Totally Spies! (2001) s01e24 Episode Script

Do You Believe in Magic?

[music playing]
THEME MUSIC: Here we go.
We're getting on the
road till we stop.
And then we'll shop.
So 1, 2, 3 now, baby here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
On a mission undercover
and we're in control.
Here we go.
Here we go.
We're totally spies and
we'll get on with the show.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Ladies and gentlemen, never
seen before outside of China,
I give you the famous
Ming Dynasty tapestries.
[oohs and ahs]
This priceless artwork is
protected by the most advanced
security system in the world.
If someone was to
get too close--
[tornado sounds]
[school bell ringing]
CLOVER: Like, yuck.
This is so not good.
I'm guessing you
don't like your picture
for the photo contest.
My picture's great, but
this developing goop
is like nightmare
on manicure street.
I guess that's what they
mean when they say you
have to sacrifice for your art.
[door opens]
ALL: Hey.
Were you guys working in here?
Nice one, Mandy.
Now our photos are
totally ruined.
What does it matter?
The judges weren't going to
pick your amateur snapshots over
my professional prints anyway.
Yeah/ What makes you so sure?
The fact that I'm a winner,
Sam, and you three are losers.
But don't worry,
it's not all bad.
I'll still wave to you
from the stage when they're
awarding me first prize.
Ta ta.
This is so unfair.
She purposely ruined our work.
Now she's going to win
the contest no problem.
Not if we do
something to stop her.
Like what?
Like show our damaged
pictures to Principal Jenkins.
I'll be she'd be
interested in our story.
[doors open]
Jerry, this is like, way
bad timing for a mission.
Whoever's working
the WOOHP away
machine really needs
to work on their aim.
This is security
footage of the most
recent of international
the Ming Dynasty tapestries.
Why would someone
want to steal
a bunch of ugly throw rugs?
Each of those ugly throw
rugs are over 1,000 years
old, with an auction house
value of $10 million.
OK, so they're
fancy ugly throw rugs.
JERRY: As documented
by its tape,
each theft has had a
unique magical flair.
Somehow the artwork just
vanishes into thin air
without a clue.
The international art world
is up in arms over the thefts.
Countries are starting to
point fingers at each other.
So, how can we help?
JERRY: An upcoming
millionaires-only art auction,
hosted by Spain's royal
family, is the thief's
probable next target.
Ladies, we need you
to go undercover as
wealthy art connoisseurs.
[shrieks] We're
undercover millionaires?
That is so cool.
Do we get to fly first class?
Mm, sort of.
[rocket launching]
ALL: Ah.
Sorry about the bumpy
ride, girls, but we
had to get you to the
auction in a hurry.
And now for the gadgets.
For this mission, we've given
you headband illuminators,
portable reporter recorders
with CD throwing stars,
one hairpin high
jumper extender pole,
three pairs of suction cup
gloves, and bolos rubber belts.
I'm almost afraid to ask--
but how do we get from
up her to down there?
Oh, well that's quite simple.
We deploy a stage two
re-entry disengagement.
What's a stage two
re-entry disengagement.
I'm glad you asked me.
It's this.
Next time, Alex, don't ask.
Now this is what I
call a garden party.
SAMANTHA: Remember, any
one of these millionaires
could be the thief,
so stay alert.
After all, no one would suspect
a rich art snob of stealing
things he could just buy.
If we're making a list of
potential rich snobby no goods,
I'd like to add Mandy's
name at the very top.
Mandy will have to wait
until the mission's over.
Right now, it's spy time.
Yes, darling.
But of course.
The royal family welcomes
you to the 17th annual autumn
Excuse me.
Scooting by.
First up for bids, Carlos
Carmelita's famous Vase
of the Unknown Soldier.
We start the
bidding at $500,000.
- Uh huh.
- Thank you.
We have 500,000.
Do we have six?
And we have 600,000.
Is there a bit of seven?
Who is wearing that
eau de way too strong?
It's totally choking my sinuses.
Clover, pay attention.
The thief could
strike at any time.
Still looking for 700,000.
600 going once.
All I'm saying is, that
it's hard to focus on work
when I'm gagging on--
gagging on-- ah, ah, ahchoo!
We have 700,000.
Will anyone bid eight?
700,000 going once.
Going twice.
Sold to the young lady
in the second row.
[gavel bangs]
I think our mission
just went over budget.
And now the next
item up for bids.
Bernardo Vasco da
Gamo's last creation,
the famed Don Quixote statue.
We start the bidding of da
Gamo's only remaining marble
work at five mill--
[oohs and ahs]
I'd say it's go time, girls.
It like completely disappeared.
SAMANTHA: 500 pound statues
don't just disappear,
and I bet this powdery stuff
is part of the explanation.
[floorboard breaking]
Going somewhere?
Can't see a thing.
Switch to high beams.
Talk about musty.
Someone needs to open up a
window down here big time.
[motorcycle sound]
You know, bad guy or not,
he could have at least beeped.
[dresses ripping]
Art theft in progress,
official police business--
sort of.
we'll be back soon.
I think.
Cute flower pot.
ALL: Whoa.
[cows mooing]
Uh oh.
Wrong way.
Yippee ki yay.
[cows mooing]
[tires squealing]
The residue you found
at both disappearing sites
is an explosive used
in magic tricks.
So then maybe Alex
wasn't in an accident.
It was just some
trick, and she's OK?
All evidence points that way.
And as far as the parachuting
tornado illusions go,
it appears they were
tricks made famous
by a world renowned magician,
the great Kandinsky.
Let's go pay a visit
to this Kandinsky guy,
and see if he's got
a few extra paintings
hanging around his house.
I'm afraid that
won't be possible.
He died some years back
in a boating accident.
Well that definitely gets
filed in the not helpful file.
Perhaps not.
His grandson still
keeps the family
castle open as a public
shrine to his grandfather.
He might be able to shed
some light on these thefts.
Sounds good to me.
Any place would be better
than this boring siesta-ville.
[spooky organ music]
OK, maybe no any place.
Yes, can I help you?
I'm Samantha Simpson,
Abracadabra Magazine.
My colleague, Clover and
I, are doing a retro piece
on great magicians of the world.
Could we ask a few questions
about your grandfather?
It would be so,
so very helpful.
Sure, come on in.
And these were probably
his most famous
stage illusions,
the spiked coffin
and the gruesome guillotine.
Look at that.
It slices and it dices.
Hey, cool watch.
grandfather's hypnotizing watch.
They say he could put anybody
in a trance with just one swing.
CLOVER: Twizzle
twazzle, twizzle twig.
Time for this one to awake.
That's the spell
to break the trance.
Kind of goofy, huh?
Yeah, kind of.
SAMANTHA: So anyway,
our readership
would die for the inside scoop
on a famous Kandinsky illusion,
like say, the secret behind the
tornado or parachute illusion.
What kind of
reporters are you?
Any real magic enthusiast
knows great magicians
never reveal their tricks.
I'm afraid I'm going to have
to ask you two to leave.
Nice meeting you, too.
Could his wind chill factor
have gotten any colder?
OK, it's even creepier out
here than it was in there.
Let's get out of here ASAP.
[wood breaking]
[alligators snarling]
Those are
alligators down there.
Sammy, help me.
[wood cracking]
ALL: Whoa.
Hit the up button.
Wrong up button.
[spikes piercing wood]
Clover, help.
Could this bridge be
like any harder to cross.
Call me crazy, but I'm
getting the strange feeling
that someone at the castle
doesn't want us hanging around.
I was catching that same vibe.
What do you say we do a
little nighttime sneak in,
and see what the not so great
Kandinsky is trying to hide?
So the only way into the castle
isn't actually a way anymore.
No prob-- one moat
crosser coming out.
Remind me to tell Jer
we could use a little
wider hairpin next time.
Looks like it's all
locked up down here.
Oh well.
Guess we're just going to
have to take the elevator up.
Clover, you OK?
As OK as a girl can
be considering she just
landed flat on her back on some
spooky Transylvanian castle
roof on a Friday date
night, while her best
friend is still missing, OK?
Good point.
Let's go investigate.
What exactly are
we looking for again?
Whatever Gregor
doesn't want us to find.
Try that door.
Um, I'm thinking that
means do not disturb.
I'm thinking you're right.
Maybe there's another
door we can try.
[stone moving]
Note to Gregor-- dust
your castle once in a while.
One of us should probably see
what's inside that trunk, huh?
Rock, paper, scissors?
[scissor noise]
Hey, that's the outfit the
motorcycle thief was wearing.
Gregor, you are so busted.
You know, I've
kind of had my fill
of magic stuff for one night.
Is that you?
She's alive.
CLOVER: Hold on, Alex.
High yah.
Maybe we should
use these instead?
Bout time you got here.
What happened to you.
Duh. the thief kidnapped me.
That's not all he kidnapped.
The stolen artwork.
Well, if it isn't
the magazine reporters.
Magazine reporters?
See if there's another way out.
ALEXANDRA: Who is this guy?
Duh, he's the thief.
The thief.
No, Gregor's the thief.
Who's Gregor?
Gregor is my grandson.
Grandfather, you're alive.
Yes, dear boy.
The great Kandinsky lives.
Why are you doing
this, Grandfather?
They know too much, dear boy.
They've already interfered
with my plans once.
Translation-- we, the good
girls, tried to stop Grandpa--
the bad guy, from
stealing famous-- not
to mention expensive-- art.
Which is why he
tried to feed us
to the alligators in the moat.
Stealing art?
What are they talking about?
Me, trying to take back what
was stolen from me, Gregor.
You see, I was the
best in the world,
until someone
revealed my secrets.
I disappeared rather
than be ruined,
but now I'm back to show
the world who's the greatest
magician of all time.
Join me, and we shall be
the great Kandinskies.
This is crazy.
Let the girls go.
As you wish.
Take this and unlock them.
Now, will you join me, Gregor?
Yes, Grandfather.
Farewell, ladies.
We're off to make a jet and its
priceless contents mysteriously
disappear out of the sky.
And in English, that means?
The famed King Tut exhibit is
on a plane bound for New York
as we speak.
But the great Kandinskies that
are going to intercept it.
Yes, Grandfather.
Hypnotizing your own grandkid?
Please, that is like so 80s.
So, anybody got any ideas how
we can get out of this mess?
That pendulum is so
sharp, it could probably
slice through anything.
Uh, thanks for the
gory visual, Sam.
No, I mean like
slice through chains.
Clover, can you reach my
hairpin gadget with your head.
Yeah, I guess.
When I say 3, activate
it and follow my lead.
1, 2, 3.
Quick, everybody
lift your chains.
Now roll before it swings back.
- Note to self--
rolling tables onto floors
is not good for the butt.
Jerry, we meed a plane, fast.
How long till we
see the Tut plane?
I'd say just--
[airplane sound]
We're going to have
to do a mid-air jump.
Mid-air jump, as in
go outside our plane
and leap hundreds of feet?
No, silly.
We'll have a rope ladder.
It'll only be like 50 feet.
Any chance we
could just follow
the plane until it lands?
Too much time for Kandinsky
to do his dirty work.
Suction cup gloves in place?
I'll go first.
Didn't exactly
stick the landing.
Youngest first.
You go.
- No.
Oldest first.
CLOVER: How about,
rock, paper, scissors?
[propeller sounds]
I hope this Tut
guy appreciates
what we're doing for him
Pee ewe.
These artifacts
smell like old socks.
Someone's coming.
To the victor go the spoils.
The Kandinsky name will
go down in history.
Yes, Grandfather.
Uh, not so fast, Gramps.
Your magic act
is over, Kandinsky.
Direct hit.
Now you see him,
now you don't.
How did he--
ALL: Hey.
Really, really
don't like this guy.
Time to take your
last bow, magic man.
No, it's time for you
three to be crushed.
ALL: [inaudible]
Sticky situation here, Sam.
Any ideas?
It's a very sticky situation.
Suction gloves, girls.
Grab something.
Let him go, Clover.
He's bad news.
Only when he's hypnotized.
Otherwise, he's kind of cute.
Now you see him.
Now you don't.
Twizzle twazzle.
Twizzle twig.
Time for this one to awake.
Hey, come on.
I said, awake.
Maybe you gotta
snap your fingers.
[snaps fingers]
- Oh.
- Good tip.
How did I wind up
here, with you?
Just lucky, I guess.
Ooh, nice display, girls.
A picture's worth
a thousand words.
Too bad you couldn't
even complete a sentence.
ALEXANDRA: Unfair much.
We're out saving the world,
and here at our own school,
the worst villain of
all wrecks our photos
and gets away with it?
nothing we can do, Alex.
No way.
When those judges
come by, I'm telling
about the whole dark room thing.
But we can't prove it.
I'll think if something.
Hmm, are those
pictures light damaged?
Yes, and the reason
they are is--
Tremendously unique
presentation-- exposing flaws
as opposed to hiding them.
I think we have our winners.
We won?
But, how could they?
My work was supervised by
the internationally famous
photographer, Danny Lebowitz.
A technically marvelous
photographer, but commonplace--
much like your photo.
First prize to
Alex, Clover and Sam,
whose outside the box photo
development shows a creativity
that must be awarded.
MANDY: This is so unfair.
I demand a recount.
I mean come on, how about a tie?
Pretty please?
I'll pay you.
[theme music]
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