Totally Spies! (2001) s01e19 Episode Script

Game Girls

[theme - moonbaby, "here we go"]
THEME SONG: Here we go again.
We're getting out on
the road till we stop,
and then we'll shop.
So one, two, three, now, baby.
Here we go, go, go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
On a mission undercover,
and we're in control.
Here we go.
Here we go.
We're Totally Spies, so
get on with the show.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
[music playing]
[boat engine revving]
ANNOUNCER: And anchoring
the Angelfish team
is three time world water
skiing champion Tonya Summers.
[tonya exclaims]
[crowd gasps]
[music playing]
We were smart
to grab smoothies
before we started shopping.
Yeah, remember the last
biggest sale of the year?
Clover got so into it she nearly
passed out from dehydration
in the dressing room.
What I can't understand is
why they hand out bottled water
at something as
silly as a marathon
but not at the biggest
sale of the year.
[music playing]
Sorry, Clover.
It's just that Troy
is such a hottie.
I-- I just can't
take my eyes off him.
NARRATOR: This week
on Troy's Bayou.
Alex, every year
you get a crush
on some actor who you
think is like the greatest
guy in the world.
So what's wrong with that?
He's just acting.
It's like so known that
Troy is the sweetest, most
perfect guy in the whole world.
OK, who says we don't
have women in space?
ALEX: I know you guys are
only looking out for me.
But if we could only
meet Troy, you'd
see how kind and wonderful
and gentle he really is.
Hey, what gives?
I can't believe we're getting
WOOHPed during the biggest
sale of the year.
Good morning, ladies.
Looks like you've literally
shopped till you dropped, eh?
All I can say is you
better not have pulled us
away to do your laundry, Jerry.
[tonya screaming]
JERRY: We have just
learned that top athletes
from around the world are
mysteriously vanishing.
Do you have any idea how
this is happening, Jerry?
All we have to go on
is footage of this race
car driver in Florida.
That's the same blue flash
we saw surrounding the athletes
in the other clips.
ALEX: But the driver
didn't disappear.
It's your mission,
girls, to go to Florida,
protect the driver, and find
out what's making these athletes
vanish into thin air.
Any questions?
Just one.
Do those cute silver
jumpsuits come in size six?
The gadgets you'll be
using on this mission
include an electromagnetic
sensitive video camera,
sapphire hologram pendants,
microscopic retracting goggles
for clues that are
invisible to the naked eye,
and the latest in virtual
reality disguise belts.
This is so cool.
You can go straight
from the gym to school
or the prom with a
push of a button.
[clears throat]
Now, for your
transportation to Florida,
we're giving you KIRT.
Is he a chauffeur?
I hope he's cute
and likes to shop.
KIRT stands for
Klunky Incognito
Radical Thought Transporter.
I named him-- uh, I
mean, it-- myself.
You've got to be kidding.
Not to worry, girls.
KIRT is in incognito mode
by simple voice command.
[clover screams]
Well, you girls better
get on your way.
Good luck, girls.
Or, as they say in
Japan, [japanese]..
How embarrassing.
We need to lose
this clunker and get
something a little more sporty.
I am really
starting to like KIRT.
Who are you calling a groupie?
Listen here, miss,
whoever you are--
[compowder beeps]
How rude.
The studio just turned
me down for tickets
to the taping of Troy's show.
OK, shh.
Remember we're journalists.
Act professional.
Uh, Mr. Parks,
we're journalists
from Teen Racer Magazine.
Would you be a
dear and tell us
what you remember from the
incident the other day?
I really don't remember
much, except, of course,
for the flash of light that
made me lose control of the car.
Almost hit that photographer.
What photographer?
He came and left
on a motorcycle.
That's all I know.
If y'all will excuse me,
I got a publicity photo
shoot in about five minutes.
Are you guys thinking
what I'm thinking?
That Dale's accent
totally reminds me of Troy?
Alex, please.
I'm thinking that
the photographer
Dale mentioned might have
something to do with this.
Come on.
Let's check the track for clues.
Well, if the photographer
had anything to do with this,
he sure didn't
leave us any clues.
Now what do we do?
Let's stick close to
Dale during the photo shoot
and keep an eye out for that
photographer on the motorcycle.
I'll tell you what.
I'll stick close to Dale
while you keep an eye out
for the motorcycle guy.
[music playing]
I've always wanted
to be a paparazzi.
Sam, look.
This smoke bomb's a diversion.
Clover, watch Dale.
CLOVER: Dale's right here.
Hey, there's something
wrong with this camera.
It's making Dale look all faded.
Dale's disappearing!
Clover, help!
Watch out!
Talk about major road rage.
Who is that guy, and
what did he do to Alex?
That's what we're
gonna find out.
[music playing]
[both scream]
All right, this is getting
weirder by the second.
We just drove right
through a brick wall.
OK, pal, pull it over.
[car horns blaring]
I think it's time
for last requests.
A jet rocket
pack would be nice.
[both scream]
Good job, Clover.
KID: Woo-hoo!
[child shouts]
BOTH: [shouting]
He's getting away.
KIRT, turn into
a jet helicopter.
Only wheeled vehicles,
remember, Clover?
That is so lame.
I'm telling Jerry KIR
needs a serious makeover.
We got bigger issues,
like finding out
what happened to Alex and Dale.
[compowder beeps]
I'm on some kind of race
track in the creepiest
looking desert I've ever seen.
[engines revving]
My compowder!
We got company.
[dale shouts]
[shout] [shout]
have two lives left.
BOTH: Huh?
- Help!
- Alex?
Come in, Alex.
It's no use.
Let's check out the footage
from the camera for clues.
The camera picked up
electromagnetic rays
coming from that device.
Of course.
That would explain
why Dale didn't
disappear the first time.
The silver jumpsuit must
have deflected those rays.
I knew there was a reason
I like that jumpsuit.
I think we better call Jerry
and let him know what we found.
Hello, girls.
How's the mission coming along?
Not great, Jer.
Alex and Dale have
been kidnapped.
Oh my, how could I help?
Clover's camera picked up
some kind of electromagnetic ray
that apparently
downloaded Alex and Dan
into an electronic device.
A machine that
can download people.
Let's see.
I do vaguely remember hearing
something a few years back
about a woman game
designer who claimed
she had designed such a device.
Yes, yes, here it is,
a Carla Wong, better
known as the Lady Dragon.
Finally, an evil villain who
isn't bitter about being dissed
or something.
It says here that the Lady
Dragon left the video game
industry several
years ago because they
refused to make some of
her more eccentric games.
So how do we find
this Lady Dragon?
You can always use the
indestructible homing device in
Alex's compowder to track her.
We're on it, Jerry.
[people gasp]
The signal's leading right
to that hotel over there.
Let's go.
I hope they have
nice bathrooms.
That's another improvement to be
added on KIRT's makeover list.
[music playing]
SAM: Video game trade show?
CLOVER: I think what
they mean is geek land.
SAM: I believe the proper
term is computer enthusiasts.
Come on.
The signal leads upstairs.
The signal leads to that room.
That looks like the
motorcycle guy's outfit
from the race track.
[throat clearing]
I help you ladies?
Uh, Miss, uh, Lady Dragon.
We love your games.
We're like your biggest fans.
We are?
SAM: So how come you
stop making games?
Because of certain short
sighted fools who couldn't
grasp my revolutionary vision.
But now that I am back
with a new line of games,
those who oppose me will
see the error of their ways.
In fact, if you
will wait here, I
will give you a demonstration.
[music playing]
I don't know how, but
those girls followed me
from the race track.
Tell everyone to keep
their eyes out for them.
I've come too far to have
anyone interrupt my plans.
Sam, what are you doing?
This isn't a time to be
playing video junkie.
Clover, look at this poster
for the Lady Dragon's new game.
CLOVER: That looks just like
the desert Alex described.
Come on.
We've got to get inside
this investor meeting.
Sorry, invitation only.
Hey, pal, you're looking
at major investor material
right here.
Hey, don't these two look
like girls the Lady Dragon
told us to watch out for?
GUARD: Get 'em!
Where'd they go?
These virtual reality
belts are totally awesome.
How do I look?
Do the words hair restoration
mean anything to you?
My new technique for
enhancing realistic game play
is so incredible you'll
feel like you are
playing against real people.
[engine revving]
[alex shouts]
[alex and dale scream]
Clover, do you hear that?
Alex and Dale are in the game.
[alex and dale scream]
Clear the room.
We've given them enough of a
taste to whet their appetites.
Besides, we must
hurry to the warehouse
to download the new athletes
and prepare for mass production.
Did you hear that?
We've gotta tell Jerry
about the Lady Dragon
downloading more athletes.
But what about Alex and Dale?
Guard the room and make sure
nobody gets near the game.
CLOVER: Quick.
We've got to get them out.
SAM: Maybe I can
crash the system.
[music playing]
It's Alex.
Stay behind me.
Any time.
ALEX: Clover, what
are you doing?
Clover, you have the
joystick upside down.
As if that matters.
Uh, Sam, bad news.
These power packs are
losing juice fast.
Well, if it isn't
my two biggest fans.
We know you've been
kidnapping athletes
and downloading them into
your games, Lady Dragon.
We're here to put an end to it.
Unfortunately for you,
there is no stopping me.
Once I put my games
into mass production,
all the athletes will be
multiplied a thousand times
over, trapping them permanently.
Get them.
These sapphire hologram
pendants better work.
CLOVER: I think it's
time we bailed, Sam.
BOTH: Huh?
Don't just stand there.
Bring them back.
[sam and clover panting]
[sam and clover laugh]
[sam and clover exclaim]
No ticket, no ride.
GUARD: Stop them!
Clover, we've got to find
the Lady Dragon's warehouse
and stops her from
downloading more athletes.
CLOVER: Quick.
Let's duck into this cute
little house and call Jerry.
Jerry, we need the location
of the Lady Dragon's warehouse
I wish I could help you,
girls, but I've got nothing.
Have you tried the wharf?
The wharf, of course.
That's where the
warehouses always are.
Why didn't we think of that?
Thanks, Jer.
JERRY: Girls, I--
I think I'm losing you.
I don't know
who you girls are,
but you've interrupted my
plans for the last time.
We're disappearing.
[music playing]
I didn't know you
could water ski.
No time for a union, girls.
What kind of sick, demented
woman is this Lady Dragon?
If you want the answer to
that question, just look down.
We're about to
become shark bait.
Hold on, girls,
and follow my lead.
They're coming back, and
they've brought friends.
Quick, Alex, turn your
outfit into a silver jumpsuit.
Just do it.
And hurry.
It's working.
Sam, you're a genius.
Ah, it's simple really.
Just like with Dale's
silver jumpsuit,
electromagnetic fields
can't work against a surface
of deflection.
Uh, yeah, right.
Real simple.
SAM: Now, let's get to the
Lady Dragon's warehouse.
Oh, wait.
I forgot to give
Dale my phone number.
Clover, we're going.
[music playing]
This is the
strangest basketball
tournament I've ever seen.
- Yeah.
Where are all fans?
LADY DRAGON: I'm afraid you
won't be hearing the sound
of screaming fans anymore.
Lady Dragon.
I thought I told
you months ago I
didn't want to have anything
to do with endorsing
your whacked out game.
yeah, I told you that too.
This time I'm not asking.
[interposing voices]
What the?
How did we ever
survive without KIRT?
We're too late.
The athletes are already
being downloaded.
SAM: We gotta get
them out of there.
ALEX: I'll go in after them.
Lady Dragon, you
want a piece of me?
Come and get me.
I don't know how you
got out of the game,
but I can just as easily
put you back in for good.
I'll see you guys in a flash.
We've gotta destroy
the downloading machines
Look out, Sam!
CLOVER: Better luck
next time, boys.
I've got it.
If we can point the
downloading rays at each other,
they might download themselves.
Go to it, Sam.
I'll keep the lizard lady busy.
It appears you girls have spunk.
I hate spunk.
Hurry up, Sam!
I can't keep this
up for much longer!
These things must weigh a ton.
So you girls want
to play, do you?
I'll just make a
few adjustments that
will automatically send the
athletes into mass production.
Hey, girls, I think
this one's permanent.
Sam, Alex is about to
become a split personality
unless we do something fast.
Oh, this better work.
Whew, that was close.
Way to go, Sam.
ALEX: She's getting away!
[music playing]
Have fun, and remember
it's only a game.
Well done, girls.
Not me!
[music playing]
You have to admit
it was nice of Jerry
to loan us KIRT so we could
drive on to the studio lot
without a hassle.
And it's a good thing we
found those extra power packs
for our virtual
reality disguise belts.
I can't believe I'm
gonna actually meet Troy.
I'm Troy.
Hi, I'm Troy.
Hi, I'm Troy.
Hi, I'm Troy.
ALEX: No wonder
Troy's So perfect.
He's computer generated.
I should have known he
was too good to be true.
Aw, sorry, Alex.
But I know a way you could visit
Troy if you really want to.
That's OK.
Been there, done that.
Oh, that's OK.
I'm Steve.
I created Troy.
Oh, really?
I'm Alex.
Ah, could we have
programed a happier ending?
Please, Sam.
No more computer lingo
for a long, long time.
[music playing]
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