Totally Spies! (2001) s01e18 Episode Script

Evil Boyfriend

THEME SONG: Here we go we're
getting out on the road
till we stop, and
then we'll shop.
So one two three now,
baby, here we go, go, go.
Here we go, here we go
on a mission undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go, here we go,
we're totally spies so we'll
get on with the show.
Here we go, here
we go, here we go.
[laser zapping]
I trust you found the formula
to perform satisfactorily.
Ha yes, very well then.
[alarm blaring]
INTERCOM: Red alert.
Security breach in sector four.
Bring in the team from WOOHP.
- Clover?
- Sammy?
Wow we've all been
so busy studying
lately it's like,
it's like we haven't
seen each other in ages.
We are seriously in need of
some quality together time.
How about a group
mani pedi at our fav
Salon right after school?
[bell ringing]
Nice going loser.
[heart beating] On second
thought it's really no biggie.
I'm James, just
transferred from London.
Nice to meet you.
So can I take you out for
coffee after school Sam?
It's the least I can do
for knocking you over.
Sure I mean if it'll clear
your guilty conscience.
Okay everyone please
take your seats.
Who was that?
His name is James.
He's from England, we're
having coffee after school.
Oh no, I totally forgot
about our bonding mani pedi.
Don't worry about it.
Yea it's not every
day you meet a cute
boy with an even cuter accent.
I know, why don't we
have a movie night instead?
I'll bring the flick, Alex
can supply the popcorn,
and Clover can bring
the atmosphere.
Okay class.
It's time to announce
the topic you've
selected for your
upcoming history project.
History project?
Alex, and Sam please
report to the principal's
office immediately.
Principal's office?
I wonder what we did wrong.
Well whatever it is it's
most likely Clovers fault.
Hey I'm innocent
this time I swear.
Told you I didn't do anything.
Afternoon, ladies.
If I wasn't so psyched about
missing that history project
I'd be so ticked at
you right now Jer.
Oh, I wouldn't be too
forgiving just yet Clover,
I've got a little project
for you of my own.
I need you girls to
find out who broke
into this top secret military
base in Central America.
A breaking and entering case,
don't they have regular police
for that kind of thing?
It's not just any case Sam.
The perpetrator
attempted to steal
a formula for invisibility.
You're joking right?
Not at all.
That is way cool.
Not to mention it would totally
come in handy next time I
have a zit.
- And now for the gadgets.
Today for you're
spying pleasure we
have the Smudge Scanner 2010.
The Feline Streamline
Catsuit which
allows you to move with the
stealth and dexterity of a cat.
The Phase Changer Phaser which
momentarily changes materials
from solids to liquids.
The Eyelash Curler
Catapult, self-explanatory.
And a pair of brand new
oh so stylish HIGG's.
- HIGG's?
- HIGG's.
Heat sensing infrared
glamour goggles.
Now farewell my friends, or as
they say in Central America,
adios amigos.
According to my
calculations the base
should be right around here.
And all I see is that waterfall.
We're lost in the middle of
the, oh so humid, oh so hair
freezing jungle, miles
away from civilization,
and miles away from
my hair diffuser.
Well we don't have to be.
We could just ask one of these
nice gentlemen for directions.
Take them inside.
[ground rumbling]
Who are you, and what
are you doing here?
We're the team from
WOOHP, we're here to help.
Of course, if you don't ease
up on the painful arm grabbing,
we're more than likely
to change our minds.
My deepest apologies.
You see it's been beefed
up ever since the break in.
Apparently so.
Why don't you show us the
scene of the almost crime?
Well, other than a
slowly vanishing carrot,
I don't see anything
out of the ordinary.
Maybe we aren't
looking closely enough.
Bingo we have a smudge.
I'll scan it in and send
it to Jerry for analysis.
I'm sure he'll be
waiting with bated breath.
Indeed I will.
So other than the smudge, how
is the investigation going?
Do the words boring in any
event mean anything to you?
I get the picture.
Why don't you girls
come home and consider
the case closed for now.
Sam you made it.
I was beginning to think
you had been taken hostage.
Yea you were in that
principal's office forever.
So anyway I was thinking maybe
we could work on our history
project together.
Like make a model of the
White House or something.
Sure sounds great.
VOICEMAIL: Hi it's Sam,
you know what to do.
ALEX: Hey Sammy, it's
Alex, are you coming over?
Call us.
Clover here, just
seeing where you are Sam.
ALEX: Hello?
The popcorn's getting cold.
SAMMY: Hello?
Sammy where are you?
It doesn't take four
hours to pick out a movie.
Oh actually, I kind of
forgot all about it.
I guess we'll have
to watch TV instead,
see you in a few minutes.
Can't I'm going to a
late movie with James.
Guess your not so
concerned with us
spending quality time
together after all.
Of course I am, you
guys are my best friends.
So that means you're
still going to go running
with us in the park tomorrow?
I will be there, I promise.
She should have
been here by now Alex.
But Sammy would never
miss out on our ritual
Thursday night shopping spree.
It's like, a very
important tradition.
Hey girlfriend, ready
for some shoppage?
Let me guess you
can't go because you're
going out with James again?
So what if I am?
I mean it's not like it's
my fault I have a really
cool boyfriend and you don't.
Please Sammy like you
barely even know this guy.
Yeah you're totally
rushing into things.
Fine then if that's the
way you feel then maybe we
shouldn't be friends anymore.
James you're early.
Yea I couldn't wait
to see you sweetie.
So what was all
the yelling about?
You, actually, apparently
Alex and Clover don't
approve of our relationship.
Well if they don't
approve then who needs them?
My feelings exactly.
So where are we
going on our date?
It's a surprise.
I so can't beleive
the way she's acting,
it's like she's
possessed or something.
Yea possessed by
a mean snotty jerk.
Hey you don't think
Mandy has anything
to do with this do you?
Probably not.
Oh well, at least we have
our various small purchases
to cheer us up.
Uh, Clover, what's the rush?
It isn't me, it's the car.
I can't control it, it's like,
it has a mind of its own.
I'm thinking
it's time to bail.
Maybe we can escape
through the trunk.
Quick give me a nail file.
Never mind.
James, this jet is the bomb.
Where did you get it?
It's my father's,
he's in the military.
And he doesn't mind that you.
Well he doesn't exactly
know that I borrowed it.
Now hold on tight were
coming in for a landing.
[dark music playing]
This is where our
surprise date is?
James what's going on here?
The truth is I brought you
here because I need your help.
You see, I know that
you're a spy working
on the invisibility case.
- Huh?
The invisibility formula
is my father's invention,
only he intends to
use it for evil,
so when I heard that
you were on the case
I posed as an exchange student
in your school to seek you out.
So you lied to me?
Only because I tried to
get the formula once myself
and failed.
Sam this doesn't change
the fact that I love you,
and if you love me, you'll
help me destroy the formula.
I don't know.
I need you Sam, and so
does the rest of the world.
We need you to help
stop my father.
With this formula who knows
what he could be capable of.
OK let's do it.
JERRY: Oh my what's
happened to you?
Someone just tried to
turn us into a road kill.
Where's Sam, she
wasn't hurt was she?
Hardly she's out with
her new boyfriend.
Apparently she
doesn't have time
to hang out with her friends
or be a spy these days.
Girls I've just
received the analysis
on the smudge you sent.
Hm, very interesting.
This is actually a face print.
Does this mean anything to you?
Guess now we
have a pretty good
idea who messed with my car.
We've gotta find Sam.
I've traced Sam's Compowder
to the military base
in Central America.
We've got to get there
right away, but how?
Ask a stupid question.
Careful sweetie.
The floor is pressure sensitive
one wrong step and security
will be all over us.
Don't worry this
Feline Streamline
Cat Suit should do the trick.
[lasers zapping]
Toss me the Phase
Changer Phaser.
Got it.
Clover, Alex stop it.
You're acting crazy.
Did you help James
break in and steal
the invisibility formula?
It's not like that,
James's father plans
to use the formula for evil.
We stole it so we
could destroy it.
Yeah right and Clover's
hair is really that blonde.
Sam, James is a criminal.
He nearly did us in today.
I can't believe you
guys are still so jealous.
Look we will prove to
you we're on a mission
we'll destroy the formula.
Actually Sam you're
little friends are right.
I did try to get
rid of them today,
I guess I should
have tried harder.
What are you talking about?
You're not a criminal
you're my boyfriend.
I was just using
you, truth is I'd
never date someone so pathetic.
Anyway now that you've
helped me steal this
I'll be the ultimate
criminal and my first crime
will be to kidnap the president
and hold him for ransom.
Thanks for our little
White House project
I know the building like
the back of my hand.
Bottoms up.
Oh and Sam, thanks for
the memories sweetie.
Quick he's getting away.
Where'd he go?
I can't believe how
stupid I was to believe him.
I'm so sorry you guys
must totally hate me.
It doesn't matter
that you were
a total unbearable jerk Sammy.
Yeah we still love you no
matter how lame you acted.
I'd love to get
back at that weasel.
Then let's get out of this net
and get to Washington, DC ASAP.
I'll have us out
of here in a jiff.
How many of those
things do you have?
[scream] [thud]
That's one of the
military base choppers.
James must be inside already.
How are we gonna get over
this fence without alerting
the Secret Service?
All aboard the
eyelash curler catapult.
Now how are we
going to find James?
He could be anywhere.
Our best bet is to
find the president.
Shh, someone's coming.
Close one.
Hey look.
That's weird the
footprints just stop.
It's James.
Security breach
in the West Wing.
Where'd he go?
Out of my way.
Not so fast.
Sorry but we're the good guys.
Split up.
We've gotta find him before
he get's to the president.
[shower running]
Get back here.
There you are you little.
[fire alarm]
Which way did he go?
I don't know.
[guns cocking]
If only I had some kind of
heat sensing infrared goggles
then I'd be able to find James.
Hey wait I do.
Oh no, where's the president?
Right here with me.
Let him go James you'll
never make it out of here.
We'll just see about that,
open wide Mr. President.
[window breaking]
Who are you girls and why did
you break into the White House?
We told you we're from WOOHP.
We're trying to
stop a kidnapping
attempt on the president.
More like trying to kidnap
the president yourselves.
Now tell us where your
other accomplice is.
She's probably chasing James,
Sam's evil invisible boyfriend.
That's evil
invisible ex-boyfriend.
president is missing,
the president is missing.
Don't let these two
out of your sight.
JAMES: Get into the chopper.
[helicopter whirling]
[missile firing] [explosion]
Shall we?
After you.
I'll teach you to
mess with my Sammy.
[missiles firing]
JAMES: Is that the
best you can do?
Not even close pal.
JAMES: Looks like
we're going down.
Hold him while I
administer the serum.
Thanks for saving
the president girls.
Oh and sorry about
the handcuffs.
Now who's pathetic sweetie?
Take him away boys.
Nice work spys, now I've
got this other mission I
need you to get on right away.
Uh sorry Jer.
We plan on disappearing
for the weekend.
Yea, we'll catch you later.
[music playing]
Here's to never letting
anything get in the way
of our friendship again.
Especially not a boy.
From now on it's all
about togetherness.
Oops sorry my fault.
Hey where are you going?
Oh well, so much
for togetherness.
[instrumental theme music]
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