Totally Spies! (2001) s01e21 Episode Script

Passion Patties

[music playing]
[theme music]
Here we again, on the road till
we stop, and then we'll shop.
So one, two, three, now,
baby, here we go, go, go.
Here we go.
Here we go on a
mission undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go.
Here we go.
We're Totally Spies so
we'll get on with the show.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
[music playing]
It's Happy Girl cookie time?
Would you like to buy
some cookies, ma'am?
Oh, sorry, girls.
I'm on a diet.
OK, but at least
take a sample.
They're really good this year.
All right.
Give me every box you have!
Seen it.
Own it.
Returned it.
I think we've finally done it.
We've seen everything
at the mall.
I don't believe it.
I know.
I didn't think seeing the
whole mall was even possible.
No, look, it's that hat from
the cover of Impressionable
Teen magazine.
It's finally here.
Hm, that medium looks
a little snug on you.
Would you like to try a large.
Ugh, large, I don't think so.
Just try the large, Clover.
Yeah, who cares?
- See, it's perfect.
- Huh?
Yeah, you look just
like the girl on the cover
of Impressionable Teen.
Except she doesn't have a
big, giant, large sized head.
I'm getting a medium.
Where's that salesgirl?
I'll take the medium.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I just sold it to
this young lady.
And it was the last one.
Hm, lucky me,
it's just my size.
Oh, that Mandy!
If she can wear a
medium, then so can I.
Um, Clover, don't
you think you're
being a little silly about
this whole hat thing?
Yeah, why not just go
ahead and buy the large?
I'm not buying the large.
I'm ordering a medium.
And that's that.
Oh, cheer up, Clover.
They'll have your
medium in a few days.
Yeah, but that's like
a year in hat time.
Hey, look, a new
photo sticker both.
Come on, let's go try it out.
Sure, if I can fit
my big head inside.
OK, everybody.
Say shoe sale!
Shoe sale!
[screaming fading]
Maybe her giant head is stuck.
I heard that!
No time for feuding, girls.
We've got to a serious
situation developing.
As you can see, Happy
Girl cookie time is
turning people into criminals.
They're willing to do
anything to get more cookies.
So what do you want us to do?
So far, these cookies are only
available in the North American
Your mission is to
infiltrate the Happy Girls.
And get to the bottom
of this cookie craze
before they go worldwide.
This week, you're being given
a perfume atomizer stun spray,
a multi-purpose charm
bracelet, a Holo camera,
a stick pin homing device.
And as an added bonus, a free
sample that came in the mail.
Oh, I love free samples.
Nordic moisturizing cream.
Well, don't want you
girls getting chapped.
Thanks, Jerry.
- That's my job, girls.
- Ah!
[sucking noise]
Try not to move too much.
We're still working
out some of the kinks
on the route turbo changer pod.
Is it me or does today
just keep getting worse?
OK, the sooner we do
this, the sooner we get out
of these ridiculous outfits.
Um, hi, we're here
to pick up our cookies.
Aren't you ladies a little
old to be a happy girls?
No, we're just
big for our age--
healthy, active, peppy,
proud young girls!
Very nice, girls.
Who's your troop leader?
Um, Jerry something.
That's Geraldine,
Geraldine something.
Oh, right!
Huh, must be a new troop.
Yeah, brand new.
Here's a delivery list.
Go get your cookies
from the trucks.
Yes, ma'am!
Passion patties, a
minty chocolate miracle
in your mouth.
Ugh, I hate mint.
Me too.
Minty things always
taste like toothpaste.
I'll try them.
I mean, you know, for the
sake of the investigation.
Wow, these really are a
miracle in your mouth.
So minty, so chocolaty.
Mm, mm.
OK, that's enough
I'll take a picture
of the evidence.
And I'll send some
to Jerry, you know,
before Clover eats it all.
Hey, I'm only doing my job.
OK, let's get to work.
Happy Girls!
Shirley, Shirley Rogers?
Yeah, that's me.
Oh, I've been waiting all
morning for you girls.
Quit my job yesterday so I
wouldn't miss any deliveries.
I just love Happy
Girl cookie time.
Oh, sure, I put on a
little weight this week.
But you know what?
It's been worth it.
I even wrote Dr. Bittersweet
and told her that.
Dr. Bittersweet?
Dr. Inga
Bittersweet, the genius
who invented Passion Patties.
She's my hero.
Oh, my, what's all that noise?
There they are!
Passion patties!
Sorry, ma'am, gotta go!
What about my cookies?
What are we going to do?
Ditch the wagon and run!
She'll never make it
out of there on her own.
Let's go!
[silence] [commotion]
Let's get out of here.
OK, that was beyond weird.
Yeah, can you believe how out
of control those people were?
I know!
They ate all my cookies.
Um, maybe you should stop
eating those cookies, Clover,
I mean, you know, until
we know what's in them.
I already know it's
in them, a little bit
of heaven in every bit.
Hey Jerry, what
can you tell us
about a Dr. Inga Bittersweet.
It looks as
though she oversees
Passion Patty production from
her factory in Switzerland.
We'll need the plane.
And do you have an analysis
of the cookies we sent you?
No, not yet.
But I must say, these
things are quite tasty.
I'm going to look
into this personally.
Send me as many cookies
as you can straight away.
Mm, that's an order.
Wait, now Jerry is hooked too.
Hi, I'm on the waiting
list for a medium hat.
Uh huh.
But you said--
OK, thank you.
No mediums yet, huh?
You know, you should
have just bought the large.
Yeah, because if you
keep eating those cookies,
you won't be a medium
much longer anyway.
Oh, haha, this is
only my second box.
Yes, since we
boarded the plane.
Buckle up, girls.
It's time to get to work.
Oh, it's freezing out here.
I hope it's heated inside.
Yeah, my fingers are frozen.
How are we going to break in?
For For once, I don't think
that's going to be a problem.
Go girl.
INTERCOM: After the
cooling process,
Happy Girl cookies are
individually hand packed
for your personal enjoyment.
Personally, I am
not enjoying this.
Tell me about it.
This is the worst.
- Yeah!
Where are the free cookies?
I mean, there should
be free cookies
on a tour of a cookie factory.
INTERCOM: Hold on to
your hats, cookie lovers.
Next stop, shipping.
Where do you
think they're going?
I don't know, but
we better find out.
Hey, I'm stuck.
I know!
The moisturizer!
[low squeak noise]
Man, we'd have to be twice
our size to take them down.
[rolling noise]
[bowling pins noise]
They're locked!
Not a problem.
No, no, not this one.
The mini dynamite stick.
[beeping] [boom]
We're in!
OK, that's definitely
the strangest workers
compensation I've ever seen.
I agree.
What do you think, Clover
We've got to find her!
Must find cookies.
Must find cookies.
Must find cookies.
[fighting noises]
That's one down.
Correction, make
that three down.
What is this place?
Looks like some kind of lab.
Alex, no.
That could be Bittersweet's
secret ingredient,
the stuff that gets everybody
hooked on Passion Patties.
Oh, maybe if I was hooked
I wouldn't notice how
totally freezing it is in here.
You're right.
Let's get a sample and
blow this popsicle stand.
Sam, look, Bittersweet's
shipping plans.
going global just
like Jerry warned us she would.
We've got to stop her.
You can't.
So don't even try.
Get in her!
We have spies.
I knew they were too
big to be Happy Girls.
[fighting noises]
Huh, huh, ha!
Never underestimate the
power of a good accessory.
[dining noises]
Hey, guys.
I told you there'd
be free samples.
Here, try one.
No, we've got to
get out of here.
Not so fast, girls.
Welcome, girls.
Please, have a seat.
You know, I think there's been
some sort of mistake made here.
Yeah, we're just Happy
Girls here on a field trip.
Well, you won't be very
happy after the doctor
gets through with you.
[evil laughter]
Ladies, this is the
feeder, a little creation
of mine that will force
feed onto you explode.
Prepare yourself
for death by cookie.
No, it's not yummy,
it's death by cookie.
You see, I too was
once a Happy Girl.
And I liked the cookies, a
little too much, I'm afraid.
So what happened?
I ate the cookies
instead of selling them
and my troop kicked me out.
It ruined my life.
So now, I'm going to
ruin everyone else's.
I spent 20 years
planning my revenge.
With the feeder?
Nah, the feeder is just
a little something I've
whipped up in my spare time.
Now cookies are my revenge.
And soon, people
in every country
will be hooked on
my Passion Patties.
[clears throat] Dr.
Bittersweet, we've got
to leave for the warehouse.
Enjoy the sweet, girls.
Trust me, they'll be your last.
[spit noise]
What are we going to do now?
There's got to be some
way to get out of here.
Boy, that's the
best free sample ever.
Wait, it's almost my turn.
Clover, enough
with the cookies!
Yes, we've got
to find Bittersweet
and figure out how to stop her.
I know that.
That's why I stuck the
homing stick pin on her.
And we're off to the beautiful
country of [beeping] Iceland.
Boy, Bittersweet
seems to have a thing
for freezing cold weather.
Yeah, I could really use
that medium hat right now.
The signal c coming
from that warehouse.
Bittersweet's inside.
- Let's do it.
Roger that.
The Turks are on
their way, Doctor.
Oh, Toe, I can hardly wait.
After this shipment,
I will be unstoppable.
Bittersweet sure has a
high opinion of herself.
Most evil geniuses do.
I still want to know what's up
with Bittersweet and the cold.
It's probably
because of the cookies.
See, heat makes them all melty.
So sad, isn't it?
So we need to
warm it up in here.
Cover me.
It's those spies.
Toe, get them!
I don't know what kind of
half-baked idea you're cooking,
but you're about to be toast.
Try this on for size.
Back off before I
get all Tae Bo on you.
This should should
slow them down.
OK, enough is enough!
[beep] [woosh]
[shaking hairspray noise]
[fighting noises]
[beep] [woosh]
For a second there, I thought
I was toast with jelly or maybe
cinnamon sugar or--
Come on, we've
got to help Sam!
Lying down on the job?
I'm going to have to report you.
Come on, heat up.
[gasp] My cookies!
Sammy, are you OK?
Give it up, Bittersweet.
No one likes a sour cookie lady.
Grab Bittersweet.
Time for a taste of
your own medicine, Doc.
Oh, oh, oh, must have cookies.
Must have cookies.
If only she'd used
to her baking skills
to cook up good instead of evil.
You said it, Jerr.
So did you figure out what
Bittersweet put in the cookies?
Some kind of highly
concentrated sugar extract.
Anyone who tried Passion
Patties was hooked right away.
So is WOOHP working
on an antidote?
As we speak.
Hopefully, it'll
stop the cravings
and get rid of all this fat.
So, what do you
want to do now?
We could get to
the food court.
I hear they're giving
away free cookie samples.
Go ahead.
Make all the jokes you want.
I'm just happy to have
my regular old body back.
Come on.
There's something I have to do.
Did your medium
finally come in?
Nope, I'm going to go
ahead and get a large.
A large?
But Clover, you said you'd
never wear a large anything.
Well, after being a
large size everything,
I decided having a big
hat size is no big deal.
It's best being happy with
whatever size you are.
Wow, looks like
you might actually
have some brains in that
large size head of yours.
Very funny.
[music playing]
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