
Over and out.
[chittering] Hey!
Who's there?
Code red!
Code red!
[beep] [boom]
[powering down noise]
[music playing]
[bell ringing]
Is it me or is today like
the most perfect day ever?
The sun's shining.
Cute boys are abundant.
[sigh] I give it a 10.
[sigh] No way!
Oh, I so can't believe it.
- Can't believe what?
That's Robby Guthrie.
Robby Guthrie as in
my grade school nemesis.
Girls, our perfect day has just
been ruined by a dark cloud.
I think he's kind of cute.
Alex, the guy is a total loser.
He tormented me for years.
He was always doing real things
to me like pulling my pigtails
and putting kick
me signs on my back
and shoving worms
in my lunch box.
Well, get it over it already.
Grade school was like
a really long time ago.
Yeah, Clover.
People change.
Oh, please.
I'm sure he's the same old
jerk I knew in third grade.
As a matter of fact, I'm
going over there right now
to give him a piece of my mind.
This should be good.
Robby Guthrie.
Is it really you?
The one and only.
And PS, you can stop
drooling anytime.
It's just-- you look a lot cuter
than you did in grade school.
I'm serious.
As a matter of fact,
why don't you let
me take you out this weekend?
We can catch a movie
and get reacquainted.
I don't know.
Come on.
It's the least I could do
for being such a jerk to you
when we were kids.
I don't know.
OK, let's do it.
I'll call you.
So, what happened?
I'm going on a
date with Robby.
OK, that was unexpected.
Way to let go of
the past, Clover.
Ugh, yeah, are you kidding?
I'm only going out with that
creep so I can get back at him.
I'm going to give Robby a
taste of his own medicine.
Now, how shall I do it?
This better be
important because I've
got some serious
revenge plotting to do.
Oh, it's important all right.
Someone's destroying energy
plants around the globe.
Wow, creepy.
Not only have we
lost the Hoover Dam.
We've lost several
electrical and nuclear power
plants as well.
Actually, the creepy
thing I was talking about
was the fact that you
were eavesdropping
on our conversation.
People will soon be
without heat and electricity.
It's sure to be
chaos in the streets.
And I wasn't eavesdropping.
I just happened to overhear.
So who do you think
is behind this, Jerr?
We don't have any leads
yet, but we better come up
with something quick beacuse
the effects of this crisis
are quite disturbing.
The next suspected target is
the South American pipeline.
That's where your
mission will begin spies.
Then, what are we waiting for?
Load us up.
Of course.
Today you'll be utilizing
the WOOHP turbo submarine,
the expendable
cable bungee belt--
now in a more stylish faux
snakeskin-- heat sensor 6000
infrared motion detector
sunglasses, and a tube of high
gloss moisturizing lipstalk.
You mean lipstick.
No, I mean lipstalk,
a lipstick with
a built-in tracking device.
Now, prepare for departure.
According to the radar, the
pipeline should be close by.
I'm thinking we just found it.
Either that or we've just
collided with the world's
largest sea snake.
Looks pretty boring to me.
Still, we better
get a closer look.
Keep your eyes open for
anything out of the ordinary.
Does that qualify?
What is that thing?
Looks like some
kind of spider.
Then I say we catch it.
It's not a
spider, it's a bomb.
Somebody is trying to
blow up the pipeline.
Looks like they're
about to succeed.
Not if I can help it.
Wait, if you hit
the pipeline, you'll
pollute the entire Pacific
Ocean with the oil.
Hadn't thought of that.
Well, if we can't
squash him, then we better
relocate the little creep.
Didn't know my own strength.
Looks like she's
gonna blow, girl.
Brace yourselves!
OK, that was unexpected.
Wow, that was totally amazing.
Yeah, we can't
thank you enough.
By the way, who are you guys?
[music playing]
I'm Pam.
This is Alice and Crimson.
We're spies from WOOHP,
the World Organization
of Human Protection.
I can't believe
it's really you.
This is just too
good to be true.
So let me get this straight.
You used to have our jobs.
Until we were captured by the
villain on our last mission.
He held us prisoner
on a remote crater
island for seven years.
Judging by those
outfits, I'd have
guessed it was even longer.
We looked everywhere
for you girls.
And when we didn't hear
from you after a few years,
we assumed you were--
well, you know.
Well, we're back now, Jerry.
And everything's going to
be just like old times.
I was hoping you'd say that.
Whatever happened to Edison?
We were able to escape, but
we weren't able to capture him.
Unfortunately, he
could be anywhere.
And how did you end up
at the pipeline, exactly?
Spies, we've got
another emergency.
This time, it's a
hydroelectric plant.
We're all over it, Jerr.
Actually, this would
be a terrific opportunity
to reassimilate
Pam and her crew.
Why don't you all go on
the mission together.
Sure, whatever.
We'll check out the
hydroinfuser sector.
You girls take the lower level.
They sure seem to know
their way around here.
Hey, Clover.
So I was thinking maybe we
could catch that new monster
movie on Saturday night.
What's all that noise?
Oh, I'm at a salon
under the hairdryer.
A monster movie sounds great.
Um, I'll meet you at the
mall around eight-ish.
- I'm picking up something.
So am I, my Saturday night.
I hate spiders.
Why can't it be a a ladybug
or a butterfly bomb instead?
Wow, isn't this place so cool?
We lost the bomb.
Oops, sorry.
There it is!
- Oh!
- Help!
I'm afraid the
outlook isn't good.
We haven't been able to
detect any trace of the girls.
If there's anything we've
learned over the years,
it's that this job has a
way of weeding out the weak.
I guess that just
leaves our unit now.
I know you girls did all
you could to save them.
Now that they're gone, you're
my number one team again.
I don't know about you
guys, but I feel like I just
went through the spin cycle.
I can't believe
we're still alive.
No thanks to the old spies.
But it was just an accident.
Or made to look
like an accident.
Let's get back to WOOHP.
[clears throat]
It was my pleasure to have
known Sam, Clover and Alex.
No, that's not right.
I was fortunate enough to have
known Sam, Clover, and Alex--
Don't people generally
write eulogies after someone
bites the big one?
Girls, you're alive!
And ready to get
back on this case.
Actually, I have
wonderful news.
You're officially retired.
My original spies
have taken your place.
I don't want to be retired!
I never even got a chance
to have a mid-life crisis.
- Oh.
- It's a done deal.
Now you'll get a chance to enjoy
your lives like regular teens.
And the world is in
the capable hands
of Pam, Alice, and Crimson.
There's something real
fishy about those girls.
Whatever are
you talking about?
Think about it.
Why did they just
reappear at the pipeline?
And why did they know their way
around the hydroelectric plant?
I think I understand
what's happening here.
You do?
Yes, obviously, you girls are
jealous of my original spies.
Who can blame you?
They're wonderful.
But I trust those
girls unconditionally.
Might I suggest an acclimating
back to civilian life seminar.
As if!
Those girls are dirty.
I wouldn't be
surprised if they were
planting bombs as we speak.
Actually, they're
in Eastern Europe
aiding civilians
in the rebuilding
of their destroyed power plants.
I gave them their gadgets and
they left a couple of hours
Those girls never pass up
a humanitarian mission.
On second thought,
I think we would like
to take that seminar, Jerr.
Mind if we hop a WOOHP jet?
My car is in the shop.
Not a problem.
Sammy, tel me again why we're
going to some lame seminar
while those spy wannabes
are stealing our jobs?
Yeah, I was wondering
the same thing.
Get real.
We're not going to any seminar.
I have a hunch those spies
arne't on a humanitarian
I just hope Jerry's
gadgets included lipstalk.
Good thinking!
Looks like our girls
are on Crater island
in the Arabian Sea.
Isn't that where
they said they were
held captive all these years?
Yeah, which is odd
considering the island
has been barren since a volcano
erupted there 10 years ago.
Let's check it out.
Rebuilding power
plants my foot!
Look at this place.
It's barren.
This island is just a big,
useless piece of rock.
OK, so maybe this island
isn't so bad after all.
Yeah, the kind of
place I wouldn't mind
being held prisoner for, say--
--seven years or so?
Someone's coming.
Oh, you got to love
this 24/7 sunshine.
Oh, yeah.
Nothing like a little R&R after
wiping out a few power plants.
Enjoy yourselves, girls.
Thanks to your hard work, we'll
soon be the sole proprietors
of the world's energy supply.
And not even those loser
junior spies could stop us.
If you ask me, WOOHP's talent
pool is really slipping.
Why those--
Easy, Clover.
Oh, we've got company.
Let's get out of here.
Who says you can't teach
an old spy new tricks?
I can't believe you
traitors have the nerve
to call yourselves WOOHP spies.
Really, where's your pride?
It's not quite
so simple, ladies.
You see, when I first met
the spies many years ago,
they were wasting their time
fighting for the cause of good.
I then liberated
them with my behavior
modifying electronic
spinal splints.
Now, they are helping me
pursue much worthier causes.
And I thought belly button
piercings looked painful.
Why do I suspect your
goals aren't all that worthy?
You be the judge.
Half the world's power
plants are now inoperable.
Soon, they'll all be
reduced to rubble.
[beep] [boom]
Destruction for the
sake of destruction?
It doesn't make any sense.
To the contrary, it
makes dollars and cents
when I extort the
nations of the world
for the use of solar power.
I thought Jerry's
puns were bad.
The sun is free, Einstein.
Correction, the sun was free.
And it's Edison.
With my orbital
override machine,
I can control the
Earth's rotation
and sell sunlight by the
hour to the highest bidder.
Oh, time to go to my ocean
platform and start the auction.
So long girls and
no hard feelings.
Yeah, don't hate us because
we're the better spies.
Don't worry we've got plenty
of other reasons to hate you.
Well, this should
be easy to get out of.
Usually, the bad guys leave
us in a hopeless predicament.
If I could just
reach my compowder.
Hello, ladies, so very
lovely to hear from you.
Jerry, you've got to help us.
Wait a second.
You're not the real spies.
This line is only to be used
by legitimate WOOHP agents.
Rude much?
Thanks, Clover.
How'd you do that?
Icy fresh liquid
nitrogen breath spray.
Good thing I always
carry a backup gadget.
Come on, Let's
go save the world.
I think that's quite
enough sunlight for Russia.
But they paid for two hours,
and it's only been an hour.
Prices have just gone up.
Besides, I wouldn't mind
a little sun for myself.
What is that?
I'm not sure.
I hope you don't
mind if we drop in.
But it seems this is the
only place on the planet
to get a good tan.
It's you brats again.
What's the matter?
Looking for someone to
change your diapers?
[fighting noises]
Eliminate those
girls once and for all!
[fighting noises]
[breaking glass]
This orbit machine
is really starting
to throw off my schedule.
Check out this
nifty gadget Jerry--
Man, you really were on
that island a long time,
weren't you?
You kids have it so easy
with all those great gadgets.
In my day, we had to make do
with our brains and our brawn.
When was that, the Stone Age?
You girls about
ready to give up?
Not before we re-introduce
you to an old friend.
Quick, get that
creature off of my machine
before it explodes!
Let us out of here!
No problem.
We'll let you out in just a sec.
What happened?
Why are we on an oil rig
in the middle of the ocean?
I feel like it's so narly.
Trust us, you're doing a
lot better now than you have
been for the past seven years.
Oh, hey, Edison
is getting away!
Not so fast!
Isn't there any
way I can convince
you girls to stay with WOOHP?
Sorry, Jerry.
We've had enough WOOHP
adventures for one lifetime.
Besides, we decided we
wanted to help rebuild
the world's energy plants.
Can't help but feel
a little responsible.
Um, hurry up and fix the plant
in Beverly Hills by Saturday
night because I have
a totally hot date.
Thanks for helping us out and
for all the cool fashion tips.
Hope you're not angry about the
nasty things we said about you.
Well, we weren't
really ourselves.
Don't worry about it.
We understand.
Yeah, we forgive you.
Now, Jerry, on the other hand.
So you're serious?
You decided to give Robby
the benefit of the doubt?
That's right.
I'm giving up my
plans for revenge.
If there's one thing
I've learned this week,
it's that people can
definitely change.
I'm so proud of you, Clover.
Clover, you made it.
Hey, Robby.
I'll catch you girls later.
Have a seat.
Don't mind if I do.
[fart noise]
That's disgusting!
I can't believe it.
I can still get the best of
you after all these years.
We'll just see about that.
[music playing]
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