Touched by an Angel (1994) s03e28 Episode Script

Inherit the Wind

♫ No rocket's gonna fly that high ♫ There's no escapin' The enemy is you and I ♫ Poisoned up the water Chokin' on the air ♫ Let's stop before it gets too late, or is it already too late? ♫ Is it already too late for the victims of comfort? ♫ No one else to blame ♫ Oh, I'm just a victim of comfort ♫ Connoisseur of pain ♫ It's a technological merry-go-round ♫ Dangerous illusions buried under the ground ♫ Everyone likes to party, but no one wants to please ♫ I'd like to see a change somehow, but I'm a little busy right now ♫ Just a little busy right now ♫ Just a victim of comfort ♫ No one else to blame ♫ Oh, I'm just a victim of comfort ♫ It's a cryin' shame ♫ What do we got to lose? ♫ Everything ♫ What do we stand to gain? ♫ Everything, so let's try together ♫ Before we have to cry together ♫ It's too soon to die together ♫ Whoa, I'm just a victim of comfort ♫ Yes, I am ♫ No one else to blame ♫ Oh, I'm just a victim of comfort ♫ It's a cryin' shame ♫ ♫ When you walk down the road ♫ Heavy burden, heavy load ♫ I will rise and I will walk with you ♫ I'll walk with you till the sun don't even shine ♫ Walk with you, every time ♫ I tell you I'll walk with you ♫ Walk with you ♫ Believe me I'll walk with you ♫ What am I going to do with him, George? Oh, I don't know, sir.
He's too old for a spanking and too young to give up on completely.
Ring if you need me, sir.
George, thank you.
The party's downstairs.
I'm not a party guest, Mr.
I'm an angel.
My name is Andrew, and I've been sent here by God to take you to him.
The Angel of Death? Yes.
Well, I'm not afraid.
I've lived my life, I'm ready.
God is very pleased with you, Mr.
He wants to give you a very special gift.
He wants you to know that you have one hour left on earth.
Well, I don't need it.
I've made my peace with God.
Yes, you have, but you have some unfinished business with your son.
Kevin? Well, I've given him everything.
Everything except the one thing that he needs the most, and you have only one hour to make sure that he gets it.
And there's also a problem with Joseph Wells.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Are you all right, sir? Sign these for me, George, and mail them right away.
Very well, sir.
Where's Kevin? I put him in his bed, sir.
Kevin? Kevin? Yeah? It's your father.
Okay, thanks.
Now I know we haven't been close for a long time.
You know why, and so do I.
There's no sense in rehashing all of that now.
(CHUCKLES) Remember when I gave you this guitar? Okay.
Well, I'm not so sure you've been happy since.
I'm going to die tonight, Kevin.
Which is fine.
It's my time.
I've done more than I thought I ever would do.
But before I go I just wanna say that I love you, Son.
I tried to be a good father, and maybe I still can be.
I'll see you in the morning.
How much time? About a minute or two.
Good morning, Master Kevin.
At your soiree last evening, someone carved the words.
"This party is da bomb" on the baby grand piano.
It was a great party.
What's for breakfast? This is your father's breakfast.
Come on, he won't mind.
No, no, no, no, but I will.
Oh Da bomb.
Greeley? Mr.
Greeley? GEORGE: It was a great shock to all of us.
He was the finest man I ever knew.
I don't understand this.
It's perfectly legal, but it doesn't make sense.
When did he do it? You'll have to ask the new attorney.
What new attorney? This new attorney, gentlemen.
Why does a man change his will 30 minutes before he dies of natural causes? How do you explain that? Well, some people have a sense of change coming on.
And some people don't.
Ah, sorry I'm late, everyone.
Shall we start this? Yes.
If you'll all just be seated, we will read the last will and testament of Mr.
As you may know Nice day, huh? Mr.
Greeley prepared a codicil for his will just before he died, and he divided his estate into three parts.
Three? To George Taylor, my faithful employee for twenty-two years, I leave one million dollars in cash.
One million dollars? And my Bentley.
"Now you can drive it without me in the back telling you how you should be driving.
" I don't deserve it.
Any of it.
Yeah, you can say that again.
Will you cut to the part about me? Not yet, little boy.
"My house, its furnishings, my automobiles, stocks, "bonds, et cetera, et cetera, "are to be liquidated," "and I leave the proceeds" "to the children of Joseph Wells.
" Who? "And lastly, to my son, Kevin," "I leave all his personal possessions," "including clothing and effects.
" That's it? I get to keep my clothes? Do you wanna hear the rest, or do you just wanna carry on? "There is more to Kevin's inheritance.
" "To receive it, he needs to go to Joseph Wells.
" Who is Joseph Wells? "Furthermore, if Kevin fails to locate Joseph Wells, "and fails to make a formal claim to authorized bank trustees "by the twenty-seventh of this month, "he will forfeit said inheritance" "to the children of Joseph Wells," "secondary beneficiaries.
" Okay, who knows who this Joseph Wells guy is, and why is my father leaving my money to his kids? No one? Well, then get out of here.
All of you.
I'll find Joseph Wells myself.
Looks like he has everything.
Well, one thing he has missing, he hasn't got his priorities straight.
Is that what money does to people, Tess? TESS: Not to all people, and there's nothin' wrong with havin' money, but if you've got a lot and you're not careful, sometimes it can cost you more than it can buy you.
Is he ready for me? TESS: I would say so.
He can't go around payin' people to live his life for him.
He's got to do that for himself, and if it takes us a whole army of angels to make it happen, then that's what we gonna do.
Hello, Kevin.
(FEEDBACK) It's you.
Are you all right? No.
Who are you? My name is Monica.
I'm here to help you find Joseph Wells.
So you're saying that a dozen private investigators can't find Joseph Wells, but you can? Your father told me where to look.
Oh, you knew my father? I'll answer all your questions when we leave in the morning.
Good night.
A weekend excursion, Master Kevin? Actually, I have to find this Joseph Wells guy to get my money.
Master Kevin, I haven't had the opportunity to truly convey my deepest sympathies and condolences regarding your late father.
Your parents are dead, aren't they, George? Oh, long gone, yes.
And you get over it, right? No, you don't get over it.
You just get on with it.
Yes, quite.
Okay, so, tell me, George, what does a valet do with a million dollars, huh? Anything he wants to, I suppose.
Oh, well, I guess you'll have to buy your own house now.
Good luck finding anything decent for a million dollars.
Oh, I'm sure I'll be just fine.
Your father took good care of me.
That makes one of us.
Time to go.
Put the bags in the car.
I don't do bags.
In accordance with your father's wishes, I'm here to guide you, to give you some direction, and the rest is up to you.
Uh-huh, fine.
Let's just get this packed and let's go.
No, no.
I No, I think you're missing the point here.
These cars don't belong to you anymore.
You have to take this trip without your father's help or influence.
You have to make it on your own.
On my own? Well, just how on my own are we talking about? Completely, with just the clothes on your back and your wits about you.
Oh, man, he must've been losing it.
Okay, a few bad days and then I cash in, right? I can handle that.
I'm sure it's hard for you to understand right now, but there's a road you need to travel, and you don't need to know exactly where you're going yet, though I promise you, it will lead you to Joseph Wells.
It's that way, as far as you can go.
(DOG BARKING) ♫ I hear a voice ♫ And I hear the sound ♫ The sound of my shoes ♫ Shufflin' on out of town ♫ Too many people ♫ Too many cars ♫ Take me to Memphis ♫ Mercury, or Mars (MAN LAUGHING) Forget it.
♫ 'Cause I wanna go ♫ Where the buffalo roam ♫ I'm just a city boy ♫ Lookin' for a home ♫ Well, just a city boy ♫ Lookin' for a home ♫ Well, just a city boy ♫ Get in.
I'm wastin' gas.
Oh, thank you so much for stopping.
I tell you, nobody wants to give a guy a break.
Seat belt.
Oh, sure.
You're dangerous.
I'm Kevin Greeley.
Who's that? That's my best friend Clementine.
(LAUGHING) Oh Actually, it's my only friend.
Oh, that's kind of pathetic.
Well, thanks for your opinion.
Did you say Greeley? Yes.
You Ed Greeley's boy? Yes, I am.
Oh Well, I was.
He recently Died, I know.
Oh, good for him.
Pardon me? Oh, he's got a reserved seat in heaven, and I'd say the man was a saint, but I've known some saints and they're not exactly saintly, if you know what I mean.
I have no idea what you mean.
Your father, he was a peach, the best, a class act, a mensch, a stand-up guy, a quality human being.
Yep, fine individual.
Stop me when you get a clue.
Okay, please, I understand that a lot of people liked him.
He and I didn't get along that well.
Well, that's too bad.
What's wrong with you? Me? Who says it's my fault? Well, it's not my fault.
I just met you.
(HORN BLARING) Ow! Psycho.
Fig? No, thank you.
So where you headed, Kev? Kevin.
I'm trying to find a needle in a haystack named Joseph Wells.
Joseph Wells? No kidding? You know Joseph Wells? Sure do.
Yeah, well, my father left a ton of money to Wells' kids and I'm gonna find out why.
Then I'm gonna get my inheritance.
Then I'm gonna turn around, I'm gonna sue everybody.
Gee, I'd like to see that.
Well Yeah, but I'm not headed that way right now.
If you wanna find Joseph Wells, just keep going straight down this road.
You'll be fine.
Kevin, you're on a great journey.
One that'll bring you much joy.
Some sorrow, some frustration, maybe a headache, some lower back pain, but mostly joy.
Just remember two things.
One, you are never alone, and two there's no such thing as a free lunch.
What does that mean? You'll find out.
(TIRES SQUEALING) ♫ You gonna leave me ♫ I've been down on my ♫ (CLEARING THROAT) You waitin' for somethin'? Well, yes.
A table? They got legs, but they can't walk.
(ALL LAUGHING) Yes, well, perhaps I should seat myself.
Would you mind? It's the maitre d's day off.
(ALL LAUGHING) Are your Fruit Loops fresh? Maybe.
Let's go for it.
Hey, you're in luck.
The milk's still good.
Well, I guess I'm just having that kind of day, huh? Here's your check.
I'll take that whenever you're ready.
Why don't I eat first? We got a little house policy here.
See, strangers pay first, eat second.
No such thing as a free lunch.
This is kind of funny.
I, um Everything is gone.
So, you know what we do to people who don't wanna pay us? No, I (GRUNTS) I don't know how to wash dishes! You just put some soap on a plate and rinse it off, that's all.
I don't belong here.
Oh, are you implying that I do? Implying? That means hinting at something without actually saying it.
Yes, I know what it means.
I'm just very surprised.
Surprised that I know what it means? So I make a living washing dishes, I don't know how to speak English? Is that it? Look, I didn't say that.
Yeah, but you implied it.
Why don't you just show me what to do so we can get this over with? All right.
Come here.
Soak Scrub.
And stack.
That's it.
Oh, my name is Sam, by the way.
Hi, Sam.
Kevin Greeley.
Are you Are you Ed Greeley's boy? You knew my father? Oh, shoot.
Everybody knew Ed.
He gave people jobs when they really needed it.
I didn't know that.
Did you also know that his first job was right here in this kitchen in front of that sink? My father didn't wash dishes.
Oh, yes, he did.
He washed dishes, took out the garbage, swept up, whatever was needed, he did.
Hey, wait.
Let me see that.
What? It's clean.
Would you eat off this pan? No.
No? Why should somebody else? Oh, I don't know, maybe 'cause it's just a crummy diner? Kevin, you know, there's like two kinds of cholesterol.
There's a good cholesterol and a bad cholesterol.
Well, there's also two kinds of pride.
There's a good pride, which you need, and there's a bad pride, which you already got.
Oh, is that so? Yes, Kevin, it is.
You think you're too good to wash dishes.
See, that's the bad pride talking, but if you wash this pan correctly, you'll feel the good pride.
What's the difference if I wash the pan correctly or not? Who's gonna know? He will.
Who? (WHISTLING) Hi, Kev.
Get in.
Wait'll I get buckled.
What happened to your car? Oh, this is what I drive to work.
What are you, a plumber? (LAUGHING) No, no.
This This truck was donated to the orphanage where I work.
Or worked.
It burned down.
Somebody just gave you a perfectly good truck? It's called charity.
Ever hear of it? Yeah, it was my father's favourite sport.
Pretty good at it, though.
You a professional musician, Kevin? No, nah.
Oh, well, what do you do? I'm rich.
It's good to work.
Good for the soul.
What do you do for a living? Well, I used to push papers, but now I I push people.
You know, help 'em with their problems.
Sort of like a counselor? Yeah, sort of.
I thought your orphanage burned down? Oh, it did.
We're starting to rebuild.
We've set up some rough office space in a storefront to organize everything.
Why don't you lie back, Kevin? Close your eyes and take a little nap.
I might just do that for a few minutes.
Hey, look what I got.
I still got a dollar left.
I thought I was broke.
Never thought I'd be so happy to see one lousy dollar.
Looks like things are lookin' up for you, Kevin.
(HORN HONKING) Good timing.
We just got here.
We just got where? Well, this is the place.
This is just a hick town.
Hick towns are in the eye of the beholder.
Look, I've had just about enough of this.
Now you tell me, where is he? Where do I find Joseph Wells? You already have.
This is Joseph Wells? Uh-huh.
(RUTH CHUCKLING) Yep, your father grew up in this town.
Yeah, and I can see why he left.
Okay, so Joseph Wells isn't a guy, it's a place, and not much of a place, I might add.
So which way is the bank? They do have a bank here, don't they? This way.
♫ Every morning ♫ And every evening ♫ Every day I ♫ I think of you ♫ The way you love me ♫ Through and through ♫ When I'm with you ♫ Feels like heaven ♫ You're an angel ♫ Holdin' me ♫ Your sweet, sweet lovin' ♫ It sets me free ♫ You're so wonderful.
Well, thank you kindly, sweet lady.
Give him something.
You really are great.
Have I heard you sing somewhere before? Oh, I get around.
It's a nice guitar.
You wanna play? No, no, no, I gotta I gotta get to the bank.
You know, music's worth more than money.
Well, this is a lot of money.
Thank you kindly.
Much obliged, sir.
A buck doesn't buy much anyway.
Oh, it just bought you a lot.
Hey, you! Yeah, you with the guitar, come here.
You're the one with the guitar.
Bank's down there.
I need to get to work.
Bye, Kevin.
Come here.
Step inside.
This is a great place.
Thank you.
You're Kevin Greeley.
I knew your father.
Oh, you, too? Yeah, I was with him the night he died.
Well, you must be crazy, because my father died alone.
No one lives alone, and no one dies alone.
So, do you play? Yeah.
Blues are my life.
That's good.
Where do you play? My room.
Well, did you ever think about playing in a club? Actually that was a dream of mine, but there's no money in that.
Music is worth a lot more than money.
Let's see what you got.
Whoa! Oh, it's beautiful.
I'll give you $800 for it.
No, thanks.
A thousand.
I wouldn't take a million for it.
You know, usually guitars like that are played, not just hauled around.
I gotta go.
Well, thanks for stopping by.
Let me know if you change your mind.
I won't.
Hello, Kevin.
Hello, Kevin, I'm Tess.
We met the other day.
You probably don't remember me.
Come this way.
Come to daddy.
It's a book.
It's a Bible.
Are you looking for something? Yes.
My inheritance.
You're holding it.
Oh, so this is like one of those Gutenberg Bibles, right? Worth, like, $50 million? Riches can't always be measured in dollars.
Oh, yeah? (MOCKING MONICA'S ACCENT) Well, I want me riches measured in dollars.
Your father was a self-made man, and he saw money as a way to make your life beautiful, but it didn't work.
What's going on here? I mean, who are you? We're angels, and we've been sent here to tell you that if you're searching for something in your life, you should start by finding God, and then he will make sure you get everything else that you need.
I had everything I needed when I started, and now, thanks to God, I've lost it all.
All I got is a stinking book.
Kevin, God sent us here to help your father and you achieve your precious dreams through God's love.
Oh, God loves me, huh? Yes.
Yeah? Well, let me tell you something.
I don't love God.
I hate God.
The hell with my father, the hell with God, and the hell with you.
Now don't you go blaming yourself.
You did a very good job, but Kevin is angry at God, and that's not our territory.
It's not? No.
It's his.
Did somebody call me? I don't know.
Did somebody say Angel with an Attitude? What, are you describing me or yourself? How are you, Tess? Oh, glad to see you, baby.
And you must be Monica.
Oh, hello, Mr.
Yes, well, some of my colleagues call me Angel with an Attitude, and then others just call me by my given name, Phil.
Oh, well, it's nice to meet you, Phil.
Phil is the Angel of Restoration.
He helps people who are angry with God restore their faith.
Yeah, well, that's on a good day, but on a bad day, all they do is just yell.
Well, my assignment's name is Kevin.
Yes, I I know that.
I'm I'm an angel.
Look, I don't Where did he go? I thought you were an angel.
And you, too.
Well, see, I've lost my sense of direction, and this body form is just driving me loony.
What direction did he go in? He went north, Phil, north.
North, okay.
TESS: North.
Thank you.
Huh? Yes? Phil? Phil? He went north, baby, north.
Of course.
Isn't he something? Hey, there! Excuse me.
Kevin, God sent me Why don't you get lost, buddy? Well, I was.
That's why I got here so late.
What I wanted to tell you And what do you want? Ah, well, see, I heard that you're angry with God.
That's why I'm here.
Who are you? Ah, my name is Phil.
I'm an angel.
Really? Yes.
Well, Fred, why don't you do me a favour No, Kevin, my name is Phil.
Why don't you head back to heaven Yeah.
Or wherever it is you come from, and tell your boss that I don't care what he's gotta say, because he's not fair.
Yeah, okay, look, now just let me help you out right there.
See, God is fair.
Oh, really? Yes.
Then where's my money? Life, however, often is not.
Now God does not promise life without bad times, but God does promise that if you wanna work your way through it, you can.
That is the most pathetic cop-out I've ever heard.
Pathetic! Pathetic! Well, listen to me, I understand it's pathetic, but look at the good things in life.
What good things? Look at the good things.
Look around.
You got the sunset, you got babies, you you got a three-day weekend.
Oh, a three-day weekend, huh? That's a big one.
See now, the bad things that you see, they're someone else's work.
We don't talk about him because he's not worth talking about.
None of this is worth talking about.
None of it.
Kevin, uh I'm an angel, and I don't believe you are.
I know things you don't and I have seen pain.
Like mine.
Uh But I'm talking about real pain.
I'm not talking about the pain.
"My father didn't give me any money when he died in his will.
" I'm talking about Disease that is so devastating that not only does it devastate the person with it, but the entire family.
I'm talking about a mother seeing her child, her life just snatched away from her.
That pain.
These people hurt and they blame God, because God has all this power, so God must have okayed it, right? Right.
It doesn't work that way.
God doesn't cause pain, God heals.
God doesn't hate, God loves.
God doesn't wanna see bad things happen, but they just they happen.
I'm telling you now, I wouldn't blame God for the things that I didn't get.
I would thank God for the things that I have, and, Kevin, if I were you, I wouldn't get upset because my father didn't leave me any money.
I'd get upset because my father died.
You have a nice day.
Hello, Kevin.
That Phil guy work with you? Yes, he does.
Did he help you at all? No.
Ah, yes.
I don't know.
I mean, you know, I'm I'm clear on the God part.
I know that I can't blame him for any of this, which leaves me right back at the beginning.
Why did my father do this to me? Why did he leave me with nothing? Kevin You still see this as a punishment? You still think he left you nothing? Well, I have news for you, Kevin Greeley.
He left you everything, and it's time you got it.
Come with me.
♫ We didn't understand the truth ♫ We were blinded by the eyes of youth ♫ Time kept on movin' ♫ And a change has come ♫ And you think that I don't know ♫ Where you're coming from ♫ What? What is this? Or what was this? MONICA: The town orphanage.
It burned down, but the children were saved.
The children of Joseph Wells.
Your father's money will restore it.
Yeah, well, so what? I mean, my father was always doing stuff like that.
Why did I have to come here? And what does this stupid town have to do with me anyway? Because this is where your father grew up, and this is where you're going to grow up, too.
In the same town, the same street, the same block, the same address.
No, my father didn't live here.
This was an orphanage.
Yes, it was.
My father was an orphan? No, but he was abandoned at the side of the road with just a blanket and a Bible.
When he started out in this world, that was all he had, and it saw him through it all.
That's why he wanted you to have it now, but But I blew it.
Of all the things I've lost this week, that's the only thing I want back and I don't know why.
Because that's your inheritance.
That's what he left you.
Just because you lost the book doesn't mean that you have to lose the truth inside of it.
You loved your father very much, didn't you? Yes.
He loved you, too.
He loved you so much that he wanted you to have everything that he never had, all the stuff that a little boy in an orphanage can only dream about.
But he realized too late that he hadn't given you the one thing that really mattered, his faith.
Because once you have that you understand that nothing else is that important, and that's why we're here now.
To help you find it before it's too late.
But too late for what? (BABY CRYING) For him.
Hi there.
Social Services, please.
I wanna keep him.
You? Yeah, me.
You You can't even peel your own fruit.
Look, Kevin, you have no idea that taking on this type of responsibility is beyond your wildest dreams.
Besides, how would you support this child? You stay right there.
I'll be right back.
So is there anything I can do for you? Yeah.
This is yours, Kevin.
Tess asked me to give it back to you.
You know Tess.
Then you must be An angel, and so is Sam, and so is Andrew.
We're all sent by God to help you get to know somebody.
My father.
Your father turned to the Bible in his final moments.
Would you like to know the last words he read? "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord," "and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
" What's this? I sold my guitar.
Well, I thought that guitar meant more to you than anything.
Well, it did when I was a kid.
This baby is not for sale, Kevin.
I know that.
That's just money to tie him over until I can figure out the rest of it.
The rest of it? Well, until I can get a job, my own place, get get my own life started.
I mean, that's what this was all about, wasn't it? My father's life ended and I had to find my own, and I did find it just in time to make a life for somebody else and and and I wanna do it.
I I I need to do it.
How'd you You're a Hello.
Hi there.
I know that you and I just met, but somehow I get the feeling that we were supposed to meet.
You know, I don't have any more family, and I know you don't have any family, so maybe you and I can be a family, huh? What do you think of that? And I'll take care of you, and you can take care of me.
God will take care of both of us.
Does that sound like a plan to you? You realize I can't just give you this baby.
I I know.
But I can put in a good word with the man upstairs.
A really good word.
Thanks a lot.
Found you a job.
You did? Where? Here.
You can have mine.
Now I need to move on.
But you won't make much money.
It'll keep a roof over your head, and you'll be free nights, which is going to become important.
Well, come on, let's go.
You'll be late.
Late for what? The party.
Come on.
♫ Well, there's more than one home ♫ Ain't no right way ♫ Ain't no wrong ♫ Whatever road you might be on ♫ So, you're going to be a new father soon.
How does it feel? Well, let me just put it this way.
I think that I started believing in God just in time.
(AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you kindly, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you very much.
Tess, you wanna come on up here? I thought you was never gonna ask me.
Well, come on up.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special guest in the house this evening appearing for the first time anywhere.
Would you please welcome to the stage Mr.
Kevin Greeley? No, no, no, no.
I I can't.
You'd better.
You're gonna have a little baby to support.
This is for my father, and hopefully my son.
Let's go.
♫ If your problem, won't go away ♫ Won't go away ♫ And you're worried ♫ And you're worried ♫ Night and day ♫ Night and day ♫ Hand it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Get on your knees and pray ♫ Get on your knees and pray ♫ If you're sick ♫ If you're sick ♫ Feelin' low ♫ Feelin' low ♫ Got no money got nowhere to go ♫ ♫ Got nowhere to go ♫ Just hand it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Get on your knees ♫ Get down on your knees and pray ♫ Just hand it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Give it up ♫ Give it up ♫ Give it over ♫ Give it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Get on your knees and pray ♫ Get down on your knees and pray ♫ Well, ain't no mountain ♫ Ain't no mountain ♫ You can't climb ♫ You can't climb ♫ No answer ♫ No answer ♫ You can't find ♫ You cannot find ♫ All you need ♫ All you need ♫ Is a hand to hold ♫ Hand to hold ♫ It'll heal your body ♫ It'll heal your body ♫ Feed your soul ♫ It'll feed your soul ♫ If the road is dark ♫ If the road is dark ♫ Can't find your way ♫ Can't find your way ♫ Let the spirit ♫ Let the spirit ♫ Light the way ♫ Light the way ♫ And hand it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Get on your knees and pray ♫ Get down ♫