Touched by an Angel (1994) s02e13 Episode Script

'Til We Meet Again

1 When you get back, please let Dr.
Sousa know I'll be calling in this afternoon.
Well, thank you, gentlemen.
MAN: All right.
Cup your fingers across the laces like that.
Okay Yeah.
Now, when you throw it, you lead with your elbow, not your whole body.
Like right, but don't No, you don't push it, you just, uh You release it.
Just right when it arcs, like Okay.
Okay? Mm-hmm.
All right.
Now I'm going to go out for it, and then "Out for it"? Yeah.
I'm going to go out for it.
You just get the ball to me, and I, uh, go to the to the goal.
Okay? Okay.
Okay? All right.
Ready? Mm-hmm.
Okay, I got it! Touchdown.
MONICA: But the paramedics have left.
You see, I don't understand.
That doesn't matter.
There's definitely going to be a death in the family.
No question about it.
TESS: It is Mr.
Carpenter's time.
Well, Andrew is here.
Why do you need me? What's a good receiver without a good passer? Give me that ball.
Give it to me.
Give it to me now.
Now, you've been called here to attend the death of a good man.
His name is Joe Carpenter.
And Andrew will handle his transition.
But there's a secret in this house, and it's got to be swept out before this man goes.
It's one of those family secrets that has colored their lives and they didn't even know it.
You'll find out more about it later.
But the problem is that secret better go before that man does, or the family that he has devoted his life to building will be shattered to pieces the moment he leaves this earth.
WOMAN: Here you go.
DRIVER: Thanks.
TESS: That's Kimberly, the youngest daughter.
ANDREW: So this is how he wanted to go, huh? Yeah.
At home, with his family around him.
And your job is to see to it that they don't kill each other first.
♫ When you walk down the road ♫ ♫ Heavy burden, heavy load ♫ ♫ I will rise and I will walk with you ♫ ♫ I'll walk with you ♫ ♫ Till the sun don't even shine ♫ ♫ Walk with you every time ♫ ♫ I tell you, I'll walk with you ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Believe me, I'll walk with you.
♫ WOMAN: I thought you were going to call from the airport.
KIMBERLY: Well, it just seemed easier to take a cab.
I wish you had called.
MAN: You look great, Sis.
Doesn't she look great, Kay? She looks like she always does.
Oh Hey, you're getting skinny, big brother.
I'm trying.
So how was your flight? I got here.
I took the shuttle bus in.
( Sighs ) Where's Mom? We're trying to track her down.
Mother chose this particular weekend to visit Aunt Laura in Florida.
I volunteered to stay with Dad.
She needed a break.
Who knew he'd get worse? MAN: Kimberly Ann! I don't believe it.
Hey, Doc! What are you doing here? I thought you were on your way to a conflict in some distant corner of the world.
KIMBERLY: Well, I was, but I made a U-turn soon as I got the page.
I thought we'd see you at the hospital.
How is he? Well he's dying, honey.
And he's not at the hospital.
He's here.
Upstairs? ( Doorbell rings ) I requested a nurse from the visiting hospice service.
Let me get that.
MONICA: Hello.
I just want it understood that we do nothing until Mother arrives.
Well, you better tell Daddy.
He might have other plans.
Perfect timing.
There are some things we all need to get clear Better now, all together.
This is Monica, the visiting nurse.
And these are Joe's kids: Kate, Kim and Chris.
I delivered every one of them.
Measles, chicken pox, broken arm, broken ankle, and a few broken hearts.
MONICA: Well, um sorry that I have to be here, but I'll do the best I can.
I'm not at all sure your services are needed here.
My father should be in a hospital.
That's what we need to discuss.
Monica, why don't you go upstairs and make yourself comfortable.
It's the first door on the right.
Thank you.
Your dad signed a living will.
I never knew about this.
He asked me to make it up for him after his first stroke.
He recovered so fast from that one.
"No extraordinary measures.
"No heroic measures.
"No resuscitation.
No intravenous feedings.
" What is he saying? He wants to die? When he's ready, yes.
Your father's over 80.
He's been stuck in a wheelchair for years.
He can't take care of himself.
Your mother barely can, and it's been killing him watching her try.
He wants to die of old age here at home with some dignity.
Sorry, Doctor.
I don't know where she keeps the sugar.
Mother never puts anything where it belongs.
DOCTOR: Oh, it's okay, really, Kate.
I don't know about this "living will" thing.
It may not be the choice of every 80-year-old but it's his.
KATE: But, Doctor, what if he has a chance, though? For what, Kate? To get better and die another day? And this is what he wants? He couldn't have been more clear.
Does Mother know about this? Yes.
She didn't like it.
She's controlled every other minute of his life.
Can you imagine her giving up the chance to choreograph this? Kimberly! Is it just me, or does this feel less like a death and more like a getaway? Is everything a joke to you? If I don't laugh, I'll cry.
( Brisk footsteps approaching ) ( sighs ) I've met your father.
We're going to get along just fine.
KATE: I think we should take him to the hospital and wait for instructions from Mother.
Well, the hospital is bound by the living will.
It's a legal document.
They can't do anything more for him there than we can here Probably even less.
It'd be easier for everybody: No visiting hours, no cafeteria food.
And I'll make sure that he's comfortable, Doctor.
You've had experience in this? Yes.
It's quite a miracle.
I always feel privileged to be present in the last hours.
Well, keep him on the oxygen.
Try to get him to take a little water when you can.
You're not staying? I'll be checking in, honey.
Could take a few days, or a few hours.
Call me when we're close.
Your father's going to die.
He knows it.
You have an unusual opportunity here to make it something special.
Most people don't have that chance.
Well, I wish he could have been more specific.
"Days, hours" KATE: All right ( sighs ) I'll set up headquarters in the corner room.
Kim, you take the couch.
Chris, I guess you're already living in the basement.
You are? Carol and I have separated.
When? A few weeks ago.
I moved in downstairs awhile back.
See the kids on the weekends.
Nobody told me.
KATE: Mother told me.
But, then again, I stay in touch with this family.
Now, I'll make out a shopping list.
Chris, you go to the store.
I'll make dinner.
Then we can take turns after that.
Kim, I don't imagine you've done much cooking in all your running around, so you can make the beds.
Yes, I'd like to order the large combination, no anchovies, extra onions Extra cheese.
Yes, and, um, extra cheese.
And what else? Munchies.
Oh, yeah, a bunch of munchies.
You know, chips and stuff.
Yeah, that's good.
A carton.
It's 406 Grand Avenue West.
That's fine.
Kim? Didn't you hear me? Kate, my father is dying.
I'm not going to spend his last hours putting hospital corners on the guest-room beds and sitting around the dinner table eating your idea of a wholesome meal.
You want me, I'll be upstairs next to Daddy.
CHRIS: It's a kind of a combination death-watch, come-as-you-are-pizza-party, family-reunion thing.
I've never been to one before.
I guess we're going to have to play it by ear.
( Clock ticking ) You have been a very big help today, Katie.
When is Mommy coming for her surprise? Oh, soon as her book club gets out.
Any minute.
What's a book club? Well, you know how Mommy goes away for a little while on Friday afternoons? She goes and visits other ladies who like to talk about the books they've read.
I can read.
Yes, you can.
And you're going to be a great reader just like Mommy.
"W-a-l-l-p-a-p" I'm hungry.
" That spells "decorate.
" I can read.
See, Daddy? Daddy? Good for you, honey.
Good for you.
Tell you what.
Let's go get some pizza.
Pizza! Pizza! Yay! Yay! Pizza, pizza, pizza Asleep? Yeah.
What did you mean when you said that death was a miracle? Death? Oh, it's probably the most real thing that happens on earth.
It's awesome and profound, like a birth.
A soul passing from from one realm to another.
You can welcome death with wonder and respect, or you can fight it with fear and regret.
Dying with regret, I've learned, is hardest of all for everyone.
MONICA: Hello, Mr.
My name is Monica, and I'm going to be looking after you.
Helping you down the road, so to speak.
( Weakly ): Angel? KIMBERLY: Dad? It's Kimmy.
I'm here.
I'll be right back.
Hi, Daddy.
Doctor Chappell told us about the living will.
I just want to make sure it's what you really want.
I don't know if I'm going to get another chance to be alone with you, Daddy, but I just want you to know, if you have to go, I understand.
I don't want you to hurt.
But you're the only one in this family that I really feel related to, you know? I don't want you to suffer anymore at all, Daddy.
But I think that I'm going to.
There's something important y-you need to know.
I have to tell you.
What? The truth.
T-T-The truth.
I-It's not too bad.
What truth? ( Doorbell rings ) Someday you'll find out.
KATE: Pizza's here! Can you pay for it? It's your pizza.
You pay him.
Besides, I only have a 50.
Hold on.
I'll be right back, okay? KIMBERLY: I'm back in this house ten minutes, you're already acting like Mom.
KATE: No, I'm not.
Besides, I didn't order the pizza.
Yeah, but I bet you expect to eat some.
ANDREW: How do you do, Mr.
Carpenter? My name's Andrew.
Death? Yes.
I'm an angel.
And I guess you can say that this is my, uh my specialty.
Monica's an angel, too, and we've been sent here to help your family make this passing with you.
Afraid, Death.
Oh, no.
No, no, never.
Besides, do I look scary to you? Father.
Now, we're going to take this in steps, and some of the steps are not going to be easy.
But remember No fear.
Talk to Kim.
Can't go.
Kim's not going anywhere, Father.
He's hallucinating.
( Grunts ) ( Carpenter moaning ) Father? Mr.
KIMBERLY: What's going on? Mr.
Your father's having a small stroke.
Oh, my God.
Carpenter, can you hear me? MONICA: Mr.
Carpenter, can you blink for me? Daddy what were you going to tell me? ( Speaking unintelligibly ) KIMBERLY: What? He was trying to tell me something.
He wanted me to know something and I blew it.
I thought I had more time.
Everybody always does.
( Car approaching, parking ) Figures.
Nothing important ever really gets said in this family.
Honesty might kill us all for good.
You seem honest enough.
Well, I'm the exception.
Always have been.
( Car door opens, closes ) ( sighs ) Good afternoon.
I'm looking for Ms.
Katherine Carpenter Dorfenbacher? Come on with me.
She's my sister.
( Door closing ) Mother called.
She's got a midnight flight that'll get her in first thing in the morning with a layover in Atlanta.
Chris can pick her up.
This lady says that you're redecorating.
Please, come in.
Thank you.
Kate, what's going on? I'm here.
I have the time.
This wallpaper has been around since before you were born.
Besides, it'll be a nice surprise for Mother.
Is this where you want to be when your father dies? Down in the kitchen looking at wallpaper samples? He's not going to die tonight.
Uh, you know, maybe I should come back at another time.
Well, that wouldn't be such a bad idea.
Sit down.
Uh well, okay.
Oh, man.
You are freezing.
Hold on.
I'll get you a blanket, Dad.
CARPENTER: President Kennedy didn't even wear one at his own inauguration.
A lot of guys stopped wearing hats after that, but I didn't stop.
Just on general principles.
Couldn't imagine letting my head get cold for the rest of my life just because some fellow in Washington didn't want to muss up his hair.
A man's got to have a few things that are his own, you know, Chris? Got a nice suit, good hat, able to, uh, polish your shoes on Sunday morning.
And, uh, not to mention a few small avenues of self-expression.
Mom really hates that tie, you know.
( Chuckles ) You know, Chris, this is this is it.
These are going to be your last hours with the man.
I think you better say it now.
I wanted to thank you.
You taught me so much.
And I don't know if anybody's ever told you ( voice cracking ): But you've lived a very good life.
( Chris weeping ) CHRIS: You're a good man.
Did you ever think of him as a strong man? I have a confession to make.
I never really thought of you as a strong person.
Patient, maybe, but how could a strong man live with a woman like Mother? Maybe that's the only kind of man who could.
All of a sudden I'm starting to think it took more strength to stick with it.
You knew how to sit back, duck and ride it out.
I'm not so good at that.
But I'd like to know Was it worth it, Dad? Hanging in there all these years? What did you get out of it? I ( voice quavering ) Chris.
( Murmuring ) He got you.
( Carpenter moaning softly ) Just let me get this straight.
We're going to replace the wallpaper in the kitchen.
Yes, with the same pattern.
If it's available, which I very seriously doubt.
KATE: I understand that.
And in the hallway Well, I will have the estimate for the fabric wall-covering tomorrow.
Now, in here? Well, I was actually thinking of recovering.
You do upholstery, I hope? Oh, yes.
Oh, good, because I think we're going to have to start all over again in here.
ALL: ♫ When the clouds roll by, I'll come to you ♫ ♫ Then the skies will seem more blue ♫ ♫ Down in Lover's Lane, my dearie ♫ Wait, wait, wait.
( stops playing piano ) Kimmy? Kimmy, come join us.
Come on, you can sing my part with me.
KIMBERLY: Uh uh-uh.
She wants her own part.
MOTHER: There are only four parts in four-part harmony, Kimberly.
CARPENTER: Okay, well, you be the critic, okay, honey? Give us your opinion.
( Resumes playing the piano ) FAMILY: ♫ Smile the while you kiss me sad adieu ♫ ♫ When the clouds ♫ TESS: So, we're going with the rustic Ralph Lauren? Lauren.
Right, uh, the Lauren, if I can get the slipcovers in green.
Yes, but more green than red.
Not red than green.
Uh Yeah.
( Chuckling ): What you said.
TESS: Now, in here? KATE: Well, I was actually thinking of recovering.
You do upholstery, I hope? Oh, yes.
Good, because I think we're going to have to start all over again in here.
Am I beat! That woman looked through every swatch and sample this side of heaven.
I will never get over how humans find new ways to grieve.
How we doing, Baby? Well, it won't be long now.
And the secret's not out yet.
Did you say something? Uh never mind.
Carpenter? TESS: Your time is at hand.
It's going to be a long night, but you have got the best angels in the business working on this, and I promise you, God has heard your prayers, and we'll have this all cleaned up real good before you go.
KATE: Why is it all closed up in here, like death? Well, it's a theme party, Kate.
I hope to God he didn't hear that.
He probably did.
Somewhere deep inside, he's probably cracking up.
His temperature went up during the night.
His pulse is very low.
I think we're getting close.
KATE: What are you doing? I'm getting his suit ready.
For what? What do you think? Keep your voice down.
What for? Daddy knows.
Don't you, Daddy? Yeah.
Chris is getting his suit ready for his funeral.
This is the one you wanted, right? This is outrageous.
It's cruel.
Stop it.
Why, Kate?! He's dying.
He knows it, we know it.
Why can't we talk about something real for once in this family? This is what he wants.
This is why we're here.
He wants to die in this house, with us! But he can't if we pretend that it's not happening.
You know, you're in denial, Kate.
Serious denial.
Yeah, well, you're damn right I'm in denial.
And what's wrong with denial, anyway? Denial is highly underrated! CHRIS: I found it.
Here it is, right in his pocket.
Oh, my God.
Put it away.
Why should I? It's his favourite.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
If Daddy wants it, then Daddy gets it, right? You're not putting that ugly tie on my father.
You just try and stop me.
Back off, Kate! You can't come in here and make all the decisions just because you've got an attaché case.
Who do you think you are? I'm his daughter.
Well, so am I.
No, you're not! What the hell is going on in here?! Hey, Mom.
Now, what is all this racket? I did not raise mutes.
Is it true? Is what true? He's not my father? No.
Oh, my God.
My God, my God.
Daddy I assume he's heard everything.
Nice going, Kate.
You knew? KATE: I never told him.
You didn't have to.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist.
Well, it explains everything.
I never felt like part of this family because I wasn't part of this family.
Kim MOTHER: Oh, honestly.
Everybody shut up.
Who are you? I'm Monica.
Welcome to the family secret, Monica.
Tell me straight.
What are we looking at? A few hours.
Is he lucid? Well, he's had a series of small strokes.
He can hear, but he can't respond, except through his eyes.
He has great eyes.
That's all we ever needed to communicate.
Right, Poochie? Will somebody please tell me why I can't take two days for myself for the first time in six years without the whole family going to hell in a handbasket? Didn't take a handbasket, Mother.
We've got a mess here, Joe.
I got to clean it up, and then I'll get back to you.
( Mumbles ) Do you think you can hang on for me, baby? ( Mumbles ) I'm going to the bathroom.
I'm going to put on my slippers.
I'm going to make some tea.
Then there will be a family conference in the kitchen in five minutes.
KATE: Yes, ma'am.
Don't forget your attaché case.
Whatever the real story is, Kim, I just want you to know you're still my sis.
Was that what you were trying to tell me? You wanted me to know.
Or did you just find out, too? What? You know, in some funny way I think I always knew.
MONICA: I guess that's the thing about family secrets Nobody talks but everybody knows.
Do you believe in God, Monica? "Belief" hardly begins to describe it.
All I ever wanted was to just feel comfortable in this family.
When I was a kid, and I'd blow out my birthday candles every year, that was my wish.
And whenever we'd pray, that was my prayer.
I would put my money on the prayers over the candles.
It doesn't matter.
Either way, it never happened.
Well, that depends when you think "never" began.
I mean, you wanted to drive a car when you were eight years old.
Thank God he didn't answer that prayer, huh? All prayers are answered, Kim.
It's just sometimes the answer is "no.
" But sometimes the answer is "not yet.
" CHRIS: Kim! I'll be back.
"Sometimes the answer is 'no.
' Sometimes the answer is 'not yet.
'" What, are you making fun of me? No, no.
I think you did great.
Joe, she did great, didn't she? See? Andrew, what do you think the chances are of a special dispensation? Whew Monica uh, I don't know.
It's worth trying, hmm? Because sometimes the answer is "yes.
" So there was no book club.
Just Friday afternoons with Tony.
KIMBERLY: Daddy's old partner? How could you do that to Daddy? I'm not proud of it, Kimberly.
But I forgave myself.
I hope one day you'll be able to, too.
How long did it last? A couple of years.
Then your father got that job, remember? No, you were too young to remember, Chris But Kate, you do.
Joe and Tony had been partners for nine years, and then one day Joe walks in and says he's got another job, for less pay, more work, and with a company he hated.
That's when I knew he knew.
That's when it ended.
But you didn't say anything.
We never discussed it.
He could have left.
He could have thrown me out.
But he just kept on loving me instead.
When you were born Tony stayed with Joe in the waiting room.
He was so afraid you'd be a boy.
Would grow up and look like him.
That's the first thing he asked "Boy or girl?" Do you know what Joe asked? "How's my wife?" And you knew all this time, Kate? How? Remember when I dated Billy Warchowsky? That boy with the bad skin? His father owned the River View Motel.
That kid always did look at me funny.
Well, it wasn't much of a leap, Mother, to figure out the rest.
Yeah, me being the rest.
That's not what I meant.
Tony Laneri.
So now you're Italian, Kimmy.
Don't you think that this is something we should discuss in private? Just the two of us? Everybody here knows.
Why is it, in this family, that every secret is a matter of public record, but the most obvious problems never get discussed at all? We're dysfunctional? It's just a guess.
So I'm not a Carpenter anymore.
Oh, for heaven's sakes, Kim, of course you are.
CHRIS: Man, Dad is really something.
If it were me, I would have walked out.
You did walk out.
That's not the point.
I had reasons.
So what? People nowadays bail out at every bump in the road.
Not like the old days.
People couldn't afford to break up every time the going was tough.
KIMBERLY: Well, that's easy for you to say.
Obviously the old days weren't that tough for you.
You can't judge a marriage until you're in it.
Well, you can't judge a family until you're in it, either.
( Knock at door ) TESS: Hello?! Hello? Good news.
I got all the pillows and the bolsters and the matching drapes and the wallpaper is on order.
You are looking at the swatch queen of Ralph "La Ren.
" "Lauren.
" You got any more of that tea left? ( Crying ) MOTHER: I was so young and so stupid, and scared to death.
So you decided to pretend it never happened.
That's right.
But you had this little human being running around the house every day, reminding you of what you'd done.
I couldn't let her get too close.
Oh, you couldn't let anybody get close Not your husband, not any of your children.
Loving them would have been dangerous.
So you had to control them and protect your secret.
That's the trouble with secrets, sweetie.
If you let somebody in your heart, they're going to find out what's in there.
So your family paid the price.
You got a son who mistakes your husband's strength for weakness.
You got a daughter that doesn't know where you end and she begins.
And you've got this little girl, trapped inside of Kim Crying, begging to know that she belongs in this home not to mention a wonderful man upstairs, who deserves to die in peace.
It's too late for that.
Oh, no, no.
The peace is just beginning.
How did I end up spilling my guts to an interior decorator? Well, I was just about to tell you about that.
You see ( piano plays from other room ) ( piano continues ) ( piano plays from inside house ) Go get 'em, girl.
( Song ends ) ( starts playing song again ) ( suddenly stops playing ) Will someone please explain what's going on? Well, first, in case it's still not clear, I am not an interior decorator, and Monica is not a nurse.
We're angels.
God has sent us here to bring your father home.
To be perfectly accurate, there's another angel that will escort him when the time comes.
But all of us, we've got a lot of business to take care of before then.
You may want to sit down, darling.
I'm confused.
Well, that's abundantly clear, but God is not the author of confusion.
He likes to write happy endings.
Then Dad is okay, and this is some kind of miracle? Well, technically, this is what we call a special dispensation.
Your father is going to die, Chris.
And you may conclude from the presence of the angels here that this is not a bad thing, or at least it doesn't have to be.
I'm going to turn this assignment over to Monica.
She needs the experience.
Go ahead, baby.
Well, as families go, you have a pretty good one.
But it almost broke under the strain of the secret.
Kate you missed out on the joys of being a sister, trying to protect your mother.
And Chris, your suspicions about your mother have become terrible, destructive suspicions about your own wife.
Kim you always knew there was something different about you, but you could only guess at what it was, and you always guessed wrong.
There's nothing wrong with you.
In fact, you're you're a shining example of how God can take the saddest things and turn them into something beautiful.
JOE: That's true.
Yeah, I guess I always knew, Elizabeth.
I didn't like it.
But I, uh Well, I, uh loved you so much, I just prayed you'd come back.
And you did.
And look who you brought with you.
Oh, Daddy.
JOE: Now, I won't deny it.
It hurt, but, uh I decided that, you know, it's more important that being together, all of us that's more important than me being right.
If that makes me weak, son I'm guilty.
You always knew you were my little girl, didn't you? Mm-hmm.
Son, go home.
Give them your best, Chris.
That'll be enough.
You can't fool me.
I know you're not such a tough bird, Katie girl.
Aw, you were the you were the first baby I ever loved, and you always will be.
So share it with the rest of them, okay? You know, I'm real proud of of all of you.
Your instincts led you to preserve this family.
But a family, it it can't survive without the truth.
Now, don't be afraid of the truth.
Speak it, look at it, live it.
You know these last couple of days, I've seen a little corner of it, and by God, it's beautiful.
And don't forget, I had a choice and I chose to love.
Listen, it's been a a real privilege to me to be your father.
( Cries out ) ELIZABETH: Oh, God, no.
Please, God, don't let him go.
Joe, listen to me.
I love you.
Please forgive me.
Oh, I forgave you a long time ago, Woogie.
You know that.
I can't even get a reading.
The time is now.
Can you hear me? TESS: He can, but he's too busy to answer.
Busy? There's a moment when humans remove themselves from this place and get down to the business of dying.
You see, his spirit is straining to remove itself from a body that won't release him.
Is he in pain? TESS: Oh, no, no.
The pain's all gone.
There's more death here now than life.
The other angel Is he here? Yes, Andrew is here, and he's in touch with that part of your father's spirit that you can't communicate with.
We're here with you All of us.
And we want to say thank you.
He says, "You're welcome.
" Andrew says your father says, "You're welcome.
" We'll see you again won't we? ( Chuckles ) He says you can count on it.
You can count on it.
And he has a gift for Kim and a request.
Kim, your father has a gift for you and a ANDREW: A request.
A request.
Sing the song.
Sing the song.
Chris, you take the bass.
Kate, take the alto.
I'll take the melody, and Kim Honey, you take your daddy's part.
♫ Smile the while ♫ KATE ( joining in ): ♫ You kiss me sad adieu ♫ ALL: ♫ When the clouds roll by, I'll come to you ♫ ♫ Then the skies will seem more blue ♫ ♫ Down in Lover's Lane, my dearie ♫ ♫ Wedding bells will ring so merrily ♫ ♫ Every tear will be a memory ♫ ♫ So wait and pray each night for me ♫ ♫ Till we meet again.
♫ ( Joe moans ) ( Joe exclaims ) Oh TESS: ♫ Till we meet again ♫ ♫ Till we meet again ♫ ♫ Till we meet at the Father's feet ♫ ♫ Till we meet again ♫ ♫ Till we meet again ♫ ♫ God be with you ♫ ♫ Till we meet again.