Touched by an Angel (1994) s02e14 Episode Script

Rock 'n' Roll Dad

1 "Rest in peace.
" "Rest in peace.
" "Rest in peace.
" Well, most of the time, that's the only rest that anybody ever gets.
( Chuckles ) If people knew what was waiting for them, they wouldn't make these places so sad.
Well, grieving is a very powerful thing, Miss Wings.
It's a good thing, it's a healthy thing, it's a healing thing, and it lets you get rid of a lot of pain, but it's something you should go through, not something you should hold on to.
MONICA: I don't understand why human beings hold on to things that hurt.
Well, it's like if you give up the pain, you give up the person you've lost.
It's a hard lesson, but there's only one way to learn it.
( Rock music playing ) ♫ God is dead ♫ ♫ Hope has died ♫ ♫ You said you loved me ♫ ( Monica chuckling ) ♫ But you know you lied ♫ MONICA: What is going on? TESS: It's a music video, and I use the word "music" very loosely.
♫ You know I cried ♫ ♫ And now hell is ♫ Is he my assignment? Oh, Tess, my first rock star.
♫ Just another place in my heart ♫ Yeah, riding high, too, but the dirt is gonna crumble under those boots soon, and you need to be there when it does.
♫ But you know you lied ♫ ♫ You know I cried ♫ ( laughs ) Andrew, what are you doing to yourself? Looking good.
Let me guess ♫ And now hell is just ♫ rock 'n' roll is dead, and the angel of death has come to bring us the glad tidings.
♫ Another place in my heart ♫ Tess, this is Jon Mateos.
I'm one of his biggest fans.
Well, you're his silliest.
Are you here on business? I don't know.
I just got the call.
♫ Hell is ♫ ♫ Just another place ♫ ♫ In my heart ♫ Cut! Yeah! Jon, very nice, very good, very sweet.
Music ( scoffs ) She's been a little bit cranky ever since the death of swing.
Yes, and I'm still grieving, so don't give me any trash, Mr.
Halo Boy.
DIRECTOR: All right, come on.
All right, uh let's take it again from the fall in the grave, and this time I need more, uh more death, okay? MONICA: What is it, Andrew? DIRECTOR: Everybody ready? Let's do this one more time, let's go.
It just looks like there's gonna be a lot more death ahead.
♫ When you walk ♫ ♫ Down the road ♫ ♫ Heavy burden ♫ ♫ Heavy load ♫ ♫ I will rise ♫ ♫ And I will walk with you ♫ ♫ I'll walk with you ♫ ♫ Till the sun don't even shine ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Every time ♫ ♫ I tell you, I'll walk with you ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Believe me, I'll walk with you.
♫ ♫ ♫ ( sighing ) ( groans ) Mmm.
Good morning, Miss America.
Yeah, it's Ms.
America to you.
So I wasn't dreaming.
I am married to the sexiest man alive.
Yes, you are.
You may thank me, and then you may kiss me.
Oh, boy.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
I love Saturdays.
We should just stay in bed all day.
Oh, yeah, what about the kids? The kids can stay in bed all day, too.
We'll call them on the phone.
( Both laughing ) I'm sure Kathleen Sullivan would love that.
Am I doing her show tonight? Mm-hmm.
Plane leaves at 4:00.
Murray's got the tickets.
I packed you last night.
Murray? You're not coming? Mm.
Samantha's recital at 3:00.
So you catch a shuttle.
I'd have to be out of there by 5:00 Yeah? Get to the airport by 5:30, shuttle leaves, what, 6:15? Get in about 7:20.
Hmm I don't know.
Do I love you that much? You flat-out do.
You told me so once in front of a whole bunch of people.
Yeah, all your friends, I recall.
( Playing boogie-woogie music ) What happened to Roy? Uh, family reunion They sent a replacement.
Well, she looks very eager.
( Resumes playing ) Hey.
Come back to bed.
We have time to play.
Play? Play.
Yeah, much better.
( Doorbell rings ) Well aren't you gonna invite me in? I'm sorry.
If you're making a delivery, go to the service entrance.
No autographs or pictures, please.
And if you haven't announced yourself at the gate, I must ask you to leave.
I am your new nanny.
I didn't have an old nanny.
Well, you got a new one now.
Let me talk to your mother.
I'm sorry.
If you're making a delivery, go to the service Back off and get your mama.
( Monica laughs ) And what are you snickering at? You have such a wonderful way with children, Tess.
They respond so well to you.
You keep that up, and watch how I respond to you, Miss Wings.
( Knock on door ) Everybody decent? ( laughs ) Come in, Sam.
Hi, sweetie.
You guys got to get over each other.
It's so embarrassing.
Well, you better get used to it, kid, 'cause it seems to be a permanent condition.
Um, Mom, I set the table for breakfast and I brought in the newspaper, and I'm going with Lisa to that concert, so I'm gonna need some money for the tickets.
What? Wait, freeze.
What concert? Zombie Charlie and the Erasables at the university.
It's gonna be really cool, and we're gonna stay with Lisa's brother at his dorm.
Overnight? Please don't say no.
Mom, everybody's going.
Yeah, well, that's everybody else's moms' problems.
I only worry about you.
Sam, you're too young to be staying a night in a dorm.
And that's final? Yeah, that's final.
This is so unfair.
What is? I already said no.
To what? Jon.
Dad, there's this concert Yeah? Who's playing? Sam, would you excuse us a minute, please? Yeah, if I get to go.
( Groans ) Honey, you're supposed to back me up when I say no.
No to what? That's not the point.
Have I committed a parenting felony? Well, considering you jumped into an open grave yesterday wearing leather pants screaming, "Hell is just another place in my heart," gee, Jon, I'd say your parenting skills are about as good as we could hope for.
Are you saying you don't like.
"Hell Is Just Another Place In My Heart"? That song is gonna put new Italian granite on your kitchen countertops, babe.
Well, I don't hate it as much as the other one.
What? Am I hearing this? You hate my music? Are you telling me you hate my music? I've always loved your music.
It's just your lyrics lately.
What about them? ( Sighs ) "God is dead, hope has died, "you said you loved me, but you lied"?! So it's the '90s, it's despair, it's it's, uh, it's a rebellion song.
You know, gives kids permission not to listen to their parents.
What? Yeah, but, Jon, we want our kids to listen to their parents.
Evie, it's just a song.
Yeah, but songs get stuck in your head, Jon, and I don't want "God is dead, hope has died" stuck in our kids' heads.
Uh-huh, okay, fine.
Well, I'm-I'm doing what I can.
You think you can do better, be my guest.
All right, I will.
Maybe it's time you started making some of the money around here.
You're sure good at spending it.
Yeah, like the way I spent five bucks a week and kept us eating so you could spend $20 on guitar strings.
BOY: Mom? Do I have a nanny? Oh, I completely forgot.
Um, what time is it? Is she downstairs? Just tell her I'll be right down, sweetheart.
( Sighs ): We'll discuss this later.
Is that a yes? Yeah, buddy.
That's a yes.
God is dead.
Says who? My dad.
Is that so? Well, I'd like to see his research.
I am so sorry.
I see you've met Dillon.
He's very vigilant.
Yeah, well, we teach our kids to be very cautious.
My husband's become so popular that we have to be very careful about security.
Actually, we've, uh, had fans mail themselves to the house.
I wouldn't try it.
I made some coffee.
I hope you don't mind.
I love coffee.
Oh, have you met Monica? Oh, yes, we've met.
♫ I sold my soul to rock 'n' roll ♫ Dad Jon, Samantha, Tess and Monica.
Welcome to the asylum.
Thank you.
I've seen worse.
Oh, really? Murray's going to meet you at the airport with your tickets.
You still gonna make that flight tonight? Mm-hmm, I'll be there.
What about my recital? I'll be there, too.
I'll take care of everybody.
It's what I live for.
Besides, uh spending other people's money.
Besides, I wouldn't wanna miss out, seeing you all decked out, wearing Oh, your pearl necklace? Yep.
You're gonna let me wear it? It's gonna bring you luck.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, isn't it lovely? It's just a stupid necklace.
JON: You take care of that.
It's my favourite.
I will.
MONICA: All ready to go, sir? Yeah, this must be me leaving.
So am I gonna be seeing you later then? Uh-huh.
Have you ever driven a rock star before, Monica? Oh, well, I'm trained to deal with VIPs.
Sure, she is.
MONICA: It's a very nice family you have there.
JON: Thanks.
One of them is mad at me right now.
Satpage, this is account 679.
I wanna page my wife.
The message is "C-F-G, Jon.
" Yeah, thanks.
Excuse me? Yeah? What does "C-F-G" mean? Oh, it's the perfect chord progression in a classic rock tune.
It's our private shorthand for "I love you.
" Oh, you can never go wrong saying that.
EVIE: Hey, so proud of you, Sam.
You were wonderful.
( laughs ): I know.
Did you put the necklace back in the box? Mm-hmm.
Well, we'll be back tomorrow night.
Please tell Dillon to feed the guppies.
Yeah, all right.
I love you.
( Dialing ) Yeah, hi.
Um account 679.
I'd like to page my husband.
"C-F-G back at ya Evie.
" Uh-huh.
( Chuckles ): Yeah, thanks.
( Sighs ) ♫ I know someone's there ♫ ♫ You're the answer ♫ ♫ To my prayers ♫ KATHLEEN SULLIVAN: Congressman, thanks so much for joining us and answering these questions for your constituents, and we'll be back right after this.
( News show theme music plays ) Where is she? ( Pager beeps ) She was supposed to be here by now.
You're on.
Yeah? Yeah, here.
Look at that.
It's no problem.
I'm set.
JON: Hi.
How are you? MAN: All right, people.
Settle down now.
We're on in five, four, three, two ( theme music plays ) SULLIVAN: My guest tonight, Jon Mateos superstar, rock 'n' roll legend, and may I say, a fine musician whose sometimes personal, wrenching music touches a chord in all of us.
I actually attended his 20th anniversary last year.
That's right, Kathleen, you did.
But this wasn't your show business anniversary, although that was quite a party, too, but this was the one that matters most in your life.
Your wedding anniversary.
Are you the only happily-married rock star on the planet? I am.
You could look it up.
Good answer.
My wife is my soul.
She's my greatest inspiration.
She's also my biggest critic.
Ooh, what's to criticize? Well, I do have a dark side.
Might as well face it.
Well, I do remember that you used to be quite a wild man.
Those days are done.
I'm past all that.
I lot of people found religion, but, uh, I found Evie.
She's actually writing me a love song right now.
20 years later, still writing love songs Singer, father, husband, no longer wild man Jon Mateos, and we'll be taking your call in just a minute.
Will you excuse me a second? ( Indistinct voices ) MAN: And we're clear.
Okay, folks.
Erin, gimme a hand here, would ya? What's up? Well, there's been it's Evie, Jon.
They just found her car.
It was raining and the roads were slick, and And what? What happened? Where is she? She's dead, Jon.
What? ( Sobs ) WOMAN ( over P.
): Dr.
Nelson Sorry to have to meet you under these circumstances, Mr.
Mateos, but there were no personal effects recovered.
You, too.
I'm sorry to have to put you through this Where are you from? New Jersey.
That's a beautiful state.
They got great audiences there.
I'll wait for you outside, Jon, okay? Yeah, okay.
Evie? Thank you, Mr.
I think you can go.
Baby, I'm so sorry about the things I said to you this morning.
I thought we'd have a chance to kiss and make up.
I wanted to hear your song.
( Voice breaking ): I don't know what I'm supposed to do now.
MAN: And so we say good-bye, dear Evie.
We will miss your smile, your generosity of spirit, and most of all, your loving strength.
( Thunder rumbles ) Rest in heaven, knowing that you leave your family Why are you still hanging around here? You're worse than a groupie.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm still on call.
Oh, I see.
Well, we've got our work cut out for us.
( Billiard balls clacking ) What's going on? You look awfully angry at somebody.
I'm not.
Well, I can't be, 'cause 'Cause why? How can you be mad at someone if they're dead? Your mum.
I happen to know that He's alive and kicking.
I bet you're mad at Him because of your mum, huh? You could tell Him, write Him a letter, maybe.
You can't send a letter to heaven.
Sure, you can.
You don't even need paper.
You could write it with your heart.
That's the dumbest thing I ever heard.
You want to believe it, though, don't you? I don't know what we're gonna do without her.
When are we back in the studio? Studio? Yeah.
When are we back? Listen, uh Jon uh I'm not just your producer.
I'm your friend, okay? Uh-huh.
I'm telling you, it's time to ease off, all right? I canceled all your session times.
Yeah, but you can set it up again, right? 'Cause I really wanna go back to work.
When? What are you doing tonight? Wait.
You're going to work tonight? Yeah, I, uh, I thought, you know, I just might go in for a minute.
If you need anything, Tess'll be here, so Dad, I can't believe this.
I mean, we just it's just.
Sam, I'm not going far.
I'll just be at the studio.
Mom has the number.
Samantha? ( Door slams ) ( playing keyboard ) Come on, guys.
It's not that hard.
Uh, Jon, look, uh maybe you'll be more inspired tomorrow.
What do you say? No, we'll get this.
We'll get this.
Two, three, four ( playing keyboard ) ♫ God is dead ♫ ♫ Hope has died ♫ ♫ You said you'd be here, but it seems you lied ♫ ♫ Oh, baby ♫ That's enough of this.
It's the same song.
I keep on writing the same song.
We're lost.
( Playing keyboard ) ♫ Hope is dead ♫ ♫ Hope has died ♫ You guys think my music is too dark? Why don't you take him home? I've been trying for three hours.
Uh, Jon, listen, why don't we pack it in for tonight and get a fresh start in the morning? What do you say, huh? No, no, I'm fine, Murray.
We're not leaving.
♫ ♫ ( sobs ) Dad What the hell? Dad, um, I was What are you doing? What are you doing?! That doesn't belong to you.
Take that off.
It was Mom's.
Just take it off.
No, Dad Now look what you've done, Samantha.
It isn't my fault.
Not your fault? ( Sobs ) If it wasn't for that damn recital, your mother wouldn't My recital? That was not my fault.
She planned to go to that for weeks.
It was you.
You wanted her to go to your show, and you knew she already had plans.
All right, that's enough.
No, it's not enough.
She would be here tonight with us right now if she hadn't tried so hard to please you.
You're the one that killed her.
How dare you say that to me?! You get outta here, and don't you come back in this room again! ( Door slams ) I need help.
( Sighs ) I can't pick up the pieces.
( Sniffles ) This is a beautiful letter.
God loves good penmanship, you know.
I figured.
How does it make you feel? Okay, I guess.
Not so sad inside.
You know, when you write a letter like this to God and ask Him to keep your mother safe in heaven, you keep her safe in your heart, too.
I wish she was safe inside my house.
I know, I know, baby.
Oh I know, but it's gonna be all right.
It's all gonna be all right.
Why do I have to do everything?! This whole album is on my back! Nobody's helping me! Nobody seems to understand this is my life! And we're gonna stay here until we get it right! ( Thudding ) Does he do this often? Not in years.
It's like the old days.
Before Evie? Before Evie, yeah.
All right, one more time from the top.
Monica, we need some more bourbon in here.
Oh, Lord.
Jon, don't you think you've had enough? No, I haven't had enough! ( Gasps ) That's it.
I'm outta here.
Pack it up, guys.
TESS: And just where do you think you're going? Out.
10:00 at night? Yeah, to a slumber party.
What's the big deal? A slumber party at your age? Well, it's kind of a tradition.
Staying home with your brother would be a good tradition.
Yeah, well, I didn't ask you, and you're not my mother.
You are not my wife! Careful of the glass, Jon.
Let it bleed.
I can't just stand here and watch you do this to yourself or to your children.
You wanna know something? You don't have to.
You're fired.
What? You're fired, so get out of here.
Give me the keys to my car, please.
Oh, no, I can't let you drive.
You have been fired.
Now give me the keys to my car now! Thank you.
Now get out.
My mum said I could go the day she died, and I'm going.
I'm calling your father.
He'll be a big help.
Nobody said anything to me about a slumber party, nobody.
Monica says when you're mad, you should write a letter to God.
That is so lame.
Well, lame or not, it would do you good.
You'd be surprised at what He can write back.
You got have good handwriting, though.
You can write a letter for both of us, okay, Dillon? ( Car horn honks ) I can't reach your father.
Well, that's Lisa.
Um her number's on the counter.
( Rock music playing in distance ) Come on, Sam.
( Shouting and whooping ) What are we doing here? Aren't we going to the concert? LISA: Come on, Sam.
We can't go to a concert without boys.
Where are we going? What-what boys? College boys.
( Rock music playing louder ) ( rock music playing ) He didn't mean it.
Come back inside.
I'm going home.
Come on.
What's the matter with making out a little? He likes you.
I don't wanna do this.
You don't have to.
Just come back inside.
What did they put in those drinks? I can hardly see.
Let's go ask.
No, you go.
I'm staying out here.
She's okay.
Just leave her alone.
This is account, um I wanna page Jon Ma Mateos.
Dad help me.
I'm at 555-0155.
I'm no Just like old times, huh, Murray? I'm gonna do the whole record without you, man.
( Pager beeping ) Take it from the top.
" Oh ( car horn honks ) MAN: You look like you need a ride, Miss.
You all right? Kind of.
I think somebody put something in my drink.
I'm really dizzy.
Really? ( Pager beeping ) Whoa.
This is a pretty dangerous stretch.
Right up there is where that rock star's wife got killed.
What? Pull over.
What are you talking about? I just got to get out.
Let me out.
But, Miss, I just can't leave you.
Just go.
I Just leave me alone.
Oh! Aah! Aah! ( Shudders ) ( moans ) Ow.
My leg.
( Thunder rumbles ) Ow.
( Sobs ) ( sighs ) ♫ ♫ "Dear God" ( thunder rumbles ) Who are you? I'm an angel, Samantha.
Are you are you gonna save me? In a way, yeah.
I'm your angel of death.
Were you my mother's angel? Yeah.
It was here, wasn't it? Yeah.
It was very fast, and it was her time, Samantha.
But it doesn't have to be your time, not if you have the will to live.
( Sobs ): I'm so cold and my leg's broken.
I don't think I'm gonna make it.
I'll tell you what.
You keep writing that letter, okay? All right.
It'll help.
( Sobs ) ( thunder rumbles ) TESS: Aren't you getting a little close to crossing the line, telling her about the will to live? That's got to come from her.
Well, and if she has it, it will.
Oh, come on, Tess.
I'm an old caseworker.
I can't help it.
What can I tell you? Well, if you're gonna stand around and do nothing, I'm gonna proceed as if you weren't here.
Okay, okay, now who's crossing the line? What happened to free will? There's nothing wrong with keeping free will warm while you're waiting on it to kick in.
What? Who's watching the little boy? Who do you think? ( Beeping ) ( beeping continues ) ( beeping stops ) ( moans ) Oh, God.
( Sighs ) Oh ( piano key strikes ) ( panting ) ( phone dialing ) ( distant siren blares ) ( rings ) Oh, God, please help me.
( Rings ) God, please help me.
He will, Jon.
Didn't I fire you? Yes, I know, but you can't fire God.
God is dead hope has died.
God is not dead.
He doesn't die just because you say so in a song, but a part of you dies every time you tell yourself that.
This is a very bad trip.
No, it's a very good one, and a very real one.
I'm an angel, Jon, sent by a very living god to help you live the rest of your life without Evie.
It's gonna be a short one.
You said something on that interview show the night that she died, something that other people found religion, but you found Evie.
I did.
But that's a burden of responsibility you can't put on anyone, Jon.
You can't worship something that's not greater than yourself.
Evie was greater.
Evie was a wonderful, loving, caring and very human being, and she knew that.
That's why she cared so much about the songs you sing.
But the only hope finally left to a human in this world is denied every time you glorify darkness or dance in a grave or ridicule your Creator.
Evie knew the power your music has to take hope away from your public, from your children, even from yourself.
That's what she wanted you to see, Jon.
She still does.
Her death is no excuse for the best part of you to die with her.
You don't understand.
Without Evie I am nowhere.
You're here, Jon, and you're alive, and God is alive.
And He loves you, and He wants to help you and Samantha and Dillon, but you've got to let Him.
You're all crying inside, and you're all crying alone.
What you have to do now is all cry together.
But I'm afraid if I start crying I'm afraid I'll never stop.
( Sobbing ) I know.
JON: Samantha! Samantha! Samantha! Daddy? Daddy? Samantha, are you all right? Samantha, oh, baby.
I'm so sorry.
You're freezing.
Are you all right? I-I think I broke my leg.
Oh I thought I was gonna die.
Sweetie Then I saw an angel.
So did I, so did I.
Oh, baby.
I'm so glad you're okay.
Let's get you out of here.
What is this doing here? MONICA: Evie wasn't here alone, Jon.
Neither was Samantha.
Oh, that's it was just a dumb letter I started to write.
Where did you get it? Just in Mom's purse.
What does it say? ( Sighs ) And these are the lyrics that we found that night.
They were written on this envelope in her purse.
And you say that an angel actually led you to your daughter? Yes, ma'am.
That's amazing.
And now Evie's song.
Hmm? Jon Mateos and his daughter Samantha.
Come on, Sam.
( Playing mid-tempo ballad ) ♫ I never left a stone unturned ♫ ♫ In my life ♫ ♫ Driven by a thirst I felt ♫ ♫ Inside ♫ ♫ But the faith that filled my cup ♫ ♫ When I suddenly looked up ♫ ♫ Was the vision of an angel ♫ BOTH: ♫ In the light ♫ ♫ I lift my hands ♫ You wanna give them a hug from us? ♫ To the sky ♫ ♫ 'Cause only heaven knows ♫ ♫ The tears the lonely cry ♫ ♫ Now I know ♫ ♫ Someone's there ♫ ♫ And I see ♫ ♫ You're the answer to my prayer ♫ ♫ Yes, I see You're the answer ♫ ♫ To my prayer.
♫ ( plays piano flourish )