Touched by an Angel (1994) s03e27 Episode Script

An Angel by Any Other Name

MONICA: I just love the spring.
I think it's my favourite time of year.
It just seems to make people be really friendly.
Even the mail gets happier.
Wedding invitations, tax refunds, and look at this.
Carolyn Sellers may have already won $10 million.
Well, happy mail aside, there is a lot to like about springtime.
Look at this.
Oh, it's beautiful.
I hope so.
I made it myself.
But I thought only God could make a rose.
Well, technically that's true, but a good gardener can put together different roses and make a new one.
It's called a hybrid.
You wanna know what I named my hybrid? What? I call it the "Monica.
" (SIGHING) It's a special blend of peace and truth and a whole lot of sunshine.
Oh, Tess, thank you.
It's just lovely.
Just like you.
(CHUCKLES) Flowers are a lot like people, angel girl.
Some of them blossom beautifully, and then some of them don't bloom at all, and then some of them are not gonna bloom without a lot of patience and loving care, like Carolyn.
If you expect a beautiful blossom, you need more than sunshine and rain.
You need someone who cares to watch for the little bugs and the root rot and warning signs.
Funny thing about warning signs.
Sometimes you get so busy lookin' for the little bug that you don't see the storm clouds gathering that could wipe out the whole garden.
♫ When you walk down the road ♫ Heavy burden, heavy load ♫ I will rise and I will walk with you ♫ I'll walk with you till the sun don't even shine ♫ Walk with you, every time ♫ I tell you I'll walk with you ♫ Walk with you ♫ Believe me I'll walk with you ♫ (SIGHS) Everything is so peaceful here.
I haven't met anyone who seems to need an angel.
Well, you just keep your eyes and ears open and be ready to deliver more than the mail to this neighbourhood.
The whole neighbourhood? The problem is that big? That's right, baby.
That's why God's sending us reinforcements.
Hello, Carolyn.
Your yard's come a long way in only three weeks.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, aren't you the early bird, Tess, today.
Old Ernie Jacobson never moved so fast that he got here before noon.
Well, he moved fast enough when I suggested a vacation.
Hello, Carolyn.
I'm Monica.
I know.
I've been watching you all week, and I think I know what your problem is.
My problem? Flaws are her specialty, baby.
She says I'm moody, if you can imagine that.
At the IRS, I can detect a liar I've begun an audit.
Now, on the other hand, Monica, you, you're honest and friendly.
In fact, you are too friendly.
Well, how could someone be too friendly? Time.
Time's important.
Schedules, Monica, keep things going efficiently.
Even Bessie has her scheduled maintenance.
(CHUCKLES) Bessie? Oh, I have a couple of letters here for a Bessie.
Ah! The letters are for Bessie Senior.
She was my grandmother.
Bessie Junior is the car.
I took care of Bessie Senior till the day she died, and now I'm taking care of her car.
Seems like I've always been taking care of a Bessie, but that's more than you need to know.
Are you sure there's nothing from the Rose Association in there? Uh, no, no, there's nothing.
Were you expecting something special? Well, they're supposed to come look at my Bessie Sellers Rose Hybrid.
It's taken me almost 10 years to get those petals just right.
Those new neighbours could sure use your green thumb.
Well, oh, I shudder to think what's moving in there.
It's been one disastrous project right after another ever since the city repossessed that place because of back taxes.
Maybe we should go over and introduce ourselves.
Well, then take these.
Maybe it'll bring us luck this time.
I don't have too much faith in luck.
Well, I don't have much luck with faith, so (CHUCKLING) Bye.
Okay, now you ride straight home after school, huh? Mom! Go.
Okay, there you go, baby.
(SCREAMS) How did this get so red? Oh.
Get out of my yard, and you stay out of my yard, and I mean it, too! You little Oh.
(SIGHING) You hear me? Okay, let's make a deal, all right? Now, before we do anything, think about it, and think about it again, then if it seems to be the right thing to do, go ahead and do it, but if you're not sure, ask me.
Can we make a garden like that one? Yeah.
I think that's a great idea.
And now that I think about it again, I think it's an even better idea.
Okay, what else do we need to do? We have to cut the grass.
We have to wash the dishes.
Mmm-hmm, and remember to always bring out the garbage cans to the curb every Thursday morning.
Andrew, Tess said to expect some help, but I didn't expect you.
Well, I volunteer for things like this whenever I can.
Ah, so you're not here in your official capacity, then? Well, I didn't say that, but, you know, it's a big street.
You never know what can happen.
Well, are you gonna introduce me to your friends? Yes, of course.
These are guys who are part of the new group home that the city's sponsoring.
This is Taylor.
Taylor, this is Monica.
Nice to meet you, Monica.
(BOTH LAUGHING) Nice to meet you.
This is Jeannie.
Nice to meet you, Monica.
Hello, Jeannie.
And this is David.
Hi, David.
I don't want my wife to get jealous.
(ALL LAUGHING) Nice to see life in that place.
My mechanic is a good friend of the city manager, and, oh, is he gonna get an earful from me.
(SIGHING) They should've warned us that people like this were movin' in.
People like what? My grandmother never would've stood by for retarded people to live in this neighbourhood.
She wasn't a very tolerant person.
Oh, really? No.
Well, honey, if you keep thinking of them as retarded, that's all you're gonna see.
What I see are beautiful, loving, sensitive people who just happen to have an extra chromosome.
It's called Down syndrome, but it doesn't make them Frankenstein's monster.
Well, look at them.
I mean, how do you know what they're thinking, or if they're thinkin' at all? (CHUCKLES) They shouldn't be allowed to live here.
These are people, not tax deductions, and you don't get to decide who's allowed, madam.
Watch out.
Oh, no.
Sorry, Tess.
That's all right, baby.
Don't worry about it.
TESS: Sweet boy.
You and your playmates, you stay off my property or next time I'm going to call the police.
I'm not as forgiving as Tess.
Do you understand what I am saying? Yes, ma'am.
I understand.
David! (HORN HONKING) (TIRES SCREECHING) Oh, God! MAN: Oh, kid, you all right? You're supposed to look both ways before you go in the street.
Don't you know that? I forgot the street was so close.
Let's go.
Come on.
Why did all of this have to happen at tax time? I just don't have the strength to deal with those people right now.
Maybe you could use some of the energy that you're spending on those people and get to know these people instead.
I gotta go get some aspirin.
I've had this headache ever since those people Ever since they showed up.
Are you sure they are the cause? You know, maybe you need a doctor.
Tess, I don't think a doctor can fix what's going on around here.
Oh, that woman, that woman.
You're gonna scratch the car.
What are you doing with my trash can? It's Thursday.
Hey, you, keep that boy away from my flowers.
I've worked too long and too hard to get this hybrid exactly the way I want it, to have some, uh, unfortunate creature with a lethal weapon cut it down.
So I guess, "Hello, my name's Andrew" is not the right response to this, is it? I'm a taxpayer.
I pay your salary.
You listen to what I say.
You keep those people in line.
Do you understand me? Yes, ma'am.
I think I understand exactly what you mean.
(STEVIE IMITATING SPEEDING CAR) You'd better get out of there.
Carolyn will be very mad.
She won't know if you don't tell.
She always takes a long time getting stuff to wash her car.
It's not right to use other people's things without asking them.
(IMITATING SPEEDING CAR) Come on, come on, let's go.
STEVIE: I beat you! CAROLYN: My roses! Andrew! Jeannie, look out! (TIRES SCREECHING) (PANTING) Tess? I didn't see you there.
Well, it's a good thing I was.
I guess your car slipped out of gear.
(SCOFFS) My car didn't slip out of anything.
Somebody was playin' in it, and I know who it was and so do you.
Mom, my bike.
Oh Are you all right, Carolyn? Oh, this is the worst headache I've ever had in my life.
Well, why don't you go inside and rest? We can take care of this.
I'm going inside to call the police.
Somebody's gotta take care of this neighbourhood.
Her problem is much bigger than your kids, baby.
Yeah, and I'm starting to get the idea of why I'm really here.
(CHATTER ON POLICE RADIO) It was that, that boy there.
I saw him runnin' away.
But I didn't do it.
I'm gonna press charges.
Do you know who did this, son? Yes.
We're supposed to believe him? Who did it, Taylor? You told me to think about it, and then think about it again.
I'm still thinking.
You should never be afraid to tell the truth, honey.
I'm not afraid.
Did anyone actually see Taylor in the car? I did.
I saw him in the car.
I saw him running away.
I'm gonna have to take him in and file a report.
You should probably come with us.
Go ahead, baby.
I'll stay here with Jeannie and David.
(CAR DOOR CLOSES) (ENGINE STARTING) You know, somethin' has to be done about that group home.
What if that car hit Jeannie? Well, what if it had hit the bus? Our children ride that bus.
I heard somebody in my backyard last night.
Where were they? Look, I believe in giving people a chance to prove themselves, but I think we've seen enough.
I mean, it's clear that those people do not know right from wrong.
They are liars, they are vandals, they're peeping Toms.
Our neighbourhood isn't safe as long as that group home is here, and it's our neighbourhood.
It isn't theirs.
All of you, listen to me.
Let me explain this to you.
From your house there was no way that you could've seen Taylor in that car.
Well, in the car, out of the car, what's the difference? It was his fault.
(SIGHING) Come on, babies.
Let's go in the house.
MONICA: Hello, Carolyn.
This letter was put in the wrong bin by mistake.
It's from that Rose Association you're always talkin' about, so I thought you'd like to have it right away.
Oh, thank you.
Sign this while you're at it.
Oh, it's a petition to stop the funding for that group home.
You know, I mean, it's our tax money they're using.
We have a right to know what it's being used for.
Everybody else has already signed it.
Oh, my God, they're coming.
Oh, four weeks from today? (SIGHING) I have a chance to be in the National Registry and this place is in a mess.
Well, how am I ever gonna get it ready? (SIGHS) They couldn't have picked a more stressful time.
I Uh, why don't I take this petition out of your hands? You don't have much time for it anymore.
Oh, on the contrary, Monica.
Above all, those people are going to be out of here before that committee ever arrives.
Learn how to tie your own shoes yet? Duh, duh.
Hey, stupid.
I told the truth.
That's all I can do right now.
Carolyn's car is very special to her.
She's just afraid of something happening to it, that's all.
I never went into her car.
I don't know why God has put you in this position, Taylor, but I do know he always has a plan and that he'll let us know what it is when the time is right.
I know that, Monica.
You do? Yeah.
Because I'm an angel.
God made me an angel.
Yes, I know you are, and you're the sweetest, kindest angel I've ever met.
(THUDDING) (GASPING) Listen, young man.
The police just might let you get away with a slap on the wrist, but I am not so forgiving, and I (MOANING) (SPEAKING INCOHERENTLY) WOMAN: Emergency assistance.
Carolyn's sick.
What is the nature of your emergency? Her face is crooked and can't stand up.
Oh, okay.
Don't hang up.
They're gonna send help.
It will be okay.
Is she gonna be okay? Uh, she's had a stroke, but fortunately you called 911 right away and we got here early enough to really help her.
You saved her life.
Good job, kid.
I just did what you're supposed to do.
TESS: Don't you worry about a thing, baby.
I'll see that things here are taken care of, and these little new babies will be waiting for you to welcome you home.
It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be all right.
Here, here, come on, come on.
The therapist told me that you gave 'em a hard time at the hospital, but I know it's just because you were anxious to get back here.
Well, you're here now, and you might think that the hard times are over and you're just gonna sail down the road to recovery, and, you know, you might, baby, because everything was done right.
Those first three hours are crucial and you had somebody to give you treatment right away, and the paramedics knew exactly what they were doing.
(MOANS) You know, looking back, it's easy to see the warning signs.
That headache you were always complaining about, and the stress, and, you know, are associated with high blood pressure, and you wasn't takin' care of that, either.
But don't you blame yourself.
That's all behind you now, and we're gonna deal with what's happening now.
And the good news is, I got a bunch of folk that would like nothin' more than to help you get better.
Hello, Carolyn.
It's good to see you again.
I guess the first thing you wanna do when you start to talk again is to thank Taylor for savin' your life.
You see there? You're beginning to sound more like your old self already.
This will help you walk better.
Then you do it on the other side.
I can help you.
Put your fingers together, okay? All right, there you go, down.
(HUMMING) What do you think you're doing? Get away from her.
Are you all right? Is he, uh, hurting you? It's her exercise.
She doesn't want you here.
Don't you understand? No one wants you here.
Is there anything I can do for you, Carolyn? (SIGHING) Oh, I know exactly what I can do.
Finish the last thing you wanted before your mind Well I'll make sure that this petition gets to the city manager right away.
Do you see how upset you've made her? She's crying because she didn't understand anything you said.
(SCOFFS) That's ridiculous.
The best time for planting bulbs is in You should read it.
It's easy.
You can do it.
Not tree.
Say again? Sometimes people have trouble understanding what I'm saying, too, so I just say it over and over until they understand me.
Not reading.
Not reading? See, I understood you.
Time for a nice afternoon stroll? Oh, don't worry about me.
It's my pleasure.
(MOANS) Now, you've only got one week before the committee gets here.
Do you want me to show them around, or would you like to be there yourself when they judge your Bessie Sellers Rose? Come on, Carolyn.
A few more steps.
Get out.
Oh! Oh, flowers.
(SOBBING) I don't have flowers.
Oh, no, no, darling.
Jeannie and David have been helping you with your flowers ever since you had your stroke.
(WHINING) (SPEAKING INCOHERENTLY) Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
They haven't ruined anything.
(WEEPING) It's all right, baby.
It's all right.
It's all right, baby.
It's all right.
(SOBBING) It's all right.
Oh, Carolyn, it's wonderful to see you gettin' around so well.
And everything looks beautiful.
Isn't it great what friends can do for each other? They're very pretty, aren't they? Hey, it was a stroke, not a rock concert.
She can hear you quite well.
Well, you just can't tell what she's thinking, or if she's thinking.
Hold it, baby.
Catch her.
Hold her.
Okay, okay.
I think that she understands you very well.
Carolyn seems to be making great progress.
Oh, yeah.
Every day she's stronger and stronger physically, but emotionally she's more shut down than ever.
Doesn't she see all the beauty around her? The flowers, the people? Surely she must appreciate some of that.
Yeah, but maybe Maybe she's just a late bloomer.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
TAYLOR: Hi, Monica.
You and your friends have done wonderful work here.
Carolyn isn't getting better.
Taylor, if you want to be an angel, you have to learn the rules.
Angels are always patient, and they don't judge.
So try to be patient, and know that God is very pleased with what you're doing here.
Taylor, I know that what happened to the car was not your fault, but Carolyn's friends at city hall are startin' to make trouble for the program.
Now, I know you don't want that.
Neither do I.
It's time for you to explain what really happened.
It's like with God, Andrew.
Everything in its time.
(KNOCKING AT DOOR) I'm trying to verify the signatures on this petition that you filed.
It's hard to talk.
What? I just need you to sign next to your signature on the petition to verify it's yours.
You can write your name, can't you? Do you understand me? Do you understand me? Well, I suppose I don't need your signature.
I've already verified enough to put it to a vote.
Thank you.
It's okay.
I know how it feels when people don't understand you.
Nothin' like you.
Well, tomorrow is the big day.
The committee'll be here in the morning about 10:00, and the weatherman says it should be nice and sunny by then.
This time tomorrow you'll be a part of the National Registry, and you'll have the papers to prove it.
(MOANING HAPPILY) A little bit of horticultural history right here in our own neighbourhood.
Sleep warm.
See you in the morning.
Help me.
What about this one? That committee's coming and you wanna look real nice.
No reason.
No reason for what? No reason to get out of bed? No reason to keep workin' on your dream? Or is it no reason to live? Flowers gone.
But you're not.
Roses live and bloom and die, and it's the same way with people.
You try to live your life in beauty, then you move on, but you can't move forward until you let go of where you are.
Now you listen to me.
You were a good girl.
You took care of your parents, you took care of your grandmother, and you faithfully tended your flowers and your car.
But you've never taken care of the most precious gift God ever gave you.
Too late.
(SIGHING) Doesn't matter.
(SIGHING) Andrew, can you help me? Of course I can, if you're ready.
You know, Taylor, I think you've been holdin' out on us.
It needed to be the right time.
There's a lot I haven't said, but it's time to say it now.
STEVIE: Coming.
(DOOR OPENS) Hey, Stevie.
Good mornin'.
Come on.
Taylor has somethin' for you.
I used all my money, and Jeannie and David gave me theirs, too.
And I'm sorry your bike got smashed.
How come you bought me this bike? We probably have to move soon.
I know how much you liked your bike.
How come you have to move? Because nobody else told the truth.
The truth can change a lot of things, Stevie.
You know somethin', Stevie? You may not know it yet, but Taylor's your friend, and friends are a very, very important part of life.
And if you wanna be his friend, you'd better do something about it before it's too late.
You have got to get up.
That committee is coming to meet you.
It doesn't matter that you don't have any flowers to show 'em now.
It doesn't mean you won't have 'em next year.
Father, tell me what to do now.
I'll get it.
I think I know who this is.
It's Monica and she's got a special delivery for you.
(DOOR CLOSES) MONICA: Oh, please don't turn away, Carolyn.
I am an angel sent by God to help you find your way through this difficult time.
(KNOCKING AT DOOR) Hold that thought, angel girl.
I think it's another special delivery.
Sorry I'm late, Monica.
Sometimes I'm a little slow.
I You're welcome to stay and listen, Taylor, but I have something I think I'm s-s-supposed to do this.
Don't give up, Carolyn.
I don't give up.
God created an angel with a disability to help people understand that they should never give up.
People, and sometimes, even angels, look at me and see only what I don't have, but what I don't have in body, I have in spirit.
I have truth.
There is power in truth.
You have the same power.
Ask God to help you find the truth and who you are.
I am so sorry, Taylor.
I did only see what was missing.
Why wasn't I told about this? Because you shouldn't have needed to be.
We are all hybrids, made up of the best parts of each other.
Like a flower, we have to grow where we are planted.
I was mean, and you stayed.
The Lord works in mysterious and wonderful ways.
All he asks is that you accept his gift of love and use it to learn and to grow, and he offers you the opportunity to do better the next time.
God loves you, Carolyn (MOANS) and he wants you to know that you don't have to be afraid anymore.
Afraid no more.
It's time for you to be part of the world again, Carolyn.
And it's time for you to get up out of that bed.
Okay! (LAUGHING) Did you know about this, Angel Boy? Taylor told me a few minutes ago.
How'd it go? He was wonderful.
Carolyn, we've got good news.
The city is granting our request.
They're gonna close the group home.
But our work is around It's around the corner.
Right, Andrew? Mmm-hmm.
Carolyn will be all alone.
We can't go.
I don't want 'em to go.
What'd you say, Stevie? I'm sorry, Taylor.
Here you go.
What What are you doing? (SIGHING) Taylor, Jeannie and David, they, they bought me this bike because my old one got squashed, but they didn't do anything.
It was my fault.
I was the one who was playing in your car.
Taylor told me to get out, but we ran when the door made too much noise.
I didn't know it was gonna roll away.
I didn't think that if I told you you would let me have a new bike.
I'm really sorry you got in trouble, Taylor.
Thank you for telling the truth.
Please don't make them move away.
Tess, help me.
I no be what What Carolyn is trying to say is, if these babies move, you will lose the most beautiful flowers in this neighbourhood.
Please stay.
I'm sorry it's taken so long for us to get out here.
I have heard such wonderful things about your roses.
There was a storm and everything is gone.
No, no.
It's okay.
Oh! Oh.
It's beautiful, Carolyn.
The shape of the petals, the colour is remarkable.
It's just I've never seen anything like it.
Thank you.
But I'm afraid the rose must be attached to the bush to qualify for our registry.
Just the flower isn't good enough.
It's good enough for me.
Maybe next year with my friends' help.
Then we'll see you next year.
See? God can take something destroyed and make it beautiful again.
Yes, he can, and he uses all kinds of angels to help him do it.
Taylor, thank you for reminding us.
Sometimes we get so busy looking for the message that Sometimes we, we forget to look for the messenger.
That's okay.
Sometimes I forget, too.